Saturday, November 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The British Commonwealth now just the Commonwealth has fifty-four countries which were once colonized by Britain.

Yet, Britain is just a country amongst them; it does not have veto power. It also does not expect to be held in high regard, except that the Queen opens the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting or CHOGM every two years, with the last one taking place in Perth, Australia.

Yet, America which was once a British colony, too, until 4 July, 1776, is not a member of the Commonwealth.

But it is ironic how America is fully benefiting from the activities or the non-activity of the Commonwealth.

The problem is that the countries in the Commonwealth are dominated by politicians who know nothing other than to party.

So the Commonwealth ends up like a social club for the elite. It meets every two years on a rotation basis.

Malaysia hosted CHOGM in 1998 and is bidding to do it again in 2018, which is thirty years after the first one.

Most of the time, the leaders of the commonwealth deliberates over few days and end up not saying much or anything at all.

So the countries in this organization still retain their status quo, with the poor ones remaining poor and the developing ones continue to develop.

This is at the same time as Britain which used to colonize those countries face immigration problems with their new immigrants and citizens or permanent residents creating unemployment problems on the Natives – the English.

It is a surprise that Britain can still remain aloof and afloat for so long when it should have also gone in the same way as America or Greece.

There is an Occupy Wall Street movement which is gaining momentum in America. There were efforts to have Occupy London but they were squashed by the local police authorities.

But the issue I want to mention here is why or how on earth did America and the Americans able to seize control of most, if not all of the former British colonies by making them their market for goods, services and also films, television programs and music?

Whereas, they were former British colonies, who peoples learnt how to speak and write in English by the British themselves.

Yet, not many of them in the Commonwealth countries speak English and sounding like the British themselves.

In the past this was the norm, especially for those who had the good fortune to be able to go to study in the universities in England including at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

But today, more and more of the people in the Commonwealth speak English but they do not have an English accent. Instead, they have an American accent, or at least a fake one, which they learnt from watching the many films and television programs from America.

What has gone wrong here?

And why is the Commonwealth allowing American to export Americanism all over the world especially in the Commonwealth countries.

It is worse; when even this is happening in England where American or Hollywood films dominate the local cinemas, with British films giving way to them.

This also includes music when American music dominates the radio airwaves in Britain instead of music from Britain itself.

The problem is that the leaders of the Commonwealth countries including its former master, Britain did not know how or what to do with the organization.

They only know how to gather in their biannual meetings all over the Commonwealth to deliberate on matters which are not important or interesting.

No wonder their leaders speak in tongues and sounding vague at the same time, without anyone saying anything intelligent.

This is what the organization calling itself the Commonwealth has become, a social club for the elite amounting to only fifty-four persons.

They had all failed to serve their countries and organization. On the contrary, they have helped to serve America which is exporting Americanism even though this has become a bane rather than a boon as Americanism is not really a fancy word these days as more and more countries that had been ‘Americanized’ or colonized freely, have started to disdain this.

No wonder, too, America is facing image problems.

They are lucky though because they have Hollywood and their television and music industry to lull the locals into believing that they are still in American territory and in the fake Nirvana-America, when they are not.

The Commonwealth is a failed organization.

So it is better for the commonwealth countries to just leave the organization and form yet another organization of former British colonial countries without Britain in it, so they start to chart a new life for themselves, instead of being made to feel subservient to their former master.

The Organization of Islamic Countries or the OIC should take over from where the Commonwealth has left by accepting membership from non-Muslim countries into the fold as full-fledge members instead of observers, which America and some other countries are.

In this way the OIC can gain more prominence.

But it can only do so if the leaders of the fifty-seven Muslim countries do not turn the OIC into another social club for them to enjoy.

They must turn the organization into a mini-United Nations with agencies and bodies that bring in as many of their people as possible.

In this way, too, the UN itself can be rendered to be useless as the Zionist state will definitely not be allowed to join the OIC, so they will be left outside of it, as outcast in all international forums and activities.

This is also a strategy to render the UN itself useless as they do not serve Muslim countries and Muslims anywhere.

The UN only serves America and its allies and the Zionist state with the other member countries subservient to them. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Political leaders will think there is real everyday cohesion and understanding between the countries in the ASEAN region, amongst the Organization of Islamic Council (OIC) and Commonwealth countries, if the more they meet and pose for group photos and coming up with joint communiqués or referendums.

