Tuesday, February 26, 2013


By Mansor bin Puteh.

(Note: This article was first published in Yemen Times, on 7 April, 2011, a few days after Mansor left Sana’a, Yemen, where the article was written, to go to Dubai, U.A.E. and back to Malaysia.)

…More than that, it can finally create equilibrium in the lives of Muslims, which no amount of money and material wealth can create as economic disparity can supersede even religious considerations and emotions.  

First there is the Halal Food Industry, then there is the Islamic Banking System, all of which are prescribed in the Koran and Hadith but which had taken centuries for Muslim countries and religious and other leaders to introduce and expand.    

But how long does it have to take before the Muslim leaders finally realize the need for them to take up on my proposal to introduce and create the New Islamic Cinema, by first understanding the good that it could bring to all – to the World Muslim Ummah or People and also the world? We'll see.      

The Halal industry took a while to happen, while the Islamic banking system took a longer while still.    

In fact the Islamic was only first introduced in the 1960s by a bank in Mesir, who was worried about its negative reaction that they called it by a more neutral name.    

But look what happened to it now? Islamic banking has become a major feature in international banking so much so every country wants to be involved with it including the non-Muslim countries.    

The large number of Muslim countries has forced the reshaping of international banking.    

Will the same happen with the New Islamic Cinema, and to what effect?    

For starters let's consider this: There have been many films from Muslim – countries that have received international recognition in Europe and other countries.    

There could be also a phenomena concerning this, ad it could be taken to mean how the West and other countries want to relate to Muslims through the medium of the cinema, by watching such films and especially by getting involved in the production of other films too.    

The underlying notion is how the motion picture industry and its related activities could be seen and many believe, it can cause the lessening of unnecessary tension and excessive outpouring of emotions that could further divide the different civilizations so that the do not just clash as what Samuel Huttington had smartly tried to caution, but to ensure that I say, these civilizations do not together CRASH in the Crash of the Civilization, as what is obviously happening since the crash of the former Twin Towers in Manhattan.

America or no country can be said to have benefited if the Muslim countries are in shambles. What thrill do they get in pursuing Muslim 'terrorists' and 'militants' all of whom they had created in the first place in films and then in real life anyway?    

Therefore, I may be the first person in the world to talk about such a cinema, but in actual fact it was already 'introduced' in the West a while ago - or by the Cannes Film Festival which highlighted many new post-Shah and Khomeini Iran, without them talking about it in the same way as I do.      

In truth, even I cannot lay claim to want to introduce the New Islamic Cinema as its inherent values and qualities are all enshrined in the Koran and Hadith which regulate the lived of Muslims.    

While the Halal industry aims to regulate the eating habits of Muslims and to exhibit its peculiarity to the non-Muslims, and the Islamic banking has other virtues which are to create harmony and appreciation of Islamic ways and styles in human interaction dealing with money.    

These seem to have been explained and generally understood by all - Muslim and their non-Muslim brethren alike, who have also accepted these as part and parcel of our common daily lives, even in the non-Muslim countries, but what possible uses are there for the New Islamic Cinema?    

Surely, it is not just for some Muslim filmmakers to win recognition in the West, which could still be admired and respected for they had not something to diffuse
tension and create understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.    

Unfortunately such efforts have not created the impact that many in the world had desired as there is still tension everywhere and no one can predict what else could happen next that could create the New Cold War between the Muslim World and the West.    

More than that the New Islamic Cinema can be more useful in ways that are unimaginable as they include the interplay of domestic politics in the respective Muslim countries as well as internationally, and encompassing almost all the elements – sociological, psychological, creative, artistic, intellectual, religious, historical, geographical and economical too...    

These are the same elements which had come into play in the creation of Hollywood which can be said to have caused Americans to be able to contain whatever negative thoughts they may have and put them to positive use through the medium of the cinema.      

Hollywood can be said to have provided a huge outlet to Americans to contain themselves, and it has also managed to create images of themselves and of America to show to themselves and to the whole world.    

Whereas, without such a setup in the Entire Muslim World, many unnecessary issues and petty matters had arose.    

This situation has also forced images of Islam and Muslims to be imagined by those who have not actually seen any real Muslim through to his heart, other than by seeing him from his outward appearance which is deceiving.    

And as such, many non-Muslims tend to be confused.    

In the wider context, one can even say many leaders of Muslim countries too do not know what their own people desire other than to have the basic amenities.    

The magic and usefulness of the cinema have never been taken seriously by any Muslim leader or country, despite the over-presence of Hollywood films which they claim to be corrupting many young Muslims, yet they did not once ponder to ask themselves why Hollywood had gone to become what it is today, when in fact it was not so earlier in its development.      

Rudolf Valentino played lead roles of Arab sheikhs in the silent films produced by Hollywood such as 'The Sheik' (sic) and 'The Son of Sheik' (sic).    

He became America's romantic heroes. Yet today, Arab or Muslim characters are not so highlighted in such manner or to cause them to be endeared with.    

Fortunately, the situation can change be changed with the creation of the New Islamic Cinema so the best creative minds in the Entire Muslim and non-Muslim Worlds can be engaged to cause this to happen.    

If this can happen, there can also be dividends in the overall relationship between their political, military and media masters whose interactions can be said to have created many of the world's tensions that we have seen in our lifetime.    

So who says the cinema cannot do wonders?    

