Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The Palestinian Arabs in the Zionist state of Israel is more than one million. And the number is growing faster than the population of the Jews.

How come Israel does not want to pride itself as being a ‘multiracial’ country?

This is despite it having a sizeable Arab population, which they could not displaced because they were living deep in the country and not in Gaza or the west bank and Baitulmukaddis, who could be displaced to the neighboring Arab countries?

But somehow, the Zionists have a way of increasing the number of the Jews so that the Arabs do not become the majority in the future.

How long can this happen as the size of the World Jewry does not seem to grow as fast as that of the Arabs living around them?

So sooner or later, time will take its toll so that there are just too many Arabs living around the Zionist state.

And the trend is also happening in America and the other pro-Zionist countries where the population of the Arabs and other Muslims are also increasing by leaps and bounds, so that they can overwhelm the size of the Jews in these countries.

Can this then affect the local politics which in turn affect their foreign policies, especially those towards the Zionist state in the future?

This also forces them to displace the Arabs from their ancestral lands with their Jewish citizens grabbing their land and evicting them from their houses without being persecuted.

If there is no dabbling of the statistics in the Zionist state, chances are it will have an Arab majority in the near future.

But chances of this happening are bleak, as the Zionists have a way of dabbling with the statistics so that their own Arab population is still in the minority.

In Singapura it is no secret how many Chinese from Indonesia and other Chinese countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and China are being given permanent residents status and citizenship by the government.

This is as opposed to the other races, Indians and Melayu whose numbers seem to be stuck at the same level as they were since the country was separated from the Federation of Malaysia by Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1963.

It was a tragic mistake made by Tunku, who was straightforward who did not know how to dabble with statistics.

He could have retained Singapura and imported more Melayu from Indonesia and elsewhere so that the total population of the Federation of Malaysia – with Singapura in it, too, having a dominant Melayu majority.

And coming back to the population make-up of Malaysia today, one can easily see how in 2035 the population of the Melayu will be at seventy percent, if not more!

This is such a huge figure. Something like this has never happened before.

But its coming cannot be discounted because as what I had said earlier, the Melayu and Muslims have many ways to procreate themselves compared to the other races, particularly the Chinese who seem to be happy to have one or two children.

Western influences and their cultural backgrounds and quest for economic superiority and other short-terms goals have caused the Chinese population in Malaysia to have dwindled a lot since the country gained independence in 1957.

As it is the Chinese only represent about twenty-five percent of the total population of the country with the Indians at ten percent.

In 2035, the Chinese will only represent eighteen percent, if not less, with the Indians a mere eight percent of the total population of the country, if not less; and they are all fractured so they have to live amongst the Melayu and wherever they look at there are Melayu.

“Brain drain’ is also affecting the flowing out of the better educated Chinese and Indians from Malaysia to other countries, including to Singapura.

Some Malaysian leaders do not like this, but I doubt it if the Melayu will want to cry if this continues to happen.

Those who flee from Malaysia are smart enough to realize what they are doing, so there’s no point for anyone in the country to try and stop them.

Maybe it’s better for them to do so.

And maybe it’s also better for the Malaysian government to consider seriously whom to offer scholarships to so that those who are bent on fleeing from the country upon their graduation from university, are stopped.

Most of them are the non-Melayu anyway.

How pathetic can it be that when the students were applying for the scholarships, they claim to be patriotic and nationalistic, and wanted to return to the country to serve it?

But when they are still working on their degrees abroad, they have already started to find which country they wanted to go to work at when they graduate.

And this is happening with the authorities who do not have any fail-safe method to contain the evil deeds of those whom they offer scholarships to.

And if the percentage of the Melayu goes up to more than seventy percent of the total population of the country, then can Malaysia be described as a multiracial country like it is still today? Definitely not.

Maybe not. So the tourism campaign slogan which now is, ‘Malaysia’s truly Asia’ can be changed to ‘Malaysia, truly Melayu’ seems to be more appropriate.

Malaysia then will be like Singapura today which is a Chinese country with Melayu and Indian minorities. So Malaysia will be described as a Melayu country with Chinese and Indian minorities and not a multiracial one anymore.

And what if the Melayu gang up to form one solid political alliance like the People’s Action Party (PAP) of Singapura?

There won’t be much politicking in Malaysia like there is now, since all the parliamentary and state constituencies have Melayu majority.

This will leave the minority communities with no area to control. Their status today as the unkind kingmakers in Malaysian politics will be reduced to supporters.

And the non-Melayu political parties will easily becoming social and cultural clubs where their leaders gather every afternoon to play 'mahjong' or the 'selombong'.

