Sunday, August 28, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

I was under the knife three times when I was in New York City for surgeries on my left knee, and being operated by two surgeons – Dr George Unis of the St Luke’s Hospital near Columbia University where I was studying at then, and Dr Ralph C Marcove of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

They are Jews. I am Muslim. It was in New York City, America, where such procedures were introduced which had not been made available yet in other countries, including in Malaysia.

Here in America then, the Jews could do this to a Muslim who was in need. And there was no issue concerning race or religion.

But elsewhere in the Middle East, these were still major issues that had affected the division of people who had lived there for centuries, and even before Biblical times.

In fact, till today, there are still issues of concern and the only ones of concern, in fact as there are no other issues worthy of their consideration.

It didn’t seem that sacred text in the holy books had failed them; it’s just that those who play major roles in the political quagmire had not used them properly.

Once a sacred text from any holy book is distorted, the others will also fail. The logic used by those with evil minds will continue to eat their heart and soul and even mind, which translates into their crash action.

They will introduce new words and text which they claim to be more sacred than those that their ancestors had been prescribed to believe and obey.

So now with the United Nations into the picture, being manhandled by America and the other countries that hold veto power in the UN Security Council, havoc rules.

The end result can be seen in more land grabbing and killing of the innocent in a scenario which has not changed much since battles that happened during ancient times, and even during Biblical times.

They are all done in pursuit of some unbiblical and non-religious pronouncements made somewhere in Zurich, Switzerland in the 1930s, by some calling themselves the Elders of Zion, who have all gone six feet underground, but their philosophies are still very much entrenched in the hearts and minds as well as soul and political ideology of their current generation of supporters and leaders. 

They are the ones who claim to know better what was written in the sacred text; they only know how to belittle them and to rewrite them to suit their fancy. Yet, at the same time, they who claim to be the guardians of their ancient religion and people who have shrunk in size and who are being surrounded by far larger groups of people, whom they despise so much for being who they are and for what they had been told to do by the same holy books.

There in the Middle East, the Zionists finding it nice and interesting to severe the lives of many Muslims so they could grab more Palestinian lands.

But alas, they are not the real Jews, but the leftover Jews who became Zionists. They are people with no feeling, no heart. Therefore, they do not have a life or a real future.

And because of that they just want to ensure that the Palestinians also become like them, people with no feeling, no heart and no life and no future.

In some ways the Palestinian political leaders have become that.

So no wonder they cannot compete with the Zionist leaders because they are the creators of those things, so they know better how to outwit the Palestinians.

If the Zionists could hoodwink even the CIA and American political and military and intellectual and media leaders, who are the Palestinians whom they cannot bully so easily?

The world does not need such Zionist-influenced Jews; it needs more Jews like George and Ralph.

And the world does not need advancement in military apparatus and equipment, but in science and technological breakthroughs so that by now, we could solve all major medical problems.

So that limb transplantation can be done easily like cataract procedures which can be completed in thirty minutes in Malaysia, but only one minute in Japan.

Once in the recent past open heart surgery was only conducted in hospitals of developed countries which cost a lot for the patients to pay, today, the same procedure can be done in almost all the hospitals including many in Malaysia, where the patients can pay only RM500 or about US$170.

In fact, if there is no enmity amongst the Zionists and the Palestinians with the Zionists having been trounced and the Zionist state not allowed to be created by America and the United Nations (UN) in 1948, chances are the world can now be in peace and medical science is able to introduce procedures that allow anyone to undergo limb transplants of all types including transplanting the head if necessary.

And AIDS is just a disease which is treatable, by the person infected with the virus, having to just visit a local pharmacy to get a pack of pills or capsules that he can take and he will be completely cured in a few days.

And no one gets flu or fever anymore.

But this is not the case yet. The Zionists do not want this to happen, so that is why they are necessary to exist, in order that the whole of Africa and South America and the rest of Asia and the Arab and Muslim Worlds remain in the dark.

AIDS is necessary to contain the growing population in Africa.

Fortunately, the prevalence of this dreaded disease in Arab and Muslim countries is low. If there are Muslims who suffer from this disease, it is because the countries they are from have a large non-Muslim minority which causes many young Muslims to suffer from an identity crisis.

The end result is that some of the Muslim men and also women suffer from AIDS.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is an empty slogan. It had caused a lot of consternation from amongst the non-Melayu. But did the Melayu themselves created this hullabaloo?

I doubt it.

Why should they do that? But again, why can’t they do that? It is the right of any race to cry out such a slogan however empty it is.

But that does not mean that they are committing a crime or a sin.

The other races, especially the Chinese do not have the ‘ketuanan Cina’ slogan, but they have the ‘ketuanan Cina’ attitude.

