Saturday, August 30, 2014


By Mansor Puteh


So relating this is also about describing our family and racial background.

But alas our backgrounds are grounded by facts and not of fantasy for our later ancestors had come to accept the fact that we cannot bring the whole of china and India with them and have to live as Melayu and Muslims.

The Chinatown area along Jalan Petaling had to be quickly designated because the Chinese community thought if this was not done soon, chances are it might lose that identity as more and more Chinese who used to trade there had left the area leaving it to the ‘new immigrants’ from Bangladesh.

If this trend does not stop, chances are the ‘Chinatown’ might become ‘Bangla City’ in Brick Lane in London.

But the fuss about wanting to call certain areas in the major cities and towns in Malaysia as Chinatown or Little India is quite a shocking exposition by these communities as much as it is in other countries, especially in London and the few major cities in America such as New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

On the one hand, they frown from being called descendants of immigrants from China and India, yet what they are doing is to do exactly the same.

No wonder they are constantly in the state of denial of not wanting to accept facts and of history and not knowing where they are now, that they are not in China or India but elsewhere.

There is a Slavery Museum at Albert Dock in Liverpool. When can we have an Immigrants Museum in Malaysia or anywhere in Southeast Asia or ‘Nanyang’? (More about this will be written in a separate essay as it deserves special attention.)

Many Melayu who are now successful liked to relate to everybody how he was once selling cookies or ‘goreng pisang’ all over the village and walking bare-footed, just to show how far he has gone up the ladder of success.

But how come the Chinese and Indians do not have the same sentiments?

Even if there are many of them who are wealthy, but they never want to describe how poor their ancestors or even parents were and how desperate they were when they were forced to leave South China or the remote village in Tamil Nadu, to come to Tanah Melayu.

They are guilty. They do not want to tell everybody how the Melayu who are charitable had resulted in their ancestors from possible death by saving them, by nursing their lost pride and lost villages in their ancestral lands.

And they had come to Tanah Melayu to be saved and be able to prosper.

Some of them had gone to other countries, but they were not many of them. That’s why they are not allowed to form any associations or exert their ethnic backgrounds and be absorbed into the society.

Yes, for the sake of history, we need to build this museum or Chinese Immigration to Nanyang so that future generations are aware of it.

Many have forgotten about this episode, so no wonder, some of them are aghast of it and are reacting to it in a violent manner.

Ironically, they still want to remind everybody that their ancestors had come from those countries.

This explains why they want to see where else in the whole country to call the areas where there are sizeable Chinese and Indian communities as Chinatowns and Little Indias.

There is a trick in this; in that if there are areas which are designated as such, then this can ensure that those areas become permanent settlements for these communities and cannot be touched.

Their community leaders can start to demand that they are redeveloped and their demands cannot stop with new demands being made especially during the elections.

And if there is a small temple somewhere, it can be enlarged until it becomes a complex and a self-contained city, such as what is happening in Batu Caves now.

The Hindu temple in Batu Caves was not like it is now. It was not even a temple in the first place.

This was a place described in a Filem Negara documentary as a sanctuary for wildlife.

In the caves were some Hindu deities.

It attracted a lot of visitors to this area because of this, and not because it was a Hindu temple. Even the Hindus did not flock there until much later.

And the Taipusam celebrations were held there only much later.

When did the mass celebrations of Taipusam at the Batu Caves start? When did the small deities in the caves cause the whole area to become a Hindu complex? And when was the tall statue of one of the Hindu deities constructed?

They were all of recent origins, and were not in existence since ancient times.

All the Hindu temples that were constructed in ancient times when the whole of the land was Hindu, and all the Melayu were Hindus had been demolished when the Melayu reverted to Islam en masse.

Only traces of them could still be found especially in the Bujang Valley in Kedah.

And for historical reasons, they are being excavated not by Hindus but by Muslim researchers and scholars.

The reason is probably to show to the whole world and especially to the Hindus in Malaysia that Malaysia was once a Hindu state. But not anymore. And this is what’s left of their ancient pre-Islamic past.

But alas, it was not a glorious past, but of despair and how the Melayu were thus saved by Islam.

I remember when I was in primary school in Melaka, in one of the history classes, the teacher discussed the reasons why the Melayu reverted and willingly embraced Islam. The reasons given if related today would sound very offensive to the Hindus.

They are the same sorts of reasons any Hindu who reverts to Islam would say, although he may not want to do so publicly. Some of them who had left the other faiths, including Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism and Buddhism or even Hindus have written about it in their books and also the internet.

But for the Melayu in ancient Malaysia, they had other more unique reasons for wanting to do so one of which was their distaste for idol-worshipping which Islam forbids.

The Hindu temple in Batu Caves seemed to have grown in size when more and more deities were placed there when no-one was watching until the whole place became exclusively for the Hindus.

This is how the early history of this temple can be described. It was a cave far away from the city center and some Hindus placed some deities and it became a temple. Now it is a complex.

This whole place will be claimed by the Hindus as their most sacred place, just because no-one cared to look after this once wildlife sanctuary for birds, until it was claimed by some Hindus as their temple.