Saturday, February 23, 2013


By Mansor Puteh          

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and his wife, Jehan Sadat were invited to the White House when Ronald Reagan Carter was president, and he was given a ball where he was seen dancing in an embrace with Nancy Reagan.

It was supposed to signify the special and cordial relations America was having with Egypt, and especially with its then President Sadat.

Unfortunately, it could also mean to be a sort of insidious effort to belittle him in the eyes of the ordinary Egyptians, like it was pre-planned, so that Sadat could be eliminated somehow, without anyone else doing the deed.

Yet, when the funeral was held on the next day, all the former presidents of America attended it and they also walked in the procession with the other Egyptians even though it was a security nightmare for the Secret Service which could not ensure the safety of the former presidents.

But they had to be in the procession to show the cordial relations their two countries had with each other.

Photos of Sadat and Nancy dancing in the ballroom of the White House in Washington DC were splashed in the media. But it did not thrill the Egyptians.

And weeks later, Sadat was assassinated when he was inspecting the parade to commemorate the independence of his country. Few others who were in the grandstand were also killed with many more seriously injured.

Till now no such balls have been organized to honor Arab and other Muslim leaders where the wives of the president and the Arab and Muslim leaders are seen dancing together in an embrace, which could embarrass the people back in their own countries.

An Egyptian soldier who was part of the parade jumped from the jeep he and his colleagues were traveling in, and moved towards the presidential grandstand, with Sadat standing to receive him, because he thought the soldier was coming towards him to salute him, as part of the show.

Unfortunately, the soldier did not do that, and as he got to the grandstand, he started to fire his rifle at Sadat who slumped and died. He then shot aimlessly at the others around him, with many of them and the others trying to flee from their seats, with some who could not had no choice but to try and cover themselves with the seats they were sitting on.

Egyptians did not like the idea of their president dancing with another woman and in public.

This and other factors were the main reasons why Sadat died the way he did.

And if one were to look at the Arab Spring which sprang up in 2011, one could also see similar trends, when wives of the leaders of the Arab countries who did not care to dress up properly in the Islamic way, had to suffer being thrown out of office and also killed in the process.

Muamar Ghadaffy’s wife did not dress in the unIslamic way, but his fault laid with the behavior of his sons and also himself, for their crass behavior or misbehavior spending millions to get entertainment from American entertainers.

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, too suffered not because of his wife or daughters but because of his sons, particularly the eldest one, Uday Hussein who flaunted his power and used the guns freely, until one day he was gunned down in a busy market.

Now we are seeing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who is in dire straits. His wife, too flaunted her body, and he and the whole country have to suffer.

Where is his wife now?

And for that matter, King Abdullah of Jordan’s wife, too, had not behaved herself properly in the Islamic way, and so he too suffers. He is lucky the ‘Arab domino’ has not reached him as it is being stuck in Syria with Bashar clinging on to his poor life, and knowing when he too will have to go next.

Once Syria is done, Jordan will be the next, and King Abdullah is now happy not to show his wife, who does not behave like any Arab woman would. She too has become anonymous.

But the truth behind the Arab Spring, Part I is that it was an effort by the Arabs in the respective countries to get rid of their leaders who they saw as being Zionist and CIA lackeys, and these elements in their countries. And they did not make any effort to hide this.

In 2012, Arab Spring, Part II, wanted to be launched, and it is a revolution that would see the expulsion of Zionist and CIA elements in the entire Middle East.

But this effort was thwarted by the Zionists and CIA themselves which had caused the same Arab countries which had succeeded in overthrowing the repressive regimes, to become battlegrounds of civil unrest leading to civil war.

So Arab Spring, Part II, was thwarted in this way, with the Arabs which had installed new leaders having to find ways to evict them from office, so they are not able to focus on the Zionist state of Israel, which is now free of any serious threat of repercussion arising from Arab Spring, Part I.

The Arab revolutionaries were stupid enough not to realize this fast, and they continue to go ahead being misled into thinking that the more they destroy their own countries, the better they are, when they are not serving their own national interests, but those of the Zionists, who can now live calmly and peacefully amidst tension and confusion in the Middle East as the Arab countries continue to be set aflame and destroyed in no time.

Who could be supplying arms and destroying buildings and individuals in the Arab countries if not the enemies of the Arabs and of Islam?

But blame was always put on the other side of the conflict.

The leader of the opposition in Tunis was said to be killed by the government forces. But what good would that do to the Tunisian government?

He was assassinated by the real and hidden but clear enemies of the Arabs and Muslims, who had also done similar deeds on five Iranian scientists and who are not afraid to admit it, as they had done to admit to having killed or assassinated Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

By admitting this misdeed, the case is closed as there is no more mystery surround his death in a Paris hospital many years ago.

And why did the then Prime Minister of the Zionist state of Israel, Ariel Sharon suddenly fail to wake up during surgery? He has been in coma since.

He had earlier uttered in a press conference in Israel how he suggested that the Zionist state had no choice but to leave the West Bank and Gaza and to deal with the problems they are having with the Palestinians and to solve them, as it was not tenable anymore for them to live under Zionist repression any longer.

Benjamin Netanyahu who was in the press conference made a face, with some other Zionist supporters leaving the room.

Ariel’s last interview can still be seen in YouTube.

And not long afterwards Ariel Sharon was done and in a coma with no future of ever waking.  

