Friday, April 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: On 26 April, the day I posted the first part of this article, Russia again threatened to oppose any United Nations Security Council resolution on Libya which NATO has launched a campaign on.

Any attack on any NATO state is considered by them to be an attack on all the NATO states; but this attitude is not copied by Muslim countries, when they should have also done it. This is how democratic and fair they are. They know how to protect their interests, but they do not allow the other countries to protect theirs.

On 27 April, the prime minister of China, Wen Jiabao made an official visit to Malaysia to strengthen bilateral ties.

Malaysia has become China’s major trading partner so there is reason why China, too, has often used its veto powers in the UN Security Council to try and block resolutions which are against Arab and Muslim interests.

But the Russian leaders have not made any such efforts. Don’t they know they can use their veto powers to benefit their country, too, like what China has got?)

America, the New Communists has embassies which are fortified with tight security that does not encourage anyone to visit them like they wanted to do before and their ambassadors and other staff always try not to have any public profile.

They are basically not seen and not heard; they only conduct their business in the dark and present stilled views on the countries where they are posted to Washington DC, finding faults with the host countries and not knowing how to promote peace and understanding.

America is however, still fortunate, in that their unofficial arm of the State Department, their entertainment industry still allows America to have a nice and friendly face – and how their agents had managed to ‘infiltrate’ the media organizations in many countries that have turned them into agents for America who are unpaid and unrecognized.

But the editors, writers and publishers of the newspapers, magazines and also television stations are still trying to get that recognition from the White House, which they can never get, because the Americans do not want to expose their underground acts to use those organizations to serve them.

They are many television stations that show and publications that publish nothing but American stuff, so they look like they are American organs, with the owners of the organizations feeling mighty proud for doing that. 

Unfortunately, none of them had studied and lived in America, so they feel guilty for not acting like media agents for the country, so they can feel superior, when the opposite should be true.

And in the process, these media organizations have failed to highlight the real America which may not be as friendly as the face that it had created for itself, by their entertainers and entertainment products that are sold very cheaply throughout the world. 

It is quite obvious that America and the west do not care for the feelings of the Arabs and Muslims; they only care for the feelings and emotions of the Zionists.

Brainless America had made a wrong choice to side with so few of the Zionists in the world and sidelined the one billion six hundred million Muslims in the world. Their arithmetic must be so bad that they did not know how to count.

Can Smart America teach Brainless America some lessons on arithmetic or mathematic?

But why must the Arabs and Muslims still want to relate to America, which has destroyed many Arab and Muslim countries, and are not yet done with them, that they want to continue to do so until the whole of the Arab and Muslim Worlds are completely destroyed, however, impossible this can be.

America and its allies can still get away with murder because the Arab and Muslim leaders are still stupid; they are distracted by their limited concerns for their personal well-being and that of their children and cronies.

They are excited if they can copy the type of physical development that they could see in some countries in the west, such as the F1 racing, international golf and tennis tournaments and fashion shows, and sometimes American performers whom they could splurge a lot to have them come over to perform before them by offering them one million American dollars for forty-minutes of lewd behavior, while their own citizen’s welfare is neglected.

These leaders have been gotten rid of. But there are still some more who should be removed by the might of the people in their own countries.

It is time for Russia to assume a new role in world politics and economics.

Russia should insist that the Arab and Muslim countries start to show them gratitude for having tried to save them from America, which the world has seen has become the New Communists.

Isn’t it therefore time for Arab and Muslim countries to show some gratitude to the Russian Federation, by supporting it to allow it to develop?

It is not too late for Arab and Muslim countries to show some gratitude to the Russians and the other Muslim Republics in Central Asia.

The faster it is done, the better it is for the Muslim World.

This will also allow us to start using the Arab dinars and do away with the American dollars.

This will also stop us to be enamored with things American, with Hollywood and their television and media which are all part of their massive propaganda machinery anyway.

Let’s start to create a new world for ourselves from amongst with like minds who wish to live in peace and not with those who have evil intentions and who support the most ruthless regime the world has ever known, the Zionist regime of Israel.

Let’s create new knowledge so that we can better appreciate our own existence, which is not linked to America and the west, unless if we want to reflect on how they had tried to bully us and how they had tried to destroy us.