Malaysia can indeed become a dominant Melayu country if the trend in population growth and expansion are what they are like today, with the Melayu procreating a lot more than the other races.

And it is merely twenty-five years from now when we are able to see the population of the Melayu at seventy percent.

Even now as we are discussing on this issue, there are more and more Melayu everywhere in the streets, driving cars, in the car parks, supermarkets, LRT, monorail and buses and other public places.

The Chinese and much less the Indians are now far in between; they look lost and behaving like aliens with the foreign laborers from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal and even Vietnam acting more like long-time residents and citizens of the country because they are adapting and assimilating very quickly with the Melayu majority and speaking in Melayu better than those non-Melayu who have the MyKads but not be able to speak Melayu well. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

By Mansor Puteh

This article is basically a study on how Malaysian politics will change drastically in the future when the population of the Malaya in Malaysia increased to seventy-seven percent in 2035, and the behavior of the non-Melayu politicians and community leaders will change accordingly since they tend to behave (or misbehave!) And act according to the size of their communities.

So no wonder the Chinese and Indians in other countries especially in America, England, Australia and the other so-called more democratic countries, they tend to keep quiet and do not demand things from the respective government.

One does not need to go very far and look at Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Siam and Myanmar to see how the Chinese and Indians in these countries behave.

It’s only in Malaysia where we can have people like Kit Siang, Soi Lek, Karpal Singh, Guan Eng, and the others and their race-based political parties could never be created in those countries.

They don’t dare demand to be given preferential treatment and be allowed to establish their own schools or have news programs in their languages.

They did not even dare to complain when asked to have local names, so much so even the Melayu in Pattani in South Siam have Siamese names with many of the young generation of Melayu not able to speak in their mother tongue well or at all.

Singapura does not seem to pride itself as a multiracial country with its dominant Chinese population at a static seventy-seven percent. Has anyone seen any literature or promotional material that says so? I haven’t.

The population of the Melayu in Singapura seems to have been ‘fixed’ at fourteen percent.

And since the non-Melayu Muslims are not classified as Melayu, so it means that the Muslim population is more than fourteen percent.

Do they really practice meritocracy?

If they do not allow the laws of nature to decide the racial composition of their country by ‘importing’ Chinese from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to ensure that it’s Chinese population remains at seventy-seven percent?

Isn’t this playing ‘god’?

If that has been the case, then the percentage of the population of the Melayu in Singapura would be around thirty percent today from the fourteen it was in 1963 when the country became independent.

Because of the overwhelming Chinese population in Singapura, no wonder they do not need to say they are a multiracial country, but one that has Melayu and Indian and other minorities.

You can see it in the way they promote themselves to the world with their tourism slogan of ‘Uniquely Singapore’ which to many here sounds odd but true; they are indeed ‘unique’.

And when they have cultural shows abroad they hardly showcase the cultures of the other non-Chinese races.

They also do not need to have Melayu faces in their local television drama programs; they do away with it by creating Suria TV, where Melayu programs are broadcast for the Melayu viewers, so they can be alone with themselves.

The Melayu could never afford to establish their own television station, without government funding. In this regard they had conveniently discarded their steadfast policy on merit.

But when they have their floats to celebrate their ‘national day’ each year at Marina Bay, they never fail to show the lead float with some Melayu in it. This is followed by many floats that depict the arrival of Chinese laborers and half-dead men from South China arriving in junks to Singapura.

No-one can blame them for doing that because their Chinese population is too overwhelming and their economic hold is too dominant. They have a good reason for behaving that way and we cannot fault them.

The Melayu and Indians are happy to be ‘allocated’ some parts of the country as their little space that is uniquely theirs.

The Melayu population in Singapura is stuck at fourteen percent. This was the percentage when Singapura became a republic. But the percentage is still as it was even today.

On the other hand, earlier on, the Melayu were in the majority but not after the British established their trading post there when they started to import Chinese and some Indians from their respective countries to over-populate the island so much so that the population of the Melayu was decimated.

They did not bother to bring in more Melayu from the neighboring islands, because their intention was to displace them, so they could control the whole island and create a new colony for Britain, which they did.

The fact that the percentage of the Melayu in Singapura has not increased is stunning considering how the Melayu procreate a lot more and faster than the other races.

The other countries in the region, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Siam and Myanmar or the others including Vietnam, Kambodia and Laos, also do not consider themselves to be multiracial countries either.

This is despite the fact that they also have sizeable Chinese and Indian communities. All of them have become too assimilated to the majority race so much so that they have local names, behave like locals and whose religion are also of the majority – Catholicism and Buddhism in the non-Muslim countries.

