Friday, November 28, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Americans come from a host of backgrounds – religious, political, social, cultural, economic and artistic and also psychological backgrounds.

Many admire their president and want to treat them like moviestars, others want him to lay-in-state watching a state funeral which will surely help to paralyze their country for a while.

No wonder, the American Secret Service goes all the way to ensure that the intentions of some of their citizens are not realized.

But in the course of the history of the country, a few of their past presidents had met a violent death, and it was not John F. Kennedy who had given them such an opportunity.

They almost succeeded with Ronald Reagan and also Gerald Ford.

America has a large group of brilliant people, and some who are thought they are smarter than most, they who wanted to achieve fame by dubious means.

American presidents have not been assassinated by non-Americans. It’s the Americans themselves who had done this deed upon their own presidents, as what the history of their country has shown.

Whilst the leaders of all the other countries in the world can go about like normal citizens, including the leaders of the countries that also have veto power in the United Nations, American presidents cannot be expected to do so.

Even their close relatives are being watched closely, as do all the Secret Service officers who are some of the closest people around the president at any time.

Even all the corridors in the White House are guarded around the clock and the president has an  official photographer who records his every move, all the time, except when he is in his bedroom.

But this still did not stop Monica Lewinsky to have a special or more than cordial relations when the then President Bill Clinton which caused him his presidency.

How could this happen?

Ronald Reagan was shot outside of a hotel in Washington DC when the eyes of all the Secret Service officers were looking elsewhere. He almost died. His press secretary became paralyzed.

The Secret Service had to find other ways to ensure their president is safe from other Americans in the future.

Some analysts even dared to suggest that if their president would be assassinated, it would be in the hands of one of the Secret Service officers who have arms and who are closest to him than the others even as the controversy surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy which many analysts or conspiracy theorists dared to say was the deed of the Zionist leaders. 

The verdict on this particular case is still pending and that of the assassination of John F Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert F Kennedy, where Sirhan Bishara Sirhan has been jailed till now.

One thing’s for certain is that American presidential assassins all have such long names, including the first person to do it on Abraham Lincoln, called John Wilkes Booths.

So far they have been met with success.

But The Beast once got stuck in the driveway of the American embassy in Dublin, Ireland as the driver was trying to drive the vehicle out of the compound.

And just recently Air Force One developed mechanical problems forcing President Barack Obama to switch to the other plane.

Saddam Hussein too was said to have tried to kill former President George Bush, Senior when he visited Kuwait, and in retaliation American launched a massive attack on Iraq.

This is the only known assassination attempt on a former American president by a leader of a country.

Maybe this is just rumor and a pretext that America could use to attack Iraq as did the other reasons they cited for destroying the country and the others around it.

Barack Obama made his first trip to Malaysia recently, and all the roads from the airport to the National Palace were closed or blocked to allow The Beast and his entourage free access to the road with his schedule not made public so no one came to greet him at the airport.

Muhammad Ali came to Malaysia in 1973 and he was greeted by fifteen thousand people who had waited for hours for his arrival at the same airport where Air Force One carrying Barack Obama landed. 

In any case, the fascination to see any American president dead is mostly an American one, despite him having his fingers in the pie of every country especially the Arab ones, who may have better reasons to do the unthinkable.

But the Arabs have more domestic issues to worry about and they are also hoping that any American president to help them out because they think he has some influence on the Zionist leaders, when in fact he does not have any.

Attempts to assassinate the American president have all been conducted by individuals instead of groups or countries.

There are just a few Americans who wished to hog on the limelight by being the one to finally do it. This is the sort of mentality that they have.

They just want to do it and bear the consequence which often involves being held in prison for life with no chance of parole.

John Wilkes Booths was the first American to have done such a misdeed by killing Abraham Lincoln, for which many books have been written about him and his dubious acts.

And if the real intentions of the historians and authors of those books were to write that nasty episode in the history of their country, unfortunately, the negative effects is how they too might be a good reason for more of their presidents becoming targets by would be assassins from amongst them.

The spirit of John Wilkes Booths is still alive in the minds and hearts of some young Americans, one of whom some conspiracy theorists and security analysts say could even come from one in the presidential security staff.

It is not enough to ensure that what the president and his family eat is good, or that they travel in tight security convoys and in Air Force One jets and The Beast on streets that have been blocked.

There won’t come the time when the American president can go about his daily life living and acting like normal folks, much like the other world leaders who can, they who do not attract attention to the symbols that America had created of the White House and their president.

