Thursday, March 29, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Have a concert prior to the start of each match to entertain as well as educate the crowds and to soothe their emotions.

The Asean football federation (AFF) Suzuki cup tournament must have a new concept, so that old British-style football which creates hooliganism does not influence some of the supporters of the countries taking part in it, especially Indonesia.

Turn it into the AFF Suzuki cup friendly tournament with the officials from the respective football associations, their political leaders and media highlighting different aspects of the tournament.

Fans and supporters are not allowed to don the jerseys of their national teams so they are allowed and encouraged to co-mingle in the stadium to watch the matches.

In this way they are vulnerable so they know how to behave better.

It is very bad to have them placed in different sections in the stadium where they can misbehave themselves where they can also feel empowered by it.

And putting them in the dark can prove to be effective as what the match at Gelora Bung Karno between Malaysia and Indonesia on 29 December, 2010 had proven, if they misbehave themselves. 

The other competing countries do not have problems with unruly supporters other than Indonesia.

The problem is that the AFF Suzuki Cup does not have a clear reason to have the tournament in the first place.

So what they can do from now is to turn it into a friendly tournament.

What this means is that the national teams and their countries as well as their supporters do not talk about the winning team, but those which exhibit the most grace.

This tournament is therefore aimed to promote goodwill amongst nations.

It cannot be used or copy British and the European football leagues which stress on which team or country is the best.

Media promotion of hooliganism of the rowdy supporters of some of the British football teams had been publicized in many newspapers around the world; this encouraged many in Malaysia and more so in Indonesia to follow suit.

When in the past they would go to the stadiums dressed properly, now they have to turn themselves into clowns.

It’s not just that they want to don the jerseys of their favorite teams but they also want to create a ruckus to attract themselves, and to create street theater and are allowed to spout venomous comments which the media always finds interesting to comment.

The supporters have been encouraged to provide color to the matches. But they have soiled the colors of their own national flags and jerseys.

Malaysian and also ASEAN football have developed by leaps and bounds, so has the type of support that their teams can get from their supporters.

In the ASEAN region, winning should be the least of our concern. The utmost concern is how the tournament can be used to promote goodwill.

If this can be stressed, the supporters of Indonesia can be educated to appreciate this concept and in time they can learn how to behave more properly.

And there must also be audience prizes for the best behaved supporters.

The only reasons why the Indonesian supporters at the finals in Jakarta last night had to 'behave' was that the lights were not lit on them, so they could not exhibit the protests and banners to themselves and to the viewers on live television.

The Malaysian officials other than the team officials were also not shown on live television so they could not be targeted.

These are probably moves that were implemented by FIFA and the Indonesian security officials to clamp down on unnecessary protests.

Yet, the newspapers in Malaysia are still at it by highlighting the negative behaviors of some of the unreasonable Indonesian supporters who carried soiled Upin & Ipin toys when they could have highlighted comments and actions by the many other Indonesian supporters which are positive.

That’s stupid Malaysian journalism at its worst. The journalist must be given the Worst Journalist Award even though it was the editor who published his stupid story. The two of them should share the award then.

The persons involved did not have anything to say; they only want to be seen. And they got what they had wanted, courtesy of old Malaysian journalism which still likes to sensationalize such trivial issues.

If they were not given any prominence and promotion by the media, they would stop doing such things in the future.

Even prime minister, Najib Tun Razak and Indonesian president Susilo's personal comments on the second leg of the finals between Malaysia and Indonesia are not intelligent.

What they should have said was that the match between Malaysia and Indonesia must be seen as a divine way to encourage greater interaction and understanding between the peoples of the two countries.

They should not deal with petty personal and selfish concerns on what chances their national teams had to win the Cup.

So it is disappointing to hear the two saying such things which must not be allowed even by the ordinary supporters, as it could inflame unnecessary passion amongst the supporters of their national teams, especially if they lose.

In fact, even if Indonesia had won the Cup, they would misbehave even more, to taunt the Malaysian team and country.

But at least the final match at Gelora Bung Karno went on well.

