Sunday, December 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It is interesting to learn that the British authorities are now trying to find ways to charge the two Australian radio DJs for the death of a British-Indian nurse with their practical pranks, which had gone awry.

The two DJs could be the flavor of the week and toasted by everybody, with them lauding the duo for their originality for pulling such a prank. They might even get a pay raise and be promoted if that had happened.

And they would even do other new pranks on other unsuspecting persons anywhere in the world for their radio station and program to get more cheap laughs at other people’s expense.

There would be a lot of things that they could come up with. The possibilities are endless, until someone suffers from one of their pranks and dies, before they find their pranks to be utterly tasteless.

Unfortunately, their first-time out as practical pranksters had proven to be disastrous, causing the death of an unsuspecting British-Indian nurse, for which the two DJs in Australia now have to face the music.

They didn’t seem to realize that not many British like Australian-style practical jokes or jokes of any kind; they are crude and rude and the language they use to be coarse.    

Australian jokes and jokers can never be exported out of Australia. They are for local consumption only.

In fact, British jokes, too, are not favored by those outside of Britain, including in Malaysia except for ‘Mind the language’ program which enjoyed a bit of success when it was shown on television here.

I did not quite like ‘Mr. Bean’ because he is like an Australian joker. He is not funny. He makes fun of the mentally disabled. 

In fact, even the British too wouldn’t mind with such pranks by the two Australian DJs, if the nurse had not gone too far away to take her own life and leaving a suicide note implicating the two DJs.

If she had not done so, then surely, the whole matter would have been left to all sorts of speculation on her own personal weaknesses, with her solely blamed for her actions, being an adult.

What if she had not been Indian, but an English woman, would she have gone on to do it? Maybe not.

The English nurse would just blame the DJs and get wide coverage in the papers, with many of the readers and members of the public chiding her for not being able to take a prank like an adult.

It is just too bad that somebody has to die, before the matter concerning pranks or practical jokes could be proved to be useless and now, even harmful or even deadly.

A British-Indian nurse working in a hospital in London proved that this was so.

Her only mistake was for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, when the DJs called and she had to take it, and to also forward it to the other nurse who divulged the information on Kate Middleton who was then warded in the hospital.

But how come the telephone operator of the hospital is totally aloof to this whole controversy? After all, she was the person who had forwarded the call from all way from Sydney, Australia to the Indian nurse?

Didn’t she know that the call was a long distance one, so it could not have come from Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth at the other end of the line?

The operator so far has managed to escape being dragged into the controversy. She is not out of it. She was careless by not taking extra care to seek verification on who had made the call, if it had indeed been from the Palace.

There was another prank call made by an imposter who called the White House and pretended to be an ambassador of Pakistan or an Arab country, and he got through to the then President George Bush who took the call.

However, only later did he and the White House realize that they had been tricked.

Fortunately, no one died in such a prank, so may be afterwards new procedures had to be created and introduced to ensure that no prank and unnecessary calls from sources that are not confirmed, could go to the president.

Maybe they have introduced a system whereby such calls are returned by the White House, to ensure that the number is legitimate.

Surely, the operators could see any phone number from an incoming call, to know if they are good numbers.

And now we are hearing condemnations on the two Australian radio DJs for pulling such a prank, which they thought was original and deserving of some respect. They must surely have thought that their program would become a national hit, and their masters offering them new pay and promotions.

But alas this did not happen.

The two DJs have to hide themselves after their program was pulled from the air. They apologized to the family of their victim.

Yes, the Indian woman was indeed their victim; she died from their pranks. So even though they were not personally responsible for her death, yet, they can still be charged for personally responsible for her death.

They can be severely punished, as there have been cases in the past when death of innocent individuals had happened due to the pranks of others.

One such case I remember involving a young sixteen-year-old American girl who removed a road sign at a tee-junction.

A motorist drove straight at the junction because he didn’t realize that he had to stop. The vehicle he was driving at such a high speed crashed causing his death.

The authorities in America investigated and found out about the missing road sign, which they later learnt was due to the prank of the young girl.

She was charged in court and sentenced to sixteen years in jail for causing the death of the motorist.

What the two Australian DJs had done is similar to what the sixteen-year-old American girl had done. She was sentenced to jail and so the two DJs too must face the same music.

The case is straight and simple.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I sat on the steps outside of a bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia some years ago, when I was performing the minor Haj called Umrah.

And an Arab man drove his car and stopped in front of me. He alighted from it carrying in his hand a stack of cash which he wanted to deposit into his account, leaving his ignition key in the car, whose doors were not locked. And he also did not give me the look or tried to walk at another place to enter the bank.

