Saturday, September 27, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

How many Muslim women had died in the same manner as Diana, Princess of Wales and Reeva Steenkamp did? And how many Muslim men had died in the same way as Dodi Al-Fayed did?

I decided to fly to Jakarta in Indonesia on 30 August, 1997 just to avoid the crowd and Merdeka Day celebrations that would be held the next day in Kuala Lumpur and throughout the country, for once, and to make a return trip back to the city by flying from Kuala Lumpur, in twenty-three years.

I had earlier returned to Indonesia but by flying from Kuala Lumpur direct to Denpasar, Bali, and back, without going to Jakarta from there.

So this time I decided to fly into Jakarta just like I did in May, 1974 when I first went to this city and also to Indonesia, traveling from here to Bali and back to Jakarta in four weeks.

It was two months before I was to enroll at the school of mass communications, Institut Teknologi Mara in Shahalam to major in advertising.

I arrived in Jakarta later in the evening. The cab-driver stopped me at a small hotel and I offered to buy him dinner. He tried to take advantage of by getting a pack of clover or keretek cigarettes, but I told him, these, he had to pay for himself.

For a non-smoker and anti-smoking campaigner, seeing someone smoking is bad enough, and to be asked to pay for a packet of cigarettes by such a character is utterly disgusting. Fortunately, he did not smoke in my presence.

And after a night’s rest, the next morning after breakfast at the hotel, on 31 August, I went about to see the city, visiting the places I was familiar with when I got there for the first time in May, 1974.

I went to the Malaysian Students’ Center in Jalan Budikemuliaan and off busy Jalan T. H. Thamsin, which is just a stone’s throw away from Monumen Nasional or Monas and Istana Merdeka which is the official residence of the president of the country.

I could not believe that I had been back here, after so long, and after I had had my degree from ITM and also worked a while as a reporter for Utusan Melayu and went on to study at a university in New York City.

But unfortunately, the Malaysian Students’ Center building is closed. Here was the place in 1974 where I had gone to from the old Halim Perdanakasuma Airport, which replaced the older Kebayoran Airport, to go to the center to stay for a few days.

I stood outside of the compound of the center to see the place, the entrance of the building which also had a hostel for Malaysian students to stay when they were in the city.

Everybody thought I was a Malaysian student studying somewhere in Indonesia and who was visiting Jakarta.

I was not. I looked like a student. And when I told them I was traveling from there to Bali and back, they were surprised.

They said they had not met any Malaysian who had done something like that.

And in Bali, I opted to stay in Ubud and mixed with the locals who were all trying their luck to be artists. And they also said I was the first Malaysian they had met who had joined them.

I got one of the painters to do a portrait for me for which he charged 1,500 Rupiah, which I still have till today. And the painter called Sihong, is Chinese man from Solo who had just come to Bali to establish himself as a painter.

The last time I met him in 2004, he had become very successful, and married to a Jawa-Muslim woman with him also a Muslim.   

I took a walk inside a new Jakarta mall to see the new face of Jakarta and the city. I stopped to sit on a bench across the lane from an electronic store where there were many television sets switched on and all of them were showing Diana on it.

There was no sound as the sets were all inside a class wall of the store.

I went forward to check what the story on her was about and could see the crawlers that said she had met with an accident in a tunnel in Paris and was clinging on to her dear life, with Dodi and the driver dead.

And on the trip I made from Jakarta to Bali by land, I had to cross the straits between it and Jawa Island where I saw some Indonesian passengers reading a local magazine with the cover story on how she might have been targeted by people who did not want her relationship with Dodi prolonged to allow them to finally get married with Diana reverting to Islam.

The theory sounded plausible, as it would be horrendous if she married an Arab-Muslim and also became on so that the British royal family would then have somebody of such person in it, and worse, when her son, Prince William finally ascends to the throne where she will be Queen Mother, no less.

But the main concern of this article is how she and also Reeva as well as Dodi had become victims of their lifestyle choice.

If Dodi had observed an Islamic way of life, then surely, he and also Diana would have been saved, and the whole world would know if they had intended to get married.

Reeva had also died pretty much because of the lifestyle choice she and Oscar Pistorius had made which had caused her death and his subsequent murder charge.

