Wednesday, January 30, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

In Indonesia and the other countries in Southeast Asia, including in Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar, the Chinese and Indians of those countries can never form their own political parties.

Their numbers are so small to warrant such an action.

So they ended up having small social and cultural organizations instead, where their leaders probably spend their time practicing their kungfu, Chinese dragon dance and sometimes play mahjong.

Politics is the least on their minds.

If they are politically active and more inclined, they would have to join the political parties dominated by the host countries where they are in; with some of them actually running for office if they are lucky, i.e. if they can exhibit their non-preference for things Chinese and especially if they have local names and adopt the local religion and not of their own.

In Malaysia, the existing Chinese and Indian or Tamil political parties including some of those which claim to be multiracial political parties, too, would have to be disbanded and turned into social and cultural organizations or clubs, if their numbers shrink to such an extent that they are not able to have any parliamentary or state assembly areas with Chinese or Tamil majority.

They were quite a few of them before, but the number has shrunk now. Chances are this number will continue to be further reduced as the Chinese and Tamils are dispersed by economic, social and professional necessities, so much so that they are forced to live in Melayu-majority areas.

So much so that if foreign tourists want to see Chinese and Tamils they would have to go to the few Chinatowns and Little Indias which have been established in some of the major cities and towns in the country, which ironically only draw attention to their immigrant history and background.

So they cannot blame the tourists and some locals who still think of them as long immigrants to the country because of their fascination for things China and things India.

And this is despite the fact that the younger generation of Chinese and Indians are slowly losing interests in Motherland China and Motherland India, which have not provided for them on anything that they require to survive living in Malaysia.

But the older generation of Chinese and Indians are still controlling the thinking and direction of the Chinese and Indian young in the country. But their influence now hinges on how much of a nuisance they can make of themselves, the more they cry foul of the treatment or ‘mistreatment’ that they claim to receive from the government, which they see as a Melayu government.

Their ancestors depended totally and fully on the Melayu when they first landed in Tanah Melayu; yet, many generations later, their descendants still want to depend on the charity of the Melayu by making demands some of which are outrageous ones.

They do not dare to compare their fortunes with their brethren in the neighboring countries, because they are not being accorded the type of respect they can demand here in Malaysia.

Ironically, they also cannot look at America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the other countries in the west where there are some Chinese living in the midst of the locals, because they are forced to adopt local ways and also names that they cannot demand financial and land allocation from the host governments.

Even those Chinese and Indians who flee from Malaysia to immigrate into those countries become so quiet and respectful of the local cultures and languages, that they willing surrender their racial and cultural and even religious identities to them.

The reason for this to happen is simply because they are so small in number.

But the main reason being that they know they are in White countries, therefore they cannot play the fool and complaint too much, unlike when they are in Malaysia where they can make any demand on the government, because they know they still have some cloud and can cause the dominant Melayu-dominated government of Umno and Barisan Nasional to topple, because the Melayu voters have been divided into many factions causing the Melayu to suffer with the non-Melayu becoming the unnecessary kingmakers.

Where are the vocal Chinese and Indians in the west?

They cannot even appear in public speaking in English because they look odd.

In England, the non-English who excel and expose themselves in public are mostly those Muslims from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Many of the television newscasters and reporters are from this group of Muslims.

And when I was last in England in 2010, I noticed the many news that this community made, compared to the Chinese who are holed in the Chinatowns in the major cities in the country.

Therefore one looks forward to the time when the majority race in Malaysia are the Melayu who comprise eighty percent of the population with just one political party to represent them, so that the non-Melayu ones can be turned into social and cultural clubs for their leaders to waste their time playing mahjong or solumbum.

Those who wish to become prominent and expose themselves, have to show how local they are, and not how alien they can be.

Malaysia will be more at peace with itself and the Melayu playing a more prominent and dominant role in the development of the country with racial strive cut to the barest minimum or not at all.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I have not heard of the Chinese and Indian political leaders in Malaysia visiting the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia and Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines, and came out feeling elated and delighted by what they had seen in the countries, especially on how their brethren are being treated by the host countries there.

Many Melayu in Malaysia will be certain, they are not about to go there even for a visit. They do not have much fascination to visit those countries, where they know full well how the Chinese and Indians are being given ‘special’ treatment by the host countries.

So they can compare it to what they are getting in Malaysia and can continue to demand from the country here.

Many of the Chinese and Indian political leaders will feel disappointed by what they can see, especially on how their brethren are not given the same treatment that they are given in Malaysia.

The host countries and its native people did not care for the Chinese and Indians whose ancestors had come to those countries at the same time as the other Chinese and Indians had come to Malaysia or Tanah Melayu in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

There, they cannot demand anything, much less land and money to build their temples and schools.

In Malaysia, they can.

In those countries, the Chinese and Indians have to adapt to the local ways by also assuming local identities, and severe ties with their Motherlands of China and India.

They were also forced to use local names and speak in the local languages, even though they can still speak and communicate in their own mother tongues privately.