And the Chinatowns and Little Indias that we see in Kuala Lumpur and in other cities and towns cannot be a very good way for the Chinese and Indians to preserve their identity, as it also exposes their true identity which they want to deny at all costs.

They just cannot be like the British whose historians like to describe how their explorers had ‘founded’ a certain city or country when there were in existence a long time before the first Englishman ever set foot on it.

And for the same reason why the Chinese who came to Tanah Melayu cannot be described as the people who had developed Kuala Lumpur and the other cities and towns in the country, simply they were already there and were developing with time.

What the historians and researchers and other scholars should say is how they had made these cities and towns a mess with their presence.

So in place of claiming cities and towns, all that they can do now is to call some areas in these urban dwellings Chinatown or Little India? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The Star has lined up a list of Malaysians, and fortunately, the majority of which are Melayu, that should reflect the racial composition of the population of the country.

If this was not done, the credibility of the Star would come to question.

But there are many other questions that the Star needs to ask itself, some of which are on why are those Melayu who are not Melayu-speaking and writing been given such acholades and why the Star which is an urban English-oriented Chinese and some non-Chinese, giving the recognition that the paper had given due credit?

And why are the majority of the Malaysians who live in the rural areas and away from Lembah Kelang, not saying so?

The few people who were solicited for their views on the idea of moderation cannot represent the majority of the population of the country.

Their views are as bigoted as those by the others who they charge for being bigoted, and ironically they are the Melayu NGOs whose only aim is to ensure that the Perlembagaan Negara or National Constitution is not trampled upon, for which many of the others do not see fit to entertain its core values.

Utusan had played a pivotal role in ensuring that the country gained independence or Merdeka in the ways that truly benefit the whole country - meaning the Melayu country, while the other papers did not do so, and have not shown any inclination to support the main trust of the formation of the country, by first sidlining the use of Bahasa Melayu.

The very least that the Star could do is to have a special column on the learning of the national language, which the other 'chauvinist' Mandarin and Tamil newspapers have also neglected to do, at a time when the use of English in Malaysia is fast fading and losing glamor.

The 'chauvinist' Mandarin and Tamil newspapers have never projected the successes and contributions of the Chinese and Indians in the arts especially those in the film and music industry.

I have not seen any story on Andre Goh in any Chinese newspaper or magazine or the Alleycats in any Tamil newspaper or magazine. They prefer to highlight those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and also India.

These can be described as non- or un-Malaysian publications much like the Star which only provides at the most one to two percent coverage on anything concerning the Melayu, other than those who are involved in criminal activities.

None of them had ever highlighted the virtues of non-Melayu (read Chinese and Indian involvement in criminal activities that happen every day and so blatantly and so openly - like the pasting of illegal stickers and stealing of metal objects especially road signs and manholes.

And even the Chinese-dominated so-called anti-crimes organizations and other vocal Chinese and Indian NGOs have also not highlighted the failures of the vernacular Mandarin and Tamil school education which has caused many Chinese and Indian (read Tamil) kids to go astray and had to seek employment in the 'Sektor Jenayah', since they could not be absorbed in the Sektor Awam and Sektor Swasta or Government Sector and Private Sector.

Yet, there are many of them who could find employment opening stalls and operating small trading businesses in the pasar malam and everywhere including food stalls and anywhere they can find a place to peddle their goods.

It is a good thing that these Chinese and Tamil kids can speak some Melayu, or else they are not able to communicate with the Melayu majority consumers who patronize their small trading businesses. 

If the Melayu consumers boycot these small trading businesses operated by the Chinese and Tamil school dropouts and more so the major establishments in the many shopping malls and complexes, the economy of the Chinese especially will collapse in a few months.

In fact, this is already happening as we can see the view from Zoo Negara to Dataran Merdeka passing through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman which used to be a Chinese-majority area that is now a Melayu-majority one.

In fact, much of Kuala Lumpur and the major cities and towns including the small towns throughout the country are seeing the surge of Melayu from all sides, with the Chinese now being enclosed in the many tall highrise apartment buildings and Chinadowns and Little Indias which do not reflect the true and magnificent history of immigrating to Malaysia or Tanah Melayu more than one hundred years ago.

And having read and studied what the nine Melayu personalities had written I could come to the conclusion that they are not moderates, but confused Melayu, whose views could only be published in newspapers controlled by the non-Melayu who had cultivated them all these years to 'force' them to speak in tones which the average Melayu do not understand, and who refuse to understand.

They have all neglected to write on these and other matters, preferring those that can ensure that their pieces are okayed by the Star for publication. They know by now what they can write and get published and what they cannot write for the Star.

All of them do not have impressive academic credentials, or who had been given due recognition by the well-meaning Melayu groups in the country, where most of them would find themselves to be odd sitting in. There are many other Melayu who have better and more impressive academic and professional backgrounds than them-lah!

This is how Melayu they are. This is how in-touched with reality they are and can ever be.

And the way from the way they write, proves that they are bent on forcing their views on the others, which makes them to be and sound like bigots that they find difficulty not being able to hide.

The problem with most or all of them is that they seem to think too highly of themselves and especially their views. This is a big problem for bigots but not for moderates.

And I don't think their columns and views are widely read by the real and true moderates in the country.

