Monday, August 22, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

…But after more than six decades of the creation of the Zionist state, they are starting to be smart, after so many smart bombs had fallen over their heads, after many Arabs especially had been killed and maimed, after much of their land seized by the Zionists.

But how smart can the leaders of the Arabs and Muslims be when most of them are not so well educated or cultured anyway?

There should be no joy however when Hamas and Fatah decided to unite together with the other dozen or so groups of stupid Palestinians, for it only reflects how stupid they had been all these decades.

The American and Zionist aggressors are still wondering what they can still do to sow hatred amongst the Arabs and other Muslims.

They had succeeded in breaking them into the Sunni and Syiah groups that is still the main cause of destruction amongst the Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan today.

It is also of how they could easily been manipulated by the early American leaders and the Zionists, as well as the United Nations (UN), which was also created to sow hatred amongst the Arabs and Muslims.

This is what the UN is good at, as protector of the superpowers’ evil, especially that which has been exhibited by America since its creation.

The United Nations has caused disunity amongst the peoples of the world; it has only enhanced the might of the aggressive superpowers that has allowed their leaders to continue to misbehave and to allow many Arabs to die and their countries to suffer.

Poor countries continue to be poor and the wealthy ones continue to become more wealthy.

The South Americans who are mostly Catholic have also not come to this level of awareness as that of the Palestinians; they who are equally blessed with abundant natural and human resources but who have also not benefited by good leadership.

Their leaders are no different than the leaders of the many Arab countries. So no wonder they seem to get alone well.

But alas, all of them only have slogans which are empty whose leaders spout before huge crowd which seem to be awed by the vocal prowess while they too exhibit immense wealth before them who are mostly those who are in abject poverty.

They enjoy seeing their leaders live in opulence like they are also in similar situations.

The South Americans as well as the Africans who are mostly Catholics and also Christians still cannot be accepted by their brethren who did not care for them, because of the color of their skin.

Yet, they still want to continue clinging onto the same religions as their aggressors, when they should have left them long ago.

What signs do they want to see before they can get the urge to do so?

All Arabs and Muslims must thank America and more so, the Zionists for helping them realized who they are, for without which they are still in the Age of Ignorance and of Darkness with their mentality back in the pre-historic age and behavior similar to beasts.

The Arab and Muslim worlds had been blessed by natural and human resources; the early Arab scientists had introduced new knowledge to the world that could have benefited the Muslims, yet, they were all given on a silver platter to the European colonists, who had benefited from it enough to use it to develop weapons of mass destruction and the nuclear bombs that now hover over the Arab and Muslim countries.

These ensure the existence of the Zionist state and how America has become ruthless by their display of brutality and how they can annihilate civilizations and not just countries that they did not like those that stand in the way of repression.

It is not criticism to say the Arab and other Muslim leaders are a dumb lot who cannot think beyond their own needs.

Many are lost in their own thoughts and who do not know how pathetic they are, those who serve not the cause of Islam, but the cause of the devil.

And later on, they are the devils themselves, devils bedecked with medals on their chest and who spout empty and lengthy speeches on the virtues of their rule – and they do this often and before crowds of their people who hardly have anything to eat, as they stand on land that is blessed with immense natural wealth.

But alas all the oil in their land, is not being fully utilized, but is used to develop America and its allies that they then use to prop up the repressive and ruthless as well as evil Zionist regime.

All this is done by the support of the equally ruthless and brainless Arab and other Muslim leaders who did not better than to kow-tow to the American aggressors who through their cunning ways have caused the Arab and Muslim leaders to behave so pathetically that they have become the tiny fingers of their own aggressors.

Yes, Allah the Almighty did not show the way, but He gave them guidance by creating America and the Zionist state of Israel.

Allah wants to see how stupid the Arab and Muslim leaders are. Now He wants to get rid them, one by one; and this started to happen in the Spring Uprising in Tunisia, Mesir, Yemen and other Arab countries.

Indonesia and Turkiye will follow. Then Mustapha Kamel Atarturk will know who he is.

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