Sunday, May 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The enemies of Islam are truly the propagators of Islam.

This is what the whole thing has come to, so Islamophobia is really a tool of Islamic propagation and revivalism, created in the west to serve Islam.

It does not serve the haters of Islam, as what many Arab and Muslim leaders allege.

It serves to cause Islam to be better known, by it being chastised or demonized, as in the end, the religion or religions that are chastised or demonized are those of the haters of Islam themselves, who can be charged for believing in a religion which has not taught them well.

There has been no Arab or Muslim anywhere in the world who has gone public to demand the burning of the Koran, or to cause other religions to be belittled.

This act speaks well for Islam itself.

Yet, the haters of Islam do not seem to realize this, the more they try to get others to join them in chastising and demonizing Islam.

More ironic is when the non-Muslims who see the whole picture from another angle, will find how their own religions to be inferior in more ways than one.

So no wonder many of them had reverted to Islam; and thanks to Islamophobia and the acts of some individuals in Denmark and America who are bent on chastising and demonizing Islam.

The truth is that they are trampling on their own religious values and principles more than the religion that they want to demonize.

It is too bad America does not know who they are truly serving.

They think they are serving the cause of the Zionists.

And the Zionists also think they have caused America to serve their cause.

But the truth is America is serving the cause of the Arabs and Muslims as well as Islam more.

And the Zionists are the ones who had prodded them to do so.

The Zionists are not the ends to themselves; they are a means to an end…

With the end, being, to use America and the west and other descendants of the Crusaders and the New Crusaders wannabe to serve the cause of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam more…

If the Americans and Zionists are smart, they would not have done what they had done; by creating the Zionist state of Israel and for America to support it and to continue to do so regardless of the horrible misdeeds the Zionists had done to trample upon the American constitution.

Yet, all this is happening with America which claims to have the best group of academicians and intellectuals and scientists of all styles and types and fields.

Yet, none of them had dared to say anything to spoil the party, and to allow the Zionists to continue to infiltrate into their systems and instructions so much so that this group of intellectuals are rendered mere robots, without a brain of their own.

This is what America has become.

And this is what some Arab countries have also become, destroyed in its physical stature, but not in the religious hold of its people.

Worse, more Arabs are finding comfortable places in America and all over Europe so much so in the next decade or two, many of these countries will have a significant Muslim presence with France which now has five million Muslims on its soil will be the most Islamic state in Europe with the others catching up.

Russia too will be an Islamic republic in three decades.

And the population of Muslims in the world will be two billion, with the population of the Zionists at a mere fifteen million or less.

So when Muslim countries start to trade only with themselves, America and the Christian Europe and South Korea and Japan will go bankrupt, with their currencies worthless.

All these could not happen without the creation of the Zionist state of Israel and America doing the bidding for them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The MIC will be displaced in Malaysia in the future with no constituency where they have a majority. The Malaysian-Chinese association or MCA is no better either.

The future looks bleak for the MIC; it’s suffering from an implosion created mostly by the crass nature of their leaders.

In other words, the MIC has used up its usefulness to the development of the country and also to the others in the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Their party leaders can be elected by their members, but their candidates in the general and by-elections are determined by the Melayu majority, who had given their president, Samy Vellu the boot in Sungai Siput in 2008.

Did the Chinese in Sibu, Sarawak vote for the other side, because of their displeasure with the recall of Chua Soi Lek as the president of the MCA?

The size of the Indians in Malaysia is small at that in Singapura. But they are noisier in Malaysia than in the republic which did not allow them to even squeak.

That is why they have to compensate for it by making loud noises from time to time, so they are heard and be seen to be many – more than their actual size – by also distracting everyone by their in-party squabbles.

In Malaysia, they can do pretty much whatever they like, especially their leaders who can twist and turn and blame everyone for their failing.

But times have changed. The situation with the Indians in Malaysia will be much like their brethren in Singapura. So in the future, one can expect the Indians in Malaysia to behave as well as those in the republic.

What else could they do besides, with their population having shrunk and it has been displaced and marginalized and being surrounded by the Melayu and also Chinese?

Even today one can even say that the MIC is a relic of the past. Its existence is now dependent on what it was meant and supposed to be, a partner in the Alliance Party whose establishment was purely to outwit the British into leaving the country.

It’s the same with the MCA, whose formation was also mostly for this purpose only.

Now with a changed Malaysia, what function and role do the MIC and MCA have? Not much, I dare say.

These two parties have to be rendered extinct and a new coalition of Chinese and Indians has to be formed, so they can become a bigger wedge between the Melayu majority.