This is Saudi Arabia, where Islamic Laws are fully enforced.

And compared to some countries in the west, where their cities are not safe even for those who are able and strong.

Such as at some parts in New York City where I had just left, where people could be killed over a dime, and where the front doors of many or all apartments having so many locks, that an average New Yorker has to carry a bunch of them tied to his belt.

And when it was time for me to circle the Holy Kaabah, as part of the ritual for Umrah, I left my bag which had all my things with someone who was reading the Holy Koran at the side.

But I made sure where he was, by remembering the pillar at which side of the Holy Kaabah, so I could return to him to collect the bag.

It took a while to circumambulate around the Holy Kaabah, and when it was done, I managed to locate the spot where the Arab man was sitting and reading the Holy Koran. I took my bag from him while he continued to read the book.

This is Saudi Arabia, where Islamic Laws are fully implemented.

In Malaysia, one cannot do this. Even when one tries to look after one’s things they can still be stolen by strangers.

I knew of someone who wanted to go to a toilet and she asked a Melayu woman to look after her handbag which contained among other things some pendants with holy text on them, as it is forbidden to take them into toilets.

The Melayu woman, being Muslim agreed, as it was such a Muslim thing to do, to help someone who had to go into a toilet.

But when the women alighted from the toilet, the woman was gone, taking with her the handbag.

And this is Malaysia which is supposed to be a good Muslim country. It is a good Muslim country, but there are many Muslims who are not so good.

In Japan, which is not a Muslim country, they know how to observe an Islamic way of life; they keep their environment clean and tidy; they do not tell lies and are particular with time.

I left the battery of my 16mm Arriflex movie camera on the bench when my assistant did not pick it after the train arrived and we rushed to get inside it to go somewhere.

Fortunately, instinctively turned outside and saw the battery. And there was a Japanese man who was pointing at it.

I then immediately instructed to him by using sign language to take it to the station, which he did.

And I made a stop at the next station and turned around to the earlier station where I managed to collect the battery.

If this had happened in many other countries including in Malaysia, chances are the battery would have been lost.

In Japan if one drops a phone or anything while riding on their train, all that he needs to do is to go to the railway station office where chances are the items are kept there.

In Malaysia, there is no practice of the railway or bus station having known to have kept anything.

On the contrary, even with certain agencies, their staff habitually steals things from traders who construct their food and other stalls illegally, so that they are not able to claim their properties.

In Iran, one can see stalls and shops or stores left unattended during prayer times, and nothing is stolen.

The same thing can be experienced in Aceh, which is the most Islamic state in Indonesia.

And in New York City, one can buy a newspaper by taking it and leaving the money. In Malaysia someone tried to do this practice; he left his store to go to the masjid for the Friday prayers.

However, when he returned to his store after the prayers, he discovered all his papers were missing including the money.

Malaysia has not come up to the level of New York City. And New York City has and can never come up to the level of Saudi Arabia or even Iran.

In fact, most so-called Muslim countries are not Muslim. They are only Muslim by name but not in practice.

Japan is an Islamic country, even though the majority of the people may not admit to being Muslims, but they practice Islam better and more than many of the Muslims even in the Muslim countries.

It is also ironic how many Muslims become better Muslims when they are abroad, in the west.

But, alas, they only do it because they are forced to do so by law. They do not little, make a nuisance of themselves or park their cars illegally wherever they like.

In fact, Singapore, too, is more Islamic than Malaysia in many ways.

It was much better before in Malaysia, where in the villages one could leave the house unlocked for days, with no one bothering to sneak into it to pinch things or to rob.

Now many Malaysians are so particular with the security of their properties that they have all sorts of electronic alarms, on top of the gates that are constructed in their residential areas, so much so that many Malaysians are imprisoned by their own fears.

Even then, petty crimes do happen, almost on a daily basis, all of which could have been avoided if the people practice Islam better and more.

In Japan where they do not flaunt their wealth, where everybody has what the other person has, and where their Emperor do not flaunt his special status living in a palace which is so bare.

In Malaysia where the middle class is expanding which causes the ire of those who could not get into such a group, so there is economic disparity which leads to social disparities and petty jealousy.

Petty crimes are created because of this.

In the old days, when there is on real demand for things and other worldly possession, nobody was encouraged to steal from the others who have them.   

Monday, December 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

‘Blood relatives’, ‘Solved’, ‘I married a mobster!’, ‘Locked up abroad’, ‘I almost got away with it’, ‘Stolen voices, Buried secrets’, ‘Evil, I’ and so on.

These are some seven programs that are shown on the History and NGeo and other channels that are broadcast over Astro in Malaysia; they are almost of the same type, dealing with issues that can only happen in America and in no other country in the world, except perhaps in England.

