Tuesday, January 31, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There is another ‘social contract’ that the Melayu had formed in order to support the Chinese in the country so they would not feel anguished by their plight of not owing much in the country, when the Melayu were dominant in all fields, especially in politics and also economy.

And during the early years, the Chinese had to make do with whatever they could lay their hands on with many of them working as ‘night-soil’ carriers – who carried human waste in buckets, and often using their bare hands to do it, after they had got used to the material.

This activity was still prevalent in Malaysia until the late 1960s. But no one seems to care for this aspect of the social history of the country concerning the Chinese.

It is not a good way to bring them back to the times when the Chinese were the dispossessed people, who were all rejected by their Motherland China.

And they had to flee China to come in droves in the junks to any country in Southeast Asia where they could land at.

They were the ‘boat people’ of their times.

But today, such ‘boat people’ would not be welcome so easily; they are mostly given refugee status by UNHCR, failing which they would have to hide themselves by living in the jungles in Malaysia to eke a living, if they could not prove that they were suppressed and that they had not come to Malaya to seek a better future for themselves.

Most of the Chinese who had come to Malaya then, would not meet with the stringent requirements of the UNHCR today, so chances are they might not be able to get the refugee status, and had to live in Malaya illegally and deported back to China, if they were caught by the authorities.

It is because of the charity of the Melayu then, who gave a new life to the Chinese. And the Indians who were brought to Malaya by the British to work in the rubber estates as laborers, too, ought to be grateful for being able to leave their remote villages in Tamil Nadu, India.

There were many other Indians like them who had tried to come to Malaya then, but failed, so they had to stay back and suffer. Many was said to have also died of starvation.

So despite the hardship the Indians who are mostly Tamils had to face working and living in the rubber estates owned by the English rubber planters, they can be said or described to be luckier than their relatives or close friend in their villages in Tamil Nadu.

But this is another story altogether. For this essay I am sticking with the Chinese who had come to Malaya then, and how they had been allowed to become successful.

The Melayu wanted them to be successful so that they would not feel embarrassed with themselves for failing to make it here, so that they did not have to leave the country to return to China, as what most of them had wanted to do, which is to seek wealth and take it back to China later.

But many did not do so after they had become successful.

The Melayu could have forced the Chinese out of the country by coercion, subtly by not looking after their personal well-being and allowing them to return to China. Many did for other personal reasons.

One of the ways was not to allow the Chinese to have their own schools so they are forced to send their children to the national schools, since the Melayu then could do whatever they like to their own country, when the Chinese as well as Indians were seen to be illegal aliens who had not yet got citizenship status.

The kind Melayu didn’t do that; they offered the Chinese the opportunity to have their own so-called ‘independent Chinese schools’, so they could learn in Mandarin mostly.

But many historians now believe that there was a time limit given to the Chinese then to operate such schools which were outside of the national schooling system, to a time when they were able to be assimilated into the mainstream society and their ‘independent schools’ could be closed down.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, had said it again and again that it was the responsibility for the Melayu to look after the Chinese and other dispossessed people who had come to Malaya without them being invited to do so.

The Melayu could be the masters of the land by being the only dominant political force so they can look after the country, which is a Melayu and Islamic one, considering how it is a Kingdom; while the Chinese are allowed to prosper in business.

No wonder, the Melayu followed suit and supported the Chinese businesses, especially the petty trading that they were able to do at that time.

The Melayu could have ignored their stores which sit in the middle of Melayu villages or ‘kampung’ so flush them out of their villages. If this was done, then the Chinese who were in dire straits would feel compelled to serve the Melayu more by working not only as the ‘night-soil’ carriers but also ‘amah’ or house-keepers, etc.

Many Melayu then had Chinese servants or coolies serving them. In fact, even Tunku had many Chinese workers and servants working at his official residence called The Residency.

By the majority remained because they knew they would be better off living in Malaya than in China.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

They say they are Malaysians, through and through, yet, their actions say otherwise. And given the chance, they will want to shout out loudly that they are nothing but imaginary citizens of Malaysia and imaginary citizens of Hong Kong and India.

They do not behave like they have already landed in this country; they are still stuck in Hong Kong and Chennai waiting for the next junk or ship to take them to Perlabuhan Kelang – or Port Swettenham, like their ancestors did, unless if they had decided to go to Singapore instead, where they slowly found their way northwards to go anywhere in the Malay Peninsula.