There is no Chinese school in these countries that were supported by the government.

In Malaysia, the government spends billions of ringgit to build Chinese and Tamil schools. They are not Indian schools but Tamil ones, since the others in the Indian group do not have their own special schools, since their numbers are too small for them to be able to make demands on the government, like the Tamils and Chinese.

So the catchword is NUMBERS!

The Chinese and Indians are still significant in numbers and worse, the Melayu are divided into few factions so there is no unity amongst the Melayu, like in the other countries where the natives are united so they can impose their will on the immigrant communities.

But what happens in Malaysia if there is Melayu unity? And what happens when the numbers of the Chinese and Indians become smaller and less significant?

Can the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia continue to behave as they still do today, if their numbers shrink further?

No sane Melayu doubt it. It can happen, and the Chinese and Indians will become more self-marginalized the more their numbers shrink and the more the Melayu come together to become a wholesome whole.

This can happen, so much so that there won’t be any parliament and state assembly area in the country that has a Chinese or an Indian majority. The areas that still have it today have shrunk quite considerably.

So much so that Pulau Pinang can become a Melayu-majority area that is has become since two years ago.

And one can say that the Chinese and Indians are making all sorts of demands from the government, because they know it is a ‘Melayu government’.

And they are also fully aware that their time may end soon when they can exert their demand, because the future does not hold much promise for them as their numbers continue to shrink.

No one can doubt that the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia can become much like their brethren in the other countries in Southeast Asia.

When this happens, there will be real peace in Malaysia, with racial strife almost not present in the thinking and attitude of the non-Melayu political leaders, whose racial-based parties too would suffer, so much so that they would be turned into social and cultural clubs and not political clubs anymore where their leaders and supporters busy themselves organizing social and cultural shows and play ‘mahjong’ everyday.

So the basic issue concerning racial interaction between the Melayu and non-Melayu in Malaysia hinges on pure numbers and how divided the Melayu are.

If the Melayu are truly united without PAS around, then surely, there is no need for the Melayu to waste time being politically active as they can easily win more than two-third majority in parliament and all the state assemblies, with the Chinese and Indians having to submit to the will of the majority.

In fact, even now no sane Chinese or Tamil leader would dare talk about the national consensus or referendum to settle some sensitive issues concerning the Melayu language and the vernacular schools if they should be allowed to continue.

Because the non-Melayu know they will lose such national referendum or consensus if they are held anytime.

So how ‘liberal’ or confused they are, they won’t dare utter the words, which in any real and true democracy should be practiced, because they know the Melayu will unite if the national referendum or consensus are held to settle on the matters.

And it is also not a surprise how the Chinese and Tamil political leaders do not dare ask their brethren in Malaysia to look at how the Chinese and Indians in the neighboring countries are treated by the host countries, including in Singapore, which does not allow for the free and uncontrolled expression of their Chineseness and Indianess, by not offering land and financial assistance to allow them to build their own schools and even temples, like the Malaysian government does.

So it is also not a surprise that none of the Chinese and Indian political leader has ever bothered to make visits to the neighboring countries where their brethren are being accorded the ‘special’ treatment by the host governments, who are mostly Melayu and also Thais and Filipinos.

Because they know they will be very disappointed if they are there seeing at their brethren being given the special treatment and not being able to say or do much, yet, who can rise to assume the posts of president in the Philippines and prime minister of Thailand and high offices in Indonesia.

They reason why they are able to do this is because they do not see themselves as Chinese and behave as such, but as Thais and Filipinos and Indonesians.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The final tally on the American presidential re-election of November this year has Barack Hussein Obama getting 303 Electoral College votes as opposed to Mitt Romney who only got 206 votes, with Barack also getting Florida although this did not matter to him as he had already passed the 270 votes much earlier before the Florida voting was counted.

The American presidential candidates and the voters did not ask what had caused their country to become almost bankrupt.

They stopped at talking about MediCare, food stamps and foreclosures of private properties and the bailing out of companies.

But they did not go on to ask what had caused all these to happen. They also did not ask why Superstorm Sandy also had to happen.

Some Christian and Catholic leaders blamed LGBT. But it is more than that.

It is America’s support for the Zionist state of Israel and their abhorrence of the Arabs and other Muslims who have contributed more to the well-being of America than the Zionists have.

The Arabs and Muslims can give America not only OIL but also world peace, while the Zionist state can only offer America misery and bankruptcy.

Yet, the Zionists in Israel are also not able to live peacefully; they live in fear everyday.

And to express their fears, they continually try to find ways and means to destroy Arab lands and kill its people including its leaders and take more than two decades to admit to having done that.

They will finally admit to killing Yasser Arafat in twenty years time.   

Spending US$16 billion in financial aid to a regime whose very existence is totally dependent on nuclear power and veto power in the United Nations Security Council is not only wrong, but also immoral. It also does not make any economic sense.

