Tuesday, April 30, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I happened to be visiting Ghazali Basri at his rented apartment near the Columbia University in New York City campus sometime in the summer of 1981.

(American President Barack Obama had just enrolled at the university a few months earlier to work on his bachelor’s degree.) 

But he was not around, so I sat with his wife, Noriah, when the phone in the apartment rang, so I answered it. It was William Roff, who was then teaching at the same university, who said, ‘Anwar sudah sampai’ and breaking into English. He thought I was Ghazali.

I then found out that it was the Anwar Ibrahim, then president of Abim or Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia had arrived at Kennedy Airport in Queens, and he would be meeting some students of Columbia, before going off to go to another university where he had been invited to speak to the students in a Malaysian students convention.

But I declined to attend the gathering with Anwar, as he was just a mere president of Abim.

I do not know how many Malaysian students of Columbia and from the other universities in New York City met Anwar. There must be so few from Columbia as the Malaysian student population at this university was so small.

So that was why I wanted to study at this university because of that, which also meant that the university is good, compared to the other universities in America which had more than one thousand students, which only meant that they were the non-competitive universities.

I proved to be a better judge of character when I declined or refused to meet the then president of Abim who had a reputation of some sort, which many others thought was interesting, being a firebrand person.

Compared to the many others who trusted Anwar fully by supporting him until they were willing to become accomplices to some of his unmentionable social and personal deeds, and who would later turn around to condemn him.

Blame should also be on Dr Mahathir for not seeing through him, for bringing him to the fore, from being the mere president of Abim to get into his cabinet and coterie of trusted individuals, who would later found to be undesirable to Mahathir.

Alas it was too late. It’s the case of ‘nasi sudah jadi bubur!’ (‘Rice that has become porridge!’).

Unfortunately, the porridge has become stale and now poisonous.

But as a student of Columbia and majoring in film directing, I could see beyond and above all that artificial veneer of authority; I was not awed by his stature as the mere president of Abim or fell for his early speeches, which many could say and in better ways without being crass and convoluted.

Dr Mahathir and Anwar could become the best and worst of what Universiti Malaya had managed to create, a university that has not been known to have created internationally acclaimed intellectuals but local heroes who could achieve some measure of international repute by virtue of them having held official posts in the government mostly, but not on their own personal achievements or merit.

Even today, one can hardly ever to out of the country and show his degree from Universiti Malaya and get the others to stand up to pay obedience to him.  

What is the president of Abim anyway? And I had no idea why was the association give too much credence by the Malaysian public?

It was definitely an odd association of Muslim youths, with no real philosophy or direction and who were their members?

Even now one wonders what Abim is all about, if it still exists, and what it has done for the Muslim Youths of Malaysia.

The only other Malaysian personality who came to New York City, who I agreed to attend the gathering he had with the students, was Musa Hitam, who was then deputy prime minister of Malaysia, and who was in the city on an official visit.

The gathering with Musa was held at the Malaysian Consulate in New York City.

Musa asked for all the students in the room to introduce himself or herself, one of who was his niece, Aloyah who was sitting beside me at the end of the long table.

I knew what Musa was aiming at, by asking for our names; he wanted to know if I was Chinese or Melayu.

When I mentioned my name in full, he was relieved to learn that I am Melayu after all, so the short speech he gave had more Melayu bent, giving the students – Melayu students – some friendly and fatherly pep-talk, which could be useful.

After the meeting, we had some lunch, and Musa was kind enough to offer me a plate after he saw that I was on two crutches, which I had to walk on after the surgeries on my left knee I just had had at the St. Luke’s Hospital and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

I did not ask any of my friends or Ghazali what Anwar had said in the gathering they had had with him, as we were all caught up in our own personal affairs afterwards to be bothered with Anwar or the meeting. This could also mean that the meeting was just a meeting with no substance. 

One of the Columbia students who was working on his doctorate was Wan Manan. He also attended the gathering and came to know Anwar.

However, when he returned to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday, he met Anwar at the Abim office as a courtesy, but was given the cold shoulders.

I also did not speak with William Roff who had come to Malaysia in the 1960s or 1970s to work on his doctorate thesis, where he managed to learn a bit of Bahasa Melayu, where he also met Anwar who could be one of his respondents for his research, and became close to him.

I recently communicated with Roff again, after so long, and found that he had long retired from teaching at Columbia and am now living with his daughter somewhere in Edinburgh, Scotland, aged about eighty years old.

Ghazali would in later years joined and support Anwar after Anwar was expelled from the Mahathir Cabinet in 1998. together with him, there were those in Abim and the Cabinet and other individuals in Umno and also Barisan Nasional who pitied and sympathized with Anwar, and enough to also be willing to suffer being incarcerated during the ‘Reformasi’ year.

Ghazali and the others who joined the Anwar bandwagon would later run in the 1999 general elections, but many of them lost.

