Thursday, June 30, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Not many people want to admit that they have a ‘Swiss bank account’. It is not a status symbol.

In fact, many fabulously wealthy individuals in the world simply cannot tell everybody else how rich they are; they also cannot drive expensive cars or live in expensive mansions, unlike the pop stars who like to flaunt them because their earnings can be calculated.

On the other hand, those who are in government service as members of the cabinet and other government ministries and agencies, who have managed to amass wealthy by dubious means, cannot show how wealthy they are and admit to the amount of money they have.

They are the ones who have to open a Swiss bank account to divert their money into these accounts while trying to live frugally for everybody else to see.

So philosophically, they are just bloody idiots; those who have money but cannot admit it. So it just mean that they are not wealthy?

Because being rich is an attitude or behavior where one can flaunt one’s wealth on oneself or on charity.

If one cannot admit to one’s real wealth, than the money can be considered to be nonexistent. It is just in the heads of those who have the money that they have hidden in their Swiss bank accounts, for which they could not make withdrawals.

It is dead money – money which was has been deprived of a life of its own, and be used to benefit many others, if it is put in circulation. It’s just numbers.

And having a Swiss bank account has a negative connotation to it. It simply means that one has ill-gotten wealth that one cannot save in any bank in one’s own country. One has to have a Swiss bank account.

Many individuals who have such accounts have been known to have them frozen. Why?

Because they suddenly appear in the spotlight and the Swiss authorities freeze their account or accounts.

And most of them are people who right from the beginning did not need to open such an account because of who and what they were.

The Swiss authorities should have known them better to realize who they were before it is too late.

If one holds a minor office in any government, chances are one does not have any need to open any Swiss account. If one does then one is telling everybody that one has ill-gotten wealth.

And why does a country like Switzerland become a heaven for such account holders?

Some other countries, too, have been known to receive ill-gotten wealth in accounts of their banks such as Spain and Germany.

There is also a country in Southeast Asia where many wealthy and cooked Chinese from Indonesia keep their money. So no wonder, this government had not allowed its financial institution to be transparent, at the insistence of the Indonesian government.

When will these and the other countries be punished for trading in ill-gotten wealth of people with shady financial backgrounds?

If money laundering is a crime, then countries that deal with it, by offering special banking facilities, too, must be responsible for encouraging it to happen, and in a very big scale.

There is no justification for any bank or any country to become the outlet for crooks to divert money which they had got illegally in their countries through corruption or the trading of illegal goods, such as drugs.

And banks and countries that are involved in this crime must be punished as they have actually encouraged corruption in a very big scale.

Unfortunately, the small fish are often caught but not the big ones that can go away scot-free, especially if it involves banks and governments. 

Maybe when the unique banking system was first introduced in the country, the term, money laundering had not been created yet. So all those who have a lot of money that they wanted to hide, could open a Swiss bank account.

The account is secret and it is also safe – so they say.

Now, those whose Swiss bank accounts have been frozen know that they are not safe. They have all been cheated by the Swiss government into thinking that they could hide their wealth in their Swiss bank account.

So now that everybody has started to talk about money laundering, then maybe its time to stare at the secret banking system in Switzerland and see if the country can now be charged for colluding with many individuals who had created their accounts with the banks in Switzerland, and this country can also be charged accordingly.

If there was nowhere in the world where anyone could open a secret bank account, then surely, corruption that the persons had taken part in for which charges had not yet been held against them, could not have taken place, in the first place.

They were all misguided into thinking, albeit wrongly, how they could cheat and commit corruption in their own countries and escape persecution by simply hiding their ill-gotten wealth in Swiss bank accounts.

So one can say and charge Switzerland for ‘encouraging’ corruption and cheating by individuals who now have such accounts in this country, for without such an unusual banking system, those same individuals would not have been ‘encouraged’ to be deceitful.

It is therefore ironic how a country such as Switzerland can land itself in such a situation where it becomes the most important center of money laundering in the world and nobody seems to care.

In the past, such a distinction could be considered a plus point for Switzerland because they were said to be open. But now their status can be seen from a totally different context altogether.

It’s therefore time for the unusual banking system in Switzerland be deemed illegal and those who are involved in such a system must be punished.

The bankers in Switzerland who are involved in this sort of banking system must realize that they are worse crooks in the world comparable with the drug barons who also hide their ill-gotten wealth in some hidden and secret bank accounts either in Switzerland or elsewhere under the names of their proxies.

There is no need for anyone to look at Switzerland as a country which is neutral and who wishes to exist in a peaceful coexistence with all countries when their major financial activity centers on the keeping of ill-gotten wealth of many individuals around the world whose backgrounds are shady.

Monday, June 27, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

So what am I trying to tell America a.k.a. Uncle Sam and the smart people in the country?

