Saturday, November 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The British Commonwealth now just the Commonwealth has fifty-four countries which were once colonized by Britain.

Yet, Britain is just a country amongst them; it does not have veto power. It also does not expect to be held in high regard, except that the Queen opens the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting or CHOGM every two years, with the last one taking place in Perth, Australia.

Yet, America which was once a British colony, too, until 4 July, 1776, is not a member of the Commonwealth.

But it is ironic how America is fully benefiting from the activities or the non-activity of the Commonwealth.

The problem is that the countries in the Commonwealth are dominated by politicians who know nothing other than to party.

So the Commonwealth ends up like a social club for the elite. It meets every two years on a rotation basis.

Malaysia hosted CHOGM in 1998 and is bidding to do it again in 2018, which is thirty years after the first one.

Most of the time, the leaders of the commonwealth deliberates over few days and end up not saying much or anything at all.

So the countries in this organization still retain their status quo, with the poor ones remaining poor and the developing ones continue to develop.

This is at the same time as Britain which used to colonize those countries face immigration problems with their new immigrants and citizens or permanent residents creating unemployment problems on the Natives – the English.

It is a surprise that Britain can still remain aloof and afloat for so long when it should have also gone in the same way as America or Greece.

There is an Occupy Wall Street movement which is gaining momentum in America. There were efforts to have Occupy London but they were squashed by the local police authorities.

But the issue I want to mention here is why or how on earth did America and the Americans able to seize control of most, if not all of the former British colonies by making them their market for goods, services and also films, television programs and music?

Whereas, they were former British colonies, who peoples learnt how to speak and write in English by the British themselves.

Yet, not many of them in the Commonwealth countries speak English and sounding like the British themselves.

In the past this was the norm, especially for those who had the good fortune to be able to go to study in the universities in England including at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

But today, more and more of the people in the Commonwealth speak English but they do not have an English accent. Instead, they have an American accent, or at least a fake one, which they learnt from watching the many films and television programs from America.

What has gone wrong here?

And why is the Commonwealth allowing American to export Americanism all over the world especially in the Commonwealth countries.

It is worse; when even this is happening in England where American or Hollywood films dominate the local cinemas, with British films giving way to them.

This also includes music when American music dominates the radio airwaves in Britain instead of music from Britain itself.

The problem is that the leaders of the Commonwealth countries including its former master, Britain did not know how or what to do with the organization.

They only know how to gather in their biannual meetings all over the Commonwealth to deliberate on matters which are not important or interesting.

No wonder their leaders speak in tongues and sounding vague at the same time, without anyone saying anything intelligent.

This is what the organization calling itself the Commonwealth has become, a social club for the elite amounting to only fifty-four persons.

They had all failed to serve their countries and organization. On the contrary, they have helped to serve America which is exporting Americanism even though this has become a bane rather than a boon as Americanism is not really a fancy word these days as more and more countries that had been ‘Americanized’ or colonized freely, have started to disdain this.

No wonder, too, America is facing image problems.

They are lucky though because they have Hollywood and their television and music industry to lull the locals into believing that they are still in American territory and in the fake Nirvana-America, when they are not.

The Commonwealth is a failed organization.

So it is better for the commonwealth countries to just leave the organization and form yet another organization of former British colonial countries without Britain in it, so they start to chart a new life for themselves, instead of being made to feel subservient to their former master.

The Organization of Islamic Countries or the OIC should take over from where the Commonwealth has left by accepting membership from non-Muslim countries into the fold as full-fledge members instead of observers, which America and some other countries are.

In this way the OIC can gain more prominence.

But it can only do so if the leaders of the fifty-seven Muslim countries do not turn the OIC into another social club for them to enjoy.

They must turn the organization into a mini-United Nations with agencies and bodies that bring in as many of their people as possible.

In this way, too, the UN itself can be rendered to be useless as the Zionist state will definitely not be allowed to join the OIC, so they will be left outside of it, as outcast in all international forums and activities.

This is also a strategy to render the UN itself useless as they do not serve Muslim countries and Muslims anywhere.

The UN only serves America and its allies and the Zionist state with the other member countries subservient to them. 

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