However, if this happens, then Umno and Pas, too, would have to be rendered extinct so a new Melayu and Muslim party be formed to create a single party for this community.

The faster this happens, the better for the Melayu and Muslims who have all been distracted by the personal antics of a small group of people in the oligarchies of these two parties, which had served the Melayu and Muslim community well in the future, but it is now slowly being rendered irrelevant to the Melayu and Muslims.

One can expect to see a drastic change in Pas with Nik Aziz finally retiring and accepting Allah’s order and command.

The Indian community and political leaders should learn and accept fast that their future is not in the hands of the loud-mouth Indians who have over-stayed their welcome but in the hands of the other Indians who are smart.

But most of all the future of the Indians as well as the future of the Chinese in Malaysia is all dependent on the charity of the Melayu who will overwhelm them in the future as the population size of the Indians and Chinese continue to shrink even more than it has now.

They cannot do anything about it since it involves with the shrinking and the displacement of the Indian population in the country.

Worse, more and more young Indians and also Chinese are now embracing the Malaysian concept of things, as opposed to their leaders who are still affected by the historical issues of the past, mostly those in post-13 May, 1969, which still haunt them.

No wonder, they do not dare to discuss this particular issue as it has the tendency to make them feel guilty despite them not having to do with the whole matter.

Maybe they still secretly sympathize at the failure of the non-Melayu leaders then who had other schemes which they thought could benefit them and those in the subsequent generations. But alas, this was not to be as the whole matter was dealt with by the creation of the Barisan Nasional concept by the then prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak.

Most of them were clustered in many of the rubber estates and the nearby community centers which were referred to townships.

They are set to become ‘vote-spoilers’ from ‘kingmakers’ that they thought they were in the past.

But this has changed as many of them had started their trek to move out of the estates to come too the cities and other urban centers in the country where they live in the peripheral of the society, being neglected because of that.

And this is causing the MIC a bit of a problem of not having any area where they have a majority to claim it for a seat in parliament or the state assembly.

They and the Chinese are in the same boat – pardon the expression – of shrinking population size and being surrounded on all sides by the fast expanding majority Melayu. Wherever they go or look at, they will see a Melayu or many of them.

The future looks bleak not only for the Indians but also the Chinese because of this.

This will also affect their political standing and how their future leaders can say to distract anyone.

They and the Chinese have in the past till now, be allowed to be the ‘kingmakers’ in any election.

But their status will change in the near future when they will become not ‘kingmakers’ but ‘vote-spoilers’.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The salvation of the Chinese and Tamils in Malaysia is not in the vernacular Mandarin or Tamil schools, but in the ‘sekolah kebangsaan’ where they are taught to become better Malaysians and humans.

Studying in the vernacular schools for them only encourage them to live in a fantasy of living in the China and India of their minds.

Even the Melayu who fail in life must also blame the vernacular Mandarin schools where their parents thought they were smart enough to send them, for which they are now stuck with no future.

So few of these Mandarin-educated Melayu are prominent. Fewer still did not get to study in the universities.

The history of Chinese immigration to Tanah Melayu and Nusantara Melayu or Southeast Asia is interesting. But how many of the Chinese and also Indians dare to relate it.

The Chinese came with the clothes they wore on their backs. They pleaded with the Melayu to allow them to stay in Tanah Melayu, even if they had to slave for them working as coolies.

Later, under the British, many of the Chinese worked as night-soil careers with some Indians who joined them.

There were no Melayu doing this menial task of carrying human waste every night other than the Chinese or Tamils.

Some of them had become so adept in the job that they were able to scoop human waste with their bare hands.

They were so good with it that they also did not have to wear any face mask, because they were so used to the smell of human waste.

The Chinese and Indian night-soil careers stopped working in this profession when the bucket system was abolished in the late 1970s with the introduction of the flush system.

But this does not mean that we can flush out this bit of Malaysian immigrant history.

Many Chinese and Indians of today are not aware that their great-grandfathers or grandfathers were once night-soil careers, with some others who were Communists.

Today, they may be CEOs of their own companies. But many are in the illegal trading business.

The problem with them is because their parents had made a big mistake by sending them to the vernacular schools.

And because of that many of them did not have proper education or who knew where they are. Many still think they are still in China.

Even if they are in Tanah Melayu, they think they can get by doing their own things, which mostly involve working in illegal and small trading.

And the irony is that they do not realize how they got to be what they are now doing illegal businesses.

The answer is that they had all failed early in their schools so they are not able to find employment in the public and private sectors.

In the end, they had to create their own employment opportunities by doing illegal businesses.

All the illegal businesses in Malaysia are being conducted by the Chinese and some Tamils all of whom had failed early in their respective vernacular Mandarin or Tamil schools.

