Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Why are the countries which often used its veto power in the United Nations’ Security Council are said to be friendly to the Arabs, Muslims and Islam?

And why has Russia which had been using its veto power to support Arab, Muslim and Islamic causes not amply rewarded?

It is strange how the Arab and Muslim leaders often like to party with the leaders of the countries which are bent on destroying the Arabs, Muslims and Islam.

They used their veto power to say so. They cannot do it otherwise, in words, which they often use the power of the gab to hoodwink the Arab and Muslim leaders that they protect them and their religion of Islam.

The facts say that they often did the opposite.

It is time for Muslims to regard countries that use its veto power in the UN as enemies of Islam.

And it is time for Muslim countries to move to Russia and provide them with their vast market and allow Russia to become an economic superpower, by also linking with them to develop products including commercial and military jet-planes so in time we can stop using Boeings and Airbuses, which are all produced by countries which are enemies of Islam.

And how come the Russian leaders do not use this leverage to use their veto power to force and coerce Muslim countries to support its economic development so that Russia can benefit from having such a power that they have often used to support Muslim and Islamic causes.

It is time for the Muslims to reshape the world so that linkages to the west mostly to those very countries that had colonized them and pillaged their natural resources, are given the treatment they so deserved.

Russia, on the other hand, deserves to be given a better treatment.

And the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin should be smart by insisting on developing new economic development plans for his country that are intricately linked to those of the countries that had benefited from its vetos in the UN.

If he is not able to do this, chances are the economy of Russia will continue to slide.

So what’s the point for it to use its veto power in the first place, if they cannot benefit from it?

And why must Russia continue to allow America, France and Britain and the other countries that had used their veto power against Muslims be amply rewarded by the Muslims themselves?

Russia should be smart. It should realize that their veto power comes with benefits.

The position Russia is at can be used by them to their own good.

China, which also has veto power in the UN has used it to support Muslim causes, and they are rewarded by its industries expanding to meet with the demands for their goods.

The people who are responsible to cause China to become a new economic powerhouse are the Arabs and Muslims, for without who, the economy of the Chinese today will be low.

And why isn’t Russian leaders take the cue from China and use their diplomatic channels to start and get the Arabs and Muslims to turn and look at them and ask, who have been using their veto power to support your cause?

And why are you not supporting the development of the economy of Russia?

The truth is: Russia has to make the first move. This should be in the form of it having a new economic development plan that they can use to bring in support from the markets that are available in the Muslim countries, so that they can turn around and stop to engage America and the other western countries which are the undeclared enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam.

They are the ones who have been engaging the Muslims and reshaping them to become their new enemies, by displacing them from their countries, on the pretext of creating a peaceful world.

Alas, they had destroyed the Arab World.

They are not able to destroy the Muslim World because it is too vast, and many of the Muslims are also in their own countries.

So in the end they have to create a new term ‘domestic terrorism’, which simply describes the Arabs and Muslims and all those who have Arab and Muslim-sounding names into one simple category of potential terrorists.

Alas, those who charge the others as terrorists are the real terrorists themselves.

How long can American manipulate the minds of the Arab and Muslim leaders into thinking that they are good for them, when facts prove otherwise?

Are the Arab and Muslims leaders so vulnerable to American propaganda that they do not realize their own folly?

Are they blind to the acts of aggression, espionage and propaganda that these leaders have all failed to realize who are their real enemies and who are their friends?

The real enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam are those countries that often used their veto power that caused sufferings for them.

So there is no guessing who are the real enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam are.

And how long will Russia remain aloof to all these? Can’t they initiate new moves to compel the Arab and Muslim leaders to side with them so they all can develop their economic and other potentials together?

Russia has the scientific and technological edge, while the Arab and Muslim Worlds have the market size.

These elements or factors can cause the creation of a new economic order that can be used to reshape the world which favors Russia and the Arab and Muslim countries.

This can cause the displacement of America and its allies, all of whom have bad intentions on the Arabs and Muslims by pretending to be good to them, when in fact, they are the ones which had caused many Arab and Muslim countries to suffer.

For nothing Arabs and Muslims have to be targeted as potential terrorists. And for nothing too, they have to suffer, while their countries continue to provide America and its allies with the much needed OIL that they need to move their industries.