But will the real Arab Spring, Part II happen? It can only if the Arabs who are in the streets in their countries turn the other way and confront their real and sworn enemies. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

These Arab countries and their people have not fully benefited from Islam, and Islam has not fully benefited from them either. They are not only trampling on their own countries, but on Islam itself, which they had not benefited much from. Worse, they are serving the cause of the Zionists, whose acts they are doing on their behalf.

They are still in the Age of Ignorance of ‘Zaman Jahiliyah’ in more ways than one, in that they still do not know how to choose their leaders and how to develop their potentials without being manipulated by outside forces, meaning, the Zionists and CIA to destroy each other.

This is how stupid the Arabs are. This is also how unIslamic they are. And they can never gain any advantage for being Muslims because they do not practice Islam in the way it should be practiced.

In fact many Muslims have not fully benefited from Islam, and Islam too, had not benefited fully from them.

Some of them only learnt one thing from Islam, which is for them not to eat pork; other than that they are as good or as bad as the others who are not Muslims.

It is okay for those in America who prefer to settle scores or to scare the Muslims using weapons of mass destruction because they are not Muslims and who are pork-eaters, so they have the alienable right to misbehave themselves worse than the pigs they enjoying eating their meat.

But the Muslims who suffer from the acts of those pork-eaters do not have to continue to allow themselves to be at the receiving end.

But what choice have they got? They are totally brainless and who do not practice Islam fully. They are the marginal Muslims who only do not consume pork.

Other than that they are as good or as bad as the other pork-eaters who aim to destroy their countries and have succeeded in doing so.

The Holy Koran that was given to the Arabs has also not done much to enlighten the Arabs, who despite being able to speak and write well in Arabic, the language used in the Holy Koran, yet, they do not seem to know what they are reading.

What was the point for the Holy Koran to be given to the Arabs? They did not know that.

Because Allah had decreed or admitted that the Arabs are one of the most backward races in the world so they could do with some education.

Unfortunately, the Arabs are beyond reproach and redemption; with their countries continue to slide into self-destruction, simply because they are not capable of logic.

They are a disgrace to Islam.

And the Holy Koran they are supposed to have read from the beginning to the end, with many being able to read it by heart, does not mean anything.

The problem being they are not capable of benefiting from the Holy Book.

Proof can be seen in the destruction that they are creating on themselves everyday now, with no end in sight.

It can only end with the total destruction of their countries, and with one regime they move to the next regime.

Islam came to Arabia. Islam united the Arabs, but only in the use of the Arabic language, when earlier the people in the Middle East were speaking in their own languages or dialects.

Later they adopted Arabic as their main language, thus creating what is generally acknowledged as the Arab World.

They may be Arabs; they may be Muslims. But they are not fully and truly united.

For they have all failed Islam.

It seems that Islam has not benefited them. And they have also benefited much from Islam either.

Initially, there was peace in the Arab World, but only when the countries did not have OIL.

When OIL was discovered in many of the countries, they created leaders who had other ambitions and who turned their countries into backward states.

Those which are successful have to become lackeys of America and also the Zionists.

Those who wanted to be left alone were dragged into the regional war theater, with the Zionists and Americans not wanting them live in peace.

So one by one, the countries are bombed to smithereens.

This was how Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and the other Arab countries have become utterly destroyed.

When in the past they were some of the most developed countries not only in the region but in the world, with Baghdad being the most modern and developed city in the Arab World and Iraq one of the wealthiest.

Today the Arab countries which are able to succeed and develop are those who have surrendered their souls to the devil cavorting with the Zionists through their proxy, America.

And they are the countries which do not seem to care about the well-being of the other Arabs.

But what has the Holy Koran done to the Arabs? Nothing. They have not benefited from what is written in the book, which asks them to change or change won’t come to them.

Yet, the only change that the Arabs in those countries know is how to destroy their countries.

The worst Arab country in the Muslim World must be Egypt followed by Tunisia, Libya, Yemen other than Afghanistan and Iraq.

All these countries lack leaders who can see beyond propaganda of the Zionists and the CIA or America in ways which are not subtle anymore, but obvious.

Yet, despite that the Arabs and other Muslims are still unaware of what is happening to them and around them, even when the whole of the Arab World and the Middle East are destroyed, they will still go on their rampage to kill whoever that is left in their land which is by now bombed back to become a desert.

The Arabs in the Middle East must surely admire the ancient Pharaohs for having done much to leave a mark till today. And the pyramids in Giza outside of Cairo must be testament to that.

But the Pharaohs were nothing compared to the New Pharaohs that exist in the Arab World today for their penchant for exhibiting opulence and the decadent lifestyles that those who have by now been eliminated by the outside forces or by their own kinds, those whom they had helped to turn into their own personal enemies.

So no wonder they react violently against themselves without knowing what had happened.

And because of that the problems in the Arab countries cannot be solved as there is no end to violence that was created by the unseen outside forces, which are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

It is therefore cheaper to destroy any Arab and other Muslim country, without creating any controversy, by getting them to do it on themselves, as what can now be seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan, Iraq and also Pakistan

Sunday, February 17, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Al-Azhar University is reputed to be the oldest university in the world. So they must have surely produced many intellectuals, scholars and not to forget ulama.

But where are they? What have they done to ensure Egypt becomes the most advanced and developed Arab or Muslim country in the world which is also at peace with itself?

And what have they all learnt from the Great Pharaohs or Firaun of old? Nothing. 

What do they teach at the university and what influence it has in the Arab and Muslim Worlds and the entire world? Nothing.

Did this university supply the Egyptian government and industries with topnotch brains? I doubt it.