Some Chinese and Tamils are smarter, so they are able to pursue their education in the ‘sekolah kebangsaan’ with some of them failing early with the rest going on to tertiary education, where they still find difficulty speaking in Melayu.

Those who managed to get places in the state universities are happy, especially if they also get scholarships.

However, those who did not manage to get places in the universities will complaint.

Why must they complaint that they were not able to secure places in the state universities?

Why didn’t they all choose to go elsewhere to study in the vernacular universities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China?

They are not interested. The reason is because they know schooling at the universities in Mandarin or Tamil does not guarantee them any future. The degrees they could get from these universities are useless, especially if they only speak in Mandarin or Tamil and no English or Melayu.

Therefore, the Chinese and Tamils today who fail in life and who are forced to work in illegal and small businesses including driving taxis must not blame the government and other Melayu; they must blame their parents for sending them to the Mandarin or Tamil schools.

But they are not about to do that. The reason being they are not aware of what are the real reasons for their malaise.

Yet, at the same time, they insist on sending their own children to the same type of schools which had failed them.

The future of the Mandarin and Tamil schools is bleak the more the economy of the country becomes Melayu-dominant.

Even now the Chinese and Tamils who are not conversant in Melayu are being sidelined. They cannot go about freely and are stuck in their own small communities living in a fantasy by watching films and television programs from Hong Kong and China as well as from India.

Even the Melayu who have Mandarin-education do not excel in their studies. So few of them had gone on to study in the universities, much less to become prominent in the sciences.

None of them is an expert in early Melayu-Chinese history who had conducted research at any university in China on the ancient manuscripts that were written by early Chinese scribes to know their perspective on the history of the Melaka Sultanate, for instance.

So where is the advantage that the Melayu and also Indians have for studying in the Mandarin schools anyway? None. They only know how to speak and write in Mandarin. But how much have they spoken and written in this language?

There is no Melayu with Mandarin-education who has gone on to become singers, entertainers and actors in Mandarin television dramas and films, in the country or elsewhere. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It seems to me that the Bersih 2.0 protests of last year had failed miserably. This is despite the claim by its organizers that it had succeeded. The only thing that Bersih 2.0 had succeeded was to make the majority of the people feel anguished.

It was just a bit of pseudo-installation and street theater of the crass type. Those who took part in it were not original.

The Melayu who were there were not ashamed to allow themselves to be led - or misled by an Hindu woman who needed personal attention and perhaps vilification and wanted to ensure that she be anointed the true 'symbol of democracy' in Malaysia when all that she had done was to go against its very principles.

Maybe there was a good reason why a person like that had to be created.

The only reason anyone could ever think of is how she was there merely to make the Melayu realize their own folly; those who do not know better how to behave themselves and realize the grand plans of the others which they could only achieve with the support of the Melayu i.e. by ensuring that they are split.

Unfortunately, those Melayu have yet to realize this.

There were some Melayu who were at Dataran Merdeka on 28 April because they protested against the proposed implementation of the PPSMI.

Yet, there were others who disdained the fact that the many young Umno and Barisan Nasional (Barisan) upstarts who despite being so young, and not so well-educated but who could still rise so fast not only in politics but also managed to acquire immense wealth; whereas they, who are equally or better educated had to slog to pay for their student loans.

And yet, there are many others who were at the square for other more simplistic reasons.

The protests were definitely not against the Election Commissions or Suruhanjaya Pilihanaya Malaysia (SPM).

Maybe the publicity crazy SPM officers ought to think how they should better hide themselves from the glare of publicity so that they are 'not seen and not hurt'.

They become targets because they insist on showing themselves too much.

And for that reason, Bersih .3.0 had to be organized because of the failure of the organizers of Bersih 2.0 to achieve their aims, which was to cause greater inconvenience to the people of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Because if Bersih 2.0 had been successful, then why was there any need to have its sequel?

Many Malaysians have the idea that the Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 protests are really about the opposition and their supporting NGO leaders who are trying their level best to protest against their better judgment and to ensure themselves that they had indeed not failed those who had voted them in the last general election for which they have managed to wrest control some of the states in the Federation.

As it turned out the two protests were not organized by NGOs as claimed by its organizers but the opposition political parties.

And it is also ironic despite their exertions that the Bersih 3.0 was aimed at ensuring that the forthcoming general election be fair, yet, all that the speakers had managed to spout during the protests were none other than the diatribes of the most predictable types.

And all that Anwar Ibrahim could say to the reporter from Aljazeera was how the protests were about them demanding just that.

The Bersih .3.0 protests therefore can be described to have failed.

