Tuesday, July 31, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

What other purpose or reason did the White House have for giving a special award to a Hindu Malaysian woman? The president did not dare give it to her at the function in the White House, but chose his wife, Michelle to do it.

But what the White House and the American government have all failed to realize is how the Hindu Malaysian woman could get such an award, for being a vocal person, because she was allowed to do so, courtesy of the Malaysian government itself.

Therefore, it is not she whom the White House should have given the award for bravery, but the Malaysian government.

There won’t be any Hindu woman or any woman from Singapore who could be given such an award by the White House. The reason simply being, the Singapore government won’t allow for such a woman to appear, unless of course, if she wants to be taken action on, being sued in court, etc., etc.

And what a message had the White House given to the Hindu Malaysian woman called Amiga?

Go on. We are behind you. You are a beacon of hope for greater democracy in Malaysia.

But this is just on the surface of the whole matter.

The real issue is how the American government, is trying to use her to sow dissent in Malaysia.

But one cannot blame the White House for anything, as they only act at the behest of their embassy in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere in the world.

The president of America and his wife, would not have heard of Amiga or knew what she had done and was capable of doing.

Getting the award must have gone to the heads of Amiga, for after that she became braver and brasher, appointing herself the Peter Pan of democracy in Malaysia and getting some Melayu to follow behind her, like the Melayu who are Muslim did not know better how it would be funny to see a Hindu woman in Malaysia leading the flock of Muslims.

Like, the Muslims in Malaysia, did not have any woman to turn into their leader, like the leaders that those Melayu in the opposition now have is not qualified to be the mantle of hope for democracy in the country.

Unfortunately, the two protests she was said to have organized in collusion with some Melayu and the others called Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 have become the laughing stock of the country.

In the process, it also took along the White House and America, which claim to champion democracy in the world, yet, who hardly exhibit such traits, especially when similar things happened all over America with the introduction of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Thousands of Americans had been detained and abused. And they are Americans who claim to champion democracy in the country, yet they are met with police brutality.

Fortunately, whilst the Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 protests can be said to have got the green light from the White House and American government, the Occupy Wall Street did not have any connection with the Malaysian government.

The Malaysian government won’t dare get an American woman and hail her as a beacon of hope for democracy in America.

If this happened, the American government will cry foul. They will charge the Malaysian government for interfering in the internal affairs of the country.

Only American can offer such awards to any woman or even man, but not the other countries except may be, the former Soviet Union which had given a special award to John Reed who was an ardent supporter of the country, and when he died, he was entombed in the Kremlin.

A special film was made on his life by a major Hollywood studio called ‘Reds’ starring Warren Beatty sometime in the 1980s, which unfortunately went on to win many Oscars the following year of its release.

It even compelled the then American president, Ronald Reagan to preview the film in the White House.

But can one blame the American president today, Barack Obama, the White House and America?

Maybe not.

They have all become unusually unrealistic. They have all lost touch with the rest of the world.

It is quite fortunate for the rest of the world to see someone in the stature of Barack Obama being turned president of America, for he had exhibited a lot of common sense.

This was due to his unusual academic and family upbringing, having lived in Hawaii and Indonesia and with blood ties to Kenya, which all had made him into a much better person and president compared to his predecessors who had hardly known the neighborhood or state they were born in, and whose knowledge of the outside world was scant.

Mitt Romney does not have a ghost of a chance to unseat Barack in the November presidential election because America is not ready for someone so small and insignificant as he.

In the meantime, it seems that the White House and America had had their fair share of shame to experience over the failure of the Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 protests, which failed miserably.

There won’t be any Bersih 4.0, with some of those who had taken part in the earlier two protests now having to fight their cases in the courts in Malaysia, and with threats of them being unseat in the constituencies they now hold, in the impending thirteenth general elections which many pundits say would happen in September this year.

America and Malaysia are poles apart in the physical world, with a twelve-hour time difference, with the New York City time, twelve hours later than Kuala Lumpur time.

But in politics, America seems to be much farther behind that of Malaysia, where the presidential election are nothing but a farce as anyone who wins it will ultimately become a mere spokesman for the Zionist lobbyists and the leadership of the Zionist state of Israel.

Friday, July 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The United Nations (UN) have proved to be a pseudo-Judeo-Christian-biased world body, whose only real and undisclosed mission is to cause countries in the west, especially America and those in Europe to have prominence in a world where their stature is fast shrinking.