The former Soviet Union was a very good friend of the Arabs and Muslims. Their successor, the Russian Federation still does it.

Yet, Arab and Muslim countries have neglected it and not shown it any favor or help to take it out of its economic malaise.

Russia needs our help. America and its allies had tried to destroy the Arab and Muslim Worlds, yet, they are still being looked up on.

It’s time for Arab and Muslim countries to look away from America and the west, and to start to look at Russia and the other former Soviet Republics many of which are Muslim countries and also members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Russia has history, has culture and literature and stronger fascination with Muslims and Islam. It has strong ties with all its former Republics which are now Muslim Countries which are members of the OIC.

And these are not ordinary countries; they are those which early Muslim leaders and preachers and other evangelists had trampled upon the land to spread Islam.

They had left long-lasting legacy. There are many ancient masjids all over the country.

All these can become the very basis for the renewed connection and special relationship Arabs and Muslims can find easy to develop.

But there needs to be a systematic approach to this so that growth and enhancement in it can be experienced in tandem with the others.

This can happen at all levels, while at the same time ties with America and the west can slowly be severed, so in the end they can be left to their own device.

America and the west were never fascinated with Islam anyway; their ancestors had embarked on many useless Crusades to crush Islam. They had tried to force their religions – Catholicism and Christianity on the others.

They had never ever tried to be nice to those countries, including many Arab ones; they only wanted to subjugate.

It is therefore time for Arabs and Muslims cooperate even more with the Russians and the others in the Muslim Republics of Central Asia so this region can become extensions of the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

So that America and their allies can remain where they are, since they did not know how to appreciate us. They only know how to appreciate the evil cause of the Zionists.

Let the buck stops for America and their Zionist alter-ego. Let them see how far they can go with their evil intentions, especially if Arab and Muslim countries look elsewhere to conduct their daily business and activities with.

Let America stare at the Zionist state and ask: What can you now do for us in America? The only answer the Zionists will have is: We need more financial support and weapons of mass destruction. This is what they are good at. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: I update my blog every three days. I used to do it every four days. But since I now have more than three hundred essays already written, they cannot wait so long to be posted before new ones are added to the waiting list.

And I do not write essays the type that the others can write such as also this one.)

The answer to the question in the title of this essay is NO! How come?

First the leaders of the former Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation have not demanded it. They should have done that as a bargaining power long ago so most of the political disputes in the world today could have been averted and the Zionist state dismantled, because America would have been given a choice to choose the rest of the world or just the Zionist state.

That’s not much of a choice for America to make anyway.

This choice could still be offered to them, if Russia and the Muslim world confront them it.

But it was also the mistake of the Russians because they did not have leaders who have vision; they allowed themselves to be bothered by current world affairs without knowing how to plan ahead, to ensure Russia becomes a world power that can supersede America, which has turned into a rogue state for its penchant for siding with the ruthless Zionist regime.

But it’s not too late. Russia can start to get the support of all the Arab and Muslim countries to form a strong economic, social, cultural and even military alliance. It has to get out of NATO and use its veto power as much as possible, the same way America uses it for wrong and evil purposes.

It is still not too late; it can be done now that the possibility has been mentioned here.

It will be stupid for the Russians and the Muslim World not to take up on this challenge, unless if they that stupid, not to know that they could become more superior to America and its allies.

America always does such a thing when they want the members of the Security Council to support them, by mostly offering bribes in the form of financial aid.

That is their mistake, not misbehaving like America. But it is still not too late. The New Russia can rise from the Soviet Union and the Old Russia to become the most economically advanced country in the world surpassing America.

After all America has become the New Communists with their embassy buildings around the world fortified and the locals fear even to go near any of them.

On the other hand, the embassies of the Russian Federation are open and no one fears going there for anything, unlike before when they frowned to go anywhere near the embassy buildings of the former Soviet Union.

But for them to be able to do this, they have to seek the support of the Arab and Muslim countries so new intellectualism, creativity and networks as well as systems and institutions have to be introduced and created to overrule those that had been placed by America and its allies since the Second World War that had served them well.

