Thursday, June 9, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

American president Barack Obama and America should not have insisted that the Zionist state of Israel should withdraw to the 1967 border and swap pieces of land with Palestine. It is an old record being played again in the White House with the same sort of reaction from the Zionist leaders whose only logic is that they now own the land that they had stolen from the Palestinians.

They claim to adhere to the true teachings of their holy books, but they did not say which holy book they are talking about?

That sort of logic or edit does not exist in any holy book especially in the Taurah and Talmud, the two holy books of the Jews, or in any other holy books of the Muslims and Christians.

The Bible exquisitely says that Christians should ‘love thy neighbor’ among others.

The Zionist holy book which is not disclosed by any prophet of old, must then say, they have the right to steal, cheat and lie in order to reestablish their land.

But where is this law that is described in such a book? They have not dared to show it to anyone. In fact, they have also not dared to say so. They only dare to practice it.

They should insist on the Zionist state to withdraw to the borders during Biblical times, so if the Zionists still do not trust America and its president, then they should at the very least trust the Holy Books and the learned Rabbis, unless if the Zionists want to trample with history to create their own version of it.

After all, this is what the Zionist leaders have been insisting that they be given the land they were given by their god, so why did they insist on keeping the land they managed to grab or steal since 1948?

What they should do is to revert to what was in Biblical times, so they know where they are and where they stand.

Even if their holy books say they own the land which is Palestinian land, then it does not mean that they should grab and steal it from the Palestinians, since their holy books do not have preference over the holy books of the others, especially the Palestinians.

The Zionists had stolen the land and in the process trampled their holy books in the process.

They should have waited for the return of their messiah who could then cause the Zionists to possess land, if indeed their messiah had such magical power to wrest control of the land from whoever that owns it.

But the truth is that the holy books of the Zionists do not exist; they had never existed. There are holy books of the Jews called the Taurah and Talmud and they do not prescribe stealing, killing and maiming of innocent people, never mind the Palestinians or Arabs, but of anyone.

This is where the logic of the Zionist leaders fails. They do not have any holy book. They cannot claim the Taurah and Talmud to be their holy books, which are the holy books of the Jews and not the Zionists.

There is no Zionist temple or Zionist Rabbi.

In fact, the Zionists did not own any land in Palestine even during Biblical times, because they did not exist then or ever, until fairly recently, when the political and economic ideology was created from thin air and from the evil minds of the Elders of Zion.

It was fashioned against from Adolph Hitler’s Nazi policies.

So their ‘patron saint’ is indeed Adolf Hitler himself, someone who had taught them much for which they should be thankful for.

And their policies and aggression that they continue to show on the hapless Arabs and Palestinians were all those that were perfected by the Nazis.

Now it is evidently clear why the Zionists wanted to get rid of Adolf and Nazis was because they wanted to be such persons or entities themselves, having stolen and perfected the handbooks on cruelty and evil introduced by Adolf and the Nazis.

Some parts of the Adolf and Nazi handbooks are also shared by the Zionists with the CIA who now used instructions contained in them in Guantanamo Bay and other military and intelligence operations they conduct in few Arab which they have now destroyed and the other Muslim countries to destabilize theme when they are not able to infiltrate into them yet.

There was no mention in the Talmud and Taurah (Torah) that Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel exist.

But there was a mention of how the Jews should live in peaceful coexistence with the Arabs to await the return of their Messiah. 

This is the position held by World Jewry and Hassidim.

So no wonder World Jewry and Hassidim rejected Zionism as a man-made political policy which they say is against Judaism. They also say ‘No to the State of Israel!’ They ‘celebrate’ the formation of the state by holding demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassies in the west.

The Zionist leaders did not criticize them because they are pure Jews and not the misguided and lost Jews that the Zionists are.

In 1880, the Zionist state of Israel had not been created, and there was only Palestine. In it there were only 3,000 Jews, with 350,000 Arab Palestines. The Jews were described as Arab Jews who spoke in Arabic and who lived peacefully with the Arab majority.

American president, Barack Hussein Obama is not like the others before him, presidents who were not brave to insist the Zionists revert back to the time before 1967, so their new borders country is where it was, even though the real demarcation line should be on the 1948 border.

But if the Zionists are smart, then they should insist on claiming land which their ancestors owned during Biblical times.

But they also have to be smarter, then they should also take into account that many Jews then had reverted to Islam, so the Arabs who were in the majority in the land, and the Jews in the minority. This is their lot, as ordained by the Almighty.

This is also the stand of the more learned Jews, the Hassidic Jews or Orthodox Jews, who insist on living in Palestine under Palestinian rule.

So the Zionists today are not acting in total consonant with what Judaism had dictated.

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