Worse, as Americans have found out, much to their chagrin and befuddlement, how the one Zionist entity which is squatting on land owned by the Palestinians, have been bleeding their economy causing many of them to go on the dole.

Yet, the Americans still do not even know how to elect their president, whose candidates and parties – the democratic and republican parties talk about everything else but not the core issues concerning how their domestic problems were created by their support and wasting time with the Zionist state of Israel.

They are in self-denial. But it won’t be long before they face harsh realities when their country becomes bankrupt.

The former Soviet Union became tame when they were bankrupted by their excessive use of their military arsenal to try their bid to dominate a country.

And America is also following suit by their pursuit of a cause which no one knows what.

They claim to be the champion of human rights, of democracy, but their actions do not show that they mean it.

Their only reason to exist is to support the continued existence of the Zionist entity called Israel which squats on land they had stolen from the Palestine, and existing in a temporary state of euphoria.

Alas, it is euphoria sans jubilation, as they are also fully aware that their existence is but temporary, at the mercy or the elements, and more so at the mercy of their slave state of America whose own existence too is at the mercy of the Arabs and other Muslims who can allow America to maintain its status quo as long as the Arab and Muslim leaders are stupid enough not to know how they are being misled and cheated.   

The candidates and their party supporters and voters, including their political commentators all deal with other side issues, but not the core ones. They are scared or too stupid to deal with the core issue and on why Americans are not getting a good deal.

And even after so many years being independent from Britain, there are still scores of Americans who are on the dole with their political, intellectual and community leaders still talking about the basic necessities for which many of them are deprived of, such as health care, insurance, food stamps, ownership of houses, with many of them being forced to vacate those that they had bought earlier when times were good.

Now many of them have been foreclosed by the bank.

It might just be the right time for Superstorm Sandy to pay a visit to the East Coast of America, followed by an icy storm. The worse is yet to happen, with the economic, social and cultural implosion of America with the cracking of Andreas Fault in California.

The political commentators in America only deal with matters concerning issues for which the two presidential candidates can use to outwit each other and impress the voters, especially those who were still not decided, and in the swing states whose final outcome will determine who gets to live in the White House the next four years.

While the majority if not all the voters in America only want to deal with the domestic issues which affect them directly and personally.

These are not immature concerns, but they reflect the narrow-mindedness and also stupidity of the voters themselves as much as the political commentators that they have in America.

Worse, they also reflect the shallowness in the thinking of the two presidential candidates and their researchers or advisors, who do not seem to know better how the state of the economy of America became what it is, because of some issues, which none of them dare to deal with or can ever recognize for what it is.

It is not what they think it is. And the voters too do not seem to care.

This brings me to the issue of the collective intellectual quotient or I.Q. of the people in America.

Where are their intellectuals, academics and scholars?

They and the average Americans speak in English briskly that make them sound like they are brilliant or smart and knowledgeable.

But how come they do not dare to dwell into the real issues, on how the state of the economy of their country had continued to slide causing some strategic and major industries to fall, which forced their government or president to offer packages to ensure that those industries or even companies survive?

Unemployment rates have fallen and more than forty-seven million Americans are said to be living in poverty. Many are on the food stamps, with no medical insurance coverage.

Why has American come to this level? It sounds like a commentator is talking about a country in South Africa or South America. But it is not. It is about America.

And the millions of Americans, who are on the dole, do give the impression that America is going bankrupt that it does not know how to look after the welfare of its citizens.

America is also afraid to confront the truth which has stared into their faces for so long.

They are happy to spend US$16 billion a year to support a failed state created from thin air which can only give America and Americans grief, without it ever giving anything interesting in return.

As long as America and Americans do not dare to deal with the Zionist Issue, they can never find any real solution to their problems, and more and more Americans will join those who are living in squalor, and they can become repetitive issues that future presidential candidates to dwell on and on, with their views on how their problems could be solved.

These problems can never be solved, as America’s attention is not on the well-being of their own citizens but the Zionists and their illegally placed state.

And describing the Zionist state of Israel as the most trusted ally of America in the Middle East does not help either.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The authorities in Malaysia admit they are ten years too late in implementing the AES. They needed this long to finally agree to introduce it into the country.

Malaysia can be crime-free, but it cannot be dependent on the acts of its people, but the contribution of some systems.

Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries are the safest in the world, where at one time we can leave things in the car including the car ignition key without fearing that the vehicle is stolen.

In America, one can be killed over a quarter, or for nothing, other than by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In many non-Muslim countries, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, may be difficult to find as every time and everywhere is wrong. 

Alas, the shrewd motorists in Malaysia finally meet their match. But unfortunately, those who ride motorcycles recklessly can still get their way; they can never be summoned for any sort of traffic offenses unlike those who drive cars and other large vehicles.

The motorcyclists deface the license plates of their motorcycles and they can do anything while on the road.

So far no motorcyclist has been issued summons under by the AES – or the Automated Enforcement System.

This means that the AES is not totally fool-proof; it is just for vehicles and not for errand motorcyclists. So motorcyclists can continue to flout the law, and get away with it.