Russia can displace America all over the world, starting with the Arab and Muslim Worlds like America and its allies had displaced the former Soviet Union which ironically was resulted in them having got the support from the Arabs and Muslims especially those in Afghanistan, for without whom America could not have got rid of the Communists in the country.

The only reason why America had wanted to get rid of Communism from the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan, was because they had wanted to take it for themselves, as what has happened although they cannot be true Communists themselves but the New Communists.

And together they can create a new bloc, where the vast Arab and Muslim World market be utilized for this purpose, and in doing so displaces America and its allies including that of Japan, South Korea and even Singapura.

New economic models must be created. And new schools of economic thought have to be introduced.

The Russians first should insist that the Arab and Muslim countries which have benefited from their generosity to at the very least show some gratitude to them for having supported them in the United Nations’ Security Council debates.

The country did not have to do that, but it did.

So it was the Arab and Muslim countries which should be grateful to them; otherwise, they would experience hell especially with America which also holds veto power uses it to inflict damage to them by fully supporting the Zionist state.

But what is done is done. The Arab and Muslim countries can now at least change their ways and attitude towards Russia and it accordingly and start to enhance their ties with it on all levels and in all industries and fields.

The Arabs and Muslims need the Russians more than they do the Americans. The more they appreciate and admire America, the more the status quo of the Zionist state appreciates.

In other words, the continued existence of the Zionist state in the midst of the Arab World is solidified by the Arab countries’ support for America.

It is therefore ironic that this sort of situation has happened and more ironic how the Palestinian and Arab leaders have been doing this all these years without anyone not realizing their folly.

I have said few times before, the Palestinian and Arab and other Muslim political and other leaders are all dumb.

If they are not, such a situation would have been allowed to happen for long.

It has happened for more than six decades in the existence of the Zionist state.

Have the Arabs and Muslim leaders been ungrateful to them and to their predecessor, the Soviet Union?

The Arab and Muslim leaders and countries have been totally ungrateful to the Russians and former Soviets.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If America practices and promotes all these freedoms, then surely, the Middle East problems would have been solved long ago by the interaction and interplay of these freedoms.

No one has ever connected these freedoms to the Middle East and other problems America has gotten itself into, because of the lacking of these freedoms in the country.

There are strong connections, as they would have been discussed, debated and profiled in plays, musicals and films as well as television drama serials with the crooked Zionists profiled in major Hollywood films and limited drama serials and shown worldwide with the Palestinians profiled as the victims of their aggression and cruelty.

The press in America is also third rate and too self-centered, too self-serving, too narrow-minded and too partisan to be fair. They publish mostly American propaganda.

There is not one American-Muslim who is a columnist of any major newspaper or an anchorman in a television station.

There is also no television drama serial that has a Muslim-American in it, or stories on their experiences.

No wonder many Americans are bigots and downright racists because their system encourages them to behave so.

All this results in occasional outbursts by some of their own kind, in the persons of Terry Jones and Peter King.

They were all following in the footsteps of some early Hollywood directors who had profiles Arabs and Muslims and other people of color to be antagonists in their films, including Steven Spielberg who made tons of money spewing hatred of them in many of his films in the Indiana Jones series.

So who can say the American press is free then? Who says there is freedom of expression in America and of assembly and also of religion?

If so, why are some Muslims not allowed to build their own Islamic Center in South Manhattan and the Holy Koran desecrated by Christian bigots of a small fringe private church in Florida?

The church is so small; it only has fifty members in the congregation; so they cannot claim to have the full and undivided support of all Americans.

Their pastor Terry Jones should burn their own church instead and revert to Islam so they can be part of a much larger group of people so they know how to feel and act better. 

Fortunately, Florida is not the ‘Mecca’ of religions dissent in America. And Florida is not the New American South of the Sixties when they frowned on the presence of the Blacks or African-Americans as being utterly offensive to the community.

And why the American government or their spy organizations should be allowed to have the upper hand to charge others when they themselves should be charged for the same offense.

They do not look within themselves and their system to see how rotten they are; because they are so busy trying to find faults with the others.

Therefore, its high-time for better educated people in America and the rest of the world to put the spotlight on the press in America and on the American government and their agencies some of which are being in full control of individuals who had been in charge of them for so long and unhindered and away from the focus of the Congress or White House.