In Malaysia, for instance, the then Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad could be seen eating boiled eggs offered to him by a stranger. He and his wife thought it would be impolite not to eat them.

He did not worry if the eggs were stale or laced with poison. He and his wife just ate the two boiled eggs.

America had created a myth of itself and using their presidency to be god-like and put him on a high pedestal so much so that he becomes and inconvenient target of not only of scorn, but also of harm. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Have you been to Betong, the small border town in South Thailand before?

I had not been to this place in a long time since I first heard of it from some friends who had been there countless number of times, until last September when I went there with a friend.

But I went there with a special reason after being told that there was a former Malayan Communist Party (MCP) camp which is now known as the Friendship Village for former communist cadres who had been rehabilitated after the MCP agreed with the Malaysian and Thai government to close shop in 1989.

And at the camp there is a tunnel where they hid themselves and to cook for about 200 personnel.

The tunnel is now called the Piyamit Tunnel and it is opened to visitors at five ringgit per adult person and two ringgit for children.

I was lucky to have managed to get to the tunnel which is on the top of the hill now that they had constructed a walkway leading all the way from the entrance to the tunnel.

Earlier some of my friends had gone there and had to trek through the woods on ground that had not been paved so they took a lot of time and effort to finally get to the tunnel.

Piyamit Tunnel is about eight kilometers from Betong.

And it is about Betong I am writing this piece about.

I was surprisingly shocked to see such a small border town like this one to be very clean and the people actually living here and they are disciplined who do not park their vehicles indiscriminately.

I had been to other cities in Thailand such as Hatyai and Golok and also Bangkok few times and did not realize the cleanliness of these places until I arrived in Betong.

You can see the cleanliness of the country the minute you cross into the border from Malaysia.

In fact, even before you do that you can also see the cleanliness of the small towns and rural villages of Malaysia which are equally clean and tidy.

The largest town near the Malaysian side of the border is Gerik. It is a new town with just two rows of shops at the either side of the road and the whole town is tidy.

I returned to Betong in November and was welcomed by such pleasant weather so that even after a few days of staying there some of my friends in Kuala Lumpur would remark how I had become fairer.

They thought I had just returned from visiting America or any other country in Europe. I had not. I had just been to Betong.

Betong is a Melayu word for a type of bamboo.

And being in the Yala district close to the border with Malaysia, it is not much of a surprise to see how Melayu the whole district and also Betong is.

Many local Thais and Malaysians were not aware of the origins of the name of the city, and also of Phuket Island, which is from the Melayu word for ‘Bukit’ or hill the Thais called ‘phuket’.

I liked to stare out of the hotel room window on the forth floor every dawn just before the sounds of azan is heard from the nearby masjid to look at the few street sweepers doing their job.

I saw them just walking along the street trying to see if they are any litter for them to pick. There is almost none.

And all that they could do is to walk along the side of the road with a small pan and perhaps sweep small pieces of litter and push them into their small pans until they are too far away in the foreground until I lost sight of them.

The street sweepers of Betong must have what must be the easier job in the world.

And the garbage trucks are also clean; and they can pass through the streets without anyone closing their noses.

Unlike the garbage trucks in Malaysia and mostly in Kuala Lumpur which are so dirty and also smelly that if you drive with your windows down and a garbage truck overtakes you, you will have to bear the strong stench of dirt and garbage thrown by Malaysians who did not care for their personal hygiene and the city authorities who did not know how to discipline the garbage collection companies to clean up their acts.

What the city of Kuala Lumpur officials including and mostly their mayor ought to do is not to waste their time and the people’s money by conducting field studies in Europe or America to learn how to keep the city clean.

All that they need to do is to just cross the border in the north and go to Betong for a day to find out of the city does the trick.

And Betong does not even have a cleanliness campaign to force anyone not to litter their city. But it is already clean.

Maybe if there is some pieces of litter, they must have been thrown or discarded by tourists especially those from Malaysia who habitually go there for pleasure.

But even this is not possible because they know if they do that they can be summoned of fined.

So why do visitors from Malaysia who would often throw litter everywhere including from inside the cars they are driving onto the streets discipline themselves when they are in Betong?

Betong does not have an army of personnel to monitor the situation so anyone can escape persecution for littering yet, no one here does that, even the many visitors from Malaysia who knew better not to do that, whilst they are here in Betong or the whole of Thailand.

But when they return to Malaysia they will resume their dirty job of littering the streets and not looking after their garbage bags.