Yet, the AES had to take ten years before it was introduced in Malaysia recently.

I find this pathetic for the Malaysian Police to take so long to finally introduce this system.

They said they wanted to investigate the system to see if it is good.

I am sure they are not the best police force in the world. And if those in the other more developed countries in the West which had introduced it long ago, then surely, the Malaysian Police cannot dilly-dally, but to accept it.

What finally made the Malaysian Police to want to introduce AES in the country?

Surely, it is based on the findings that the other countries that had introduced it had provided. This surely does not need ten years for the authorities in Malaysia to now believe that it is good for the country.

Alas, the AES is ten years too late in coming. It should have been introduced long ago, just as the technology was made available, which the Police in the other countries had found interesting and effective to use.

If the endorsement of the police forces in those countries are got, by them using the system, then surely, the authorities in Malaysia and in other countries, too, cannot deny, but to accept it.

And whereas in other countries, they also have a system to nab motorists who park their vehicles illegally or haphazardly, yet, in Malaysia it still does not exist.

It is more effective to nab offenders who commit such acts, as realizing how easy for them to be given summons for petty issues, will force them to become better drivers.

And if the authorities in Malaysia are also smarter, they can also create a system of their own to nab even those who have committed crimes elsewhere by tracking his movements long before and after the crimes have been created, as the person traveling or using vehicles can be recorded by CCTV from anywhere he maybe, from the time he leaves his house all the way to the scene of the crime and until he hides himself.

All his movements are recorded on CCTV that can be used to track his movement.

And if the members of the public realize the existence of such a system, then surely, they won’t dare to commit any crime as it can be recorded and their movements tracked and recorded.

It is therefore a crime for the authorities not to have introduced the AES long ago.

It is also therefore a more serious crime for the authorities not to be able to nab any criminal because with modern technology, any crime can be exposed and the criminals charged accordingly.

It can come to a time when one can leave ignition keys in the car and hold a stash of cash in our hands to take it to the bank without fearing that one can be attacked or robbed.

And one can also leave the house unattended without fearing anyone else from breaking into it to steal things.

This can happen.

Unfortunately, the system in Malaysia is such that thefts of public properties can take place because the criminals know they can get away with what they are doing.

So we have manholes missing from the pavement. Metal rails and signboards not only defaced but also stolen to be sold to ‘besi buruk’ companies.

Worse, even ATMs can be stolen by the thieve pulling them from the walls.

This is not to say how easy it is for anyone to paste stickers on public properties, including on walls, trees and streetlamps.

So what is the AES? Nothing. Only so few delinquent traffic offenders will be nabbed and produced in court to answer the charges leveled against him, for which he can be fined.

But it still cannot do much more beyond its limited function.

Malaysia therefore needs a Super-AES System or SAESS to finally tame the shrewd.

And when will the Malaysian Police see it fit to fit carcams in all the police petrol vehicles, so that they can record incidents that they can use to prove criminals had happened involving individuals who could be charged accordingly?

It has been done in the police patrol vehicles in America. Will the Malaysian Police take another ten years before they adopt such a system?

They had CCTVs in the police stations, but some of them were out of order when it was necessary to prove an allegation.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I feel sorry for Uncle Sam – for having pointed his finger at an unseen person for too long that he does not realize that he has failed to look into the mirror to realize that the person or persons he had been pointing for too long has grown up, while he remains still and unchanged in all ways.

And I am sorrier for the Americans voters and the others, especially the so-called smart Americans. Are they really smart? They may not be so.

If they are all smart, then why are they creating unnecessary enemies, while they claim to be eliminating them, feeling proud that they had kept America safe?

But if America is safe, then why the extraordinary ways they do to ensure that it remains so? It proves that America is still not safe. And it cannot be safe as long as it does not want to be safe.

What’s wrong and what cannot be right with America is with its flawed foreign policies, from which emanates all the side problems for which America has to grapple without knowing why they had happened, all due to their flawed foreign policies siding with the Zionists and directly causing the 1.6 billion Muslims to be cast as their enemies.

But the truth is that the more they try to eliminate their ‘enemies’ that they had earlier created, the more they create more enemies, for them to try and eliminate in the future.

So there is a vicious cycle that was created by American politicians in consort with their military officers and other security and spy agencies in America and abroad, who do not know what they are dealing with.

Most Americans are narrow-minded; they can be pulled by their noses by their politicians and their politicians, too, are not smart because they too can be easily pulled by their noses by the Zionist Lobbyists and other propagandists, so much so that the American politicians who are all not well-educated, had no choice but to fashion themselves on the Zionist Lobbyists.

This is despite the Zionist Lobbyists and Zionist Supporters had supported a pro-Zionist called Mitt Romney, yet, who lost. But Barack Obama, the president, too, has to toe the line if he does not want his second and last term as president to be an eventful – or should we say an eventless one.

Most American politicians and other leaders are not well-educated. They may have studied at some of the most prestigious universities in America. But this still does not make them ‘educated’.

