Monday, August 1, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

This article was written a while ago before the failed Bersih 2.0 protests of last Saturday, 8 July, 2011.

In fact, the main reason why it failed because the organizers did not study in America to know how to conduct them.

They are also those who had gone down the political hill; in other words, they lack credibility.

And it seems that their leader is a Tamil Hindu woman who had been known to have taken actions while president of the Bar Council of Malaysia that had made many Muslims in the country to be angry with her.

In fact, all her actions then also failed. Yet, despite that the Obama Administration had the guts to give her a special award in the White House. For what? For being vocal, they say.

No. The truth is: She was given the award, because Malaysia and the Muslims in the country had allowed her to say whatever she wanted to say.

A Tamil Hindu woman like her could never be created in Singapura or even India.

She suddenly reappeared and standing together with some old generation opposition leaders, so her Bersih 2.0 protests became tainted as such as her call for reforms of the election process was put in question.

It was therefore not about such reforms, but of Reformasi (Reformation) as shouts from the crowd were heard distinctly.

Therein lies the problem; that the main organizers could insist on having the protests for a certain particular reason, but in the end the crowd decides what they will be.

And there is no guarantee that such ‘peaceful protests’ could not become unruly. All it takes is for just a few to create a ruckus for the whole crowd to become unruly.

Unfortunately, this did not happen as the matter was under control with the police presence that ensured that.

But that still did not stop many parts of the city from being paralyzed with shops and other business premises along the roads and in areas where the crowds had converged.

Now there are some of the traders and businessmen who are seriously contemplating legal action against the organizers of the protest for loss of business which some calculated to be in the region of RM100 million.

It is good for such a move be initiated as it can allow organizers of such protests in the future to calculate the loss they are incurring on the businessmen around the areas they want to converge, so they can raise the money to compensate them before the protests start.

So street protests can come with a high price.

In fact, some traders along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Raja Laut in Kuala Lumpur had also threaten to file court actions against some major corporations if they continued to organize shows in Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square) when the main road by it is closed so that their businesses were affected.

The company immediately stopped their action, so that only official functions are held at the square for which the traders along the affected roads do not have much cause to complaint about.

But the real truth behind the creation of such street protests in Malaysia may have some unusual history and it may be due to the creation of the youth wings of the government and opposition parties and other NGOs.

So we see how groups of men and women who are not so young anymore, who are also not so well educated and not knowledgeable with the world, who are the firebrands of their respective parties; they are the ones who have started to create regression in politics in the country.

Yet, many of them are not so well educated to; so that is why most of them find themselves drawn into politics where academic qualification is not a prerequisite. What is needed is for someone to have thick skin and who can shout slogans, repeating those that their senior leaders had shouted earlier.

They have no comparison anywhere in the world. There are no Democratic or Republican Youth wings in America as much as there is no youth wings of the parties in other countries other than in Singapura and Indonesia.

There are youth wings in Malaysia. And their leaders who are the ones who have created a new political culture and behavior which had caused many of them to become prominent, and it is all for nothing other than for them to attract the attention of their national leadership so they may rise up the hierarchy of their parties and be selected to run for election in the near future.

This is more true in the opposition as the members of the youth wing want to become vocal for the same reason, as there is no other way for them to trust themselves in public eye using the intellect and intelligence.

As most of them are not so well educated. They had not made the trouble to see the world, to know what it has and what we do not have.

This, however, is being done by the businessmen who bring in things they see abroad, especially in America and bring them into the country, thus also creating a culture which is bad for nation-building as they surrender their rights to exist on their own and only become lackeys of some of the major companies in America, and who are unaware of the fact.

In Malaysia, old politicians and old pseudo-politicians don’t die, they don’t fade away; they just make a nuisance of themselves. As there is nothing else that they can do in the country.

They do not know how to use parliament where some of them had managed to be elected to.

They do not know how to use the intellect to perform better as representatives of their constituencies.

They also do not know how to represent their own party. In fact, they only know how to represent themselves. Their constituencies can go to hell!

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