Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It seems that the Roman Catholic Popes have all failed to stop any war from breaking despite the pleas they had made to the leaders of countries who are Catholic or Christian. The popes could not do much.

Newly elected Pope Francis from Argentina, who may not be ‘Petrus Romanus’ according to seer, Saint Malachai, gave his first speech on Easter, but he did not say much other than to say things which anyone who is not pope could come up with; he spoke like a pseudo-politician, and visionary asking for no one to solve the problems of the world centering in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and some other places.

He did not blame those who claim to be Christians and Jews who are responsible for what is happening in those countries and elsewhere.

In fact, his first sermon at the Basilica Square was not one, but a short press statement, which was not directed to the flock.

Maybe Pope Francis knew his position as pope is not an influential one that he cannot tell any Christian or Catholic, never mind the political or military leaders what to do because they subscribe to Secularism despite claiming to be Christians or Catholics. 

But he did get some media coverage being the first pope from South America to hold the post at age, seventy-six.

This is despite the fact that many believe and think that he is influential especially on the 1.1 billion people around the world who are said to process the religion.

Unfortunately, the number can be inflated based on some wild guess, as there are many of them who claim to be Christians or Catholics but who are actually still pagans.

They are pagans when the time comes for celebrating the pagan gods, and Christians or Catholics when it comes for Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and other festivities.

The Vatican doesn’t seem to care; they do not seem to mind as long as their believers say they are Catholic or Christians.

But the size of the people who flock to Basilica Square in the Vatican is small. And they comprise mostly of the foreign tourists. The locals have gotten used to attending public mass and hearing the pope give his sermon.

There could be some individuals who go to the square for other reasons, which is to harm the pope, so they can get in the limelight for a while.

But Pope Francis doesn’t seem to care about such eventuality from happening as he rejected standing in the pope-mobile that some of his predecessors had been driven in public.

The Buddhist and Hindu priests too have failed to stop the carnage that happen in the countries which are Hindu and Buddhists, such as in Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal and so on.

Buddhists and Hindus do not really have a single person as their world leader, or a group or committee of religious elders who can pass judgment on the behaviors of the believers of these two ancient religions, and who can also interpret what their sacred text mean.

No wonder Hinduism and Buddhism can be used for different purposes by different communities and in different countries, with those in Bali, Indonesia having their own brand of Hinduism which they call Bali-Hinduism.

And no wonder the statue of Lord Buddha does not look Indian but Chinese or oriental, which the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and India do not pray to as it would seem odd to them to have to pray before statues of the Chinese-looking Buddha.

The Muslim religious leaders too cannot do much to stop the Arabs from destroying their own countries and also economy.

The University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, is said to be the oldest university in the world. But who have they created to become world leaders for Islam, that the others around the world can obey any pronouncements they make?

In fact, Egypt where this university is at, is now being destroyed by those who claim to be Muslims.

And there is nothing that the important ulama of this country could do. They may be important but they are also not influential enough to be able to lead the flock of Muslims in Egypt to drop down arms and seek peace amongst themselves.

Where is the influence of the Muslim ulama in the countries in the Middle East? None whatsoever.

In Myanmar and Thailand, the Buddhists seem to have a good day massacring Muslim Rakhines and the Muslim Pattanis like they have been doing for many decades which forced many of the Muslims to flee to Malaysia, with some being resettled in third countries in the west.

It is also ironic how there are now so many Buddhists from Myanmar who have also left the country to come to Malaysia to seek employment working in the factories.

The Buddhists in Myanmar are not fascinated with their Muslim community, yet, they would come to Malaysia to seek economic salvation. Here they know the Malaysian-Muslims do not harm them.

In Malaysia, Islam is being used by an opposition political party leaders to divide the majority Melayu-Muslims, by citing their own versions and interpretations of the verses from the Holy Koran and for elevating their status to that of the ultimate and most high Islamic leaders.

This is despite the fact that their party was trounced in the general elections again and again.

Despite that they still claim to be the ultimate leaders of Islam in Malaysia so they can issue fatwa as they please.

The former popes had tried their level best to stop America and its western allies from launching attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, but they failed miserably.

Pope Francis commented on the political disturbances in the countries in the world, but he cannot change the course or to stop them.

American political and military leaders are mostly Christians or Catholics with some who may be atheists, so they do not have any need to listen to the former popes, John-Paul I and John-Paul II.

This is despite that the American presidents would often make the beeline to the Vatican to pay homage to them.

But it turns out that it is just for a photo opportunity and not to seek his advice. 

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