The worse case of neighbor indiscipline in Malaysia happened fairly recently when a case of a Chinese woman who was mowed down by a car driven by another Chinese man who was chided for putting two plastic garbage bags in front of her apartment on the ground floor of a building.

The Chinese woman died over two garbage bags!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Many people had often asked which was the best country I had ever visited, and I said there were many; in fact all the countries I have visited are good; they are interesting in their own special way.

Why make judgment on any country which must have many interesting things for anyone, especially if one only gets the chance to visit the countries for a brief period? 

And which was the worse country I had ever visited.

There was none then. But now there is one and it is MACAU, if one can still call or consider it to be a country.

It is still a country because it imposes its own immigration laws so one needs to go through their immigration upon entry.

I went there not by chance because I had deliberately wanted to visit it for the first time. It was nice as it was until I found out much to my chagrin that this small country once under Portuguese rule did not appear to be what I had expected it to be. It lacks many simple things simple visits want to see.

I have been to 40 countries and managed to visit Macau for the first time in July last year for four days to record video for my documentary on the Portuguese history in Malaysia and some other countries.

I thought Macau was the worse country I had ever visited, and the situation won’t change because it will be tough and very difficult for the authorities to change for the sake of few visitors that this small country receives a year.

From what I could see there were so few foreign visitors to Macau; most of the ‘foreign’ visitors are in fact those from Mainland China who had wanted to see the country for the first time and all that they needed to do was to take the bus or train to get there.

There were so few real foreign visitors to Macau that I could see at the most important tourist attraction which is the ruins of the old Catholic church.

Maybe the real foreign visitors to Macau are those who went straight from the airport to the casinos and stayed there until they had to leave the country being broke losing at the tables and never to return.

I have not heard of many Malaysians who have talked about their experience visiting Macau except for a few who were there to perform the ancient Portuguese dance that Macau did not have.

As a seasoned traveler I can bear with a lot of inconveniences and had done so and survived.

But I cannot tolerate it if the country where I am at for the first time does not have the basic facilities.

There were no ATM anywhere and none in the petrol stations. I had to get cash from one in a bank which swallowed my ATM card.

Because it was a public holiday I was not able to collect the card from the bank. I went there the next day but the staff said they could not give it to me because they could not verify if I had deposited my card in the ATM. What was the CCTV they had there for?

And worse, they said they would send it to my bank in Malaysia, which they never did.

Fortunately, I had cash in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) which I had to go to a casino to buy American dollars to pay for the room in a budget hotel in the Barra district for four days, or I would not been able to get one, since the hotel did not accept payment by Card.

And no one spoke English and I had to get help with information from the Filipinos working and living there.

How could Macau not have ATMs everywhere like we do here in Malaysia? And why are the budget hotels not able to accept payment by Cards?

Macau is so backward. I do not know when I will return to Macau. I won't encourage Malaysians to visit Macau because of such inconveniences and backwardness.

My worse experience was when I was singled out by the security officers at your airport before boarding the flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

They thought I was the only one not looking Chinese so they suspected I could be a drug pusher, so that they could be seen to be working. They did not stop the Chinese and this is how discriminatory the officers were.

I had never been given such a treatment before except once when I was leaving Stansted Airport outside of London to return to Malaysia when I was frisked by a security officer and another time another officer wanted to take me away for further frisking, but changed his mind when he found out that I had been in England on an official visit to a university.

They have so few visitors who are not Chinese so the one who does not look like one is singled out so that the security officers can be seen to be doing their job.

The stupidest thing is that they called me after I had passed through two x-ray machines. Does that mean that they did not trust their own x-ray machines or security officers who man them?

I hope there won’t be another country that can beat Macau which I have not visited yet and will do so soon.

In any case, there won’t be much for a person like me and most other Melayu to find in Macau anyway unless if he has something specific to do and see and pay a high price for hotel even when it is just a two or three-star one that does not offer complimentary breakfast.

There is the strong smell of fried pork everywhere to start with and there are also so few halal restaurant, so I had to survive mostly eating fruits and cakes. 

Friday, November 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The American intelligence, the CIA has failed America.

It needs to be reshaped to suit the times. The world is now not like it was before, during the Cold War; it has new enemies. And the worse enemies America can ever face are those from within its own psyche, their flawed psyche and artificial dreams.

Just as the Soviet intelligence, KGB had failed Soviet Union and Communism. And just as the Savak had failed the former Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi was dethroned in 1981 because of their ruthlessness. Isn’t the Mossad also failing the Zionist regime, too?