I am trying to tell America, there’s no point for them to raise the wall or fence dividing their border with Mexico and trying to ferret out those Mexicans who have dug tunnels in the ground to smuggle drugs and themselves into America. This is an old plot.

They spend so much money trying to give the impression that they know how to solve the problem of human and drug smuggling from Mexico to America, building fences which get taller by the day, and introducing more punitive measures which are not effective as the problems still remain.

More secret tunnels are exposed but others still remain where humans and drugs pass through unhindered with its cargo of humans ending up in factories and drugs into the bodies of Americans.

This is a dramatic way to solve the problem, but it is not effective. But it is not a smart way to solve this problem which is obvious does not happen in such fashion or manner on the northern border with Canada.

Many Mexicans are drawn to America not because of the American life they want to lead or to be able to write and speak in English.

They just want to find jobs.

Many of them are not well-educated. They are willing to do anything. The least and the most harmful of which, to them, is by entering America illegally.

It is a tradition that was created by many Mexicans long ago, so it is now almost as such, a Mexican tradition.

Some of them get caught; some others manage to enter America where they quickly assimilate with the local Mexican-Americans who still speak Spanish.

If they marry the Mexican-Americans, they can get to stay on in the country.

But there are many who are not lucky, and they get caught.

America takes action against those who are caught living illegally in the country and against those who try to enter it illegally or to smuggle drugs.

But America does not have any long-term plans to solve these problems which have been repeated again and again.

Once in a while, stories of Mexican exploits are turned into Hollywood films or in American news reports.

American top brains do not seem to know how to deal with this issue with the Mexicans.

It is an issue that will continue as long as the level of economy between the two countries differs immensely.

And no amount of law enforcement will be able to stop many Mexicans from trying their luck to enter America illegally. Some will get caught and repatriated, while some others will be successful, and they can easily assimilate in the Mexican and other Hispanic communities not only in El Paso but also elsewhere in the country.

So the real effort to solve the problem with border encroachment by Mexicans would be for America to look at Mexico and the Mexicans straight in the eye, and see what they need.

It’s plain and simple that Mexico is in desperate need of economic development.

The Mexicans who were caught smuggling drugs and themselves did not like to do what they were doing. But what choice did they have?

If America could lend support and promote economic development in Mexico, most of the problems of drug manufacturing and smuggling can be solved as there will not be that many Mexicans anymore who would want to enter the country by illegal means.

They can go to America as respectable tourists, spending their tourist dollars and feel proud that they are accepted not with scorn but as human beings.

American leaders have all failed to look at the problem of border encroachment and drug manufacturing and smuggling by Mexicans in this way.

They only know how to look at it by blaming the Mexicans for being economically backward and building higher fences along their borders and increasing the number of law enforcement officers to stop Mexicans from crossing into America illegally and to arrest drug smugglers from that country.

Canada and Mexico are America’s closest neighbors. Canada is developed while Mexico is not. If this continues to exist, then one can say America has got its priorities wrong. If it could not cause the development of a country which is linked by land to it and some of whose land it had possessed, then the fate of the others further down in South America proper and elsewhere is bleak.

Therefore, America cannot claim to be champions of the cause of equality, democracy and freedom. It has failed in Mexico and much of South America. It has failed in Cuba and the rest of the world.

So there is really nothing that America can be proud of. Its system and ways have not caused other countries to develop, the end result is in the problems it faces with Mexico, as reported earlier in this article.

It is also seen in the poverty the other countries in South America experience; never mind those in Africa, Asia and the Arab and Muslim Worlds, even when some of them are blessed by having oil. It still does not mean much.

America has not caused these countries to be able to enjoy the effects of its existence and the values they treasure.

And if the American Dream encompasses all, then why has Mexico, of all countries, has been left out?

Why was America so eager to relocate its major factories in China, when it could have taken it south of their border, to Mexico?

American enforcement officers should not feel proud to arrest the kingpins and destroy tunnels that were constructed by the Mexican drug and human smugglers into America.

They should find ways on how to stop the problem at its base, in a civilized way so that such incidents do not occur.

Friday, June 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If America does not know how to solve the problems they have with Mexico, which one of the closest neighbors whose history was intertwined with its own for so long, then what chance is there for America to take lead to solve other problems in other parts of the world?

If Canada had been backward, America would have helped them to become developed. But since Mexico is a ‘colored’ country, what use does America have to help them?

Most of the countries in South America are almost in the same situation as Mexico. Yet, the irony is how close Mexico to America is and how all of the others including America are also in the same region that bears the name, America – North America and South America.

Yet, Mexico and the other countries in South America are so very far away from America in all terms.

The only luck that any of the countries in South America has is that none is a Muslim country.