It’s only in the Muslim countries where the Chinese and Indians do not favor assimilation too much except for those in Indonesia who have been ‘forced’ to accept local names over their racial ones.

But they should not complain; it is for their own good.

If they are in America or the west, they readily use Western names. In fact, many of their brethren in Malaysia also do the same even though they were not forced to do so.

They find having English names to be an advantage to them. But not having local names which they want to reject at all costs.

So no wonder not many of them reverted to Islam in Malaysia or Indonesia and Brunei.

There are many who had reverted to Islam; their ancestors had done that long ago so they are no more Chinese or Indians but Melayu.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

By Mansor Puteh

It’s so subtle only the stupid Melayu leaders cannot see them, whereas they’re so obvious.

The Chinese elders in Malaysia do not say to the younger generation not to patronize shops and stores operated by the Melayu.

But this is what many Chinese in Malaysia do all the time. They only patronize Melayu stores that sell ‘goreng pisang’ but not the other establishments.

I saw a Chinese whose car broke down in front of a workshop owned by a Melayu, and he had the audacity to ask the Melayu mechanic if there is another workshop.

Whereas Melayu motor owners would flock to workshops operated by the Chinese, by sidelining those owned by the Melayu when they can push their vehicles to the workshops operated by the Melayu.

If they can do this, many of the workshops operated by the Chinese and also Indian can become bankrupt since their customers are mostly the unsuspecting Melayu.

What if the Melayu come to their senses and realize that they have been supporting the economy of the Chinese all along but whose support has been taken for granted for so long?

This will be good, so that the Chinese realize their economic standing in the country is not purely because of their business acumen as what many people have claimed, but because of the patronage of the Melayu.

Go to Dataran Pahlawan at Mahkota Parade in Melaka and ask the stalls selling souvenirs to the tourists operated by the Melayu and they can say how the tourists from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapura do not stop there to buy things.

The reason being the Chinese tour guides do not take them there. And if they happen to be around, these tour guides will tell them not to buy anything at the stalls there because they are operated by the Melayu, and they will take the tourists to stalls elsewhere particularly at the Hang Li Po well further away, where they can buy souvenirs at.

This is how the Chinese operate, by shaping the thinking of the young Chinese not to patronize stores and shops operated by the Melayu. But they do not do it directly like telling them at the Mandarin schools.

They do it by showing it when they were still small when their parents would take them to stalls operated by the Chinese.

Now go to Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang and one can see the many Melayu customers buying electronic goods and computer products. Without the support of the Melayu customers, the stores in this shopping complex which is touted as the largest computer center in Malaysia will go bust.

It is strange how there is no computer center in the city which is operated by the Melayu where they can go to, thus skipping Low Yat Plaza.

Maybe it will be good if some enterprising Melayu creates a new computer center so all the Melayu can flock there instead of supporting the stores operated by the Chinese in Low Yat Plaza.

If the Melayu adopt the same attitude as the Chinese have towards the Melayu, then it won’t be long before the economy of the Melayu will rise and that of the Chinese to fall.

Some Chinese traders are found to have complained not too loudly how during the Muslim festive holidays their businesses drop drastically.

And what if the Melayu continue not to patronize their businesses as a habit before and after the festive season that will be good.

It can also encourage more Melayu to go into trading, thus expanding their economic base, and also absorb the Melayu school children to work as apprentice where they do not have to loiter the streets and shopping complexes and ride the small motorcycles in the streets on weekends and during the holidays.

The sight of the Melayu youths speeding on their small motorcycles should have alarmed the Melayu leaders and other experts, particularly the economists and psychologists and politicians. But this did not happen.

The problem has been described conveniently as a menace. But the menace is due to the inefficiency of the Melayu leaders to absorb the youth who are mostly school dropouts to be absorbed into the workforce.

This is one reason to prove many of the Melayu leaders in the related fields to be stupid for not being able to study on the matter and to come up with long-term solutions to it until it got worse.

Those Melayu psychologists and historians have also failed to study the thinking of the Chinese and how they ‘teach’ their young how to ‘discriminate against the Melayu’ by creating a certain attitude in them that results in them not wanting to patronize Melayu establishments when the problem is so clear.

How come no Melayu leader has written or said about how the Mandarin and Tamil newspapers do not cover stories and activities on the Melayu performers and cinema?

In fact, they also do not cover Chinese and Indians who are involved in the local film and music industries treating them with contempt.

And in fact, too, the Chinese and Indian political parties and organizations do not invite these performers for their annual dinners or major functions.