This proves that the unruly supporters of the Indonesian team had lost.

So instead of them having a ball throughout the match, they were not seen on television as their image had been darkened when the lights on them were not lit so they could not show their true colors and the words on the banners they had painstakingly created and brought to the stadium.

At the same time, the persons who had earlier wanted to spray laser beams at the Malaysian goal-keeper could not do it as he could be pinpointed in the darkness.

It is therefore a pity if football matches of international tournaments must be held in such a situation with the viewers purposely hidden from their own crowd and on television.

Will this teach them a lesson in future, if they still want to be seen and heard? They have to behave properly if they want this to happen.

And wouldn’t it be good also if the matches can open with some concerts where entertainers and cultural troupes from the participating countries appear for one hour prior to the start of the matches?

This can be done and it can definitely help to promote better understanding of each other’s cultures and to soothe the emotions and nerves of some of those who may want to create unnecessary issues.

Monday, March 26, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

An Indian friend of mine was arrested simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He sat in a restaurant in Pudu where the police was trying to nab some Indian gangsters.

When they noticed plainclothes policemen approaching them, they started to run away including my friend who ran in the back lane.

The problem is they did not know who the plainclothes policemen were because all of them thought they were thugs.

Even when my friend was accosted in the back lane he tried to go away from them as he feared being robbed by thieves.

The policemen did not identify themselves, so it was not anyone's fault for thinking that they were indeed thugs.

Of course, those who were not Indians were spared as they were not their targets that day.

He was later apprehended and brought to the police station where he was made to confess to being in the gang.

The strange part is that he did not know anyone of those who were also detained there, and they also did not know him. He happened to live nearby so the restaurant was his favorite joint.

He was banished to Cameron Highlands where he worked as a waiter in a restaurant for two years, to fend for himself.

In the last few days of his two-year banishment period, he took a taxi to return to his rented room.

However, the taxi strayed just slightly out of the two-kilometer radius of his banishment area, and sure enough a policeman happened to be there, like he knew the taxi was taking him.

It also looked as though the taxi-driver and the policeman had pre-planned to nab my friend again.

And sure enough, this Indian man was detained for straying beyond the banishment area, although it was no fault of his to be out of the area as he was no there on his own accord but by the doing of the taxi-driver.

He was sent to Pulau Jerejak in Pulau Pinang for two more years, and was later released.

His only crime was that he had gone to a restaurant for a drink on the morning of a raid on a group of Indian gangsters.

Therefore, to those who assume anyone who had been banished had done anything criminal he is wrong; there are those who were banished for no reason at all.

The best part of all, which he told me was how there was an Indian man who seemed to be scared and of the ‘soft’ type, when he first got to Pulau Jerejak.

Yet, when he was there, he toughened up and with the contacts he managed to get with the others who were also criminals and gangsters, he became a leader.

So when he was released he operated his own gang.

That was how someone who was picked up from the street or restaurant as in this case, and who was soft, could graduate to become a full-fledge gang leader, courtesy of the time he was banished and spent in Pulau Jerejak.

Is this truth of fiction? Is this something plausible and it could happen?

So was it not good for the Banishment Act be repealed so that those who were never in the world of crimes could remain outside of it, without some of them being pushed to the extreme that they had no alternative left to go to the other side of the law when they were finally released from detention.

Of course, there were many who were arrested and detained and banished who deserved to get the treatment, as they were not the meek or those with soft disposition, who could escape the law because they were smart.

Some of them had mended their ways when they were banished and later sent to detention camps.

Few even reverted to Islam, after so much reflection, so they could take themselves away from the life of crime to lead a normal life which they could never achieve if left to their own device.

So it was this type of people who needed the act.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I am amazed as to how and why those who often review films and the film industry of Malaysia almost always look only at the number of films produced in a year, which has increased significantly, and how much they made, which has also gone beyond the RM10 million ringgit-mark.

Yes, there is even one columnist of an English language newspaper who specializes in writing on this and he can get a job just doing that.

No wonder, what he writes does not attract the attention of even those in the film industry who consider what he writes to be frivolous indeed. Yet, his editor does not seem to care.