Don’t they realize that their countries are not actually at par with each other in development and how their own people seem to be alien to the cultures of their neighboring countries?

It is therefore ironic, how the young in their own countries including themselves are awed not of their own cultures and history, but that of America and the other countries in the West.

Is this therefore not proof that the ASEAN, OIC and Commonwealth leaders are not so smart?

The fact that they still insist on leading the pack to true salvation of their own countries and not to share the burden with the leaders of the industry including using the cinema, proofs that they are not so smart in their effort to enhance the well-being and development of their own countries.

America and Britain are indeed playing dead in this regard; they know they have got what they had wanted, which is to squeeze the countries they try to relate to but by without asking them to do more than to get the leaders of ASEAN, OIC and Commonwealth to meet every two years, with them attending to prove that they are with them.

The real barometer to show that there is real cooperation between the people of these three regions can and must be seen in the cinema which is the real barometer to show if this indeed happening.

The cinema, unlike the ASEAN Summits, OIC Conferences and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting or CHOGMs are not the real barometers.

If so, why then the peoples in the countries in these three regions or groups still do not enjoy greater understanding and cooperation on all levels and on an everyday basis?

The truth is those meetings by heads of governments are just for show. They do not mean much, or else they would have achieved wonders.

They have only succeeded in bringing the leaders of those countries together and also those of America and some other countries which have veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

But there is no real cooperation on the ground, amongst the people and on an everyday basis.

In fact, the real winners or the country that has benefited the most from the meetings of the three groups of countries is – AMERICA!

America and Americanism benefit the most from the regional and international grouping.

It is the Commonwealth which laid the framework for the scope of how America had managed to spread its Americanism to the countries which were once British colonies.

It is also the Commonwealth; due to its leaders incompetence had allowed America to benefit the most.

It is also ironic how America is not in the Commonwealth, once known as the British Commonwealth, and not Britain itself.

The reason being the British leaders simply do not know how to further their interests, leaving it to the other members to do.

But alas, the leaders of the Commonwealth member countries only know how to party during the weekend they meet in each other’s city, without achieving anything or much.

So the end result in the spread of Americanism throughout the Commonwealth countries.

And it is further enhanced by the incompetence of the ASEAN and OIC leaders who also end up partying on weekends their organizations meet every two years in each other’s city.

The ASEAN, OIC and Commonwealth leaders really do not know how to release some of the power or authority to promote goodwill to the industry leaders.

The longer they are ignorant of this, the more they will misuse their positions as leaders of their respective countries to benefit America and Americanism more than their own.

The expansion of American cultural and political influences in these countries were all laid for by the three organizations, without them realizing this and how this could have happened.

None of the leaders of these organizations knew how the real barometer to see if there is indeed everyday communication and understanding between and amongst the people in their countries can be seen in how the ASEAN, New Islamic Cinema and Commonwealth Cinemas could do.

None of them had any passion for the cinema. So no wonder they did not care much what this medium of modern day communication could do to further their interests, which was left to the smarter and more cunning people in America and Hollywood to pursue instead.

This is happening even when the British Cinema is almost dead, with Hollywood overwhelming the entertainment scene in England, leaving the British Cinema without much to show.

So as long as there is no ASEAN Cinema, no New Islamic Cinema and no Commonwealth Cinema, we can say that there is no real understanding and cooperation between and amongst the countries in the three groupings.

What they have is just imagined cooperation and understanding which is stated in their joint communiqués and referendums which do not add to anything substantial.

Why the cinema?

The reason being this artistic activity involves many other industries and cultural and social activities.

It also encompasses the areas concerning the society, history, philosophy, sociology, language, attitude and interaction between the countries which had an interesting history for which they could draw inspiration from to create films and also television dramas and other entertainment programs to share amongst themselves and to create together.

This may be a minor activity to the economists, but the activity truly involve these other activities too, and more importantly they can cause a country and the regions to become better acquainted with their past, either recent or ancient, which are all intertwined, for which they could still benefit from, especially for the students to know who they their ancestors were, as a source of pride which they can use to further enhance bilateral and multilateral ties.