They have not fully adapted to the weather and the local ways, with many still not sure if they are in Malaysia but elsewhere.

Some of their off-springs have started to think they are imaginary citizens of America or some other countries in the west, judging from their alien names, which they had conveniently and unashamedly replaced the ones which were given by their parents when they were born; names which do not sound good to them. They are ashamed of their original names and identities. So they started to behave like westerners.

And if they are successful and are given the opportunity to become editors of newspapers and magazines, they will make sure they use these opportunities to further promote the culture of those countries – Hong Kong and India so much so that these publications look like they are published in these countries and imported into Malaysia. But they have the KDN publishing permits they have to renew every year. Yet, the officials at the ministry of home affairs do not seem to realize that the publishers have been getting the KDN permits purely to publish foreign publications.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…And there are many things that they do not teach at the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

So we can use some of the antics and behaviors of some of the former ambassadors to try and introduce new courses in government and international relations, especially now that the world has changed so much since the School was formed.

Ambassadors may and can have all sorts of ideas on the country they represent their countries at, but they are not meant to be shared with the public.

No doubt that there is still some fire left in all the former ambassadors; if it is contained, it can shine brightly; otherwise, it can burn whatever diplomatic initiatives that countries always try to show by some of the former ambassadors acting like they had not had their thrill, before old age destroys whatever sweet memories they had when they were serving their own countries and when they were younger.

Is there anything at all that anyone can learn from the experiences of John R Mallott?

And is there anything at all that he can also learn?

One thing that he does not realize that ‘Reformasi’ is badly needed in the diplomatic circles so that ambassadors and high commissioners know their limits and their potentials.

That Pre-911 diplomacy is dead, and a new World Diplomacy is needed to replace it.

Ambassadors and High Commissioners do not have to be reminded that as diplomats for their own countries, whatever information and conclusions they may have on any issue, they forward them to their relevant departments, such as the State Department in Washington DC for the their officials to tabulate and make their own decisions to forward to the Secretary of State or even President to deliberate to see if they are worthy for them to issue any public comment on them.

Ambassadors hardly ever try to meddle in the internal affairs of any country they serve on behalf of their respective governments. If there are impending problems, they try to diffuse them before a crisis breaks out.

And it seems this was what Mallot had tried not to do when he was ambassador to Malaysia.

If he had indeed written the speech given by Al Gore in the APEC meeting in 1998, then it was his prerogative.

Al Gore who represented the then president Bill Clinton, as vice-president 'read' the speech without knowing what was happening in the country then. And Clinton was too worried to come to Malaysia fearing that he might be attacked by the unruly of 'Reformasi' crowd.

In fact, the APEC meeting was not even held in Kuala Lumpur but in the outskirts at the Palace of Golden Horses and Al Gore’s limousine had to be escorted by mini-tanks that were brought into the country by the American security team guarding their vice-president.

Al Gore’s speech was heavily criticized by many Malaysians with Nordin Sopiee putting out a full-page criticism of it in the New Straits Times, which sparked an outcry from many Malaysians. 

Al Gore’s remark on the ‘brave men of Reformasi’ did not go down well with most Malaysians and those who were in the ‘Reformasi’ movement too did not care for it. ‘Reformasi’ in Malaysia died soon afterwards.

Many Malaysians did not think Mallot was ever a friend of Anwar Abraham’s when Anwar was deputy prime minister and his wife, Wan Azizah’s then. And they were never seen together in public.

I remember being invited by the American embassy to attend the screening of Steven Spielberg's film, 'Amidstad' which was shown for only once in the embassy and the country, where Wan Azizah was also invited. But she did not attend it.

'Amidstad' is a film on the African slaves who were kidnapped in Africa and brought to America to be sold or traded to the plantation owners. Most of them are Muslims.

The only reason why the film could not be shown in the cinemas in Malaysia was because it has nudity; otherwise, it could be shown anytime.

The least that Mallot can do now is to write a book, so that he can write about his experiences serving America in Malaysia as ambassador and getting to know the country so he can be fair and write everything including the ‘Reformasi’ movement and his special relationship with some individuals, so his views can be shared by many, warts and all, so he can ‘spill the beans’, as they say in America.

It’s not often a former American ambassador does this.