The Indians, being a small minority, can never come up with a slogan like that. But they had ‘makkal shakti’ which is close to shouting ‘ketuanan India’.

Worse, when they carry blow-up portraits of Mahatma Gandhi everywhere like they are still citizens of Mother India and not of Malaysia when they should at least carry portraits of Sambanthan, if not of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

But they chose Gandhi instead.

But again, when we look at the whole thing, isn’t having the fascination for things China, Hong Kong or Taiwan and India the same as shouting such slogans?

After so long, their cultural and psychological umbilical chords to their motherlands have not been severed.

This is far worse than the Melayu shouting ‘ketuanan Melayu’ even if they have not once said it. some of them had only carried the keris above their heads, or a giant one in a political party convention, which is for drama.

Most likely the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ was not created by the Melayu but by agents who want to try and use it to create fiction between the Melayu and non-Melayu. With the Melayu and non-Melayu reacting to it, the whole drama became discolored and non-dramatic.

However, over the years, the sloganeering and accusations by the non-Melayu against the Melayu on matters concerning the pride of the Melayu, which is enshrined in the Constitution, had died down.

But this does not mean that the Melayu are still what they are, without or without the slogan and sloganeering?

Their special status is enshrined in the Constitution as much as the special rights of the Melayu in Singapura which is also enshrined in the Constitution of that country.

Not many non-Melayu in Malaysia realizes that Singapura also has the Article l52 and 153 like those in the Constitution of Malaysia, which protects the rights of the Melayu in the republic. They are not in any hurry to repeal them.

Or was it created secretly by forces which are behind our backs to create such a confusion and push the Melayu in Malaysia until they feel guilty for being Melayu?

Who stands to benefit from all this?

And all this is happening at a time when the population of the Melayu in Malaysia is already in the comfort zone at around 60%, and the percentage is expected to rise to more than 70% in the next two decades.

At the same time, the Melayu are also in full control of the government and opposition.

Why do the Melayu have to shout about something which they already have, especially when it is obvious that Malaysia is definitely a Melayu and Islamic Kingdom by virtue of it having a King – a Melayu and Muslim one?

And this slogan, ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ or Melayu Supremacy is no more an empty slogan which the Melayu may not have created it themselves. If they did, why do it now?

There was no need for the Melayu to shout ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, when they can express it in many other ways, i.e. by using methods used by the other countries which also have minorities which are sizeable and can become sources for irritation.

Look at the United Kingdom, France, Siam, Myanmar, the Philippines and the other countries that also have Chinese and Indians amongst its population.

They force the immigrants to conform and send their kids to their national schools. Some of them even forbid the Chinese and Indians and others in their countries to adopt local ways including their names.

The Melayu in South Siam are not allowed to have their own names. Worse; the Muslims in Myanmar are not allowed to even build masjid. Many of the masjid which had been standing for decades or centuries have been demolished.

And how come the Chinese and Indians in these countries did not cry foul?

Monday, August 22, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

…But after more than six decades of the creation of the Zionist state, they are starting to be smart, after so many smart bombs had fallen over their heads, after many Arabs especially had been killed and maimed, after much of their land seized by the Zionists.

But how smart can the leaders of the Arabs and Muslims be when most of them are not so well educated or cultured anyway?

There should be no joy however when Hamas and Fatah decided to unite together with the other dozen or so groups of stupid Palestinians, for it only reflects how stupid they had been all these decades.

The American and Zionist aggressors are still wondering what they can still do to sow hatred amongst the Arabs and other Muslims.

They had succeeded in breaking them into the Sunni and Syiah groups that is still the main cause of destruction amongst the Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan today.

It is also of how they could easily been manipulated by the early American leaders and the Zionists, as well as the United Nations (UN), which was also created to sow hatred amongst the Arabs and Muslims.

This is what the UN is good at, as protector of the superpowers’ evil, especially that which has been exhibited by America since its creation.

The United Nations has caused disunity amongst the peoples of the world; it has only enhanced the might of the aggressive superpowers that has allowed their leaders to continue to misbehave and to allow many Arabs to die and their countries to suffer.

Poor countries continue to be poor and the wealthy ones continue to become more wealthy.

The South Americans who are mostly Catholic have also not come to this level of awareness as that of the Palestinians; they who are equally blessed with abundant natural and human resources but who have also not benefited by good leadership.

Their leaders are no different than the leaders of the many Arab countries. So no wonder they seem to get alone well.

But alas, all of them only have slogans which are empty whose leaders spout before huge crowd which seem to be awed by the vocal prowess while they too exhibit immense wealth before them who are mostly those who are in abject poverty.

They enjoy seeing their leaders live in opulence like they are also in similar situations.

The South Americans as well as the Africans who are mostly Catholics and also Christians still cannot be accepted by their brethren who did not care for them, because of the color of their skin.