If there is one country in South America is Muslim, chances are, it would have been attacked and destroyed first before Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is also ironic how despite being Catholic and Christian, the countries in South America including Mexico are not treated fairly. Professing the same religions as the majority in America does not have any advantage.

In fact, adopting American ways, too, is not an advantage to them or anyone else. America does not want copycats; it only wants to dominate.

But who’s to blame?

Top brains and strategists of America do not know how to stop the many Mexicans who are involved in drug manufacturing and trafficking and the many others who want to enter the country illegally.

Here’s how they have all failed America.

America sits between Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. It is a strong magnet to those whose country is economically backward, but not so much to those whose country is not so.

Canada is not a bad country, economically. But Mexico is definitely not an advanced or developed one.

So over the years, many Mexicans especially those living near the American-Mexican border have tried to smuggle themselves into America, to seek employment and a better way of life, not that they like America more or Mexico less.

There are many other Mexicans who are involved in drug manufacturing and trafficking whose main market seems to be America, where there are many who consume the commodity which is not found in great abundance in the country.

I crossed the American-Mexican border on foot when I got to El Paso in Texas. I stopped midway on the bridge and stared at the stone mark which says on the right is America and the left is Mexico where each of my feet is standing at.

So at that time, half of me was in each of the country. Below is the wide river which was closed by fall fences on both sides of the border.

El Paso is not exactly a typical city in America; it has many Mexicans. But economically it is still comparatively better off than the city across the border in Mexico which Cuidad Juarez or Juarez City.

One immediately sees the differences between the two border cities of America and Mexico and realized quickly how attractive it would be for many Mexicans to want to cross the border, although they may not be able to walk on foot and flashing my passport like I did.

I returned to America a while later, walking on foot but entering through another entrance further down where many cars and other vehicles from Mexico are being stopped for custom and immigration checking.

This was in April, 1999, two years before 911, so going in and out of America and back into the country was not difficult, especially for someone holding a Malaysian passport.

I got a good idea of how Juarez looked like, and could tell how this city is often reported in the Malaysian news on television especially on drug smuggling activities by the Mexicans.

In fact, all the stories that are reported in the Malaysian media not only on Mexico, but of the other countries in South America are drug related. South America gets bad press in Malaysia, and none of the countries which have their diplomatic missions have done anything to change this perception of their respective countries. They seem to be happy with that image.

Unfortunately, there have been quite a few South Americans who had also come to Malaysia carrying drugs with them and getting caught in the process.

I would later cross back into Mexico from San Diego and got to Tijuana and stayed there for a few hours before returning back to San Diego.

The scene in Tijuana is no different than in Juarez, except that Tijuana is a larger border town and there were more vehicles at the entrance.

I later traveled on the Greyhound to few more major cities in America before ending up in Toronto, Canada.

The scene at the immigration point at the American-Canadian border is different compared to that at the two border towns in Mexico.

And there are hardly any case of Canadians trying to smuggle drugs and also themselves into America, to seek employment and a better life.

The reason being Canada is a far developed country compared to Mexico.

However, things can change drastically if the economy of Canada tumbles and if the economy of Mexico rises.

If this happens than one can see not many Mexicans who will want to deal in drug manufacturing and smuggling into America, or to seek employment in the country.

On the other hand, there will be many Canadians of all ages, who will want to enter America illegally to seek employment even if they have to get jobs as store hands and in the factories, like what many Mexicans are willing to do today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

‘ON BECOMING ALIJAH’: Part I: From the American – PART II. Revolutionary War through Burma, March 1957.

A review of the autobiography of Alijah Gordon by Mansor Puteh.

Alijah was able to recall most of the things she had experienced mostly as a kid, because she must have developed a photographic mind, and her penchant for collecting bits of notes and even train tickets, which she could use to remind herself of what she had experienced then.

Her introduction to photography when she was still young must have cultivated her to think photographically and remember interesting incidents in her life in their minutest details.

She was forced to study photography and work in a photo store in order to earn some income that she could use, and to take her away from her everyday miseries.

Being born in the Great Depression in American in 1929 was not at all thrilling or enjoyable. But she took the experience in stride and managed to educate herself, even when her parents had not shown any particular need for their only daughter to be so well educated. Her father was not yet ready to become a father when he had her at the age of 21.

No wonder her parents were once divorced, until he returned to the family. But Alijah suspected that he had not done so for the same of maintaining family unity but for purely selfish purpose, i.e. to avoid from being drafted in the US Army.

I was quite shocked when I learn how she was sexually abused by an adult male neighbor whom her parents trusted to look after her.

Being who she was, it was also not a surprise that she would start to come face to face with the law, as it happened few times; the notable of which was when she was caught shoplifting in a store and was taken to the local police station for questioning.