But they always pretend to be fair to all.

And the truth is a Muslim has never been appointed secretary-general of the United Nations (UN). And prospects of one being appointed in the near future or ever are bleak.

The problem is that a Muslim secretary-general of the UN will be biased for the Muslims.

So they had to appoint anyone who is not a Muslim.

They have so far chosen Christians, Catholics, Buddhists and Hindus and probably Atheists as well.

The reason why these people were favored is because they will be biased. Unfortunately, their biases will be for America and the West and more so for the Zionists.

That is the only reason why no Muslim will ever be appointed to the post with the blessings of America who controls very much the UN which is seen by many to be an extension of their White House.

If America does not get its way with the UN they will do the UN-democratic thing by stopping the flow of funds to the international body failing which they will ensure that the countries concerned suffer.

This threat is childish as it proves to the world and international community that America does not believe in democracy after all.

But this is not an understatement.

America only believes in democracy for the Zionist regime which can do anything it likes. The Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims have to suffer American democracy, because America knows they will never learn.

So far they have only used their veto power in the UN Security Council to support Zionist crimes against not only the Palestinians but also humanity.

The Muslims and Arabs will be fractured and this is good for the cause of the Zionists which exists only because of the fractured Arab and Muslim Worlds and not so much because of America or the UN.

But America is slowly being fractured because of the effects of their UN-democratic actions against the Muslims and Arabs.

The West too is being fractured pretty much for the same ugly positions they had taken along with America playing cahoots with them, like they do not know a lie when they saw one.  

Americans and the average westerners are slowly embracing real democracy and rejecting American-style democracy which is undemocratic.

They are slowly taking up the cause and to the streets. Only time will tell when or how America and the west will collapse. If this happens they have themselves to blame.

Their leaders who have limited intellectual resources must be blamed if this happens as they thought they could take their citizens on a long ride in a boat which had started to sink until it was too late for them to stop it from disappearing into the sea.

And all this happened while the Palestinians and Arabs played dead.

Their leaders did not have to do much as most or all of them can be classified to be ‘brain-dead’. They only know how to get angry. They know how to protest with each Zionist action against them.

But a week later they forget.

And the UN secretary-general’s real job is to ensure that the Zionists and America and also the west have their way.

He will pretend to be fair. But he cannot be fair as he is biased.

The only reason why he is there as secretary-general of the UN is because he is biased for America, the west and hence, the Zionists.

It is therefore ironic indeed that the UN secretary-generals in the past including the present one from South Korea who is almost certainly a Christian, are not friends of the Arabs and Muslims.

Yet, the Arab and Muslim leaders still want to welcome them.

Ban Ki-Moon visited Malaysia for less than a day, and he was welcomed royally.

What did he do to deserve such a reception? His presence in Malaysia should have been used by all Malaysians as an opportunity to reeducate him on the world and how displeased Arabs and Muslims are at him for being biased.

He, like his predecessors is no friend of the Arabs and Muslims. He only pretends to be so.

In fact, America and the west are also no friends of the Arabs and the Muslims; they only pretend to be so.

It was too bad that Ban was not cornered when he was in Malaysia and made to confront some issues, so he knows where he stands and what he has been doing since he became the secretary-general of the UN.

But I thought it was strange how the authorities here had taken him to a hospital for tuberculosis. What relevance has that got to do with him and the UN anyway?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

‘Pariah’ is a word that has been included in the English language; and it can be used in many ways, including ‘Pariah state’.

But no Indian or Hindu has protested the word from being used by anyone in such a fashion.

And when can we get a person who cries: ‘Proud to be Pariah!’?

The most that the Pariahs can do is to leave Hinduism and revert to Islam or the other religions where they do not practice the Caste System like in India, despite it having been ‘banned’ a long time ago.

Many in India had done that after they felt lost holding onto Hinduism, which had condemned them to be pariahs all their life with no prospect of being able or allowed to be free.

So by having such a group, it helped the cause of Islam, mostly, with some pariahs opting to convert to the other religions, such as Christianity, over the last few centuries.

The practice is still happening, the more the pariahs feel marginalized and sidelined.

The Pariahs are a group of Hindus who have been charged or demeaned for being of ‘low class’. They cannot join the majority of Hindus who are in the upper or higher classes.