The MCA, Gerakan and DAP and the Chinese newspaper organizations have not yet bothered to invite Andre Goh, a Baba from Melaka who sings exceptionally well Melayu Asli songs for their functions.

Do they see him and the other Baba and Nyonya as not being Chinese enough?

These are some of the things that the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia do which mean how chauvinistic they are. And they do not say so in words. They show them in deeds.

Yet, all this seems to have escaped their own leaders in all fields including the Melayu ones, who should have brought up the matter with the authorities so that laws and regulations can be introduced to stop the Chinese and Indian groups in Malaysia from showing their chauvinism too much.

That the Mandarin and Tamil newspapers must be forced to devote some space for the coverage of Melayu cultural and artistic events, and how their radio stations must broadcast Melayu songs and have programs to promote them and the Melayu films so that their listeners can find out more about them.

In the past, there was a sizeable crowd of Chinese and Indian audiences for Melayu films, but the size has dwindled a lot simply because of the discrimination practiced by the Chinese and Tamil-owned media organizations.

I’m sure the publishers and editors do not have a written policy to discriminate against Melayu arts and culture and the Chinese and Indians who perform Melayu songs and in Melayu films, but this is not important.

What they are doing is all so clear that they do not favor multiracialism. They only want to promote Chinese and Tamil chauvinism in subtle ways.

It’s just that the Melayu are so kind to want to deal with them and to get them into their acts by inviting their cultural and artistic groups to perform in their functions. But the Chinese and Indians do not reciprocate.

The discrimination and chauvinism of the Chinese and Tamils in Malaysia have to be exposed. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Chinese and also Indians in Malaysia have all tried to live on their own in their little enclaves created by the early British colonial authority where they were provided with all the basic amenities, and live away from the Melayu majority.

They were given land and financial allocations to allow them to do so. And it is this mentality that the British had infused into their thinking that they had brought out of the ‘new villages’ and beyond the era of British administration of Malaya to the present time.

Unfortunately, the Melayu government leaders have fallen to accommodate them simply because the Melayu and Muslim voters have been split into many factions so that they are able to do so.

The Melayu in the country have been so split by the cunning relationship that was created by the minorities who pressed them and those in the opposition so that if they do not comply with their wishes, the Melayu cannot get their votes.

In the end the minorities get what they want and more, while the Melayu get less and less.

Unfortunately, this desperation expressed by the minority Chinese mostly happens because the younger generation of Chinese who are less inclined to accept their old-fashioned way of thinking and have started to assimilate.

The reason being they realize that the Chinese countries of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China do not really care for them, and there are so few of the Chinese from Malaysia who would want to return to these countries.

They’d rather go to America, England, Australia and the other countries in the west, where they can be overwhelmed by the majority and dominant race, where they are not bothered to be disturbed by the type of chauvinism that they had experienced in Malaysia, all being created by their own community and political leaders who continue to harp on vernacular education and the subsidiary issues surrounding it.

There is a sizeable number of Chinese who had preferred to move to Singapura which unfortunately only accept those with superior academic qualification and not those who do not have such qualities.

The situation, however, makes it even worse for the other Chinese who cannot move on, so they are stuck with where they are and in the process will slowly have to assimilate with the majority and dominant Melayu whose numbers are also fast growing.

Yet, the Chinese and also Indians have not done anything to thank the Melayu for helping their ancestors when they were in such a bad shape, who came to Tanah Melayu wearing the same clothes and smelling so bad, sailing in junks and being served with bad food with so many of them looking like skeletons when they first landed in the country with the men and boys wearing their ‘tokchang’ or pig-tails.

Where are the poems, short stories, novels, television dramas and feature films depicting the arrival of the immigrants from China and India to Tanah Melayu?

There is one such film called, ‘Kinta 1881’ produced by a Chinese film company in Malaysia. It failed because the present generation of Chinese in Malaysia did not want to see it. They did not want to be told how crude and unlawful their ancestors were.

Of course, there was heroism in the film but alas, it is not enough to pacify the Chinese viewers to want to see it. The film will make them feel guilty.

And the Chinese in Malaysia do not want to feel guilty for having been supported by the Melayu, and who have not yet shown any gratitude to them for having made them prosper. They want more.

They want more land, money and scholarships, yet, they still insist on having their way with education, despite the many decades they have been here, with the present generation of Chinese who are third or fourth generation of immigrants.

Yet, they speak horrible Melayu. They do not know the sensitivities of the Melayu and Muslims with their women and girls wearing skimpy clothes even when visiting Melayu families during their religious festivals.

Worse, when they still avoid patronizing stores and business outlets operated by the Melayu.