Being educated means that a person has to be broad-minded and who cannot be easily swayed by sentiments, emotions and worst of all, Zionist Propaganda.

And most American politicians do not know the countries other than their own. In fact, they also do not know their own state where they were born and grew up in, much less those countries in the Middle East and Asia, for which American forces had the temerity to embark on military adventures, all of which were led by uneducated American generals, who are also much like the political leaders they were said to be taking their direct orders from.

So how could uneducated people lead America? They have led America into wars which did not have to be created in the first place, if they were smarter. They are not and they can never be smarter than they are now.

And because of that they do not what’s hurting America and Americans anymore. The more they try to understand the situation they are in, the more confused they become.

Maybe current president Barack Hussein Obama can be said to be smarter of the lot of presidents America had ever had. And chances, after he leaves the White House in four years’ time, America will be reverted to the old America again, with the person succeeding him taking the country to where it was before Barack.

And one can expect America to embark on new adventures in other Arab countries on the orders of the new president, since he would not know what else to do, besides, ordering his troops to battle.

It is too bad if it happens. Because America and Americans must know by now that they simply cannot embark on other military adventures without first solving those they are now embroiled in.

And if the American politicians are stupid, their FBI and CIA and other security officials in the respective headquarters and other operatives abroad, some of whom are in their foreign missions acting as diplomats when their real mission is to create dissent in the countries, where their leaders often meet and communicate.

Yet, their spy and security operatives can operate independently to create dissent in those countries.

I have just read a book by former prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, who alleged to say how the spies in the American embassy in the country had engaged or tried to engage a local dissent to create political and other issues in the country, with the intention of causing the collapse of the Kuan Yew administration.

This was happening when Kuan Yew himself was dealing directly and personally with the president and other senior officials of the White House.

How could this be; yet, it happened, that American politicians may have other issues to deal with the leaders of foreign countries, yet, their security and spy offices and officers and operatives can have their own private and personal agendas, which their own president may not know of.

And this was Singapore. But what about the other countries, especially the Arab and Muslims whose leaders are more stupid than the American ones?

And look what had happened in the Arab Spring of 2011? And also look at what they are trying to do in Malaysia – the Americans, who are said to side with the opposition to cause dissent, which are totally unnecessary as Malaysians generally know what’s hitting them and who had hurled the stones and from where they had come from.

But what must America do this to themselves? Don’t they know that the world today has changed a lot since during the Second World War?

Their methods in dealing with foreign countries have not changed; and the attitudes and preoccupations of the security and spy personnel and operatives have also not changed.

Their own assessment of the international issues are all wrong.

And the more they try to be smart, the more they act stupider and stupidest.

They can claim to have put America in total safety. But can Americans outside of America say they are safe?

They are safe only because the host countries treat them well. If they wanted to retaliate, they could have done that, like what the Indonesians had tried to do before, until they were all eaten up by secret operatives masquerading as allies to their cause, that had helped them to turn their attention to their own countries and personalities and not on American and also Zionist interests.

But the Pakistanis and other Arabs are not smart; they could not see who had caused them to fight and kill each other. They will never learn. Their leaders are dumb. And the people who have a poor grasp of Islam have become their own enemies, with the real enemies now having the last laugh.

Monday, January 14, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

What is there for America to defend? It is just one country in the world. If it feels threatened, it is because they have caused the others to be threatened by them in the first place. Everything starts from America, the big giant who seems not to know what it is here on earth for.

They have caused damage to their reputation and integrity so much so that their president has to be over-protected, not only from outside threats, but mostly from within America itself.

The last attempt to assassinate an American president happened in 1980, when then President Ronald Reagan was gunned down as he was walking out of a hotel in Washington DC to his limousine.

America is not under threat of attack from any country. But their political and military leaders always think they are.

The truth is the American political and military leaders are aimless; they are idle. So they have to seek adventures in other countries which they can bully, so that they can be seen to be busy, and be seen to be serving the American people this way.

They are that stupid. But the Americans are stupider for allowing them to go this far, as it is they who ultimately suffers when their taxes are being used for useless purposes, instead of on their well-being.

If not for America’s military adventures abroad, Americans could enjoy greater stability and no one will be denied medical care; and even if they don’t work, they can still get paid for sitting in their house which is rental free, so that America can become the best socialist state in the world which provides for its citizens so that none of them would be forced to sleep in boxes by the roadside as many do now.   

America has never had to defend its own country, it only has the need to be offensive, knowing how the other countries are defenseless and cannot defend themselves against any military threat from America.

At the same time, America is the largest manufacturers of weapons, so they need countries which are forced to buy some of them which are normally of poor quality which are mostly for ceremonial purposes.

Their fighter jets are all locked and cannot be used against America. They can be used for practice and for show by the countries which purchase them.

And in doing so they are looked up as being supporters of American interests, so chances are they will be in the good books of the country.

But more and more countries are now opting to use Russian military aircrafts and jetplanes, as they are not locked.