I also remember stopping at the petrol station in front of the American embassy after I had just donated blood at the old blood center in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

I wore dark glasses and I often do outdoors, and I was reading through some of the newspapers inside the petrol station building and when I looked outside at the parking lot beside Jalan Ampang, I thought I recognized someone familiar.
I then remembered Mallot and thought how interesting to be able to see him standing beside a car he was driving, as many would think American ambassadors hardly drive themselves.

I thought the car is an American model which also attracted my attention as I had not seen something like that in a long time.

Then I realized how uncomfortable Mallot was after he too had noticed me looking at him from inside the building.

He probably thought I was from Bukit Aman who was ordered to keep track of his movements.

But I got this thought only much later after I remembered the incident.

I did not think he was also wondering if I was the same person whom he had met at the screening of ‘Amidst’ earlier.

So it’s probably timely for Mallott to be given a new and special task and be invited Professor Emeritus or Visiting Professor so he can contribute something to the betterment in the bilateral relations between Malaysia and America.

And I am saying this with good intentions; it’s nothing cynical about this.

Maybe this is what Mallott has been clamoring to get, the attention he did not get when he was ambassador to Malaysia then that he wants to get now. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Maybe it is good for the Malaysian government to invite all the former ambassadors to Malaysia for a conference, once in a while so they can reminiscence on the years they had spent in the country.

I don’t think there are many of them who had served their countries in Malaysia who had returned to take advantage of the Malaysia, My Second Home plan.

There may be some junior diplomats in the missions who had got married to local women and who might have returned to Malaysia to live here with their families.

Many of the former ambassadors had died but there are still many more who are still very much alive.

Won’t it be good also for them to form the association of former ambassadors to Malaysia or AFAM.

I don’t think there is any country in the world has such an association.

And at the same time, former ambassadors of Malaysia to other countries, too, can have their own association or who can be aligned to AFAM as extended members so they can continue to sound and behave more diplomatic in their retirement years.

Former American ambassador, to Malaysia, John R Mallot indeed does not sound diplomatic these days.

Of all the former American ambassadors to Malaysia and those from the other countries, he seems to be the only one who is still showing keen and critical interests in the goings-on in the country which he had lived in for three years and left for more than a decade.

And he also does not sound American anymore especially when he starts to insinuate how he could seriously consider filing defamatory suits against certain newspapers and individuals in Malaysia.

He sounds like some people in a neighboring country and not like an American at all, who could take and stomach in whatever views his adversaries have.

Worse comments have been leveled at the earlier American presidents, senators and other more prominent persons in America, but they did not care.

Maybe a local university should appoint Mallott, Professor Emeritus so he can share his experiences living in Malaysia as ambassador so the students can benefit from him, so that his views may not be misunderstood, so he may not go astray and sound like a politician without a cause.

Or how he had ‘spied’ for his country working not only as an ambassador but more than that, as an ambassador extraordinaire.

People who are in retirement can often say a lot of things because they know they are not young anymore to be careful, so they can become brave, when in the past they had to toe the official line of their governments, especially if they were ambassadors.

His processors and successors have not behaved like him. And this is indeed strange, even compared to the former ambassadors of the other countries who also do not behave as he does.

Aren't ambassadors and especially former ambassadors supposed to be diplomatic?

Mallot says he has been in the American public service for 40 years and had been seconded to Malaysia and other countries, too, but he seems to be too focused on Malaysia, using his short tenure as their ambassador in Malaysia to continue harping on old issues which are already dead now.

Malaysia has gone on to achieve wonders in all areas including those of human rights, etc.

But it was still not right for Mallot, it seems.

Does he still think he is still the de facto ambassador of America to Malaysia?

His behavior may seem rude, considering how America has an ambassador in Kuala Lumpur.

But what many now want to wonder is, was Mallot really am ambassador for America – or a spy!

One could not tell the differences between an ambassador or diplomat and a spy because they do pretty much the same things.

However, spies can be revealed if they are no more in office and start to talk about things which are private in nature, and in public.

Or, maybe Mallot still does not think he had done a good job as ambassador for his country and has to continue to do it now.

No one knows for sure what his intentions are for writing and commenting and even criticizing Malaysia today when he does not have the ‘full information’ which he admitted he did, on anything in Malaysia, as ambassador.

That may be true; but being a mere ambassador of a foreign country in Malaysia, his and the other ambassadors’ movements are strictly limited.

They do not really get to meet everybody; they socialize with the high society and hardly ever walkabout on their own, unless if they are ambassadors of small and insignificant countries so they can come to Malaysia playing tourists most of the time, since they do not have a public profile that anyone here knows.