The Melayu, on the other hand, still continue to prefer giving the Chinese their business, for without which the businesses of the Chinese would go bust.

That is also why there could be a small sundry store operated by the Chinese in the middle of a Melayu village or ‘kampung’, where the Melayu patronize.

If the Melayu had avoided it, the Chinese would not be able to get any business and would have to sell the store to the Melayu.

But the Melayu did not care for religion, race or the color of the skin.

The Chinese in Malaysia always do that.

So one can see motor workshops operated by the Chinese having Melayu and some Indian customers. Whereas those operated by the Melayu not having a single Chinese or even Indian customer.

The Chinese motorcar owner whose vehicle stalls in front of a workshop operated by the Melayu will dare to ask the Melayu mechanic where he could find a workshop operated by the Chinese.

The Chinese motorcar owners do not send their vehicles to workshops operated by the Melayu.

This is how the Chinese in Malaysia operated. This is also how the Melayu have been treating them with kindness, yet, they are still being charged for being biased and prejudiced.

There are also some Chinese political and community leaders who have charged the Melayu for practicing ‘apartheid’.

The only apartheid that exists in Malaysia today is the Chinese apartheid. This happens when they insist on having their own schools so their children could study in them. They did not want to send them to the national schools.

So this is a strange apartheid system whereby the Chinese minority chooses to discriminate against themselves and do not wish to assimilate with the majority Melayu in the country.

Yet, when the Chinese and also Indian school children grow up, all of them insist on joining the national schooling system from Form One on to university.

Not many of them would want to continue studying in the vernacular secondary schools.

And there is also no insistence on the part of the Chinese and Indians to have their own universities where Mandarin and Tamil are the mediums of instruction, because they know graduates from such universities will not have any future in Malaysia or even in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


By Mansor Puteh
Apartheid is by and large a system whereby a certain race is barred from assimilating with the majority race in any country. It had happened in South Africa, when the White Apartheid government barred the Black Africans from doing that.

It is abhorrent to any civilization and humankind.

It also happened in America where Africans were also barred from even taking the same bus or using public toilets with the Whites there.

In Malaysia there is a type of apartheid is certainly strange as it is weird in the civilized world.

It is therefore strange how a particular minority race would want to create their own apartheid – the ‘self-apartheid’.

The community and political leaders of this particular community insist on living on their own, and they did not want their young to fully assimilate with the majority and dominant race in the country.

Yet, there are no international laws or those in the respective countries that forbid this from happening simply because the minority race or races insist on having this sort of apartheid.

It is self-apartheid, whereby a certain immigrant race chooses to live by themselves and establishing their own schools, etc.

The Melayu are to be blamed for this, for allowing it to happen in the first place.

It was probably helped when the first prime minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman appointed a Chinese, Tan Siew Sin as the finance minister.

But the truth is that the Chinese and also Indians have a way of slowly seizing opportunities which were given to them which they insisted on having on the pretext that they did not want to bother with the government so they wanted to establish their own schools. They said they did not want land or financial assistance.

But over the years, they started to do that and are now demanding these from the government so much so that their vernacular schools are more entrenched now than they did before.

The issue concerning vernacular education amongst the Chinese and Tamils in Malaysia has become political issues which they have used in election campaigns to demand assistance from the government who have to bend to accommodate these outrageous demands.

And they will not stop until they are squeezed out of the system when their population sizes are further reduced and when these communities are broken up by the incursions of Melayu from all over the country who have started to march to the cities, towns and other urban centers, so much so that there is no Chinese and Indian majority area that can form the areas of dissent amongst the Chinese and Indians.

The few Indian majority areas have all been taken up, leaving with some Chinese majority areas for the Melayu to focus on.

What is needed is for the government to establish an institute of higher learning or factory and also a small township and bring in the Melayu so the Chinese in those areas are displaced by the presence of the Melayu.

A setup like this can never happen again, ever, after what had happened in the early years of the country since it gained independence, which saw how the economy of the Chinese rise and rise at the expense of the economy of the Melayu itself. .

The Chinese and the other descendants of immigrants today are still not eager to acknowledge it what their ancestors had got from the Melayu then without which they could not prosper today.

The Chinese in Malaysia have over the years created their own Chinese Apartheid, by choosing to go away from the national education system and pretending that they had established a New Chinese Colony in the country, and they do not want to show any indication that they wish to assimilate with the majority Melayu.

In other countries in Southeast Asia, where their numbers are small, they had no choice but to comply with local demands and expectations where they do not have Chinese schools or use Chinese names and they only speak in the national language of the respective countries, or else they would be left out.

The Melayu in Malaysia were kind enough to allow the Chinese to have their way. But after more than half a century, surely, this setup cannot be maintained any longer.