They are the ones who are formulating the foreign policies of America and not their president who now becomes their spokesman or public relations officer.

In theory they do. But in practice, it is obvious that they don’t. But the American government and many Americans want to think they do.

The truth is that they don’t. If they do, then why are some issues of pressing concerns have not been put to debate? Why are the issues concerning to Zionist brutality not even mentioned in the American press?

The American press is no different than the presses in the repressive regimes, the American government often condemns in their annual report on human rights, when in truth, their press too is not free.

They act as the unofficial government mouthpiece which is no different than the media mouthpieces of the repressive governments that America often chides.

If there practice and promote freedom of the press, of expression and of free speech and of assembly, then the problems in the Middle East would have been solved long ago.

It is a well-known American and Zionist strategy to break up the Muslim and Third Worlds so that the countries in them do not support each other so they can get a voice of their own.

So that they are forever beholden to their masters, who can bully them. They are not the masters who provide, but that who cheat and steal their natural resources and still feel ungrateful.

Muslim countries have been providing America with cheap oil, but what do they get in return?

They get their countries bombed so that their natural resources, especially oil could be theirs for a lot cheaper or even free!

But, how come there is no literature and discourse on all these in America by their intellectuals and other analysts?

The reason being the American public has been cowed by the system that had been hijacked by their later presidents and politicians who disapprove of what the American Constitution had spelled out.

The creation of the Zionist state of Israel and the continued support for the continued existence of this state is against the American Constitution.

Yet, there is no American president or American citizen who is brave enough to seek to overturn the decision made by their former presidents.

Many novels, plays, musicals, feature films and television drama serials could have been produced during the six decades of the formation of the Zionist state, on the heroism of the Zionist leaders and their Israeli Defense Force or IDF, who had managed to demolish homes, refugee camps and caused the loss of lives of the Palestinians.

But there is none of these.

On the contrary, even a small off-Broadway play on an American woman who was mowed down by an IDF tractor was not allowed to be performed.

If the press in America is free, this and the other stories on the plight of the Palestinians would have been produced, so that the thinking of the American and their voters could be affected.

In fact, even Aljazeera was not allowed to operate in America.

No wonder most Americans do not know what the Zionist leaders and their IDF have been doing; with each aggression being suppressed.

The death of a Zionist supporter is often highlighted and given ample coverage in the American media, while Zionist and IDF aggression is stifled, like it did not matter just how many innocent Palestinians were killed mercilessly.

There was no coverage or discussion on the earlier Zionist strategy to kill young Palestinians so that they could not grow up to create more Palestinian martyrs. That was a strategy which even the Nazis had not thought of. This is a Zionist specialty.

Yet, there is no mention of it in the press in America.

The press in America dared to oust one of their presidents, Richard M Nixon. But this does not mean that they practice and promote freedom of the press.

There were more pressing issues which their press had neglected to highlight. On the contrary, they chose to ignore them and worse, to take sides.

The Middle East problems exist till today simply because the press in America had chosen to take sides and

And the American government and other so-called international human rights organizations had not dared to look at the atrocities committed by the Zionists, and always look elsewhere to charge small countries of being insensitive to the plight of their ordinary citizens.

And most of these are Arab and Muslim countries as well as the other small countries in the Third World, whose future was caused by neglect and economic as well as cultural sabotage by America and the west.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: I have been asked why I have been harping on the same issues. The answer is that I am representing the voices of many, most of who could not write, including those in America itself.

If there were smart political and military and intellectual leaders in America and Europe, the Middle East problems would have been solved long ago, so the whole now could live in peace.

They also could not see. And I believe in America of old, but not the America of the now, which has changed beyond recognition. And I can be of help to it, if they only care to listen.

All the Palestinian leaders are stupid. More stupid are the Zionist leaders who can’t speak English well. And all of them are people who are not well educated.

That is why we still have stupid issues on the Middle East those which should have been solved long ago in the early 1950s.)

Here are the tricks. They are plain and simple for everybody to see, but not to those who are blind, especially those in the White House, Congress and Pentagon as well as the American media and intellectual circles in America and the west.