If they are doing this, then surely, the whole country would not have slid to become such a pariah state that it is now, almost destroyed.

Egypt, like Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and some other countries, are a disgrace to Islam. The people of these countries have not benefited from Islam and Islam has not benefited from them either. They are all still stuck in the Era of Ignorance or ‘Zaman Jahiliyah’ or pre-Islam era.

Two of the most prominent ulama in the Arab and Muslim Worlds are Yusof Gharadawi and al-Tantawi and the grand imam of Majidil-Haram in Makkah and the other grand imam of the Masjid Nabawi in Madinnah, Saudi Arabia.

And yet, there are many think tanks in the Arab countries.

But where are they? What have they been doing all this while?

If they are so important and influential and whose knowledge on Islam is so good, why then are the Arab countries suffering?

They are all suffering from poor quality leadership. And the ulama are to be blamed for this.

They have been sitting and looking elsewhere, leaving the streets open for discontent to be bred.

And all that the Arabs needed was for the Zionist and CIA elements to create a spark, and the whole country and regions end up in smoke.

Arab Spring was created by the Arabs. But its original goal which was to replace and remove Arab regimes which were friendly to the Zionists and America, has been hijacked by the same Zionists and America, to turn it into a revolution to remove Islamic-based political parties.

Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is experiencing this.

They won in the first popular elections, post Hosni Mubarak regime, but was hijacked by the Zionists and America which did not want them to hold on to power. They wanted Islamic elements out of national politics in the country.

And the other Arab countries, too are experiencing this when one by one their popularly elected governments are being replaced at the behest of the Zionists and America, which did not want to deal with them; they also did not know how to deal with such Islamic-based governments.

And the Zionists and America feared if this was not stopped, sooner or later, all the Arab countries would turn to look at them.

The Zionist state and America wanted to have their way out of this mess, so they created the mess in Egypt and the other Arab countries.

Yet, the stupid Egyptians and other Arabs in the region did not know this.

They are not helped by their equally stupid ulama who have lost whatever influence they had by them keeping quiet.

They are so stupid that they do not know how to comprehend what is happening in their own countries.

They surely do not have any influence amongst their own people, being ulama, simply because they do not have the credibility to make them stop killing each other, by saying that such acts are unIslamic and they were all prodded to do so by their real enemies, the Zionists and America.

It is therefore ironic, how the newly-elected governments are quick to embrace America, which had caused their countries so much pain and suffering, when the people had come up in droves to Tahrir Square in Cairo and other squares to evict the regimes which had controlled them, at the behest of the same America who was doing the bidding for the Zionist state.

They Arabs are so dumb that they do not know what has been hitting them and from where the first spark had been lit, and who first bombed the buildings and assassinated their leaders.

Even the assassination of the leader of the opposition in Tunisia can be traced to some clandestine acts by the Zionists and CIA, who have exhibited similar traits before, with the Zionists now openly admitting to have assassinated Yasser Arafat.

And not only that the Zionists too have been charged and had admitted to having assassinated five Iranian scientists.

The Zionists can do it and admit it publicly without them fearing retribution, for that can never come.

But what if one of their own scientists is killed by mysterious means? Wouldn’t they want to immediate charge Iran for committing such acts even when it was a mere accident?

Therefore, it is strange and stupid of the Egyptians and Tunisians and other Arabs to not want to charge the Zionists or the CIA for committing the assassinations in their countries, because they are the ones who can benefit from such acts.

The respective governments or opposition cannot benefit from them.

It is also another insidious way that the Zionists and CIA or America can do to get the best effect of forcing the Arabs to continue to kill each other and destroy their own countries, so the Zionist state can remain peaceful, living in a region which is not so.

And luckily the Melayu-Muslim leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia are not as dumb as the Arab political and Islamic leaders.

Similar acts were done in Jakarta, where small groups were paid to cause dissent and opposition to Malaysia, but the problem was not allowed to grow.

The Zionists and CIA only managed to make those fringe groups of unemployed Indonesians to stop targeting American businesses in the city and also in Batam where Singaporean interests are.

Other than that, the Melayu-Muslims have managed to thwart whatever attempts to cause friction between Malaysia and Indonesia.

If the majority of the Melayu in these two countries are as stupid and as dumb as the Egyptians and Arabs in the Middle East, there would have been Konfrantasi, Part II or Confrontation, Part II between Malaysia and Indonesia by now.

But this hasn’t, and chances are this could not happen, as the Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia are more superior compared to the Muslims in the Middle East.

However, both Malaysia and Indonesia have not actually done much to prove to the Arabs whose first got Islam, buy teaching them how to better behave themselves, by introducing the Sinema Nusantara Melayu and the New Islamic Cinema as tools to promote Melayu Unity and World Muslim Unity.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

America is a threat to world peace. But they do not know this. They think anyone who wants to protect peace in the world is a threat to world peace, when they are just a threat to America and the so-called American hegemony.

America does not care the many Arab and other Muslim countries that they had caused to be destroyed, with some more which are being destroyed on their own in the aftermath of what had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But all these could not have happened without the creation of the Zionist state.

America does not care to think that the destruction it has wrought on the Arab and Muslim countries from so far away using high-powered weapons of mass destruction, could hurt them a bit, with shrapnel flying into the country.

However, with each shrapnel that touches the Americans, they take it as a direct attack on them and their country, when they were the ones who had cause the Arab and Muslim countries to be bombed causing the shrapnel to explode into million pieces with some hitting back at them.

