Thursday, October 27, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Most of the Americans can be taken for a ride for so long. They who are not aware of what has been happening in their country all this while; they who think if they are okay, personally, the whole of America are okay too.

Now, they know that things are not as okay as they had thought it to be. That their media has been used or misused to sow hatred of some people while protecting the interests of a tiny minority in the country; they who control the media; they who have evil intentions who do not care for the well-being of the majority – the average Americans who didn’t care less…whose American Dream has turned to their nightmare!

For too long their leaders and other propagandists thought if they could turn the lives of the others, elsewhere especially in the Middle East and in the Arab and Muslim Worlds, they are okay.

Now they know that that is not okay. That the nightmare has come full circle, that they, too, can feel a bit of it.

They now know America dreams are nightmares for the others.

There is no point for the American voters to think they are getting what they had voted for, a president who could do the bidding for them, who could serve the cause of the American people and who could safeguard the sanctity of their Constitution.

The American presidential election is a total farce. The voters only got the person whom they had voted as their president, but they are not getting the person to do the bidding for them. He is still a lackey of the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC, in more ways than one.

And he is also the person in America who will continue to cause damage to the reputation of the country and destruction of its economy. America is going bankrupt and many more Americans will go on the dole.

Yes, the American voters are free to vote for anyone they like. They know how free their presidential elections in the past have been.

They were happy that the person of their choice was elected president.

But what they do not know is the persons they had voted in as their presidents had all been negligent. They who had become pawns in a bigger game, being controlled and dominated by the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC.

So the American voters do not realize no matter who they voted as their president, who they want to do the bidding for them, all ended up being lackeys of the lobbyists.

This is how the American presidential elections had been reduced to.

So what’s the point for them to vote for their president in the first place? It is just to satisfy a piece of legislation and also to prove to the whole world how free their elections have been.

Yes, they were free, but to a certain extent only. Beyond the election, the electoral process is mired in scandal which the majority of the Americans have never bothered to investigate.

No American voter has ever wondered why their president whom they had voted for to do their bidding, to serve America and the cause they believed in, had become tools for the Zionists.

This has been happening since 1948, since their then president saw the creation of the Zionist state, which set a circle of confusion which favored them over everybody else in the world, especially the Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims all who have to suffer, just because of the biases and prejudices that the creation of this state had caused America to behave erratically, by even trampling on their own Constitution.

Martin Luther King’s speeches do not mean anything on the Palestinians. They had saved the African-Americans in America to their salvation, after forcing the White Americans who were no more immigrants to the country as those with African ancestries, but his speeches do not deal with the quagmire the Palestinians and Arabs are in.

The Palestinians are the New Blacks. And no one can be faulted if he says that the Zionists are the New Nazis, they who had acquired all the tricks used by the Nazis on the Jews, who have perfected them to be used on the Palestinians.

The American voters still do not realize that they have never ever voted in anyone as president of their country who occupied the White House who ended up being their elected president, since 1948, since their president then allowed the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Since then American voters had been cheated the due electoral process, from the primaries on and on, till someone is sent to the White House.

Here they did not lead their country, but were all misled by the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC who dictated terms and controlled their president.

The worse creature that was created was George W. Bush.

Barack Obama is doing okay. But he is still not 100% president of the United States of America. He is still very much under the grips of the lobbyists.

Americans must realize it fast, the more they ignore this, the more their country would slide backwards.

No wonder ‘Occupy Wall Street’ had to happen.

It is not Wall Street which is the problem, but
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

American voters must realize and insist that they vote in their president of their choice and they must insist that the person who occupies the White House is given full rein to fulfill the pledge they had made for which the voters had agreed to vote for him as president.

There is no point for them to forget this and allow their elected president to be swayed by the demands and dictates of the lobbyists who had all caused America and Americans to suffer much.

America must serve Americans and not the Zionists who have caused the American constitution to be trampled on, resulting in the lives of many Americans to suffer.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ was totally unnecessary. But it had to happen because many Americans are still confused with what they are facing with.

It’s not Wall Street. It is
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
. Later they will find out and admit that it is also not
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
but the Zionist Lobbyists in Washington DC.

‘Occupy Zionist Lobbyists’! This is the ultimate goal that the protesters should strive for.

Monday, October 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If the Arabs could show the world that they could easily get rid of the tyrants and dictators in their own countries, so surely, they, too, can get rid of the far worse tyrants in the Arab World and Middle East.