Most of the national intelligence units of some major countries in the world do not know the ground too well; they mostly operate clandestinely trying to pass for the locals as well as diplomats in their respective missions.

And they mostly move around in very small and tight circles so they are not able to gather whatever information that is useful to them to make intelligent intelligence judgment to pass on to their higher-ups and later still, their presidents and prime ministers, etc.

It is sad, considering how money is no object; yet their intelligence methods are often bad for themselves.

And no wonder, most of the intelligence officers could not manage to get the right intelligence and information and ended up making outrageous conjectures.

How many small countries that have been destroyed, physically and economically as well as socially and culturally and even religiously by these callous men in the intelligence units of their respective countries?

It is seldom they were sent on their missions or stints abroad to find way to promote goodwill and greater understanding between their own countries and the others so that in the end, problems which could happen are avoided.

These intelligence officers seem bent on creating mischief more than goodwill. So no wonder there is a lot of mischievous acts that had been committed by some major powers which were due simply to poor intelligence gathering methods and the horrendous information they thought they had gathered and used to influence the foreign policies of their countries.

If they had done a good job, most of the political, military and economic problems faced by the world today could have been thus avoided.

Maybe, they did not want to avoid conflicts; they were meant to be sent on their foreign missions to spy and to sow hatred more than goodwill.

The Central Intelligence Agency of America (CIA) was created to look at the Communists and how to contain them.

They were never meant to spy on Muslim countries and individuals, because the real and most dreadful and mortal enemies of America for a long time were the Soviet Communists.

So when there were cracks formed between America and the other countries, their intelligence did not use their brains too much to try and mend them, before they become wider, until obvious faults occur which often result in outright war or attacks by America on foreign countries.

This is a shame, since they should know by now that wars and military attacks by America or any other major power in the world on other smaller countries can only bring disaster to themselves, too, more than to those countries that are being attacked. 

But now the same methods that they had devised are being used on the others. So no wonder, they have failed to understand what they had done to get everything wrong for their country.

To almost everybody in the world, America cannot exist without an enemy. To be heroic, they have to have an enemy, failing which they have to find one, or worse, create one.

For so long, they were the Soviet Communists. Now they must be the Muslims because their religion can be a treat to what America and the west stands for. 

Their every move puts them in a new spot where they don’t belong. Their every action now takes them to another lower level in human existence.

This is what’s wrong with the American intelligence. It is also what’s wrong with the American intelligentsia. And mostly, it is also what is wrong with America.

It is also what’s wrong with American cinema and its literature. 

The only thing that is right with them is that they do not know what’s wrong themselves anymore because they are always thinking and saying the others are always wrong. They are never wrong. The others are.

The CIA Handy books of espionage, spying, counter-spying, torture and cultural, social and religious dissent are all outdated; they are all meant for an earlier time, good to deal with the Communists.

They are not suitable to be used on the Muslims. They were all created and introduced and perfected during the Cold War with the Soviets who are concentrated and not widespread and everywhere like the Muslims who are in many countries and fragmented and assimilated in all the other non-Muslim ones, so they are not easy target for the American intelligence to target.  

So new books have to be written to suit the new enemies that America wants to create.

And the American intelligentsia is no better.

Their entertainers are the ones who are putting America on its feet. But the future of American-style entertainment particularly their films may not be rosy once if everybody else starts to think they are not funny anymore.

We have not seen the new Rudolf Valentino, the Hollywood star of the Silent Era, who liked to play an Arab who is a romantic hero in the lead in many memorable Hollywood films which are conveniently forgotten.

America can only be said to have been rehabilitated and come back to its senses, if a new Rudolf Valentino and the remakes of his films, ‘The Sheikh’, ‘The Son of Sheikh’ and the others of like nature are not done.

Hollywood, America and the Americans are still deep in coma. They had gotten themselves out of the jungles of Vietnam but they are not going out of the deserts of the Middle East anytime soon, as long as the policies of meddling in the private affairs of other countries are not stopped.

They had been meddling in the Middle East for too long. They had caused untold damage to the whole region and are also bent on expanding it beyond it. And they had also caused democracy to be trampled upon.   

As long as America and the Americans have not bothered to remember Rudolf Valentino and the type of films he had acted in during the Silent Era, America will not wake up from its long slumber and nightmare it has been having.  

Sometimes I wonder, despite the sheer size of its intelligentsia, and having some of the finest universities in the world, if America is still back and stuck at the Stone Age. Maybe intelligence is bad for America and the Americans.