But this has to wait until the time when the Melayu realize their folly and when they have managed to wrest control of the economy and especially when their population size grows to eighty percent from sixty-five now.

There is no song, short story or even a novel written by the Chinese and Indian author or artiste in Malaysia which say how grateful they are for the Melayu having supported and made them prosper today.

The Melayu kindness and Muslim charity that the early Melayu had shown to the immigrants from China and India then have all been taken for granted.

If the Melayu were not kind or charitable, chances are the Chinese and Indian immigrants then could not make it with many of them suffering so badly living in Tanah Melayu or the Land of the Melayu, that they would want to return to their own homelands or jump into the sea or river.

In fact, there were quite a few of them who had done that, simply because they could not stand living in Tanah Melayu.

Many Chinese then, who became wealthy, took the next junk to return to South China where they had come from leaving those who could not still make it stay back so they could still try their luck.

Many of them got it and they became wealthy in due course.

But it was not because of blood, sweat and tears, but because some of them indulged in illegal trading and other activities.

The many others, however, became wealthy simply because of the kindness of the Melayu and their Muslim charity.

For without which, the Chinese especially would not have made it, and the population of the Chinese in Malaysia today would be a fraction of what it is.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Big Brother is here. And it is good.

It is a different sort of a Big Brother, one who is kind and not brutish like those we found in the earlier communist states, many of which had collapsed leaving with just a few left.

It is good that there are CCTVs everywhere in London as it created a situation where the people are constantly reminded that they are being watched.

Many have been issued with traffic summons after being caught by the CCTVs for committing them.

Yet, the London Riots of August, 2011 had caused many to feel that the system is still not foolproof. But at least it has managed to nab the offenders who were all detected by the system and they were duly arrested and brought to court.

It didn’t stop the riots though.

In Malaysia, the CCTV has not been fully used. Even in Kuala Lumpur its installation has not created a fear amongst the pedestrians and the motorists who continue to blatantly ignore traffic signs.

Traffic lights are not obeyed as many motorists beat them. Many other motorists also over speed and overtake by crossing double lines.

The worst traffic offenders are those who park on yellow lines everywhere.

Yet, they are not caught by the CCTV and the owners of the vehicles not issued traffic summons.

The few court cases in Malaysia where the prosecution produced evidence in the form of SMSes and phone calls as well as to who are really causing many to be alarmed.

They believe that making such calls or sending the messages may not be safe as no one knows what they can turn out to mean.

The revelation made by the telcos does not help ease the fears.

Worse when it is said that Blackberry also does the same so no wonder the senior government leaders do not use them; they choose to use local numbers instead which are safer.

And the internet providers too record emails, which can be used to convict anyone if there are incriminating messages.

It is also a known fact that no one can really hide behind free internet accounts as their identity can be determined.

The revelations have surely caused many to start to be more careful with what they say or write, which is good, so the users of these modern communication devices will know how to use them well.

But what happens if in the near future some smart person were to invent a system or software that does not allow the telcos or internet providers from recording or detecting where the calls or messages made?

This can happen. And it will happen in due course.

There must be a way for such a system or device or software to be created. And if this is done, surely, many will be excited with it and will embrace it wholeheartedly as they now know that they can communicate with anyone freely and in secret.

Those who have bad intentions and use for the device will be the most thrilled by it.

Unfortunately, CCTVs in many police stations and other government agencies in Malaysia do not seem to work so many cases could not be recorded.

I find it strange how a new city of Putrajaya which is the new administrative capital of the country does not have wide coverage of the CCTV.

This is where most of the major government ministries and agencies are now located. Yet, the system is not widely used.

How could this be?

The administrative capital of Malaysia should give this top priority so that anything that moves in the city in the day and also night is recorded.

In London it is said they have 16,000 CCTVs placed all over the place. That has ensured that this city to be the most peaceful and secured in the world.

And the officers operating the system monitor them every second so nothing escapes them.

If there is a crime about to happen they would see it and the police officers are sent over to apprehend or stop anyone from committing the crime.

This is what the CCTV system is for; not just to record such incidents but to avoid crimes from taking place.

It is too late to take action to arrest anyone after he had committed the crime, when it could have been stopped from happening.

And no wonder one of the ways for the government to monitor the activities and communications of its senior staff, is for them to be given free phone numbers with one hundred ringgit of free calls per month.

This is more than enough for them to use the phones for their everyday communication.

The disadvantage is that these phone numbers are monitored and if there are any illegal dealings, the officers can be easily punished.