No country in the world wants to embark on any military adventure with the Russian.

Some of them had done so, but only with the former Soviet Union and even then they got the strong backing from America and sometimes the Zionist state of Israel.

So other than Russian, India, Pakistan, China and North Korea, the other countries which like to parade their military hardware especially on their independence or national days, look clownish with their outdated machinery, which can be destroyed from thousands of kilometers away.

Even the submarines that some of them have, are totally useless against the real aggressors of the world; they are only good to act as a deterrent against neighboring countries, which may harbor some incredulous military adventure, which they had tried to do in the past, but which all failed.

Countries in the Asean region are now in one voice on many matters, including military ones, despite some of them having been tested by America, which had tried again and again to place their military base so that they can start to create trouble in the region by pitting one country against the other. It has failed.  

The only country which can launch any sort of attack is Russia, but they are not in the game anymore, unlike when they were part of the Soviet Union which had such ambitions.

And if the Russians are smart, they can do better than to engage with the countries in the Asean region and Arab and Muslim Worlds casually.

On the contrary they can start to initiate establishing closer relations in all matters especially in the sale of their commercial aircraft like the Sukhoi Superjet so in time, Boeing and Airbus can become a thing of the past.

China too has got their C919 commercial jetplanes as do Brazil and Japan. Indonesia too is in the club. When will Malaysia join it?

If Boeing and Airbus can be replaced, American and also French economies will suffer.

These are the two countries which have veto power in the United Nations and they have not been using it to protect Arab and Muslim interests. 

And the only reason why America needs to have such a huge defense/offense budget is because they are in the position to launch attacks on any country in the world, because they know these countries could not retaliate.

They cannot look at Russia; but they can bully those small countries which did not harbor any ill-will towards America or the Americans.

But there are some who think they can make a pest of themselves by retaliating in their small and amateurish way, which causes America to over-retaliate, by carpet-bombing the countries where they are from.

America likes this and they provoke those groups of self-confessed defenders of their own countries, because otherwise, America cannot launch any massive attack on those countries which they had intentions of destroying.

So the small groups of defenders of their countries are mere excuse for America to embark on their attacks on those countries, for without which they are not able to do any of that.

America spends billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to defend its failed foreign policies and to protect the failed Zionist entity.

America’s defense spending is the largest in the world. It is not defense spending, but an offense spending. Americans can never get the right terminology, confusing offense with defense.

And this is where America’s problems start; they embark on an offensive philosophy and they got what they had bargained for, creating enemies along the way.

One does not need to spend so much to create enemies while propping the failed Zionist entity whose days are numbered.

In fact, America’s days are also numbered, the more the Arabs and other peace-loving people in the world are numbed by their continued military, political and economic aggression against the hapless Arabs and the others.

It is a surprise that the South Americans are now not targeted like they were before.

South Americans are mince meat. Africa has been left in the Dark Ages.

The Arabs are wealthy with some

Friday, January 11, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article was written when it was announced that American president Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

So far he has carried the award well, not causing America more problems than it had before he went to the White House.

He could have done better in his first term, but he didn’t. He now has a better chance of doing it in his second term when he does not need to impress anyone, particularly the Zionist Lobby who lost the White House race when their man (What’s his name?) lost last November.

I can’t believe I have totally forgotten the name of this White House hopeful so soon after the last presidential re-election of Barack Obama, when he has yet to be inaugurated later in January.

I am sure many Americans, too, have forgotten the name of this Republican loser.)

Now US President, Barack Hussein Obama is stuck – in the peace-train heading on ahead, while the Hawks in Washington, DC, who crave for the blood of Muslims, start to feel they are being shot at.  

I was surprised when I read in the internet how he had been given the Nobel Peace Prize, barely nine months into his presidency, as many others probably did including himself, too, even if he sounds like he is mocking himself.

And those who had commented how he was not deserving to get such an award, they are wrong on some points.

To me, it is such a novel way for the Nobel Prize Committee to offer a sitting American president such an award, simply because they wanted to ensure that he toes the peace-train line.

So far he has been doing okay not ordering more Muslim countries to be attacked.

But from past experiences, most recent American presidents are good for their first year in office. One by one, they succumbed to temptation to press the button and exert themselves and that’s when they start to show the worse color.

President George Bush was described by the American media as a wimp, who liked to travel abroad. So they coined a term derived from the rock concerts, ‘Anywhere but America Tour’. The same media had prodded George to do something to prove that he was not a wimp, and he did, by starting to be agitated and expressed it by ordering the attack on few Muslim countries.

His son, George W or W, who took over the White House not too long later, was also a quiet person whose only crime was to commit verbal and grammatical errors and sometimes social ones, too.

He, too, was prodded by the American media, who had earlier prodded his father to do something to prove that he was not a wimp, also ended up ordering the attack on some Muslim countries and behaving like a lunatic in the process.

To many Muslims, W was a far worse president compared to his father. But the two of them are the worst possible father-and-son presidential team that America had ever produced.

