Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I am the only person in Malaysia who can say this and get away with it; because I know what I am saying is correct, although what I am saying may be too-overgeneralized which may not be true with some of them.

And I hate it that I have to say it, so I hope I can save Malaysia and the Malays from them. We need to save the Malays and Malaysia from these types.

And we also have so many motivational speakers who are equally stupid, who spout nonsense and make stupid remarks on silly social, cultural and religious issues mostly. You see a lot of them on television. 

And I bet, none of the stupid economists, historians, intellectuals, psychologists, politicians and newspaper editors would dare to come out and challenge me on this, because firstly, he is admitting that he is one of the persons whom I am referring to. Secondly, he knows that there is no way for me to lose if there is a debate on it with him.

Yes, I repeat it; we have so many stupid economists, stupid historians, stupid think-tankers, stupid intellectuals, stupid psychologists, stupid politicians and stupid newspaper editors in Malaysia.

Some of them may have got their doctorates even from Harvard or Oxford, but alas, they did their post-graduate degrees, courtesy of the government who paid for their financial expenses, and they did the degrees without real personal convictions. Most of them did it just to get a raise in their pay and rise in seniority in their respective organizations.

Not many of those who have their PhDs did their degrees because of personal conviction; so no wonder they are not dedicated to their jobs and specializations, and if they retire, they will do something else.

Even a former IGP is now looking after goats in his farm.

And no wonder, too, many of our so-called experts do not know how to exert their credibility once they retire or when they are abroad. So you cannot see too many Malaysian experts being accepted elsewhere.

But what they like to do the most is to tell everybody that they are DOCTOR SO AND SO, and sometimes, they also say they are PROFESSOR or PROFESSOR MADYA DOCTOR SO AND SO, even when they are no more teaching at the university, but who are now at other government agencies or ministries.

Former military officers, too, call themselves MAJOR-GENERAL (BERSARA) or MAJOR-GENERAL (RETIRED), and it goes down to CAPTAIN (RETIRED).

This is Malaysia, where people seem to be unhappy with the names their parents had given, so they deface them by using their professional prefixes and saying them at places where it didn’t matter.

So can’t we say they are stupid if this is how they behave? 

Historians? No, they are not. They are just FOLK STORY-TELLERS, and no more!

Economists? No, they are not. They are just STOCK EXCHANGE REVIEWERS and no more!

Politicians? No, they are not. They are just NOISE-MAKERS and no more!

Intellectuals and think-tankers? No, they are not. They are just GENERAL ESSAYISTS AND SPEAKERS and no more!

Psychologists? No, they are not. They are just 'SEXUAL PERVERTS' and no more! They talk about sexual issues only and nothing else.

Newspaper editors? No, they are not. They are just PROPAGANDISTS FOR FOREIGN COUNTRIES – America, the west, Hong Kong and India.

Will the real economist, historian, psychologist, politician, intellectual, think-tanker, and newspaper editor stand up?

And what can we say of the bunch of people in Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara? Look at Jins Shamsuddin, a two-time senator! Don’t you want to laugh.

Don’t we also have stupid intelligence on the hill, too? If they are smart, most of the political, social, cultural and economic problems that we have had over the last few decades would not have happened.

And for that matter, the silly, messy and totally unnecessary problems or disputes we have between Indonesia and Malaysia would also not have happened.

Earlier, we used to have similar disputes or misunderstandings between Singapura and Malaysia, but now it is between Indonesia and Malaysia.

All these disputes could have not happened if the intelligence units in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapura are excellent. They are not so. And are they aware of it and want to admit it, so that they can from now start to do something worthwhile so that similar incidences are not repeated in the near or distant future?

They can get angry with me, if they want to. But all that I want to do is to save the Malays and Malaysia and Indonesia and Singapura from these types; that when they retire, they will go into business or doing something else which are totally unrelated to what they have been doing on the Hill.

One senior officer suddenly has a tall building in his name in a small town somewhere. If he and the others had wanted to be in business then they should not be in the Force.

If they want to be a CEO of a major corporation or ambassador, then they should not have run in the last general elections.

If they just want to be super wealthy, then they should not have offered themselves to run in their own party elections and get an official post that brings in all the perks.

If a person wants to be a sodomizer, but who is so afraid to admit it, then he should not go into politics, where everything is held bare for everybody to see, unless if he wants to repeal the relevant laws to make it not illegal or unlawful for Malaysians to commit sodomy on each other.