And the other film reviewers are not better simply because their perspective on film and the industry in Malaysia is too limited to what they can see and perceive.

Unfortunately, most of them review the plot in the film. They are the plot-reviewers. They are not film reviewers, much less film critics, who often have to write lengthy essays on film and occasionally publish books on the same subject. 

This is in fact, what novice reviewers and analysts do, which is to look at the obvious; they are awed and excite with numbers and box office collection, and nothing else.

But all of them have conveniently neglected to look at is how many of the scores of films produced by Malaysian film companies, that have been selected by international film festivals.

No wonder all of them seem to be happy describing how the Malaysian film industry had progressed with it now being able to produce scores of films each year, even when most of them are of the same type and in the same genres.

None of them had or could be bothered with the fact that so few or no Malaysian film had been invited or selected by international film festivals, to see how the industry had grown and where new Malaysian films have been accepted.

Last year – 2011 – there is only one significant film which was selected, which is ‘Bunohan’, and this year, so far, there is only one, which is a documentary called, ‘Writing in the Sand…on how the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011 could have been avoided’.

And not surprisingly, the directors of the two films are those who had studied film formally abroad, with ‘Bunohan’ directed by Dain Said in England and the documentary by me, in America.

So it seems that whilst those who had made numerous feature films that had gone on to collect a lot of money at the local box office, none of them had managed to gain recognition internationally.

Some of them could only get recognition in the Malaysian Film Festival where the recognition is not so well recognized internationally.

In fact, none of the films that had won recognition in such festivals has been invited by film festivals abroad.

This should be a huge blow to the members of the jury of the festival which means that their selection has not been endorsed by their counterparts abroad.

The problem is that most of the films that have managed to get a good collection at the box office in Malaysia are those which have Malay elements, and they are presented in a format which was created by Hollywood and other pseudo-Hollywood cinemas, especially those of Hong Kong and India.

In other words, if this can be translated into music, it means that the directors and producers of those Malay films used traditional Malay music but in the new beat such as rock, heavy metal and rap, which attract the attention of the local viewers.

It is ironic how by doing so, the directors are selling the soul of their films so that they do not exhibit Malay traits.

So if these films are dubbed into Filipino or Spanish or other foreign languages, the characters which are essentially Malay can pass for those of the other races.

In the end, history will judge these films to be useless to the cause of the development of the New Malaysian Cinema and of the Malay psyche, if the directors know what we are talking about, and if they care what they are doing.

Most likely they do not, as their only motivation is to produce films which make it at the box office, irregardless of whether they demean their own race and also religion in the process.

They are proud of the fact that their films made money at the box office and if they are lucky, they can get some awards in the Malaysian Film Festival.

They do not have any higher aspiration.

Yet, there is no film reviewer or critic has bothered to talk about this aspect of the cinema, as if it is not important, for films produced by Malaysians to get recognition abroad in international film festivals, so that new images of Malaysia, or the Melayu and Muslims and Islam can be created.

Monday, March 12, 2012


By Mansor bin Puteh

Where are the smart persons and political commentators of Malaysia?

Don’t they know what America and the White House and their diplomatic missions are doing all these years?

It seems that their attitude and postures have not changed a bit, as does those of the smart persons and political commentators.

And I want to add, the intelligence personnel of Malaysia and of the other countries who could not see what they are being shown by America and the White House by the acts they are committing all the time, so much so that the Malaysian media has become tools for America to use. 

America needs such people whom they have ‘placed’ in those places to do their bidding.

Isn’t it time for the whole world to realize what America and the White House are doing?

Isn’t it also time for the Muslim World to have special awards for women who stand against the tide of Americanism in their own countries and who dare to make a difference?

When will the whole world realize the awards given by America and the White House to some women to be nothing but their propaganda campaign and to create heroes out of nothing?

There was one Malaysian woman, who happens to be of Tamil origin, who was also given such a recognition.

But generally, the recognition only makes it known to one and all in Malaysia and the rest of the world and also to India how she has been used by America and the White House.