Why can’t Russia get the advantage from the Arab and Muslim countries? After all they are the ones who have been using their veto power to try to protect these countries.

It is time that Russia is rewarded by the Arab and Muslim countries.

It is also time for Russia to play a bigger role in the development of these countries and the world, and benefit from it in all ways.

After all, America and its allies only want OIL from Arab and Muslim countries, and not make friends with them. They are America’s and its allies’ convenient enemies, an act which helps the cause of the Zionists which only aims to displace the Arabs and Muslims wherever they are.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article or analysis can also be titled, ‘How to get America to come down on its knees, taking the Zionists with them.)

These are the things and activities which bring America to the whole world. It is omnipresent especially in Malaysia and the other countries and societies which are confusing because they are not based on their own peculiarities but those of the others that many members of their communities aspire to acquire and copy wholesomely and wholeheartedly.

So in many ways, Malaysia is a fake America that they do not realize.

Whose fault was it to allow the country to come this way? And it did not happen overnight. Some ways were used to achieve this.

We have all been taught all along that America was good at leading the world. For a while they were right. They were good.

But not long later, they started to take things for granted, so we need to reconsider their position and influence in our lives so we can be in full control of our own destiny which is not the same as theirs is or was.

America exists only to protect the interests of the Zionists, while we have other ideas and views on everything.

Our paths which were fused for a long time with those of America’s are not divergent. We can take our own paths to our own salvation, while they can go on trekking into oblivion together with their staunch allies in the Middle East.

It is not difficult for the Muslim and Melayu to chart such a cause and course, however coarse it may be.

How? We can use the same methods used by America to force us to embrace Americanism and Westernism to reverse this trend.

The will of the majority in the world is the real will of the planet. The will of the tiny minority is the will of the evil.

The majority should not live under the tyranny of the majority whose only claim to authority is their ownership of their vast nuclear arsenal, for without which they are as good as any other country in their dealing with each other.

In other words, if the Muslim world wants to get rid of American presence, it has to get rid of their Hollywood films, American television, American music, American fastfoods…

This will require for the Muslim world to replace them with their own types of films, television programs, music, fastfoods…

If this can be done, and it must be done, surely, in no time, America’s influence and presence in the Muslim world and throughout the world at large will be largely gone.

This is how America is influential; it has these economic activities which are also fronts for their social and political activities.

Do the Muslim and Melayu leaders realize this? No way.

They have all been looking elsewhere. No wonder, they have been lulled into thinking by paying patronage to Washington DC, they can be in the good books. In other words, they aspire to be Washington’s lackeys.

They would do anything to be lackeys instead of their own men and women.

But the movement towards replacing systems introduced by America has started; first by the introduction of the ‘halal’ industry. Second, by the introduction of the ‘Islamic Banking’.

The final blow will be by introducing the ‘New Islamic Cinema’.

If this can happen soon, America’s influence and presence in the Muslim and Melayu Worlds will suffer immensely.

The Third World can then rise to become more dominant and prominent, when shifts occur and our attention is moved from London, Paris and New York, to Kuala Lumpur, Teheran, Tripoli, Jakarta and Kaherah.

The world will then spin in another orbit, heading towards the creation of the Islamic Planet.

And Hollywood start and superstars will come begging to get jobs working in films for the Muslim World so they too could try and win the Nur Islam Award, when their Oscars have become irrelevant to the world cinema. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I am the only person in Malaysia who can say this and get away with it; because I know what I am saying is correct, although what I am saying may be too-overgeneralized which may not be true with some of them.

And I hate it that I have to say it, so I hope I can save Malaysia and the Malays from them. We need to save the Malays and Malaysia from these types.

And we also have so many motivational speakers who are equally stupid, who spout nonsense and make stupid remarks on silly social, cultural and religious issues mostly. You see a lot of them on television. 

And I bet, none of the stupid economists, historians, intellectuals, psychologists, politicians and newspaper editors would dare to come out and challenge me on this, because firstly, he is admitting that he is one of the persons whom I am referring to. Secondly, he knows that there is no way for me to lose if there is a debate on it with him.

Yes, I repeat it; we have so many stupid economists, stupid historians, stupid think-tankers, stupid intellectuals, stupid psychologists, stupid politicians and stupid newspaper editors in Malaysia.

