Friday, October 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America must decide if it wants to be friendly with the 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide who cannot be contained or the six million Zionists in one artificially-created state sitting out of place in the Middle East with six million other Zionist supporters in America who can be easily contained?

There is no point for America to pretend that its future hinges on how long it can sustain the existence of the Zionist state.

America also cannot pretend to be able to contain the might of the fast-spreading of the World Muslim community which is in 57 countries and in large numbers in all the others, too.

Because sooner or later, America, too, will have a sizeable Muslim community of its own to bear with, those who can affect social, cultural, economic as well as political change to the country.

It is therefore ironic how America with their Zionist lackeys had caused more and more Muslims to leave their countries to come to America and the other countries in the west.

This is an act which can cause the reshaping of the western world itself.

Therefore the American Spring is the issue of ‘
Occupy Wall Street
’ and ‘Occupy Washington DC’ and nothing else.

Will it grow to become ‘Occupy Congress’ and on to ‘Occupy White House’ and then finally ‘Occupy America’ next?

What is happening in the American Spring of October, 2011 is interesting as it is happening in the shadows of the next presidential election.

Whoever does not agree with the majority will be trounced, including incumbent president Barack Obama himself.

In fact, he was elected on such a premise that he would obey the will of the majority who had chosen him over George W. Bush. But somewhere along the way he had neglected to do that and had been taken in by the will of the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC.

This is a grave mistake he had made as it was not the will of the majority.

So no wonder the Americans sprung to come up with their own version of the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011, called the American Spring of October, 2011.

It is the New American Revolution.

What goes around comes around. Or it is a case of America getting a taste of its own medicine?!

America exported dissent to the Arabs, thinking that this could empower themselves so that they could press for self-determination to end repression by the dictators who had misled them all this while.

Now dissent is back on American soil where it belongs.

Americans had also leant how they, too, could use a bit of that, i.e. to replace dictators in their own country who have been misleading them all this while. They are the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC.

Having presidential elections to elect their presidents is one thing; to allow a small group of Zionists to rule America from behind is another.

Americans must wake up to the fact that this is the reality their country is in, that it is not ruled by the voice of the majority but by the dictates of the small and tiny group of Zionist zealots who dictate terms to their presidents.

So the real and true democracy that they are proud of is not real and true democracy at all. America is a dictatorship, controlled by hidden hands and forces which tell their presidents and Congress as well as their media what to do.

They are the ones who have been helping to shape American foreign policies which benefited the tiny Zionist minority in America and in the Zionist state.

And they are the ones who had cause untold damage to America and the majority of the Americans who had to suffer in silence.

These Americans had earlier thought America, the largest economy in the world could fend off any economic situation suddenly realized that this is not the case, as China had been aroused from slumber.

And there are now many other Arab and Muslim countries which had become independent, with more and more Arabs and Muslims who are capable of inflicting damage on America, they who do not use weapons of destruction of engaged in militant acts, but by seeking for self-determination and independence from American and western aggression.

The Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011 did not happen for nothing.

It was not just for the Arabs alone.

More than that, the ultimate effect will be on the total replacement of Zionist rule in America and also in the Middle East.

So the Arab Spring happened in some Arab countries in May. Now American Spring is happening in October.

Americans should take to the streets. They should use the social networks more than the Arabs had done.

They are supposed to be backward; yet, the Arabs know how to use the social networking to make things happen to remove repressive regimes.

Yet, the Americans, who invented social networking have not yet used it fully. Now they are slowly finding how useful it is.

Many have taken to the streets in New York City to protest against Wall Street.

More and more cities in America are joining them.

When will they end? What will they achieve?

They do not want to get rid of Barack Obama as president using street protests as he is not a long-time dictator like those in the Arab countries. Barack can be removed in the next presidential elections slated for 2012.

But the real issue Americans face is not Wall Street. It is on the Zionist rule of America and American life. They had caused untold damage to America’s reputation in the world.

They had also brought misery to the lives of many young Americans who were forced to go to war fighting and killing those who they hardly knew.

Some Americans had been killed in the process. More than six thousand of them have died in Iraq. Sixty thousand died in the Vietnam War.

There is a wall in the park in Washington DC which inscribes all their names. This is America’s Wall of Shame! There is no pride in putting up the wall.

Do more walls of such nature have to be constructed to inscribe the names of other young American men and women?

Yet, there are scores if not hundreds of thousands of American men and women who were able before, but who are now physically and psychologically handicapped.

The whole of America has been paralyzed by these. Yet, the blame is only on Wall Street.

Wall Street has got nothing to do with what ails America. They are the Zionists and their lobbyists in Washington DC who have used indescribable methods to force America to part with huge sums of money to do their bidding.

In its haste to protect the Zionist state, and by offering US$1.6 billion in financial aid to the country, America and Americans have to suffer.

Yet, the blame the protestors and reformists in the American Spring of the New American Revolution could only blame Wall Street. Wall Street too suffers because of America’s protection of the Zionists.

Therefore the American reformers must look at who were the persons who had caused them and their country to suffer much. It is now Wall Street.

Even if Wall Street is occupied, the situation in America won’t change. As long as America’s foreign policy and its wrong use of the United Nations Security Council veto is used wrongly, Americans will continue to suffer even if Wall Street has been occupied.

Americans must also show their revulsion and contempt for their leaders’ use of the veto power stopping the Palestinians from ever getting statehood.

After robbing them of their land, surely, they should be allowed to have their own state on land which is left before this too would be seized away.

America’s use of its veto power was not use to promote world peace or to protect its national interests, but to protect the existence of the Zionist state, and to encourage it and its leaders to continue to inflict more harm on the Palestinians whom they had long disarmed.

Americans have seen how their leaders had caused many innocent Arabs to die with the others branded as potential terrorists and militants, all because the Zionists were able to change public perception of these people when those charges should rightly be descriptions for the Zionists alone.

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