Friday, November 29, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The Chinese in Malaysia, however, are in a special position: their number is larger. At one time they were forty percent of the population with many of them who are actually poor and in abject poverty.
No wonder they refused to return to China where they could not show their newly-found wealth to their relatives. So they chose to remain in Malaya as punishment for their failure to get their proverbial pot of gold here.
Their off-springs were the ones who had to slog so they could become successful and become more fused with the land, unlike their parents who had failed to do so and who still thought they were Chinese nationals owing no allegiance to the country they were now at.
However, over time, this percentage has been reduced to only 25 percent. It is a small percentage, compared to the percentage of the native Malay population which stands at around 60 percent and growing rapidly so that by 2050, it will be 80 percent.
Yet, the Chinese in Malaysia think they can exert themselves and demand all sorts of things without admitting it and pretending that no one would figure it all out.
The Malays have been kind in accommodating their every needs so much so that the economy of the Malays has been in shambles.
With no land, money or property when the Chinese first came here, they started work as menial laborers and renting houses and land which they developed and eventually started owning them. Most of the ‘night-soil carriers’ were Chinese with some Indians and almost no Malay.
And now we can see how many Malay lands where ancient villages and old paddy fields had stood have been redeveloped by the Chinese as their economy expanded. And the Malays have also been too supportive of their economic growth by allowing themselves to be used as the customers of their business, which continued to expand and grow purely on the strength and support of the Malays, without which the economy of the Chinese could not grow at all. 
The Malays and their ‘leaders’ continue to be oblivious to this and continue to accommodate every need of the Chinese.
And not enough with this, they are now craving to have political power, too. Many have even challenged ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.
Is it wrong for the Malays to have their own slogans? Is it wrong for the Malays to carry their ‘keris’ in whatever ways they like? Who are the others to ask the Malays not to carry them?
Now it is the ‘keris’; tomorrow it is the ‘songkok’; then what? Bahasa Melayu wants to be described as Bahasa Malaysia, yet they are not interested to master it.
Only those who want to be in politics have no choice but to know this language lest they cannot take part in any political debate. Just like the lawyers who have to use Malay in the court or they cannot fight any case and have to do office work only.
But when will they start to demand the use of English in the courts? This can happen.
So, you, see it is the numbers that make up the equation.
One cannot deny that if the number of the Chinese in Malaysia rises further so that they are more than the Malays, then surely their behavior and demands will become more ridiculous.


No Chinese or Indian wants to talk about how Pulau Pinang can also have a Malay as their chief minister. All of them want to ask when a Chinese (not an Indian) can be Prime Minister of Malaysia. That possibility is as good as asking when a Malay can be the vice-chancellor of UTAR and the New Era College.


The first indication of how the new DAP government of Pulau Pinang will act when the Chinese in Malaysia become more assertive is in how fast they wanted to change road names.

What if they have full control of Malaysia: Wouldn't they also want to change the Constitution, too?


Singapore had a way of balancing the ethnic composition of the races. They knew the Malays have a natural way of expanding themselves, numerically speaking. There used to be only 14 percent of the population of the country when the country left Malaysia – or were ‘sacked’ from Malaysia.
Now the population of the Malays has been ‘fixed’ so that it does not increase. The Singapore government will ensure that this remains so. And they would ‘import’ Chinese from foreign countries particularly the wealthy ones from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, to ensure that the percentage of the Chinese population remains at 70 percent.
Early Malay leaders were not smart; they did not have evil ideas and insisted on keeping Singapore in the Federation because they did not wish to play the Devil by expanding the population of the Malays so that it exceeds that of the Chinese including those in Singapore by encouraging the immigration of Indonesians to the land.
If they had done this, then surely the population of Malays in Malaysia can be a lot more now and that multi-ethnic strife that we experience today would not happen.
Many Chinese and Indians in Malaysia blame the government for ‘allowing’ Malays from other countries particularly Indonesia to become its citizens or permanent residents which they say is a strategy to increase the population of the Malays.
But they ignore the fact that the Singapore government had been doing it more feverishly so as to ensure that the population of the Malays remain ‘fixed’ at 14 percent.
Yet, the Malays in Singapore do not complain about this. The reason being they are too small and insignificant to say anything.
It’s all about numbers. Go figure this out.