Some of them may have got their doctorates even from Harvard or Oxford, but alas, they did their post-graduate degrees, courtesy of the government who paid for their financial expenses, and they did the degrees without real personal convictions. Most of them did it just to get a raise in their pay and rise in seniority in their respective organizations.

Not many of those who have their PhDs did their degrees because of personal conviction; so no wonder they are not dedicated to their jobs and specializations, and if they retire, they will do something else.

Even a former IGP is now looking after goats in his farm.

And no wonder, too, many of our so-called experts do not know how to exert their credibility once they retire or when they are abroad. So you cannot see too many Malaysian experts being accepted elsewhere.

But what they like to do the most is to tell everybody that they are DOCTOR SO AND SO, and sometimes, they also say they are PROFESSOR or PROFESSOR MADYA DOCTOR SO AND SO, even when they are no more teaching at the university, but who are now at other government agencies or ministries.

Former military officers, too, call themselves MAJOR-GENERAL (BERSARA) or MAJOR-GENERAL (RETIRED), and it goes down to CAPTAIN (RETIRED).

This is Malaysia, where people seem to be unhappy with the names their parents had given, so they deface them by using their professional prefixes and saying them at places where it didn’t matter.

So can’t we say they are stupid if this is how they behave? 

Historians? No, they are not. They are just FOLK STORY-TELLERS, and no more!

Economists? No, they are not. They are just STOCK EXCHANGE REVIEWERS and no more!

Politicians? No, they are not. They are just NOISE-MAKERS and no more!

Intellectuals and think-tankers? No, they are not. They are just GENERAL ESSAYISTS AND SPEAKERS and no more!

Psychologists? No, they are not. They are just 'SEXUAL PERVERTS' and no more! They talk about sexual issues only and nothing else.

Newspaper editors? No, they are not. They are just PROPAGANDISTS FOR FOREIGN COUNTRIES – America, the west, Hong Kong and India.

Will the real economist, historian, psychologist, politician, intellectual, think-tanker, and newspaper editor stand up?

And what can we say of the bunch of people in Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara? Look at Jins Shamsuddin, a two-time senator! Don’t you want to laugh.

Don’t we also have stupid intelligence on the hill, too? If they are smart, most of the political, social, cultural and economic problems that we have had over the last few decades would not have happened.

And for that matter, the silly, messy and totally unnecessary problems or disputes we have between Indonesia and Malaysia would also not have happened.

Earlier, we used to have similar disputes or misunderstandings between Singapura and Malaysia, but now it is between Indonesia and Malaysia.

All these disputes could have not happened if the intelligence units in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapura are excellent. They are not so. And are they aware of it and want to admit it, so that they can from now start to do something worthwhile so that similar incidences are not repeated in the near or distant future?

They can get angry with me, if they want to. But all that I want to do is to save the Malays and Malaysia and Indonesia and Singapura from these types; that when they retire, they will go into business or doing something else which are totally unrelated to what they have been doing on the Hill.

One senior officer suddenly has a tall building in his name in a small town somewhere. If he and the others had wanted to be in business then they should not be in the Force.

If they want to be a CEO of a major corporation or ambassador, then they should not have run in the last general elections.

If they just want to be super wealthy, then they should not have offered themselves to run in their own party elections and get an official post that brings in all the perks.

If a person wants to be a sodomizer, but who is so afraid to admit it, then he should not go into politics, where everything is held bare for everybody to see, unless if he wants to repeal the relevant laws to make it not illegal or unlawful for Malaysians to commit sodomy on each other.  

Friday, June 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

All the problems faced by Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) are self-inflicted. They are not blameless if such problems persist.

Even if they are told and they want to solve their problems, they still cannot do it as those who can be entrusted to do this task are also the ones who had created those problems. So the problem-solvers are also the problem-creators.

The only solution that some of them can do is for them to leave the party for good, unless if they do not know where else they can go to, so they need to hog on to the traffic to see what else they can benefit.

The best alternative for them to do these days is perhaps to go to the other side, to see what their former selves, being in Umno or BN could bring them.

Those on the other side, will welcome them with open arms as most of them were also originally from Umno and BN themselves.