Muslim men and women do not die in the same way as did Diana, Reeva and also Dodi. They died the way they did because of the lifestyle they had chosen to lead, which had led them to their early graves.

Muslims and mostly Arab men and women as well as children mostly die due to Zionist attack and American support for them, not in high-speed car chase with the local media or for wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Surely there must be a reason for something of such magnitude to happen, if they had bothered to ask themselves, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’, instead of blaming the others who too have their own noble cause to fight for.  

It could not happen for no reason… Nothing happens in the world without any reason whatsoever. That’s simple common sense, and nothing profound. 

This included 911 which happened the way it did because America had not done something right over the many decades that it has not bothered to find out what they were. 

One of which is because the American government prefers to look after the interests of the Zionist lobbyists and not of its citizens by even allowing themselves to trample on the virtues inherent in the American Constitution.

The great majority of the Americans suffer as a result with the Zionists in the state of Israel now enjoying the ‘fruits of their labor’ all the years since they managed to form their country courtesy of their American supporters and backers and the United Nations, whose very existence hinges on the support from these and the Nuclear Option Israel has. 

America was not like it is today and Americans could go anywhere in the world up to the point during the Kennedy Administration which saw young Americans going all over the world to share their charity with the less endowed.

Today, Americans can’t even sit pretty in Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafes anywhere in the world, much less in the Third World and the Arab World, including in Israel itself.

And many Hollywood films do not find a ready market in many countries that America had caused to be demolished.

America in self-denial, not bothering to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve it?’ which many non-Americans were not scared to ask, ‘What did they do to deserve it?’

The then American President George W. Bush and his father, President George Bush would know why it happen. But they are not telling. They preferred to let Americans to beat around the bush.

I don’t think I like writing this. But something tells me that America is in the state of self-denial.

When in the past many Americans liked to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ when they were met with some sort of calamity.

These days, they do not do that anymore. On the other hand, they ask, ‘Why did they do this to me?’ and with their leaders who are bent on seeking revenge, they failed to become truthful to their senses, and overact, and start the blame–game by finding faults with the others and not with themselves.

No one wished harm to befall on America, much less on the Twin Towers. But somehow it had to happen.

Where are the smart people in America? Have they suddenly gone missing?

They who are quick to find faults with the others and the rest of the world have suddenly become numb to the extent that they could not tell why 911 had to happen, and whoever were responsible for it to happen, could not have done it for fun.

I joined a few thousand visitors to the site of Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan on 16 April this year, to see what they had done to the Twin Towers that had come crashing down on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today, as I write this piece.

America’s vulnerability and intellectualism suddenly had also gone to pieces with many Americans suddenly feeling patriotic and unashamedly acknowledging that there was the a ‘higher order’.

Hollywood. What had Hollywood got to do with 911?

Hollywood taught the mastermind behind 911 on how to teach America a lesson. They had earlier watched at the film ‘Independence Day’ and found some inspiration from doing that.

In this film, the White House was attacked and it crashed to pieces, leaving the then American President Bill Clinton who had earlier watched the film to remark, ‘I hope it will be there when I return to the White House’.

It was there when he did that.

But the Twin Towers were not there moments after one by one the towers came crashing down leaving many Americans who were unfortunate enough to be in the two towers and the few around them, and in its vicinity to be covered by dust.

I was writing a novel set in New York City that night in Kuala Lumpur, when I had the urge to switch on the television. Something told me to do that.

I did what my instincts told me, even when it was just past midnight and there was no need to watch the late night news on TV3.

I saw a scene showing some people running with their bodies covered with dust and everywhere there seemed to be chaos.

I thought I was watching a fantastic feature film produced by Hollywood using the creative minds of its producers and directors, who could conjure up a plot showing how New York City was being attacked.

In fact, this is not a totally new plot altogether; New York City had been attacked many times in earlier Hollywood films even since the Silent Era.

I then learnt from the newsreader how the Twin Towers had come crashing down. I was stupefied. I did not know if it was true or not.

How could the Twin Towers come crashing down like that? It could only happen in the movies and produced by Hollywood and not by other producers.

I had visited the World Trade Center twice the whole time I was studying and living in New York City, to accompany some Malaysian students who were studying in other cities who wanted to visit the Twin Towers.