It is also ironic how America and the White House can be so brash to think that their ploy could not be exposed.

Because they know their assets in Malaysia and other countries would not be frozen, and Americans can still move about freely, although they may not be able to shout about how they are Americans like they could before.

So most Americans in Malaysia go about quietly.

This is what America and Americans have been reduced to and it is all due to the foreign policies of their country which were so shaped by the poor quality politicians, diplomats and spies who had fed their political leaders with wrong information, due to their poor quality education and training.

Yes, most American diplomats and spies are not properly trained. They were sent to represent their country not to establish better relations but to find ways on how to cause its collapse i.e. by siding with the opposition and anti-government NGOs.

Maybe the rest of the world and also Americans are not aware of it, but someone now does, that America and the White House aim to sow hatred of the people of some countries they target for which they claim to want to establish cordial relations with.

Isn’t it so stupid of them to think how Malaysians and the rest of the world would not know this that America and the White House do not wish to see Malaysia prosper as it will be bad for the non-Muslims?

And giving the recognition to the Hindu Malaysian at the White House exposes this ploy more than the recognition it claims to be offering.

Nobody knows why she was singled out, since her deeds are mostly negative in nature, to the overall prosperity of the country.

America wants to see Muslim-Malaysia suffer, and go down the road of Afghanistan and Iraq. But America does not have any legitimate or illegitimate excuse to harm it.

For now they only have some individuals in some of the NGOs and opposition politicians whom they think can be of some use for them.

It is okay for America to have campaigns to oust legitimate government in countries all over the world. Yet, they claim to be promoting democracy.

Unfortunately, the only type of democracy they want to promote is American democracy which is an alien political philosophy which can gain credence and support from the opposition groups in every country since there will be many of them, whose parties and leaders are constantly on the lookout for the chance to rule those countries.

And America busies itself by supporting them in the hope that they can directly cause the collapse of those countries which they, ironically, have friendly relations with, where they also have their embassies in, whose diplomats are supposed to be on the constant lookout to promote bilateral ties with the country they are servicing.

Unfortunately, most of these American diplomatic missions do not serve such a purpose as they act more like spy agencies, which fronts as friendly missions but whose real mission is to sow hatred of the reigning government.

And each year, the American first lady, now Michelle Obama offers special awards to women who America and/or the White House considers to be exemplary women.

But alas, they are just women who serve the cause of America. They might as well admit to being agents of America whose mission is to sow hatred and discontent amongst the people in the country they are in.

So no wonder, all of these women are from countries that are in turmoil with some which are not so.

And they are mostly Arab and Muslim ones. There is no woman in America which worthy to be given such a recognition by the American government or the White House, especially the brave women who had stood before the White House and also in front of Wall Street and slept in the parks where they were hounded by the local authorities for exercising their democratic rights to be heard.

The reason being, America does not consider them to be heroes. Heroes from amongst the men and also women according to America are those who challenge the status quo in other countries, even when their acts go against democracy.

America seems to think they can create heroes, by providing the opportunity for them to appear in the limelight, shouting slogans which Americans of an earlier age had shouted before, to force America to leave Vietnam and other countries where it did not have any business to be in the first place.

Now America is focused on the Arab and Muslim countries, so it is no surprise that most of the women who were given recognition by the White House are women from those countries. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I find the article on the poor, poor Chinese of Malaysia, published in a local English language daily to be pathetic.

It smacks of chauvinism and the denial that the Melayu living in the country had not done much to elevate the plight of the small group of Chinese who she considers to be poor for earning less than RM3,000 per household per month.

What more does she want for the Melayu to do for the Chinese?

After so long, does she think the Melayu still have no other better things to do other than to continue to support the Chinese, at the expense of helping themselves?

How many billionaires does the write want the Melayu to create from amongst the Chinese in the country?

First of all, Rita has failed to realize that there are at least 30% of the Chinese who rejected their Chinese ancestry to become Melayu. All of my relatives fall in this group.