Their lot is such that they cannot climb up the ladder in religious and social as well as cultural aspects.

Yet, the United Nations and the world have not condemned India for practicing apartheid of the worse sort, which they do on their own people who also profess the same religion as themselves.

In short they have been condemned. And not a word on them could be mentioned by Hindus who have been charged or demeaned for being of ‘low class’. They cannot join the majority of Hindus who are in the upper or higher classes.

Their lot is such that they cannot climb up the ladder in religious and social as well as cultural aspects.

In short they have been condemned. And not a word on them could be mentioned by anyone.

Many of them had left Hinduism to revert to Islam so they are now at the same level as other human beings.

Some of them, rightly or wrongly, said they had freed themselves of such bondage created by those Hindus of the higher classes or caste.

Even today, many Hindu Pariahs leave the religion to revert to Islam or become Christians, etc, so they can now behave and be treated more humanely.

In Malaysia, there were attempts by Muslims to bring out the Pariahs by including them in novels and other works or art.

But the mere mention of them was not good for the other Hindus. They charge the Muslims for being insensitive to their religion.

It is therefore ironic how the Hindus of the upper caste could come up with such a charge. It was them who had demeaned the Pariahs, but when the

It is therefore ironic how the Hindus of the upper caste could come up with such a charge. It was them who had demeaned the Pariahs, but when they are being mentioned as such by the Muslims, the Muslims are charged for such an outrageous charge.

It is sad, how the Pariahs are not able to exert themselves.

The Blacks in America were in the same position as the Pariahs of India.

Yet, over the years, the Blacks started to exert themselves by saying ‘Black is Beautiful’, and in the end, they triumph, so they are now considered to be people of equal standing with the Whites in America.

But if the Pariahs say, ‘Proud to be Pariahs’, they will be charged for going against their religion of Hinduism, who some of the higher caste Hindus want them to disappear from public view; they are not to be heard or exist.

There are so few Pariah in India who had gone up the social and economic ladder by virtue of the fact that they had excelled in education and became doctors, yet, they are not encouraged to marry Hindu women of the higher caste.

However, the United Nations (UN) can never ban the caste system of India because it forms part of the religion itself and by charging the Indians for discriminatory practices; they will run foul of human rights, whereby allowing them to have values which they claim to be pure.

It is also like the burning of corpses by the river-banks and disposing ashes into the river, a practice which is entrenched in Hindu beliefs.

This practice cannot be outlawed by the UN or any other human rights group despite it being abhorrent to humankind which stipulates that the bodies of the dead must be given due respect they deserve.

Since in Hinduism and some other religions, giving due respect to dead bodies, especially the loved ones, is by cremation.

Such logic however, cannot be sustained by some cultural and religious groups whose women were allowed to expose their bodies, in the past.

They do not do so now.

Even in the rural areas of Sarawak, Malaysia, where the Native women in the past who would bare their bodies then, do not do it now.

In Bali, things have also changed, whereby Balinese-Hindu women too do not expose their bodies anymore like their ancestors did in the past.

Yet, no one told them to cover up. They did it themselves.

If they were told to cover up, they would sniff at such an outrageous suggestion saying how the practice or lifestyle was theirs to follow.

But they were not told to change their ways or lifestyles; they did it themselves.

However, the burning of corpses by Hindus and the others, are still being practiced despite it being such a sight to comprehend by many all over the world, and the practice is not about to be discarded as those who still practice it are in the hundred of millions in India.

Coming back to the Hindu Pariahs, one cannot tell when this group of people is allowed by the Hindus to join humankind.

One does not know if they could be used as characters in novels or films.

In fact, till today, one has not seen anyone producing a special documentary on them.