And in August, 1981, another group of Malaysian students came to visit me in New York City and I took them to the Twin Towers and it being summer, visitors were allowed to go to the rooftop observatory, where I could get a good and clear view of the whole city, much to my delight.

Unfortunately, the view disappeared completely on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today.

Maybe one can still get to see the same view from the US One World Trade Center tower that had risen near the Ground Zero where the former Twin Towers were at.

The next day, 12 September, I did some unofficial research amongst some Malaysians on what they thought of what had happened to the Twin Towers the day before and all – I repeat ALL – of them said they liked it.

However, they continued, if they are asked by the media, they would pretend to be sickened by what they had seen.

I am merely reporting what I had managed to get from some ordinary Malaysians from the different races.

One thing that one can cull from them is how they are not in any form of denial; they said what they felt. They did not have to beat around the bush to allow them to give me that sort of opinion.

I did not check further to find out what had caused them to feel that way. They must have their own reasons for coming to that sort of decision to applaud what had happened to the Twin Towers.

Friday, September 19, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Too bad Joan Rivers died after saying how she supported the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Zionists, and that’s not a joke.

She did not lead a full life like many celebrities in America who are stuck doing the same things again and again who did not that there is a whole world out there beyond Hollywood Hills and even America.   

Too bad too because she could have done a lot more than she had done in all her Pre-Botox and Botox years…

The American singers and musicians are luckier that they can go to many countries to perform, but not the television celebrities.

Even American pseudo-wrestlers are now going out of the country with some wanting to perform in Malaysia to get some Malaysians to be their paymasters like their Hollywood counterparts. 

Too bad too that Joan did so few things in her eighty-one years of existence in the world, and ended up doing pretty much the same thing she had been doing all her life and not being able to travel out of America to visit many countries to broaden her horizon and to gain more experience and knowledge that way instead of just talking about petty issues on what the American celebrities wear and cracking jokes which are sometimes sick and crass.    

It was a life that she had wasted dealing with pretty much, issues which are petty while the whole world is in turmoil with many who can’t even afford to have slippers and some who could, do not have any use for them because their legs had been ripped off from their bodies by some Smart Bombs.   

The Malaysian media are excited each time someone in Hollywood dies, even when they did not know who she or he was when he was alive.

So they like to report on the death like they are people dear to them.

Despite that most Malaysians just don’t care; what is reported by the media, especially the English language newspapers, which do not attract the attention of the average Malaysians.

The same newspapers often report or carry syndicated reports on minor or small Hollywood types when they are involved in some sort of controversy however petty.

This is how inferior the Malaysian media are.

The problem is that most, if not all of their editors are people who suffer from an inferiority complex in not having lived or studied in America when they were young so they had to pretend to be ‘Americanized’ in order for them to feel belong or accepted.

And this is no joke.

When I heard on Malaysian television which reported her statement in the form of a crawl, on how she was said to support the Zionist cause and the attack on Gaza, I felt somehow her time was near, not because I knew she was already going on with her age, at eighty-one years.

Despite trying to look younger than her age, her demeanor could not hide it from many, especially me, who had grown up knowing a bit about her when she was more active on television that I had seen when I was living and studying in New York City.

But I did not think too much about her until her sudden reappearance as a much older woman who had tried to cheat on her age, by trying to work on her face and hairstyle and clothes she was wearing.

Other than that, she was the old woman that she should be, despite all these.

And most Malaysians were not fully aware of who she was, not having been a familiar personality until fairly recently when the program, ‘Fashion Police’ featuring here was shown on satellite television that many Malaysians conveniently dismiss as being irrelevant to their daily lives.

Generally, Malaysians do not brag about how much they spend on their clothes. So few do that, but it is at the insistence of the media, which tried to ape what they see on American media.

However, when Joan died, the Malaysian media tried to report it, but somehow, not many cared, since they did not know who she was in the first place; even if they knew, they would not be bothered with how she had tried to lead her life, and so on…

There was not even any call from the most vocal anti-Zionists in Malaysia for ‘Fashion Police’ to be banned from being shown on satellite television in Malaysia.

For me, the timing of Joan’s making the statement about how she supported the cause of the Zionists, did not come to any Malaysian as a shock.