I can say that their views are mostly second-hand American-style views and the expressions they used are mostly those that had been used by other more vocal Americans of the 1960s who find it thrilling to look at everything in their society to be different, when it was not necessary to do so.

Those who think they know better about the Melayu and Islam, must think that the millions of the Melayu and Muslims in the country to be wrong.

The National Union of Journalist (NUJ) for which I am or should also still be a member should have a survey to see which paper has contributed the most in nation-building and had helped in the struggle to fight for Merdeka.

Even the NUJ has not been vocal in trying to improve the lot of the journalists and editors in the country to help develop and improve the state of Malaysian journalism, one of which is to force those who want to become journalists to have at least an undergraduate degree from any reputable university and those wanting to be appointed editors to have a master's degree.

Malaysian journalism does not seem to have the best qualified people who can write and write with conviction and who have been given international recognition for what they have written all this while.

Some of them have only managed to get their essays and reports out but they are not given any attention outside of the country, whereas filmmakers are asked to seek international recognition, the same is not asked of the journalists and editors.

And lastly, what's so good being a moderate anyway if one is moderately evil? And what's so bad in being an extremist anyway, if one is extremely kind?

Friday, August 22, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

5.       Columbia University or the Big C.:

My first stop after getting the SIM card and cell phone is to go to Columbia University. I took the Number 1 local subway train which stops at every station. I did not care, as I had the time to spare, before I was to catch the late night Greyhound bus to Boston and on to Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Washington DC and back to New York City on 15 April for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur two days later.

I noticed a changed scene in the coaches. There were now more non-Whites too, with many Muslims from many countries especially India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

I went to the bookstore and bought a college tee-shirt as a souvenir.

I then went to Dodge Hall and sat on the concrete stool outside to look at the building. I did not want to enter the Hall to go to the Film Division. I thought I would do that on my return from my trip around America.

Surprisingly this time there were many students sitting on the steps of the Low Library building and walking on the College Walk, as the sun was up despite the weather not so warm.

I met a female student from Saudi Arabia who did not seem to know what to do. Or maybe she was waiting for her next lecture to start. She helped me snap some shots of me holding the college tee-shirt, and could practice the English she was learning with me. Surprisingly, she did not look Arabic but Melayu.

After a while I went to the front of the Butler Library to sit there where I got some students from South Korea to shoot photos of me holding the tee-shirt.

I then pulled the luggage and went to Earl Hall where I remembered sitting in the lobby many times and going to the room where the Muslim Students Association of Columbia was. The door of the room was closed, so I could not introduce myself to whoever is in charge of the association now.

Beside the room is the office of the Jewish Students Association of Columbia.

I remembered how some of us Muslims from different countries prayed on the corridor outside of the office of the associations, with one of us calling the azan, and suddenly there was a commotion with some American students rushing down the stairs at the other end to check on the noise they were hearing.

They then saw the four of us praying on the corridor and left us alone to finish the prayers.

But this time, in 2014, most American students and the others, know more about Islam, and this is largely due to the flawed foreign policies of their country which had caused this to happen.

It is therefore ironic how the American government had actually educated the majority of its non-Muslim citizens on Islam and how to appreciate it more enough to see how the religion is the fasting religion in the country.

And the number of Muslims in America was a mere 100,000 in the 1970s, but today it is between six to eight million.

There were so few masjid in New York City in the 1970s, but there are about five hundred of them now.

There are Muslims everywhere including half a Muslim in the White House, who is a first-generation immigrant from Kenya.  

Even there are now men from Bangladesh who are selling nuts outside of the main entrance of the university where I decided to buy a packet, half of which I gave to the young American woman sitting in the station at Ditmars, begging for food and coins.

I said to her, ‘Take care’, and she said, ‘I will.’

I would say the same thing too to America. But I do not know if America will say as what she had said, the female White derelict who would rather wait there for hours than to find employment even to sell nuts or offer free newspapers to anyone who wants them. 

6.       Chinatown.:

I went to Chinatown stopping at the Canal Street station and was accosted by more Bangladeshi men who were working in the many souvenir stores, including a Chinese woman who said she was from Kuala Lumpur who spoke with me in Mandarin. I tried to speak in Hokkien and she said she understood.

And when I asked where she was from, she said, ‘Kuala Lumpur.’ I then spoke in Melayu and she could speak the language. So I took it that she was genuinely from the city and Malaysia. She gave me some discounts for six souvenir tee-shirts I bought to give to some people back in Malaysia.

Most of the Chinese men and women working in the stores did not seem to be able to speak in English that much or well; they are mostly from China or Taiwan who had just arrived to work there.

7.       Astoria, Queens.:

I lived for a few months in Astoria in the borough of Queens.

I liked this area. It was quiet and secluded.

There were some other Malaysian students and their families who were also living there, with some in apartments in a building owned by a long-time resident from Malaysia, who also operated a upholstery store further down the road near the bus stop.

Now the apartment has been sold to someone with the Malaysian having left the city and country to return to Malaysia.

And his store is now a convenience store operated by Bangladeshis with one of them who said he had worked nine years in Pulau Pinang, but he could not speak much Melayu.