Yet, they still want to continue clinging onto the same religions as their aggressors, when they should have left them long ago.

What signs do they want to see before they can get the urge to do so?

All Arabs and Muslims must thank America and more so, the Zionists for helping them realized who they are, for without which they are still in the Age of Ignorance and of Darkness with their mentality back in the pre-historic age and behavior similar to beasts.

The Arab and Muslim worlds had been blessed by natural and human resources; the early Arab scientists had introduced new knowledge to the world that could have benefited the Muslims, yet, they were all given on a silver platter to the European colonists, who had benefited from it enough to use it to develop weapons of mass destruction and the nuclear bombs that now hover over the Arab and Muslim countries.

These ensure the existence of the Zionist state and how America has become ruthless by their display of brutality and how they can annihilate civilizations and not just countries that they did not like those that stand in the way of repression.

It is not criticism to say the Arab and other Muslim leaders are a dumb lot who cannot think beyond their own needs.

Many are lost in their own thoughts and who do not know how pathetic they are, those who serve not the cause of Islam, but the cause of the devil.

And later on, they are the devils themselves, devils bedecked with medals on their chest and who spout empty and lengthy speeches on the virtues of their rule – and they do this often and before crowds of their people who hardly have anything to eat, as they stand on land that is blessed with immense natural wealth.

But alas all the oil in their land, is not being fully utilized, but is used to develop America and its allies that they then use to prop up the repressive and ruthless as well as evil Zionist regime.

All this is done by the support of the equally ruthless and brainless Arab and other Muslim leaders who did not better than to kow-tow to the American aggressors who through their cunning ways have caused the Arab and Muslim leaders to behave so pathetically that they have become the tiny fingers of their own aggressors.

Yes, Allah the Almighty did not show the way, but He gave them guidance by creating America and the Zionist state of Israel.

Allah wants to see how stupid the Arab and Muslim leaders are. Now He wants to get rid them, one by one; and this started to happen in the Spring Uprising in Tunisia, Mesir, Yemen and other Arab countries.

Indonesia and Turkiye will follow. Then Mustapha Kamel Atarturk will know who he is.

Friday, August 19, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: before anyone gets too uptight and emotional about the issue concerning the use of the term ‘Allah’ by the Catholics in Malaysia, let’s try and look at it in a more sober way.

Because it is indeed ironic for those who wish to speak in his name, who are actually going to demean him.)

So those who do not accept and testify that they agree to accept Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w. cannot be said to worship Allah.

Controversies arising from the use of the term ‘Allah’ as god amongst the Catholics in Malaysia may be due to misrepresentation by the early Catholic missionaries or due to poor translation by the scribes of old who translated the bible from English and Dutch to Malaya.

‘Praise the Lord’, ‘Good Lord’ and ‘Jesus Christ’, are expressions used often by the Catholics and Christians.

The Catholics and Christians in England and the west including, America, do not use the term, ‘Allah’ as a reference for God.

The Muslims’ affirmation to his faith of Islam comes with the recitation of the affirmation called the ‘syahadah’, where he testifies that ‘there is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger’.

Therefore, most Muslims believe and rightly that those who do not testify Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w. to be His Mesenger is said not to obey Allah’s demands.

And this is basically what the problem with this issue concerning the use of the term ‘Allah’ for God by the Catholics in Malaysia which has now become such a bone of contention that has caused some forms of physical abuses.

Fortunately, Malaysians are made of sterner stuff, so they are able to withstand provocation by outside forces which may be trying to take advantage of the situation to further make the two factions to fight with each other.

Not many believe the fire-bombing of some of the churches were done by righteous Muslims.

Those who may have done it could very well be urchins. But my bet is that they were done by foreign elements who wished that with the burning of few of the churches, the whole country will be in flames.

This, fortunately, does not happen. And chances of it happening are bleak. It is as bleak as the alarm raised by the authorities in America who cautioned its citizens from going to Sabah where they claimed that there could be attacks on them.

Unfortunately, such alarms or safety measures have in the past to be an introduction to possible covert actions as it gives a strong hint of the intentions of the authorities in America.

They seem to be able to foresee activities happening in some of the other countries that they are now engaged in. So it is not wrong for many Malaysians to suspect something amiss with the security report, which had come to them out of the blue.

Coming back to the fire-bombing of the churches in Malaysia, those who had done the deed didn’t realize that they had targeted the wrong churches of the Christians in Malaysia who did not demand the use of the term ‘Allah’, which are only demanded by the Catholics.

They obviously could not tell the difference between Catholicism and Christianity.

Regardless of that, so far no one has been arrested and charged for the crime. So everything is left to conjecture with some Muslims immediately feeling guilty for nothing.

There is no need for any Muslim to feel guilty for the fire-bombing until it has been proven that they were caused by some Muslims. Even then they are confused ones.