Yet, not long later, most of them left Anwar to become his severest critics; with many of whom are people of standing in academia and also the industry.

There were many people some who have impressive academic backgrounds and were also lawyers of some repute who also ran in the 1999 elections representing Parti KeAdilan Rakyat or PKR and lost.

Yet, surprisingly, they were not people who could judge characters, which I found to be strange, as the more one travels the world and studies deeply into one’s own specialty one could see beyond the veneer that some others had managed to create about himself.

But it was quite obvious, that despite that, they were not able to do so, and they end up supporting blindly certain characters who many consider to be shady.   

I do not know what William Roff will say to me if we meet again. He probably will say, ‘Anwar takkan sampai…’ (Anwar won’t be arriving…)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) cannot be described as a true political party in Malaysia. It was formed for a different reason, which has got nothing to do with any political agenda of national interests, other than to be a sworn enemy of Umno.

However, in the process, it became a party which is a sworn enemy of Barisan Nasional, i.e. by default.

The main characters involved in the formation of PKR are those who were staunch supporters of Umno and Barisan.

And the supporting characters, comprise mostly of the wives, children and also cronies of the de facto leader and founder of PKR, who is Anwar Ibrahim.

So what can one say of this party? It does not aim to champion some wonderful national political cause, but that aims to belittle and condemn the very party and coalition of parties which had first trust its founders and staunch supporters in the first place.

So it is not wrong for anyone to say PKR is a party of Umno and Barisan misfits, rejects and ingrates.

Now Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) is also in such a situation when it readily accepts a former senior Umno leader, Muhammad Muhammad Taib as its member, who left Umno and Barisan in such haste that one wonders if he decided to join PAS in order to further extend his political life as in order that it does not take him into his ‘second political childhood’.

My take is that Muhammad Muhammad only aims to turn PAS into a party of Umno and Barisan rejects, misfits and ingrates such as him, which PAS leaders will take a long while before realizing it and to accept finally that those who wish to join their party are merely serving their personal interests and not of PAS’ whose interests keep on changing from time to time so much so that their main agenda which is to establish Malaysia as an Islamic state, whatever that means, must be achieved if they get the support of another party who has stated that they are opposed to such an idea.

What is means is that PAS is collaborating with their own ‘sworn enemies’.

So no wonder many of their staunch supporters and leaders have left the party to become the most severe critics of the PAS leadership and party itself.

Being in politics in Malaysia all his life, surely, Muhammad Muhammad Taib cannot bear the brunt of not being able to hog the political scene for a while longer, even if he is now on the other side.

Unfortunately, most of the original founders of PKR had left the party to join mainstream politics, and who are now most vocal in their criticism of PKR and its lead founder, Anwar.

One can almost discount Anwar’s first daughter, Nurul Izzah for any diatribe which she may have on Umno and Barisan as she is merely performing her filial duty and not a national duty.

And her last win in Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat, was a fluke. The voters just wanted to get rid of the President of the Wanita Umno, incumbent, Sharizat Jalil, and not because they liked Nurul more, just like how Loh Goh Burne who won in Kelana Jaya and became a one-time member of parliament after his party did not extend his political life by nominating him for the thirteen general elections.

Goh Burne could not speak Melayu at all and had given or read only one speech in his halting Melayu while in parliament through the last five years, which dealt with some foreign affairs matters, that made Hamid Albar, the then minister of foreign affairs to smile widely.

Anwar was very angry for not being able to succeed Mahathir Mohammad as prime minister. He thought Mahathir had made a very bad and awful decision for sacking him as his deputy, which Anwar thought was not a wise move.

But why did Anwar and his supporters think Mahathir had made such a wise move by accepting Anwar into Umno and hence the Mahathir Cabinet, and who later shot up in the Umno and Barisan hierarchy quickly so much so that those who had been waiting in line had to be removed or sidelined?

And yet, when Mahathir had the wisdom to change his mind about Anwar and sack him, why then did Anwar and his supporters not say it was also a wise move by Mahathir?

From being someone who was wise, by admitting Anwar and accepting all his quirks and style, suddenly Mahathir had become not wise simply because he had chosen not to allow Anwar have his ways anymore.

Being the deputy prime minister of Malaysia is not a right; party members of Umno do not choose who to become the deputy prime minister. The right rests in the good hands of the prime minister himself and it is his prerogative to appoint and even sack anyone in the cabinet as he so pleases.

And there were many Umno and Barisan leaders who had to face similar music before as it is the practice by incumbent prime ministers to discontinue the services of any member of his cabinet who he finds to have served too long or who deserves to be ‘promoted’ to retirement, a ‘post’ which many may find to be disconcerting as they think political life in Malaysia is enduring and all-encompassing so not many of them have made retirement plans.

So when it finally happens, one gets a rude shock.