Their leaders had tried to pain Islam and Muslims as being stuck in the Stone Age, yet, they are the ones who are, with their policies and military adventures which had caused untold damage to the lives of many whom they claim to want to free from their shackles of poverty and indecency – meaning away from their Islamic teachings.

Oh, yes, they also get some measure of support from a few of them in Europe, who are now starting to say the same.

But all these people have already forgotten the religions of their ancestors and had already trampled on their holy books and their icons long ago to feel they are superior beings because of that, so they think those who profess the Islamic faith are not as superior as they are.

They may have the finest universities and advanced industries in the world, but is America a developed civilization? Or are they just here on earth which do not have any important role to play other than to see how other countries do not progress.

This is despite the fact that they always like to claim to be the champion of democracy.

Yet, the way they behave proves that they are not so.

Therefore, America can be described as the failed democracy. They are also a failed dictatorship wannabe.

They try to impose their will too much, without care for the well-being of those whom they are persecuting, when they target leaders of countries which they had deemed to be dictators, yet, they have no compunction to persecute those around him and especially the scores and perhaps thousands and also millions of ordinary citizens.

Afghans and Iraqis have suffered tremendously because of American military aggression. Notwithstanding, the Middle East problem, which has been dragging on for so many decades, but which can never be settled because America had decided to take sides and to ignore the vanquished.

From what many can see, which is obvious, America treats its own citizens including those in the animal kingdom, with civility while persecuting those in foreign countries and abroad worse than the communists ever did, even to their own kinds, in the former Soviet Union and China.

In many ways, and by loose generalizations, America can be described as a communist state because of the types and kinds of actions that they have taken so far, using military might most of the time.

It is an instance when we can charge countries that have a large stockpile of nuclear arsenal which are using it to not only torment the other countries into submission, but also to persecute them for the slightest excuse, mostly on the pretext of wanting to police the world so those countries toe the line, while they continue to trample on it with impunity.

America is not giving democracy a good name. It has taken it to autocracy and communism, so the faint, thin line that divides the different political, economic and military ideologies are not only blurred but totally removed altogether.

It is sad, for the founding fathers of the country – America – for not anticipating how democracy which they had tried to promote amongst themselves and which their subsequent leaders had wanted to export to the rest of the world, often by force, has failed.

How on earth can democracy be exported by force and by using military might? Only the communists could do this, yet, they still failed.

Democracy must be exported in the kindest manner, or else it is not democracy, but American democracy.

From what they have been doing in recent times, using Muslims to bring out the worst from them, we can now decide if America really and truly subscribe to the concepts of Democracy that we know of. And that it is no more a Dictatorship Wannabe.

America has failed in both attempts, to be a true democracy and a lousy dictatorship.

Where are their thinkers? Where are their senior intelligence officers?

Haven’t they all realized that the world has changed pretty much since the Vietnam War?

Don’t they want to know that the European’s Journey of Hope had ended which caused the near collapse of their civilization?

And why is America trying to take the Journey of Hope as their own philosophy and strategy to rule the world?

Monday, November 10, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Let’s call the bluff once and for all; that the Chinese community leaders and other national political aspirants have been misleading everybody in the country all this while.

There’s no need for the Melayu to accept their charade and expose their bluff as it has become boring.

That the claim they have been making to charge that their community as the vanquished and the most malnourished is nothing but a lie.

It is true that there are many Chinese who lead miserable lives. But they are to be blamed for their miseries.

Ask those Chinese who are in the top wealthiest persons in Malaysia. Don’t ask those who are at the lowest rungs and in the poverty bracket amongst them, since they are there because they trusted their vernacular education too much that has forced them to stay there all their lives.

Yet, their community and political leaders do not want to highlight this fact and be proud of them. They only want to highlight the Chinese who are poor but not telling everybody why they are in such a bad shape. It’s because of their poor education and vernacular school background.

Even with their newfound wealth, they do not find it interesting enough to return to China as what many of their ancestors had pledged when they wanted to come to Malaya or Tanah Melayu, to find their riches and take them back to China later.

They prefer to remain in Malaysia where they believe they can retain their position as amongst the wealthiest persons in the country and getting all the help and support from the Melayu.

In China, they will feel lost. There is religious stifle. They cannot do much even after the opening up of that country more than twenty years ago.

Some do return to China though, but because they have to run away from the law, with the Indians in Malaysia fleeing to India to escape persecution for the crimes they had committed here.

However, there are still a sizeable Chinese who are not so well off; they survive doing petty trading.