So now you know why the early Chinese who had come to Melaka in the Fourteen Century became known as Baba and Nyonya, who speak only Malay and were able to assimilate with the local Malays.
The reason being they were too few of them – 500 according to the history books and ancient text. And they had come with Princess Hang Li Po who married Sultan Mansur Shah.
With only 500 of them, they had no choice but to speak in Malay so that they could be understood and not rejected. They could not exert themselves.
However, with the tide of immigration of the Chinese in the Nineteenth Century, more Chinese were able to come to Malaya so much so that they were able to exert themselves.
It was fortunate that the Malay rulers had intelligence and were able to think or guess what the English colonist masters wanted to do – which is to displace the Malays in their own sultanates, just like what they had done in Singapore which had become a ‘Chinese country’ as it still is.
If the sultans were not smart enough, the population of the Malays in their own states or sultanates would not form the majority and their position in their own states would become weak. So sooner or later, they, too, would have to go.
The special position of the sultans today is not due to the presence of the non-Malays then but solely rests on the support and strength of the Malays. Therefore, they, too, should be eternally grateful for the Malays for keeping them where they are now, for without them, the sultanates would have been displaced long ago, even without the British doing anything nasty.
So it was good that the sultans were able to exert themselves and got the support of the Malays and outdid the British who were outsmarted until they were forced to sign documents that in effect forced them to leave the country in shame before it became worse than it was for them, and before the whole of the Malay Peninsula became another Singapore – a Chinese state.


I pity the Chinese in India, Bangaldesh and Pakistan and all the other poorer countries; their numbers are so tiny that they have no choice but to keep quiet. No Chinese would want to migrate there because they know they could not benefit from doing so.
They only want to migrate to countries that are already prosperous so they can take advantage of it, like Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, so they can be more English and less Chinese.
There is no Chinese representation in the Lok Sabha or the parliament in New Delhi and chances of any of them of ever being appointed chief minister of any of the states in the country is as good as Osama bin Laden being offered American citizenship or permanent resident status.

Monday, November 25, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I have to say here that I do not read people's comments since they are too scared to reveal what their level of intelligence and standing in society is. If they do not have an identity, they do not have any views worthy of anyone considering. Worse, one cannot use these comments in one’s research on the subject.
Yes, I am brave enough to sign my name on this article.

This is an attempt at studying the thinking, mentality and philosophy of the Chinese in the world especially those who live outside of the Chinese world.
When will someone conduct a more serious research on this following the wake of the earlier doctoral thesis a Chinese scholar had done which was later published in a book called, ‘History of Chinese Immigration to Nanyang’ which tells the sorry tales of how the Chinese had to flee from South China to go to Southeast Asia with barely anything on them except for the clothes they were wearing?
The then President of Taiwan, Lee Teng-Hui, called the Chinese in Singapore uncultured as they are descended from the people of South China. This was when he had a spat with the Minister Mentor of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. Yet, Kuan Yew didn’t bother to challenge the other Lee, almost as though Kuan Yew knew he didn’t have anything to contradict.
But I am going to be charitable and not describe the Chinese in Singapore as what the President of Taiwan had said.


It is unlike Michael Chick, who has an English name, who has written another article with a weirder title - ‘MALAYSIAN CHINESE ARE STUPID!’ which was published in Malaysia-Today. Yet, he was not condemned.
Shockingly, there were many Chinese commentators who agreed with him. The reason being the writer is English. If he was Malay, he would have been condemned.
Many Chinese and other non-Malays have tried unsuccessfully to define what and who the Malays are but all of them fail because their thinking was clouded by their own prejudices and biases.
So Michael is lucky because he is English and his views are considered by the commentators to be superior.
Yes, I do mix more with the non-Malays. I went to a Catholic missionary school where I was the only Malay student in class in most of the eleven years I was there in primary and secondary school.
And yes, I have many close relatives who were former Chinese and Indian Hindus.
In fact, most of the ancestors of the Malays, including the members of the royal families were also Hindus, including Parameswara who became a Muslim in 1414 of the Common Era (CE).
And as I am writing this, I had just seen in the papers of how Michael Jackson who was said to have converted to Islam and now calling himself Mikaeed. He followed in the footsteps of his elder brother, Germaine who became a Muslim in 1989.
Is Michael’s conversion to Islam one strange reaction to Barack Hussein Obama’s becoming president of the United States? It cannot be just a coincidence.