One way to overcome this shock is to become a turncoat and join PKR and now PAS, the two parties which can be described as the ‘graveyards’ and ‘dumping grounds’ of Malaysian politics, especially by those who think that there is indeed life after political death, who in the end may be party-spoilers.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


By Mansor Puteh.

…And America’s self-denial in wrongfully supporting the cause of the Zionists and lessons not learnt and signs not deciphered.

It did not cost too much to turn America into the state of panic, uncertainty and confusion.

The situation was like in the 1960s when the Black Civil Rights movement was in full swing, doing things to attract the attention of the white masters, who in the end had to bend, simply because the Blacks in America were in a large number, that they were too many to count, with each and everyone of them who could do harm to the whole country, which was embroiled in a situation that white America had created for themselves with their policies on racial segregation.

Then America started to be callous into thinking that things would be okay, so they were able to embark on another sort of ‘racial segregation’, by pursing an agenda which was alien to themselves and against the very spirit of their Constitution, which was to support the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

America is now in the Post-Black Civil Right Movement-and Arab/Muslim segregation, the effects of which can sometimes become quite dramatic.

Will America learn from the signs that were given to them in recent times, like those that they had experienced in the 1960s?

And some time ago, it took no more than a gun, which any American can purchase with such ease anywhere in America and also three American commercial jet planes for America to wake up to take notice of the reactions some others wanted to show their disgust at the flawed foreign polices of the country and the prejudices and biases they have against the many others.

Then recently, it took two American-made pressure cookers to blow the multibillion CIA, FBI and Homeland Security and other intelligence agencies in the country to smithereens.

America is spending scores of billions of American taxpayers’ money to create, develop and expand these agencies.

But that does not ensure that the whole country is safe. And this is what America is aghast at, in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon which dashed all hopes of triumph on the part of the organizers and the city hosting it.

The country is vast with their empire larger and spreaded thinly across the globe.

And for a while they thought these agencies were useful and almost one hundred percent so, the more money that was pumped into them, when they were able to put America in such a blissful state of existence that many Americans had tended to think and believe, albeit wrongly that they were effective in counter-terrorism by snooping on emails that are sent out and received by the billions a day, all over the world and using the most up-to-date electronic intelligence devices.

But two pressure cookers were used in the Boston Marathon Bombings which have created a huge dent in the egos of those who believed in such agencies.

The counter-terrorism strategy used by the American intelligence agencies is to conduct drone attacks on anyone they assume to harbor ill-intentions on America.

Many have died in the hands of the drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and also Iran. But no one has felt remorseful over them; the dead Pakistanis and Afghans are ‘collateral damage’.

Few Iranian scientists too have been assassinated by Zionist agents. They are also ‘collateral damage’.

But America and the Zionist state cannot claim to be at peace with themselves, with their citizens being able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of those intelligence agencies that their respective countries had created which cost so much money to keep.

How many more pressure-cookers will be used (or misused) to educate America and the Zionists that their so-called war on terror cannot be beat, especially if the source of the terrors is from them?

America and the Zionist state must learn fast that no amount of money they are able to spend on their intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies can ensure their countries are safe.

Fortress America is a fallacy, as much as Fortress Israel is, where walls of insecurity have been constructed in the minds and actual deserts.

Their offensive actions which they often use as a pretext to defend their countries have backfired.

American taxpayers spend multibillion dollars a year to maintain and support their intelligence agencies, which are known to snoop on anyone in the country and the world checking their emails and blogs, etc, etc, which they thought could ensure that America remains peaceful and all Americans are safe.

It only took two pressure-cookers to prove that this strategy is wrong and not fault-proof.

But the whole matter is not about two pressure-cookers, made in America, or the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security and other intelligence agencies in America, but how callous Americans are, in trusting their own leaders – political and military and other propagandists and lobbyists who have continued to hoodwink all of them all through the years that America can be safe as long as it spends and puts aside billions of dollars of their hard-earned money into the defense budget, which can be described as their ‘offense budget’ and how often they use their drones.

America cannot ensure that more pressure-cookers will light the sidewalks of any city in the country in the near future, unless if they place a blanket ban on all pressure-cookers so that whoever wants to buy any of that, he or she has to produce their identity cards.

America must be brave to confront the real and true issues that have caused the country to become what it is today, not a beacon of hope for the dispossessed as they are the ones now who have caused many others to become dispossessed – the Arabs and Palestinians and other Muslims now including some Chechen-Russians, too, have joined the fray.

All this was done by America in order to protect the Zionists who do not dare to fight their own battles single-handedly but by using America as their lackeys, and in the process forced America to trample upon their own Constitution.

Alas, who can teach America a valuable lesson? Two pressure-cookers? In the past three commercial jet planes flying off-course in Lower Manhattan on 11 September, 2001.

But these and the other issues and incidents had all failed to teach America a lesson.

Aren’t all these signs that America and its people have all failed to learn much or anything at all from? Lessons that happened or were created for a certain reason, for which Americans could not decipher and learn much from.