When questioned by the manager of the store in the police station, with harsh lights hitting her faces, she meekly said she took the clothes for her friends. They believed her and this saved her from being charged.

The first chapter of her autobiography is stunning to the point of being incredulous. How could anyone trace her ancestry as far back as the mid-Eighteen Century in England?

It could have been taken straight out from a history book. And she would have her ancestry tree spreading in all directions that is written in the greatest detail with the dates of her ancestor’s birth and death written with their names given in full.

This was due to the fact that her parents had come from totally diverse backgrounds and even worlds and of different religions… Her father was Jew while her mother, Protestant. 

‘On Becoming Alijah’ was written by Alijah Gordon formerly Shirley Gordon. She had studied at Columbia in the mid-1950s and went on to the Middle East to work on her thesis. She had a German-Jewish parentage but reverted to Islam at a later age and started to wear the headscarf or ‘tudung’ in public. 

Somehow she never returned to America until 1969 after being involved in the local politics of the many countries in the region as well as Asia, before she arrived in Malaysia where she died in 2003 and was buried in a Muslim cemetery in Kuala Lumpur.

The book is basically an autobiography, and it was published privately with contributions from some of her admirers. Despite heading a social research institute, she refused to allow the institute to finance the publication of any of her books including this one.

She became a neutralized Malaysian citizen few years before she died and was also given an honorific title of ‘Datuk’ by the Malaysian government.

I suppose there is no other Columbia alumnus who had a distinguished and colorful background as she was, having been born in New Jersey, sexually abused as a child by a trusted neighbor, and being locked in a televised debate with the then Israeli Representative to the United Nations, Abba Eban, who was later to become its Foreign Minister in New York City, when she was studying at Columbia and was only 24 years old then.

Alijah admitted she was not sure how she was able to confront Abba Eban in a televised debate considering how young she was and also the fact that Abba Eban had been in the Oxford University debating team.

By many accounts, she won the debate because she knew she was fighting for a just cause, while the Israeli diplomat was trekking on soft ground after its military had seized land from the Palestinians and forced many of them to flee from the land of their ancestors.

It endeared her to many Egyptians, Palestinians and other Arabs who were with the United Nations, with some of them who would later become prominent political and business leaders in their respective countries.

She studied photography and worked in a photo store, which was how she was able to take many interesting photos related to her work.

Her mother committed suicide at the age of 40. She was expelled from Singapore for raising the issue of the state being the launching for the resale of goods from Israel to Malaysia.

She was also arrested briefly under the ISA in Malaysia before she was allowed to return to the country (Malaysia) years later with the change of leadership which could see her differently until she became friends with the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohammed.  

Amongst those whom she had come in close contact were Egyptian President Gamal Nasser whom she asked to distinguish between the Zionists and Israelis or Jews, Burmese Prime Minister U Ba Swe, United Nations Secretary General U Thant, some African and other Arab leaders of her period in the course of her work as a researcher and photo-journalist for German publications.

The first part of her autobiography stops in 1957 and the second part is currently being published. I have not seen the manuscript for this chapter so I don’t know if Alijah had come to Malaya before ‘Merdeka’ and came into contact with some of our national leaders especially Tunku Abdul Rahman.

But I did mention to her to submit her manuscript for the first book to Columbia University Press, but she was not happy with the idea and wanted the book to be published and released quietly.

However, now that she has died, I hope that she could 'return' to Columbia if her book can be published by the university and be distributed more widely.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

‘ON BECOMING ALIJAH’: Part I: From the American – PART I. Revolutionary War through Burma, March 1957.

A review of the autobiography of Alijah Gordon by Mansor Puteh.

I met the writer for the first time about ten years before she died. I found her fascinating enough to be interested to follow her activities, mostly through the media and getting to know her better that way so each time I would meet her again it was easy to appreciate who she was and especially what she was doing – or had wanted to do.

I am sure most of what it was remained unfulfilled till her death – which is to see the independence of the State of Palestine so that those who had been expelled by the Zionists could return to their ancestral land.

It was at a ‘berbuka puasa’ function held by the Iranian Embassy at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. At that time I was on two crutches, when she asked her staff to approach me so we could talk.

I do not know if she found me fascinating because I have always been mistaken for someone other than Malay and Malaysian especially if I am abroad or in local functions that have many foreigners and in hotel lobbies or airports.  

Then the next few times I met her, I was off crutches, while she was carrying a thin walking stick and looking much older, although our hair was of the same length, disheveled and equally long, with her hair looking white with a shade of gold, while mind was also up to the shoulders and still totally black then with no strand of grey hair sticking in it.

After that I saw her sitting in a wheelchair and the last time I met her, she was lying in bed in her room at the Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) office in Lorong U Thant in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur inhaling oxygen from a machine and afterwards pulled a cigarette to smoke.