Many Malaysians were sure they were organized because the Internet channel that they had said were very effective for them to voice and share their political concerns with the masses, has proven to be such a fallacy.

If indeed the internet and the websites and blogs that support and promote opposition views and ideas as well as ideals were successful in influencing the people and voters, then surely, the opposition does not really need even the mainstream media to relay their messages across to the people, much less to organize physical and strenuous street protests...

The truth is that the internet portals and blogs of the opposition and the medium itself is not truly effective in changing the views of the public, who have all by now realized that this medium has been turned into no more than the platform for the dissemination of ideas which otherwise, would be discarded in the garbage bins.

The influence of the internet in Malaysia can be said to be low as most Malaysians have gotten used to the rotten state that it is.

Bersih 4.0 cannot happen, as its earlier editions have proven to be useless to the cause of the opposition; they have only caused the exposure of more of the types of deceits that their leaders have been spouting in ceramah and other platforms.

And from what I can see, even the size of the ceramahs have dwindled since the last few years and those who make a living out of giving speeches in them have now been described as 'standup comedians' who say the most predictable things again and again.

Many Malaysians pity them because they do not seem to have any clue of what and who they are in their zeal to prove to everybody that they are the real saviors of the land.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It is quite obvious that Bersih 2.0 had failed. Because of that Bersih .3.0 had to be organized.

Unfortunately, Bersih 4.0 might also have to be planned if the organizers of Bersih 3.0 think that it too had failed.

The Melayu in Malaysia can now live on their own without relating to the Chinese or Indians.

But the Chinese and Indians cannot live on their own without relating with the Melayu or not speaking in Melayu.

Therefore, I was not shock when I saw two young Chinese women now selling stamps in private mini-post offices.

It is a scene which one could not see before, but now.

More and more young Chinese women will join them to work in such establishments which do not pay well.

But what choice do they have for not having adequate education and for failing out of the vernacular Mandarin schools so early, so much so that they are not able to find employment in the public or to continue with their education at the tertiary level.

They had to settle selling stamps.

The other alternative is to go into vice, which many young Chinese women today do not favor doing as the job is now taken over by other young Chinese women from China.

This can all be seen in politics while their counterparts in commerce and industry are also being squeezed out of their comfort zone until one by one they go bust.

Many Chinese traditional or family stores have changed features so much so that they look lifeless.

They are not doing brisk business.

And if one goes to some of the shopping complexes one can see how many of the stores offering all sorts of goods have closed down.

The reason being the Melayu customers have deserted them. The Melayu customers are now doing in droves to patronize the stories operated by the Melayu including the sundry stores where the Melayu are now dominating.

Many of the ‘pasar malam’ or night markets are also now Melayu-dominated, with so few Chinese operating stalls in them.

I see a bleak future for the Chinese in the country, and it is their fault mostly.

The Chinese education and political leaders started to bare their fangs, but they did not realize that the Melayu towards who they direct the fangs at could retaliate.

The Chinese education and political leaders could demand land and financial allocation to operate their former independent vernacular Mandarin schools, but they did not realize that they had all come to this simply because they are not able to provide for them anymore like what they could do before.

The Chinese communities in Malaysia were proud to describe such Mandarin schools as ‘independent’ schools.

Now they have stopped calling them as such. So they must be ‘parasite’ schools.

The underlying reason for this dependence on the charity of the government is simply because the economic situation of the Chinese in Malaysia is now shaky.

The Bersih .2.0 and Bersih 3.0 Protests are not what many think they are. They are not mere protests against the UMNO-Barisan Nasional (BN) government. They are more than that.

So what are they really?

Well, the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia may not know this, but the protests are really and truly about the Melayu Left and Melayu Right squeezing the Chinese and Indian minorities in Malaysia even more.

Even the Indian and Chinese who are the organizers of the protests do not realize what they are doing, serving the cause of the Melayu even more. 

If they think they are splitting the Melayu, they are wrong.

If they also think they are demeaning Umno and BN, they are also wrong.

What they have managed to do with Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 have indeed benefited the Melayu and also Umno and BN.

The protests are about how the Melayu want to further insist that the country is Melayu-dominated. And the situation will be bleak for the non-Melayu in the country.

So the Chinese and Indian Left in the country ought to realize fast how they are being manipulated by the Melayu Left led by those Umno and BN rejects and has-beens or ingrates into thinking how frail their situation is in Malaysia.

So now this is what the Bersih protests are doing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I have described how a Chinese youth who had to sell of his family sundry shop in South China with his brother to buy a ‘sampan’ in order for them to escape poverty and the Great Famine in China to come to Tanah Melayu or Malaya.