America has also failed to ask this question: What did I do to deserve these?

And why did the two pressure-cookers have to explode in Boston, near Cambridge where Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT are at? They are the centers of academic excellence in America.

The pressure-cookers are for those who are they to fully understand what they represent, the repression that their country had imposed on the others who are Arabs and Muslims and now Chechens.

These are some ways for the authorities in America can use to look at the whole issue surrounding the pressure-cookers in a wider perspective so they know the true picture of how these pressure-cookers had to come into it, so that they can become the unlikely symbols of repression of a large group of people in such a vast land centering in the Middle East who have been long repressed so much so some expression of disgust and sadness as well as madness had to be released and exploded in such a manner, with the collapse of the Twin Towers and blasting of the two pressure-cookers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It seems that the Roman Catholic Popes have all failed to stop any war from breaking despite the pleas they had made to the leaders of countries who are Catholic or Christian. The popes could not do much.

Newly elected Pope Francis from Argentina, who may not be ‘Petrus Romanus’ according to seer, Saint Malachai, gave his first speech on Easter, but he did not say much other than to say things which anyone who is not pope could come up with; he spoke like a pseudo-politician, and visionary asking for no one to solve the problems of the world centering in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and some other places.

He did not blame those who claim to be Christians and Jews who are responsible for what is happening in those countries and elsewhere.

In fact, his first sermon at the Basilica Square was not one, but a short press statement, which was not directed to the flock.

Maybe Pope Francis knew his position as pope is not an influential one that he cannot tell any Christian or Catholic, never mind the political or military leaders what to do because they subscribe to Secularism despite claiming to be Christians or Catholics. 

But he did get some media coverage being the first pope from South America to hold the post at age, seventy-six.

This is despite the fact that many believe and think that he is influential especially on the 1.1 billion people around the world who are said to process the religion.

Unfortunately, the number can be inflated based on some wild guess, as there are many of them who claim to be Christians or Catholics but who are actually still pagans.

They are pagans when the time comes for celebrating the pagan gods, and Christians or Catholics when it comes for Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and other festivities.

The Vatican doesn’t seem to care; they do not seem to mind as long as their believers say they are Catholic or Christians.

But the size of the people who flock to Basilica Square in the Vatican is small. And they comprise mostly of the foreign tourists. The locals have gotten used to attending public mass and hearing the pope give his sermon.

There could be some individuals who go to the square for other reasons, which is to harm the pope, so they can get in the limelight for a while.

But Pope Francis doesn’t seem to care about such eventuality from happening as he rejected standing in the pope-mobile that some of his predecessors had been driven in public.

The Buddhist and Hindu priests too have failed to stop the carnage that happen in the countries which are Hindu and Buddhists, such as in Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal and so on.

Buddhists and Hindus do not really have a single person as their world leader, or a group or committee of religious elders who can pass judgment on the behaviors of the believers of these two ancient religions, and who can also interpret what their sacred text mean.

No wonder Hinduism and Buddhism can be used for different purposes by different communities and in different countries, with those in Bali, Indonesia having their own brand of Hinduism which they call Bali-Hinduism.

And no wonder the statue of Lord Buddha does not look Indian but Chinese or oriental, which the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and India do not pray to as it would seem odd to them to have to pray before statues of the Chinese-looking Buddha.

The Muslim religious leaders too cannot do much to stop the Arabs from destroying their own countries and also economy.

The University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, is said to be the oldest university in the world. But who have they created to become world leaders for Islam, that the others around the world can obey any pronouncements they make?

In fact, Egypt where this university is at, is now being destroyed by those who claim to be Muslims.

And there is nothing that the important ulama of this country could do. They may be important but they are also not influential enough to be able to lead the flock of Muslims in Egypt to drop down arms and seek peace amongst themselves.

Where is the influence of the Muslim ulama in the countries in the Middle East? None whatsoever.

In Myanmar and Thailand, the Buddhists seem to have a good day massacring Muslim Rakhines and the Muslim Pattanis like they have been doing for many decades which forced many of the Muslims to flee to Malaysia, with some being resettled in third countries in the west.

It is also ironic how there are now so many Buddhists from Myanmar who have also left the country to come to Malaysia to seek employment working in the factories.

The Buddhists in Myanmar are not fascinated with their Muslim community, yet, they would come to Malaysia to seek economic salvation. Here they know the Malaysian-Muslims do not harm them.

In Malaysia, Islam is being used by an opposition political party leaders to divide the majority Melayu-Muslims, by citing their own versions and interpretations of the verses from the Holy Koran and for elevating their status to that of the ultimate and most high Islamic leaders.

This is despite the fact that their party was trounced in the general elections again and again.

Despite that they still claim to be the ultimate leaders of Islam in Malaysia so they can issue fatwa as they please.