He said his Chinese employer spoke English with him, but his English is still not so fluent or good. The problem being the Chinese man had spoken with him in his own version of English, which is pidgin English which is basically the translation to English from Chinese.

I returned to the apartment building where I used to live at with some friends and stood outside of it for a while taking photos and sending SMS to some friends who had also lived in the building and who are now back in Malaysia. It was three in the morning in Malaysia and three in the afternoon here, because the time difference between Malaysia and New York City is twelve hours with Malaysia ahead.

Many of the stores in Astoria where I used to go to buy food or stationery are now owned by Muslims with the convenience store now operated by some Bangladeshis or Pakistanis.

And there are a Pakistani restaurant called Rotti Dotti and the Astoria Islamic Center as well as the Bosniak (Bosnia) Islamic Center.

At the bus stop where I had to go to catch the bus, I would be standing in a small crowd of passengers who were mostly Muslims, with so few White folks who are now starting to look odd even in Astoria.

I decided to rent a room of someone’s apartment at the road near the place where I used to live at called 14 Place, for old time’s sake.

It snowed a bit when I was there two days with the temperature sometimes hitting zero Celsius and some wind chill factor causing my fingers to go numb.   

8.       One World Trade Center.:

The city authorities did not call the new erected tower, Freedom Tower after all, but One World Trade Center, which I could see even when I was being driven in the bus from Kennedy Airport to the Port Authority Terminal.

I visited this Center and joined the hundreds or thousands of visitors most of whom were foreign tourists to see the former sites of the North and South Towers of the former World Trade Center which came down on 11 September, 2001.

At the site or on the foundations of the two towers are now gaping holes which has water constantly flowing into it, with the names of the victims of the crash of the two towers inscribed on black marble.

I took many photos of the place and on my return trip to America and did some sketches, but forgot to do one at or of the Center. So there is yet another reason for me to return here.

I stopped by a stall on the sidewalk near the Center and bought a halal burger from a man who came from Cairo, Egypt.

The North and South Towers of the former World Trade Center came down in 2001, and the rise has risen but with a lot of new and exciting surprises, some of which I have described above.

Monday, August 18, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

1.       Qatar Airways, flight to Kennedy Airport, April 1, 2014:

The connecting flight I took from Doha, Qatar to New York City on Qatar Airways, made me feel like I was not going to the city, but to New Delhi in India. Why?

The majority of the passengers were mostly Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs and Nepalese, with a Malaysian.

Some of the non-Malaysians could very well be neutralized American citizens or permanent residents, because they looked like they had lived in the city and America too long so that they did not look anxious to arrive at Kennedy Airport.

I had to be anxious not because it was the first flight I had taken to go to the city in many years, but because I was more anxious to see how the city would look like this time.

The last time I was in the city it was in April, 1999. I had lived in the city more than two years and had become familiar with it.

But the city had changed, not so much after 911. It had changed a lot on all fronts which I would soon to discover even before I landed at Kennedy Airport, and in the plane itself.

There were so few Caucasians. They looked small. They looked like the non-Caucasians who boarded the plane to New York City from Brussels, Belgium I had taken in August, 1978, when I went to the city for the first time to enroll at Columbia University.

The non-Americans and non-Caucasians or non-Whites could feel grander and more confident because they were in the majority then.

But not at this time, when they were so few of them, and they might very well be non-English speaking visitors to New York City and not American citizens at all.

2.       Kennedy Airport:

I remember walking out of the terminal building and being greeted by a representative from an American NGO which provided assistance to any student coming to the city, in 1978.

It was in the middle of summer then, but last April it was late spring but the weather was chilly; I was okay when I was in doors, but not so when I expose myself to the cold winds, wearing a thin summer jacket which I thought was good, since I had worn a thinner jacket at this time in 1999 and felt comfortable in it all the time I was in the city and country.

I also had to wear the half-gloves to keep the fingers warm before they start to freeze.

This time I did not seek their assistance as I knew how to handle myself. I only wanted to know how I could go to the city from the airport, like taking the bus like I did then.

Could I take the subway from there to the Port Authority Terminal (PTA)? Did they have such a service now?

At the immigration counter, I realized that there were also so few Caucasians lining to get their passports stamped. Most of them were very much like the composition of the passengers on my flight from Doha to here, people of color, of all shades and shapes with some women even wearing the chador and nijab.

3.       Times Square:

I am back at Times Square.

I walked out of the PTA to get to a store or some stores to buy things and also a local SIM card with a local number.

I also had to find food. And what surprised me was when I could get into one selling halal food, which also served the locals who are not Muslims.

I took a slice of pizza and soda – halal food, from the Muslim staff of the store operated by some other Muslims.

And I walked to the side a few stores away into a telecommunications store to buy a SIM card, and was welcomed by a Pakistani man.

I bought the card and found out that the second cell phone I had brought with me from Malaysia could not be used with the local American card. I ended up buying a small cellphone which could accept the SIM card, so I was on the way to get connected with some people in the country.

There were no Bangladeshi or Pakistani operating stores in Times Square in 1978, but now they are everywhere especially at the subway station entry points where they are seen selling newspapers or giving the free ones away.