But they cannot be solely blamed, because they, being vulnerable, react to actions created by some others who claim to champion their own causes, knowing very well that they may not be in the right position to do so.

The Catholics and Christians in Malaysia constitute such a small percentage of the total population, but because they are seen to be a ‘western’ religion now, they tend to look a lot more than they are.

And herein lies the problem, too, that the religions as being practiced by many are said by many Muslims to be of the different types than the original Catholicism and Christianity which were practiced in ancient times. Their holy books were the Kitab Injil.

But many Muslims allege that since the original Kitab Injil has been lost, so those who practice the religions cannot be said to be the same as those in ancient times.

It’s the same with Judaism whose Holy Book called the Taurah or Torah has also been lost, so the Jews of today, according to many Muslims, to be not the original Jews.

And of the three Abrahamic faiths, only Islam is said to be in its original form, since the Holy Koran is still intact. Whereas the Holy Books of the other faiths have seen revisions after revisions.

And if there are some Catholics in East Malaysia who are still using the term, ‘Allah’ as a reference to their God, then it could be due to the misrepresentation by the Catholic missionaries who had gone deep in the jungles of the states of Sabah and Sarawak to convert the Natives to this religion.

The logic being, if this was not done, then surely the Natives of all tribes would not be too compelled to convert.

Many of the others had already become Muslims which was brought to them by traders and by their interaction with the Melayu who had already converted to Islam since the Fourteenth Century, with Melaka becoming the center for the spread of the religion, by virtue of the fact that it was also the center of trading in the Nusantara Melayu or Melayu World of Southeast Asia.

The Natives in Sarawak who converted to Catholicism were told to use ‘Allah’ for God, and this could be a reason why many of them agreed to do so. If the Catholic missionaries did not use this term for God, then surely most of them would not have been so attracted to the religion.

It’s the same with the Indonesians Catholics who use the term, because the Dutch Catholic missionaries who had told them to use it as a ploy to get them to convert to their religion.

It is therefore not strange that the Christians in Malaysia do not use the word ‘Allah’ for God.

In fact, most of them use the term of ‘Lord’ to mean God. So we have expressions of ‘Praise the Lord’, ‘Good Lord’ and mostly, “Jesus Christ’ instead of ‘Praise Allah’.

This is even more prevalent in America and the other countries in the West whose Catholics do not use the term for God. And no wonder, too, there are some Catholics and even Christians or Atheists, who charge ‘Allah’ using words and terms which cannot be mentioned least of all, written.

How could they so if they also believe in Allah and worship Him? The truth is they do not; they only worship the Lord or God, with the Jews now refer Him as G_d.

Lastly, one only needs to take a good look at Holland and England, whose believers do not use the term, ‘Allah’ as a reference of God.

Their missionaries had traveled to the Far East and all over the world from the Fourteenth Century to recent times and even today, and how none of them do not use the term ‘Allah’.

If their missionaries had used the term ‘Allah’ to convert the Natives in the countries whose language is Melayu, then we can suspect that they had not meant well in wanting to do so.

It could also be that the translators of the Bible from English or Dutch to Melayu did not know which word to refer to so that they just used the word, ‘Allah’.

This can be true. But let’s study this matter in greater depth first. However, since those who had done the translation have long gone, so there’s no way for us to find out if what they had written to be so.

One of the scribes who worked for Stamford Raffles was Munshi Abdullah. And we do not know what word he used to describe God in the religious book that Raffles had asked him to do, if he had also used the word ‘Allah’ to mean God. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

…They lose sight of the game.

What is there to shout about judging from the millions that are spent a year, they only take part in sports which are not widely taken up?

This is the problem with the sports associations in Malaysia: they are fixated with the top sportsmen made them lazy to find new talent.

They are happy if someone can distract them, so they sit back and relax while the person brings in the medals and trophies which occasionally happens.

And they find it sinful to replace them unless if the person himself gets tired of the game or is too old to continue playing, before the sports officials are alarmed and start to try and do something to get his replacement.

That’s how the badminton and squash including the bowling players get to go on with their style for so long.

It’s not that they are good; it’s just that the sports associations do not want to discover new talents.

When can Malaysians create sensations in more prestigious sports instead those sports which many in the world do not find interesting and which are very much independent on what the others say and which are purely based on a person’s merit and where sponsorship runs in the multimillion dollars?

The sports or games such as golf, tennis, sprint events, motor racing and so on.

These are real sports, where the champions can claim glory for being their own persons and not mascots of their respective associations.

These are really the sports that matter, while the others are mere social ones which most countries do not find interesting to develop. They depend on how much the leadership of the respective associations can garner sponsorship and support from the government and publicity in the media without which the sportsmen and their sports do not exist.