But it is not the case with the ambassadors of ‘hot’ countries such as America, Britain and some other western countries, who have to be well-guarded and who cannot anywhere they like as they could become the target of attention from certain shady people.

The American embassy staff does not organize artistic and cultural function in the embassy premises anymore like they did before when even their cultural officer invited artists to his official residence for poetry readings, etc.

I used to know them very well before, but I do not know who their cultural officer is today.

And I used to have strong rapport with some of the senior American embassy officials because they could relate to me as I did to them, having studied and lived in America for a considerable period of time and studying at one of their most prestigious universities in New York City which no one of them had ever studied at.

And I could have known Mallot more personally then if he and his embassy continued to organize activities in their embassy, but didn’t. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

This is a serious study on how the Chinese and Indian (or Tamil) left is losing its steam and why the Muslim and Melayu and non-Melayu right feels lost in the land of the Melayu and Muslim majority in Malaysia.

So we have more and more of the Kay Kims and less and less of Kit Siangs and the likes are created everyday.

How could the two types of Chinese continue to exist in Malaysia today?

And why could we have someone like Kay Kim amongst us, who knows where he is, and at the same time have the likes of Kit Siang existing side by side?

This is the real problem with the Chinese and Tamil left; they think they are still back in the era of the pre-13 May years. They are not.

It is a lesson not learnt because many do not dare to confront the issues on and about them to lean anything useful from it.

To them, ignoring it means that it did not exist, so perhaps a new one can be created to teach many other Malaysians a lesson on racialism and racial superiority and in the process bring out the racists amongst them.

The real hardcore racists are not difficult to distinguish from the other Malaysians; it’s the subtle racists that are not so easy to pick out from the crowd.

But there are ways to ferret them from their hiding place. Sometimes they operate so openly especially when they publish newspapers and magazines that have stories of a certain type which slant so badly to face Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and anywhere where there are pockets of Chinese.  

But they do not want to believe that the Malaysia today I not the same as it was then.

It has changed dramatically with more Melayu around them.

There are so few areas in the country which are Chinese and also Indian dominated.

The areas which used to be Chinese and Indian dominated are reduced in size, as more and more Melayu from all over the country converge to seize the land to shape it and the whole country.

So now we have a New Malaysia which is not the same as the Old Malaysia or Old Malaya.

Unfortunately, there are still some Chinese and also Indians who are mostly Tamils who do not want to realize this.

They behave as though they are part of the march of the Chinese and Indian left in the months proceeding to the 13 May incident in Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, January 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The problem with the diplomats and spies of America is that they are not well-educated or well-trained. They only go out of their country on official missions.

They never lived anywhere outside of America and thought Cambridge University is a fake university named after Cambridge town where their Harvard University is in Massachusetts.

They hardly ever meet non-Americans or even those who are not white. They frown on those who are of different colors and shapes as they are.

Yet, when they go out to work, some of them serve in their government and also the military or diplomatic service.

And this is where they falter.

They falter, and America suffers.

They are the ones who have been providing their country with wrong intelligence reports and their assessment of the other countries are often wrong.

They do not mix around; they stick in their offices in their heavily fortified embassies. They look sacred to say they are Americans.

They do things quietly. They end up getting wrong information on the countries where they are posted, because they follow the leftists who have a lot of nice and juicy things to tell them.

They are the root cause of America’s failures in their conduct of world affairs. They are the ones who had caused America to suffer and other Americans to be fearful of their lives.

So no wonder one sees less and less Americans loitering around the world, much less in the remote areas.

No wonder, the American Peace Corps that used to send hundreds of thousands of young Americans to live for a few years in their formative lives abroad, deep in the countryside, has been shut down.

Not many American dares to sit in their Starbucks Café or Hard Rock Café much less in the food stalls in the rural areas.

And just where did the American diplomats and CIA agents and other operatives get their training at and how were they thought to believe and behave?

America’s experience ii dealing with the former Communist Soviet Union, had caused the whole generation of American ambassadors, diplomats and CIA spies and other operatives including their politicians and type of politicking and internal bickering to be so shaped.

It is difficult for America to change their ways in one generation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is with this experience in dealing with them that they are using against the Arabs and Muslims, the handbooks of expediency, without scant regard to the differences there are between the Communists and the Muslims.