She invited me to the launching of her book by the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed at the cabinet room of office in Putrajaya. But I declined because I had just met him alone in his room two weeks earlier and did not want to bump into him in the function.

I somehow I thought we had many things in common although in the oblique way.     

Both of us had studied at Columbia University in New York City. She had gone to Teacher’s College at the university to work on her doctorate before I was even born, while I enrolled at the Film Division much later in the Fall of 1978. By then she had already found herself in Singapore after spending most of her time traveling through many countries in the Middle East and much of Asia.

Not only that as I read her autobiography I realized that most of the countries she had visited are also the ones I had also visited including Iran and Palestine. And by a bizarre coincidence, too, she had also stayed The Strand Hotel in Rangoon in Burma (now Yangon in Myanmar) in 1957 in Room 138, while I stayed at the hotel in 1982. I can’t remember which room I was staying at.

All her journey and experiences are written in the minutest details, and this is what is so amazing considering that a lot of time had passed, yet she was still able to remember them like they were happening in real-time.  

Being away from America took most of her adult years and mixing with so many people of different nationalities and showing her concern for their immediate problems, she had to grow at a very fast rate and think fast, too.

This is especially so when she found herself in a spot, being arrested by the police, interrogated and then expelled from Egypt or finding how her wallet contained dust and she had to fly off to another country to start a new episode in her colorful and exciting life. 

And when she grew older and wiser, she started to concentrate only on one area of interests – the Palestinian Cause – which she would devote her entire life towards trying to help them in whatever way she could baring the severe limitations that even the major international political actors in this particular arena was not able to do.

She left America in 1956 and returned to the country only once in 1969 to visit her Grandmother Catherine who was still living in their hometown in New Jersey. It was three years after her mother died by committing suicide when Alijah was only 37 years.  

Alijah revealed how as a young girl, she would often go to the shore in New Jersey to stare at the ocean and imagined what lay beyond the horizons. I had also often done the same when I was in secondary school in Melaka studying at the St. Francis’ Institution which was near the banks of the Straits of Melaka and wondering what lay beyond the horizons, although I could tell, it was Sumatera!

In the end I found myself on the American West Coast while she found herself in Malaysia!

And I, too, could sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, being a Muslim; and especially after my first trip to Ramallah in Palestine which I made in September, 1999 where I could meet many of them, even if they initially mistook me for a non-Muslim and a Japanese tourist and wanted to relate to me like a stranger.

I remember calling out ‘asalamulaikum’ each time I entered a hall or a bus station and being greeted with ‘mulaikum salam waramatullah hiwabarakatuh’ by all those who were there. It made the whole area reverberate.  

How many times I had to recite the affirmation to Allah or ‘syahadah’ to Arabs, especially to prove to them I am Muslim. It is something which I had taken for granted here, even when most of the time the Malaysians, including Malays who meet me for the first time in the streets, would think I am not Malay or Muslim. This has happened since I was still in Form Six in Petaling Jaya. 

In her own little and kind way, Alijah may have soothed the soul of some of the Palestinians, especially the kids, who knew nothing about what is happening to their country and who were left to their own device after their parents and grandparents were bombed to smithereens at their homes.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

When the aggressors dared to claim to be the victims for not being allowed to inflict more pain and suffering on the true innocent and the defenseless.

Nuclear arms, American veto power in the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations itself which is there to promote the New Crusade, and most of all, World Muslim Disunity and the stupidity of the Muslim leaders, all help to prop up the ruthless Zionist regime, which is allowed to continue trampling on the ideals contained in the American Constitution, which could never exist a single day without these elements which they had long established.

Therefore, one has to read between the lines to fully grasp what this memoir ‘In search of Fatima’ really wants to say, as its author dissects the happenings and events in her life and making sense of it.

The things which all happened in the backdrop of some turbulent times, when many of us were indeed looking else, unbeknownst to the personal and national angst of the Arabs, may now feel like it is a work of fiction especially with the names many of the political figures who had long disappeared from the memory of many.

Yet, the dust has not yet settled on Palestine and the Arab World; what now in the Jasmine Revolution or the Arab Spring.  

The dust which had been created when the desert in the Middle East was stirred up by bombs released by the Zionist and their Catholic and Christian New Crusaders, is still hovering over the Palestinian and Arab lands.

In order that it does not sound petty or trivial, issues which are not as old as the Pyramids, but long in time yet still present as most of them are still unresolved must be resurrected in order that those who are not familiar with the history of the Zionist persecution of the Palestinians and the Crusades be retold again and again.

This is the direct consequence of the job Adolf Hitler had failed to complete, whose methods had been stolen from him and his Nazi by the Zionists leaders to be repeated onto the hapless Palestinians instead.