It is with this that there are only few sports which are highlighted and not the many others including.

So Malaysia ends up taking up those sports which are not popular and win against those who are lame ducks.

Even China is not good with badminton anymore. The reason being they do not find it fascinating anymore now that their sportsmen are into the more serious ones.

Even Siam has world-class tennis players and golfers.

So no wonder they are not into badminton like they used to before.

I do not wish to put a damper to the excitement some Malaysians are having over the Wong Chong Wei-win in the All-England.

I was in this country when it happens. And I can tell you that there was nothing in the papers on this win or the tournament which is touted as the most prestigious badminton games in the world, much less on television.

What many in Malaysia want to find exciting is to me quite expected as they are all hoping to get some diversions.

That the win happens when badminton has been conveniently neglected by many countries in the world which were once into it.

This caused a Japanese to go to the finals.

That the All-England is not like it was before when some of our badminton players won fighting the best in the world.

Chong Wei's win, has to be seen in the right context, that he had won the game to a lesser player from a country which has not been known to be a major mover in the games.

Therefore, some rain should be allowed to fall on the Chong Wei parade as it deserves it, that he had won at the wrong time to the wrong player.

Worse, I hate to say it that his win is nothing but a repetitive sport achievement which we can do without. My senses are not especially thrilled.

Malaysia is known to be good in this game. It has produced great badminton players with some having won in the major tournaments.

So what else is new this time?

* * * * * *

Contrary to what many have written, the sports achievements of the few are basically repetitive sports achievements which are boring.

Okay so they can play badminton and squash and what else is new?

They go around the world at the country's or rakyat's expense and bring glory? What glory?

National unity in any country does not depend on the achievements of their sportsmen.

Besides, the sports which Malaysia are said to be good at are those that the other  countries do not want to develop.

I was in England during the All-England and there was no news on it.

And Malaysian sportsmen can only win in this tournament and maybe in the Olympics gold medals for badminton not because they are good, but because the other countries had rejected the sport.

No wonder Japan was in the finals in the last All-England.

Isn't it too much to provide for the badminton players to achieve personal glory in guise of national glory?

They are lucky to have been in these two sports but not in the others where there is stiff competition.

I say, let the other sports associations bring out the best from Malaysian athletes and sportsmen in other sports such as the sprint events, etc, where it matters, and perhaps golf, where the best golfers do not need to look at the association because they are able to get more in sponsorship and product endorsement.

Malaysian badminton and squash players are still parasitic in that they are still beholden to the charity of others.

May 13, 1969 happened not too long after the collapse of the Old Malayan Cinema. One of the factors which came into play was the chauvinism Hong Kong films promoted in their films which started to be shown in the cinemas in Malaysia prior to that.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


By Mansor Puteh




Their leaders are scared. They are lying through their open and public slogans.

And they want everybody to support them.

Whether they like it or not PKR is basically a Melayu-based political party created by expedience. It was never meant to be created to uphold anything, unlike Umno which was there to oppose British colonialism.

And despite PKR’s insistence that they are true multiracial party, the facts show that they are a Melayu party with non-Melayu supporters and members.

They are a party which has a huge hole for the non-Melayu to fall into thinking that they are also upholding a non-race and non-religious-based party, when it is clearly not.

Their general assemblies have proven how that is so.

PKR’s just completed election has shown how the Melayu dominate the top posts with the more recognizable and senior non-Melayu candidates trounced.

How could the members have voted otherwise?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

This has become of what the march of 2008 for Pakatan, on a road which is pave with a lot of sand and holes in it. Some may fall aside as what has happened. They have tried to make it right by joining the far right.

Some of them may have to make unnecessary detours to the courts with some who may end up stopping by at Sungai Buloh for a stopover.

The march to the left has gone astray; the NGOs have been silenced by their biases and prejudices.

The future of Pakatan whose ideals have been sodomized by an unexpected turn of events which had caused their cause to be moved backwards by many steps, will therefore not be determined
by the voters, but by the courts.

All the tricks of the trade that they had utilized to the full have been spent. It is therefore, very difficult for their leaders and their staunch supporters to find other ways to achieve their goal to reach Putrajaya in one piece.

Worse, some of their leaders who had been elected to office by a miracle had deserted them, leaving Pakatan in pieces.

Putrajaya may be a mirage. But the High Courts in Jalan Duta may be a fact. They are Pakatan’s biggest nightmare.

The states they control are in disarray with their elected officials who were not train to govern states are left befuddled not knowing what else they can do next.

They were all trained and encouraged to be noise-makers. They are not policy makers. They have not exhibited this since March, 2008. It is now more than two years since they took over Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Selangor, but they still do not know what to do with them.

They knew what to do with Perak though; they lost it by being too excited with their newfound power to control the state assembly that they did not realize that they did not have the power to control their political lust.