America’s ambassadors, diplomatic and the CIA spies and other secret operatives, therefore, have all failed their country.

In fact, even their political analysts have also failed it.

And the American press, too, can be blamed for joining in the fray without reshaping itself to suit the times which had changed, so that new ways of reporting on the Arabs and Muslims can be used instead.

America is not flexible; it is rigid.

As a result, their politicians’ mentality also suffer, as it is also third rate.

As a result, the Zionist Lobby in Washington DC continue to rule, from the back, by them still being able to provide wrong information on themselves and on America, too; never mind on the Palestinians and the Arabs and other Muslims.

It is so easy for the Zionists who had infiltrated into the American systems and the psyche of the Americans to do what they want to do and achieve.

It is also very easy for them to continue to do so as the American mentality is still the same; they had a new bogey, the Communist Soviets. Now they are the Arabs and Muslims.

As long as America can be made to feel threatened with the emergence of Islam and Muslims, the Zionists, do not have to do much else to get what they want in order to allow their Zionist state to prosper even if they know they can only exist being surrounded by more and more enemies from amongst the Arabs and Muslims. 

Living in America is too rigid; it is difficult for most Americans to adapt well in the changing political environments, especially with the New Dawn of Islam. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It’s quite obvious that America does believe in using wars and aggression in its daily conduct with the rest of the world. This is the only diplomacy it knows how to use all the time.

Where did they get this idea from?

Their forefathers did not suggest that in their Constitution. Roosevelt probably did when he agreed to support the creation of the Zionist state in 1948 for which had turned America upside down.

So now America and many Americans are looking at the world not only from a blinkered vision, but upside down as well. They see things that no one else in the world sees. And it us not a pretty sight.

No wonder they have lost sight of reality. They now prefer to side with the aggressors who have cunningly made them look like they are indeed the victims, when they are the aggressors any way one looks at them. But not America which looks at them like they are seeing the truth.

They spend a lot of money on preparing for war, and they get them when they want to, and to achieve their evil ends.

America therefore can be charged for being a war-state, whose foreign policies are strongly linked to their full and undivided support for the creation of the Zionist state, which is a mistake their earlier president had made for which the later presidents have no choice but to agree and to proceed with it, despite them knowing how wrong it was.

Americans there fore are so narrow-minded that they are not capable of doing self-analysis and more so to admit the wrong that their earlier presidents had done.

They could only do it only once on Richard M Nixon. But they could not do it to Roosevelt. Why?

So in the end the problems with the Zionist state persist, with Americans having to suffer indignities just to allow the Zionists to have their way in the United Nations where America for nothing has to use their veto power all the time.
So the existence of the Zionist state hinges on the veto power.

And they are spending trillions of dollars a year to prop up their regime.

They do not allocate any cent to promote peace.

So it’s no surprise that they are involved in wars time and gain, while their citizens are having a hard time trying to be Americans wherever they are these days.

No wonder too, their American Peace Corps movement had been disbanded, as it was not doing them any good to be peace-lovers. They very much prefer to be war-mongers.

America spends a lot more to arm itself than any other country in the world, which has no choice but to also arm themselves, too, in order that they are able to staff whatever aggression that they experience from the more aggressive states, particularly America.

It’s a shame how much they allocate themselves with huge amounts of money just to be able to purchase arms from arms manufacturers in America and other countries in the west, who are the real arms merchants of the world.

They are the ones who benefit the most if the world is in a perennial state of war.

So just who started the vicious circle of détente? Who has stood to benefit in such a situation, if not the war merchants who manufacture all sorts of weapons of mass destruction?

It is technology and scientific advancement which is being wrongly used, to create new and more sophisticated wars, when it should be used to promote peace and the better livelihood for everybody.

If this had been the choice, then it won’t be difficult for medical science to introduce medicines to cure the most incurable diseases known to mankind in recent times, such as AIDS, mad cow disease and what not, with those who suffer from them, having to just go to the nearest pharmacy and buy pills above the counter, without the need for prescription from any doctor. It will be that easy.

So human progress in science and medicine and in general terms must be seen in how much this can happen and not on how much any country can have the means to destroy any country its leaders wishes.

This is sick progress.

It has also caused the death of many millions, especially those in Africa, South America and Asia, whose countries are still in such a backward state, that chances of them getting the benefit of human development seem bleak.

The most advanced and most developed countries in the world are not in the business of helping all those poor and economically backward countries in those continents to better themselves.