Will the Arabs be able to finally unite to achieve this one goal which is to get rid of the scourge in their world? This is the scourge which had been put in place by artificial means by the United Nations for seventy years.

Surely, its time has come.

The Jasmine Revolution is not only about replacing the tyrants and dictators in their own countries, most of whom had the backing of America.

It is more than that. It is also about how the Arabs just could not take it anymore and they want to impose their own will on their own lives.

This includes expanding their democratic space within their own countries, and also within their own world, which has been affected by the creation of the Zionist state, which even the Orthodox Jews frowned up. They felt ashamed with the existence of such a state.

Yet, the Orthodox Jews or the Hasidic Jews were never charged by the Zionists for traitors to the cause, as they believe in the bigger and holier cause which the Zionists cannot claim to do.

The collapse of the tyrants in some of the Arab states clearly shows that the time for the end of the Zionist state is ticking.

Ghadaffi’s death in the hands of the freedom fighters of Libya shows to the Zionists that their existence in the Middle East is not tenable.

Now the world waits the next move by the Arab freedom fighters in the countries that had just seen change in recent times in the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011, when they will move on to next and in what ways.

The Zionist state sits in the Arab World in the Middle East. Its existence is dependent on their charity and not that of America which can pump US$16 billion in funds every year.

This amount is not enough to sustain it and it will soon show.

First this will cause America will go bankrupt.

If the former Soviet Union became bankrupt because of Afghanistan, then it is the same Afghanistan which will cause the bankruptcy of America.

Worse, with Iraq and other Arab countries America now has its feet in, surely, it will be much easier for America to go bankrupt.

And it’s not only that, Soviet Union collapse, so will Americanism.

The only reason why the Zionist state and American presence in the Arab countries and also the world could be sustained was based purely on the premise that they could cheat them in bright day light.

That America could use their veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

That America could impose economic sanctions on any country that it does not favor.

But somehow along the way the Arabs and Muslims and other Third World countries had become smarter by looking at the whole issue in a new light that they could determine if America’s position could be shaken by them refusing to submit to its will.

911 was one of the reasons why American influence in the world had become weak. Its intense and strict security laws are also one other reason why America is keeping itself by not relating to the others.

This is a short-term thrill that they could get.

In the end, they lose whatever good relations that they could get from their relations with the other countries, and this can affect their economic growth and political influence without which their country cannot be said to exist in the thinking of the others.

America, like the Zionist state is sitting in such a precarious state at this time, with the Arabs who had suffered a lot by their political and military aggression in the past like they did not know one day soon the Arabs would rise and rise until they achieve triumph.

Friday, October 21, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

There was an issue which became very petty when those who wanted to comment on it got confused with what they were saying. It concerns whether Malaysia is a secular or Islamic state.

Some smart lawyers/politicians say that the Malaysian Constitution is silent on the matter. But silence on the matter does not mean that it is not Islamic. After all it is a federation of sultanates.

And what sort of sultanates if not Islamic and Melayu ones.

The Melayu/Muslim leaders insist that it is an Islamic state.

But Malaysia is a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), so it must be an Islamic state.

A former Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) official got some flak when he said Malaysia was a secular-Islamic state.

What this official had said sounded too unusual for many who laughed and even chided him for saying that. How could Malaysia be both secular and Islamic, they charged?

And why not?

The title of this article says it is so. That Malaysia is both a secular and an Islamic state. So the former MCA official was right, except that he did not know it, since he too was not aware of what he had said, as much as his critics who laughed at him for which he must have felt bad for being naïve.

He was not naïve.

The truth is Malaysia is a secular state. But Malaysia is also an Islamic state.

If Malaysia has a king who is Melayu and Muslim, therefore, legally it is a kingdom. And what sort of kingdom it is if it is not an Islamic and Melayu kingdom.

Or more exactly, the Islamic and Melayu Kingdom of Malaysia.

Even though this may not be spelled in the constitution. Why should it be when the facts are that obvious?

And how can it be secular then?

Those who had wanted to debate on this issue of whether Malaysia is secular or not clearly do not know the history of Europe and also of England.

Secularism was introduced or created by those countries in Europe which did not want to have any official religion and their religious leaders going into politics.

They could have become Catholic and Christian states, but the states did not want to have anything of that sort. They wanted religion nothing to do with the running of their states.

So they decided to adopt secularism as their principles for which their states were to be governed by.

And so it also must mean that they are not Catholic or Christian states. They are secular ones.