The former popes had tried their level best to stop America and its western allies from launching attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, but they failed miserably.

Pope Francis commented on the political disturbances in the countries in the world, but he cannot change the course or to stop them.

American political and military leaders are mostly Christians or Catholics with some who may be atheists, so they do not have any need to listen to the former popes, John-Paul I and John-Paul II.

This is despite that the American presidents would often make the beeline to the Vatican to pay homage to them.

But it turns out that it is just for a photo opportunity and not to seek his advice. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

There are many individuals in the country who claim to be good to it, they alone who can determine the future of the country to lead it to better development.

And they knew they could not do it alone; so they had to establish their own NGOs which in many instances are nothing but private limited companies led by a small group of individuals of like minds.

But they put on the NGO face and issue statements and protestations now and then, which in most cases also expose who they are and what their main aims are without realizing how chauvinistic they are, and who are also against the Constitution.  

The worse of the NGOs are those that claim to represent the whole country. The truth is that they are just five or six persons who do not even represent their own communities who have not sought for their establishment in the first place.

Worse still, is when they are just a small group of Chinese and Indians mostly Tamils and Hindus. They are not even other Indians nationalities and who are Muslims.

Worst still, they may be receiving funding from foreign establishments who are clearly out to destabilize the country and society, so they are just fronts for them to serve foreign elements.

And many of the NGOs do not account from where they seek and got the funding from, and how they spend the money doing what to who and getting what in return. In short, they are not democratic, transparent as well as truthful.

Yet, they want everybody to respect them for what they are, NGOs like NGOs are all ordained by the higher being.

So if they cannot be truthful in such matters, how on earth did they get the energy and pride as well as confidence to claim that they are representing the whole country, the people or ‘rakyat’?

This is what’s wrong with many of the NGOs in Malaysia. The persons who established them seemed to have got carried away with the little authority or power that they have, which is mostly in the propensity to pass value judgment acting as judge and executioner on issues which are mostly sensitive in nature, which almost always promote the personal biases and prejudices of the officials of the NGOs themselves.

Who is to be blamed? The government for allowing the creation of such NGOs which are essentially private limited companies.

The media too must share the blame for publishing the views of those NGO officials, and for promoting their stand which are baseless on most accounts, as there are mechanisms in the country that had been put in place to ensure that the society can develop.

The existence of such pseudo-political and pseudo-intellectual NGOs is a fairly recent development in the country.

They NGOs mostly found the energy or inspiration from those that had been established in America and the west.

Whereas in America and the west the NGOs do not align themselves to any political organization, in Malaysia, some have been known to do so, although they may claim to be independent.

But the truth is that many of the NGO officials or office-bearers soon found themselves trapped in their own lies when they later go into active politics by aligning themselves with the opposition.

It is obvious that these persons did not know what NGOs are supposed to do. They are definitely not fronts for them to establish their connection with opposition or any political party, and their principles are based on true democracy.

Now we get to Suaram, a NGO which has been embroiled in some sort of controversy which can also be seen to be a scandal of late.  

Can we compare Suaram with Aliran, another NGO which has been established earlier than Suaram, which is perhaps a true NGO that does not seem to side with any particular political party on both sides of the divide? They try to champion the cause of the downtrodden.

But Suaram is something else. It is totally unlike Aliran.

The only thing that makes the two similar is how the like to use Melayu names for their organizations, so they are palatable to the Malaysian public especially the Melayu.

Why can’t they use Mandarin or Tamil ones, especially if all their office bearers and founders are not Melayu?

Suaram stands alone in its cause, which not many Malaysians especially the Melayu can guess what it is.

And when can we see a Suaram lookalike and soundalike in Singapore, the other countries in Southeast Asia, America or the United Kingdom? Never.

Suara Rakyat Malaysia or Suaram, therefore can be described as a pseudo-political and pseudo-intellectual organization or NGO. They claim to want to do justice to the country and to all.

Who do they think they are? They are like the many other NGOs who are self-appointed, with no credibility to exert themselves more than the political parties which have been established long and which had proven their worth, while they are individuals who have their hidden agendas which they are not brave enough to disclose.

They have created some individuals who end up serving the opposition running in the last general elections and winning with some who are in fact members of the state governments.

So Suaram can be said to be their platform to create a public profile for themselves, which they could do to establish their political careers later.

They don’t even know what claims they can make, the least of all is to tell the whole country they are representing the voice of the people of Malaysia.

Who on earth gave them such an accolade or recognition or endorsement? Who asked them to represent the ‘rakyat’?

The Melayu generally do not trust the Chinese and Indians in the country who can’t speak and write in Melayu well to represent them.

I for certain do not regard Suaram to represent me.

Suaram should call themselves ‘Suara Rakyat keturunan Cina dan India di Malaysia’ since they are the ones whom they can claim to represent and write their names in Mandarin and Tamil.