Not many knew why she said so, even when they were later informed by some crawlers on the same television how Joan Rivers was originally known as Joan Alexandra Molinsky, a Russian Jew whose parents had immigrated to America, so she was a first-generation American.

What many Malaysians especially the Muslim-Malaysians wanted to know was why didn’t Joan go to the Zionist state and support the cause of the Zionists personally, instead of sitting in comfort in America and issuing the statement to support them?

Somehow I knew or felt the end was near for Joan.

And true enough few days later I read the reports in the crawlers on the same television station how Joan had been warded in the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York City for what seemed to be a minor surgery on her vocal chord that many thought she was going to be released from the hospital in no time.

But not me.

I felt somehow the end was near for her. But I did not pray for such calamity to happen to her. I just knew it would happen. And sure enough it did.

The next time I read about her was the announcement in another crawler on how she had died.

Did the prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel also offer his condolences to Joan’s family on her death or to thank her for her undivided support for the Zionist state?

If there is a country outside of America that mourns her death, it is not Malaysia, but Israel, a country she was not known to have visited when she was alive.  

Monday, September 15, 2014


By Mansor Puteh 

It is not easy to be a national leader, much less to be the Father of Independence of the country. 

At a very young age, and having attended several schools in Kedah, Penang and Bangkok, Tunku Abdul Rahman finally got a scholarship from the Kedah state government to further his studies in a private school in Little Stukeley, Cambridgeshire, not far from the town of Cambridge where there is a prestigious university in
England – the University of Cambridge. 

Many feared for the Tunku who at such a young age, only sixteen years at that time in 1919 could bear to sail across the vast Indian and Atlantic Oceans to finally arrive in England a month or so later, to begin his studies England and in English, which was not really a foreign language to him at the time since he had studied in English language schools in Malaya and also Bangkok. 

He was able to speak and write in English, but did not have much opportunity to use the language on a daily basis because he was being surrounded by children his age who speak the Malay language and in the Kedah dialect where his father was ruling as its Sultan. 

The Black Boy, was a nickname given to Tunku as a child had now gone to study in a White  Country. 

Pak Tam, is a name still being used to describe him by close relatives till today. 

Pak Tam, or Uncle Black or Tunku Abdul Rahman had finally become a man who the country could depend on in its hour of need. 

He was not sent by his father Sultan Abdul Hamid, when he was the Sultan of Kedah then to further his studies at just any school and university in the Arab world, because they knew that Malaya was occupied by the British; so was not suitable for Tunku the ‘Black Boy’ or Uncle Tam (Pak Tam) to be sent to Cairo, Egypt, or Amman, Jordan. 

His father, Sultan Abdul Hamid of Kedah preferred his son to go to England. 

And he did not want him to go to just any place in England to study, but in Cambridge, where there was the oldest university in the country called the University of Cambridge which had produced many graduates who became prime minister and senior officials of the British government. 

And it is here where the Sultan felt it proper and more appropriate to send Tunku at. 

The Old Rectory in Little Stukeley where Tunku studied from private tutors. And here was where Tunku lived with other English children  from distinguished families of his age. 

There were also a number of non-English students who studied with Tunku then, who came from foreign countries, but not one of them who eventually became like prominent like Tunku, who would later liberate Malaya from British colonial rule. 

Near Little Stukeley was a racecourse. And it was here where Tunku also became interested in horse-racing as a sport. 

When Tunku was finally able to study at the St. Catherine’s College at Cambridge University, he rented a room at 11 Grange Road near the campus. 

And by coincidence near the rented house there was a football field. This was where Tunku became interested in this sports and was able to count as his friends the others in the club who comprised mostly of students at Cambridge University, although they were at the different colleges and who did not eventually become prominent political leaders of their own countries like Tunku did. 

Tunku enrolled at Cambridge University in 1922 for four years to finally graduate from it with his degree in law. 

During his time at the university, it was unfortunate that Tunku had to personally experience various types of racial discrimination particularly from the university dormitory administrators who thought he was not fit to board in the dorms. 

Tunku complained to the Kedah state government who sent the Resident of Kedah then to Cambridge to explain the administrative officer of the dormitory that Tunku was a prince from Kedah in Malaya. 

officer was shocked at the revelation coming from a fellow senior officer of the colonial government in Malaya, so he finally agreed to offer Tunku a place in the dormitory. 