This also does not mean that Muslim countries which are definitely not Catholic or Christian ones are also not secular. They are in effect secular states by virtue of the fact that they are not Catholic or Christian states.

Therefore, based on this fact, Malaysia can also be described as a secular state. This does not mean that it is irreligious. It is. But it is not Catholic or Christian-based. It is Islamic-based.

So that is why and how Malaysia is both a secular as well as an Islamic state. Or Malaysia is a secular-Islamic state!

One cannot jump to the wrong conclusion by saying that just because those counties in Europe and the west did not prefer to be guided by their religious faith does not mean that they are anti-religion.

It also does not mean that if any country which is Islamic cannot be secular. They can be both. And this is what’s most interesting about Malaysia, as well as in the other Muslim countries which are of the same type – secular-Islamic states.

Unbeknownst to those in the west, after they hailed secularism, one by one their countries failed; as they embarked on policies which were inhuman and not in consonant to the teachings of their religions.

And one by one their churches became empty as the congregation moved away from it, even if it means them having to attend Sunday mass for just one day.

So then we had many vacant churches which were later sold as properties to be converted to business centers such as hotels, restaurants and even masjid including temples.

This is what secularism had done to those countries in the west which were once Catholic and Christian ones, when their political leaders wanted to climb up the leadership stairs without having to pass through the gates of the churches, and they ended up trampling on their own religious principles and sidelining their priests and pastors.

Unfortunately, this did not happen in Islam as more and more countries which have a Muslim majority, started to become more religious so now we see more and more masjid being built everywhere.

And the status of Islam is put on a very high pedestal with countries which were once under communist rule or which were not religious, had started to turn to Islam for their salvation.

These countries had also been neglecting their religion in the past, and no wonder they had to suffer. Worse, when they embraced secularism and allied themselves with America and the former colonialists which never stopped to punish them for being laggard or backward.

In fact, the countries which have Catholic and Christian majority such as the Philippines, and the many others in South America and Africa have never been able to progress.

The latest addition to such a country, Timor Leste which is predominantly Catholic has also failed to develop since it ceded from the Republic of Indonesia few years ago.

The promises made by the secular states in the west which had promised them financial support had turned out to be not truthful. Timor Leste is no different today than it was when it was under Indonesia.

In fact, it was better off in Indonesia than alone in the Pacific Ocean with no real friends, even from its closest Catholic country, the Philippines who have problems of their own.

There have been attempts by the west to force secularism (in the sense that it is not Islamic) in the Arab and Muslim countries but they fail.

Turkiye which had embraced it has also not managed to do much with the system, so its only recourse it to reverse and return to Islam and become and Islamic Republic, much like Indonesia, Noegro Aceh Darussalam and some others. There are no two ways about it.

And the Muslim countries must start to withdraw from their unholy alliance with the west especially America so that they can embark on their own journey themselves, to create the New Muslim World and become self-sufficient in all the things that they need without having to bother trading with them.

Monday, October 17, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

I saw a dated copy of Newsweek magazine in a public library in Kuala Lumpur recently, with the
title of its cover story, ‘America and the future of the Middle East’.

I find the title to be pathetic. It sounds ugly. It sounds as though America is suffering from self-denial of its wrong role to dominate countries which they have not realized they could never ever dominate.

If they could dominate any Arab country, they could have done that long ago.

Yet, they have still failed.

Looking at America in the context of what had just happened in the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011, which is still ongoing in some countries; one can say America can only confuse itself with its flawed foreign policies.

They dared not change those policies which had caused them untold damage to its reputation.

Their failure to realize how much the world had changed with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and of Communism in the former Soviet Union, has also caused them to become more confused.

Their only real interest now is to ensure the continued artificial existence of the Zionist state, an entity which looks odd and out of place being surrounded by the Arabs all around them.

I did not bother to read what the article in Newsweek had reported on views by some selected few, who are mostly writers and political commentators of an old era.

But what I can say here is how America has lost its marbles. It has not only losing the space race, but also its technologies and other devices and tricks as new countries are able to fend for themselves that they do not care from where they got their inspiration from.

The Old America now remains in the memories of some in the Arab and Muslim World.

They will fade away when the next generation takes over from them, to create a New Muslim World who does not have any fascination for it.

America is slowly being stripped of its stripes. It can only now become a nuisance to the rest of the world.

Its economic standing is now shaky. It can go bankrupt if New Economic Models are introduced by Muslim countries so that they can fully use their own markets and huge consumer basis to become the basis for the new economic growth of these worlds.

