Thursday, November 8, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

American political and military leaders often like to tell themselves that the security of America and Americans are of utmost importance to them, and they would spend trillions of dollars if they could save the life or an American anywhere in the world.

But who are they trying to bluff?

They cannot ensure this, and they know that. They have failed to keep America and Americans safe since they are all over the world, and American interests too are everywhere.

Can they protect all these? They cannot. And they can never will. But they do not know that.

The truth is America’s flawed foreign policies are what are making America and Americans and American interests not safe.

Even the Zionist entity called the State of Israel is not safe. Israeli Jews cannot go anywhere in the world and be proud to call themselves Israeli citizens. They live in fear in Israel and no amount of nuclear deterrent can protect them.

So their strategy is to ensure the Arab and Muslim Worlds are continuously in peril, and in shambles, physically and morally.

How can Americans and American interests outside of America be safe, when their foreign policies encourage the others to hate them, and to use them as targets of their scorn?

But to get the locals to fight each other so that such interests could be protected, can be effective for a while, but not for long until the locals realize the burning of the masjid and other facilities in their countries were all conducted by agents acting on behalf of America and by Zionist infiltrators.

It won’t be long before everybody outside of America thinks negatively of the country, when each day they get too look at the total and real effectiveness of America as a true and real defender of democracy which many now say American democracy, an alien philosophy and political tool of expedience to invade other countries and to turn its societies upside down.

American leaders and America, too, are not perfect; so it is this imperfection they are trying to export to the other countries, all of which had met with negative success or a total disaster.

It is also therefore ironic how, those countries they had helped to ‘liberate’ are the ones which are now fervently anti-America.

It’s not only the American embassies around the world which have been fortified, but the commercial establishments and major companies, too, have become targets of attacks in recent times.

Just recently the Indonesian authorities arrested eleven persons who were suspect to be planning attacks on the American embassy in Jakarta and other American interests.

Certainly, these eleven persons would be doing other things if America had showed better tact in dealing with the Arabs and other Muslims elsewhere.

These people, like those in Afghanistan, Pakistan and also Iraq as well as in Palestine are all victims of the flawed American foreign policies, which directly affect them.

They are those who were created due to the circumstances they were in that are all attributed to those foreign policies. They were not like that before.

So if American leaders think they can use force to ensure the safety of Americans they are wrong.

Using drones on Pakistan and eliminating some people who they call the Taliban do not serve much purpose, as Americans are still not safe from the side effects of their flawed foreign policies.

It is sad how they still think they are doing the utmost level to ensure America and all Americans are safe. And to do that they have their drones firing and killing innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen.

But what they do not realize that Americans are not safe outside of America, like they were before.

And to prove this, one only needs to take a look at the embassy of America in their own country to see how fortified it is.

And the American ambassadors are hardly seen in public places. If they attend formal and official functions, they sneak into the hall and then leave without eating.

And they do not smile anymore like their predecessors did before.

And going to the American embassy if like crossing the border at Rafah; where security personnel man the entrances.

In Malaysia, only Indians are employed as security staff, but not the Melayu and Chinese. The Melayu are stationed in a temporary or makeshift post courtesy of the Malaysian government, who put their police officers to provide additional security to the embassy, around the clock.

The sight is repeated in the other countries, especially in the Arab and Muslim ones.

In the past, the American embassies were centers of cultural and social interaction between their staff and visitors from America, with the locals, who also enjoyed visiting the embassy where they had a library of books which are not generally available in the libraries in the city.

But the Lincoln Resources Center which was earlier known as the United States Information Center, has been moved to another place, without taking with it the regulars who enjoyed sitting in the center when it was still in the embassy building.

And I have also not visited the American embassy in Jalan Tun Razak in many years, while before I would go there each time I went to the National Blood Center to donate blood or plasma and/or platelet.

And beside the American embassy there was a petrol station where I also stopped to park my car and buy snacks before driving off.

But immediately after the 911 incident the American embassy bought over the petrol station because as a security precaution since it held petrol which could catch fire causing the whole of the embassy complex to end up in flames.

In fact, all the private houses directly behind the embassy building had been bought over so that private individuals do not live there, so now the whole area is cordoned with all the parking bays by the side of the road taken over, as added security precaution to discourage anyone from parking their vehicles which may hold whatever it is that could cause their security officers to become suspicious.

In fact, the earlier cultural officer often invited the local arts community to his official residence for poetry reading.

It is too bad also that screenings of American films which could not be shown publicly in the cinemas in the country that were held in the hall inside the American embassy have been stopped.

I remember being invited to see ‘Amistad’ directed by Steven Spielberg, with the then ambassador, John R. Mallot attending. The producers of this film allowed it to be shown in selected American embassy since it could not be shown in the cinemas because it contains frontal nudity.

Therefore it is ironic how the American leaders often say they aim to provide its people with security and who would do whatever it takes to protect them anywhere in the world.

Clearly, they have all failed, and no American president who is also the Commander-in-Chief can do much as long as they cannot ensure Americans are safe outside of the country.

In the past, any American can speak loudly so that everybody around him could tell from his accent and his behavior however crude, that he is an American and a proud one at that.

He can also mix with the locals and entertain them. But not anymore.

These are truly the real signs to prove that the American leadership has failed all Americans and America, too.

There is no way for any of them to be able to turn the situation around. And they also do not want to accept facts on why this situation cannot change, and on how their flawed foreign policy of over-protecting the creation and establishment of the Zionist state has caused America’s image to tumble around the world.

At the same time the Zionists and their Israeli citizens too have to live in a fortified state, of not being able to go anywhere.

There are no groups of Israeli citizens who can tour any city in the world much less in the Arab and Muslim world by carrying small Israeli flags and telling everybody about the country where they are from.

The Palestinians and also Iranians can do that. But not the Israelis.

In fact, one can never see a group of tourists from Israel walking in the group with one of them carrying a small ‘Star of David’ flag with him even in London or New York City. They know they look odd and out of place.

These are the real signs to prove that the flawed American foreign policies are what have caused America to be unsure of itself and its citizens not being able to lead normal lives anymore like they could before.

The other sign is how the presidential campaigns have all sidelined the debate on the Zionist state other than with the candidates saying how they aim to protect it at whatever costs, and how much Americans live fearful lives when they are outside of America.

When can we see the creation of the New United States of America – or the NUSA?

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