So most of the opposition are basically former Umno and BN diehards.

This is what politics in Malaysia has become, when the opposition today is basically Umno and BN dropouts, rejects and ingrates and other misfits; they who do not believe in democracy, who continue to harbor hopes of being turned in so they could assume posts which they had tried to imagine taking while in Umno and BN, but did not get them because their party did not trust them that much.

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) is just an offshoot of UMNO and BN component parties whose early leaders did not seem to have it enough, and who think they can destroy the parties that had given them much.

These are the ingrates, those who had stayed on for too long, yet they are still young to disappear. They know they cannot do much in their post-Umno and Post-BN eras, but the very least they can be annoying.

And this is what Anwar too is doing, and nothing more.

And if he and his friends are lucky, they think they can forge a surge in the anti-Umno and anti-BN sentiments to allow them to win some more seats to allow them to rule the country.

It is a fantasy which they harp on as they are no other fantasies that they could entertain.

Umno and BN are to be blamed for the problems they are facing now which are all self-inflicted by those whom they disdained, but who reappeared in a totally different form to become their most ardent critics and enemies.

PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) are not the opposition in Malaysia; they are just the opposition for a few in Umno and BN.

Umno and BN can therefore outwit and outdo those whom they had expelled from their parties so easily being old goats and who are grazing on grass that had been denuded. They who have nothing new to add to the political scene in the country but who can only be a nuisance of themselves, now that they are retired and who can keep afloat from the pensions they are getting as ministers, members of parliament and perhaps shares in some companies.

They are basically society people who dabble in politics since they are not specialized in any field, so no wonder they often speak in general terms, and not specific.

They are orators, but what they could spout from their mouths are oftentimes idiotic and the more vitriolic they think they are smart.

They are not.

But all these tricks of the political trade were all acquired when they were in Umno and BN themselves.

The Umno and BN think-tanks are hollow. They must also accept most of the blame for not alarming the senior leaders of the parties on the cracks that had started to appear in their organizations which were often seen to be dominated and controlled by their respective presidents when they are not anymore, as the grassroots can now cause cracks from under their feet.

Umno and BN must get rid of their think-tankers and old goats themselves in order to save their parties.

But this may be very difficult to achieve as these old goats know where they can graze grass on – The Pakatan Turf which welcomes more ingrates like their present leaders.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


By Mansor Puteh




Without this, their presence will not be felt or seen, and they could never find any public venue to have their meetings or conventions at.

The low voter turnout for the Parti Keadikan Rakyat or PKR general election late last year proves this.

How could only ten percent of their registered members care to vote?

This means one thing: that most of them had deserted the party. They had left it without informing their leaders or officials.

Why do they need to inform anyone if they are not supporting the party and Pakatan anymore?

They won’t go to jail or be charged for mutiny.

In fact, those who had deserted Umno and the other Barisan parties also did not care to inform their respective party officials that they had deserted them. They just voted for Pakatan.

And they can still return to Umno and Barisan if they felt like it.

But their membership in Umno and Barisan as well as those in PKR and Pakatan are still there, so the number of registered members of those parties can be substantial as they were never removed from the lists.

Umno and Barisan tried to think that just because they have the huge number of members, that they can easily win in any election.

They had learnt that this is not so.

And Pakatan knows that even though they do not have many members yet, they can still win the election if there are many who can be forced to think that Umno and Barisan are not good for them, based on issues that are used in the campaigns.

So PKR may not have even the four hundred thousand members they claim to have, but they are not deterred as they can depend on the disenfranchised voters who do not want to vote Barisan.

In fact, when one looks at the PKR conventions and meetings at the divisions, one can see how sparse their members are. They could not fill all the seats that were available, unlike the Umno and other Barisan party meetings and conventions which are full to the brim with many more not able to enter the hall and had to make do with sitting outside in the lobby.

The fact that PKR and Pakatan are now able to secure the largest stadiums and halls in the states they control is also bad since they are not able to fill any of them, even with their national leaders attending.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Many people have learnt, much to their surprise how Iran could win its first Oscar for best foreign film in the last Academy Awards.

Other than to wonder how it could happen, especially when it also gunned down another strong contender in the same category, a film from Israel, not much has been discussed about 'A Separation' directed by Asghar Farhadi, who held the Oscar in his hands and brought it back to Tehran.