4.       New York City, Now.:

This is New York City now, the city I had not known that well then, but I am growing keen to know more this time around.

I could not leave my luggage which I had to pull along to the subway station where I had to climb up and walk down escalators to get to the next train.

I could not leave it at the Greyhound station because they do not provide locker service because after 911 they feared this facility could be used by ‘terrorists’ to leave explosives.

In the end they decided to offer luggage storage service which charges nine dollars per day. I did not take up the offer as I only wanted them to keep my luggage for two to three hours which in the past should cost at the most one to two dollars which I thought I wanted to spare.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

I had the opportunity to visit Iran a few times and Syria for the first time attending film festivals, markets and forums, and to few Arab and other Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, and also Indonesia.

But surprisingly or not, there are no sissies or soft or inefffimate men in all these countries.

If there were, they did not flaunt their sissiness publicly, where they know such acts are frowned upon unlike in some other so-called Muslim countries and especially the West and America, where they do so gladly, although the sight of those people even in America may just be nothing but an disproportionate media splash that can only be seen on certain programs on television especially the so-called fashion ones.

The truth is that even in America, one hardly ever see such men in female clothes except may be in closed private and Halloween parties and in certain Hollywood films.

There are, unfortunately, many of them in the so-called K-Pop activities of South Korea where the boys and young men like to cross-dress while performing in live concerts or video clips with their hair dyed blonde singing in a language which is not universal and purely for the Koreans. They and their acts are one hundred percent copied from America.

K-Pop –meaning Korean Pop, or Konfused Pop?!

It is good to know that such people were not developed in these countries, compared to the other Muslim countries which like to claim to be more Islamic than the others.

They were all created by the poor social and cultural system aided by their poor quality intellectualism and creativity which encourage such a group of people to exist.

They can only be created in America and the west, and not so much in the East and most of all in the true Muslim countries.

Malaysia, unfortunately, has a small and dwindling group of such men, but their number is getting smaller and smaller, as Malaysia becomes a better and truer Muslim country than it is now.

It is also happening in Indonesia as the country becomes more Islamic.

Brunei does not have such a group of people, because it is a true Muslim country, such as in Aceh, too, despite it not being a true Muslim sovereign country yet.

However, one can see them in large numbers in America and the west, where the creation and presence of such men have been seen as a natural process and not due to some flaws in their social and cultural system.  

Worse, when there is also the prevalent use of drugs by some of the Muslim men and women which is prove that the so-called Islamic countries may not be Islamic after all.

Yet, there are so many of them in Malaysia, and some of them are Melayu-Muslims with the rest Chinese.

There are not many Indians who are sissies. But there are some who cross-dress in India, who are happy to lead the lifestyle that they had grown up with.

Malaysian Muslims practice the Sunnah Wal-Jamaah sect of Islam, yet, the presence of the sissies draw attention on how in practice they may not fully appreciate that fact.

Otherwise, why are there so many sissies amongst the Muslims in the country?

There is no sissy amongst the newly reverted or Saudara Baru as they are called.

In Malaysia the Muslims who are sissies and also cross-genders are mostly those who may have been ‘encouraged’ to appreciate this sort of lifestyle from the exposure to western literature, cinema and television, courtesy of the government and private television stations which like to have characters of such nature in their programs.

There is a case of Muslim cross-gender who later repented and who seems to be happy wearing male clothes and behaving like a real man and also calling himself by his original male name, despite him still having a voice that sounds like a woman’s, which he cannot do much.

I have yet to see a sissy man in Iran or Syria or the other Muslims I have visited thus far. Where are they? They don’t seem to exist.

In fact, I have also not seen any sissy man in Aceh in North Sumatera where I have been to a few times. They just don’t allow the men to cross-dress that would ultimately encourage them to go on to the next step of being cross-genders and sissies.

The obvious fact is that the men did not grow up exposed to western literature, cinema and television and publications which like to trust such characters in their magazines and newspapers.

So it was nice to be in Iran and Syria and the other Arab and other Muslim countries where outward exhibition and pride for being members of the so-called ‘third sex’.

Even in America where the ‘third sex’ was said to have been created and encouraged, does not seem to have that many sissies; except that they seem to be given a lot of publicity in the media since many of them are involved in the fashion industry.

And it is also ironic how in Malaysia where the Muslims practice the Sunnah Wal-Jammah sect of Islam, yet, there are sissies.

Compare this to the other Muslim countries that subscribe to the other sects, one cannot see men who are sissies and who cross-dress.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Malaysia’s glamour-seekers who insist on hogging the media traffic by shoving away the experts they and their predecessors and system did not or could not or had failed to create or did not trust fully to allow them to do the jobs they were assigned and paid for.  

This issue concerns the real and true roles of the members of the cabinet of Malaysia and in other countries, and why they are different with each other. 

Why are the secretaries in the American cabinet behaving differently than those in the rest of the world particularly in Malaysia?

And there are also so few members of the cabinet in America than in Malaysia and where the American president picks the secretaries who did not take part in the elections, while in Malaysia they have to be full-time politicians and those who hold high office in their respective political parties.