So America’s future hinges strongly on the future of the Middle East more now than it was before, when they could determine the cause or destruction and annihilation of any country in the Middle East.

This may not be so now with the Jasmine Revolution, which has caused many young Arabs not to be fascinated by America.

They are now having a better focus of who their common enemies are; they are not themselves as what America and the Zionists had tried to do to make them fight with each other because of their slightly different Islamic sects which had been used fully to create destruction in some Arab and Muslim countries.

It is good news that the Jasmine Revolution had happened.

It is better news that it has succeeded to some extent.

The real success can only be seen in the form or the return of all Palestinian land from Zionist control.

What sort of a future will America have if the future of the Middle East changes for the better for them?

America will be more maligned and sidelined. If this happens its lackey or protector the Zionist state will feel more displaced.       

Does American want a good future for itself and for its citizens?

It can, but only if it listens to the Arabs and Muslims and not just to the Zionists.

If the Middle East and the Palestinians do not have a future, America and the Zionist state of Israel also do not have much of a future.

Friday, October 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America must decide if it wants to be friendly with the 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide who cannot be contained or the six million Zionists in one artificially-created state sitting out of place in the Middle East with six million other Zionist supporters in America who can be easily contained?

There is no point for America to pretend that its future hinges on how long it can sustain the existence of the Zionist state.

America also cannot pretend to be able to contain the might of the fast-spreading of the World Muslim community which is in 57 countries and in large numbers in all the others, too.

Because sooner or later, America, too, will have a sizeable Muslim community of its own to bear with, those who can affect social, cultural, economic as well as political change to the country.

It is therefore ironic how America with their Zionist lackeys had caused more and more Muslims to leave their countries to come to America and the other countries in the west.

This is an act which can cause the reshaping of the western world itself.

Therefore the American Spring is the issue of ‘
Occupy Wall Street
’ and ‘Occupy Washington DC’ and nothing else.

Will it grow to become ‘Occupy Congress’ and on to ‘Occupy White House’ and then finally ‘Occupy America’ next?

What is happening in the American Spring of October, 2011 is interesting as it is happening in the shadows of the next presidential election.

Whoever does not agree with the majority will be trounced, including incumbent president Barack Obama himself.

In fact, he was elected on such a premise that he would obey the will of the majority who had chosen him over George W. Bush. But somewhere along the way he had neglected to do that and had been taken in by the will of the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC.

This is a grave mistake he had made as it was not the will of the majority.

So no wonder the Americans sprung to come up with their own version of the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011, called the American Spring of October, 2011.

It is the New American Revolution.

What goes around comes around. Or it is a case of America getting a taste of its own medicine?!

America exported dissent to the Arabs, thinking that this could empower themselves so that they could press for self-determination to end repression by the dictators who had misled them all this while.

Now dissent is back on American soil where it belongs.

Americans had also leant how they, too, could use a bit of that, i.e. to replace dictators in their own country who have been misleading them all this while. They are the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC.

Having presidential elections to elect their presidents is one thing; to allow a small group of Zionists to rule America from behind is another.

Americans must wake up to the fact that this is the reality their country is in, that it is not ruled by the voice of the majority but by the dictates of the small and tiny group of Zionist zealots who dictate terms to their presidents.

So the real and true democracy that they are proud of is not real and true democracy at all. America is a dictatorship, controlled by hidden hands and forces which tell their presidents and Congress as well as their media what to do.

They are the ones who have been helping to shape American foreign policies which benefited the tiny Zionist minority in America and in the Zionist state.

And they are the ones who had cause untold damage to America and the majority of the Americans who had to suffer in silence.

These Americans had earlier thought America, the largest economy in the world could fend off any economic situation suddenly realized that this is not the case, as China had been aroused from slumber.

And there are now many other Arab and Muslim countries which had become independent, with more and more Arabs and Muslims who are capable of inflicting damage on America, they who do not use weapons of destruction of engaged in militant acts, but by seeking for self-determination and independence from American and western aggression.

The Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011 did not happen for nothing.

It was not just for the Arabs alone.

More than that, the ultimate effect will be on the total replacement of Zionist rule in America and also in the Middle East.

So the Arab Spring happened in some Arab countries in May. Now American Spring is happening in October.

Americans should take to the streets. They should use the social networks more than the Arabs had done.

They are supposed to be backward; yet, the Arabs know how to use the social networking to make things happen to remove repressive regimes.

Yet, the Americans, who invented social networking have not yet used it fully. Now they are slowly finding how useful it is.