And we are not proud of our Chinese ancestry or even China, which had caused our ancestors to flee from South China to come to Tanah Melayu to seek pity and a new home from the charitable Melayu and kind-hearted Muslims.

I stopped speaking in Hokkien or eating with chopsticks and my family also stopped observing Chinese cultural festivals even before they became fashionable to the non-Chinese to do so.

My ancestors would not be lucky if they had chosen to go Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar or Thailand or even Vietnam or Cambodia instead of coming to Tanah Melayu, where they had no choice but to fully assimilate with the locals so much so that there is no chance for them to exert their Chinese identity, name, culture or language.

I made a trip to China for the first time in March, 1997 with a group of Chinese, with the tour leader, a Melayu who could speak excellent Mandarin.

I tried to be cheeky with the other Chinese in the group by suggesting how nice it would be to live and work in China. All of them squirmed.

There are not many Chinese in Malaysia or anywhere in Nanyang who would like to return to China even as tourists because they will feel guilty for not looking up at the Melayu who had helped their ancestors to live and to prosper. Many of them had died though.

Many Chinese also do not know that those who had left China were considered 'traitors' and if they returned to China, they would be arrested and sentenced to hang.

Those Chinese who left China were all told to assimilate with the locals and not to 'bring China to these countries'.

My ancestors were true Chinese in this sense, as that of the father of a friend of mine who in the early 1920s had sold off his shop in Fujian Province and came to Melaka with his elder brother. Once they got there they did not want to be considered Chinese anymore.

Most of the Chinese in Malaysia today are basically still immigrants in many ways; even though they hold Malaysian passports and citizenship, but they are still psychologically speak still in China.

It is ironic when one sees how the foreign workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and even Vietnam who are willing to assimilate with the Melayu more than the Chinese who claim to be the third or fourth generation of Chinese, yet, they still exhibit immigrant traits.

There is also no other country in the world where the Chinese and also Indians are allowed to have their own political parties other than in Malaysia.

The two Chinese men married Melayu women. And when they grew up being grandparents, the elder man suggested to his younger brother to make a return trip to their ancestral land, but he refused, saying that China had not given them anything but misery. Tanah Melayu and the Melayu had given them a life.

Yet, there are many Chinese today who have not said so. No Chinese has ever said how grateful they were to the Melayu for providing their ancestors who had come to Tanah Melayu wearing the same clothes and smelling like shit. They were willing to do anything to earn a living and pity from the Melayu, including working as night-soil carriers.

There were some who wanted to try their luck by going into the jungles to join the Communist forces, hoping that they could turn Tanah Melayu into a Communist territory of China.

So if there are some Chinese in Malaysia who want to write his autobiography and truthfully, chances are they can trace their ancestors who were night-soil collectors or Communist party cadres.

Singapore did it the ‘democratic way’ by seizing control of the state by virtue of the overwhelming majority of the immigrant Chinese population.

They are still many Chinese today who are still demanding the Melayu provide for them. If they are poor, not earning RM3,000 per month they expect to be given financial assistance.

They do not care if there are many more Melayu who earn less.

They also do not care that the survival of the Chinese petty trading businesses depended on the support of the Melayu customers, without which their business would fail.

In fact, all Chinese establishments and shopping centers will go bankrupt without the support from the Melayu customers.

Yet, the Chinese are still ungrateful and they still want to demand more, especially from the government to provide them with financial and land allocations to expand their vernacular Mandarin schools.

Whereas they had earlier on exerted how these schools would become ‘independent schools’, when there was pressure for such schools not to be incorporated into the education system of the country.

When they got these schools, they slowly use political leverage to demand financial and land allocation from the government, or else they would vote for the opposition.

In fact, the Chinese take the allocations and still vote the opposition in order to be able to demand more allocations from the government which is seen to be a Melayu one, which they think is a soft one too who will meet with their every demand.

Yet, at the same time, they refused to assimilate and create a colony of China in Malaysia today.

It is pathetic how people like Rita and the many others who can still look at the issue without showing any gratitude to the Melayu that the Chinese today can be where they are.