They do not benefit much. On the contrary, they feel threatened if those countries are developed as their influence will wane and the focus is not on them anymore.

America and the west were okay up to 1948. But the situation changed soon after that.

The early American leaders, especially their stupid president and members of Congress who had approved the tacit support of the creation of the Zionist state in that year, had caused America to be turned up side down; it had also caused America to trample on the very basic principles of their own Constitution.

Yet, till this day, no subsequent American president had dared to challenge that decision made by the then president, and seek to review it, because they have been cowed into submission, fearing retribution, when they are only doing the right thing, to review the wrong decision made by an earlier president and Congress.

Yet, there is no one in the whole of America, who has dared to take the matter to the courts in the country to challenge that decision, as it is clear that it went against the American Constitution.

In the meanwhile, in the last more than six decades, the Zionist state has continued to become more ruthless; they had managed to do anything they like to steal land from the hapless and stupid Palestinians and all this is done with the full support of America. 

America has lost its marbles. It has lost its senses. It has lost its Constitution. It is now operating as a terrorist state in guise of a democracy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America and Americanism were good, but not after 1948, when they took sides with the Zionists and totally disregarded the rest of the world which had been providing it with natural resources and their vast markets for its products and also some humans to test their weapons of mass destruction on.

If America is a person, and if he is taken to a psychologist, and asked to lie down on his couch, what would the psychologist be able to find out from America?

America has a name and it is Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam is old, haggard and speaking in tongues. He points his finger at someone in front of him; it is you – all the Yous in the world whom he has charged for annoying him. He wants you! Uncle Sam wants you!

But do we need him? No one needs an old man who is haggard and who spouts nonsense on democracy, who uses bombs or weapons of mass destruction to introduce it to the countries that already had them.

If indeed America is a person, many say that he is indeed sick, very sick indeed.

Any sane psychologist or psychiatrist will come to a conclusion not long after asking America or Uncle Sam few questions and be able to say how he is so very sick.

The problem is that America had been infected by the Zionist virus. And there is no medication in the world that can cure it.

The symptoms are that America needs to be vicious and ruthless while pretending to be kind.

They are fortunate that they have entertainers who can thrill the whole world while their political leaders continue to export hatred. They put women as their secretary of state, so that the whole world would think they are harmless. They are not.

And their entertainers are not harmless either. They have a veneer of harmlessness, but behind the thin veneer, they are as ruthless as their political leaders.

Therefore, America is not too big for any psychologist to psychoanalyze and study its mental state and come to the conclusion that America is now MAD.

Their actions prove that it is so.

But are they going to do with that?

America needs counseling; it needs it fast. It needs to be made sane so that if it still wants to continue to lead the world, their clear head and vision must be used.

How America can clear its head and clear its vision so it can see what it had done in the past to realize the evil that it had done on many others, so it can quickly repent before it gets any worse?

America is just one country; it needs to learn fast how to live with the rest of the world and to stop forcing the rest of the world to live with it.

America and Americanism are collapsing especially in the Arab World it had tried so much to impress with its worldly pursuits.

The only thing that the Americans can do and this is what they are trying to do very hard, is not to reintroduce Americanism, but New Americanism.

They will fail in this because New Americanism is no different than Old Americanism which had failed miserably.

Don’t bother to ask the brave Arab men and women in Mesir, Tunisia, Yemen and the other countries; just ask the Marines, they too can say that it is so, especially the American Marines who are now still in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They have all been holed in these countries with no where to go. Some are waiting for death to knock on their doors. This can happen when they least expected it.

Their parents too are waiting for the knock on the doors when some American officers will hand them the star-spangled banner all folded up nicely for them to display their pride with while the dead bodies of their children lay buried somewhere with some of them not having their heads or limbs.

For the rehabilitation process that America has to take, all it has to do is for it to first take a deep breadth and look around the world, and see who are surrounding them the most? Are they the Zionist supporters and other sympathizers or are they the ARABS and MUSLIMS?

They are not the Zionists. Those who surround America more are the Arabs and Muslims who are now in a very large number even in America. And the number is growing fast, with their main religion of Islam becoming more and more prominent and dominant which affects the thinking of its Muslims.

It doesn’t matter if they are now being surrounded by the Zionists but they are just around Washington DC and no where else.

And what America a.k.a. Uncle Sam has to do to become sane and be able to live in a civilized world now?