In this way, America and Americanism and former colonial powers could be eliminated from their thinking, so they can develop their own cultures together to counter Americanism and Westernism which have crept into their thinking, which have caused many to become almost paralyzed with fear while adopting an inferiority complex.

There is a lot more that the cinema can do if the ASEAN, New Islamic Cinema and Commonwealth Cinemas could be created and established.

Unfortunately, the leaders of those countries could only think of the cinema as a medium of pure entertainment and diversion.

This is what Hollywood is. This is what they have been using the cinema to achieve, which is to lull the cinema-goers in their own countries and of the others where their films are shown on an everyday basis to think.

They do not want to use the cinema for any other purpose which is stated earlier, as it can defeat Americanism and American as well as Western cultural and social expansionism.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The university as an oasis of learning will become a center of confusion with the decision made by the court to allow the suit filed by the students, which the courts found to be unconstitutional.

There are many other things which can be found by the courts to also be unconstitutional as well.

The term or expression 'unconstitutional' is vague. It can and must be further defined and it must not be looked at in total isolation.

One dreads what will happen to clubs and organizations which have specific expectations for their members, especially the armed forces whose members can now file suits in the courts to allow them wear what they like.

And school students too can do the same and get the courts to allow them to wear what they like as what their counterparts in the countries in the west now do.

Therefore, the courts’ decision allowing for the reversal on AUKU must be taken seriously lest it could snowball to become something very disturbing, so much so that even traffic laws and regulations can be challenged.

And for that matter even houses of worship too can be disturbed if the special regulations that they impose on the visitors and adherents are trampled upon.

I am sure the great majority of Malaysians do not feel easy with the decision of the courts on this matter and they hope sanity would prevail so that the university campuses can still function properly to benefit the students and faculty, as there is going to be no limit to what some of the students can do, if they want to be mischief, as they are now allowed to do so.

Even if the students are allowed to be involved politically, then surely, there is a limit to what they can do like what the members of the public can do when they are at certain places.

Will not allowing anyone to smoke anywhere also be deemed by the courts to be unconstitutional, including in hospitals and other such places as well as in the courts?

And who will stop anyone from challenging the court for not allowing them to take photos during a hearing in court?

Where will it all end?

Monday, November 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Let’s get something straight on this issue concerning the LGBTs in Malaysia before the whole issue is made to look crooked.

Who put the LGBTs in the position they are in the first place?

They like to put the blame on themselves or their parents; now they want to blame the others who really do not have anything to do with their sexual habits or preferences.

Just how many of the LGBTs who are employed by the organizers and supporters of the Seksualiti Merdeka events?

Why are the LGBTs not in the forefront on this?

And where is the discrimination they say they face? Aren’t there many of them who are able to lead normal lives?

They want to make the normal, abnormal; and the abnormal, normal by turning all possible views favoring the straight into criticisms and condemnations.

It’s really in their own minds; and if there is discrimination it is mostly self-discrimination.

After all no one knows if anyone else is LGBT, except for the T if he or she is obviously trying to distract anyone to his or her ways and lifestyles. This is when problems happen for him or her.

If any T leads a normal life, he or she will be able to assimilate into the society.

It’s just that the LGBTs and their supporters are the ones who are harping on the issue like they want to create and institutionalize them as being members of the ‘third sex’ which must be accorded the same rights as the others by all religions and political associations.

They know this can never happen, even in America, where the LGBTs can marry with each other.

The problem is when they start to flaunt their sexual preferences and be extra-proud of it and try to insinuate that the others are queer because they are straight.

One cannot understand what the fuss about? Where is the discrimination against the LGBTs in Malaysia?

There are many of them who are working and performing in public, without facing undue discrimination as alleged by the organizers of this function.

If there is discrimination, it is perceived by those who are the LGBTs, who may have tried to flaunt their sexuality. If they had not done so, then surely, they can go about being themselves without anyone bothering with them.

What other special recognition do they want to get from the government and public?

Most of those who are LGBTs know that they are so, because they decided to remain so. Many would reject their lifestyles years later when they grow older and when they become more religious, if they are Muslims.

It is mean for the organizers to use the Melayu word instead of English – Sexuality Merdeka, which indicates that they want to provoke the Melayu more.

Knowing how the non-Melayu NGOs and other organizations are, they do not seem to be fascinated with the Melayu language.