One can see other documentaries of people who have been marginalized and isolated, but one can never see any documentary or even a character in any feature film, including those produced in India.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…Melaka was under Portuguese and Dutch rule for more than 130 years, but they also had to flee in shame, trampling on their religious values and pride in the process.
          The military experts in America and the Zionist state and those in Europe are so stupid that they still believe in the scorched earth policy of taking war theaters to other countries, just like what their ancestors had done in the past.
Didn’t they know how they had all failed?
Maybe America had succeeded in displacing the Native American Indians by mass killing them and importing by the shiploads Europeans and others into the country, so the Native Indians are now kept in reservations as trophies.
          So America can now claim to be the champions of democracy, where numbers count, and since the Native Indians have been decimated. Majority wins!
          But the White House sits on land that had been sprayed with the blood of the Native Indians so it is haunted; whoever inhabits it, will be hounded by ghosts, and they will crave for more blood. Now it’s Arab and Muslim blood!
          And can somebody tell Geert Wilders of Holland the ugly history of the Dutch were later-day Crusaders, who had tried to dominate some countries in Southeast Asia but which caused them to suffer indignities?
          What does the Danish government teach their students on the history of their own country and those of the others, who are former colonists?
          Geert has not got the history of many countries in Catholic and Christian Europe right. He did not know what the religious and political leaders of these countries had tried to do in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, and especially on Melaka and also Jawa.
          If he had known more on the history of his own country then he would not have any need to find faults with Islam and Muslims but at his own country and religion.
Instead, he would want to jump off the tallest building in Copenhagen, in shame, at how the early Dutch rulers were savage Christians, who had tried to fashion themselves as the Sixteenth Century Crusaders.
          Alas, they failed, and did so miserably.
          Melaka still does not have any Dutch influence, except for the few building where their dignitaries had stayed at.
They are symbols of Dutch and Christian decadence and barbarity and militancy anyway one looks at it.
But alas, their own brand of Christianity was not the right one, which did not see it wrong to dominate others and to force others to convert to their religion.
          I know the history of ancient Holland more than Geert does, because I am from Melaka in Malaysia or the former British Malacca.
          And I also know more of the ugly behaviors of the Portuguese and also the Dutch who had wanted to subjugate my city long ago, but they all failed.
          Geert and his ilk do not know Melaka was an unusual city-state, founded by an exile Hindu prince called Parameswara from the Srivijaya Kingdom in Sumatera, Indonesia.
Parameswara was the direct descendant of Alexander the Great known as Iskandar Zulkarnain by the Arabs and Melayu or Sikander by the Indians.
          Parameswara’s ancestors in India had sent their sons to each of the countries in Southeast Asia, so that was how Hinduism and also Buddhism quickly became the religion of the people here.
          But it was later rejected when Islam came with the traders, so the many puras or temples that were constructed throughout the land were demolished, leaving with just a few larger ones such as Borobudur in Jawa and Angkor Wat in Kambodia.
          There is a smaller and less significant one sitting in Kambodia but is now under dispute when the Siamese started to insist that it is their own, after UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site.
          Now it is a site for not only dispute but skirmishes, between the two countries which have left more than a dozen soldiers from the two countries dead, with many more injured.
The two are Buddhist countries, yet, they could still fight each other over an ancient Hindu temple.
Parameswara reverted to Islam in 1400 causing the religion to spread all over the region, thus turning Melaka as the center for the spread of Islam.
          The Savage Portuguese Catholic invaders however put a stop to it when in 1511 they captured Melaka and tried to turn the city-state into the center for the spread of their religion.
They failed. They were trapped in the Fort of Melaka they had to quickly construct.
          And in 1641, the Portuguese handed authority over Melaka to the Savage Dutch invaders who stayed till 1641.
The Portuguese and the Dutch, being Savage Catholic and Christians did not know better how to conduct themselves as promoters of their culture and evangelists, by forcing the locals to convert to their religions.
