Monday, January 14, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

What is there for America to defend? It is just one country in the world. If it feels threatened, it is because they have caused the others to be threatened by them in the first place. Everything starts from America, the big giant who seems not to know what it is here on earth for.

They have caused damage to their reputation and integrity so much so that their president has to be over-protected, not only from outside threats, but mostly from within America itself.

The last attempt to assassinate an American president happened in 1980, when then President Ronald Reagan was gunned down as he was walking out of a hotel in Washington DC to his limousine.

America is not under threat of attack from any country. But their political and military leaders always think they are.

The truth is the American political and military leaders are aimless; they are idle. So they have to seek adventures in other countries which they can bully, so that they can be seen to be busy, and be seen to be serving the American people this way.

They are that stupid. But the Americans are stupider for allowing them to go this far, as it is they who ultimately suffers when their taxes are being used for useless purposes, instead of on their well-being.

If not for America’s military adventures abroad, Americans could enjoy greater stability and no one will be denied medical care; and even if they don’t work, they can still get paid for sitting in their house which is rental free, so that America can become the best socialist state in the world which provides for its citizens so that none of them would be forced to sleep in boxes by the roadside as many do now.   

America has never had to defend its own country, it only has the need to be offensive, knowing how the other countries are defenseless and cannot defend themselves against any military threat from America.

At the same time, America is the largest manufacturers of weapons, so they need countries which are forced to buy some of them which are normally of poor quality which are mostly for ceremonial purposes.

Their fighter jets are all locked and cannot be used against America. They can be used for practice and for show by the countries which purchase them.

And in doing so they are looked up as being supporters of American interests, so chances are they will be in the good books of the country.

But more and more countries are now opting to use Russian military aircrafts and jetplanes, as they are not locked.

No country in the world wants to embark on any military adventure with the Russian.

Some of them had done so, but only with the former Soviet Union and even then they got the strong backing from America and sometimes the Zionist state of Israel.

So other than Russian, India, Pakistan, China and North Korea, the other countries which like to parade their military hardware especially on their independence or national days, look clownish with their outdated machinery, which can be destroyed from thousands of kilometers away.

Even the submarines that some of them have, are totally useless against the real aggressors of the world; they are only good to act as a deterrent against neighboring countries, which may harbor some incredulous military adventure, which they had tried to do in the past, but which all failed.

Countries in the Asean region are now in one voice on many matters, including military ones, despite some of them having been tested by America, which had tried again and again to place their military base so that they can start to create trouble in the region by pitting one country against the other. It has failed.  

The only country which can launch any sort of attack is Russia, but they are not in the game anymore, unlike when they were part of the Soviet Union which had such ambitions.

And if the Russians are smart, they can do better than to engage with the countries in the Asean region and Arab and Muslim Worlds casually.

On the contrary they can start to initiate establishing closer relations in all matters especially in the sale of their commercial aircraft like the Sukhoi Superjet so in time, Boeing and Airbus can become a thing of the past.

China too has got their C919 commercial jetplanes as do Brazil and Japan. Indonesia too is in the club. When will Malaysia join it?

If Boeing and Airbus can be replaced, American and also French economies will suffer.

These are the two countries which have veto power in the United Nations and they have not been using it to protect Arab and Muslim interests. 

And the only reason why America needs to have such a huge defense/offense budget is because they are in the position to launch attacks on any country in the world, because they know these countries could not retaliate.

They cannot look at Russia; but they can bully those small countries which did not harbor any ill-will towards America or the Americans.

But there are some who think they can make a pest of themselves by retaliating in their small and amateurish way, which causes America to over-retaliate, by carpet-bombing the countries where they are from.

America likes this and they provoke those groups of self-confessed defenders of their own countries, because otherwise, America cannot launch any massive attack on those countries which they had intentions of destroying.

So the small groups of defenders of their countries are mere excuse for America to embark on their attacks on those countries, for without which they are not able to do any of that.

America spends billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to defend its failed foreign policies and to protect the failed Zionist entity.

America’s defense spending is the largest in the world. It is not defense spending, but an offense spending. Americans can never get the right terminology, confusing offense with defense.

And this is where America’s problems start; they embark on an offensive philosophy and they got what they had bargained for, creating enemies along the way.

One does not need to spend so much to create enemies while propping the failed Zionist entity whose days are numbered.

In fact, America’s days are also numbered, the more the Arabs and other peace-loving people in the world are numbed by their continued military, political and economic aggression against the hapless Arabs and the others.

It is a surprise that the South Americans are now not targeted like they were before.

South Americans are mince meat. Africa has been left in the Dark Ages.

The Arabs are wealthy with some

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