There are Chinese everywhere – in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore and almost all the countries in the world and in different numbers ranging from a few hundred to a few million.
The way the Chinese behave and try to exert themselves differ according to which country they are in and how many of them.
The only difference is in what numbers and percentages and the way the Chinese behave is according to these factors.
If they become larger than the local native population such as in Singapore, they will demand and get the ultimate power to control the whole island and in the process cause the extinction of the Sultanate of Singapura.
Yes, Stamford Raffles called it Singapura, while his successor who could not speak much Malay, mispronounced it as Singapore.


In Indonesia, where the number is smaller and comprising only three percent of the total population of the country, they accept everything including being ‘forced’ to study in Indonesian schools and not make any unnecessary demands on the government, lest they will get it in strange ways.
They even had no choice but to use Indonesian names and speak in the local language.
Only lately, however, are they allowed to have their own television programs in Mandarin and you can now hear the Indonesian Chinese speaking in Chinese – Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien mostly, publicly without being chastised. Only a small percentage of them convert to Islam, and speak the language of the majority there.
In the Philippines, the number of the Chinese is even smaller. And because of that they have no choice but to assimilate with the local population comprising of the Filipinos, even calling themselves Filipinos and speaking in Tagalog and English. They do not speak Chinese or clamor to have their own schools.
And because of that they are able to get some of their own kind appointed as President of the country starting with Corazon Aquino. She does not call herself Chinese and only rarely does so and on any of her visits to China, she would visit her ancestral village in south China.
The same with Thaksin and Samak who are prime ministers of Thailand. Both of them are Chinese, but they do not have Chinese names or are able to speak Chinese. They also have Thai names and do not wish to be referred to as Chinese.
The reason being the number of the Chinese in Thailand is very small. And despite controlling the economy and politics, they cannot exert their Chinese-ness that much, lest they would lose support of the average Thais who are comfortable accepting them for who and what they are.
In America, the number of Chinese is also small; they restrict themselves to Chinatowns and find their own entertainment watching movies from Hong Kong and listening to music from this country. They do not have any ambition of forming their own political parties because they know they can never go anywhere.
If there are Chinese who have been appointed to office, they have to run on the Democratic or Republican Party tickets.
In short, the Chinese in America have to assimilate, just as the Chinese in Canada and England. They are too small and insignificant to make any impact.
Yet, they can and are allowed to build their own schools and temples, but they do not want to waste their time doing so; they are more interested to save whatever money they have on their companies and themselves.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Tomorrow, 22 November, is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Let everybody else still wonder who killed him, was it Lee Harvey Oswald or some other persons in America or elsewhere who might have got him to do the bidding for them with the controversy theorists still at a loss as to what had actually happened.

Oswald is dead. So he could provide any lead.

But what I want to ask is: What killed John F. Kennedy? 

The American Constitution is such that it allows Americans to be Americans, people who are unlike the others around the world, which they allege it could spur them to greater heights to achieve the American Dream with all sorts of people of all strips who converge onto the country to shape it into what it is.  

So many came, stayed and realized their dream. But there are also some others who got what they had not bargained for. The American Dream that they had wanted to get, had become a nightmare for some others.

It’s true; many Americans had aspired to achieve wonders in all fields, with some of them having gone to the Moon, achieving notoriety along the way, creating some of the most marvelous creatures ever to walk on this earth.

They are so many of them, who had excelled in all the fields of endeavor known to man.

And this unfortunately, also included the people who had killed their presidents, and the others who had tried to do the same to the others.

They too had achieved notoriety, which unfortunately is not of the sane kind.

America embraces all of them. The American Constitution created them.

It is the same American Constitution that was created long ago, which cannot be faulted; it must be defended at all cost.

It is also the same American Constitution that had created Lee Harvey Oswald and the other wonderful creatures ever to walk on the ‘Land of the Free’. 

So who killed John F. Kennedy and the other American presidents? The American Constitution and what it stands for.

No other country in the world has the same type of constitution which can be described as comparable with the American Constitution, so no wonder no president in the other countries had been so mercilessly killed by their own kind in such a dramatic way.

It even left the whole country numb and a trail of uncertainties as to what had caused it to happen, leaving the controversy theorists in the country breathless as they try to figure out what had happened; did Oswald do it alone or was he just a lackey who was doing the job of the unknown and unseen others.

Who really killed Kennedy? This question still rings in the air even fifty years after the shots were fired. 

And each time the political analysts and thinkers and conspiracy theorists try to make a guess their views ring hollow, simply because they are not targeting the right source of the scourge – the American Constitution, and the very basis for the formation of their country as proposed by their founding fathers in 1776 who drafted the document.

They were the persons who had no idea that what they were proposing was offering to the Americans a double-edge sword that could go either way.    