America and the Zionist state of Israel have been using such tricks for so long and the process is repeated again and again with the Zionists’ Israel Defense Force or IDF performing acts of aggression against the Palestinians who have no means to defend themselves.

And when the Palestinians try to react, by throwing stones and occasionally small home-made bombs, they receive insurmountable over-reaction by the same IDF, which causes more damage and loss of life amongst the Palestinians.

And America will condone their action and if there is a resolution in the UN, it will use its veto power to stop the world body from doing anything harmful to the Zionist state.

This is the scenario which has been repeated since the creation of the Zionist state in 1948.

This sort of trick is still being used till today. And by doing so, the Zionist state has managed to wrest control of land owned by the Palestinians bit by bit, with the Zionist building new settlements to a new group of recent immigrants.

They also did not feel remorseful for having done similar acts and tricks, as these are the only tricks that they have up their sleeves. Yet, they behave and feel like they are victims of aggression and not the perpetrators of it, that Zionism is more superior to Judaism.

Yes, the Zionists have illogical views of everything, which they have convinced only America and their allies, but the rest of the world frown on them.

They don’t care as they believe they can live on their own with America that provides their only experience with the world for them, even when their tourists and their leaders who trample on all the lands in the world without them being targeted.

It is therefore strange that no American president had dared to make an official visit to the Zionist state. 

All this is happening while the Zionist leaders and their American backers and supporters pretend to want to drag the Palestinian leadership to the ‘peace table’, a move which is to hide their insidious acts of grabbing Palestinian land piece by piece, until there is no more left.

Only then the Zionists will feel lost, unless if they want to take their show onto lands in other neighboring Arab countries such as Lubnan, Syria and Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia, a scenario which may be too far-fetched for anyone to comprehend.

It is clearly how America are misusing the United Nations’ vetoes; installing stupid despots in some confused Arab countries neighboring Israel; offering financial aid amounting to us$15 billion a year to Israel and a few billion dollars a year to the despots with the cohorts of the third rate press in America.

Vetoes are there for the six permanent members of the UN Security Council to use to promote peace, and not to protect a renegade state which has blatantly continued to feel safe and secure to allow it to inflict destruction of property and loss of life when it feels like doing so.

American political leaders are so dumb not to know what the precious veto power can allow them to do. And they have been using it for the wrong reasons.

So America can be described as a terrorist state, for misusing the veto power that it has.

That it has never used such veto power to stop aggression or to support those who suffer in the hands of the inhuman and ruthless Zionist regime for too long now.

America therefore, cannot be entrusted with such veto powers; it should relinquish their special position in the UN Security Council.

Imagine: If America did not have veto power in the UN Security Council, the Zionist state would not be in such a despicable state all this while.

In fact, the Zionist leaders would not have dared to misbehave themselves. They could only do so with the support of America, which is seen by Muslim and non-Muslim countries as a terrorist state.

The only difference is that they are allowed to be so by the UN itself, so they being a terrorist state has legitimacy, but it cannot be condoned as it is against their own Constitution, which they didn’t realize all this while!

And how could America think that the tricks they have been using all these years to prop up a sickening Zionist regime could not be exposed?

And if there are smart Arab and Muslim leaders who care for world peace, they can look at these three simple and naïve tricks America and the Zionist leaders have been using all these while.

There are no smart Arabs or Muslims. If there are, they would have been first to say this.

Yet, even if they are told of it, they still do not know what to do with it, and will use the conventional ways to solve the Middle East problems.

They are not the Middle East problems, but America’s and the Zionists’ and UN’s problems.

The Palestinians and Middle East are at the receiving end of their aggression.

And if these Arab and Muslim leaders are smart enough they can do something with them to form some solid opinions on how to get rid of these tricks, by first exposing them to a bigger audience so they, too will know them.

However, if the Arab and Muslim and other world leaders particularly those in Cuba, Venezuela and other countries in South America, which have been at the receiving end of American and Zionist ire, they can consult me.

I know how to clear off those tricks, so the UN veto becomes useless and the despots which have one by one been disposed at the present time cannot be reinstalled in the same form and shape, from other Arab and Muslim leaders.

America and the Zionist leaders are not that smart. They are liars. They do not trust their brains; they prefer to use the bad sides of their brains.