What do they say? What do they reveal of the Americans who are involved with these programs, playing the unsuspecting main characters from amongst those who have been murdered and those who survive to relate the tales of the loss of their loved ones?


Unfortunately, none of them and especially the producers of the serials and also the stations do not realize what they are actually telling the viewers.

I am telling them now.

Many who have been watching these programs must be enthralled by them, as much as I had earlier on, until I realized that they are saying something sinister, that even the producers of the respective programs do not realize.

Now they do.

They are basically about the failure of the American constitution concerning the allowing of gun ownership, and the decadent lifestyles that many Americans seem to observe, especially those who have been murdered or involved in the cases that are highlighted in the program.

The stories are on murders committed by Americans and on Americans, with some on their close relatives or siblings. This is the most horrifying serial that is shown on television.

There has not been any recounting or recreation of murders committed in America by their Muslims citizens in the same fashion as what the others have shown. There can never be such matters.

The murders could only be committed by true-blooded non-Muslim Americans, on other individual or individuals or on their own close relatives including parents and siblings.

The hedonistic life they lead full of debauchery are what’s causing the murders to be committed.

This added to their consuming of alcohol and drugs, made their acts more potent.

Their Christian or Catholic and Pseudo-Christian and Pseudo-Catholic lifestyles are to be blamed for the scenario they have created for themselves whereby they are the main characters in the murder plots, which all seem to lead to some startling conclusion as to how they had to happen.

American psychologists will not come to this level of discourse to explain the veracity of the actions of the principal characters in all the programs. They have other issues that they want and can highlight, all of which point to the incidents per se.

They are also not able to moralize them, as they think it is the rights of the individuals to lead whatever type of life they want.

And even if it hurts them bad which caused them to die, it is also their right to be the character of the insidious plot.

They stick with the perpetrators and what had shaped their thinking and action, which are issues that appear on the surface.

They won’t go up to another level so as to blame their religion, constitution and decadent lifestyles that many non-Muslim Americans lead, as much as it is also the fault of the church whose influence in the daily lives of the inherent had waned for so long.

American or western television producers and television liked to show such programs; they think they are interesting. But what they did not know is how they are exposing their weaknesses, and that of their own society and even religion, or the lacking of it.

And such programs can only be created by the characters and scenes and incidences which can happen in America mostly, and not so much in the other countries in the west, unless if the same producers try and come up with similar programs that are set in these countries, so surely, they can find similar incidents to show.

Friday, December 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Alas, it’s the story of how some unfortunate American kids were massacred by a mere twenty-year-old American boy who was said to have come from a ‘broken family’ and who was a ‘loner’. He won’t be charged for being a terrorist or militant, and his religion not a fanatical one. He would be excused for what he had done.

This type of boy/man or man/boy is not rare in America, as there are many more of them who also have similar backgrounds and profiles.

And they cannot mean anything unless they come up with a bang to introduce themselves to America and the world, and gain some notoriety in the process.

Mark David Chapman gained a worldwide reputation, when on 6 December, 1980 he gunned down ex-Beatle John Lennon outside of his Dakota apartment in Manhattan.

This incident happened long before Adam Lanza was born; his parents, Peter and Nancy, too, might not have got married then.  

But than that, it is also about how the many Palestinian kids in the West Bank or Gaza in Palestine, who were merely ‘decimated for their own good’.

American won’t cry for them, and the media too would not give an inch of space. They are ‘collateral damage’.

This is where the similarities start and where they end.

The only difference is that the Americans were killed by their own kind while the Palestinians were killed by the Zionists.

And the worst of all, the Americans and their political and military leaders will never learn what these signs show them. Adam Lanza had meant to teach them something, but he may have killed and died in vain, because they would not know what he was saying from his action.

Newtown, Connecticut in America has suddenly become the focus of the Americans and their media.

The then American president, George W. Bush did not cry when three thousand people, mostly Americans died in the crash of the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan, because he was bent on taking revenge on the Arabs and Muslims in Afghanistan and he did not want to waste his energy being emotional about it.

His successor, Barack Obama had to cry, because the killer is an American boy aged about twenty years, who was supposed not to know much, other than for the others to say that he came from a broken family and was a loner.

After all there were many individuals who were from broken families and who were also loners, but who went on to win the Nobel Prizes or to invent new gadgets.

In fact, all the geniuses and other brilliant people of the world since time immemorial had been such persons.

So Americans are not able to target Adam Lanza, as much as they would like to, as they are seen to be targeting themselves, too; unless of course, if someone exposes his secret as a closeted supporter of the Al-Qaeda or a recent revert to Islam, when everything breaks loose.