          They failed in Melaka. But they were successful in Goa, India and Macau, China.
          The buck stopped for the two in Melaka, where they were not able to do much. They also did not get to leave much, except to leave a stench in the history of Melaka with the present Portuguese and Dutch suffering from some guilt as a result of the failure of their ancestors.
          But the matter I am dealing here is one that concerns the war theaters that had been created then and now, a tactic used even by today’s inferior military and political strategists, especially those in America and the Zionist state.
          These modern-day savages thought by taking wars to other countries, their own countries and peoples would be safe.
          In theory, they may be so.
          But in reality, America and the Zionist state are all stuck where they are with whatever values they tried to uphold destroyed.
The war theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Palestine are where the evil sides of them reside for a while.
          Soon, they will flee back to their own countries, especially the Americans, but not the Zionists who did not have any country to go to, as they are now sitting on lands that did not belong to them.
Time will prove the futility of their efforts.
They will become the modern-day Portuguese and Dutch Savages and Invaders who did not know better than to take their evil deeds to Melaka with the Americans and the Zionists and their allies, taking their evil deeds to some Arab countries.
          It does not matter how long those foreign forces could stay in these countries, because sooner or later, they would have to leave them.
          America tried to stay put in Vietnam. They did that for a while. But in the end, they still had to pay the price of their mistake.
          The former Soviet Union, too, had similar experiences when they invaded Afghanistan for a decade before they had to leave.
          The existing war theaters we have in the world now are those in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Pakistan can be said to be a minor war theater, as it involves local skirmishes which were all created by the proxy enemies which had pushed the locals to go after each other. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Those winners in expensive lucky draws, who got to become tenants of the White House, had only Native American blood in their minds and on their hands. Their successors wanted Japanese blood and got a lot of them.
          However, in recent times, those who take up residence in the White House now crave for Arab blood instead.
          The White House may be the problem.
          Hollywood had destroyed it in ‘Independence Day’ but what the Americans got in real life was the crash of the Twin Towers on 911 day instead.
          It is being possessed by the devils and other ghosts of early Native Americans whose land the building now sits on whose history – the History of the Red Indians – which cannot be erased.
And as long as those who have been banished to live in such a public housing are not moved to another new residence, they will exhibit the same behaviors as their predecessors.
The current tenant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama may have the guts not to exhibit similar traits as his processors, which is good, but the haunting in the house may soon get the best of him, and he will start to falter. For nothing he wanted Osama bin Laden killed.
          Maybe being a tenant with such a vast different racial background as the others before him has made the ghosts who also live in the White House to not want to disturb him as much as they had done and succeeded to cause madness in them.
          Most of the presidents of the United States of America who had lived there were possessed by the ghosts and other devils, so their actions could be seen when they started to look far away from Washington DC and America, to the Middle East to see how they could meddle in the affairs of the Arab countries.
          They do all this while holding some books on the failure of the Catholic and Christian Crusaders of old who had failed in their mission as much as the later day Crusaders of the Fourteen to Sixteenth Centuries had. The presidents of America now want to solve all that and carry on with his own crusade.
          They do not have to go very far to find some. There are aplenty. And they only needed a nudge or a hint from the Zionist leader to make them go bonkers.
America has gone bonkers in a long while because of that. And Barack has tried not to go along with his predecessors.
          The White House may be such a dominant building in Washington DC and one of the more recognizable in the whole of America.
It sits at the one end of
Pennsylvania Avenue
, Number 1600. Around it is a park and at the far end are the Obelisk and the statue of Abraham Lincoln lording in a shade nearby.