So the use of Melayu here has some sinister meaning and connotation. No wonder many Melayu find it and the organizers to be repulsive to their very nature.

And it is also strange how they are using a Melayu expression and not in English, considering how they are from people who have not been known to have much admiration for Bahasa Melayu.

So they cannot be faulted if they think the ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’ has a hidden agenda with long-term goals. And it has come not at the wrong time.  

Although its organizers had said it was meant to discuss issues concerning LGBTs, yet, one should know that this is but the first step to 'out' those who will be brave enough to say they are LGBTs.

They do not lay emphasis on rehabilitation but outward provocation and exhibitionism.

Failing to get this, they will charge everybody around them for being insensitive to the needs and demands of the LGBTs and for not respecting human rights.

What have human rights got to do with this?

Unfortunately, the opposite has happened. The organizers had ‘outed’ those who are not in favor of their crass display of unusual sexual pride.

The organizers thought their movement could snowball into a full-fledge movement, by it actually 'encouraging' more youngsters to feel proud of their 'diversities' and even flaunting them in public.

But the opposite of this has also happened with the snowballing of the support to have the festival banned.

The first baby step is crucial, and if this step is not stopped, it can move on to this second step or stage.

The trend happened in America and other countries in the west in the 1960s when the religious and community elders allowed such crass display of sexual diversity that it had now become norm to have such a diversified community not living in the fringe but in the core of the society, which in turn encourages more flaunting.

Hollywood which first disdained the production of films dealing with gay themes had already embraced it.

In fact, sexual acts and promiscuity in films did not happen over night; they were developed as filmmakers in Hollywood started to test the waters by showing some skin until all of it is bared.

The first Hollywood feature film on this theme is 'Philadelphia' starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for best actor while its screenwriter, Ron Nyswaner won an Oscar nomination. Nyswaner happens to be my classmate at the Film Division of Columbia University in New York City.

Coming back to ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’, one wonders why the organizers are having a public display of their diversities by having an exhibition and public forums on it.

Why can't they just celebrate their diversities by having private sessions with each other?

I am sure they have already done that, so this is a new strategy to get the LGBT to get some measure of public notoriety.

The fact that they had not bothered to invite those leaders of the various religions in the country proves that they are not interested to find out what the major world religions and other beliefs think of them and the matter.

One also wonders why Amiga was invited to open the exhibition and not some others from the religious groups.

Every event in the program is aimed at getting the others who are not so 'diversified' to appreciate who they are and who should be more open to their crass display of sexuality of all sorts and types.

There is a blame-game that the organizers are playing. They are blaming the others for what they are, but not themselves for making them what they are.

It is strange how there are many LGBTs who do not really like to be what they are, yet, they are stuck in the run, simply because they had not managed to get the right counseling.

Worse, is when they start to group together to get peer support.

There are many cases of the LGBTs who had left the practice to embrace normality when they grow older, when they realize their own folly of youth.

The blame is always on those who are not open-minded; while they are fashioning themselves as the dispossessed and marginalized.

So the ninety-nine percent of the population of the country are the oppressors while they are the victims.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This was written before deputy prime minister and minister of education poured water to soil PAGE’s ludicrous campaign to push for their personal agenda for which they had all failed to show why and how the use of English for the teaching of science and mathematic could help improve a student’s command and use of English.

So no wonder not many people are truly convinced by their argument which seems to be too far-fetched and outlandish.

The truth is that there are some who want to disparage Bahasa Melayu as a language which is becoming more and more important and relevant in the daily lives of most Malaysians.

It is especially so when the population of the Melayu in Malaysia is fast increasing so that by 2050 they comprise of 80% of the total population of the country.

At the same more and more Melayu and non-Melayu are also using the language, so this has caused some to fear how in the future, English will be displaced in the daily lives of the Malaysians.

But why is PAGE so worried about? They are not English. All of them are Melayu and non-Melayu.

Ironically, there is not one member of this group or their supporters who is English, even if he or she is married to a Malaysian.) 

I feel sorry for Noor Azimah who created the small organization calling itself PAGE. It looked like it is out of place in modern Malaysia, being an entity which should have been created by the British.

Now the pursuit of excellence and of acceptance of English as a medium of instruction for the teaching of science and mathematics in secondary schools is taken over by neo-colonists.