Unfortunately, there won’t be anything left for American and their Zionist lackeys to do to inflict more pain on the Afghans, Palestinians and other Arabs whose countries they had completely destroyed.

The Zionists, however, can only continue to seize Palestinian land to build more houses for the recent Jewish settlers. Or, they can also destroy masjid in the West Bank and Gaza, the few which are still standing.

For those people there, it seems that these are signs of how the ancient Mayan Calendar which said how the world would come an end on 21 December, had indeed come, albeit, six days earlier.

Today Newtown, Connecticut, tomorrow Anywhere Town, USA, or anytime in the West Bank or Gaza.

The reason being it is the place where some Americans especially kids, who were schoolchildren of the Stony Hook Elementary School had been gunned down.

This is a story which has been repeated again and again. Americans, themselves are doing it. And this is sad.

If it had happened in the West Bank or Gaza in the Islamic Republic of Palestine, chances are the perpetrators of the crime would have got away, and with the American media looking elsewhere to blame those who had been killed by the Zionists.

If it had been done by other Americans and non-Americans, the issues would have become something else.

Now America and Americans are at a loss, due to the death of so many of their own kind, in the hands of one of their own kind, too.

If the gunner, had not been a Caucasian, but someone of color – say, a Black, the issues would have got a totally different twist to them.

And the house and family of the Black person would be targeted.

However, since the gunner is White, the issues now center only around the bereaved. Their president shed tears for the families of those who had lost their loved ones.

Worse, if the gunner is not only Black, but Muslim. Greater calamities would befall the family and relatives of the person, who would be targeted.

Timothy McVeigh, weighted all options when he decided to bomb a federal building in America some years ago. His family was not targeted. And his religion too was not blamed for his adventure.

In fact, they gave him the benefits of the doubt and only charged him for murder, for which he now serves a long prison terms for it, with no parole.

Adam Lanza, was the twenty-year-old gunner of the schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut.

A lot of issues around his mental and psychological profile have been brought up in an attempt to justify his actions with him having come from a broken family and with him being a loner.

Fortunately, he was also killed in the attack on the school. He had the sense to kill his own mother first before going on a rampage in the school.

It is strange how individuals who are White and loners, who often target schools to exhibit their personality disorders.

And in this context, it is also not strange to see how there is a country, which is basically suffering from the same matters, which is the Zionist state of Israel, who is also very much a loner, who often kills Palestinian children.

Yet, the Americans do not say anything, much less to want to lower their flag at half-mast.

Americans fully understand the Zionists’ stand, and they also know the Palestinian kids and also adults deserve to be so treated by the Zionists, who are essentially ‘loners’ in the Middle East.

They created a situation where they can never win, by creating a new state on stolen land, yet, from henceforth they justified their position by going on a rampage.

The Zionist state too suffers from the lone-boy syndrome. But they do not care to blame themselves for it.

American political and military strategists and madmen also did not care. They pursue the course that had been created by the Zionists, so that they can take advantage of the situation in the Middle East which is for them to allow their depleted military arsenal to be used, with the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims becoming convenient targets for them.

But what is most startling concerning the latest attack on a school in America is how, there are some Americans are telling their leaders what is happening here in the Middle East, on the Palestinians by the Zionists.

If they feel bad and sad with the killing of just so few American kids, who are too young to know what was happening around them, then they too, as adults, should know what the Palestinians have been experiencing all these seven decades, with many of their children and adult mercilessly killed by the Zionists who used American military weapons of mass destruction and with the support of their political and military leaders.

This is basically what Adam Lanza was trying to say to the Americans.

And the collateral damage is the group of twenty-eight Americans who were killed by him, including his own mother.

And for those families in Newtown, Connecticut, America, the ‘end of the world’ had come to them six days sooner than the day, the ancient Mayan Calendar had predicted for that to happen on 21 December, 2012, which is now barely five days from now.

America will never learn. Americans will never learn what signs are there in such incidents.

As long as they do not learn anything from them, other similar incidents will be repeated in the future, as there are some Americans still want their political and military leaders to learn from them, by these individuals showing them what they should have learn long ago.

The Malaysian prime minister had written a note of condolence to his counterpart in America, the President. But has the Zionist prime minister done the same?

Maybe he would not do that, as he believed that what had happened was ‘divine retribution’ against America for not doing enough to stop Palestine to get an upgrade status at the United Nations (UN) recently, so that it is now officially recognized as an official country in the world with observer status, a step closer to it from becoming a full member of the world body.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Many non-Muslims in Malaysia believe in Islam, but only if they can make money out of it. But they won’t admit to their fascination with the religion. They prefer to make money from it quietly.