So who said Nazism is bad? It can now be described by the smarter persons in the world as the Pre-Zionism Era.

The Nazi leaders were the ones who had taught the Zionist leaders to behave, using similar techniques they had developed.

Yes, I picked all this from reading the book and finding them hidden in between the lines, words which sprang out of the events as they unfolded before my very eyes, which only those who are not blind to injustices could see.

If only Ghada was brave and more brutal, would she have written in bold letters her abhorrence, which only reviewers of her book could decipher for her.

I managed to get hold of this 451-page memoir by chance when a friend of mine had to wait at the Dubai Airport for ten hours, during which time she browsed the bookstores and found it. She bought it and then lent it to me.

She had the mind to choose this particular book for 59 dirham, over the many paperback novels on love triangles and other petty disputes which all have better and glaring cover designs that even many English-speaking Arabs couldn’t find irresistible to buy and read and relish, even when they cost more than 59 dirham per book and they did not have ten hours to spend in transit at the same airport. 

I was reluctant to read it at first fearing that I would encounter something so trivial and repetitive. But I have always been entranced by Palestinian issues, having visited the country in September, 1999.

That was supposed to be few months before the creation of the Palestinian state which was agreed upon in the agreement earlier.

Unfortunately, the Second Intifada broke up, which resulted in the impasse being dragged on and on, with more Palestinians dead and more of their land seized, all under the tutelage of the real masters of the Zionists, America and the United Nations.

I read the first chapters and immediately got a direct connection to the memoir, in the persons who were mentioned in it – Yasser Arafat, Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish and Khalil Sakakini.

That’s amazing, I thought.

Here I am a Malaysian and also a Muslim who could find affinity with the contents of the memoir right from the beginning of it.

I had bumped into Yasser Arafat when he was visiting Malaysia. He was being driven in a motorcade across the street near the National Stadium, and there were police over-riders, which caused me to turn to the right when I saw Yasser or Abu Ammar sitting in the limousine as it reaches the stadium where scores of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims Malaysians and others were waiting for his arrival.

I bumped into Edward Said, who was then teaching English at Columbia University in New York City where I was studying during the Commencement of 13 May, 1981. The main function was done with and the crowd of students and their parents were all breaking up to pose for photos, when Edward walked into the campus carrying with him a camera.

I could recognize him, as I was familiar with his writings and books. But I did not approach him. I might have taken a shot of him with my own analogue camera from the distance.

As for Mahmoud, I had gone to the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in September, 1999 crossing into the country from Amman, Jordan where I was informed by the staff of the center that the desk in one of the room belonged to Mahmoud.

And the center was the house of Khalil himself which he had bequeathed to the city to be turned into a cultural center which bears his name.

And based on this, I found reading the memoir was a breeze, especially with the speed reading technique I had developed which allowed me to finish it in no time.

Unfortunately, of all the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who had been displaced, dislocated and maimed, physically and emotionally by Al-Nakbah of 15 May, 1948, surely, there cannot just be this one memoir.

Where are the others?

Many could not be written as those who had been dislodged from their homeland had perished in the process, and in the refugee camps, with so few of them who could not afford the luxury of having materials to write their thoughts and experiences on, as they try to survive the daily tribulations.

This one memoir on this matter that I had just completed reading may be representative to the many similar experiences the others like Ghada had experienced.

It is a story that has to be told and told again and again until there is the final resolution – until the New Saladin emerges, not in the form of Iranian  President Mahmoud Ahmednijad, or the late Osama bin Laden, but in some other form, one who can truly unite the World Muslim Ummah who can make sense of it all and grasp the issue to present it to the American public to make them realize their folly for being able to be led or misled by the noses by the Zionist leaders who are often invited by them to speak in the House of Congress where they tell more blatant lies.

Yet, they could still get a loud applause and standing ovation from its members, who should know better to realize who were speaking – the aggressors and not the victims. They are the persons who had caused America to trample on its own Constitution.

Ghada’s ‘In search of Fatima’ is far more superior to Anne Frank’s Diary, which was inspired by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi brutality, while Ghada’s memoir was inspired by the antics and behaviors of their successors, the Zionists.  

Sunday, June 12, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Some Chinese in Malaysia fear Melayu and Musliim unity. They even fear hearing and seeing the 1Melayu 1Bumiputra slogan like some of them also did not fear hearing and seeing the 1Malaysia slogan, which is meaningless as it sounds.

But it is still effective in instilling fear amongst those who harbor ‘new immigrant’ values and ideals, those who behave and think like they are still immigrants in the country, by not being able to speak well or at all in the national language..

There is no 1America slogan, yet, because there is only one national schooling system, there is American unity.