          In the park is a row of wall with more than sixty thousand names of the American soldiers who had died a miserable death in the Vietnam War of the 1960s. All of them had died a useless death. Not many knew where they were and who they were fighting.
          But all of them knew they were fighting for a lost cause, the order of which was given by the tenant of the White House, on a wall nearby where their names are now inscribed for posterity.
          Alas, with so many names, not many, if any would be remembered, except by their own next of kin who are kind enough to pay their names a visit.
The tradition, however, will only last for one generation as the next generation of the victims of the failed American policy on Vietnam would not be bothered to remember something which is so ugly as that.
          It is therefore ugly to have the Wall of Shame constructed not so far away from the White House and all of them sit on land that had been seized from the Native Americans of the First Nation.
          Unfortunately, the Wall of Shame has failed to remind the tenants of the White House of their stupid decisions that some of them had made that had caused many of the young to die a useless death; they were no heroes. Heroes don’t die in such a fashion.
          The Wall of Shame has also not taught their presidents and political leaders to move away from the desire to harm others, as in the end, they will also harm themselves, too.
          This is where a lot of Native American blood had been spilled, where many ghosts of their heroes of old now inhibit.
          Many have chosen to stay in the White House, where they lurk, and they hit at those tenants and other senior officers who now spout things which are nonsensical and idiotic. They also do things which are equally bizarre.
          So instead of them trying to find ways to make amends, and find peace and export it to the whole world, they still choose to find faults with the others, who are not of the same color and shape as them.
          They are the Arabs and other Muslims. And they are mostly those in countries which surround the Zionist state of Israel.
          As for Arab and Muslim countries elsewhere, they cannot do much other than to plant hatred amongst themselves.
          The trick is first to get some of the Arab leaders who are inherently stupid to side with them, and once they have got their confidence, America will say, you can do whatever you like – you can kill your own kind and you can grab land around your country as there is oil reserves.
          But once this is done then America now has a good and also evil excuse to persecute them.
          Saddam Hussein got caught in such a nasty trap. Gadaffi is now facing the music. The other Arab leaders have been trounced.
          Who else will face the music? Which other Muslim leader in countries far away from the Middle East and Arab World will be next in line to be targeted? Indonesia? How?
          The problem with Indonesia is that their leaders are not those who stay for long anymore like they used to before. So the voters change them every time they could find a good excuse to do so.
          So America and the Zionists have difficulty to target anyone, since there is no one person who sticks around.
          Attempts to cause friction between the Sunni and Syiah Muslims in the Muslim majority country cannot succeed.
          Other attempts to sow hatred had failed. Some fringe groups who are professional demonstrators had been paid to cause a ruckus in front of the Malaysian high commission has been quelled when their trick exposed.
          There is no Indonesian Hosni, Indonesian Gadaffi, Indonesian Yasser for America and the Zionists to target.
          Worse, the present tenant of the White House has a childhood background in Jakarta, and he is fond of the country. So Indonesia is safe for now for as long as he stays in the White House.
          But the ghosts which inhabit the White House had done a tremendous job in causing the tenants to become unbearably insane; they who do not know what they are saying or doing anymore.
          It is easy for them to be able to do unscathed as their media practitioners are equally insane.
          In other words, what I am saying here is, the President of the United States of America should move away from living in the White House, and America must build a new official residence for their presidents elsewhere.
The White House can and must be turned into a museum of American atrocities against the Native Americans and the others, and the Arabs, with each wing in its complex devoted to them.
Pennsylvania Avenue
must be renamed
Geronimo Avenue
          If this cannot be done, America can never be at peace with itself. And if America is not at peace with itself, the Arab World will be in pieces.
And this is what this piece is all about. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