One of the most interesting facts which should be mentioned and repeated concerning this film is how on earth such a film which cost a mere US$500,000 could have won such an award.

Never mind, the other awards it had earlier won in international film festivals in Europe, but unfortunately, which did not cause it to be known in Malaysia until it won the Oscar.

Many Malaysian film directors cannot wonder let along comprehend how a film which cost this much, could not only go very far and win such awards, whereas there were many Malaysian films which had cost much more had not left the country, and once they were shown in the cinemas, were left forgotten.

And in this regard who in Malaysia will be our bet to bring in an Oscar? Can such an occasion avail itself when we can see the director lifting the trophy high over his head?

Malaysian films have not become a major hit in the international film circuits, where there is a potential for it to be given not only recognition from the peers, but also the possibility of them being marketed in countries which had never known Malaysia before.

'A Separation' was reported to have made US$13 million in America and some other countries.

Yet, all of it is entirely in Iranian and the viewers in the other countries had to depend on the subtitles to follow the story, which can be discussed and debated and looked at from many perspectives, including one which says how the old man in the film represents Iran, and so on and so forth...

But the truth is that this is what the west had clamored for Iranian directors to produce for them.

And only now has a director from Iran managed to offer such a feast to them, which ended with an Oscar win.

The only lesson that Malaysian filmmakers can learn from this is how they should go beyond the borders and deal with local issues by presenting them in a wider perspective by infusing universal values in them.

Only in this way can Malaysian films be accepted and recognized.

It is sad how all of the directors that we have today are still so aloof to the dictates of the international film fraternity, so no wonder they are left to their own device and not about to go anywhere.

So no wonder too, most of them are still in awe of the achievements of past directors who they claim to be irreplaceable and with the intellectuals indulging in amateurish analysis of the Old Malayan Cinema and whatever it was said to have achieved by repeating the same ‘facts’ each year or whenever they could do it.

Malaysian Cinema can and should not look back; if there is a need for it to progress and develop, it would be wise and good to look at what we have.

Giving more similar recognition to past filmmakers is like trying to light spent matches has become a favorite pastime for many, yet, over the decades since the collapse of the studios in Singapore and in Malaysia, the authorities do not seem to know where to look at.

They assume by looking at the back, they could see the vision of the future of the Malaysian film industry.

They are wrong.

They have only fallen into the trap of some shrewd Chinese businessmen/film producers who had managed to turn the tables on their personal fortunes by introducing the element of emotions into the thinking of the powers that be, so much that the films they produced then which are mostly in black-and-white have become alive.

This has managed them to continue to earn income from them without them having to do much other than to prolong the sentiments many Malaysians today still have them.

When in the past, these films were almost relegated to the dustbins of the local film industry, never mind the dustbin of the world cinema, where most, if not all, new Malaysian films are relegated, once they had gone through the local circuit for a limited run.

So it seems old filmmakers simply do not die; they also do not slip away.

They can be used again and again for the benefit and delight of those who can still manipulate their works and to use them for reasons other than artistic or intellectual ones.

Therefore, there is no ‘separation’ between commercial crass and history or sentimentality as the later are highlighted all the time, so the new generation of filmmakers in Malaysia are often relegated to second position compared to those who had passed on.

In other countries, including Iran, they do not waste their time to rewrite the history of the film industry but aim to write new ones.

And with each generation of their film directors, they create more interesting ones, with their last achievement is to haul the coveted Oscar…

Friday, June 1, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…It is definitely not a case of not liking the PAP or liking the Workers Party (WP), but a swing by the Melayu voters in Singapore.

The People’s Action Party (PAP) which was once called the Parti Tindakan Rakyat or Petir lost in the recently-held Hougang by-elections to the Workers Party (WP).

It may not be a surprise for such a thing to happen. After all, in their last general elections the opposition managed to up the number of seats they had in parliament from two to six.

Now the number is seven.

They need nineteen more seats to gain a slight majority in parliament and take over the country from the PAP.

Can they do that?

They can.

But they must enlist their Melayu voters who represent fourteen percent of the total number of voters in the country.

