Wednesday, January 23, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The final tally on the American presidential re-election of November this year has Barack Hussein Obama getting 303 Electoral College votes as opposed to Mitt Romney who only got 206 votes, with Barack also getting Florida although this did not matter to him as he had already passed the 270 votes much earlier before the Florida voting was counted.

The American presidential candidates and the voters did not ask what had caused their country to become almost bankrupt.

They stopped at talking about MediCare, food stamps and foreclosures of private properties and the bailing out of companies.

But they did not go on to ask what had caused all these to happen. They also did not ask why Superstorm Sandy also had to happen.

Some Christian and Catholic leaders blamed LGBT. But it is more than that.

It is America’s support for the Zionist state of Israel and their abhorrence of the Arabs and other Muslims who have contributed more to the well-being of America than the Zionists have.

The Arabs and Muslims can give America not only OIL but also world peace, while the Zionist state can only offer America misery and bankruptcy.

Yet, the Zionists in Israel are also not able to live peacefully; they live in fear everyday.

And to express their fears, they continually try to find ways and means to destroy Arab lands and kill its people including its leaders and take more than two decades to admit to having done that.

They will finally admit to killing Yasser Arafat in twenty years time.   

Spending US$16 billion in financial aid to a regime whose very existence is totally dependent on nuclear power and veto power in the United Nations Security Council is not only wrong, but also immoral. It also does not make any economic sense.

Worse, as Americans have found out, much to their chagrin and befuddlement, how the one Zionist entity which is squatting on land owned by the Palestinians, have been bleeding their economy causing many of them to go on the dole.

Yet, the Americans still do not even know how to elect their president, whose candidates and parties – the democratic and republican parties talk about everything else but not the core issues concerning how their domestic problems were created by their support and wasting time with the Zionist state of Israel.

They are in self-denial. But it won’t be long before they face harsh realities when their country becomes bankrupt.

The former Soviet Union became tame when they were bankrupted by their excessive use of their military arsenal to try their bid to dominate a country.

And America is also following suit by their pursuit of a cause which no one knows what.

They claim to be the champion of human rights, of democracy, but their actions do not show that they mean it.

Their only reason to exist is to support the continued existence of the Zionist entity called Israel which squats on land they had stolen from the Palestine, and existing in a temporary state of euphoria.

Alas, it is euphoria sans jubilation, as they are also fully aware that their existence is but temporary, at the mercy or the elements, and more so at the mercy of their slave state of America whose own existence too is at the mercy of the Arabs and other Muslims who can allow America to maintain its status quo as long as the Arab and Muslim leaders are stupid enough not to know how they are being misled and cheated.   

The candidates and their party supporters and voters, including their political commentators all deal with other side issues, but not the core ones. They are scared or too stupid to deal with the core issue and on why Americans are not getting a good deal.

And even after so many years being independent from Britain, there are still scores of Americans who are on the dole with their political, intellectual and community leaders still talking about the basic necessities for which many of them are deprived of, such as health care, insurance, food stamps, ownership of houses, with many of them being forced to vacate those that they had bought earlier when times were good.

Now many of them have been foreclosed by the bank.

It might just be the right time for Superstorm Sandy to pay a visit to the East Coast of America, followed by an icy storm. The worse is yet to happen, with the economic, social and cultural implosion of America with the cracking of Andreas Fault in California.

The political commentators in America only deal with matters concerning issues for which the two presidential candidates can use to outwit each other and impress the voters, especially those who were still not decided, and in the swing states whose final outcome will determine who gets to live in the White House the next four years.

While the majority if not all the voters in America only want to deal with the domestic issues which affect them directly and personally.

These are not immature concerns, but they reflect the narrow-mindedness and also stupidity of the voters themselves as much as the political commentators that they have in America.

Worse, they also reflect the shallowness in the thinking of the two presidential candidates and their researchers or advisors, who do not seem to know better how the state of the economy of America became what it is, because of some issues, which none of them dare to deal with or can ever recognize for what it is.

It is not what they think it is. And the voters too do not seem to care.

This brings me to the issue of the collective intellectual quotient or I.Q. of the people in America.

Where are their intellectuals, academics and scholars?

They and the average Americans speak in English briskly that make them sound like they are brilliant or smart and knowledgeable.

But how come they do not dare to dwell into the real issues, on how the state of the economy of their country had continued to slide causing some strategic and major industries to fall, which forced their government or president to offer packages to ensure that those industries or even companies survive?

Unemployment rates have fallen and more than forty-seven million Americans are said to be living in poverty. Many are on the food stamps, with no medical insurance coverage.

Why has American come to this level? It sounds like a commentator is talking about a country in South Africa or South America. But it is not. It is about America.

And the millions of Americans, who are on the dole, do give the impression that America is going bankrupt that it does not know how to look after the welfare of its citizens.

America is also afraid to confront the truth which has stared into their faces for so long.

They are happy to spend US$16 billion a year to support a failed state created from thin air which can only give America and Americans grief, without it ever giving anything interesting in return.

As long as America and Americans do not dare to deal with the Zionist Issue, they can never find any real solution to their problems, and more and more Americans will join those who are living in squalor, and they can become repetitive issues that future presidential candidates to dwell on and on, with their views on how their problems could be solved.

These problems can never be solved, as America’s attention is not on the well-being of their own citizens but the Zionists and their illegally placed state.

And describing the Zionist state of Israel as the most trusted ally of America in the Middle East does not help either.

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