Many have taken to the streets in New York City to protest against Wall Street.

More and more cities in America are joining them.

When will they end? What will they achieve?

They do not want to get rid of Barack Obama as president using street protests as he is not a long-time dictator like those in the Arab countries. Barack can be removed in the next presidential elections slated for 2012.

But the real issue Americans face is not Wall Street. It is on the Zionist rule of America and American life. They had caused untold damage to America’s reputation in the world.

They had also brought misery to the lives of many young Americans who were forced to go to war fighting and killing those who they hardly knew.

Some Americans had been killed in the process. More than six thousand of them have died in Iraq. Sixty thousand died in the Vietnam War.

There is a wall in the park in Washington DC which inscribes all their names. This is America’s Wall of Shame! There is no pride in putting up the wall.

Do more walls of such nature have to be constructed to inscribe the names of other young American men and women?

Yet, there are scores if not hundreds of thousands of American men and women who were able before, but who are now physically and psychologically handicapped.

The whole of America has been paralyzed by these. Yet, the blame is only on Wall Street.

Wall Street has got nothing to do with what ails America. They are the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC who have used indescribable methods to force America to part with huge sums of money to do their bidding.

In its haste to protect the Zionist state, and by offering US$1.6 billion in financial aid to the country, America and Americans have to suffer.

Yet, the blame the protestors and reformists in the American Spring of the New American Revolution could only blame Wall Street. Wall Street too suffers because of America’s protection of the Zionists.

Therefore the American reformers must look at who were the persons who had caused them and their country to suffer much. It is now Wall Street.

Even if Wall Street is occupied, the situation in America won’t change. As long as America’s foreign policy and its wrong use of the United Nations Security Council veto is used wrongly, Americans will continue to suffer even if Wall Street has been occupied.

Americans must also show their revulsion and contempt for their leaders’ use of the veto power stopping the Palestinians from ever getting statehood.

After robbing them of their land, surely, they should be allowed to have their own state on land which is left before this too would be seized away.

America’s use of its veto power was not use to promote world peace or to protect its national interests, but to protect the existence of the Zionist state, and to encourage it and its leaders to continue to inflict more harm on the Palestinians whom they had long disarmed.

Americans have seen how their leaders had caused many innocent Arabs to die with the others branded as potential terrorists and militants, all because the Zionists were able to change public perception of these people when those charges should rightly be descriptions for the Zionists alone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Orchids are the official flower of Singapore; they do not have much of a smell. And they are now starting to really bloom in this country, and out of season, as much as jasmine has since May in the few Arab countries.

The Melayu in Singapore who were taken out from their villages and areas especially Geylang and Geylang Serai so they could not form any significant group, so that they are spread widely and thinly amongst the non-Melayu and Chinese majority.

They are now a political force to be taken for granted, even if they don’t know it.

Not allowing female Melayu students to wear the headscarves to school while readily embracing Islamic banking and the halal industry, and taking some opposition to court may be some of the reasons for the PAP to lose votes in the last general election.

Does this mean to say if this rule is still enforced the Melayu in Singapore will continue to respond to it accordingly in the next general election?

And does this also mean if the PAP government in Singapore allows Melayu students to wear the ‘tudung’ in school, they can count on the votes from the Melayu?

So it’s up to the PAP to decide to choose ‘tudung’ and votes from the Melayu.

Not allowing Melayu and Muslim students to cover their heads in school can result in the PAP being covered in the next general election.

But Singaporeans are not comfortable to speculate on political issues and such matters, so they are not discussed openly. They only know they can vote any which way they like. They are now empowered by it.

Their senior political leaders, however, do not practice this, as they often give their views on things related to Malaysia and get away with it most of the time.

The Melayu in Singapore may be outnumbered, but their fourteen percent population size in many areas and political constituencies are now significant than ever before.

After having been sidelined for so long, their hopes for a better future may not be with PAP after all, if they don’t know that too.

I am sure many of them have realized this and wanted to show their contempt by voting opposition in the last general election.

So the Orchid Revolution of the Singapore Spring which happens almost unconsciously and in an unusually quiet way befits the manners and civility the Singaporeans are known to have.

Has the Orchid Revolution of the Arab Spring finally come in the Singapore Spring?

It has, and almost unexpectedly, from under their feet as many of the PAP leaders were looking elsewhere, to find ways on how to get more sand, for instance and other things.