Iran is doing America a great big favor for going nuclear, as it can make America realize that the world is not embolden to them, and they do not own the world.

In fact, America owes much to the world, particularly to the Muslim World, which has been providing them with so much.

Yet, they do not seem to realize this. They did not want to realize this, simply because they are narrow-minded and confused.

Their support for the creation of the Zionist state in 1948 was a mistake and they had to take many decades to realize this.

But they cannot accept it as a fact and will ensure that the rest of the world, tool, is not aware of it.

America has been made confused by the continued propaganda by the Zionists, but the Iranians are the ones who are slowly making America wake up from their long and deep slumber to the new reality that the world now is not like it was before.

It is also unfortunate that the Muslim World which has helped America to develop, has also slowly waking up from their deep and long slumber.

The Arab Spring sprang from this realization.

But on the whole it’s the humankind’s mentality as a whole or collectively can be described to be no more than the level of animals.

The Muslim ones have been in peace on their own and suddenly, they are bombed which caused them to scatter, and they can now be seen in more countries in the world and in far larger numbers.

If left alone, the Muslims would still prefer to live in caves in Afghanistan and other countries, which may be described to be backward.

But being backward may be the best thing as there are no pretensions.

Being advanced and developed may not be such a good thing after all, as it could and have led some countries which are mostly the pseudo-Catholic and pseudo-Christian ones into believing that their religions or lacking of it, have caused them to be developed and more powerful.

But America and the countries of similar strip and form, can only admit that they are powerful simply because they have the nuclear option.

For without this, they are as good as the other countries.

Worse, they all have failed to realize their rejection of their religions or the religions their ancestors had at one time professed to have failed them, as they prefer atheism over those pseudo-religions, which they do not care anymore with them only preferring to celebrate Santa Claus as the ‘New Christ’.

The Muslims, on the other hand, had all along preferred not to dabble in technology much less nuclear technology because they knew this would take them on a trek of self-destruction.

But the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic countries of America and the west did not know this because their humanity and psychology is of poorer quality.

Islamic scientists had proven than gaining scientific advancement did not cause them to gain much; on the contrary, the Muslim societies and Muslim World would lose much.

But they seemed to lack foresight when they failed to realize that their enemies at that time did not harbor similar thoughts, as they quietly embarked on their nuclear trek, using science and technology that were first developed by the Muslim scientists and scholars.

And over the years, America and its allies, have started to lose their souls to the devils, and they only prefer to place their future in the hands of the nuclear option that all those countries now have.

Compared to the Muslim countries, which do not have such option, the whole Muslim community has become fearful of America and the west.

No wonder one after one Muslim country has been targeted, with the Muslims not being able to defend themselves.

Come in Iran, the new and next Superpower who can finally look after the Muslims and the Muslim World.

But what Iran also does not know is that having nuclear capability can not ensure the total destruction of the countries which had made Muslims their enemies.

The only weapon that Muslims have that the Zionists and America fear the most is – WORLD MUSLIM UNITY.

But World Muslim Unity alone does not mean much; it can remain a useless slogan which has been spouted by many a ridiculous and stupid Muslim leader anywhere he can get the platform or forum to do so.

World Muslim Unity can happen when Muslim countries strive for self-sufficiency, in all the things that we need in the world today, so in the end, countries which had developed at our expense can be rendered useless and their economies collapsing before their very eyes, and with or without their nuclear arsenal, they cannot pose a threat to anyone.

The best that the Muslim countries can do it to severe diplomatic relations to any country that has embarked on a silent campaign to destroy Arab and other Muslim countries, by using their veto in the United Nations Security Council and arbitrary, as it had happened before.

This is the only way for the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic countries of America and the west can be tamed.

Muslims cannot leave their god-given natural resources and charity to the countries which had proclaimed Muslims and Muslim countries as their sworn enemies, and chart their own course of action to ensure that the well-being of Muslims anywhere in the world is safeguarded. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Perkasa may have unknowingly helped to avert 13 May Tragedy, Part II, with them or anyone realizing it.  

If it had happened, chances are greater calamity would have happened with highly predictable repercussions and long-term effects with some parties losing more than they thought they could bargain for.

So no wonder the ‘interested’ parties seemed to have become mellow and their leaders keeping to themselves and quiet, because they know the more they try to put out acts of defiance and resistance, the more they would lose.

They can never win, being surrounded by the dominant majority race in the country who have been providing them so much over so many years, yet, who have not shown any appreciation to them.

How many times have their leaders remarked how appreciative and thankful they are to the Melayu who have helped their ancestors live a peaceful life and to be able to prosper, when they had just landed in Tanah Melayu with no more than the shirts on their backs which have not been washed for days?

No one can ever deny that if the Melayu had wanted to be nasty to them, the immigrants would not be happy to have landed in Tanah Melayu; they would rather remain in their own countries.   

The Thirteen May Tragedy, Part II could have happened a while ago, if Perkasa has not come into existence, in direct reaction to the sudden display of crass behavior by the minority groups who seemed to be unusually empowered in the immediate aftermath of the 8 March, 2008 general elections which created a shock in the national political system and culture, a valuable lesson which many Malaysians of all stripes and political persuasions could and had learnt much from.

Muslims see it as a clear sign of something that many could not comprehend what it was when it happened.

Yes, there were losers and winners, but the real and true losers and winners are determined much later, as the 13 May Tragedy, Part I had shown, that there is no point for anyone to push their political postures beyond the limit as it can backfire not only on themselves, but also on their own communities.