In America they are taken from the public sector and who comprise of the seasoned professionals who are qualified in their chosen fields; yet, so few would venture to be in such a post in the cabinet, where they do not really exist in the public eye, except for the secretary of state.

In Malaysia a member of the cabinet can be moved from one portfolio to the other and each time that happens the person assumes the role of the thinker and also expert.

Yet, when he is removed from the cabinet, all the so-called experiences that he had acquired in all the years he has been in the cabinet holding the many portfolios do not really come in handy, as they are not recognized as experts in those fields.

None could be appointed to teach at the universities; and even if they are offered, they would not accept it as it does not pay much.

They would rather become chairmen of major companies or sit in the board, where they do not do much but still can earn a lot.

The so-called contacts they had while in the cabinet have thus proven to be useless ones as they were mostly their counterparts in other countries who may have also left their posts and who do not really have much or any influence in commerce.

So in the end the senior party officials continue to benefit a lot from the party without the party ever getting anything or much from them.

And no wonder, they like to cling onto their posts until death visits them or if they are inflicted by a major ailment, leaving them with no choice but to flee.

Yet, there are some who were trashed in the national elections, yet, they could still find employment and hence, some relevance by being appointed ambassadors.

This not only involves politicians but these days it also involves former inspector-general of police and other politicians who could not be absorbed into the cabinet or given posts as CEOs or chairmen in the government-owned public-listed companies.

In the end this is what most of them wanted to get from the party and for being in politics, and not so much on how much they can contribute to it but how much they can benefit from it.

And if they failed to get what they had aimed for, they will switch parties, to then start criticizing it as a member of the opposition now.

Some do get back into the limelight when they win in the general elections and for being elected to some posts in the new state government they now control.

So Khairy Jamaluddin and Leow Tiong Lai, the ministers of sports and youth and of transport, respectively, are in Glasgow attending the Commonwealth Games, and in Ukraine to oversee the post-MH17 crash, respectively.

But are they supposed to be there?

Are the ministers of sports and youth of other Commonwealth countries also attending the games to lead the national teams of their respective countries?

And did any minister of transport of other countries whose airplane had crashed in the past led the rescue efforts and post-crash of their airplanes?

America is represented by the officials from the NTSB or National Transport Service Bureau and not by their secretary of transport. This bureau has experts who know what they are talking about and they do not need to read from any prepared text. They have credibility.

Does Tiong Lai have any credibility to talk about airplanes? Don’t he and Khairy have better things to do at their respective ministries?

What are their roles as ministers? Do they know them? Maybe not.

What are their plans for the country, the strategy they have to achieve them? They don’t seem to have any; if they had they would have told everybody about them.

And what had they done and achieved in their earlier postings in the cabinet that we know of? Nothing!

And why were they thought by their masters to be good to hold the present portfolios that they do not know how to make full use of, to bring glory to the country in their official capacities?

If they knew them, they would not be in Glasgow and Kiev, Ukraine, respectively and allowed the officials from the respective bodies handle the matters. 

Malaysian cabinet members are mostly public relations officers of their respective ministries, they who like to hog on the media limelight to replace the real public relations officers they the ministries ought to have but did not seem to.

Even if they have such posts in the ministries, the officers concern would give way to the ministers to show their faces.

In the end the members of the cabinet in Malaysia are some of the most publicity-crazy people in the world; whatever they do must be given media coverage even if it is just a social outing and casual remark they utter.

No wonder, most of them could not find significant jobs or employment after they leave the cabinet or politics and still have to depend on the charity of Umno and the government to get honorary posts that give them some more media attention before it is too late for them to do that.

Malaysian politicians do not die; they just refuse to fade away…

And this includes those in the opposition too. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

So far only 1,867 Palestinians mostly young children have been killed by the Zionists who suffer sixty-seven casualties on their side.

This is certainly not a small number, considering how they had decided to attack Gaza just to revenge against the kidnapping and death of three young Zionist kids.

The Zionist must therefore be happy knowing how they had served the their three kids, and ignore the fact that they had caused the death of sixty-seven Zionists who were mostly soldiers and some civilians.

The excuse that the Zionist leaders had and the military strategy that they had used to launch their latest attack on Gaza is certainly a strange one.

The Zionist generals and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu must have all read the ‘How to revenge the death of three Zionist kids and pay with the death of sixty-seven Zionists’ book again and again to know that the results to be worth it.

The life of the Zionists is not that worthless after all…and the dead Zionists must be happy in the Zionist haven, thanks to the generals and Netanyahu.     

Why must the world feel sorry for the Palestinians, for being slaughtered and mercilessly killed by the Zionists? This is news. And the whole world especially the other Arabs and Muslims must feel sorry for them. This is a family affair!

And it is also news if a young Zionist kid is slapped in the face by a Palestinian, but not news if a whole village in Gaza is razed to the ground taking with it everybody in somebody’s clan.

And it is also a joke when Benjamin Netanyahu said he would seek revenge over the kidnapping and then death of three Zionist kids who he charged Hamas for the act, when there was no proof to lead them to Hamas.

The act could have been done by the Zionists themselves, who would then put the blame on Hamas.

And to get justice for the three Zionist kids, Netanyahu had to allow the death of scores of Zionists soldiers.