They have to listen to the voice of the majority Muslims. They do not have to be bullied by the Zionists who had managed to infiltrate into their system and government for too long without bringing to the country much benefits, which the Muslims can do.

The Zionists had caused America’s image as a democracy to fail.

But the Muslims who can make that happen again.

The Zionists have almost caused America to go bankrupt. The Muslims can ensure that America stay afloat.

But if America does not care for the feelings and emotions of the Muslims in their own country and in the rest of the world, then the Muslims can cause America to go bankrupt.


The Muslim market is the largest in the world. And if the Muslims boycott American products and services, the economy of America will go bankrupt very soon.

All that Muslim countries need to do is to provide themselves with everything they need. They need to manufacture commercial planes and motor vehicles and produce their own films and television programs and create their own international media organizations.

If these can be done and with verve, America and all the countries in the west including Japan and South Korea will go bust.

Their economic development and expansion depended on the charity of the Muslims in the world which provide them with the market for their products.

However, if the Muslim market does not care for their products and manufacture our own products, then they would have to sell their companies for one dollar to Muslim countries.

The companies manufacturing the Boeing and Airbus planes will go bankrupt and they can be sold to Muslim countries for one euro or dollar each.

Of course Harvard, Oxford and the London School of Economics (LSE) do not teach economists from the Muslim World this; they only teach them to be lackeys for the west by extending the economy of America and the west into the Muslim countries.

These and the other Ivy League and Oxbridge universities in America and England, respectively, do not teach academicians and intellectuals and other leaders in the Muslim World to be smart; they only teach them to be lackeys, who could only acquire stale knowledge from them.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The American banned ‘French fries’ and started to call them ‘freedom fries’ when they disobeyed Uncle Sam to go on their useless and senseless march with them to Afghanistan and Iraq.

This resulted in the Americans getting fried in those countries for nothing.

Now the French has banned the burqa, a stylish fashion statement of many a Muslim woman in those two countries and in some others including in Malaysia where the trend has become quite fashionable to the more advanced Muslim women.

Nothing unusual has been committed by all the burqa-clad Muslim women in these countries.

In France and some other countries in Europe, it seems to have created a fear; that those women in such fashion could commit horrendous crimes.

But why do they want to do that, unless if the French authorities fail to realize that they are also a contributing factor to the women to want to do that?

The early French autocratic authorities in the countries they had colonized didn’t care for the burqa-clad women in those countries and they didn’t stop them from being fashionable then.

But why do the French government today want to do this to all the burqa-clad women in France?

Their crime it seems is that they had brought with them this fashion which the French designers had failed to create from a plain black piece of cloth that did not need to much cutting or sewing.

The ban can’t mask the resurgence of Islam in the country. It can only destroy the country’s image as the ‘fashion capital of the world’ and push the country into the Dark Age.

Few other countries in Europe are also trying to follow suit, and they will also get similar results.

It’s too late for them to now want to undress their Muslim women who should know better how to change France and Europe by a piece of cloth.

The Republique of French, like a few others in Europe, had in the past became a savage country whose armies had gone abroad to wrest control of foreign countries. They extol it in their literature and history books. They created their national heroes this way.

They had also destroyed many Muslim countries especially those in Africa and in the process forced some Muslim women to undress themselves.

Isn’t now payback time for the French and the other countries?

Blame their ancestors and their leaders of an earlier time, for what is happening in their country today. Don’t blame the burqa which came with the Arab and other Muslim women whose countries they had destroyed which forced them to flee from them to come to France and the other countries in Europe and the west today.

The French are proud of their so-called masquerade balls or parties (ball masque) where the men and also women cover their faces using masks to hide their true identity.

What are the reasons for them throwing such a bash is unclear. But it looks like fun for their society to regress since couples can copulate without knowing who they are doing that with.

And in the true style of the French high fashion, the banning of the burqa also unveils their hypocrisy as it is also a fashion statement.

Although the masquerade balls were not of French origin, but is said to be Italian, but the French embraced it even more than their founders.

That was then in the Seventeenth or Eighteenth Century. Now is the Second Millennium, and the burqa is something that the French ought to embrace it and not to exhibit their national umbrage and not to dampen the true spirit of which the French ‘republique’ was established.

True the masque is not used in public and widely in French, but they are always shielding their true colors anyway, despite them wanting to shed off their clothes in the heat of summer.

They too cover themselves up in the cold of winter when nothing is exposed. This is also the burqa of the present day.