How is Iran coming into the picture? Will they be the reincarnation of the Romans of ancient times who will create the siege on egret Israel to create the second Masada?
          And how are they being fashioned by their adversaries and other traditional foes to be the modern-day version of the ancient Romans.
          Can they stop what history has decided, and what they want the Iranians to do for them?
          Iran is not backing off from being a nuclear state so that it is at par with the other nuclear states, including those who did not disclose their nuclear capability and continue to lie to the world, as if it is not against their religion to do so.
          Can a country and their leaders exist in such a lying situation and not brave enough to admit it?
          They are not even brave enough to admit to what they have. So how can the rest of the world trust them for anything?
          This is yet another clear sign of the coming of the Second Masada.
          And what an eerie description, considering how Iran is physically encircling Israel together with Iraq and the other Arab countries in the Middle East.
          How could the Zionist elders not realize this when they decided to choose land in Palestine as their new Egret Israel?
          Didn’t they also realize how stark the similarities the Jews of Biblical times who were surrounded by the Romans and perched on top of the plateau and fortified by the fortress they could build to stave off whatever attacks that the Romans then were capable of doing, until they succeeded after three years of trying?
          The resemblances between the Ancient Masada and the Second Modern-day Masada are so striking.
          I don’t think anyone likes it if he is given this sort of inspiration to write. Many, who might have been given it, have not dared to put down their thoughts and inspiration in this fashion as they are scary.
The Jews need to be saved from the SECOND MASADA. It is here; with the construction of the ZIONIST WALL, the Second Masada is taking shape right before our very eyes.
          And it won’t be long before it happens. 
          Is a chilling scenario happening right before our very eyes; and for the last six decades it is what was happening, and unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves, they are getting massive support from America and most of the countries in Europe and the west to help them create Egret Israel, the land for all Jews to converge – which will eventually become their Second Masada?
The first Masada happened in the Year 73 CE after making a few failed attempts over a period of three years, to ram down the fortress, despite the Romans having an army of 10,000 soldiers.
“Since          we long ago resolved never to be servants to the Romans, nor to any other than to God Himself, Who alone is the true and just Lord of mankind, the time is now come that obliges us to make that resolution true in practice...We were the very first that revolted, and we are the last to fight against them; and I cannot but esteem it as a favor that God has granted us, that it is still in our power to die bravely, and in a state of freedom,” said Elazar ben Yair, the leader of the Jews, before he and the other Jews who were in the Masada committed mass suicide.
Yet, despite this, the Zionists and Jews never have any anger towards the Romans as they do the Palestinians.  
          For those who are not familiar with the Masada, here is a quick and brief run-through of it.
          It is where the less than 1,000 Jews who had fled Israel were trapped or had trapped themselves on a hill where they created a fortress which they thought was a formidable one, so that after the FIRST JEWISH-ROMAN WAR, the Romans who were running after them would not dare to find them there as the trip to the top of the hill on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the DEAD SEA was difficult to transverse, and laying a siege on them. 
But what the extremist Jews known as the ZEALOTS as they were described didn’t think of is if they could find themselves perched on top of the hill, surely and surely, the Romans who were desperate to get them, could also do the same eventually.
And the worst that could happen to the Jews then was how by constructing the fortress on top of the hill; they had also by default and directly or indirectly created a trap so that they would not be able to go anywhere if the Romans could come near them, as what had finally happened.
          So what did the Jews do? They simply decided to go against the teachings in the Torah and Talmud which forbid suicide, and did just that. And their leaders thought they were smart enough to ask those who were going to commit suicide, not to destroy the food they had then.
Why is this so? Were they so charitable to their enemies who were pursuing them so if they finally got into the fortress, they would not only find dead bodies of the Jews but also food so they could take it to survive.
          More than 900 Jews committed suicide at the Masada. And those who did not want to commit suicide were also trapped there, and no thanks to their ingenious way to protect themselves which was to construct the fortress. It proved to be the fortress that had also trapped them.
And come back to the present time.
          The Zionists and Jews who support Zionism who have returned to Egret Israel think they are smart in coming together from all over the world, and for also constructing the GREAT ZIONIST WALL surrounding the land belonging to the Palestinians.
Their logic is this would keep them from harm, from being attacked by the Palestinians even though they are armed with stones and small rocks.
          But what the Zionists did not realize is how the same wall or fortress has created the NEW MASADA which has also trapped all the Jews who are hiding behind it.
          The scenario which has been created by the construction of the wall is chillingly similar to what the Jews in the years BCE.
          So one does not need to be a seer, to find the two incidents which are separated by more than a few thousand years to think how the fate of the Jews is now sealed, that they cannot escape persecution. Only this time, it is of their own doing.
The Zionist elders have been misled into thinking they are the saviors or NEW MESSIAHS of the Jews, despite them spouting nothing but Zionist propaganda.
          And they have taken many of the Jews who had unknowingly become the new generation of victims like those more than 900 Jews who had to commit suicide at the Masada.
What have led the Zionists to think they were saving the Jews and Judaism by insisting on the creation of Egret Israel and forming their own separate state, when it was not supposed to be?
          What had driven the Zionist leaders to think they are the modern-day Messiahs whose only existence on this earth was to save the Jews and Judaism from extinction if the Jews continued to live amongst those who are not of the same religion as theirs?
          Six decades since the formation of the Zionist state and we have already come to this! It is the part which saw the construction of the ZIONIST WALL around Egret Israel, which to many reminds them of the fortress of Masada in Biblical times.