Some still harbor the strange and weird thought that pursuing such a stance, showing acts of defiance, could rear its benefits, that the 13 May Tragedy, Part I, did cause some consternation on the authorities and dominant race.

Alas, their fantasies are but useless ones; for they only think of themselves alone and not of their own communities and country as a whole. 

That was when small fringe minority racial groups started to spring out from nowhere to demand a host of things which they themselves could not provide, which they insist and demand be given to them, even when they had not shown remorse and the aptitude to help and promote the spirit of the National Constitution or the ‘Perlembagaan Negara’.

This explains why there are still many non-Melayu who are not conversant in the national language of Bahasa Melayu.

They still prefer to live in their small enclaves, which are shrinking fast or are being overtaken by other communities, especially the Melayu who are now everywhere.

Over-promoting things Hong Kong and India in the cinemas and on television and in the media, especially have all helped to push the Chinese and also Indians back to their Motherlands.  

Worse, it also created an unusual display of crass behavior by some members of the more vocal minority racial groups who felt the sudden pangs of anxiety which they could not contain, so much so that they decided it was time for them to march further to achieve their goals, whatever they were.

Unfortunately, their leaders had neglected to read and study the signs. That their actions could cause a reaction from the dominant racial group in the country and it appeared almost immediately with the establishment of this group calling themselves PERKASA.

This statement may come as a surprise or a shock to many, but it seems that the Melayu reaction organization calling itself Perkasa might have done wonders to the country, which they could never admit or being told of by the other Melayu, much less by the minority chauvinist groups, who thought they could raise their voices a bit, and slowly scream and shout to their hearts content, until it becomes untenable to sustain peaceful coexistence between the majority and minority races in the country, so much that what happened on 13 May, 1969 was a mere foreplay.

The illegal Tamil groups caused a shock when they gathered illegally and demanding things which they themselves could not provide. Most of them are school dropouts, with vernacular Tamil school background, so what future did they think they could get in Malaysia?

And the Chinese chauvinist groups too tried to do the same by slowly demanding the unusual, by pressuring the government, which they consider to be a Melayu government, on how they could wreck havoc in the general elections if the government does not accede to their every demands.

Ironically, this created the impression amongst the Melayu especially that these fringe groups can still be a threat to the very existence of the dominant Melayu political party, so they have to be pacified by giving whatever that they demand and can continue to demand.

But the buck stops with Perkasa for the fringe and illegal groups, which have not become less vocal and demanding.

Maybe their demands have been met. But this is not certain as they are still thinking of finding ways to exert themselves by occasionally coming up in the ‘padang’ or other venues to express their unusual and comical display of crass behavior.

Just how many of them uphold the National Constitution to the tee? They only know how to find a clause or sub-clause in it to exert their demands, citing how it is for the government to protect their interests, when they have never been known to be keen or interested to protect the interests of what’s in the constitution.

The creation of Perkasa has created wonders, in that it has managed to pacify the dominant Melayu group, as well as to downsize and belittle the taunting of the minority groups each time they are created.

In this way, there is a semblance of peace in these groups which they could contain as their leaders ponder on the fate of their own selves and those of their brethren as well as their own races.

The 13 May, 1969 tragedy had been a nasty experience for the country. Those who are now tempting with fate, were not even born yet, with many who were still babies when it happened.

So they could not comprehend what happened that fateful day and the many days ahead, before the situation returned to normal.

And what would happen if Perkasa had not been established?

The leaders of the fringe minority groups would continue with their charade and parade whenever they wish.

And if this is not stopped, the processions would invariably lead to disaster.

Fortunately, Perkasa is there to ensure that the procession stops sooner than later before a drop of blood is spilled, so that the losers of the 13 May, 1969 tragedy would continue to lose even more.

The major outcome of the 13 May, 1969 tragedy was in the structuring of society. The major outcome of 13 May, Part II, would be a more drastic restructuring and posturing of society, whatever that means.

So how could anyone say Perkasa is a Melayu chauvinist group? It had not been in existence before. It came about in reaction to the reaction showed by some members of the minority groups, which were out to test the fortitude of the dominant racial group.

They failed. And Perkasa was created to ensure that the situation remains calm, with each racial group realizing where they ought to remain so that some of their more vocal and possible venomous leaders do not cross the line.

Perkasa has indeed created such a situation and mentality amongst the leaders of the minority racial groups, who now seem to know where they are and what they can do still, without telling them in so many words.

And the Melayu too have been pacified, so that they do not cross the line beyond which lies an uncertain future for them as well as those whom they could be made to become their unnecessary nemesis.

Does Perkasa realize what they have done? Do the minority racial groups also know this?

Friday, February 8, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I found the program on Chinese immigration to Malaya or Tanah Melayu on TV3’s ‘Majalah 3’ program last week to be highly inaccurate. It cited some historians and other local Chinese personalities on the matter, but all of them dwelt on the issue or their attraction of tin which was found in and around Taiping in Perak to be inaccurate.

It was the Great Famine in South China in the early Nineteenth Century which drove many young Chinese to leave the country to come to Tanah Melayu or Malaya and Nusantara Melayu or Southeast Asia, in droves, sailing in junks, which were all wind-powered.

Only much later, the Chinese women started to join the men, i.e. when steamships were introduced, making the sailing time from South China to Southeast Asia shorter and more bearable to the women.

