Wednesday, November 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Physical contact and interaction between men and women is nothing in non-Muslim countries. So one can see lots of such behaviors exhibited publicly.

No wonder, many early British television personalities show their affection with those who appear on their shows, blatantly – as to them, this was the British way, the western way, and mostly, the non-Islamic way.

But four decades later, such exhibition of physical attraction in Britain seems to be criminal, any physical exhibition of affection can and must be condemned.

So Jimmy, having been laid to rest under two tons of concrete in his casket, must be stirred to wake up to answer charges of improprieties and worse, sexual abuses.

Worse, those who were in his generation who were charged by hundreds of nameless individuals mostly women who were teenagers then, have to be studied and arrested, remanded and released on bail, with the prospect of being charged in open courts later.

Yet, the nameless persons who had filed charges against the personalities can remain nameless, and all that they can say is how they had been fondled or sexually abused, with no prospect of them ever being able to show prove.

But one now begins to wonder if Britain is fast becoming the Islamic Kingdom of Britain, and if the Islamic Syariah laws are going to be implemented in the country.

Did Jimmy unwittingly led to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Britain of the near future, with the laws fashioned on Syariah Laws?

If they are indeed bent on maintaining their own laws, then what Jimmy and the others might have done, should not be misconstrued in other ways, as physical contact and the showing of affection is not against such non-Islamic laws.

In fact, their women and also men, too, are allowed to parade in public semi-naked and almost naked on the beaches, and completely naked at some designated areas, where sexual abuses of the visual kinds on those who do not share such sentiments are canceled out.

The revulsion many in Britain have of the Jimmy whammy is proof of this happening.

And poor Jimmy; he cannot raise from the dead to answer charges of misconduct or sexual abuse, and only those who charge him can continue to go on to relate their experiences in being abused, without anyone of them being able to show incontrovertible proof of that happening.

There are some personalities who are very much alive; they are in the sixties and going on to seventies. They may have memory lapses so surely, incidents that were said to have happened for decades ago, could not be used against them, should they so choose not to want to remember them.

The ‘victims’, however, can go on and create their version of things.

But will the police believe them? Will what evidence they have be accepted by the courts?

It is more than a witch-hunt more than a serious charge. Better still it is an attempt to turn Britain into an Islamic Republic.

And in the meanwhile, the four hundred or so charges that have been leveled against some men in England are just totally dependent on what the women and maybe some men say, of what had happened to them.

There is no corroboration. If there are, it will take a long while for the legal process to be fully exhausted before some of the charges can be accepted by the court.

Those who have been charged, in the meantime, will have to be exposed even more with those who charge them hiding under the full protection of the law, and can continue to become anonymous.

Although in the end all the charges are dropped, the damage has been done, even if the charges turned out to be baseless with no corroboration and proof.

Even if the charges are true and they happened, but they happened more than four decades ago.

The issue confronting many now is why did the men and men now keep the matter so long without exposing it there and then as they happened?

Time is certainly not on their side.

But whatever the outcome will be, the truth is that Britain is fast becoming an Islamic Republic, with more Taliban-like people and feelings being assimilated into their social, cultural, political, legal and also religious systems which many now feel to be inadequate to act as deterrents to the people from being sexually abused.

Many will ‘thank’ Jimmy for having done a good service to Britain. He therefore deserves another knighthood.  

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