The Jasmine Revolution in the Arab countries gave many Singaporeans an idea. But they did not know what to do with the emotions and secret fantasies before which they do now.

They found out better come 31 August, 2011, when Malaysian prime minister, Najib Tun Razak announced the repealing of the Internal Security Act or ISA.

The repercussion could be felt south of the Causeway and right into the heart of the Singapore Left.

This has caused a lot of consternation and even uneasiness by the PAP government leaders in Singapore.

So now it is better to talk of the PAP government of Singapore and not just the Government of Singapore anymore.

Are the Melayu in Singapore with the PAP? What did they tell the PAP in the last general election?

Did the Melayu who could not say or do much tell the PAP that they had had enough of them?

The Melayu in Singapore with fourteen percent of the population had stagnated numerically, since they are not allowed to expand their numbers biologically, and by percentage by design, and economically, too.

We now hear Singapore prime minister who talks about the Melayu there whom he said are slowly rising up with more of the younger ones who are able to enroll at the universities.

Doesn’t he know Melayu in Malaysia enter the universities in Malaysia and those abroad almost without much effort?

In Singapore when their Melayu do that, it is a stunning achievement.

The PAP government leaders never talked about how the Indian students who could enter university and get important posts in the government and the private sector in the country with many of them being given top posts in the cabinet and the diplomatic missions.

One has yet to see a Melayu being appointed ambassador high commissioner of Singapore.

Most of those who were sent to their mission in Kuala Lumpur were Chinese and Indians. There is not one Melayu who had been given this job.

The first president of Singapore is a Melayu called Yusof Ishak. Because of that his photo is used in the currency of the country. This post was originally meant to be rotated between the major races.

For a while this was what had happened, yet no Melayu had been given the opportunity to become president of the republic.

Now that the post is elected by the voters, chances for a Melayu to become president are even remote.

There is simply no Melayu in Singapore who can fit the bill to contest in the presidential election in Singapore, even if the PAP government wants to nominate one.

So the new Singapore Dilemma is: It now has to decide if they want to repeal their own ISA or not.

They had said they would do it, if Malaysia did it first.

Their new leaders do not remember this ‘pledge’ which was reported in the papers. It was probably made by some senior in their cabinet.

Now the PAP government says they are not about to do it, since their own version of the ISA is not the same as that of Malaysia.

No ISA is different than the other.

Long-time ISA detainee of Singapore Poh Thye Chia, who has served 26 years in prison and the last few years living on an isolated island by himself stand to gain the most from this talk on ISA.

He and fellow former ISA detainees of Singapore are suddenly given a trust.

Could Poh become the leader of the New Singapore? He can.

The more he is left alone in physical restriction on the island, the more he will become a freedom icon.

On the contrary, if he is finally released back to society, he can do as much damage to PAP as he languishes on the island.

Either way, the PAP government loses. The future of the PAP in Singapore is bleak. They had achieved their peak after barely forty-eight years forming the government.

Repealing the ISA had created Malaysia into a new freedom icon. It challenges America’s position and standing in the democratic world.

Guantanamo Bay must be shut down, so that America can aspire to come up to par with Malaysia’s.

There is nothing that America can teach Malaysia on democracy, but there are a lot of things that Malaysia can teach America on it.

Poh can be trusted to lead the fledging opposition of Singapore who despite having won six seats in the last general election, yet, they do not seem to have any real leader.

This act is cunning as it is surreal.

Anyone who is seen to be a leader of the opposition can be targeted. So they end up not having one.

In the end, it is the voters of Singapore who are the ‘leaders’ of the opposition.

And forty percent of the voters of Singapore comprising of about 800,000 are those who did not care to vote for the PAP. And the number is increasing by the day.

The repealing of the ISA by Malaysia in the last day of August, which is the Merdeka or Independence Month of Malaysia, sees a tide to the Left in Singapore.

Now with the reemergence of Poh, there is a very good chance for the tide to surge forward even more and in all directions.

But in Singapore – and it is a Uniquely Singapore! way, the people are just voters. And they have to wait for the polls to come around for them to show their true feelings.

In normal pre- or post-elections time, they remain placid keeping their feelings and emotions on anything concerning Singapore to themselves.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The New American Revolution will be the New American Revulsion to tiny minority Zionist-controlled America.

It is when the majority will rise to express their revulsion of these Zionists who have caused a lot of consternation to the majority who do not share their mission in life.

They and their Zionist state of Israel have only caused America to go bankrupt, with many Americans who can’t go anywhere in the world without being the target of scorn and contempt.