If the PAP changes their rules barring female Muslim students from wearing the ‘tudung’ and offer them some goodies, then I am sure the party can get their votes.

After all, why must the Melayu in Singapore be enamored with the PAP if what they get from them is not being allowed to become better Muslims?

Worse, when many of the Muslim women were ‘forced’ to seek employment at places where they have to serve non-halal or haram food since jobs for them who are not so well-educated are few.

It was not a good move by the PAP government to distribute the Melayu so that they are not found in groups like they used to before when there were ‘kampung’ or villages.

And they are spread out evenly that in most of the fifty constituencies, they can determine which party wins and which one, loses.

The problem with the PAP is that they thought they could make the Melayu and Muslims in the country kowtow to their dictates.

For a while they could.

And the Melayu did not protest, except for a few who thought they were smart by taking the matters into their own hands to try and force the government to change their policies concerning the non-use of the ‘tudung’ by female students in public schools.

The PAP government must realize that such a small piece of cloth covering the heads of young and virile Melayu and Muslim schoolgirls could reshape their society, by making it backward.

They are wrong.

It is this small piece of cloth which is now covering the PAP’s future in the country, when one by one the seats they had held in parliament since the republic was formed in September, 1963 falls to the opposition.

And it is courtesy of the ‘useless’ fourteen percent votes from the Melayu electorate.

It is just sad that this has to happen when its so-called founder, Lee Kuan Yew is in his mid-eighties and not so physically virile anymore to physically exert himself; that more and more younger Singaporeans are not so enamored to embrace Kuan Yew-ism as did their parents and grandparents who embraced it wholeheartedly.

Things had changed in Singapore.

And the change may also include the change in government from the PAP to the WP.

It is just too bad that the former leader and founder of the WP, J. P. Jeyaratnam, who died in Johor Baru could not see the changes which are taking place in the country now, to savor the moment which.

Of course, what is happening in Singapore has got strong linkages to what has happened in Malaysia.

One which concerns the ‘grand plan’ of some Chinese who wanted to see Malaysia and Singapore merge to become a new entity which has a Chinese majority.

This can happen in theory, but not in practice.

But that does not mean that the Chinese especially who wanted to see it happen, cannot continue to lull themselves into complacency as well as insanity.

A merger between the two countries can never happen, unless if the scenario changes so drastically when the economy of Malaysia is in the hands of the majority Melayu, and if the population of the Melayu is so high that any merger with Singapore cannot change the demographics.

Even the Chinese in Singapore do not feel at ease with such a prospect, since they know they can and will become more vulnerable, and they might not be able to compete with the Melayu majority in the new merged entity, by not being able to speak or write in Melayu and for feeling lost in the new entity too.

The most that they can get is to be able to move about freely in the new entity without having to flash any passport, and to also be able to own properties and any number of vehicles which are cheaply available in the new country.

In any case, the matter at hand is on how the power of the ‘tudung’ has finally become a new reality in the new politics in Singapore.

No one has ever mentioned this before.

But the truth is that even the WP officials do not realize how they had got to become what they are by virtue of the fact, with the help of a mere piece of small cloth.

The Melayu in Singapore are the unlikely ‘kingmakers’ in the politics of the country.

If the PAP continues to be aloof to this, chances are they will lose big in their next general election, which is due to happen in four years’ time, when Kuan Yew may not be running in his Pasir Panjang constituency anymore, when it becomes too impossible for him to do so, even if he can admit that he could do it.

What is the PAP without Kuan Yew in the picture? What is Singapore without Kuan Yew in the picture?

It will cause more and more Singaporeans, to think that they could do without him altogether; that Singapore could be on its own, with or without him and ‘his PAP’.

So it won’t be wrong if more and more Singaporeans and the others now refer to the PAP government of Singapore instead of just the government of Singapore as there is now a strong demarcation line that had been drawn to distinguish between them to denote that the history of Singapore can be rewritten.

So Kuan Yew and Singapore may not go in the same way as those countries which experienced the Arab Spring, where physical and emotional exertions are strongly expressed and exhibited, but they are feeling the same sort of heat, no less.

In Singapore, we do it our way, which seems to be the motto or policy of the PAP government of Singapore, therefore, may still be true…that the Singaporean voters, particularly the Melayu ones can attest.