However, Tunku said he could not accept the offer because he said, he would be leaving the university now that he would be graduating from it soon.

So he continued to stay in the room he had been renting at Grange Road, where he could continue to enjoy the freedom and luxurious lifestyle he had enjoyed since arriving at Cambridge, driving an expensive car and riding the most modern motorcycle there were with the car that he bought in a car show, which is the university vice-chancellor or any dean or senior university could not afford to buy because the prices were too exorbitant for their wages and lifestyle. 

So the Black Boy or ‘Budak Hitam’ finally felt 'angry' spells as a young man living very far away from his family and close friends, the village boys who he was unduly closed to; but the anger he felt then were nicely stored in his mind and philosophy which he would draw on until he became a senior officer of a nationalist party in Malaya called the United Malay National Organization or Umno in short, where Tunku remembered the humiliation and discrimination he had to endure in England studying at Cambridge. 

Tunku told me in a recorded interview I did at home in Bukit Tunku in Kuala Lumpur in 1989, that this personal bitter experience remained in him for so long, and it was what had made him want to ‘kick the British out of Malaya’, given the chance, although he did not mean it literally, but diplomatically as his later actions proved when he was negotiating with the British to wrest Malaya or Tanah Melayu from the British. 

However, the Tunku did not use physical action or force to do that, he preferred to be subtle and in the English style and using fine diplomatic skills he had acquired while studying and living in England especially at Cambridge where he was introduced to the English ways and who could manage to delve deeper into their thinking and displaying the royal attributes he had had growing up in the palaces, which even the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, who has now reached the age of 90 years, who would said he often found it difficult to fully digest and understand the thinking of Tunku. 

Without Tunku, Malaya would be reeled with confusion whose leadership roles might have been fractured between the Melayu themselves as much as it would be between the non-Melayu, who all had gone through phases that saw hardship and pains as well as anger, so Tunku had to engage his diplomatic skills to engage the Melayu and the other races to unity behind a single banner that the British had wanted him to do to be able to negotiate with them at the table instead of in the fields using arms and spouting angry words. 

But fortunately Tunku managed to do this, and we must feel especially proud of that because he had achieved Independence or Merdeka for Malaya or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 'without spilling even a single drop of blood' or 'tanpa menitis setitik darah.’ 

Mahatma Gandhi, India's independence fighter, also studied law in England, like Tunku did, but the way he gained independence for his country's caused hundreds of thousands of Indians to be killed with the country ending up being split into India and Pakistan, and then to the three countries, namely India, Pakistan and 

So when all Malaysians celebrate the 57th Independence or Merdeka Day it would be good and proper for all of them to remember Tunku Abdul Rahman’s, ingenuity, charm and leadership which had now allowed the country to be in peace with its people enjoying greater prosperity and harmony…

Thursday, September 11, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

I donated blood for the 416th time yesterday, 19 August, and was shown a clip for the Astro Merdeka Commercial by a staff at the National Blood Center on her cell phone which features one of the regular blood donors, who was shown taking the bus to the blood center. He is someone who had just donated over 200 times over twenty years at least.
But what was not right is how the producers decided to have him take the bus to go there to donate. What were they trying to show?

The climax however is too melodramatic and worse, which makes the character to be too self-important. It is too stagey to be real.

Why would anyone who has received blood from an anonymous donor confront any particular donor despite him having done so regularly for more than two hundred times?

There is no justification for that to happen unless if the story says that the particular donor had come to the aid of the blood recipient, and who survived a risky surgery that he wanted to meet with the person who had saved his life.

No regular blood donor has ever done that as no such occasion had availed itself to any regular donor or recipient that I know of, ever. The scene can only come out from the less than fertile mind of the scriptwriter who thought it would be such an emotional experience to those who watch the clip over and over through the Merdeka Month over the Astro stations.

Maybe we should all consider the donor and recipient to be representative of all donors and recipients.

Can the producers come up with an entirely different plot for their Merdeka Commercial? They can. There are so many other ways that they can do that, if they think hard enough and come up with a more natural and convincing story that can touch the viewers even more.  