It will take a long while before America reverts to the Kennedy Era. The Bushes Eras have been a blow to all of America and many Americans, which the Obama America is striving hard to take to.

America cannot be great anymore and take itself out of its present stage of economic disparity if it does not change its ways.

The voters can do so much. The Zionist lobbyists can still do more damage post-presidential election.

In Malaysia, the Spring will happen in the next general election which is expected to happen next year, 2012.

Unfortunately, it is a Spring of the different kind. The Malaysian Spring will see the loose opposition coalition calling themselves Pakatan Rakyat losing even the states they had managed to wrest from the government coalition called Barisan Nasional.

Blame it on the Pakatan politicians who have not used the opportunity to prove their mettle. Instead they went on a rampage to show how arrogant they are.

Even from earlier on, moments after the results of the election, the Chinese politicians in the DAP faction of Pakatan had started to show their true colors – literally speaking, too, when they repainted the Perak assembly hall and the walls of the office of the ‘menteri besar’ of the state, red.

They made them look like stylized Chinese temples for better fung-shui. Alas, this gave them bad luck, as they found that they had indeed painted their own faces, instead. 

They also tried to rewrite the signs of some roads, by adding Mandarin names to it. this was done even without them having taken the motion to the parliament or state assemblies, as the names had to be endorsed first and allocations made to get contractors to create those road signs.

The only sign they had given to the voters comprising of the Melayu was how they could not be trusted with their votes, which they had given them simply because they only wanted to get rid of some Barisan members of parliament and state assemblypersons.

They had not meant to actually give their votes to Pakatan; but that’s how the system works in Malaysia that one has to vote either way, for Barisan or Pakatan.

The voters and supporters of Barisan did not know that they had the option of not voting for anyone if they had chosen not to vote for Barisan.

If this was done, then surely, Pakatan would not have got many of their candidates to parliament and the state assemblies.

Unfortunately, none of them had used the opportunity to do good to the voters in the sittings of parliament and the state assemblies.

So instead of having five states for themselves, they chose to lose one of them, Perak, back to Barisan, because of the greed and not knowing how to count.

They won Perak by such a slim margin, yet, they tried to behave as though they had full support of the people in the state.

They created a new state assembly under a tree outside of the state assembly building, then moved it to a hotel, which made them look even stupider.

They gave land for 999 years’ tenure to some Chinese, but they lost the turf they were given by the voters.

Now they are dreaming of seizing the state in the forthcoming election, which they may not get.

They are set to suffer in the New Malaysian Spring of 2012 by losing big throughout the country.

They do not deserve to win any seat in parliament or the state assembly for their crass behavior and also for the behavior and other private activities of some of their senior leaders which courted danger after they were exposed.

The twelfth general election in Malaysia of 8 March, 2008 had proven that there is no opposition in Malaysia. What we have are noisy people who do not know how to articulate dissent in the right places.

They took it to the streets of Kuala Lumpur which was not built for such purposes, and they lost whatever goodwill they had managed to get from the people in 2008, by having the people pouring scorn on them.

And from the mouth of some of the more uncouth Pakatan politicians, came out words which many law respecting citizens of the country to feel bad.

PAS’ politician, Mat Sabu has sabotaged his own party and Pakatan’s future in the next general election.

PAS is really not a political party; they are just a social group which organizes talks in the villages on a host of issues and non-issues, so the speakers are nothing more than standup comedians who make fun of themselves and their own parties and coalition.

As for Singapore, despite the PAP having got only sixty percent of the voters in their last general election, yet, they only lost six seats in their parliament.

For such a country which is compact, how on earth could there be such disparity where the constituencies cannot have equal voters so that the percentage of the voters matches with the number of seats in which case the PAP could only have got not more than fifty seats with their opposition taking the rest?

So it is quite tough for the voters in Singapore to tame the lions of PAP, even if they can get seventy percent of the votes in their next general election which is expected to take place four or five years from now.

When can we see the New American Revolution?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

In Indonesia it was the Clove Revolution (or the Revolusi Bunga Cengkeh) which saw the fall of Suharto in the 1990s.

In the Arab countries, it is called the Jasmine Revolution…of the Arab Spring of 2011.

In Singapore it was the Orchid Revolution of the Singapore Spring of 2011. In Malaysia it will be the Bunga Raya Revolution of the Malaysian Spring of 2012.

In the Arab countries, it revolves on how much the American-backed and Zionist supporting regimes could suppress their people and religion.