Worse, they think they can get away with murder.

But the buck has to stop somewhere for all of them. And the tricks they have been using can be used against them.

America does not believe in the freedom of information and of free speech. How so? They did not charge the Zionist state for not allowing Vanunu to go anywhere in the world to talk about what he knows is happening deep in the Negev Desert.

So Vanunu speaking around the world is a no-no, unless if he wants to be persecuted. But where are Amnesty International and the other organizations which claim to care for refugees and those who are being persecuted?

And where are the literati and filmmakers? Why have they not bothered to write on him or to produce a feature film on him?

Amnesty International has not bothered to declare Vanunu a ‘Prisoner of Conscience’. Amnesty International is biased to the core. It likes to bully smaller countries which do not have any means to defend themselves.

And America can easily apply sanctions to these countries but not to the Zionist state, which seem to enjoy unfettered freedom to do whatever they like. Their leaders can do and say almost anything however ridiculous. America supports them, without thinking; without questioning.

America or its leaders is in such a despicable state. Its policies are shaped not by what their Constitution has stated, but by mere assumptions. They are unwritten policies, based mostly on attitudes which were formed by the early president who had endorsed the creation of the Zionist state, however, wrong it was.

Till now, no one in America dares to question the logic that their then president had used to come to that sort of agreement and approval to support the Zionist state.

America and the Zionist state have not revealed what sort of nuclear program the Zionists have in the same desert.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



(Note: The second part of this essay was first published in 17 June, 2010.)

How is Iran coming into the picture? Will they be the reincarnation of the Romans of ancient times who will create the siege on Egret Israel to create the second Masada?
And how are they being fashioned by their adversaries and other traditional foes to be the modern-day version of the ancient Romans.

Can they stop what history has decided, and what they want the Iranians to do for them?

Iran is not backing off from being a nuclear state so that it is at par with the other nuclear states, including those who did not disclose their nuclear capability and continue to lie to the world, as if it is not against their religion to do so.

Can a country and their leaders exist in such a lying situation and not brave enough to admit it?

They are not even brave enough to admit to what they have. So how can the rest of the world trust them for anything?

This is yet another clear sign of the coming of the Second Masada.

And what an eerie description, considering how Iran is physically encircling Israel together with Iraq and the other Arab countries in the Middle East.

How could the Zionist elders not realize this when they decided to choose land in Palestine as their new Egret Israel?

Didn’t they also realize how stark the similarities the Jews of Biblical times who were surrounded by the Romans and perched on top of the plateau and fortified by the fortress they could build to stave off whatever attacks that the Romans then were capable of doing, until they succeeded after three years of trying?

The resemblances between the Ancient Masada and the Second Modern-day Masada are so striking.

I don’t think anyone likes it if he is given this sort of inspiration to write. Many, who might have been given it, have not dared to put down their thoughts and inspiration in this fashion as they are scary.

The Jews need to be saved from the SECOND MASADA. It is here; with the construction of the ZIONIST WALL, the Second Masada is taking shape right before our very eyes.

And it won’t be long before it happens. 

Is a chilling scenario happening right before our very eyes; and for the last six decades it is what was happening, and unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves, they are getting massive support from America and most of the countries in Europe and the west to help them create Egret Israel, the land for all Jews to converge – which will eventually become their Second Masada?

The first Masada happened in the Year 73 CE after making a few failed attempts over a period of three years, to ram down the fortress, despite the Romans having an army of 10,000 soldiers.

“Since we long ago resolved never to be servants to the Romans, nor to any other than to God Himself, Who alone is the true and just Lord of mankind, the time is now come that obliges us to make that resolution true in practice...

We were the very first that revolted, and we are the last to fight against them; and I cannot but esteem it as a favor that God has granted us, that it is still in our power to die bravely, and in a state of freedom,” said Elazar ben Yair, the leader of the Jews, before he and the other Jews who were in the Masada committed mass suicide.

Yet, despite this, the Zionists and Jews never have any anger towards the Romans as they do the Palestinians.  

For those who are not familiar with the Masada, here is a quick and brief run-through of it.