But there are some who are just doing it the wrong way, using the same Constitution to kill their own presidents, with the many others who tried but failed; they were condemned to be mentally unstable, the sort of characters which only America can create, for they are not found in other countries including from its immediate neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

Yes, America and their Constitution created heroes and also crooks, and the lose gunmen and other mentally disturbed individuals, the like the rest of the world had not seen before, and in which no other country in the world can create.

America’s presidential assassins are thus created not out of thin air; they are created by the whole system which was created under the purview of their Constitution, no less.

Therefore, it is ‘permissible’ for any American to own a gun, and to aim it at whatever he thinks is good target practice, including clay birds, irregardless of the impact and after effects.   

The availability of guns for the use and display by every American citizen and the opening up of their untamed desires, had side negative effects in that it encourages some to pursue a different course of action using the gun as a tool of his or her assumed power, and to be able to change the course of the history of his or her country. 

President John F. Kennedy was not the first victim of the excesses of America and their Constitution.

He was but the third in the line of presidents of America who had suffered from Americans and their Constitution which allows its citizens to carry arms.

Abraham Lincoln, too suffered the same fate earlier to create history of sorts by being assassinated in cold blood by a fellow American.

Gerald Ford and also Ronald Reagan too came in close to being killed by gunmen who are Americans.

But the gunmen are not to be blamed. America and their Constitution are to be targeted; there is something gravely wrong with these especially the founding fathers who had devised the Constitution for which all Americans and especially the judiciary holds dear to the very word that is said in it by the judges even able to sideline and push aside any religious sentiments.

Non-Americans often find America and their Constitution to be strange; one can carry arms and buy them in stores that stock them like they buy candy at the corner store, but one cannot smoke anywhere one wants to; more and more places in America are barred to smokers.

Areas where vice activities are present were closed down.

Why can’t they all be allowed, for American smokers to puff away wherever they want and for those who are involved in vice to continue with their trade?

The American Constitution allows for such freedoms, as much as it also allows for Americans to sell and own arms of all sorts, with the larger companies manufacturing the more massive weapons of mass destruction or WMDs that must be used somehow, somewhere, where it is convenient where retaliation cannot be expected, signed and approved by the president, no less.

Yet, Americans are also not allowed to consume certain kinds of drugs or to grow them, so much so that they had to depend on the charity of some enterprising Mexicans to feed them with such substances.

Why are cigarettes and drugs harmful to Americans and not guns?

The American Constitution does not care to debate on this. And Americans are coy enough not to touch on those issues related to why Americans must still be allowed to carry arms.

And what killed Kennedy? And for that matter, his younger brother, Robert whose life was robbed as he was making his way to the White House, and the few others who had managed to get there, but whose tenure was shortened.  

Guns? Hired assassins? No. The American Constitution and the American Dream gone awry…

Was Oswald then taking full advantage in being a true-blooded American who believed in the freedom of expression, as enshrined in the American Constitution?

But to what effect and consequence? He did not care.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I first visited Paris when I was flying back from New York City to Kuala Lumpur in early 1981, by stopping in the city for three days. France then was France. So I went there with this in mind.

I was told the French did not like to speak in English, no matter what. But this is not true. I could get some of them to speak with me in English when I was buying things from them and wanted to look for directions and especially with the cab-drivers.

I returned to Paris the second time in June, 2013, after an absence of 32 years and thought Paris and France would be different today, in the more globalized world we are supposed to be in where English is the most dominant international language.

I was wrong.

France is still France as I knew it in 1981. And I don’t blame them for insisting the use of French in their everyday lives. It is like being in another planet altogether without being able to communicate much with everybody around me.

And I am sure the next time I return to Paris or France, I will still find myself in Planet France.

There were not many, if any, signboards in English, except at places where there are foreign travelers, so they are able to communicate to get information and direction.

The time difference was 32 years, yet, France being France did not embrace globalization which to the others mean, the adoption of English as their first language, leaving whatever language their ancestors had been using to be rendered redundant and useless.

There are pro-English proponents, but most of them strangely, are in Malaysia, and they are mostly Melayu and some Chinese and Indians.

They think with the more widely use of English Malaysia and also the Melayu can develop and faster.

Their logic is stilted, especially when they insist that with English they can acquire knowledge better.

Yet, none of them has said which sort of knowledge they had acquired using the English they know.

All of the pro-English proponents and supporters, sadly, use English for show.