Now comes Obama’s turn. So far he has been saying and doing pretty much what his predecessors had said and done in their first year at president. But chances are he might be forced to stray and become no different than his immediate predecessors who craved for Muslim blood.  

But now Obama is stuck. For winning and accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, he is forced to stay on the line and do what he had pledged to do, without being harassed by the American media and other unseen and powerful lobby groups in Washington DC and other hawks, to start to go crazy.

The Nobel Prize had put a damper to his more sinister side, which might have not emerged yet, but which could easily show up more openly in the near future, especially after he passes the ‘honeymoon’ period of his first year in office.

Yet, working and living in the White House can be such a daunting and frightening experience. The land is sitting on land that had been seized from the Native Americans, whose blood had been spilled by the invaders to their land, and who now lords or them.

They had come from all corners of the globe, including many from Africa, where the Obamas were originally from.

Maybe by offering the Nobel Prize is good. The Committee had made a wise decision to offer it to him barely nine months into his presidency, so that he is stuck in the rut, so to speak, so that he cannot shirk his duties to uphold the lofty ideals of the Prize and what it stands for, so that Obama, as president, cannot later on be condemned to be truly unworthy to receive the award.

Let’s see what he will say in his acceptance speech in Stockholm, Sweden later in the year, when he is officially given the award, so we know what new directions he is promising to take now as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that he has not said before he got it, and when he was running for elections to be come the new president of his country.

Has he become a better person? Is he going to allow the American media to prod him to wage new wars on other Muslim countries?

Or better still, what can the lobbyists in Washington DC do to ensure that Obama continues on the trend of doing the bidding for the unseen forces and evil groups that had lorded over the White House, Capitol Hill, Pentagon and even the CIA for far too long now?

Will they also now want to think that their time has come? That their backstage acts can never be tolerated anymore by Obama and how Obama can and must be allowed, as president, to lead the country and not be used by those groups to mislead their country, the United Nations and the rest of the world like what his predecessors had unashamedly done?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Who in Malaysia who has not stolen land in front of their house and claim it to be theirs?

Malaysians are generally ‘thieves’ who are not convicted; they who steal public land in front of their houses and other properties they own.

They do not feel guilty for being thieves this way. Some even block public land such as the sidewalks which are for the public, to use as their own private spaces or gardens.

Some also use public spaces to erect food stalls and when the authorities come to take action, they disappear but only for a while before returning to resume their illegal trading.

And because the relevant authorities do not have long-term solutions to the daily problems faced by the public, similar issues appear every now and then, with the authorities taking action sparingly and occasionally.

They don’t even know how to stop such a menace.

Only those who have contributed to criminal activities are punished, while those who are engaged in petty delinquencies are let off scot-free, unless if the media highlight their errors.

So no wonder, most of the residential areas are unkempt and disorganized, with the quality of life in them deplorable.

Firing of crackers and fireworks are done whenever anyone pleases. The police do not care.

Garbage is strewn everywhere and drains clogged. Street lights are also disrupted with the affected areas left in the dark.

No wonder there is no unity in the scenery with everybody not contributing to the general well-being of the areas they live in; each and everyone of them only know how to contribute to the disruption of normalcy to it, so that their areas look untidy no matter how they think they are cleaning up their own houses and decorating and redecorating them all the time.

It all boils down to unqualified persons who are given posts and duties which do not commensurate with their academic qualification, professionalism and responsibility.

And as for the Muslims, they only can blame on their poor understanding of Islam which has caused them to become what they are today, Muslims who do not behave like Muslims.

Malaysian residential areas often have distinct features, with trees of a certain type grown by the developers, but they are all lost to their residents not adhering to accepted laws and regulations, as they are hardly ever imposed.

Unfortunately, the owners of the houses thought otherwise, and chop them to plan fruit trees of flowers of their own choice which they never tend to properly.

Worse, they thought the lands in front of their houses to be theirs too, so they construct concrete barriers which in effect stop the land from being used as diversions for vehicles if they have the need to avoid knocking into incoming vehicles.

As a result of that, residential areas in Malaysia have lost their unique look, with the owners of the houses in them, creating their own designs.

And what I find to be most pathetic is the way the houses are redesign again and again, and each time, it causes a lot of inconvenience to the neighbors who have to bear with the construction materials that are strewn and lorries parked near them for an extended periods of time.

Malaysian by-laws must be redefined so that they are risen to a higher level so that house owners are not allowed to do whatever they like on lands which are in front of their houses, which are meant to be walkways or for the gardening of the whole area.

In England and also Singapore, house owners are not allowed by law to redesign their houses, so that the whole areas have their own original look.

It is also an ingenious way to encourage, without the house-owners and members of public realizing, to save money, which they would otherwise, use to renovate and redesign their houses.

Putrajaya has started this trend, and the houses in the residential areas look nice, especially if they are terrace ones, so that they can retain their look for a long time.

Better still, there are no fences surrounding these houses which make the houses stand even more.