It was also reported by a member of the Zionist cabinet how one million Zionists had to seek a shelter from bunkers fearing being attacked by Hamas.

But the Zionists did not care to the millions of Palestinians who could not seek shelter from any bunker in Gaza or the West Bank because there was none, and those that were available had to be destroyed, because they were deemed to be ‘tunnels’ for Hamas to smuggle arms.

Netanyahu had even the cheek to say that the Hamas leaders gladly parade dead Palestinian children to the world media when their numbers had increased to the thousands.

But what the Palestinians do not want to tell all those people is how if given the chance, they would take all opportunity to kill each other.

Now God is giving them due justice for their own stupidity.

The Arabs and Muslims who sympathize with them must realize that the Palestinians themselves are not ready to look at their real enemies; they create their own from within their own community, with their leaders acting to provoke them.

This must please the Zionists who did not have to do much to get more of the Palestinians killed, by themselves.

And if they is any semblance of peace, the Zionists will make sure that they do something to create trouble in Gaza or the West Bank, so that the Palestinians cannot live in peace.

And what use is there for other Arab countries to come to the aid of the Palestinians now? They can offer their sympathy, boycott products from Israel and those companies that support the cause of World Zionism without admitting it.

This is all that the whole world can do. But this is not enough.

The Palestinians themselves must come to terms with themselves and not create enemies from amongst themselves so that they can confront their common enemies.

Unfortunately, after more than seven decades of being in such a despicable state, the Palestinians still do not know how to go about solving their problems, most of which were created by themselves, and some others by the Zionists and current leaders headed by Benjamin Netanyahu who has got it easy since he knew how to create fiction amongst the Palestinians by not allowing the two factions in Palestine to unite.

And there are more stupider Arab and Muslim leaders in Malaysia and elsewhere who like to blame the United Nations like they did not know what the UN is, which is nothing but an extension of the American state department.

Its secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon gladly parrot whatever statements the American secretary of state says. No wonder their statements often sound similar like they were written by the same person.

But the sad reality is that the Palestinians themselves are not ready to fight any war with the Zionists. They are not done with fighting with each other yet.

The Zionists only know how to take full advantage of the situation by just provoking the two warring factions in Palestine, so that they can start another round of confusion in Palestine.

The ball is at the feet of the Palestinians now. Do they still want to fight each other and then on the side pretend to confront the Zionists, or do they want to be easy prey to the rockets fired by the Zionists?

They had not made any decision on this, so in the meantime, they have to bear the consequences of being the targets of rocket and artillery attacks by the Zionists who now know better not to launch a land attack, lest they would suffer greater casualties.

Arabs and Muslims should sympathize with the Palestinians for the wrong reason; they should all sympathize with the Palestinians for being stupid for fighting over petty matters for so long.

They had not decided to confront their common problem and enemy head-on, because they still can be manipulated by the Zionists counterintelligence agents who can provoke the Palestinians to fight each other.

There may be more Palestinians who were killed by the Palestinians themselves than by the Zionists.

And it is a joke for the Palestinians to threaten to bring the Zionist to the ICC. They are Palestinian clowns who do not know what they are talking about.

And not shockingly, even Ban Ki-Moon is saying that what the Zionists are doing in Gaza is tantamount to a war crime! What a joke! What a joker! 

It looks like the Zionists know more about Islam than the Palestinians themselves. So no wonder the Zionists decide to attack Gaza during Ramadan when the Palestinians were fasting.

And the Palestinians do not know Islam that much, or else they would feel sorry for themselves that whatever they knew about the religion is not practiced by them.

Monday, August 4, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

(This is written as a personal tribute to the Late Gary Braut, who liked to describe himself
as 'The Jew who fell in love with Malaysia and its people, who owned the Precision
Automative factory in Selayang employing more than 150 employees mostly Bangladeshi
who passed away in January, 2011, having lived in Malaysia for close to 20 years.)

Someone must write the truth about the thinking and mentality of the Zionist leaders
especially the prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to expose
the factors involved.

Here is an original analysis of it, which I hope can be published so that the Palestinian
Issue can be looked at in a totally different light instead of harping on the old ones.

The state of Israel does not have a natural supply of water and it does not have natural
security features to allow it to be safe from the elements and neighbors.

No wonder before the state was established, the land was under Palestine or Jordan, which
had these factors.

No one has ever, ever done any serious study into the minds of the Zionist leaders of the present day Zionist state of Israel and how they came to be so shaped.

No wonder, one tends to get carried away and react to whatever they do, which are often those that they had done before, and continuously, to exert themselves, taking any action by the Palestinians who they call ‘militants’ for trying to disturb the peace the Zionists and their supports should enjoy living in the land that was not theirs in the first place.

The cycle of events and pseudo-events look like they are a repeat of past incursions by the Zionist forces against the hapless Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

I made a visit to Ramallah in September, 1999 when I was invited to show some of my film and television dramas at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center there, at a time when there was talk about everlasting peace that was going to happen soon. But it was not to be.

The reason being, the Zionists would not have anything to do with it. They knew they stood to lose big if this happen, with the two-state solution allowing the Palestinians back on their lands and those lands that had been taken over by force by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) returned.

