Monday, November 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Let’s get something straight on this issue concerning the LGBTs in Malaysia before the whole issue is made to look crooked.

Who put the LGBTs in the position they are in the first place?

They like to put the blame on themselves or their parents; now they want to blame the others who really do not have anything to do with their sexual habits or preferences.

Just how many of the LGBTs who are employed by the organizers and supporters of the Seksualiti Merdeka events?

Why are the LGBTs not in the forefront on this?

And where is the discrimination they say they face? Aren’t there many of them who are able to lead normal lives?

They want to make the normal, abnormal; and the abnormal, normal by turning all possible views favoring the straight into criticisms and condemnations.

It’s really in their own minds; and if there is discrimination it is mostly self-discrimination.

After all no one knows if anyone else is LGBT, except for the T if he or she is obviously trying to distract anyone to his or her ways and lifestyles. This is when problems happen for him or her.

If any T leads a normal life, he or she will be able to assimilate into the society.

It’s just that the LGBTs and their supporters are the ones who are harping on the issue like they want to create and institutionalize them as being members of the ‘third sex’ which must be accorded the same rights as the others by all religions and political associations.

They know this can never happen, even in America, where the LGBTs can marry with each other.

The problem is when they start to flaunt their sexual preferences and be extra-proud of it and try to insinuate that the others are queer because they are straight.

One cannot understand what the fuss about? Where is the discrimination against the LGBTs in Malaysia?

There are many of them who are working and performing in public, without facing undue discrimination as alleged by the organizers of this function.

If there is discrimination, it is perceived by those who are the LGBTs, who may have tried to flaunt their sexuality. If they had not done so, then surely, they can go about being themselves without anyone bothering with them.

What other special recognition do they want to get from the government and public?

Most of those who are LGBTs know that they are so, because they decided to remain so. Many would reject their lifestyles years later when they grow older and when they become more religious, if they are Muslims.

It is mean for the organizers to use the Melayu word instead of English – Sexuality Merdeka, which indicates that they want to provoke the Melayu more.

Knowing how the non-Melayu NGOs and other organizations are, they do not seem to be fascinated with the Melayu language.

So the use of Melayu here has some sinister meaning and connotation. No wonder many Melayu find it and the organizers to be repulsive to their very nature.

And it is also strange how they are using a Melayu expression and not in English, considering how they are from people who have not been known to have much admiration for Bahasa Melayu.

So they cannot be faulted if they think the ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’ has a hidden agenda with long-term goals. And it has come not at the wrong time.  

Although its organizers had said it was meant to discuss issues concerning LGBTs, yet, one should know that this is but the first step to 'out' those who will be brave enough to say they are LGBTs.

They do not lay emphasis on rehabilitation but outward provocation and exhibitionism.

Failing to get this, they will charge everybody around them for being insensitive to the needs and demands of the LGBTs and for not respecting human rights.

What have human rights got to do with this?

Unfortunately, the opposite has happened. The organizers had ‘outed’ those who are not in favor of their crass display of unusual sexual pride.

The organizers thought their movement could snowball into a full-fledge movement, by it actually 'encouraging' more youngsters to feel proud of their 'diversities' and even flaunting them in public.

But the opposite of this has also happened with the snowballing of the support to have the festival banned.

The first baby step is crucial, and if this step is not stopped, it can move on to this second step or stage.

The trend happened in America and other countries in the west in the 1960s when the religious and community elders allowed such crass display of sexual diversity that it had now become norm to have such a diversified community not living in the fringe but in the core of the society, which in turn encourages more flaunting.

Hollywood which first disdained the production of films dealing with gay themes had already embraced it.

In fact, sexual acts and promiscuity in films did not happen over night; they were developed as filmmakers in Hollywood started to test the waters by showing some skin until all of it is bared.

The first Hollywood feature film on this theme is 'Philadelphia' starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for best actor while its screenwriter, Ron Nyswaner won an Oscar nomination. Nyswaner happens to be my classmate at the Film Division of Columbia University in New York City.

Coming back to ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’, one wonders why the organizers are having a public display of their diversities by having an exhibition and public forums on it.

Why can't they just celebrate their diversities by having private sessions with each other?

I am sure they have already done that, so this is a new strategy to get the LGBT to get some measure of public notoriety.

The fact that they had not bothered to invite those leaders of the various religions in the country proves that they are not interested to find out what the major world religions and other beliefs think of them and the matter.

One also wonders why Amiga was invited to open the exhibition and not some others from the religious groups.

Every event in the program is aimed at getting the others who are not so 'diversified' to appreciate who they are and who should be more open to their crass display of sexuality of all sorts and types.

There is a blame-game that the organizers are playing. They are blaming the others for what they are, but not themselves for making them what they are.

It is strange how there are many LGBTs who do not really like to be what they are, yet, they are stuck in the run, simply because they had not managed to get the right counseling.

Worse, is when they start to group together to get peer support.

There are many cases of the LGBTs who had left the practice to embrace normality when they grow older, when they realize their own folly of youth.

The blame is always on those who are not open-minded; while they are fashioning themselves as the dispossessed and marginalized.

So the ninety-nine percent of the population of the country are the oppressors while they are the victims.

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