In Malaysia, because there is vernacular education along with the national education system, there is no real unity. There are only these slogans and others.

Some Zionists feared Palestine unity between Fatah and Hamas. They also fear the reopening of Rafah crossing in Mesir and the import of goods to Gaza, fearing that they could be turned into weapons.

The only weapons the Palestinians in Gaza have are themselves – their ideals and their determination. So how could the Zionists erase such thoughts? Kill them when they can on whatever pretext necessary.

It is quite clear the Zionists fear their own shadows most of all. The Palestinians reflect these.

So if the Zionists are smart, they should clear their conscience first before they deal with the others, since they may have been misled by the devils and not by their ideals of wanting a separate state for themselves, using some unwritten sacred text as a pretext to achieve that end.

But alas, the ends for the Zionists are not achievable. They are stuck in the rut, with only America, NATO and the United Nations siding them. They can only make a nuisance for themselves while the Palestinians and Arabs figure out how they can unite and retaliate.

The people in some Arab countries have shown the way in the Arab Spring – they had also reopened Rafah crossing. They have not yet gone the length by insisting total Arab unity and create a common front to confront their enemies.

Muslim Unity in Malaysia and in the world is bad for those people who did not want to see the Melayu and Muslims unite under a single political party. They also fear the 1Melayu 1Bumiputera slogan.

It’s the divide and rule policy, which has caused the Melayu in Malaysia to be confused, with the Muslim World fractured.

But the blame is not on them but on the Melayu and Muslims who did not know better.

There are some Melayu political leaders who have been in politics too long; so they have tended to be insensitive. They insist on staying put at the expense of their own race and religion, while still insisting they are good for them.

They are not.

As long as they hog political traffic, they stand in the way of their race’s and religion’s development and advancement.

But do they care? They don’t.

They are all stuck in yesterday’s mentality. They are backward. They spout the same propaganda. They just do not want to be forgotten once they leave politics. So they hang on and on for as long as they can, even if they start to walk on sticks. Leaving politics will leave them with nothing. They will be totally forgotten.

So they hang on with nothing new to offer to their race and religion, which they had benefited much from.

This is what has been happening in the Melayu and Muslim Worlds.

So no wonder the Melayu in Malaysia and Muslims in the world can be easily manipulated; that some of them could be led astray so the whole community could be chastised and they be branded militants or terrorists.

Whereas, those who had put them in such a tight spot are not branded as such. Maybe they are worse than militants and terrorists, as they are all state sponsored, so they are seen to be above international law, which they use as a cover to protect them.

The truth, however, emerges, when they leave office, when they are cast aside, with some of the more prominent political leaders who could throw tantrums who are now reduced to ashes.

They do not seem to exist anymore; they cannot go anywhere as they please. George W Bush could not even go to Canada or Switzerland anymore, fearing arrest.

This is what a former American president has been reduced to, a hermit in a desert in Texas.

Divide and rule, which was a policy introduced and perfected by the savage Catholic and Christian colonists from Europe, is still being used today by the minorities in countries such as Malaysia and in the Muslim World.

So the Melayu in Malaysia are not allowed to be united. The Arabs in the Middle East are not allowed to unite.

Unity of the Melayu is bad for the minorities in Malaysia, just as unity of the Palestinians is bad for the Zionists.

And unity of the Muslims in the world is also bad for them and America.

So ways must be taken to ensure that they are not united.

This all means that if there is Melayu and Muslim unity in Malaysia, the Chinese and other minorities especially the Indians, cannot do much; they could not exert themselves, and be reduced in size and stature and become like their brethren in the other countries in the Asean regions and elsewhere in the world, where they have no choice but to keep quiet, with no political party and no school that teaches in their mother tongue languages.

And if there is Palestine unity, there is also not much that the Zionists and Americans can do.

The whole truth therefore has emerged in that, as long as the Melayu and Muslims in Malaysia are divided, the minorities can exert themselves.

And as long as there was disunity amongst the Palestinians, the Zionists and their cohorts, the Americans could do whatever they please.

This is something which has emerged from the Spring Unrest in the Arab World.

Muslim Unity is a grave threat to the existence of the Zionist state. It is also a threat to the status of America whose very existence hinges on how other countries are disunited and not developed. 

Therefore, the strategies used by the Zionist state and America is to ensure that the strategic Arab and other Muslim countries are not conjoined into an economic bloc.

They will divide them into the Sunni and Syiah division and continue the discourses on these, as long as the Arabs and Muslims are swayed by that, it is okay for America and the Zionist state.

Arabs and Muslims have not yet learnt that they have been bullied and made fools of by having the Zionist and American ‘preachers’ teach them on Islam and how they can be divided and made to fight each other by creating unnecessary enmity amongst them.