The Zionist leaders knew they were not ready for such a scenario that could be bad for them.

But at the same time they knew they were stuck in a limbo, of not being able to go anywhere towards achieving peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs who are surrounding them.

They knew whatever land they could keep, would not be sustainable, and how the Zionist Elders had made a terrible mistake for encouraging them to go to the land which was barren that could not support human habitation.

Worse when the smarter Jews refused to return to Israel leaving the state with those who were mere economic desperadoes from the former east European states and soviet union to take up citizenship who have actually moved into the new concentration camp created by the elders of Zion and being surrounded by the Zionist wall of shame.  

Land with no water and is located in an area which is not only parched but also unsafe, with poor security features.

These two factors are what had forced the Zionist leaders to become crazy in their search to steal more land that could ensure they have a steady supply of water, and which is also safe in terms of the security of the state.

Where does it say that the Zionists Elders would be the saviors of the Jews? The name or word Zionists is not mentioned in the Jewish holy books, the Torah and Talmud.

The Zionist Elders appeared to think that they are the real saviors of the Jews, when the holy books of the Jews clearly do not mention them.

And what could the creation of the Zionist state of Israel achieve? Nothing!

They did not even dare to call the state as such. Yet, they believe that Zionism is the only way for the salvation of the World Jewry.

And there are no Zionist Clubs in any university in America too including perhaps in the Zionist state of Israel where they should have established them to be much like the Boys’ Scout or Red Crescent movements which are good for the world. 

It was not even mentioned in the two holy books of the Jews.

In fact, the land that the Zionists now claim to be the Zionist state of Israel was not even provided with the barest essentials to allow whoever that live in it to survive for long.

The land can only continue to exist if it is part of Jordan, Syria and Palestine. How?

Here’s how.

The land that the Zionists call the state of Israel was not even provided with water. That was how thoughtful their Gods were when they created this land which is devoid of this basic necessity to sustain any human being and colony.

The land was also devoid of trees, and those areas that had trees were all in the other regions where the Palestinians were, before they were displaced by the Zionists who grabbed and stole the land to create their own state.

It was also so shaped so much so that it is left vulnerable to outside forces that could threaten its very existence if it is under Zionist occupation.

This is a fact of nature that the land of the Zionist state of Israel cannot exist if the Zionist leaders did not steal land from Jordan to ensure that the water it has is used by the Zionists and Jews there.

And Golan Heights in Jordan was so created to show to the Zionists that the land they had stolen from the Palestinians and Jordanians cannot be held by them for so long unless if they also steal the Heights to use as a military post like what they are doing now.

Therefore, from what nature had provided, the Zionist state of Israel could not exist on its own; it can only do so if it is part of Palestine, Jordan and Syria which can co-exist like it had happened before for centuries, until the small group of Zionist Elders decreed that they had to create a homeland for the Jews who had Zionist inclination, a political tool and philosophy that do not match with the real existence of the Jews so much so that the Orthodox Jews or Hassidic Jews do not recognize the existence of the Zionist state of Israel.

This group of Jews ought to know better what the Jews can do and must do, which is to live with the Palestinians until the advent of their Messiah. And the Zionist Elders are not the messiahs or saviors. 

The Zionist Elders did not even know simple logic and geography to realize that the land they wanted to create a homeland for the Jews with Zionist leanings to be barren and good for the dead, since ancient times.

And the Original Jews had fled to other areas and countries which are Arabic where Islam was the more prominent religion so that they were able to prosper living in these countries.

In Singapore a Jew was elected by the mostly non-Jew population including many Muslim voters to high office, that of the chief minister of the country.

And there were large Jewish communities in all the major cities in the Arab and other Muslim countries who were able to live in peace with the local Muslim population, because they did not have Zionist leanings.

Those who sympathized with Zionism and believed in this pseudo-political ideology soon found their way to the Zionist state of Israel thinking that such a move was in line with ancient Jewish edicts.

Unfortunately, they were all frustrated when they realize that the Zionists did not offer them any salvation; they had to endure persecution by being stuck in the New Concentration Camp otherwise known as the Zionist state of Israel, a state that does not enjoy cordial relationship with the majority of the countries in the world, where they are not able to shout on top of their throats, to say how proud they are for being Jews and Zionists, too.

The Zionists in the state of Israel live in fear even in this entity and scared if they leave it to travel anywhere in the world.

They cannot communicate with anyone speaking in English and much less Hebrew, the original language of the Jews.

There are also no Little Israels in any major city in the world especially in America.

So there is no way for the Zionist Leaders today to be able to return the lands they had stolen from the Jordanians and Palestinians because to do that, they will all perish living in such an unfriendly environment with no natural water supply.

And despite their brilliance, they had yet to discover how to desalinate sea water which they can get from the Mediterranean Sea, so that they do not have to continue surviving on water that is stolen from the Jordanians.

Worse, the Zionist Leaders will never be able to expand their level of intelligence because to be able to do this, they could find themselves believing more and more of what the Orthodox Jews or Hassidic Jews and Arabs and other Muslims have been saying all these years, that the real and true future of the Jews is in the hands of the Arabs and Palestinians, as what the World Hassidim says.