And ironically, the Muslims, too, keep quiet about, when they should be highlight it everywhere and whenever they can. They do not to know what Islam is, how it benefits them as well as the non-Muslims around them.

America and the countries in the west, especially the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic ones too benefit from Islam in many ways – from the OIL they import from the Arab countries and the Arabs and Muslims who they can use for target practice to use the old military arsenal.

There are many of them who are involved in the halal industry; they operate factories or restaurants that offer halal food for Muslims and non-Muslims.

So it is not a surprised to realize that 70% of the halal industry in Malaysia is dominated by them.

There are so few non-Muslims in Malaysia who like to charge Islamic laws especially Syariah Laws to be not suitable for them.

Yet, they ignore the fact that there are many of them who are involved in the promotion of Islamic Laws themselves, by offering halal food, even to the Muslims in the country and abroad, where their products are exported to.

There are also many non-Muslims in Malaysia, especially the Chinese who observe the practice of circumcision because they know it is a healthy thing to do.

Unfortunately, the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have not found it expedient to produce filmlets to show them, especially to their brethren who always like to find faults with Islam.

They do not realize how their own kind has benefited from Islam, which has provided them with financial gain, without which they could never ever earn a tidy profit.

They know without dabbling in the halal industry, they can never ever sell their products especially foods, to the Muslims who constitute a larger portion of the population in Malaysia.

But one cannot expect the non-Muslims or Chinese themselves to admit that they are benefiting from Islam.

The Chinese media, too, do not write about it.

But the truth is Islam not only benefits the Muslims in all ways, but it also benefits the non-Muslims, too.

And in some cases, Islam also allows the non-Muslims to use it to escape persecution in the courts.

One example is when an Indian-Hindu man who was charged in court for riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

In the court, he told the magistrate that he could not wear it as he was helping his Muslim friends to carry water for the local masjid.

The magistrate thinking that the Indian-Hindu man was so kind, so he excused him and allowed him to go free.

The Indian man had found a very convenient way to escape persecution by admitting that he had tried to do a deed for his Muslim friends.

But no one knows if he was telling the truth or if he was just giving a false alibi in order that he was not fined by the court for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

One pities the magistrates and judges for having to give the benefit of the doubt to those who are spouting all those alibis which may be outright lies, in order that they are not persecuted, and if they had to be, are given from reduced sentences to a warning.

There are however, some other countries, where the judges do not take such matters lightly and do not care so much for alibis or excuses; they go by the strict enforcement of the law and do away with emotions.

So in time, those who have been charged for petty offenses in those countries know they cannot try their luck pretending to be wrongly accused or could get away with fines, by simply making up some plausible excuses.

But the magistrates and judges in Malaysia are not the ones who are being had most of the time. Islam is.

Many non-Muslims like to use Islam to escape from being persecuted, some of which have been cited earlier.

They know the magistrates and also judges tend to be sympathetic to those who are brought to answer charges in court, if the person is seen to be showing consideration and accommodation, especially if he is not a Muslim and who is seen to be serving the religion one way or the other.

So there are non-Muslims who say they are doing a civic duty to help their Muslim friends to do work in the masjid and so on.

And not only that on the other aspects, the non-Muslims particularly the Chinese also know how much they can benefit from Islam.

It was reported that 70% of those who are involved in the halal industry in Malaysia, are in fact, the non-Muslims.

What this means is that these non-Muslims are not only benefiting from Islam, but they are indirectly saying how they believe in the religion, although they may not desire to revert to the religion that they know benefits them, financially.

This is how much faith the non-Muslims in Malaysia have on Islam.

And it is also not surprising how many non-Muslims outside of Malaysia and in the world who also have similar sentiments towards Islam, when one can see how fast the speed they take to establish the Islamic banking system in their respective countries.

They know if they do not have such a financial system and also dabble in the halal industry, they would be left behind, as there are more and more Arab and other Muslim countries who trade with them, and they also have a sizeable Muslim community in their own midst that they cannot ignore completely.

And there are also many countries in the non-Muslim World which are not fashioning their legal system according to Syariah Laws, although they may not wish to admit it after they realize their own legal system is tainted that has caused their own society to slide.

Yet, there are some non-Muslims who feel fearful of the implementation of the Hudud Laws, citing how these laws do not serve them.

Did they bother to look at the so many non-Muslims who are in the halal industry, to know how many of their brethren do not support such views?

It is also strange how the proponents of the Hudud Laws have all failed to cite this as a good example of how good Hudud Laws are not only to the Muslims but to the non-Muslims, too, since the halal industry and also the Islamic banking which many non-Muslims are also involved in, cannot be sustained without the full implementation of the Hudud Laws.

