Wednesday, April 24, 2013


By Mansor Puteh.

…And America’s self-denial in wrongfully supporting the cause of the Zionists and lessons not learnt and signs not deciphered.

It did not cost too much to turn America into the state of panic, uncertainty and confusion.

The situation was like in the 1960s when the Black Civil Rights movement was in full swing, doing things to attract the attention of the white masters, who in the end had to bend, simply because the Blacks in America were in a large number, that they were too many to count, with each and everyone of them who could do harm to the whole country, which was embroiled in a situation that white America had created for themselves with their policies on racial segregation.

Then America started to be callous into thinking that things would be okay, so they were able to embark on another sort of ‘racial segregation’, by pursing an agenda which was alien to themselves and against the very spirit of their Constitution, which was to support the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

America is now in the Post-Black Civil Right Movement-and Arab/Muslim segregation, the effects of which can sometimes become quite dramatic.

Will America learn from the signs that were given to them in recent times, like those that they had experienced in the 1960s?

And some time ago, it took no more than a gun, which any American can purchase with such ease anywhere in America and also three American commercial jet planes for America to wake up to take notice of the reactions some others wanted to show their disgust at the flawed foreign polices of the country and the prejudices and biases they have against the many others.

Then recently, it took two American-made pressure cookers to blow the multibillion CIA, FBI and Homeland Security and other intelligence agencies in the country to smithereens.

America is spending scores of billions of American taxpayers’ money to create, develop and expand these agencies.

But that does not ensure that the whole country is safe. And this is what America is aghast at, in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon which dashed all hopes of triumph on the part of the organizers and the city hosting it.

The country is vast with their empire larger and spreaded thinly across the globe.

And for a while they thought these agencies were useful and almost one hundred percent so, the more money that was pumped into them, when they were able to put America in such a blissful state of existence that many Americans had tended to think and believe, albeit wrongly that they were effective in counter-terrorism by snooping on emails that are sent out and received by the billions a day, all over the world and using the most up-to-date electronic intelligence devices.

But two pressure cookers were used in the Boston Marathon Bombings which have created a huge dent in the egos of those who believed in such agencies.

The counter-terrorism strategy used by the American intelligence agencies is to conduct drone attacks on anyone they assume to harbor ill-intentions on America.

Many have died in the hands of the drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and also Iran. But no one has felt remorseful over them; the dead Pakistanis and Afghans are ‘collateral damage’.

Few Iranian scientists too have been assassinated by Zionist agents. They are also ‘collateral damage’.

But America and the Zionist state cannot claim to be at peace with themselves, with their citizens being able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of those intelligence agencies that their respective countries had created which cost so much money to keep.

How many more pressure-cookers will be used (or misused) to educate America and the Zionists that their so-called war on terror cannot be beat, especially if the source of the terrors is from them?

America and the Zionist state must learn fast that no amount of money they are able to spend on their intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies can ensure their countries are safe.

Fortress America is a fallacy, as much as Fortress Israel is, where walls of insecurity have been constructed in the minds and actual deserts.

Their offensive actions which they often use as a pretext to defend their countries have backfired.

American taxpayers spend multibillion dollars a year to maintain and support their intelligence agencies, which are known to snoop on anyone in the country and the world checking their emails and blogs, etc, etc, which they thought could ensure that America remains peaceful and all Americans are safe.

It only took two pressure-cookers to prove that this strategy is wrong and not fault-proof.

But the whole matter is not about two pressure-cookers, made in America, or the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security and other intelligence agencies in America, but how callous Americans are, in trusting their own leaders – political and military and other propagandists and lobbyists who have continued to hoodwink all of them all through the years that America can be safe as long as it spends and puts aside billions of dollars of their hard-earned money into the defense budget, which can be described as their ‘offense budget’ and how often they use their drones.

America cannot ensure that more pressure-cookers will light the sidewalks of any city in the country in the near future, unless if they place a blanket ban on all pressure-cookers so that whoever wants to buy any of that, he or she has to produce their identity cards.

America must be brave to confront the real and true issues that have caused the country to become what it is today, not a beacon of hope for the dispossessed as they are the ones now who have caused many others to become dispossessed – the Arabs and Palestinians and other Muslims now including some Chechen-Russians, too, have joined the fray.

All this was done by America in order to protect the Zionists who do not dare to fight their own battles single-handedly but by using America as their lackeys, and in the process forced America to trample upon their own Constitution.

Alas, who can teach America a valuable lesson? Two pressure-cookers? In the past three commercial jet planes flying off-course in Lower Manhattan on 11 September, 2001.

But these and the other issues and incidents had all failed to teach America a lesson.

Aren’t all these signs that America and its people have all failed to learn much or anything at all from? Lessons that happened or were created for a certain reason, for which Americans could not decipher and learn much from.

America has also failed to ask this question: What did I do to deserve these?

And why did the two pressure-cookers have to explode in Boston, near Cambridge where Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT are at? They are the centers of academic excellence in America.

The pressure-cookers are for those who are they to fully understand what they represent, the repression that their country had imposed on the others who are Arabs and Muslims and now Chechens.

These are some ways for the authorities in America can use to look at the whole issue surrounding the pressure-cookers in a wider perspective so they know the true picture of how these pressure-cookers had to come into it, so that they can become the unlikely symbols of repression of a large group of people in such a vast land centering in the Middle East who have been long repressed so much so some expression of disgust and sadness as well as madness had to be released and exploded in such a manner, with the collapse of the Twin Towers and blasting of the two pressure-cookers.

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