There are even some, including former prime minister Mahathir Mohammad who are trying to get the government to use English for the study of Science and Mathematic, saying that it is easier to do so as most of the terms used in these two subjects are in English and all that they do to have such words into the Melayu language is to misspell them.

But they did not say the English too had misspelled many words in other languages, including Melayu to use in their language, for everyday use, including many which are scientific words and terms.

They have also neglected to say how the French, Germans, Italians and Spanish and so on are also adopting many words in English by misspelling them.

The English say, ‘Pardon’, and the French say, ‘Pardon’ but with ‘n’ not pronounced.

Although many would say learning French is difficult, but this may not be true as they also use Roman characters with some local styles and flavors, and with concentration one can easily read in French and also speak in the language.

It is also true with the study of Melayu, which also uses Roman characters, and especially with the many words in English that are now included in the vocabulary of the Melayu language, anybody who knows English, German, French or who is familiar with Roman characters can learn Melayu better and easily.

Even the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese and even Indian also adopt words from English into their vocabulary.

However, since they do not use Roman characters one cannot tell which of the words in English that they had misspelled; so it is okay for them to use those words.

So the only reason why the pro-English supporters and proponents that we have in Malaysia especially is that they do not think highly of the Melayu that we have as the national language.

For the Chinese and Indians, if they are in the same pro-English boat, they can be charged for not liking Melayu since they know they cannot excel in the language, and they cannot force their languages to be adopted as the national language of the country other than Melayu.

They can so far force the authorities to use these languages in signboards at the airports and at some other places.

But they cannot go on to get road signs written also in these languages. They had tried to do that before especially in the aftermath of the 2008 general elections which saw them winning many seats in parliament and seizing some states.

However, their acts only prove that they are chauvinists and not democrats, who would take actions outside of the law.

But to many, these are desperate acts of people whose sizes are fast shrinking. They thought if they did not do that then, they could not do that later.

If there are only sixty-six million persons in France, yet, they are able to use their language widely in their country without any of them feeling insecure about it and wanted to start to use a foreign language such as English, which many of them know, then why can’t Melayu be used more widely in Malaysia and in the whole of Southeast Asia, which is the Melayu World?

We can also create Planet Melayu in this part of the world so all road signs are in the language, so that even the French have to learn the language if they are here and wish to communicate with the people here.

I have not heard of any French man or woman who agree to what the pro-English supporters and proponents that we have in Malaysia.

Where did these pro-English supporters and proponents come from? They were also those from the rural villages, whose ancestors had left them to come to the city, where their off-springs suddenly find the language they were taught as children to be inferior.

Fortunately, there are still many Melayu who speak fluent English who do not follow their logic, and who insist on using English as the language to acquire knowledge, and Melayu for everyday communication.

They do not use English to show off, especially to the fellow Melayu and other Malaysians that they are more educated. They are not. Most of them sadly are not so educated. If they are, then they will want to be more Melayu and more Malaysians than those who are not so well-educated who may want to use their limited grasp of English in their daily communication.

Give up, pro-English supporters and proponents. Go to Planet France

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


By Mansor Puteh’

The main reason why the Bumiputera or Melayu are lacking in many areas, is because Mara and the government have failed to acknowledge the existence of this special group of Melayu who have benefited from Mara and the government, who have been allowed to exist on their own, serving only themselves.

If the Mara Scholars Association and Melayu Ivy League and Oxbridge Associations had been formed twenty or thirty years ago, one can see wonders happening to the Bumiputeras and Melayu in the country.

One thing that could have happened is the creation of a new generation of Melayu and Bumiputera entrepreneurs and leaders of the industries they are supposed to be in but which they are not allowed to enter in full force, because they are not given the incentives to develop their talents.

These Bumiputeras and Melayu are where they are solely on merit having gained valuable education for their second degrees with some having studied at the prestigious universities abroad.

The many others who are successful and are able to contribute because they are in industries that had been established, whereas those who are still in the periphery, are those who are in industries which are still in their infancy, which Mara and the government have not bothered to highlight or encourage them to enter and to seize leadership roles in them so they do not become ‘parasite industries’ that need pumping of funds from the government.  

It was good for the government to create the special Bumiputera Economic Empowerment program (BEE) by allocating a large amount of money to serve the cause, and mostly to create a new generation of Melayu entrepreneurs and industry leaders in all fields.

It will be ironic if the BEE benefits the same group of Melayu entrepreneurs who have benefited from the New Economic Policies (NEP) of the past, but whose contribution to the society and race is minimal or nil.