And the Pakatan state government of Pulau Pinang thinks they are controlling Penang.

That’s British Penang they are controlling on behalf of the British government which had been buried in history. Soon, they too will be buried in history come the thirteenth general elections which are due in 2012.

This is when Pakatan will be trounced back to the old level of the discontented lot, the noise and mischief makers that they are good at.

It’s too bad that the Pakatan Selangor government is slowly being buried by sand and their feet are slowly being sunk by quicksand until they are now knee-deep in it.

This is happening as all the garbage that had been left behind by Barisan Nasional Selangor are still not being cleaned off the streets and drains.

Maybe Pakatan Selangor wants everybody to think it is the duty of Barisan Nasional Selangor to clean them up because they were the ones who had put them there.

It’s too bad that the four Pakatan-held states could have done wonders the first few months upon seizing the states.

But they failed to do this.

This has left many in wonderment on what else that they can do besides winning the states, by default because the voters simply did not want those Barisan Nasional had put; all of whom are old goats who had grazed too much and for too long.

They can still claim to be relevant by virtue of the fact that they can still command attention in their own parties by being elected to high office.

But what they cannot claim to be able to do is that those who are not in their own parties can still trounce them in the general elections as what they had done in 2008.

So Samy Vellu, Soi Lek can still win their party presidencies, but they cannot be sure that they can win seats for Barisan Nasional in the next general elections if they still choose to run in them.

In the general elections, the Melayu and other races also vote so their future is not just in the hands of their party members, but those who are not.

And Sibu could have been lost to Pakatan because of them.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It’s too bad that the Perdana Peace Conferences that were held in Kuala Lumpur few times over the years have not managed to do much.

Many prominent persons – Muslims and non-Muslims were invited to speak in the forums during the conferences, behaving more like standup comedians than real analysts. They have all not said anything substantial.

One wonders if all the money that was spent on the conferences be channeled to buy food and clothes, at least there are many refugees in the camps in Palestine can benefit from.

One also want to wonder if the speakers were paid and how much for.

Of those who have been invited, so few are really into the issue, as they have spent much of their adult lives supporting the Palestinian Cause; the others are just general speakers who can say anything on any topic anywhere in the world.

No wonder less and less number of people attended in the subsequent conference. The inaugural one held in 2005 was well attended as it was a major event with a list of names of personalities and speakers from many countries, so it must be interesting and important.

But nothing came out of it. The problems with the Zionists continued and more Palestinians were killed since this conference.

It is therefore quite fortunate that none of them had said anything intelligent or interesting. The speakers who were invited again and again only repeated what they had earlier said. Because they were from America, Canada and England, so they were thought to be more intelligent and enlightened on the matter.

Where and how did the Perdana Peace Organization now Perdana Peace Foundation managed to seek them out?

But at least it was not difficult for anyone to guess how they managed to secure massive financial and other support from sponsors, considering how it is headed by a former prime minister of Malaysia.

One of the speakers who have been invited is Imam Faisal of the Cordova Peace Initiative of New York City. He ended up giving a sermon and not much else.

He, like the other speakers had not said much or anything at all that could be seriously considered for implementation even by the organizers, least of all by the Malaysian government which viewed the conference as a private initiative.

What have they said or done that had caused the world to change? America didn’t care. George W Bush who was asked to be dragged to the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT) is still safe.

Even if George W Bush was arrested and sent to the IWCT, what good does it do? He has already been punished by the Americans as his movements are now severely restricted.

Maybe he is hiding in his ‘cave’ in Texas, after his term at president of America expired in 2008. He has not been known to have gone anywhere outside of America to speak. His brief trip to Canada made him anxious. And his planned trip to Switzerland had to be aborted fearing arrest.

But it was not due to the demands of the Perdana Peace Conference whose war crimes tribunal was held amidst a bit of hoopla.

A lot of money had been spent to organize the conferences because they had brought many from all over the world to speak.

They also gave a lot of opportunities to the members from the floor to chip in, all of which did not make any sense.

The organizers of the peace conference and the speakers have all neglected to realize that the Zionist state of Israel could not have been allowed to exist because of the depraved nature of the thinking and attitude of all the Arab and Muslim leaders.

They, who are easily manipulated by America, into fighting with each other on the Sunni-Syiah matter and infiltration of agents into some of these countries that have caused civil wars to break out.

All this, added to the poorly developed economic state of the Arab and Muslim countries, have all contributed to the Zionist Problem to continue.

The Arab and Muslim leaders, who are not smart and narrow-minded, do not see the sand for the desert, have been forced to look elsewhere. They only glance back at the Palestinians when they re being slaughtered or killed.

That’s when they cry ‘jihad’ or complaint with the UN who cannot do much as it was also their intention to inflict damage on the Palestinians considering how they are also part of the New Crusade as much as America, its allies in Europe and NATO are.