Unfortunately, the relevant government agencies have also failed to use this to nab those who are openly operating illegally by posting their numbers in stickers they paste in public places offering services which are clearly illegal.

So why can’t they monitor their communication to see what sort of business they are dealing with and with who?

In this way, they can easily nab all of those who are engaged in illegal trading and businesses.

In this way, too, they can stop illegal business without those operating them knowing that their calls and messages are being monitored, as the acts by the authorities can be in the form of investigation based on the information they could get from the telcos themselves.

Is the New Big Brother still dumb?

Maybe he is.

If he is not, we would surely not be able to find the stickers in public places which blatantly advertising illegal activities of all sorts so openly and daringly.

Friday, December 2, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The opposition in Malaysia does not have to do much; they have RTM and the other television stations to do the bidding for them. How so?

While the opposition does not have a national media organization such as a television station or radio station, yet, they are still able to create hatred of the government by the government television stations doing that for them. And it’s all for free.

Those in the television do not realize how they have been doing all this while.

And if the Malaysian government does not know it; if they had lost support from many Melayu especially from amongst the voters, they ought to look at the television stations and media to know how this has caused it to happen.

Allowing the production of horror or ghost films may be good for the producers, but to what effect?

The majority of the Melayu who watch horror films may be entertained by them, but for the elder folks, it is a different story.

The elder Melayu are not too entranced by them; they do not say much. But they can translate their abhorrence of such horror films at the polling stations.

There will be many elder Melayu voters who feel that the government and Islamic religious departments or authorities who have not done their part to stop the younger Melayu and Muslims from watching films which they consider to be ‘khurafat’ or unIslamic.

They blame the authorities for pandering to the puerile tastes of the filmmakers who should have known better.

And the television stations and also the print media are also doing that, by showing and printing those programs and reports which seem to look like they are encouraging the public who are exposed to them, to hate the government.

Its true news is mostly on the negative things, yet, most of the time, these things happen because of government inefficiency.

And the television dramas, too, do the same, if not more when they encourage the production and broadcasting of serials on people who are angry with themselves and with the others – meaning also by default, hating the authority and government and anything that symbolizes the authority.

The end results will be seen in election time, when they spout their venom by voting opposition as what happened in 8 March, 2008.

It is therefore, for nothing that the opposition could get enough votes to win many seats in parliament and the state assemblies enough to deny the Barisan government a two-thirds majority in parliament and losing some states along the way.

Yet, till today the government or more exactly the ministry of information, communication and heritage (KPKK) does not realize this. They keep on holding onto the same policies and allowing television dramas and other programs to cruise along the same street.

The reason being they are totally aloof to this and because they are not so well educated on the effects of the media on the people they could not see this as a problem that they could solve by reshaping the media policies so programs on television and reports in the print media can be produced in such a way so that they do not cause the people to hate authority or the government.

It’s all dramatic to see people complaining about poor quality public services and facilities. But does that not mean that they are being encouraged to hate the authority for neglect?

Don’t those in the television stations especially not feel bored watching the same type of dramas on television that dwell on almost the same issues?

In fact, all about these dramas are the same – the characters, setting, themes, stories and also dialogue.

They look like they were written by the same persons.

So no wonder no scriptwriter or director and producer of such programs has ever managed to move further by going international.

The television stations cannot be proud of developing talent. The newspapers too cannot be proud that none of their columnists or editors has ever been bought over by a much bigger and influential newspaper abroad.

Yet, they often-times try to encourage Malaysians to develop their talent and potential in everything that they do, yet, they are the ones who are still stuck in their editorial rooms until they retire.

No wonder, Malaysian newspapers are stuck in the same level of achievement with none of their editors especially who could not get the chance to further their studies abroad as the newspapers do not allow them to do that as that would cause a ripple effect on the entire organization and editorial office.

No wonder the editorial offices of the newspapers and television stations are stuck with the same crowd, who have the same attitude and mentality on what drama and news are.

The television dramas are mostly about Malaysians hating each other. The Melayu hating the other Melayu within the same family and those around them.

The Malaysians are encouraged to hate anything – their own faces, hair, house and lifestyle.

So no wonder on weekends and public holidays Malaysians generally do not prefer to remain at home; they go out to clog the streets and shopping complexes because they are taught to hate staying in their houses. They also hate to eat food they cook, so they prefer to eat outside.

As for the Chinese and Indians, they are exposed to programs from Hong Kong and India that they have acquired a mentality which is alien, like they are foreigners or new immigrants to the country, who could not relate to their surroundings.

Only their citizenship and the passports they hold prove that they are Malaysians.

Many of them do not speak in the national language of Bahasa Melayu with the elderly ones who could hardly communicate well in the language.