It is where the less than 1,000 Jews who had fled Israel were trapped or had trapped themselves on a hill where they created a fortress which they thought was a formidable one, so that after the FIRST JEWISH-ROMAN WAR, the Romans who were running after them would not dare to find them there as the trip to the top of the hill on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the DEAD SEA was difficult to transverse, and laying a siege on them. 

But what the extremist Jews known as the ZEALOTS as they were described didn’t think of is if they could find themselves perched on top of the hill, surely and surely, the Romans who were desperate to get them, could also do the same eventually.

And the worst that could happen to the Jews then was how by constructing the fortress on top of the hill; they had also by default and directly or indirectly created a trap so that they would not be able to go anywhere if the Romans could come near them, as what had finally happened.

So what did the Jews do? They simply decided to go against the teachings in the Torah and Talmud which forbid suicide, and did just that. And their leaders thought they were smart enough to ask those who were going to commit suicide, not to destroy the food they had then.

Why is this so? Were they so charitable to their enemies who were pursuing them so if they finally got into the fortress, they would not only find dead bodies of the Jews but also food so they could take it to survive.

More than 900 Jews committed suicide at the Masada. And those who did not want to commit suicide were also trapped there, and no thanks to their ingenious way to protect themselves which was to construct the fortress. It proved to be the fortress that had also trapped them.

And come back to the present time.

The Zionists and Jews who support Zionism who have returned to Egret Israel think they are smart in coming together from all over the world, and for also constructing the GREAT ZIONIST WALL surrounding the land belonging to the Palestinians.

Their logic is this would keep them from harm, from being attacked by the Palestinians even though they are armed with stones and small rocks.

But what the Zionists did not realize is how the same wall or fortress has created the NEW MASADA which has also trapped all the Jews who are hiding behind it.

The scenario which has been created by the construction of the wall is chillingly similar to what the Jews in the years BCE.

So one does not need to be a seer, to find the two incidents which are separated by more than a few thousand years to think how the fate of the Jews is now sealed, that they cannot escape persecution. Only this time, it is of their own doing.

The Zionist elders have been misled into thinking they are the saviors or NEW MESSIAHS of the Jews, despite them spouting nothing but Zionist propaganda.

And they have taken many of the Jews who had unknowingly become the new generation of victims like those more than 900 Jews who had to commit suicide at the Masada.

What have led the Zionists to think they were saving the Jews and Judaism by insisting on the creation of Egret Israel and forming their own separate state, when it was not supposed to be?

What had driven the Zionist leaders to think they are the modern-day Messiahs whose only existence on this earth was to save the Jews and Judaism from extinction if the Jews continued to live amongst those who are not of the same religion as theirs?

Six decades since the formation of the Zionist state and we have already come to this! It is the part which saw the construction of the ZIONIST WALL around Egret Israel, which to many reminds them of the fortress of Masada in Biblical times.

The similarities to the story surrounding the expulsion of the Jews and the small group of extremists called Zealots to the present day Zionists and their state are too striking to ignore.

Thursday, April 14, 2011



(Note: This article was first published on 14 June, 2010.)

It’s a tragedy which is repeating itself which will cause history to be written again. 

And unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves and their cohorts and their other supporters, the Zionists are creating the New Masada.

The Zionists are fashioning themselves as the modern-day messiahs who are misleading the flock to Ezret Israel…and to their second and more tragic Masada?   

(Masada or ‘Metzuda’ means mountain castle, fortress or stronghold. However, to the layman; it means resistance or act of defiance.) 

What the Zionists have been doing for the last six decades and especially what everybody can see in their state of Israel allows us to draw some very disturbing conclusion on the stark similarities between what the Jews of biblical times had experienced and what has happened at the new Masada otherwise known as Egret Israel today.  

Have the Zionists been blinded by their personal adventures not to realize that they are the ones who will cause their own annihilation and by creating the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims into the modern-day versions of the ancient Romans? 

Isn’t Israel now being besieged on all sides by the ‘advancing’ Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims – never mind their conscience, since they may not want to think they don’t have any of that?

If they did, none of them would have dared to say the lives of 100,000 Palestinians is not worth the toe of a Jew! What a considerate comparison indeed!