There is nothing wrong for anyone to seek to uplift his grasp of English by Malaysians, but the sad truth is that the country has its own national agenda.

Unfortunately, Noor Azimah and her supporters have not given anyone anything worthwhile to believe that learning science and mathematics can ensure the students to better understand English.

There is no proof to show that this can happen.

Take a look at the scientists, doctors and engineers that we have in Malaysia today and one can see that they are mostly Melayu, who did not care to debate on such issues, as they are trivial.

PAGE should bring out some of them to see if they can be used to support the use of English for the teaching of science and mathematics.

I noticed how Noor Azimah and her supporters have become desperate the more they try to push their personal agenda that the more there is retaliation from the other side, those who insist on using Melayu for the teaching of science and mathematics.

She is getting worse and worse and out of control when she started to issue threats to the government by saying that those who support PPSMI would not vote for it in the next general election.

This sort of statement makes her look like a pseudo-politician.

She should offer good ideas on why and how English should be used for the teaching of science and mathematics in secondary schools which can convince even her critics.

She has not done this, so no wonder those who oppose PPSMI which include many non-Melayu, continue to belittle her and her PAGE.

In any democracy, she and PAGE Jaringan Melayu Malaysia or JMM which supports them have the right to voice their opinions, but in the end, they should allow themselves to be at the mercy of the process.

This is something which they do not seem to agree as they continue to find ways to promote their cause, however futile it has been.

They are still undeterred and insist on being right.

Unfortunately and ironically, by insisting on being right, they are slowly and surely moving on into the warm embrace of the opposition which has already voiced their support for them.

The DAP like the vultures that they are can find some common grounds with the self-disenfranchised from amongst PAGE and its founder, Noor Azimah who many believe were all created by the English language media.

I got a BIG FAT ZERO once for mathematics at Form Five and was given three 'rotan' in front of the class at the St. Francis' Institution in Melaka by the headmaster the then Brother Daly who is Elaine Daly's father now.

But this did not mean I could not write or speak well in English.

In fact, I even went on to study in Form Six and then ITM in Shahalam and got a place in an Ivy League university in New York City.

On the contrary many of the students who excelled in science and mathematics do not write or speak much in English as I do having gone to many countries speaking in film forums, seminars and conference in the language.

There I would like to urge Noor Azimah and PAGE to turn to a new page and give up as their 'struggle' is a futile one, unless of course, if she wants to get a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth for championing the cause of the English.

She should also take note that the population of the Melayu in Malaysia is set to rise to 80% by 2050 from 65% it is now.

And I notice more and more Melayu are not interested to use English in their everyday communication especially from amongst those who had earlier studied in English language schools in Malaysia and who had also gone to work on their masters and doctorates in England or America.

The only persons in Malaysia who want to speak in English are those who had never been abroad to study. They are the ones who are fascinated with British football and all things America including their films and television programs and music.

Therefore, it is a psychological issue more than a linguistic one that Noor Azimah and PAGE may be dealing with and not with English per se. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


by Mansor Puteh

The issue of mixed marriages in Malaysia is interesting; it brings out other relevant social, cultural, historical, geographic and religious issues as they happen with the interaction of all these factors.

And this does not include that of psychology and personal needs and choices, not taking into account biases and prejudices that some of the community leaders had tried to inculcate in their communities to make the young Chinese and Indians fearful of the others who are not of the same race as them.

These is seen at the national level; whereas in the international level, one can discern how as more and more Melayu take to the seas and skies, some of them will come into direct interaction with foreigners who will also be drawn into marriages with them.

First of all it is not an issue of mixed marriage but one of integration and the fault of history and also of geography.

These marriages, especially between the Melayu and Chinese and Indians especially were all created by the winds.

The Northerly and Southerly Winds were the forces that had caused this phenomenon to happen. They were the main reasons why Melaka was established by Parameswara in the first place.

Without its strategic position being harbored by the Winds, Melaka would not have been formed and the most important city in Southeast Asia would remain Palembang which was it before Melaka was established in 1400 CE.

The Chinese with Hang Li Po can therefore be said to have been brought to Melaka by the winds.

Later the British brought in the Indians also because of the renowned status of Tanah Melayu or Malaya because of that same reason, having created many Melayu states which had natural resources that were important to the expansion of the British Empire.

