Thursday, July 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It’s a tragedy which is repeating itself which will cause history to be written again. 
          And unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves and their cohorts and their other supporters, the Zionists are creating the new Masada.
          The Zionists are fashioning themselves as the modern-day messiahs who are misleading the flock to Ezret Israel…and to their second and more tragic Masada?   
          (Masada or ‘Metzuda’ means mountain castle, fortress or stronghold. However, to the layman; it means resistance or act of defiance.) 
          What the Zionists have been doing for the last six decades and especially what everybody can see in their state of Israel allows us to draw some very disturbing conclusion on the stark similarities between what the Jews of biblical times had experienced and what has happened at the new Masada otherwise known as Egret Israel today.  
          Have the Zionists been blinded by their personal adventures not to realize that they are the ones who will cause their own annihilation and by creating the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims into the modern-day versions of the ancient Romans? 
          Isn’t Israel now being besieged on all sides by the ‘advancing’ Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims – never mind their conscience, since they may not want to think they don’t have any of that?
          If they did, none of them would have dared to say the lives of 100,000 Palestinians is not worth the toe of a Jew! What a considerate comparison indeed!
          Haven’t the Zionists now found a leader of the modern-day ‘ancient Romans’ in the person of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, an unlikely mathematic professor of Tehran University who is leading his country by calculating what would happen soon?
          Masada shall not fall again!’ proclaimed all the self-righteous Jews, taking the ancient historical event or calamity as a lesson they would not forget, ever.
          Says who?
          The truth is, it had fallen in 73 CE, and leaving only remnants of the former fortress perched on the hill overlooking the Dead Sea. So it cannot fall again.
          But the second Masada, which is Egret Israel constructed by the Zionists will, because it was created by them so that it would in time soon will fall trapping in all those who had converged there thinking it was their salvation to return t the ‘promised land’. But what a promise!
          Alas, it is not the promise they think contained in the Talmud or torah but of the Zionists. 
          There are signs that the second Masada will soon happen and what happened in the first Masada of 73 CE (formerly BC, meaning Before Christ) will be repeated. This time it will be more tragic.
          The Jews who have been misled by the Zionists must be saved for their own good. The world needs them to fit the whole puzzle so that they are welcome back into the arms of the Abrahamic faith and away from the Zionist Zeal which had caused them to be so distracted from Allah.
          Allah helps them for they have done no wrong, other than to follow the fake messiahs they believed had been sent to them by him.  
          Is a tragedy reminiscent of the Masada of biblical times about to repeat itself with the Jews bring flocked to Egret Israel and trapping themselves behind the high Zionist wall, as their conscience continue to torment them everyday, which is reminded by the presence of the Palestinians? Don’t the Palestinians remind the Zionists and their supporters of the Ancient Romans who were steadfast in their claim to the land and also proving to the world how cruel the once Dispossessed who are now disposing them in this modern era?  
          And no thanks to the Americans, the English, Europeans and Westerners and whoever supports the Zionist cause for they are playing into the hands of the Zionists who really have scant respect for the G_d-fearing Jews who follow closely the teachings of their Holy Torah and Talmud.
          Zionism and the Zionists are never mentioned in these holy books who fashioned themselves from Mount Zion, when calling themselves after Masada would not be appropriate. 
          No amount of chanting before the WAILING WALL in BAITULMUKADDIS (Jerusalem or Yarusalayahim) can drown the noises of the crying Palestinians they had killed over the last six decades. And no amount of pray can atone for their sins, as new sins are created.
          Their Day of Judgment will come sooner to them then expected with the SECOND MASADA.
          Most of the Zionists are now perched over a cliff overlooking the Palestinian land they had seized and the Wall can never block their view of it. Palestine and the Palestinians are everywhere, especially in their conscience.
          They are also perched over History which is going to be rewritten, and Time which they had all ignored as being a nuisance and irrelevant.
          No wonder in Time, soon, they, too, would become History, as History has a way of repeating itself.
          And unbeknownst to Zionists, they had reconstructed the Second Masada in their minds and now in form – Egret Israel as well as the Zionist Wall surrounding it, as the cries of the Palestinians whom they had killed and those whom they are punishing are being heard louder each day.
          The Wall is also a new Fortress Masada that has enclosed all the Jews and Zionist supporters within it like the 1,000 or so Jews of ancient time who were locked on top of the hill overlooking the Dead Sea, until its walls were attacked by the Romans.  
          There is no escape route for the Jews who are now trapped in the Wall. And if there is a natural calamity like an earthquake, no one from inside the wall can escape it and they will perish. Leaving the wall would be going to the Palestinians and the Mediterranean Sea or face complete annihilation.
          Both are the only choices available to them, according to their holy books. Unless if they choose to do what the 920 Jews at Masada of 73 CE did, which was to perform mass suicide!  
And the Palestinians are like the Romans of Biblical times; Ahmedinejad leading them, if his critics and serious analysts are to be believed.
          They seem to want to fashion him as some ancient Roman general who led the siege on Masada of old by falling into Ahmedinejad’s trap. Each time the Iranians fire a new missile into space for a test, it heightens the suspicion of the Zionists, Americans and the Westerners who fear the coming of the Second Masada even more, although they may not be fully aware of it happening in this fashion as they are too busy trying to reconstruct History which they can never succeed.
          If they could succeed, it would have happened long ago, even before Iran became a nuclear state. Now it is too late. 

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