If even Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein could be fool, then who are the other lame duck Arab leaders whose level of intellect is extremely low?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

American president Barack Obama and America should not have insisted that the Zionist state of Israel should withdraw to the 1967 border and swap pieces of land with Palestine. It is an old record being played again in the White House with the same sort of reaction from the Zionist leaders whose only logic is that they now own the land that they had stolen from the Palestinians.

They claim to adhere to the true teachings of their holy books, but they did not say which holy book they are talking about?

That sort of logic or edit does not exist in any holy book especially in the Taurah and Talmud, the two holy books of the Jews, or in any other holy books of the Muslims and Christians.

The Bible exquisitely says that Christians should ‘love thy neighbor’ among others.

The Zionist holy book which is not disclosed by any prophet of old, must then say, they have the right to steal, cheat and lie in order to reestablish their land.

But where is this law that is described in such a book? They have not dared to show it to anyone. In fact, they have also not dared to say so. They only dare to practice it.

They should insist on the Zionist state to withdraw to the borders during Biblical times, so if the Zionists still do not trust America and its president, then they should at the very least trust the Holy Books and the learned Rabbis, unless if the Zionists want to trample with history to create their own version of it.

After all, this is what the Zionist leaders have been insisting that they be given the land they were given by their god, so why did they insist on keeping the land they managed to grab or steal since 1948?

What they should do is to revert to what was in Biblical times, so they know where they are and where they stand.

Even if their holy books say they own the land which is Palestinian land, then it does not mean that they should grab and steal it from the Palestinians, since their holy books do not have preference over the holy books of the others, especially the Palestinians.

The Zionists had stolen the land and in the process trampled their holy books in the process.

They should have waited for the return of their messiah who could then cause the Zionists to possess land, if indeed their messiah had such magical power to wrest control of the land from whoever that owns it.

But the truth is that the holy books of the Zionists do not exist; they had never existed. There are holy books of the Jews called the Taurah and Talmud and they do not prescribe stealing, killing and maiming of innocent people, never mind the Palestinians or Arabs, but of anyone.

This is where the logic of the Zionist leaders fails. They do not have any holy book. They cannot claim the Taurah and Talmud to be their holy books, which are the holy books of the Jews and not the Zionists.

There is no Zionist temple or Zionist Rabbi.

In fact, the Zionists did not own any land in Palestine even during Biblical times, because they did not exist then or ever, until fairly recently, when the political and economic ideology was created from thin air and from the evil minds of the Elders of Zion.

It was fashioned against from Adolph Hitler’s Nazi policies.

So their ‘patron saint’ is indeed Adolf Hitler himself, someone who had taught them much for which they should be thankful for.

And their policies and aggression that they continue to show on the hapless Arabs and Palestinians were all those that were perfected by the Nazis.

Now it is evidently clear why the Zionists wanted to get rid of Adolf and Nazis was because they wanted to be such persons or entities themselves, having stolen and perfected the handbooks on cruelty and evil introduced by Adolf and the Nazis.

Some parts of the Adolf and Nazi handbooks are also shared by the Zionists with the CIA who now used instructions contained in them in Guantanamo Bay and other military and intelligence operations they conduct in few Arab which they have now destroyed and the other Muslim countries to destabilize theme when they are not able to infiltrate into them yet.

There was no mention in the Talmud and Taurah (Torah) that Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel exist.

But there was a mention of how the Jews should live in peaceful coexistence with the Arabs to await the return of their Messiah. 

This is the position held by World Jewry and Hassidim.

So no wonder World Jewry and Hassidim rejected Zionism as a man-made political policy which they say is against Judaism. They also say ‘No to the State of Israel!’ They ‘celebrate’ the formation of the state by holding demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassies in the west.

The Zionist leaders did not criticize them because they are pure Jews and not the misguided and lost Jews that the Zionists are.

In 1880, the Zionist state of Israel had not been created, and there was only Palestine. In it there were only 3,000 Jews, with 350,000 Arab Palestines. The Jews were described as Arab Jews who spoke in Arabic and who lived peacefully with the Arab majority.

American president, Barack Hussein Obama is not like the others before him, presidents who were not brave to insist the Zionists revert back to the time before 1967, so their new borders country is where it was, even though the real demarcation line should be on the 1948 border.

But if the Zionists are smart, then they should insist on claiming land which their ancestors owned during Biblical times.

But they also have to be smarter, then they should also take into account that many Jews then had reverted to Islam, so the Arabs who were in the majority in the land, and the Jews in the minority. This is their lot, as ordained by the Almighty.

This is also the stand of the more learned Jews, the Hassidic Jews or Orthodox Jews, who insist on living in Palestine under Palestinian rule.

So the Zionists today are not acting in total consonant with what Judaism had dictated.