And they are mostly those who have vernacular Mandarin school background. They do not have much of a future in the first place.

They do not blame their poor education studying in the vernacular schools but everybody else including the government whom they perceive as the Melayu government who had not cared enough for their well-being.

Unbeknownst to them, there are many more Melayu who are in much worse shape than they are who live in the rural areas where the basic amenities are not offered even after more than fifty-three years of Merdeka. They are still living in abject poverty.

And the Chinese who fail still insist on sending their children to such schools knowing how they will also become like them who can’t speak much Melayu and almost no English.

Yet, those Chinese who are successful are demanding that English be taught in the schools more extensively with some clamoring for the return of such schools so that more Chinese will send their children there to study.

But, don’t they realize that the return of such English schools or schools with English as the medium of instructions will cause the end of their vernacular schools, and such schools will also have Melayu majority?

There’s no doubt that if the Melayu are to be ‘forced’ to speak and write more in English, studying in such schools, they can easily outsmart those of the other races.

Those who write and speak in English better than the other races are the Melayu. This is a fact.

Even now those Chinese and also Indians including the Tamils who studied in the national schools are better off. They are able to related and react to the situation and be successful in life. They do not have any complaint compared to those Chinese.

They believed their schools and community could provide for them.

But alas, it was merely to force them to believe in the vernacular schools more. And it is also for those community leaders to get support from them so that their guilds and other associations and political party could function and continue to exist.

The truth of the matter is that the vernacular schools are the root cause of most of the problems faced by the group of Chinese who fail in life.

There are some who are successful. But they are those who went on beyond the limitations of their school. They entered the national schooling system and studied in the local universities using Melayu as the medium of instruction.

There are a smaller group of Chinese who could pursue their education abroad.

And they are the ones who are doing all the shrieking and shouting on behalf of the Chinese who fail, to show that they are successful despite them having had vernacular school education just like them.

But what they all neglect to say or admit is that they were able to continue with their studies in the national schools, for without which they will be stuck in the rut with them working in the ‘pasar malam’ and also engage in illegal trading of all sorts.

The Chinese elders and community as well as political leaders have been making the Melayu like fools for taking in their demands, at the expense of looking at the interests of their own community and that of the Indians and the others, all of whom have been neglected.

They have failed to develop their potentials and their communities suffer, just because the Melayu leaders were forced to accept all the lies that the Chinese community leaders have been telling them.

Their vernacular newspapers and those who write in English also do the same to show that their community are the ones who suffer the most. The Melayu had done things to stop it from progressing.

They have never acknowledged that the most wealthiest Malaysians are Chinese. There are so few Melayu and fewer still, Indians in this group.

But the Chinese community and political as well as intellectual leaders and their other spokesmen always want to avoid admitting this. They want to show those Chinese who fail in life without admitting that it was because of their poor education having just a few years of education in their vernacular school.

They also do not dare say the Chinese in other developed countries are worse off then them. And how those in Singapura can’t even write or speak loudly on any issue.

Here in Malaysia, they can even provoke the Melayu Sultans and other institutions of the Melayu and of Islam.

They insist on having the right of way on almost anything simply because they control the media.

The Melayu leaders are not smart enough not to know how to wrest control of the media so that their views on the poor state of the Melayu especially those in the rural areas can be highlighted.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Many Muslims have little knowledge on Islam but they always try to show to the whole world and everybody as much and as often as they can that they are smarter than the others on the religion. They are conceited or ‘riak’.

Yes, they can talk a lot on the non-important matters by spouting verses from the Holy Koran and Hadith (Sayings), but they themselves to not practice fully the Sunnah (Ways or Virtues) of Prophet Muhammad, (Peace be upon Him - Pbuh).

They do not realize that the knowledge that they are only immaterial and too small to allow them to represent the official views of Islam on any matter, which can only be done collectively, which should benefit the Ummah or Muslim People and not any Ustaz or religious teacher.

And here lies the problem with some Muslims who claim they are the only intelligent and knowledgeable person on Islam who think they can be of use to Islam and all Muslims, although their actions have proven to do otherwise with Muslim communities being fragmented and countries destroyed by all the sermons and preaching that are too narrow-minded and self-serving.

The Muslim World has about 1.6 billion people. And there are hundreds of thousands of experts in all fields, including the field of religion and religious scholars who are considered to be among the most well-known and respected in the world.

And among the five-twenty-seven heads of state in the Muslim World who are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), just how many of them can be said to be especially brilliant and wise? No one.