Worse, they have become less Melayu and who consider themselves to be ingrates by looking at the other side, and not showing any interests in fields that the Melayu are lacking for which some pumping of money could help develop, instead of them parading their expensive vehicles and residences, and showing their expensive lifestyle, etc. by organizing expensive weddings for their children. 

Unfortunately, till now there has not been any specialized research undertaken by any body or persons to investigate where the Bumiputeras and especially the Melayu have lagged behind and in which areas they are the weakest which form the bulk of this group's base.

There are some sectors that have seen Bumiputera participation, but not in the other areas.

At the same time, what the BEE can do it to encourage Mara to form the Mara Scholars Association which must be able to get scores of thousands of the Melayu who have studied at least at the graduate level and at universities abroad and in all fields.

They can become a new Melayu think tank which can offer interesting ideas and proposals to further uplift the economic standing of their race.

After all, individually, their quest to want to pursue their education abroad is a personal attempt to see the uplifting of the economy of their race, but this can be further enhanced if they can be grouped together so that they can better related with each other, while being able to look at the whole picture in a more wide perspective instead of from only their own vision.

Unfortunately, too, some of them have become ingrates in that they thought they could not become independent and even critical of the efforts taken by the government thinking that they have become too smart to agree with everything that it and also Mara try to do.

I found it strange how Mara and even the ministry of education had not bothered to encourage or ask Mara to establish such an association.

This association cannot be formed by individuals who had benefited from Mara by getting scholarships or study loans, as it can become nothing but a social group where their members meet annual for a grand dinner, where they share their address cards and parade their expensive vehicles, with those who are less successful, spawning it.

It should be the task of Mara to instigate the former Mara scholars to group together so that the association can become a new think tank whose members and also elected officials can sit down to investigate on how best to contribute to the society and their race, without ever having to scream and shout slogans all the time.

Educated people can perform better away from publicity and self-promotion which unfortunately has become the trend for elected officials of well-meaning groups to get their views across.

Mara Chairman, Tan Sri Annuar Musa was reported to have said on a program on Astro Awani how he had proposed the creation of the BEE to the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who agreed and launched the scheme when he visited the Mara University of Technology late last year, before a cheering crowd of UiTM students, faculty and alumni.

But what Anuuar, as chairman of Mara should now do is to help form the Mara Scholars Association so that it can help the government and also BEE to formulate new plans to further uplift the economic standing of the Melayu.

It won’t be too difficult for Mara to do this. In fact, not having this association means that Mara had not done their part to further encourage their scholars to contribute beyond their call of duty.

And at the same time I also propose the creation of the Melayu Ivy League and Oxbridge Association, which can also be under Mara or the ministry of education.

This association should be organized by individuals, but if this happens, it will become no more than a social club.

The idea to have such an association is to register all the Melayu and Bumiputera who have studied in any of the ten universities – Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth and UPenn in America and Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, so that they are identified.

And their expertise can be called for if there are issues concerning the industries they are supposed to be in.

And students who are currently studying in such universities must also be registered so that they can do specialized researches that benefit their society instead of them working on any research that does not benefit anyone other than themselves to allow them to graduate.

This explains why despite having the many doctorates in the country, there is no publication of the researches that they had done over many years, and worse, none of what they had found have been implemented by the government.

In the end we have armchair experts who do not go to the field to conduct their research but who go to the libraries to get information on the earlier researches that had been done by the others before them.

And no wonder the comments given by the so-called experts and professors that we have in the country are so general and superficial; they are good entertainment figures for the television pseudo-political talk shows.

Thursday, November 7, 2013



Allah may be the generic name for God first used by the Pagans. Mekkah may be the center of focus for all Muslims; yet, ‘Mecca’ is not what it is, but a center of everything.

This prompted a host of a television program in England to joke that a certain city in an undescribed Arab country has become the ‘Mecca for Terrorists!’

But what about Pastor or Father Edmund? Can he also be called Imam Edmund?

And if he has visited The Vatican, can’t he also be called a Haji? Haji Edmund?

Can the church of the Catholics and Christians be described as ‘masjid’ or mosque in the near future?

And what about other Islamic terms such as ‘fatwa’, ‘khutbah’, ‘haji’, ‘tawaf’, ‘sembahyang’ or ‘solat’, ‘berkhatam’ and so on?

And what about 'puasa' or fasting? Many non-Muslims also use the term 'puasa' if they are not eating. But this is not 'puasa' like the Muslims know it.