The non-Muslims therefore cannot choose which aspects of Islam that benefits them without accepting the basic core in the implementation of the religion in their daily life.

So it is perhaps good if the discourse or debate on the advantages or disadvantages of the implementation of the Hudud Laws take into account these matters.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Therefore, is it a matter concerning the individuals or the state and system?

Elton John is proof that it is the system of the state that shapes the individual’s behaviors, including his sexuality.

In a secular – meaning a state which rejects the church – meaning the Catholic and Christian Churches, individuals can do as he pleases; but in a Muslim state, he know how to behave better.

British entertainer, Elton John seems to like to perform in Malaysia. He has done show after show in the country and getting positive responses to them from the local Malaysian crowd, who are mostly those who were not even born when he first entered the international charts.

He knows there are enough Malaysians who can fill the stadium where he performs in and mostly, knowing that they are rich enough to be able to part with a lot of money to enrich him, financially, in exchange for the personal self-salvation that they think they can get from his presence however weird it may sound to many others.

But what the audiences here can see of him is just a faint reflection of who he used be. So they are paying to see something that he is not anymore, the aging Elton, aged sixty-five years who is not as glamorous, flamboyant, colorful, provocative, daring and outrageous as he used to be when he was much younger.  

And despite the protests from the Islamic groups, he still comes to Malaysia.

The groups had failed to stop the concerts from happening. But they had a valid reason to protest against his shows which is to exert themselves and also to force Elton to go straight while he is in the country, and not engage in any funny talk or politicking.

The shows were held in the Arena of Start in Genting Highlands, which is the only casino complex, meant to collect funds to enrich so few Chinese from the many who go there with wishful dreams of making it big.

Many of them go there with a lot of money in their pockets and bank accounts, but most return by driving down the high hill feeling dejected; they had lost much of their money with some who finally found their inglorious end, by committing suicide, having failed to pay what they owed to some others to allow them to gamble.

Malaysia is therefore the only Muslim country to have allowed the opening of a casino by the Chinese in the country, even if it seems that the casino sits in the clouds, high on a hill.

Here is Malaysia’s Las Vegas, and Elton John has come here few times to perform. And he seems to enjoy it here. Why?

He had earlier gone to perform in China, where he publicly voiced his support for the Chinese dissident lawyer Wei-Wei by dedicating his performance to him.

Yet, the local authorities did not say anything; they did not ban him from performing in China in the near future.

But in Malaysia, Elton John knows that he cannot do anything other than to perform as he was paid to do that and only that and nothing else.

Malaysians generally do not care for his kind of sexuality; they allowed him to perform in the country and he knows that he cannot flaunt his sexuality.

Maybe he also did not bring his partner with him on the trip. There is no report on him ever attending the shows he had performed.

Or, maybe if the shows were held not on the hills but somewhere in the city stadiums, surely, it would not be a pleasant show for him.

But the whole truth is that Elton John seems to straighten up each time he is in Malaysia.

And he is not uncomfortable being a regular ‘straight’ guy even for the few days he is in Malaysia. Because in Malaysia, which is taunted as a Muslim country, where masjid are everywhere and Muslim men and women cover up, there is surely not many places where he or any foreigner could go to without being confronted with the bare facts, that Malaysia and Malaysians generally like to trek on the straight line of propriety.

Elton will return to Malaysia time and again, not only to perform and to earn some hard cash, but mostly also to allow him some therapy for him to feel like a straight guy.

At sixty-five years, he must surely realize the crooked roads he had trekked to become what he is today, have somehow straightened a bit – if not a lot, judging from the way he behaves and also is allowed to misbehave himself and also from the way he dresses or undresses, which one can see to be quite plain these days by any standard.

Elton John has finally met his match.

The Beatles had to seek moral and spiritual salvation from an old Hindu sage called Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India.

But Elton John only had to come and perform in Malaysia and he can get it for free, by just being here in the country, even though he may lead a secluded life up on the hills in Genting Highlands.

He has never been known to have descended to ground level to mix with hoi-polloi or to go shopping.

In fact, his arrival was not announced, and the only thing that the Malaysian public and press know of him is when he is performing there.

Jennifer Lopez is slated to perform in Malaysia too in December, but she is fully aware that Malaysia is not like the other countries. She knows what she must do which is to perform and not to show cleavage.

If she dares to do that, it is off she goes from the stages in Malaysia forever. Malaysia and Malaysians generally can do without J.Lo.

I personally do not wish to watch any Elton John or J.Lo concert, as it is such a waste of time. It is not a way to find self-rejuvenation. There are other ways one can use to get that.