But how many of the Chinese and Indians of Malaysia can they claim to represent? They have to determine that too.

So it is best for them to say they only represent themselves, a small group of Chinese and Indian left of the country, and not all the other Chinese and Indian left of the country, who may have different views on all matters compared to their own.

Whatever it is, Suaram must definitely be the only organization of its kind in the world. There can never be a Suram or its lookalike and soundalike in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and the other countries that also have sizeable Chinese and Indian communities in it.

Suaram can only exist in Malaysia and not even in America or the United Kingdom where there are also many Chinese and Tamils.

Yet, they have failed in the first test, which is to be balanced or representative of who they want to represent.

Let’s home Suaram is open and transparent enough to allow anyone to analyze them as much as they expect everybody to allow them to do the same on the government and whoever they have tried to study in the past, to be fair to all.

Monday, April 15, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Singapore today is totally different than it was in the 1940s, 1950s and also the 1960s, when it was almost like a Melayu state, or in the years since it was first habitated by Melayu and known as Temasik and later Singapura.

Ancient Singapore or Temasik was established by Sang Nila Utama, it was a Melayu state with a small group of Chinese who were said to be there; they, however, still definitely had to come from China and nowhere else, and who were fortunate enough not to be slaughtered or killed especially if they misbehaved and insisted on having their way.  

And Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was brave as well as cunning enough to have said in a recorded interview or commentary how Singapore was not a Melayu state. He even said so in the Melayu language and not in English.

Yes, Kuan Yew could speak Melayu then, and he could do it very well, like a typical Melayu or Peranakan Baba-Chinese by virtue of the fact that his mother was a Chinese from Semarang, Jawa in Indonesia.  

And he was strongly aligned with the Utusan Melayu newspaper which was then based in Cecil Street, where he acted as their lawyer.

It was also not a Chinese state.

But that was in the 1960s when he first became prime minister of the country, which was expelled from the Federation of Malaya or Malaysia by the country’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

If Kuan Yew had demanded his state of Singapore leave the Federation, chances are he might have been arrested under the International Security Act or ISA.

But because he was asked to take Singapore out of the Federation or Kingdom of Malaysia, the matter did not arise.

Kuan Yew was said to have cried when he got the boot. Why did he cry for?

Some people say that he cried because he realized that his dream of becoming prime minister of the whole of Malaysia had been pulled from under his feet.

If Singapore was still allowed to remain in Malaysia, chances are this might have happened, so the whole of Malaysia today would not be as it is; it will be like Singapore today and not like Singapore in the 1960s.

Malaysia can become not a Melayu country. But it could become a Chinese country much like Singapore today, despite Kuan Yew’s assertion in the 19960s that it was not so, and it was not going to be so.

But anyone can tell that Singapore had morphed from being a Melayu state to a Chinese republic.

The cunning policies adopted by Singapore ensured that the population of the Melayu in the state remains at fourteen percent like it was at the time when the state was expelled from Malaysia.

If the Singapore government had not practiced laws and regulations and preferences like those practiced by the Zionist government of Israel, chances are the population of the Melayu in Singapore would be at least forty percent today. It will be large enough to upset the whole makeup of the state.

The Arabs in Israel too were displaced by the new Zionists who were brought in from all over the world who were given citizenship under the Law of Return, whereas the Arab-Palestinians are not even allowed to marry fellow Arabs to live with them in Israel where many of them are citizens living in ghettos where they were not allowed to fully assimilate with the other Jews.

Singapore also does the same by giving preference to Chinese from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to become citizens or permanent residents, so much so that most of the meaty jobs are now in the hands of these group of Chinese, which finally broke the camel’s back when the voters of Singapore gave it back to the People’s Action Party or PAP, in the last two general elections which saw the opposition getting more and more votes and seats.

The most major grouse that the Chinese of Singapore have concerns the import of those ‘alien’ Chinese, who are obviously more educated than the majority of the Chinese of Singapore who were brought into the country and given posh jobs because they are highly qualified or fabulously wealthy.

I have just read two books written by Kuan Yew including the one on educating the young Singaporeans. But he only talked about Mandarin and English education so they could be more marketable internationally to ensure the island-republic stay competitive and to develop it to be what it is today.

Unfortunately, he did not even mention the need for Singaporeans especially the Melayu to study their language like he did not care for the well-being of the Melayu who comprise fourteen percent of the population so with their good command of the language, they could also be marketable internationally especially in Malaysia.

No wonder there are now so few Melayu-Singaporeans who are educated. There are also so few professors, professionals and other qualified individuals that we know of.

The role of Utusan Melayu in the early history of Singapore seemed to have been downplayed, as much as the development of the Old Melayu Cinema which was then based mostly on Jalan Ampas and a bit of it in East Coast Road in the country, around which the social and cultural behaviors of the Singaporeans of all races center.