          The similarities to the story surrounding the expulsion of the Jews and the small group of extremists called Zealots to the present day Zionists and their state are too striking to ignore. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It’s a tragedy which is repeating itself which will cause history to be written again. 
          And unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves and their cohorts and their other supporters, the Zionists are creating the new Masada.
          The Zionists are fashioning themselves as the modern-day messiahs who are misleading the flock to Ezret Israel…and to their second and more tragic Masada?   
          (Masada or ‘Metzuda’ means mountain castle, fortress or stronghold. However, to the layman; it means resistance or act of defiance.) 
          What the Zionists have been doing for the last six decades and especially what everybody can see in their state of Israel allows us to draw some very disturbing conclusion on the stark similarities between what the Jews of biblical times had experienced and what has happened at the new Masada otherwise known as Egret Israel today.  
          Have the Zionists been blinded by their personal adventures not to realize that they are the ones who will cause their own annihilation and by creating the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims into the modern-day versions of the ancient Romans? 
          Isn’t Israel now being besieged on all sides by the ‘advancing’ Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims – never mind their conscience, since they may not want to think they don’t have any of that?
          If they did, none of them would have dared to say the lives of 100,000 Palestinians is not worth the toe of a Jew! What a considerate comparison indeed!
          Haven’t the Zionists now found a leader of the modern-day ‘ancient Romans’ in the person of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, an unlikely mathematic professor of Tehran University who is leading his country by calculating what would happen soon?
          Masada shall not fall again!’ proclaimed all the self-righteous Jews, taking the ancient historical event or calamity as a lesson they would not forget, ever.
          Says who?
          The truth is, it had fallen in 73 CE, and leaving only remnants of the former fortress perched on the hill overlooking the Dead Sea. So it cannot fall again.
          But the second Masada, which is Egret Israel constructed by the Zionists will, because it was created by them so that it would in time soon will fall trapping in all those who had converged there thinking it was their salvation to return t the ‘promised land’. But what a promise!
          Alas, it is not the promise they think contained in the Talmud or torah but of the Zionists. 
          There are signs that the second Masada will soon happen and what happened in the first Masada of 73 CE (formerly BC, meaning Before Christ) will be repeated. This time it will be more tragic.
          The Jews who have been misled by the Zionists must be saved for their own good. The world needs them to fit the whole puzzle so that they are welcome back into the arms of the Abrahamic faith and away from the Zionist Zeal which had caused them to be so distracted from Allah.
          Allah helps them for they have done no wrong, other than to follow the fake messiahs they believed had been sent to them by him.  
          Is a tragedy reminiscent of the Masada of biblical times about to repeat itself with the Jews bring flocked to Egret Israel and trapping themselves behind the high Zionist wall, as their conscience continue to torment them everyday, which is reminded by the presence of the Palestinians? Don’t the Palestinians remind the Zionists and their supporters of the Ancient Romans who were steadfast in their claim to the land and also proving to the world how cruel the once Dispossessed who are now disposing them in this modern era?  
          And no thanks to the Americans, the English, Europeans and Westerners and whoever supports the Zionist cause for they are playing into the hands of the Zionists who really have scant respect for the G_d-fearing Jews who follow closely the teachings of their Holy Torah and Talmud.
          Zionism and the Zionists are never mentioned in these holy books who fashioned themselves from Mount Zion, when calling themselves after Masada would not be appropriate. 
          No amount of chanting before the WAILING WALL in BAITULMUKADDIS (Jerusalem or Yarusalayahim) can drown the noises of the crying Palestinians they had killed over the last six decades. And no amount of pray can atone for their sins, as new sins are created.
          Their Day of Judgment will come sooner to them then expected with the SECOND MASADA.
          Most of the Zionists are now perched over a cliff overlooking the Palestinian land they had seized and the Wall can never block their view of it. Palestine and the Palestinians are everywhere, especially in their conscience.
          They are also perched over History which is going to be rewritten, and Time which they had all ignored as being a nuisance and irrelevant.
          No wonder in Time, soon, they, too, would become History, as History has a way of repeating itself.
          And unbeknownst to Zionists, they had reconstructed the Second Masada in their minds and now in form – Egret Israel as well as the Zionist Wall surrounding it, as the cries of the Palestinians whom they had killed and those whom they are punishing are being heard louder each day.
          The Wall is also a new Fortress Masada that has enclosed all the Jews and Zionist supporters within it like the 1,000 or so Jews of ancient time who were locked on top of the hill overlooking the Dead Sea, until its walls were attacked by the Romans.  
          There is no escape route for the Jews who are now trapped in the Wall. And if there is a natural calamity like an earthquake, no one from inside the wall can escape it and they will perish. Leaving the wall would be going to the Palestinians and the Mediterranean Sea or face complete annihilation.
          Both are the only choices available to them, according to their holy books. Unless if they choose to do what the 920 Jews at Masada of 73 CE did, which was to perform mass suicide!  
And the Palestinians are like the Romans of Biblical times; Ahmedinejad leading them, if his critics and serious analysts are to be believed.
          They seem to want to fashion him as some ancient Roman general who led the siege on Masada of old by falling into Ahmedinejad’s trap. Each time the Iranians fire a new missile into space for a test, it heightens the suspicion of the Zionists, Americans and the Westerners who fear the coming of the Second Masada even more, although they may not be fully aware of it happening in this fashion as they are too busy trying to reconstruct History which they can never succeed.
          If they could succeed, it would have happened long ago, even before Iran became a nuclear state. Now it is too late.