Most of the persons who are enthralled by America and British entertainers are mostly those who had not lived or studied in these countries. They have to exhibit their penchant for American and British music in order that they can be seen to be there and in the know of things.

Most or all of the other Malaysians who had lived and studied in America and England are not fascinated with Pop Americana or Pop Britannica and to go crazy over their entertainers and whatever gossips they are said to create.

Unfortunately, most of the entertainers who come to Malaysia to perform are mostly those who know they are sliding down the pop charts. And many did not return as they had completely disappeared from the entertainment scenes in their country.

So generally Malaysians only get to see a faint reflection of those performers and entertainers who are not what they were when they were riding high on the charts. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Malaysian voters thought they could give the opposition some trashing in the last general elections of 2 March, 2008 – i.e. by voting them into office and gaining control of some states, so that they could prove to themselves and the whole country how useless they were.

They had been clamoring to rule over the country. Now they were getting the chance.

The voters were not dumb; they knew what they were doing. They wanted the opposition to show everybody how useless they are for the country and also for themselves.

And since then, they have done just this, becoming poor leaders who do not deserve the support of the voters anymore. They were given the opportunity to prove their worth and they blew it.

They blew it right on the first day of them controlling the few states by doing the outrageous.

And they cannot be trusted to continue running those few states. Many of their candidates will lose their deposits in the next general elections.

There is nothing left of the Left in Malaysia. 

The 8 March, 2008 was not really about the Left’s march to Putrajaya. It is a march backwards for the opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat. They missed the boat; they spoilt the support the voters had tried to give them. But they faltered and they failed to live up to the expectation of those who had wanted to give them a try.

Now they have to wait for years to change their status quo, with only few more weeks or months before it can happen when the thirteenth general elections happen, sometime in April next year.

Pakatan will be trounced back to hibernation and disillusionment. Their senior leaders will lose their seats and maybe even their deposit.

The young ones will slip into oblivion. They were never meant to be in parliament or the state assembly in the first place. They were just lucky to have taken the risk of contesting in the last elections because they were mere fillers.

Some of them had been left in the lurch when their march turned out to be a mere trek backwards, with some who actually had to make stops in the courts.

There’s no harm for Malaysian voters to want to experiment to give the opposition a chance serving them so they can see for themselves how they fare.

They have not done much; their senior officers lack leadership quality. Most, if not all of them are old hats with many who were formerly with Umno and Barisan Nasional.

So how could the voters trust them? They had failed in Umno and Barisan or where thrown out or who had willingly resigned from the party who had given them much.

Yet, they could turn around and curse it.

It is like cursing their own parents if the fall out of favor with them.

The worse culprit must be Anwar who was taken into Umno and Barisan and immediately given a senior post in the cabinet, when the others have to slog their way to the state level before being noticed and put in the national spotlight.

Here, he, Anwar Ibrahim could curse Umno and Barisan like they did not mean anything at all to him.

It was Umno and Barisan’s prerogative on where he ought to be and he could not dictate them on how he wants them to serve him.

His and his friends’ cause or causes are lost causes. They are just disgruntled individuals who think they are still young and who can serve the voters and Malaysians.

But did they serve them when they were in the government? One doubts it.

Pakatan will be trounced in the next general elections simply because the voters who had given the opportunity to serve them were frustrated. They now know better who to vote for.

It won’t be shocking if even Nik Aziz loses in the elections.

If the and the other senior officers of PAS, DAP and Pakatan KeAdilan Rakyat lose, too, I am sure all of them will cry foul.

One of their gripes is the ‘phantom voters’.

But don’t they realize that such ‘phantom voters’ if they truly exist, had also ‘voted’ for them as many of them are said to be found in the states their parties had won.

If indeed there such voters, then surely nobody in Pakatan could win any seat at all. After all what’s the use for anyone to place ‘phantom voters’ if they do not serve the real cause, but the opposition?

Winning the few states and the many seats in parliament and the state assemblies have brought the worse from the opposition.

The voters have been observing their antics, listening to their speeches and the controversies they created for themselves, all of which spell doom for them, for the voters are the ones who will determine if they will be voted in again.

Few of them will be, but for the rest, it will be the end of the road for them in politics. They will be the angry and confused people. They are not leaders. They are not politicians. They are mere individuals who do not have other things to do with their lives.

Many are stuck where they are in Pakatan because they have found that they could not use Umno and Barisan anymore.

The experiment of 8 March 2008 has taught a valuable lesson for many voters in Malaysia, who can now see the true colors of the people in the opposition especially those in PAS, DAP and also PKR.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Here are some of the most boring news in the world. They are boring because they are repetitive news. And repetitive news are news that are allowed to be repeated.