There used to be some of the Arab leaders who pretended to be self-important; but they - Saddam Hussein and Muamar Ghadaffy had been conveniently removed by the Zionists and the CIA, by cunning methods to make it look like it was the deeds of their people and former supporters.

They were stupid because they were selfish who had children who liked to misbehave themselves and taking the laws into their own hands. They did not use their brains and were emotional.

Currently there are no Muslim World renowned leaders in the field of international politics. The Muslim World does not dare create people like Saddam and Ghadaffy anymore because they fear the same fate would befall them.

And because of that the Arab or Muslim World had managed to create some ordinary people amongst them to become the unnecessary leaders of fringe militant groups including the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and the Levant or ISIL that aim to unite the Arabs to commonly confront the Zionists in the Middle East.

They will fail because the Zionists and the CIA will and already have the support of several Western and other Arab countries to attack and destroy them by using whatever means that are available at their disposal, by first branding ISIL as a Muslim militant group which aims to destroy the Arab states.

And efforts by the Arabs all these years to seize back the land from the Zionists in the Middle East by force have also not been effective.

There are other ways that can be used to achieve this goal, if the Arabs and Muslim leaders know what they were. But because there is no true leader in the Entire Muslim World who is intelligent or brilliant, the Muslim world or the Arab World will continue to suffer further indignities and destruction each time they take physical actions against the Zionists who are definitely better equipped and who has the ardent support of their lackeys, America and the United Nations as well as NATO.  

Most of the Arabs who have so far only able to serve themselves alone and not Islam. They are just only interested to acquire knowledge just so that they can get better jobs or posts that come with a high salary?

So the question here is: Are the experts and renowned Arab scholars that we have today really experts and eminent persons and very knowledgeable about Islam, or they only know how to use Islam to trust themselves in the public eye by giving lengthy lectures or sermons and with the sole purpose for them to entertainment the audiences who are mostly Muslims who were born into the religion yet who still exhibit ignorance on the religious law and the most fundamental values ​​of Islam.

So is it not a surprised if the television stations can create special programs for them to give such sermons or lectures to their audiences just in order for them to be able to show their talents in singing voice which is not pleasant to hear by anyone, and giving advice to them on the basics of Islam which they should already know by now.

One surprising question that I had heard expressed by someone attending one of the public lectures given by a well-known Ustaz in Malaysia concerns the laws in Islam on the non-payment of personal loans taken by the person.

How could such an adult Muslim man ask such a basic question before such a large crowd of people, and what answers he expected to get from the Ustaz that he himself could not know himself?

The Ustaz should not waste his time listening to such persons asking such a silly question, and should chide him for uttering it, because it showed how ignorant of Islam that he must be.

But this particular Ustaz did not react in such a manner. On the other hand, he entertained the questioner by offering an answer which was obvious to everybody to a question which was stupid by giving an answer to it which is also predictable.

And how many people attend the religious talks given by the Ustaz obey what the Ustaz say? What is the impact on their awareness of Islam? I doubt it if those who often attend such gatherings bothered to better themselves by obeying what the Ustaz says.

Perhaps the study of Islam that the Ustaz had taken was not right or and was conducted wrongly because it just encouraged people to be proud of themselves for having acquired some basic knowledge of Islam that they could acquire from just a few years of studying at the various universities or schools in the country and elsewhere including in the Arab countries, which they can then share with those who are willing to listen to them, which seems to impress many especially when they talk about the Deeds and Sayings of the Prophet or Sunnah and Hadith and verses from the Holy Koran to their audiences.

And in every Muslim country there will be groups of people who are happy to openly declare how good they are in their full understanding of Islam which ultimately led them to fight with each other to condemn the others who they say do not have sufficient knowledge on Islam compared to them.  

It is worse when they would use or misuse the political platforms to ensure that when they falter they can use politics and their own so-called Islamic Parties to bail them out of the possible persecution by the respective authorities in their country.

Not only that there are also many of those so-called religious preachers who did not study in formal universities or religious schools but in the pondok that are available in almost every village in the country, so much so that there are now hundreds of thousands of them with each of them having differing views on Islam that they can use to further split the Arabs and Muslims.

In Indonesia there are also many such village religious schools known as pasentren which have produced hundreds of thousands of established preachers of all sizes and shapes.

And in the Arab World there are many universities and madrassahs that have given rise to the large group of graduates of Islamic studies who became preachers, particularly the University of Al-Azhar, which is regarded as the oldest university in the world.