If they are still poor, it is because they have the 'immigrant' mentality. They chose to study in the Mandarin vernacular school which does not guarantee a future for them if they drop out of school early so they are not conversant in Melayu as well as in English. In fact, the Mandarin they speak is 'street Mandarin' with no class. They are mostly illiterate.

No wonder many Chinese are involved in vice and other illegal activities such as prostitution and the peddling of illegal DVDs.

So it is good for the NST to offer space for someone like Rita to express her stilted views on racial assimilation and the plight of the Chinese Diaspora.

And from her name one can see how much she had lost her Chinese identity.

The Melayu did not force her to use an English name, she did it herself as much as the many other Chinese who have all gotten rid of their identity this way, because they are ashamed of their original Chinese name, which to them sounds backward or 'sinkek'.

It is also not surprising to how many Melayu who now look Chinese with single-eyelids, while the Chinese are having surgery to allow them to have double-eyelids.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


by Mansor Puteh

I have to sound crude. On matters such as these, one can be mean especially those who think they are the kind-hearted and who have the Palestinians' interests.

The truth is that their meddling on their issues has caused the Palestinians to suffer even more.

The ways these stupid people with means have been using which are also stupid as they are, had not done much or anything to cause Palestine to be free, while they are seen by some and by themselves, each time they take a good look at themselves in the mirror how heroic they are and how they thought they are doing the Palestinians a service.

On the contrary, what they had done is to make the matters worse.

Palestinian land is still being eroded even as they claim to be doing justice by highlighting the evil deeds of the Zionists.

The Middle East Problem is worse today than it was when it first appeared in 1948 and later after the Six Day War of 1967.

The problem is the Arab and Muslim leaders had never conducted any real or serious research on how the Zionists started to wrest control of the strategic industries in America until they could control the whole country, including the White House and whoever that lives in it.

The only thing that the so-called supporters of the Palestinians had done is to organize forums and conferences by inviting individuals from various countries who pretty much talk about the ugliness of the Zionist regime, and nothing else.

There was one speaker from Canada who thought he was intelligent by 'exposing' the massive military industrial complex in America and how the CIA and Pentagon had agendas to cause the continued existence of the Zionist state.

He could very well be the public relations officer for the CIA and Pentagon, for bragging about what they could do and had done.

If not, he could very well be a stand-up comedian who was out to get a cheap applause while the Palestinians were being displaced and some of them killed.

One can be sure he would be back in Kuala Lumpur for another round of conference where he and the other speakers would repeat pretty much the same things that they had said the first time they came to the city for the first conference on Palestine.  

How on earth could he think he could say something which could cause the CIA and Pentagon to feel sorry for themselves, so that they could repent? They did not.

The reason being what the Canadian 'smart-ass' had done was just to repeat himself and get some applause which is good enough for the organizers of the conference to want to invite him to attend new conferences again and again where he could repeat his statements which had by now become stale.

Unfortunately, Palestine is now in a worse state than it was before.

So what else can we say of the stupid men and their stupid ideas?

These stupid men and women are mostly the old ones who had not done much when they were much younger; so in their age of retirement, they can afford to busy themselves by taking up on the issues concerning the Palestinians.

So no wonder, the Palestinian leaders have never acknowledged their presence.

If these stupid men and women want to know Palestine can only be freed if they can get someone to conduct a thorough research on how the Zionists started their campaign to displace the Palestinians from their land and how could they succeed without even shouting about it.

They were able to change the perception of the Americans who decried their presence and considered the Zionists who were then just innocent Jews as being impure and worse than the Blacks.

Yet, in less than a generation, the Zionists could change all that and they are now the 'blue-eyed boys and men' of America, who did not even have their own leaders who are in the same stature as Martin Luther King Jr.

They did not need to have such a leader, because they act clandestinely to achieve their goals and they have managed to enlist the support of most of the Jews in America who are now Zionist supporters, while only a small group of them who are the Orthodox Jews who oppose the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Can't the stupid men and women of Malaysia realize that they are not doing the Palestinians a service?

Can’t they accept the fact that their stupid ways can never help to free Palestine from Zionist control?