The French surgeons also cover themselves up. Do they have anything against the burqa too?

It’s the politicians who do that. Why? Is it to cover their discrimination against a group of fashionable women who want to wear the burqa?

Many French and European as well as English women wore the veils in the past, not only when they were in mourning.

Look at the photos of Queen Victoria at the death of her husband. She started to wear nothing but black clothes since then.

It was also the trend of those who were trendy to wear black and covering themselves up as a fashion statement.

Yoko Ono covered herself in black and walked about in the streets in London when she wanted to create a statement of sorts.

Just because the French women especially had lost control of the exclusive use of the burqa does not mean that this style of fashion should be banned.

And Paris, which was touted as the ‘fashion capital of the world’ is no more so. It is the anti-fashion capital of the world now since it can’t tolerate someone who wants to exhibit such a style.

The openness of the French has therefore been undermined by a mere piece of cloth.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I find it strange how the descendants of the Portuguese in Melaka living mostly in the Portuguese Settlement there, had 'celebrated' 24 August, 1511 as the day their ancestors first came to Melaka. It is also laughable for them to ignore the charity shown by the Malays in Melaka for allowing them to exist as an entity for so long, till today.

The fact that their early descendants had repented, after the Portuguese forces fell to the Dutch in 1641 and subsequently, Melaka and Malaysia became independent, by adopting Malays ways and styles had endeared them to the Malays then.

Unfortunately, when the country was under British rule, till 31 August, 1957, the Portuguese started to forget their close affinity with the Malays by adopting their language and culture; so much so that not many of the Portuguese today can speak in Malay as well as their grandparents could do before.

So it is not a surprise that there is no Portuguese in Melaka who is good in the 'pantun' recital anymore, the more they behave like Europeans and not as Eurasians that they were supposed to be.

The Portuguese elders in Melaka should be brave enough to admit that the Portuguese led by Alfonso d'Albuquerque had colonized Melaka and destroyed the Melaka Sultanate that day, forcing Sultan Mahmud Shah to flee to Kampar in Sumatera.

Although they had brought in their cultures and other practices which were incorporated into the Melayu culture, the truth must be told of how their descendants had caused untold damage to the Melaka Sultanate.

The first thing Alfonso did was to burn and destroy the palace of Sultan Mahmud which was on the Melaka Hill. He then burnt down the fist masjid built by Parameswara a.k.a. Megat Iskandar Shah in 1414 after he reverted to Islam.

The spot where the masjid was is now where the Christchurch which is in the Stadhuys complex in Melaka is.

Not done with that, Alfonso also destroyed the royal mausoleum of the rulers of Melaka including that of Megat Iskandar Shah, which is now where the graves of the Dutch notables are at, beside the replica of the palace of Sultan Mansur Shah is in Melaka.

It is also worth to note how with the fleeing of Sultan Mahmud Shah, the Sultanates of Perak and of Pahang could be created by the sons of Sultan Mahmud who were invited by the chieftains in the two states to be their rulers, who continue to do so till today.

And if Megat Iskandar Shah is said to be a direct descendant of Alexander the Great or Iskandar Zulkarnain, then one can assume that the royal families of Perak and Pahang are also descendants of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great had taken control much of Asia whose descendants had ruled India. They had sired offspring in India who were sent to each of the countries in Southeast Asia in order for these countries to be Hindu dominant.

And it was also how the Kingdom of Srivijaya centered in Palembang in Sumatera, Indonesia became Hindu and one of its princes called Parameswara or Prince Consort came to arrive in Melaka in 1411 to found a new state for himself which he named after a tree - the melaka tree.

Parameswara then reverted to Islam in 1414 in Pasai which is now in Aceh in Sumatera and married a local princess.

If not for the charity of the Melaka state government and of the Melayu in Melaka, the Portuguese community in the state would have been dispersed, if the Portuguese Settlement or Perkampungan Portugis had not been allowed to remain as it is today.

In fact, the Melaka state government has been charitable to them for giving them every opportunity to develop. And this is despite the fact that most of them had voted the opposition in many general elections.

Sadly, the contempt of the Portuguese on local authority which was first exhibited by their ancestors in the Sixteenth Century was still expressed by many of the descendants of the Portuguese.

Fortunately, this feeling was reversed in recent times as their community finally realized that their future hinges not on how Portuguese they could be, but how Melakan.