Mixed marriages in Malaysia therefore can be said to have happened long ago, with the many Chinese and Indians opting to marry Melayu men and women, who later left their races to embrace the Melayu one.

My own clan comprises of people with Chinese and Indians who had all left the races who are not so proud of this fact other than to discuss the issue on the academic level only.

Yes, of course, when we were much younger, we celebrated Chinese festivals and had our fair share of Chinese cookies on a regular basis by even using chopsticks to eat at home.

And my mother would apply eye-liners to enlarge our eyes.

Now, this is not done as people with single eyelids are not the exclusive features of the Chinese or Orientals anymore as there are now more and more Melayu men and women who have them.

Many a police officer who held my MyKad wondered if I had stolen it because of my Melayu name. Some of them and officers of government agencies thought I was dealing at the counters on behalf of someone else, like I was a Chinese agent or runner.

And few years ago few of my nephews married Chinese women from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

All of my relatives have Chinese features with some who can speak in Hokkien and can pass for Chinese.

Some of my older relatives including some of my sisters-in-law were all Chinese who were given to Melayu families for adoption since small.

It seems that Chinese couples who were facing financial difficulties or who had had many daughters preferred to offer their extra daughters to Melayu couples.

So by my own estimation 30% of the Melayu have Chinese ancestry and another 305 with Indian ancestry. The other Melayu have Arab, English and ancestries of all races, leaving the Melayu who are pure Melayu to be almost impossible to find.

Even Tunku Abdul Rahman's mother was Siamese and his first wife, Chinese who was the daughter of a bicycle repair shop in Alor Setar. His other wife, Tun Sharifah Rodziah Barakhbah is clearly Arab, and Tunku's other wife, also a Chinese called Mariam Chong Abdullah.

However, in recent times, the main reason why many Chinese and Indian men and women are fascinated with Melayu women and men is because of that - that they have blood fusion, so they have features of themselves in their faces, too.

Whereas, the Chinese men and women who do not have such elements are seen to be 'sinkek' or not interesting as they look plain.

The stress by the Chinese and Indian media, too, has made many young Chinese and Indians to hate themselves and their looks because the pretty Chinese and Indians are being fashioned from amongst the media-created images of the Chinese and Indians by the media.

So no wonder, the beauty contests especially the Miss Chinatown and Miss Malaysia and the others all promote images of women to be of a certain type - those who have mixed images or Pan-Asian and not 100% Chinese or 100% Indians.

All these factors, added to the overwhelming size of the Melayu population have created an image of the Melayu men and women to be more interesting.

Worse, when statistics show how many Chinese and Indian men especially who are those with vernacular school backgrounds who drop out of school early so they do not have proper educational and social upbringing, which forces them to go into illegal and small trading, which do not endear themselves even to the Chinese and Indians of the same status as themselves.

It won't be wrong to say this is also the main reason why there are many Chinese men especially who decided to bring in wives from Vietnam and Thailand, by offering match-making agencies large amounts of money so they could finally find a spouse.

If there is anything to be blamed for the recurrence of mixed marriages in Malaysia especially between Melayu with the Chinese and Indians, they are the vernacular schools and the Chinese and Indian media.

Chinese and Indians who left such vernacular school felt they had had enough of mixing with other Chinese and Indians, because in real life in Malaysia they are surrounded by Melayu everywhere so much so that they felt cheated by the time they are old and mature enough to look at the situation around them.

Therefore, it is also not surprising to note that the many Chinese and Indians who revert to Islam are those with vernacular school backgrounds as opposed to those who are with the national school backgrounds.

I studied at the St Francis' Institution in Malacca from Standard One to Form Five, and only two of my former classmates reverted to Islam - one of them a Chinese Baba and the other a Tamil Catholic who later married Melayu women.

It is therefore erroneous how the Chinese educationists and community leaders, especially felt that Chinese students would be 'forced' to revert to Islam if they study in the national schools when facts show how most of them who reverted to Islam are those who have Chinese vernacular school backgrounds and whose early childhood had been shielded from them to mix with the Melayu of their same age group.

Therefore, the vernacular schools are good for Islam and for the Melayu in Malaysia, as they tend to put the Chinese and Indians where they were originally from, communities who felt threatened because they thought they were not accepted by the Melayu around them.