And the reason why the boring and repetitive news are allowed to be repeated is because the leaders of the country are boring and downright stupid that they had allowed such news to be created.

The most boring news in the world are on the Bangladeshi factories catching fire killing many, young children getting caught in spaces between buildings in china and pseudo-political discourses in Malaysia, and other man-made calamities and media excrements…

Unfortunately, such news are continued to be created because the media people like them. They are easy to package and promoted, much like the drug busting of Mexico and other South American countries, which make America big and law-abiding citizens of the world.

The fact that the Americans are the ones who had created such an industry of drug use and distribution is never discussed.

And not surprising the target are the Mexican drug lords and not the distributors and importers of the drugs in America, who are American citizens. 

Unfortunately, these are news which hog the media in Malaysia and other countries, most of which are constantly reported in the media in Malaysia.

And it is unfortunate too that these stories do not seem to have a good ending. They will continue to be repeated again and again.

The problem why this has to continue is because the countries concern do not know how to put them to a stop.

So one can go on expecting to see other factories and buildings catching fire in Bangladesh, other children getting caught in holes and between tight spaces in China and the repetitive and most boring pseudo-political activities and gatherings in Malaysia which climax in the organization of the Bersih protests.

Bangladesh, China and Malaysia definitely cannot get away from having those things to provide the world the unnecessary media attention to themselves.

And in Malaysia the types of news that are often published in the newspapers mostly are the comments and reactions of the others who are in the second or third rungs of the respective political parties and NGOs, or other individuals who like to give their two-sen worth of views on anything.

Unfortunately, and also ironically, most of the events, especially the pseudo-discourses in Malaysia are all media-prompted or media-created, for without the media supporting them, they could not have happened.

And the Malaysian Police too can be blamed for ‘encouraging’ such activities, although they may want to deny it.

For without the ‘support’ of the media, the protests and demonstrations and other snide comments on pseudo-political discourses could not have been created.

And without the ‘support’ of the police, they could also become useless as media events.

So can’t one suspect that such pseudo-political activities in Malaysia were created by the media and also the police?

What if the media and police ignore the fringe groups and allow them to do as they please without supporting them, would such protests and demonstrations happen?

Maybe not.

There will be so few who would know about these pseudo-political activities that the organizers won’t find it fun to organize more in the future.

It all boils down on how much they can get coverage in the media, and how much they can taunt the authorities especially the police to the run up on their activities, with their leaders getting the limelight that they did not deserve.

Is it also how the media wants to promote their papers?

Can one see how their circulation might have improved especially when there are heightened emotions created by the run up to any pseudo-political activities?

The Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia I know and often see, do not even squirm anymore when they read reports of yet another factory in Dhaka was razed resulting in the death of so many.

Those whose family members die in the fires will mourn, but only temporarily. And once their bodies are laid in the ground, they won’t grunt to demand greater transparency from the government and local authorities so that factory buildings adhere to stricter rules and regulations.

Their members of parliament and other leaders, too, will look elsewhere, as more and more buildings are being renovated to make way for more rooms and partitions to cramp more and more people to live inside of them.

Nothing will change in Bangladesh. The Islamic faith the people say they profess has not helped them. They have not benefited from Islam, and Islam has also not benefited from them.

And because of that they cannot be described as the best examples of a good Muslim as much as the many Malaysians who claim to be Muslims but who behave as though they are Pagans or Non-Believers.

Their bickering over petty pseudo-political matters is proof that they are indeed bad Muslims or not Muslims at all, as Muslims do not quarrel with fellow Muslims.

If they do, they must be guided or influenced by the Devils or Syaitan and Iblis.

Unfortunately, not many of them do not seem to realize this as they continue to bicker over petty pseudo-political issues and matters; the more they claim to be better Muslim and their challenger who are not – as they are Murtad or Disbeliever!   

They have accepted it as a feature in Bangladesh for such things to happen. And it will continue to happen as long as there are some people in Bangladesh who do not adhere to Islamic teachings the right way, despite them being staunch Muslims.

They claim to be staunch Muslims, but this is just their admission. Their deeds or misdeeds prove that they are not so, especially when one sees how many of them are hooked on the cigarettes.

The Bangladeshi men are like the many Indonesian men who are habitual smokers.

They are from some of the most poorest Muslim countries in the world, yet, they have not found the wisdom to choose a healthier lifestyle.

They have not come to realize how cigarette-smoking is part of a western campaign to defraud them of whatever they can earn to allow them to sustain themselves, so they are in a perennial state of poverty and uselessness.