The Melayu Cinema then was thought to be a strong and important glue to unite the people of all races in Singapore so much so that it was established not by the government but by Chinese immigrants from Shanghai, the Shaw Brothers – Rum Me and Run Run Siou who later changed their names to a surname with an English-sounding name of Shaw.

They were Cantonese, so when they got to Singapore they realized that the Hokkien Chinese knew the name to mean ‘crazy’.

But the Shaw Brothers were not crazy to establish their studios called the Malay Film Productions Studios that helped to create many Melayu films in black-and-white with some color ones.

Utusan and Shaw Brothers are now part of the unremembered years of Singapore and Kuan Yew who does not seem to be keen to relate his personal experiences relating with those at Utusan, other than to seek some individuals from the newspaper organization to offer them to be the country’s first president and first Melayu minister in his cabinet, Yusof Ishak and Othman Wok, respectively, where were the early editor and reporter of Utusan.

So it is also not a surprise the original office of Utusan on Cecil Street had been demolished together with all the shops in the row that once stood along the road. There is not even any plague to remind the Singaporeans of today about its existence.

While the Shaw Brothers’ Studios in Jalan Ampas has been left unattended like the Singapore authorities did not know exactly what to do with it, although the area around it has been developed.

And nothing could be more worse when Kuan Yew himself refused to speak in Melayu, a language he was very good at, which had allowed him to convince the Melayu and others who communicated only in this language, which was also going to be the national language of the country, if it had remained in the Federation of Malaysia.

How could anyone forget a language he had acquired when he was born, when he also had encouraged his first son, Hsien Loong to master by encouraging him to read and write in it in the Romanized version as well as in Jawi, or the Arabic script, unless if he does not have any respect or admiration for it?

It is also good to know that Hsien Loong still speak Melayu and is reported to be reading Berita Harian on a daily basis, the Melayu daily published in Singapore, and had given a speech in the language on Labor Day of 2009 that is available on YouTube.

Unfortunately and ironically, the only Melayu member of the cabinet in Singapore, Yaakob Ibrahim chose to speak in English when he came for an official function at the Ministry of Information, Communication and Heritage or KPKK, instead of Melayu.

Chances are, if Kuan Yew was still conversant in the language, he might have many attitudes towards the Melayu and Southeast Asia which he do not have anymore.

Yet, he had no choice but to speak in Melayu with the then President Suharto of Indonesia who did not speak in English and because of that the two of them became better acquainted and almost like buddies.   

Friday, April 12, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It is amazing how the network which broadcast the Grammy Awards, NBC had to issue a stern warning to those who are attending the show soon to behave themselves, and especially those who have been nominated. This is the first time they are doing this, after a station was fined a lot of money for showing the breast of Janet Jackson in another show.

And no one had complained that they are being made to behave and wear modestly, as modesty is in fashion these days.

But Jennifer Lopez appeared wearing black and covering her entire body, except that there is a long cut on her gown which she trusted out her right leg to show most of it.

She then said she had complied with the warning except that it did not mention about not allowing the showing of legs.

This is how stupid she is. Did she have to tell everybody that she is not a well-educated person?

Besides, what thrill did she get for showing off one of her legs?

And what thrill did she think the audience in the hall and those who watched the show live get anyway?

It only proves on thing: that she might not have anything intelligent or interesting to say, so she could only show some of her flesh, when she could exhibit some of her intelligence.

American performers are generally not so well-educated, so the more outrageous they say and do, the more they get publicity in the media, especially the supermarket media, and the many entertainment gossip programs on television.

In fact, there is not one American performer who has appeared in public saying anything intelligent. They mostly talk about themselves and their friends, and not much of the world.

They also do not realize that American music and also Hollywood films are not raking in the billions of dollars at the international box offices these days.

They do not seem to care that the foreign policies of their government is what’s causing the box office collection of their films to dwindle and the record or their CDs showing poor sales.

They are lucky that they still have the many annual award shows for film and music which they can use as a platform to exhibit their outrageous behavior and antics for without which they could not do much.

In fact, Americans and the westerners and everybody else who is not well-educated are the ones who like to flaunt their body exposing skin for nothing other than to tell the whole world how uneducated they are.

Educated Americans do not do such things. It’s that obvious. It’s plain and simple.

And sooner or later, even the uneducated Americans and other westerners will also cover themselves up.

There has been no one who had been laid in the coffins stark naked; they all wear properly including those in the like of Jennifer when she passes away to go into another world.

Didn’t NBC say not to show too much skin? And if her legs are not covered with skin, then she can do what she pleased with them.

She was just being stupid.

Why didn’t she also show the other parts of her body which were not specifically mentioned in the memo?

She is also not cultured.

Cultured people in America too do not behave and talk like she does. All educated and cultured people in America and the west behave themselves better and say things intelligently.

Only the small segment of American and western societies who are crass. The reason being they all are in the small group of people who are not well-educated and not cultured.