This is the Little China and Little Indians of their imagination.

Friday, November 4, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Muslims did not have the means to free the many Muslim Republics in Central Asia which were all under the dominance of the Soviet Union, so they ‘enlisted’ America and its western allies to do the bidding for them.

The Soviet Union was forced to flee from Afghanistan and created the destruction of the Union itself, forcing the Muslim republics to become independent.

Unfortunately, the Muslim leaders are not smart enough to take advantage of this to widen their market and consumer base and political and military influences. This can come later…

For now the Muslim countries have to again use America and its allies to force them into bankruptcy.

This is the only way the Muslims have of being able to free Palestinian land from Zionist control and dominance.

Using military power is out of the question.

Using American resources and those of its allies may be the only way for the Muslim countries to free Palestine.

Now the effects can be seen with the protests in America and also England.

They are not against Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange, but against Zionist dominance and control of those countries.

Sustaining the Zionist state is now causing America and its allies some disturbance. It is high-time they got a taste of their own medicine.

So now Muslim countries can just wait to see how America and its allies go, slowly into bankruptcy, just as they had watched how the Soviet Union had gone bankrupt, causing it to break.

Now it’s the Russians’ and Muslims’ turn to watch America and its allies go bankrupt.

Once this happens, the status quo of the Zionists in the Middle East will see a corresponding change.

Do America and its allies really need the Zionist state?

It is the single experiment which has caused America to lose big – in its relations with the other countries especially the Arab and Muslim ones, and resources which its citizens had managed to earn, most of which are used to sustain that entity.

Isn’t it time for the Americans to ponder and ask themselves if it is still worth it to keep the Zionist state in its present form, knowing how it has hurt the economy of America?

What does America expect to get from the Zionist state in return?

It cannot expect to gain anything from its continued existence other than despair at seeing how their leaders who are still bent on grabbing more land from the Palestinians, and taunting them while doing so, by feeling confident about it.

The Zionists know they have the full and unquestionable backing of America who has the veto power in the Security Council for without which the Zionist state would not have existed in its present form.

America has been using its veto power for the wrong reason, which is to protect an evil regime whose very existence run contrary to the basic principles of the American Constitution.

America has never once used its veto power for the good of their own citizens and for world peace.

The many times it has used its veto power, it was only to protect the interests of the Zionists who knew they could do anything they like because of that support they can continue to get from America.

But the Arab Spring has shown America and the Zionists and their allies what the Arabs are now capable of doing.

They had rejected the tyrants and dictators in their own country.

If they can do this, then surely, they can also reject the tyrants and dictators in the Arab World, too. This should very easy to do.

This is compounded by the threat of bankruptcy which America is facing when its own citizens and those of their allies who had started to feel the pinch. They are also starting to realize that sustaining the repressive Zionist regime is not doing them and their countries any good.

But there are no real brave men and women in America who could take the charge against such postures by their political leaders.

They are starting with ‘Occupy Wall Street’ which is gaining momentum. This movement can become the New American or New Western Revolution which can see the expulsion of the Zionist state which has proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to maintain peace in the Middle East or who are capable of living amongst the Arabs in the region and the other people all over the world.

For they have a different mentality altogether.

In fact, the Orthodox Jews too disdain them. They find the Zionists to be repulsive to them and to Judaism. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It’s so easy to make shortcut analysis on what is currently happening in America now with their ‘
Occupy Wall Street
’ movement.

It’s as though it is just a matter of domestic issues which sprung up as the unemployment rate increased so that more than sixteen million Americans are considered to be unemployed.

It is more than that.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ has its roots on other long-term issues which America had embroiled itself in for no reason other than to pry into the affairs of the others and for using their veto power wrongly.

It was sparked by the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011 which many Americans had watched and wonder, if they, too, could use some of that in their own country to press for some changes, so their lives could be better.

Americans are clearly still in self-denial. They blame Wall Street for their personal suffering. But they know America will not be the same again after the next presidential election of 2012.

Are they that dumb not to know what irks them these days?

Yes, they are; and they need someone from so far away to show it to them what they are doing and what they must do to save America from not only corporate greed, but mostly from the lobbyists in Washington DC who have been pushing for America to go bankrupt.

911, too, was a major factor which had led many Americans to be preoccupied with change.