In fact, during the World Blood Donors’ Day on 16 June, none of those who had received blood from them had ever attended the function held at the blood center with so few of the regular donors attending it.

For a person who had donated blood so many times, surely, he would have been doing it since Form Six which should also mean that by now he should be a successful person and who can afford to own at least a simple compact car, so he can be shown to go to the blood center driving one.

But the producers may have other plans; which is to show how most of the regular blood donors comprise of people of all races, although I have yet to see a Punjabi man or woman doing it, and mostly those with average educational levels.

I could hardly see anyone with a university degree coming to donate blood, much less one who had studied abroad, except for me.

The National Blood Center does not care for the academic as well as professional backgrounds of the donors; they never ask the questions which can give them a better profile of the donors, so that they can target their blood donation campaigns to attract different groups of people mostly students, who would later become regular blood donors with some who can become very successful in their own chosen fields.

But the blood center does not seem to be interested to know just a bit more about the donors as does the ministry concerned which registers the disabled which does not need similar information. To the officers in this ministry, a disabled person is no different than the other.

So no wonder the ministry has not managed to attract the different groups of the disabled to get them involved in their activities. They prefer to highlight those with clear and obvious physical disabilities and deformities than those with unseen disabilities especially those with prostheses.

And from my observation having donated blood more than forty years, I noticed that there are no or almost no professionals who do that.

Worse, but not surprisingly, most of those vocal and high-profile NGO leaders and other well-meaning individuals who often called for the general public to do good to the society are also not seen to donate blood, an exercise or hobby or activity that they should have started to do since they were still in secondary school which I did when I first donated blood when I was in Form Six studying at a private school in Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya.

There is certainly no one in politics in the government or opposition who donates blood regularly, from what I can see. And so few of those holding senior positions in the armed forces who donate blood.

I also found it amusing how a lesser-known Islamic religious leader (or preacher?) who would appear on a talk show on television to explain to the viewers the virtues for Muslims to donate blood, and recite the verses which support such effort, yet, for a person who is in the fifties, he had not yet even once donated blood to score merits.

Whereas those who come to the blood center in Kuala Lumpur and anywhere in the country does so without ever proclaiming that they were doing it to score merit points for the Hereafter; they just do it because they feel good doing it, and do not care who finally gets their blood who they do not get to see and know personally since the blood donors and receivers are mostly anonymous persons unless one donates to a specific person needing blood for surgery.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, our Bapa Kemerdekaan was proud to say and repeat how he managed to wrest Merdeka or Independence from the British 'without spilling a single drop of blood...’  

Sunday, September 7, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Going to America may not be much of an issue to many including the many Malaysians who had the good fortune to study anywhere in the country and being able to get visas that were valid for life, as in my case.

However, after 911 the duration was shortened to ten years, and with a fee of more than three hundred ringgit.

Many Malaysians were not able to get the visas, because they were seen to be suspicious characters, and they are mostly the Chinese-Malaysians who are considered to be high-risks candidates for the visas, because some of them had been known to have reneged on their pledge to return to Malaysia after their brief sojourn in America.

Some of their brethren had been caught by the authorities in Japan and United Kingdom for overstaying, which had caused tremendous hardship to the other Malaysians who are Melayu who did not have such traits and behaviors.

Going to Japan was as easy as going to America before. But not after some Chinese-Malaysians were caught working in restaurants and deported. Some of them claimed to have been cheated by agencies. Can anyone believe that?

American President Barack Obama made a hasty three-day visit to Malaysia, but he did not get to see or do much that he had missed to make a year earlier when his leadership was trusted in some domestic issue that needed his attention.  

It was a low-key visit. No hugging with anyone, a gesture he tried to show but which the Malaysian prime minister, Najib avoided. And no exchange of presents either.

It was so low-key that he did not bother to bring along his family, and also the representatives from the press from America who should have known better not to do so and spend so much to get so little.

The American press knew it was a low-key visit which was not mean to achieve much.

Barack also did not do much on his visit to the other two countries.

The highlight of his visit was perhaps the welcome ceremony held at the Parliament and state dinner given by the King.

But mostly, he was only fit to attend gatherings with children to pose with them, and he had to speak in English in a slow fashion, lest those who were there could not follow him and his American-style of speaking in English and especially for their penchant for using their local slang and other expressions.