In Singapore it revolved on how much the PAP government could suppress dissent and on how long the government has been aloof to the needs of the ordinary citizens as opposed to the needs of their newly imported Chinese citizens who are mostly those from Indonesia and China, and other issues which no one knows what, since the Singaporeans were trained not to express their feelings or protest.

So the average Singaporeans choose to ‘play dead’ and politically inactive, and now only want to inflict their venom come election time.

The next one will be more brutal after they have seen how their protest at the ballot box in May had caused the PAP to be alarmed.

It is strange in Malaysia, however, as is revolves on how much the Opposition could suppress civil rule and trample on democracy and how many times their senior leaders are allowed to make their court appearances and for what reasons.

Now, they can add yet another reason which is how much their leaders can rewrite certain aspects of the history of the country.  

Of course, they do it differently in the Arab countries compared to how they can do it in Singapore and Malaysia.

Theirs was like the orchid flower, that does not have any distinct smell, yet, their revolution is no less revulsion to the PAP government as it was not done in the streets with crude talk, but in the ballot boxes, where they expressed and remorselessly showed their contempt for that sort of repression which they had to bear since 1963 since the country was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia.

Did the Singaporean voters also show their contempt for their leaders for cheating them, by engaging the Zionist security experts whom they brought into the country by claiming them to be Mexicans in the 1960s?

A lie is still a lie, no matter who did it and for whatever reason.

And did the voters in Singapore also show their contempt for the PAP government and their leaders for amassing wealth by giving themselves huge salaries which American and other leaders in more developed countries could never ever dream of?

The prime minister is reported to receive S$100,000 or almost US$90,000 a month in salary.

Nobody knows why the voters in Singapore in their last general election had given the PAP government only sixty percent of the votes with the opposition taking the balance.

Despite this, they only got six seats in parliament.

In other words, for the opposition in Singapore to get fifty seats, they have to get eighty percent of the votes, which is highly impossible for them to do.

In the Arab countries, the way they got rid of their repressive regimes is to do it physically, with a lot of gusto, guns and NATO and strangely, CIA backing.

NATO and the CIA do not seem to realize how they are the ones who have caused the creation of the many New Islamic Republics. The CIA and America are also fervently trying to change Indonesia into the Islamic Republic of Indonesia.

This can happen so the ‘Muslim militants’ the Indonesian security had gunned down, whom America had charged for trying to turn Indonesia into an Islamic Republic will be hailed as heroes of this new republic, a move which they thought was bad for Muslims to aspire to.

Is this the first step they are taking of getting rid of the most repressive regimes in the Arab World – the Zionist regime, which is yet to happen?

They are signs that this could happen. They started by taking over the Zionist embassy in Kaherah, and taking the Star of David down.

They have also chased the staff of the Zionist embassy in Amman, Jordan out of the country, in shame. Can they return to their embassy building, anytime soon?

What more can we expect for the brave men and women of the New Egypt to do next?

Their temporary government tries to scare them by telling them that the authorities could crush them. Isn’t this a big joke?

They are there because of the brave men and women of Egypt, and they are now telling the ‘mobs’ to stop mobilizing themselves for their much bigger assault to get rid of the scourge in the whole of the Arab world? Who are they?

Well, we have seen how the Spring in the Arab World happened, although there does not seem to be any finality in Yemen and Syria yet.

But at least we can see some of that in the Spring in Singapore recently.

The way the Singaporeans had done was totally different than the Arabs do; they use the last general election to show their contempt for dissent, by getting rid of some of the governing PAP candidates and lessening the support for some others.

This caused (forced!) former long-time Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew and his successor, Goh Chok Tong to retire from the cabinet, a move which seemed highly impossible for them to do before, as they seemed bent on staying in the cabinet for life.

The presidential election just held there also saw a marked reduction in support for the PAP government when their candidate, former deputy prime minister, Tony Tan only won by more than seven thousand votes. And this it was only on a second count.

In some other countries, especially in Malaysia, the loser would definitely try to seek a court order to have another recount with some groups charging the election commission to be biased.

There in Singapore they do not do such things. They just wait for the next presidential election slated in four to five years’ time.

Will Kuan Yew still be around? Will the PAP still be around?

The thirteenth general election of Malaysia which is expected to take place in 2012 will see the opposition losing big. They had failed to be the opposition that the voters had wanted them to be.

They only became loud-mouths and people who care only to represent their own selves and parties.

There is no real opposition in Malaysia as such, because of that.