The only good thing that the Perdana Peace Conferences had done is to at least bring out the Palestinian matters, even though only a bit of it was ever discussed in all the conferences that were held in the past, all of which dealt with theoretical issues.

So no wonder the conferences did not make any stir; it only managed to highlight matters and concerns that everybody already knew.

No new approaches had been considered or proposed.

Therefore, I do not feel excited with the invitation that had been again extended to Imam Faisal to speak in another conference recently, as he again did not say much or anything substantial.

His only claim to fame was to build the ‘Ground Zero Masjid’ in Lower Manhattan which is just a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero that had caused some Americans to say nasty things about their poor state of being.

It’s just too bad that they are not smart to be able to look at what they have done and said on the matter concerning religious freedom and who were actually behind the attack on the Twin Towers and why such an act had to happen, for the same reasons why the Zionist state also had to be unnecessarily created and how Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran and some other Arab countries had been targeted, for nothing other than to reflect America’s depraved existence. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Some Indians in Malaysia liked to hold large portraits of Gandhi when they staged their rallies or demonstrations. Would Gandhi have endorsed what they were doing? How many of them had actually paid homage to Gandhi by visiting his grave outside of New Delhi called ‘Samadhi’?

How many of them practice what he preached when he was alive, wearing and eating simply? Who despite being trained as a lawyer and admitted to the British Bar, later chose to speak in his mother tongue – Marathi?  

Ironically, the Indians in India have not done so in a long while. In fact, they have not been known to carry portraits of Gandhi in like manner.

In fact, the Indians are only those found in India, since they are citizens of the country; they cannot be found elsewhere, because Indians are the nationalities of the country, and they are not a race as such! Much like the Chinese who are the nationality of China and they are not a race, too!

And I have visited India few times and China only once, compared to the many ‘Indians’ and ‘Chinese’ in Malaysia who might not have visited the countries of their ancestors even once, other than seeing them on television and films.

Despite trying to wrest India from Britain by resorting to peaceful means, the truth remains that the path to independence of India from British colonial rule was marked with intense violence, leading to the splitting of Indian into two, and then three countries.

So although Gandhi has often been described to be a man of peace, some of his followers were not, who destroyed his peace mission to pieces.

This is as opposed to the more peaceful methods engaged by Tunku Abdul Rahman who used his negotiating skills to wrest independence for Malaya and got it without spilling a drop of blood, as he liked to describe Malaya’s path to independence.

So in a way, of the two independence leaders and fathers of their respective countries, who also studied law in England, it was Tunku was more successful than Gandhi.

And because of that Tunku was not given the same international recognition as did Gandhi simply because Tunku’s efforts to get his country’s independence was not too dramatic enough to attract the attention of the international media then, who were craving to see the blood of the Melayu, Indians and Chinese, which did not happen until much later during the Emergency and Japanese Occupation of Malaya.  

It is therefore strange why they like to do this since Gandhi is not a Malaysian icon, but an Indian one, with Indian here being used as a nationality since it is not a race as such.

Why can’t the Indians in Malaysia, carry the portraits of Sambanthan or Manikavasagam instead who are local Indians and not one from Motherland India? 

What did Gandhi do to provoke the Melayu? He had never visited Malaysia or Malaya then. (Malays are Melayu under British rule.)

The truth is that the Indians in Malaysia do not have any real heroes that they can seek their support from. So Gandhi became their convenient choice.

But how many of the Indians here are willing and am able to do what Gandhi had done, by wearing loin cloth, as what the English had described him? No one.

And for that matter, how many of the Indian leaders in Malaysia are willing to be a ‘Gandhi’, living in almost in the state of poverty and wearing loin cloths without flaunting his wealth?

The Malaysian Indian community may be described as a little behind the rest, but their leaders seem to be among the top in financial standing.

Yet, they are claiming to represent the Indians in Malaysia, whom they like to portray as the underdogs who are often left behind in the development of the country.

How can such persons represent the downtrodden amongst the majority of the Indians when their financial as well as social statuses are very high even when compared with the other races, particularly the Chinese, and also amongst many in India?

When they first started to go into politics, they were almost like everybody with unimpressive academic backgrounds and financial standing. But within a short period of time, they became fabulously wealthy and now living in mini-palaces while those who support them continue to stuck in the rut.

The Indians, especially, should take stock of who they are and why they should not trust them anymore; they had become a laughing stock of the Indian community for having become wealthy while pretending to represent the majority of the Indians who are not so well-off, economically.

The Indians, generally, have been trusting the wrong persons, the Indian leaders whom they had trusted their future at, but who have failed them miserably.