The non-Muslims also pray or ‘sembahyang’ or ‘bersolat’ but their ways are totally different compared to those of the Muslims.

And more and more non-Muslims opt to circumcise or ‘bersunat’, a practice that was introduced before Islam.

Can’t they also be described as generic words that people of the other religions too can use in the near future, so we can have this announcement: ‘Imam Edmund of Masjid St. Patrick will be giving a khutbah and issuing a fatwa…’?

In fact, many Arab names have their origins from Jewish and Christian names, because these two religions first appeared before Islam, and they are not originally Arab names either, but the names of the Pagans.

And if the non-Muslims have completed reading their Bible or other holy books, can’t they also say that they had ‘berkhatam Bible’ instead of ‘berkhatam Koran’ and so forth?

Yes, they can.

And what about the Holy Kaabah?

It was never a focus of Islam, but a focus of the Pagans who placed all sorts of statues and icons inside of it, before Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, destroyed them, to claim the Holy Kaabah as the center of focus of all Muslims.

The Unbelievers have more right to reclaim the Holy Kaabah to turn it into whatever they want because they have the right of ownership to it, as much as the Jews who were in the great majority in Mekkah as well as Madinnah, who can also claim these two cities as their own.

Unfortunately, they are not able to do this. But they can do it to the Palestinians by seizing their land and creating the Zionist state of Israel and getting support from America and then the United Nations, so this state has become legitimate in their eyes.   

And Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, too was originally not a believer, until he received enlightenment from ‘Allah’ to become the first Muslim in the world, at the ripe age of forty-four years. His parents were all Pagans, too.   

The truth is that the Catholics and also Christians of Malaysia are not people of the Book, the original Catholics and Christians of ancient or Biblical times have been displaced, as Muslims know it, with many having reverted to Islam.

In fact, most of the ancient Jews too had left Judaism to revert to Islam, which is the extension of the earlier religious beliefs, who were given the Taurah and Injil, followed by the Koran.

However, the original versions of the Taurah or Torah and Injil (or Bible) have disappeared, and the new versions are not authentic.

It also explains why there are so few Christians or Jews in the Middle East today. They were dominating in all the Arab countries that we know today.

And most of the Catholics and Christians are Nuevo-Catholics and Nuevo-Christians, who are those who are outside of the original areas where the original Catholics or Christians lived, with many infusing their Pagan beliefs.

Yet, those in the west are also fond of mixing Catholicism and Christianity with secular atheistic ideals, leaving the churches their forefathers had built and prayed in to be left unattended with many being sold to Muslim groups that turned them into ‘masjid’ or Islamic centers. 

The Jews in the Middle East today are so few. The ones that now inhabit the land of Israel today are not the descendants of the original Jews, who have mostly reverted to Christianity.

However, most of the Jews who became Christians later moved on to revert to Islam, as a natural process, leaving with so few Arabs who are Christians.

But the so-called Arab-Christians are truly descendants of the ancient Jews, who refused to speak in Hebrew having left Judaism, so over the centuries they have been accepted as Arabs who are Christians.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt have Jewish ancestry and they were not Arabs, but since they speak in this language, they are described as Arabs, too.

It is like the Chinese-Muslims in China, who were originally not Chinese, but Arabs, Persians and Turkish.

However during the Qing and Ming Dynasties, they were forced by the Chinese emperors to assume Chinese identities and wear Chinese clothes and speak Chinese, so that over time, they have been accepted as Chinese, even though their ancestors are not Chinese but Arabs, Persians or Turkish.

And who are the original Jews in the Middle East today? They are the Hassidic or Orthodox Jews.

Ironically, these Hassidic Jews or the Hassidim do not look eye-to-eye with the other Jews who they describe as Zionists who believe in Zionism more than Judaism that they know.  

They also do not believe and support the continued existence of the Zionist state of Israel, and those who are living outside of this state, refused to step foot in it until this country has been returned to its rightful owners, the Palestinians who they want to live under until the advent of their Messiah.  

The other New Jews are recent converts to Judaism, and who are mostly from Eastern Europe and Russia, who converted to the religion so they could get Israeli citizenship under the Law of the Return which allows any Jew from anywhere in the world Israeli citizenship automatically, including those who are recent converts to the religion.

So few Jews from around the world have gone back to Israel; those who go there to assume Israeli citizenship are there for economic reasons.

No wonder also most Jewish people in America have declined to return to Israel, although they support the continued existence of the Zionist state.   