The Great Famine may be the main reason for the Chinese to come to Southeast Asia or ‘Nanyang’ – meaning ‘South Seas’

There are basically two other reasons for the Chinese men to flee from South China, and they are because of their involvement in the Triads and for being hounded by the Manchus, especially on those who were strong supporters of the Ming Dynasty ruler who lost to the Manchus to rule China.

I wrote this book, ‘The Sinkek’ as a personal tribute to some of my ancestors who too had come from that country.

And from my estimation there are about thirty percent Chinese in Malaysia, if not more, especially so in Melaka who have Chinese ancestry, with some having closer anscestry than the others.

And each time I started to discuss the matter, I discovered my Melayu friends who said their mother, grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother or great-grandfather was Chinese.

It is not surprising but mostly sad that the history of Chinese immigration to Tanah Melayu or Nusantara Melayu has not been dwelt with before. Is there fear in discussing such issues?

So the program on the matter broadcast on TV3 was certainly welcome, despite its flaws.

And not surprisingly, too, the history of Chinese immigration to Tanah Melayu especially has never been written in the forms of novels or produced as a feature film or television drama serial, except for ‘Kinta 1881’, which seems to concentrate on the gangsterism and triad activities of the early Chinese of Tanah Melayu.

No wonder the film bombed, simply because the Chinese in Malaysia today especially the younger generation, do not have much fascination on the history of their ancestors.

They prefer fantasy films produced by Hong Kong studios over the China-produced ones which deal mostly with their ancient history and recent social and cultural developments experienced by the new generation of Mainland Chinese.

But the most interesting aspect of this episode on the Chinese immigration to Tanah Melayu was the role played by the Melayu hosts, who welcome the Chinese who comprised mostly of the young and confused and sickly, which has never been acknowledged before.

For without Melayu support for them, most of them would not have survived a week living in Tanah Melayu.

And no wonder, too, one could find a tiny Chinese store selling all sorts of things right in the middle of a rural Melayu village, serving the community, with the Melayu supporting it, simply because the Melayu wanted to help the Chinese out.

If the Melayu villagers had wanted to be nasty, they could have boycotted the store causing the Chinese to seek employment as coolies, cutting grass and carrying water for the wealthy Melayu.

In fact, many wealthy Melayu then had Chinese women as ‘amahs’ and other servants. Those who live in the towns could find employment being active in the Triads or ‘kongsi’ groups, extorting money from small Chinese establishments up to the late 1960s when the Triad groups started to diminish in numbers as the economy grows and many being able to get proper education.

Many of the early Chinese boys were processed in Singapore and later taken to the different states in Semenanjung Tanah Melayu or Melayu Peninsula.

It was only much later that tin was found in Perak that drove many Chinese boys and men to go there since there was easy employment that they could get there.

Many Chinese and Malaysians in the country also do not realize that the Chinese were forbidden by the Chin Dynasty emperor from leaving China; those who left are considered to be ‘traitors’, and should they return, they would be arrested and hanged.

The only provision available for the Chinese to leave China then was for them to not return, ever; and that they should abide by the laws of the countries they are in and for them to follow the local ways and adopt their lifestyles and languages.

This was what the early Chinese Babas and Nyonyas had done when they embraced Melayu cultures and lifestyles without losing their own peculiar identity, so much so that they stopped speaking in Chinese especially Hokkien.

And if one were to look at the experiences in other countries, especially the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, one can say that the Chinese immigrants to these countries had adapted themselves well, despite the fact that in Indonesia they were forced by law to do so.

And because only men initially fled from China to Indonesia or Jawa Island, one can say that most of the Jawa living in the northern part of the Jawa Island have Chinese ancestries, with their grand-fathers and great-grandfathers being Chinese.

No wonder, even till today, when one looks carefully in the faces of many Jawa, one can see Chinese features.

Only much later Chinese women were able to go to Jawa where they marry their own kinds so that a group of Chinese-Indonesians was established. One such Chinese-Indonesian woman is the mother of Lee Kuan Yew who was born in Semarang, Jawa in Indonesia. She married another Chinese-Indonesian man who then went to Singapore.

So Kuan Yew can be said to be Chinese with Indonesian ties, whose father came to Singapore for other opportunities which was to expand on his business.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

This is my reaction to those who had found the time to comment on my latest piece 'MALAYSIA NEEDS MORE LEADERS OF ALL TYPES AND NOT USELESS AND PATHETIC ACTIVISTS AND PSEUDO-POLITICIANS WITH SECOND-HAND VIEWS' which was published in Malaysia-Today some years ago.

And if I care so much about what has been commented on what I have written, I would have stopped writing long ago.

For those who could not understand this; it does not refer to any particular group of persons, but to all of them, including Khairy who has been known and seen to have gone to the US embassy to demonstrate.

As someone who had studied in England, and not America, he could do that. But I doubt it if he is willing to do the same in front of the British High Commission.

Anyone who had studied and lived in America for a long period of time will not dare to do it in front of the US embassy unless if he wants to be seen as an ingrate. Because he will be able to find other intelligent ways to relate with the officials of the embassy and engage them on any debate on any issue.  

To those who had commented on my article I say, Stick with your own views and take them everywhere...expand them and write a book on them and see how far they go.

Your views and opinions are only respected by the others from the way you show your respect to those whose views you wish to comment on.

(This is where the mainstream media has an advantage, that they do not publish nonsensesical comments on any issue but once and not of the same type by the others. They only publish views that are totally different that add up to the healthy debate on these issues. They do not allow the commentators to belittle anyone or worse, his or her parents.)