Haven’t the Zionists now found a leader of the modern-day ‘ancient Romans’ in the person of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, an unlikely mathematic professor of Tehran University who is leading his country by calculating what would happen soon?

Masada shall not fall again!’ proclaimed all the self-righteous Jews, taking the ancient historical event or calamity as a lesson they would not forget, ever.

Says who?

The truth is, it had fallen in 73 CE, and leaving only remnants of the former fortress perched on the hill overlooking the Dead Sea. So it cannot fall again.

But the second Masada, which is Egret Israel constructed by the Zionists will, because it was created by them so that it would in time soon will fall trapping in all those who had converged there thinking it was their salvation to return t the ‘promised land’. But what a promise!

Alas, it is not the promise they think contained in the Talmud or torah but of the Zionists. 

There are signs that the second Masada will soon happen and what happened in the first Masada of 73 CE (formerly BC, meaning Before Christ) will be repeated. This time it will be more tragic.

The Jews who have been misled by the Zionists must be saved for their own good. The world needs them to fit the whole puzzle so that they are welcome back into the arms of the Abrahamic faith and away from the Zionist Zeal which had caused them to be so distracted from Allah.

Allah helps them for they have done no wrong, other than to follow the fake messiahs they believed had been sent to them by him.  

Is a tragedy reminiscent of the Masada of biblical times about to repeat itself with the Jews bring flocked to Egret Israel and trapping themselves behind the high Zionist wall, as their conscience continue to torment them everyday, which is reminded by the presence of the Palestinians? Don’t the Palestinians remind the Zionists and their supporters of the Ancient Romans who were steadfast in their claim to the land and also proving to the world how cruel the once Dispossessed who are now disposing them in this modern era?   

And no thanks to the Americans, the English, Europeans and Westerners and whoever supports the Zionist cause for they are playing into the hands of the Zionists who really have scant respect for the G_d-fearing Jews who follow closely the teachings of their Holy Torah and Talmud.

Zionism and the Zionists are never mentioned in these holy books who fashioned themselves from Mount Zion, when calling themselves after Masada would not be appropriate. 

No amount of chanting before the WAILING WALL in BAITULMUKADDIS (Jerusalem or Yarusalayahim) can drown the noises of the crying Palestinians they had killed over the last six decades. And no amount of pray can atone for their sins, as new sins are created.

Their Day of Judgment will come sooner to them then expected with the SECOND MASADA.

Most of the Zionists are now perched over a cliff overlooking the Palestinian land they had seized and the Wall can never block their view of it. Palestine and the Palestinians are everywhere, especially in their conscience.

They are also perched over History which is going to be rewritten, and Time which they had all ignored as being a nuisance and irrelevant.

No wonder in Time, soon, they, too, would become History, as History has a way of repeating itself.

And unbeknownst to Zionists, they had reconstructed the Second Masada in their minds and now in form – Egret Israel as well as the Zionist Wall surrounding it, as the cries of the Palestinians whom they had killed and those whom they are punishing are being heard louder each day.

The Wall is also a new Fortress Masada that has enclosed all the Jews and Zionist supporters within it like the 1,000 or so Jews of ancient time who were locked on top of the hill overlooking the Dead Sea, until its walls were attacked by the Romans.  

There is no escape route for the Jews who are now trapped in the Wall. And if there is a natural calamity like an earthquake, no one from inside the wall can escape it and they will perish. Leaving the wall would be going to the Palestinians and the Mediterranean Sea or face complete annihilation.

Both are the only choices available to them, according to their holy books. Unless if they choose to do what the 920 Jews at Masada of 73 CE did, which was to perform mass suicide!  

And the Palestinians are like the Romans of Biblical times; Ahmedinejad leading them, if his critics and serious analysts are to be believed.

They seem to want to fashion him as some ancient Roman general who led the siege on Masada of old by falling into Ahmedinejad’s trap. Each time the Iranians fire a new missile into space for a test, it heightens the suspicion of the Zionists, Americans and the Westerners who fear the coming of the Second Masada even more, although they may not be fully aware of it happening in this fashion as they are too busy trying to reconstruct History which they can never succeed.

If they could succeed, it would have happened long ago, even before Iran became a nuclear state. Now it is too late.