No wonder, owners of houses in the other areas have to constantly renovate and redesign their houses because they are in direct competition with their neighbors who had done so.

So it is not a surprise to see how some low-cost terrace houses have been renovated extensively that they now resemble double-story houses which do not look like they belong there.

Therefore, it is good sometimes for the members of parliament to deliberate on such issues instead of hogging onto the others where they need not have to get the complete facts or to conduct any study and they can just use emotions to spout diatribes in the Dewan Rakyat.

The problem being these members of parliament often live in areas which are secluded, so their views are blinkered from what is happening around them.

And to make matters even worse, there is open burning, which is done by the owners of the houses themselves, or by their Indonesian maids who do that because they think it is okay to do so, when it is not.

It is pathetic and sad that they do not know that they can be fined up to RM5,000 for open burning, yet, many do not seem to care about it.

There is also no point in lodging complaints with the authorities, as they take days to act on them, during which time the burning has long stopped.

Saturday, January 5, 2013



(This article was first published Rocky’s Bru on Tuesday, 14 October, 2008.)

I am not writing in support for Utusan Malaysia and its reporter, Zaini Hassan or anyone, but for fairplay and for the unfettered freedom of the press and of expression. They know how to defend themselves and the freedom of the press and of free speech.

But what I am utterly speechless is, how come there is no blogger or member of the ‘liberal’ crowd who is organizing a candle-light vigil to support and press for the freedom of the press and of freedom?

Have the stores run out of candles? Have the supporters of the freedom of the press and of expression and bloggers and their supporters run out of candles to light?

Where are they, the liberals and democrats amongst the Malaysia, especially those who have been vocal to the point of annoyance and who demand these freedoms?

And where is the National Union of Journalists or NUJ? When is its president, Norlida Daud going to ‘ambush’ Teresa Kok and Karpal Singh to demand that they withdraw their suits against anyone or to stop using the defamation suits as the ‘ISA’ of the opposition?

What if their party is able to form the federal government, don’t you think that they, too, would want to take such drastic and even ‘draconian’ actions against anyone who do not write or speak like them?

Can’t they find their way to berate the journalists and newspapers for having uttered what they consider to be disparaging and defamatory remarks against them the same way that these papers have been said to have done that to them?

American president George W Bush has been called by many names, by the media all over the world; if he take similar actions, surely, he can’t call himself a leader who supports the freedom of the press and of expression.

Suing anyone for RM30 million is serious business by any account. It is aimed to put the person who loses the case in permanent disability and castration much like the persons who are in detention under the ISA.

Therefore, by anyone’s rough calculations there is no difference in the ISA than filing a defamation suit.

Now it seems that the opposition only has the defamation suits to use and they are using them to their full advantage and to get wide publicity which they could otherwise not get, unless if they go around to put up road signs in Mandarin or Tamil, a habit that they decided to stop with the arrest of the three under the last ISA roundout.

I am sure those who had wanted to put up more of the same road signs elsewhere, have now not given it a serious thought anymore. Why stop doing that if they think it is good for the multiracial society?

And when is Teresa going to put out more of these road signs?

But if they come to power and are able to introduce new laws will they not want to ban anyone from filing defamation suits since it is against the spirit of the freedom of the press and of expression?

Look at America or the United Kingdom and many other countries in the West, or for that matter, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, for instance; how many of the national leaders from both sides, have instituted defamation suits against anyone?

If the Malaysian politicians who are members of parliament can withstand insults and disparaging remarks that are uttered against them al the time in parliament, so surely, they can also withstand those that are hurled against them outside of it.

Is it because the members of parliament are immune to prosecution for whatever they say in parliament that the other members are not able to do anything about it?

If this the case, why not also allow the members of the public and especially, members of the press the same rights and immunity, since they are also in the same business, just to be fair and liberal? What’s the difference being in parliament and in the public anyway?

I was speechless again when I heard on television that there is one opposition member of parliament who said that freedom of the press has its limits! Was he serious?

There is no such thing. Freedom of the press and of expression do not have their limits. If there are limits, then there is no such freedoms in the first place.

They cannot say that and expect anyone else to respect them for their stand; it’s the weird form
of the freedom of the press and of expression.

Maybe all of them are still in the happy Raya mood, and have their stomach full of ‘ketupat’ and ‘rendang’ and are ‘ketupat’ and ‘rendang’ – drunk.

Let’s hope once they have cleared this that they would want to bring out their candles and light them outside of the Utusan office in Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

I do subscribe to the freedom of the press and of expression, especially those whose skins have become so thick that cutting them with razor blades would not hurt them at all.

In fact, they won’t even mind to show the scars, that they can get from the cuts as a ‘badge of honor’; the more scars they have the better their reputation is.

There is no such a thing as a bad or negative publicity.

If those who had lost in any elections including those in the party had any real ‘reputation’, they would not stayed in politics, having lost in the elections even once before.

Yet, with their ‘thick skin’ and being so shameless, they still pursued.

Thank You.