Don't just write using pseudonyms and in few sentences or paragraphs when you can expand your views and come up with books that can be published and shared with many, unless if you have important facts to divulge that can cause other persons bodily harm.

However, if your views are plain views, then why fear to identify yourselves? 

Therefore, I find it also ironic that many of them have demanded writers of articles to expose their identity, while the commentators and critics prefer to remain anonymous.

The strange part is that most of the short comments or criticisms are so general that they are applicable to almost all issues. And no wonder they are written by almost the same persons and from the way their comments are written, they all look like they have similar academic and professional backgrounds and level of understanding of English.

One does not need to be a psychologist to be able to tell this. I only studied this subject as a course at college to know it.

This is prove that these people do not favor democracy which allows for the differing of views and opinions on everything, and they want to force everybody to think like them, when they, themselves are so scared to reveal their identity and write their own pieces for others to see how good they are.

Many do not have any real issue to highlight in the first place, and only know how to pass judgment on those that they read. Can they be respected for doing just this?

It is always better to write original essays or articles than to comment on those which had been written by the others.  

Remember this: In any debate, it is the original speaker who has the final say in it, and this previlage is never given to those who ask questions or comment on his speech or presentation.

This is my immediate comment on all those nameless persons who had found the time to write their views. Don't they know that the right to freedom of expression is a universal right even if that right extends who only wishes to use it to shame themselves?

This they often do if they try to shame the others first. In Islam, once a person does that, it is they who are shamed. The names that they give others, are those they should have for themselves.  

Worse, is when they called the names of other people's fathers, especially if they are long dead.

Ninety percent of what they have written do not have any academic quality; they do not make any attempt to be serious other than to belittle. While I have always adopted a non-confrontational approach to what I write.

They are only engaged with the play with words while not fully comprehending what the main trust of the articles are.

Did Tian-Chua or for that matter all the 'Tuan-Chuas' mind? After all, he has also been known to parody others, too.  

I thank Malaysia Today for allowing me space to voice my opinions on issues that attract my attention so I can share them with those who wish to listen and hopefully, be affected by them. However, I will only do so until such a time when it becomes necessary for me to create my own website.

And this will only happen when I get to publish the 60 books I have written in Malay and English in a special world record edition. They are books of many genres, particularly novels that are set in many of the 33 countries I have visited so far to search for interesting stories.

A record like this has never been created by anyone in the world and it has happened by chance -- by the grace of god and the introduction of the computer which has allowed me to write even faster than I could think so much so that.

And you cannot be like any average person -- Mat, Chong and Samy -- if you can do even half of what I aim to do.  

For the first time I am responding to some of those who had written about what I had earlier written that some of them had picked on the issues that are not there in the first place.

They have the right to respond. Who cares what they say anyway, especially if they do not do it correctly? Some of the writers have turned the Malaysia Today website into the walls in public toilets where they scribble nonsensical comments that stink as bad as the toilets themselves.

They do not respect the power of the words nor the toilets for allowing their ideas and comments to be flushed by the next person who uses them.  

Do they think they are more superior that they can judge the views and opinions of the others while not exposing their true identity and tell everybody what their academic background and professional experiences are?

If they do not do that, they are just releasing hot air.

And do remember: In any discourse or debate, it is the proposer who is often given the right of way to rebuke, with those who oppose having to accept it, unless if they want to propose anything by offering their own views and opinions by writing their own pieces and post them in the website.

This is what happens each time I get invited to speak in public and there are people from the floor who come to the microphone during the question-and-answer session. They ask few questions and immediately rush out of the hall. Why? Because they fear that their questions will elicit answers that could floor them.

Speakers and other individuals who are invited to speak in public forums to present papers are respected persons, otherwise, they would not have been invited to speak in the first place.

And all of them are there not because they are able to speak, but mostly, because they are also able to answer questions however tough and senseless or even stupid so that they can see some brilliance in the stupidity of the others and pick on that to explain.

Unfortunately, the nameless persons are not familiar with such a situation and think they have the right of way and the original speaker does not have the right to rebut.  

But did they also want to admit that I also have similar rights as anyone to voice my views? If the don't think so they are not liberal and educated humans.

Did I ever call any names? They misspelled mine and my dead father's name. My father who died on 15 September, 1998, had left behind 20 children with his two wives, whom he married one after the other, after his first wife died at child birth, marrying my mother who was a widow with one son. So with him, we have 21 persons.

If those who think I am a coward who hides behind a pseudonym like them, they are wrong. I can speak in public like what I have done, including in many countries and on television. Just last week I was on RTM1 live for one hour with Rosyam Nor on his 'Fenomena Seni' program. And I might be speaking in another forum in Johor Baru and in Banda Acheh, Sumatera in August.

I am sorry to hear the things that those nameless individuals have written about me. They have not actually written about what I have said and charged like a bull, and ending up knocking their heads on a concrete wall, taking all the 'Tian-Chuas' with them.

The essay is not about one Tian-Chua, a fellow Melakan, but all the 'Tian-Chuas' who are brave to do some of the ridiculous things in the streets but not at places where it matters such as the parliament where he is now one of its 222 members.

Bung Raden Mokhtar is 'smart' in a stupid way. He is able to manipulate the parliamentary system to trust himself, while the others remain mute and coy. For this reason people like the Bung are able to get space, which was provided by the mute MPs.