Yet, there are many of them who could pass the driving test which is conducted in Melayu. How could this be?

No wonder, too, the same type of reports are published and the same type of television dramas and programs produced and shown to the public.

Malaysian television and media are stuck in the same level of achievement for so long.

They may be doing okay business-wise, but for the government, it may mean that they stand to lose more votes in the forthcoming general election if the situation does not change for the better.

The opposition, therefore, does not need its own media organization; they can depend on those that the government already has.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The British Commonwealth now just the Commonwealth has fifty-four countries which were once colonized by Britain.

Yet, Britain is just a country amongst them; it does not have veto power. It also does not expect to be held in high regard, except that the Queen opens the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting or CHOGM every two years, with the last one taking place in Perth, Australia.

Yet, America which was once a British colony, too, until 4 July, 1776, is not a member of the Commonwealth.

But it is ironic how America is fully benefiting from the activities or the non-activity of the Commonwealth.

The problem is that the countries in the Commonwealth are dominated by politicians who know nothing other than to party.

So the Commonwealth ends up like a social club for the elite. It meets every two years on a rotation basis.

Malaysia hosted CHOGM in 1998 and is bidding to do it again in 2018, which is thirty years after the first one.

Most of the time, the leaders of the commonwealth deliberates over few days and end up not saying much or anything at all.

So the countries in this organization still retain their status quo, with the poor ones remaining poor and the developing ones continue to develop.

This is at the same time as Britain which used to colonize those countries face immigration problems with their new immigrants and citizens or permanent residents creating unemployment problems on the Natives – the English.

It is a surprise that Britain can still remain aloof and afloat for so long when it should have also gone in the same way as America or Greece.

There is an Occupy Wall Street movement which is gaining momentum in America. There were efforts to have Occupy London but they were squashed by the local police authorities.

But the issue I want to mention here is why or how on earth did America and the Americans able to seize control of most, if not all of the former British colonies by making them their market for goods, services and also films, television programs and music?

Whereas, they were former British colonies, who peoples learnt how to speak and write in English by the British themselves.

Yet, not many of them in the Commonwealth countries speak English and sounding like the British themselves.

In the past this was the norm, especially for those who had the good fortune to be able to go to study in the universities in England including at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

But today, more and more of the people in the Commonwealth speak English but they do not have an English accent. Instead, they have an American accent, or at least a fake one, which they learnt from watching the many films and television programs from America.

What has gone wrong here?

And why is the Commonwealth allowing American to export Americanism all over the world especially in the Commonwealth countries.

It is worse; when even this is happening in England where American or Hollywood films dominate the local cinemas, with British films giving way to them.

This also includes music when American music dominates the radio airwaves in Britain instead of music from Britain itself.

The problem is that the leaders of the Commonwealth countries including its former master, Britain did not know how or what to do with the organization.

They only know how to gather in their biannual meetings all over the Commonwealth to deliberate on matters which are not important or interesting.

No wonder their leaders speak in tongues and sounding vague at the same time, without anyone saying anything intelligent.

This is what the organization calling itself the Commonwealth has become, a social club for the elite amounting to only fifty-four persons.

They had all failed to serve their countries and organization. On the contrary, they have helped to serve America which is exporting Americanism even though this has become a bane rather than a boon as Americanism is not really a fancy word these days as more and more countries that had been ‘Americanized’ or colonized freely, have started to disdain this.

No wonder, too, America is facing image problems.

They are lucky though because they have Hollywood and their television and music industry to lull the locals into believing that they are still in American territory and in the fake Nirvana-America, when they are not.

The Commonwealth is a failed organization.

So it is better for the commonwealth countries to just leave the organization and form yet another organization of former British colonial countries without Britain in it, so they start to chart a new life for themselves, instead of being made to feel subservient to their former master.

The Organization of Islamic Countries or the OIC should take over from where the Commonwealth has left by accepting membership from non-Muslim countries into the fold as full-fledge members instead of observers, which America and some other countries are.

In this way the OIC can gain more prominence.

But it can only do so if the leaders of the fifty-seven Muslim countries do not turn the OIC into another social club for them to enjoy.

They must turn the organization into a mini-United Nations with agencies and bodies that bring in as many of their people as possible.

In this way, too, the UN itself can be rendered to be useless as the Zionist state will definitely not be allowed to join the OIC, so they will be left outside of it, as outcast in all international forums and activities.

This is also a strategy to render the UN itself useless as they do not serve Muslim countries and Muslims anywhere.

The UN only serves America and its allies and the Zionist state with the other member countries subservient to them.