The tough and sometimes ridiculous home security laws have caused untold damage to America’s image in the world. Tourism has taken a toll, and students from all over the world have turned their backs against America and are going to other countries including Malaysia.

So now we have less and less foreign students in America and their businesses are also affected which can result in America becoming bankrupt with no friends other than the Zionist sympathizers.

They also live in fear and not aware of the new realities they are in and especially how much the world has changed, after an era of ‘hating Islam and hating Muslims’ is passed.

The next era for America will be era of ‘hating themselves and their foreign policies.’

That could only happen if Americans start to ask the right questions and demand that they get the right answers from their leaders.

Soon they will all ask themselves: What has Wall Street go to do with America’s foreign policies?

America’s foreign policies are the real culprit and reason for the country to go bankrupt with its image in the world shattered.

Yet, all that the American Spring protesters could do is to blame Wall Street.

Wall Street, too has suffered because of those foreign policies.

If not for them, America would have its image intact and resources put to better use.

There would not be any protest in the streets for the protesters to ‘occupy’ anything.

Maybe Americans are still in self-denial; they are scared to confront the realities. They are worried about being charged for anti-Semitism.

It is a crime to be so charged. So many Americans refrain from ever saying or even insinuating that they have such thoughts.

So they end up blaming only Wall Street, like it is a person, like it can be broken down into small pieces, like if Wall Street collapses the protesters and other Americans will be better off.

They won’t be better of with Wall Street leveled to the ground. On the contrary, they will be worse off than they are now.

But I suppose the realities will soon creep into the movement when they realize how the real problem America and Americans are facing are all due to their flawed foreign policies which seem to favor the Zionists, where a lot of their resources, manpower and money had gone to support, a cause which is becoming more and more irrelevant to the average American.

They will soon realize how the continued support for the Zionist state is not in the best interest of their own country.

America has not benefited much or anything at all from the Zionist state. It is the state which had benefited much from America, for which is in dire straits now.

The former Soviet Union was rendered bankrupt and it caused the country to withdraw from Afghanistan with the many Muslim republics in Central Asia which were in their Union being freed.

It is ironic how the same Afghanistan is causing the anguish America is experiencing today.

And it is the same Afghanistan which is bankrupting America.

Worse, when America had to open more fronts in Iraq and other Arab countries where their resources are being stretched.

Soon America will snap.

The signs of this happening can be seen in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

For now it is just a movement.

But it can expand to become a revolution – the New American Revolution.

This is the revolution which will flush America of its Zionists supporters and other lackeys all of whom had caused America to become what it is today, a country which cannot hold its high in the world like it could do before.

It is ironic how many countries in the world do not look up to America for anything anymore, much less as a beacon of democracy as it is clear how this country does not practice what it tries to preach.

One by one their model country collapses, after it was being held by the CIA.

The freeing of the repressive Arab states will see a corresponding freeing of the land belonging to the Palestinians by the Zionists, and no amount of veto power in the UN Security Council by America could stop this from happening.

It is now starting with the freeing of some 1,027 Palestinian freedom fighters in exchange of an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier called Gilad Shalit, after five years being held captive by Hamas forces.

The Zionist state could not hang on to their long-held policy of not negotiating with the Palestinians or Hamas.

Now they know they can and must do that.

Did the Wall Street protesters give the Zionist a good idea of what they could expect in the near future, especially with the presidential election in the corner?

The reason being the Americans will not want to continue to support a repressive state created by America for too long.

America needs brave men and women to confront real issues.

Those presidents they have had in the past are not real men who were dealing with real issues. They lived in a world of fantasy.

Barrack Obama who now lives in the White House knows a lot more about the reality America is in today.

Whoever succeeds him or if he still retains the presidency for another term, it can only happen if he is brave enough to hear the cries of the average Americans and not just the small number of Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC.

This is the reality America is in today.

And the reality is not on what Wall Street does, but on what their president does to continue to suppress Arabs and Palestinians whose image of people who have been persecuted for more than six decades have become clearer and clearer.

To put it simply: It was caused by the development of the internet and alternative media and social networking, just as they were used by the protesters in the Arab countries who had created the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011.

Now, they are being used by many Americans to create their own New American Revolution of the American Fall of 2011.

After the next presidential election in 2012, America will not be the same ever again…