This is not an isolated case; there are many such Chinese men and women who had refused to be called Chinese and started to call themselves Melayu or Malay instead.

It’s the same with the Arabs and Indians who came from elsewhere who wanted to become Melayu too.

There are many of them. Yet, this matter is not hitherto been mentioned or discussed, so the other Chinese and Indians are not aware that some of the ancestors of their Melayu friends and colleagues indeed were formerly Chinese and Indians.

They have Chinese and also Indian features which are not a tell-tale sign of their ancestries as there are now more and more Melayu men and women who have such features.

By my own estimation there are at least thirty percent of the Melayu who have Chinese ancestry and twenty percent, Indian ancestry, and some other percent with Arab or English and other ancestries.

That is now so difficult for anyone to see a Melayu who does not have alien ancestries in their blood, except if one were to look at the Natives or Orang Asli who are fast becoming full-fledged Melayu.

Coming back to the two Chinese boys in South China: And when they got to Melaka, they decided to revert to Islam and become Melayu. They did not want to be called Chinese or ‘orang Cina’ anymore and chose to speak mostly in Melayu and not in Hokkien.

And when the elder of the two brothers asked his younger brother if he would like to make a return trip to their rural village in South China to see how it’s like now, the younger brother refused.

He declined to return to China saying that he is now Melayu and his country is Malaysia not China anymore.

He died not long later without ever setting foot in China.

This is a true story; one that deserves to be told and retold. Better, if it is turned into a feature film, so many other Chinese who are now in Malaysia know not all of them who had come from China still think highly of it.

It was because of what China was then that drove the ancestors to poverty and starvation, causing them to flee the country to come to Tanah Melayu and to the other countries in Southeast Asia or Nanyang or Nusantara Melayu.

And some of them are my ancestors, too, who had made us more Melayu than the other Melayu. 

* * * * * * *

So there is nothing wrong for some Chinese to say they want to ‘Masuk Melayu’ and become a Muslim, especially if they do not want to be Chinese anymore. And the other Chinese cannot blame them for doing that, because it’s his personal choice.

Just like the Baba and Nyonya who do not say they are Chinese but are Baba and Nyonya, despite them practicing much of their Chinese heritage, while speaking in their own version of Melayu, although there are many of the younger Baba and Nyonya who look as though they have ‘reverted’ to becoming Chinese and less Baba or Nyonya, except when there is a Baba and Nyonya gathering or festival which is distinctly not Chinese or Melayu that they want to exhibit.

The Melayu did not say those who reverted to Islam would become ‘Malays’ or Melayu. Those Chinese who had reverted to Islam were the ones who said they wanted to become Melayu, and had left China and their Chinese ancestry; they chose to be Melayu.

The ‘masuk Melayu’ charge was probably made by the other Chinese who wanted to scare other Chinese not to revert to Islam because they would not be Chinese anymore but Melayu.

And there were some Chinese who were influenced by that so they were not able to decide whether they really wanted to revert to Islam because they also did not want to be described as Melayu.

The charge was however dampened when the Islamic authorities started to allow the Chinese and non-Melayu to retain their Chinese surnames if they revert to Islam and this has somewhat put a stop to the charge by other Chinese that their brethren would lose their Chinese identity if they revert.

So what other new tricks to the other Chinese have to discourage their brethren for not reverting to Islam?

They are now at a loss.

So they started to think hard and now say the ‘sekolah kebangsaan’ or national schools are the places where the Chinese schoolchildren would be ‘forced’ to revert to Islam, a charge which is so ludicrous that it simply does not make sense.

As has been pointed no young non-Muslim kids in the primary school could be reverted for the reason he or she may not know what he wants. And the law says even if there is an underage kid who wants to revert, it will be at the sole pleasure of his parents.

The irony is that most Chinese who reverted to Islam are those who have the vernacular Mandarin school backgrounds, as opposed to the national school backgrounds.

And the national schools are dominated by Melayu students. Why can’t it be when the majority of the population is Melayu?

Besides, when they send their children to study abroad, they do not complain about the schools there as having too many local kids who are mostly Caucasians.

They enjoy being in the company of such people, but not in the company of the Melayu, despite the Melayu who were the ones who had saved their ancestors from possible starvation when they first came to Tanah Melayu after fleeing from China barely a hundred years ago.

Yet, they do not want to show any gratitude to the Melayu for allowing them to have their ways all the time, to the extent that they are some who are even willing to taunt the Melayu today, by challenging on their ‘special rights’.

They are not special rights, but are undeniable theirs right from the beginning and it starts from the history of the country which cannot be changed.