It was also to match the speed in which most Malaysians speak in English and the speed of their thinking and intellect.

No wonder, Barack’s first visit to Malaysia which is described as a historic one yet, it was not reported in the media in America; otherwise, it would have also been reported by the media here, which was thrilled that they could quote, Khairy Jamaluddin who said, ‘Selamat datang’ or ‘Welcome’ when greeting Barack as he stepped on Malaysian soil for the first time for which Barack was said to have uttered, ‘Terima kasih’ or ‘Thank you’ in Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia.    

The Malaysian ambassador rushed to return to the country to wait for Barack at the steps of the stairs of Air Force One to greet him.

But the American ambassador in Kuala Lumpur, Joe Yun was nowhere to be seen. He would definitely not want to rush back to Washington DC to greet Malaysian prime minister if he ever visits Washington DC or anywhere in America.

Joe Yun has other things to do. The Malaysian ambassador in Washington DC does not seem to have much else to do.

And despite having lived and studied at a university in Pennsylvania, he would still not know what else that he can do to bring about better relations between the peoples of Malaysia and America, much like his earlier predecessor, Jamaluddin Jarjis who remarked how ‘he knew the thinking of the Americans.’

Yet, after his two-year stint, he is still remembered for having won the baju Melayu to present his credentials to Barack at the Oval Office.

Jamaluddin like Awang Adek, the current Malaysian ambassador, may have lived and studied in America, but they had left the country a while ago, and when they were there they had not been known to be active in student politics or in the Malaysian students associations.

And after immersing themselves in Malaysian politics, they had grown to appreciate how not to be innovative and also brilliant, so that they are not seen to want to step on the toes of those who had caused them to be where they were.

The two are now basically in semi-retirement having spent their early adult lives in active politics, so they can just do whatever they want, being in and out of parliament and getting the post of the ambassador of Malaysia in America, which may be the first choice amongst former politicians and other technocrats and sometimes police officers.

The current Malaysian ambassador to France is a former inspector-general of police and the one in Jakarta is someone who turned coat to support the government after being on the other side of the fence.

Malaysians relations with those in the countries have not been affected with the appointment of the said personalities simply because they are not qualified to do anything because being the ambassadors to foreign countries do not encourage them to do much, just for the same reasons the ambassadors of other countries in Malaysia are also not able to do much for their own countries for the same reason they are also not qualified to be able to do so.  

One is led to wonder why make the trip to Malaysia which did not achieve anything spectacular.

American taxpayers have spent so much to bring all the paraphernalia of the tight security nets to ensure the personal safety of their presents, yet, nothing interesting happened. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