And the irony is that, the small group of Indian middle class seems to have deserted their own community whose charity they had benefited from, and who now choose not to speak in Tamil anymore, but in English.

Look at the successful and more prominent Indian lawyers, who are mostly Tamils and Punjabis who do not feel comfortable speaking in Tamil or Punjabi in public and have not been known to be good orators in these languages.

It’s the same with the Chinese professionals and especially their more vocal types, who also feel embarrassed speaking in Mandarin or Cantonese, and who have become too westernized. They can also be charged for having deserted their Chinese community like the Indians had.

There are some Melayu who are also like that, but fortunately, generally the successful Melayu do not behave in like manner. The reason being their religion, Islam, has become their guiding light. And because Islam does not encourage class division as such, that even the successful Melayu do not feel uncomfortable speaking in Melayu despite some of them having lived abroad most of their lives.

Monday, August 1, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

This article was written a while ago before the failed Bersih 2.0 protests of last Saturday, 8 July, 2011.

In fact, the main reason why it failed because the organizers did not study in America to know how to conduct them.

They are also those who had gone down the political hill; in other words, they lack credibility.

And it seems that their leader is a Tamil Hindu woman who had been known to have taken actions while president of the Bar Council of Malaysia that had made many Muslims in the country to be angry with her.

In fact, all her actions then also failed. Yet, despite that the Obama Administration had the guts to give her a special award in the White House. For what? For being vocal, they say.

No. The truth is: She was given the award, because Malaysia and the Muslims in the country had allowed her to say whatever she wanted to say.

A Tamil Hindu woman like her could never be created in Singapura or even India.

She suddenly reappeared and standing together with some old generation opposition leaders, so her Bersih 2.0 protests became tainted as such as her call for reforms of the election process was put in question.

It was therefore not about such reforms, but of Reformasi (Reformation) as shouts from the crowd were heard distinctly.

Therein lies the problem; that the main organizers could insist on having the protests for a certain particular reason, but in the end the crowd decides what they will be.

And there is no guarantee that such ‘peaceful protests’ could not become unruly. All it takes is for just a few to create a ruckus for the whole crowd to become unruly.

Unfortunately, this did not happen as the matter was under control with the police presence that ensured that.

But that still did not stop many parts of the city from being paralyzed with shops and other business premises along the roads and in areas where the crowds had converged.

Now there are some of the traders and businessmen who are seriously contemplating legal action against the organizers of the protest for loss of business which some calculated to be in the region of RM100 million.

It is good for such a move be initiated as it can allow organizers of such protests in the future to calculate the loss they are incurring on the businessmen around the areas they want to converge, so they can raise the money to compensate them before the protests start.

So street protests can come with a high price.

In fact, some traders along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Raja Laut in Kuala Lumpur had also threaten to file court actions against some major corporations if they continued to organize shows in Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square) when the main road by it is closed so that their businesses were affected.

The company immediately stopped their action, so that only official functions are held at the square for which the traders along the affected roads do not have much cause to complaint about.

But the real truth behind the creation of such street protests in Malaysia may have some unusual history and it may be due to the creation of the youth wings of the government and opposition parties and other NGOs.

So we see how groups of men and women who are not so young anymore, who are also not so well educated and not knowledgeable with the world, who are the firebrands of their respective parties; they are the ones who have started to create regression in politics in the country.

Yet, many of them are not so well educated to; so that is why most of them find themselves drawn into politics where academic qualification is not a prerequisite. What is needed is for someone to have thick skin and who can shout slogans, repeating those that their senior leaders had shouted earlier.

They have no comparison anywhere in the world. There are no Democratic or Republican Youth wings in America as much as there is no youth wings of the parties in other countries other than in Singapura and Indonesia.

There are youth wings in Malaysia. And their leaders who are the ones who have created a new political culture and behavior which had caused many of them to become prominent, and it is all for nothing other than for them to attract the attention of their national leadership so they may rise up the hierarchy of their parties and be selected to run for election in the near future.

This is more true in the opposition as the members of the youth wing want to become vocal for the same reason, as there is no other way for them to trust themselves in public eye using the intellect and intelligence.

As most of them are not so well educated. They had not made the trouble to see the world, to know what it has and what we do not have.

This, however, is being done by the businessmen who bring in things they see abroad, especially in America and bring them into the country, thus also creating a culture which is bad for nation-building as they surrender their rights to exist on their own and only become lackeys of some of the major companies in America, and who are unaware of the fact.

In Malaysia, old politicians and old pseudo-politicians don’t die, they don’t fade away; they just make a nuisance of themselves. As there is nothing else that they can do in the country.

They do not know how to use parliament where some of them had managed to be elected to.

They do not know how to use the intellect to perform better as representatives of their constituencies.

They also do not know how to represent their own party. In fact, they only know how to represent themselves. Their constituencies can go to hell!