And who was the person who first translated the Bible into Bahasa Melayu? Munshi Abdullah.

Munshi Abdullah was the scribe engaged by Thomas Stamford Raffles to translate the book into Melayu so that it could be used to spread the religion to the Jawa and other native groups in Indonesia and also East Malaysia.

And Munshi Abdullah did not have much grasp of Islam so he used the term ‘Allah’ for God.

Maybe Munshi Abdullah did not use ‘Allah’ to mean God, but it could have been rewritten by some other person, to confuse the Jawa and other native tribes into thinking that they were praying to Allah, a concept they had known all their lives.

It is true that the Arabs and also Jews as well as Christians of ancient or Biblical times had used the word or term ‘Allah’, but they were referring to a different God, and they were the real people of the Book.

Today’s Catholics and Christians cannot lay claim to be people of the Book, because they use different versions of the Bible, which is not the Kitab Injil which is known by all Muslims, and it is no more in existence, including the original Taurah, which the later-day Jews call Torah.

In fact, the Arabs that we have today in the Middle East are also not originally Arabs. They are people of different warring tribes, who had their own languages and beliefs.

However, Islam united them, and over time because the Holy Koran was written in Arabic, their ancestors started to use Arabic over their own dialects that they have left to become extinct, save for those which are still being used by tribes who live away from modernization.

The Pope of the Catholics and the leaders of the Christians in the west and America have never uttered the name ‘Allah’, ever, and no Catholic or Christian has ever been known to hang the name of ‘Allah’ or ‘The House of Allah’ in calligraphy in their churches or houses, even in their languages, and never mind in Arabic.

These Catholics and Christians never said, ‘Ya, Allah!’ when they are in pain or in dire straits. They called on their ‘Dear Father, art thou in Heaven…’ for help and guidance.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It is quite obvious that the organizers of the so-called World Islamic Economic Forum or WIEF, does not care or know who they are actually serving or benefiting the most, the Muslim countries or the non-Muslim ones.

The truth remains that since it first came into existence, there are many Arab countries that have suffered, being destroyed, with their economy in shambles.

This happened through infighting and mostly by external provocation, by unseen but known and obvious enemies of Islam, the countries that had never ever used their veto power to protect Arab and Muslim interests in the United Nations. 

Yet, the organizers of the WIEF can look elsewhere taking their act and with their officers and the so-called leaders of the Arab and Muslim countries giving comments and speeches as though they do not realize that the Muslim World that they like to talk about truly does not exist.

And that cooperation between and amongst Muslim countries and those of the non-Muslim ones favor the later.

WIEF has indeed benefited the non-Muslim countries more than the Muslim ones.

If it is that interesting and truly beneficial, then it can be seen in the way Muslims interact to each other through commerce, which is what the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, had also been engaged in, for which had become the tool of Islamic propagation, which had also caused Melaka to become the most important center for the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, trading as encouraged by WIEF, has not managed to do this.

The organizers of WIEF and the so-called Arab and Muslim leaders are not fully aware why they are happy to be invited to attend this forum, when it is not service the real cause of Islam in anyway.

It can be said to be effective if it can also help cause the expansion of trading amongst Muslim countries and between the non-Muslim ones, which can in the end cause the economic hold of the Muslim countries by the west to be further reduced, with the American dollar and European euros and other currencies of the non-Muslim countries depreciating in value and worth.

But this has not happened. It can never happen because the organizers of the WIEF, does not really know why they are organizing this sort of forum.

To them it is no more than to counter the World Economic Forum (WEF) that is held in Davos, Switzerland every winter there.

It was a good start. But WIEF did not know how to enhance their prestige and reputation other than to be the counter-WEF.

Whereas the WEF can rest on the earlier achievements of the countries in the west which have been fully developed, in all fields, WIEF has not managed to even think why they were able to achieve what they had managed to do, so that the WIEF, too can encourage other Muslims to go into the line of businesses that those countries in the west especially America had done to uplift their economic performance, so that they can influence not only the economic development of the Muslim countries, but also to promote Unity amongst the Muslims in the world.

WIEF has a very narrow-minded view of the Muslim World and also the world as a whole.

They are happy to get as many prominent Muslim and non-Muslim leaders to attend their annual conference.

And these so-called Muslim leaders are normally eager to attend it, because of the prestige attached, where they can read the prepared texts which do not espouse anything unusual or new, other than to repeat what has been said by their counterparts and also themselves before.