‘Buddhism teaches it’s inherent a lot of things that are good, but their believers, do something else… But there’s no need to blame the religion but its so-called believers who are not doing the religion a favor. Blame should be on the Myanmar regime and some Rakhine Buddhists.’ This is a quote from someone who did not wish to be identified.
          Buddhists and Zionists are lucky; they are not charged for being militant or terrorists. But Muslims are not so lucky; they are charged so, blatantly and crudely by the Pseudo-Christian westerners whose ancestors had done a lot of damage to their religion by invading countries across the world.
          Yet, they were never charged for being militant or terrorists that they were. They were accorded the title of the Discoverers of those countries! The truth is that they were the Destroyers of those countries that they had pillaged and colonized and forcing their religion on the others.  
          Aung San Suu Kyi, is no freedom fighter of Myanmar – or Burma according to her. The only reason she was given the Nobel Prize for Peace was for the western countries to confront the Myanmar regime, using her, and the stature of her late father, Aung Sang.
          It is a Buddhist regime. It is ruthless not only to the other Myanmars, but mostly to the Muslims whose land they had seized control and want to displace.
They are the Rohingyas, who had a state of their own sitting between Myanmar and Bangladesh.
          Yet, the Rohingyas who are Muslims were forced to flee their land. Many found temporary shelter in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.
          Some have managed to flee Myanmar or Rohingya to come to Malaysia where they eke a living doing a host of things, living as refugees and protected by the United Nations (UNHCR).
          So few have been relocated to America, Sweden or New Zealand.
          It is ironic how the UN prefers to relocate Myanmars who are Buddhist or Christians over the Rohingyas who are Muslims.
          One can easily distinguish the Rohingyas to the Myanmars; one are Muslims, the other Buddhists.
          In fact, most of the Buddhists and also Hindus and Christians from Myanmar who fled from the country did not wish to go to neighboring Thailand but to Malaysia, when they know that it is a Muslim country.
          The reason is that they know they would be safe living and working in Malaysia because it is a Muslim country.
          They can’t even go to Singapore who only welcomes better educated and financially stable, those who wanted to leave their own countries for economic and other reasons.
          Malaysia is a Muslim country and they know they will be accorded with dignity and respect.
          Some of them have lived in Malaysia for decades, so they know their ways. And if they have a choice they would rather remain in Malaysia then to return to Myanmar, at this time, when the country is said to be more democratic, with the freeing of their ‘freedom fighter’ Aung Sang Suu Kyi.
          She is no freedom fighter. She is just a vocal woman who had family ties to the earlier government of the country with her father who was said to be a freedom fighter. Yes, he was a freedom fighter. And he died because of that.
          The truth is the Buddhist regimes and countries of Myanmar are not doing Buddhism a favor. No wonder many young Buddhists are not practicing Buddhists, but mere token Buddhists. They would revert to other religions particularly Islam when they get the chance to do it.
They see how their government and military are treating the hapless Rohinygas in their own country who have been prosecuted by them and also by the Rakhine people who are Buddhist.
          The reason for this mistreatment by the Myanmar regime on the Rohingyas is because they claimed the Rohingyas are not Myanmars. And they are sitting on land that they do not own.
They wanted to expel the Rohingyas to Bangladesh.
          But they are not from Bangladesh. Rohinygas do not speak Urdu or Bengali like the Bangladeshis do.
          They may practice Islam, but they are living in their own state which had been annexed by Myanmar.
          The recent attack by the Rakhine Buddhists on the Rohingyas has caused scores of Rohingyas dead, and their houses and masjid burnt.
          This happened with the collusion of the military who are Buddhists.
          Yet, all this continues to happen while the Buddhist elders and leaders look elsewhere, looking at their own salvation, begging in the streets for alms and food.
          The Rohingyas cannot depend on the support of the Buddhist elders and leaders. They cannot depend on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and even the United Nations (UN) which have not been known to be supportive of the plight of the Muslims.
          The UN is just an extension of America, and America doesn’t care with the so-called ethnic strive in Myanmar.
          And no one knows what the OIC is cooperating with fellow Muslim countries on. Each Muslim country which is a member of the OIC has their own personal economic agenda; they do not have the time to entertain the problems of the Rohingyas.
          This is despite the fact that they are compelled to help fellow Muslims who are in dire straits.
          Yes, Malaysia has offered temporary shelter to some Rohingyas, but this is not enough. What it can do is to take up the matter with the OIC and the UN, even if this world body is useless to the cause of Islam, but at least the matter concerning the Rohingyas is debated, which can draw some attention to their plight.
          But this is not done.
          Malaysia is only willing to offer some Rohingyas a place to stay at.
          It is too bad, Muslims cannot depend on the charity of the Buddhists, Christians and Catholics, who all have common goals.
          The Buddhists and people of other faiths in Malaysia are given preferential treatment. They were allowed all sorts of facilities, with some of them who have become so brash that they seem to want to create their own colonies in Malaysia, by demanding the unimaginable.
          They are mostly the Chinese who demand such things, which their brethren in other countries especially in the west where they like to go to for resettlement; yet, in these countries they are not able to gain much, but to fully assimilate with the local population, speaking in English and did not dare to demand land or money to build their vernacular schools.
          But the Muslims are also at fault; they are too charitable and accommodative by even neglecting their own kind.
          Muslims must change their attitude and treat those who do not deserve any respect accordingly.
          When this happens, the Muslims will be given respect.
          Some few hundred Rohingyas living as refugees in Malaysia organized a protest in front of the Myanmar embassy on 3 August, 2012, but they failed to hand the memorandum of protest to their officials.
This is how crass the Buddhists of Myanmar are; they who blatantly disregard the true teachings of Buddha, and who went on a rampage to disparage innocent souls simply because they are Muslims, whose land they want to seize control of.