They may be talented and could make tons of money showing their vocal and acting talents, but not much else.

But the fact remains that America is slowly adopting syariah laws. And the ruling by the American broadcasting authorities proves that this is the way to go. They cannot deny that.

Many American performers and artistes too believe so.

In fact, all Muslim countries must ban programs which have characters who exhibit strange behavior and exposing themselves, so that in time the American artistes will know they are not welcome in these countries.

It is also not shocking that when Jennifer Lopez was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to perform, she had to comply the Syariah Laws by covering herself up and not showing too much flash or outrageous behavior and also not to move or gyrate too much.

In the end, she just sang.

She was invited to sing, so this was what was expected of her to do, and not to do other things.

So she ended up having to sing and not to misbehave herself, and she left the country as quietly as she and her group had arrived.

Nobody knows when she will be able to return to Malaysia to perform.

Maria Carey too had to behave herself when she was in Malaysia to perform. She did not bare her chest like how she does it on American Idol.

In fact, she and Maria and the other American entertainers and performers should not have agreed to perform in Malaysia, if they are persons with principles. In fact, all American entertainers should also skip Malaysia if they are persons with principles, since they are not allowed to be their true selves, but pro-Muslim entertainers.

Anyway, most of those who had gone to see their performances were non-Muslims. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Despite having a degree in advertising, I was still attracted to the promotion of the tablets which are available by some companies in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and also America that have been released in the market in Malaysia since a few years ago.

I could imagine myself using one of them to create wonders with, being able to write and write and also to create photos and videos, to my heart’s content.

But the truth is, these tablets are not what their manufacturers claim they could do.

Of course, they could do what the manufacturers say they could, but it needs a lot of effort and discomfort, to be able to use the functions and also applications or software.

You think they are easier to use compared to the laptops or computers so you don’t mind parting with some money to get one. You are wrong.

They are not easy to use. They are only smaller and lighter than the laptops at less then nine hundred milligrams compared to the lightest laptop which is 1.2 kilograms, and the battery can last for six to eight hours, which is good.

So I decided to get one to check it out. But a newer model soon appeared and I got rid of the first tablet I got, also because it was not as good as I thought it was.

But the newer version of the tablet manufactured by the same company is no better. It is as heavy as the first tablet and a bit more expensive.

I bought one tablet and then the other which was said to be more advanced and slightly more expensive, which came with a pen thinking I could do wonders with them.

The reason why I exchanged the first tablet with the newer one because I thought the first tablet was useless; it did not have a pen.

I then got the newer version and found out that despite having the pen, it is still as bad as the older version.

So I have come to the conclusion that tablets are useless; they are only good as a gimmick for those who want to save photos and videos and play them when they want and also to be able to access the internet.

But one can do some of these using the smartphones, which cost a fraction of the tablet.

I have not been able to write much using the two tablets I have bought, so I ended up going back to my computer to continue writing whose keyboard is more comfortable to use to write anything including to edit text and design it in the Word files.

The tablet has touch screen functions which are difficult for anyone to write briskly like I do.

One has to stare at the keys on the screen so one’s vision can be affected a great deal after a while, writing just a bit.

And it is not easy to edit text that has been written or to design it in the Word files, which they come with.

I have not been able to write anything, except to jot down notes especially when I am traveling or on the road using the tablet.

I thought with a tablet that I can use to write, I can do that in real-time writing when and where I am so I can write better and with more details.

It will be like creating sketches on location and doing that in the hotel remembering the scenes and images to put to paper which can appear to be a rough rendition of them.

I did not bring along my laptop computer as it is bulkier than the tablet and also heavier.

So I have not found any gadget that I can use while traveling, to write on.

I have given up on the tablets of any design or model or brand as they are all the same.

So not surprisingly, I have not heard of any writer who has said he had produced a book typing on the tablet.

I have written long essays using a smartphone which I find to be much more convenient than the tablet.

The tablets are nothing but an advertising gimmick. The makers of them claim that they come with some software but they are almost useless, including their video and photo editing ones, as I have also found out.

I bought the tablets so I thought I could write and record photos and videos and edit some of them using it.

But it does not work as well as the computer which can do all these things and much more comfortably.

If there is a writer who has written an entire novel using the tablet, I surely want to know how he had done it.

It is also not easy to create charts using the tablets. It is easier using the computer anytime.

So I hope those who think they can get their money’s worth for buying the tablet, they must think again. The tablets are totally useless. To me they are only good as an electronic gadget for show, and to take around.

And each time I see an advertisement put out by the manufacturers of the tablets anywhere, I squirm; I fear there will be many who will be convinced by the tricks that their advertising agencies are using to entice them to buy a tablet, which will end up being useless to them.

Of course, everything looks easy in the advertising that are shown again and again on television and in the cinemas that show how you can use the tablets to create interesting videos and photos with.

But the truth is that it is not.