Not content with this, at the University of Oxford has also established the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies (OXIS). But till now no one knows what their intentions for having such a center are for. It has not benefited Islam.  

And not less interesting, there are also many Islamic experts who studied about Islam at the universities in the West that have their own centers of Islamic learning of all types and styles.

But despite all that: Why are Islamic countries or the Arab countries in particular have become so fragmented and almost destroyed? What are the reasons for this to happen to them?

On top of all that, there are many think-tanks and centers of Islamic studies at universities in all other Arab and Islamic countries, including in almost all of the top universities in the West, particularly in America and Europe.

So why are the problems that we see in the Arab and other Muslim countries happening?

Can’t all the important and prominent group of Islamic scholars, experts and thinkers and scholars able to give their views and suggestions to get Arabs and Muslims to refrain from confronting with each other and worse, to fight with each other, by creating a system that can engage them with each other better to avoid them from getting at each other’s throats like what is happening?

So what the hell are the so many so-called Muslim experts, scholars, thinkers and scholars doing all this while, if they all cannot help to create a better image of Islam and Muslims in the world so that the Arab and Muslim World can be looked up upon by everybody else?

Or is their level of the thinking and mentality of the so-called Muslim thinkers, scholars and scholars so superficial and shallow that they are only qualified to give just empty talk and still managed to get recognition for being who they claim and think they are, and often times also get standing ovations when they give lengthy speeches and chanting of the ‘takbir’?

The truth is that the so-called Muslim experts that we have in the world have not used the knowledge they had managed to acquire and their experiences for the good of Islam and all Muslims; they were mostly educated in the West and also in our own country who in the end use their expertise to help strengthen the economic, social and Western culture, without them ever realizing their own folly in doing that.

And because of that we can see how the economic growth enjoyed by Malaysia in particular actually benefits the countries in the West or Zionists in more ways than one.

And economic developments in other Arab countries too have an impact which is to help those in the west to benefit from them in many areas especially in international sports by also offering the experts from the West who are given important jobs which give high salaries with the Arabs and Islam only playing a minor role in the development of their own countries.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

No wonder the Arabs and Muslims in the world could be considered to be nothing but slaves and inferior to those in the west, because the pious and ‘famous’ and ‘important’ Muslim scholars and clerics are just selfish and who do not know how to find ways to promote the unity of Muslims and who only know how to find ways to create fiction among themselves each time they try to exert themselves to show to everybody how pious and knowledgeable on Islam that they think they are.  

In the end, instead of benefiting Islam, they did not benefit the religion and Muslims; but on the other hand, benefit the non-Muslim parties who enjoy looking at the Arabs and Muslims squabble amongst themselves, so they needed to spend a lot less to cause them to suffer indignities and self-destruction by just provoking them into misbehaving themselves.   

It is therefore ironic that the people who have spent many years learning about Islam and who should be the very persons who could bridge the divide amongst the Arabs and Muslims had eventually became the real sources on the division amongst the Arabs and Muslims that we see today. They have made a mockery of themselves.  

The reason is that they got lost and forget what roles they should play to promote Islam amongst the Muslims and to the others who may benefit from the religion, even though they may not wish to profess the religion which has many values that they can appreciate.

They all have failed to play a role to strengthen the unity amongst the Arabs and Muslims in their own country and throughout the Muslim world, by thinking of effective ways that can lead to the unity of the Ummah or Muslim People.  

Instead, they are proud to find a wide variety of ways and means to divide the Muslims in their country which resulted in the entire Muslim world becoming fragmented and on the verge of destruction and collapse.

The problem is that people who studied Islam have lost their way and forgotten their true roles in Islam; they do not know to find the ways to promote unity amongst Muslims, because they have become totally ignorant, too conceited and too self-important and utterly confused with what little knowledge on Islam that they had managed to acquire in their years and years of self-study so much so that they thought they were able to self-appoint themselves as the unofficial spokesmen for Islam and all Muslims. Yes, they are that conceited and arrogant and also dumb, to say the least.  

So, they want to portray themselves as acclaimed Islamic scholars and tell everybody how educated they are on Islam, but without realizing that they had caused the Muslims to be divided by the controversial and even scandalous edicts they pass at their whims and fancies to entertain themselves and their small band of followers, without even daring to establish their own faith.

Yes, they feel proud when they can cause discord among Muslims and worse than that, they are willing to encourage the clashing of the Arabs and Muslims by colluding with the very people who are here only to destroy Islam and the Muslim countries.

This is very sad indeed. They are willing to destroy the unity of the Arabs and Muslims in order to get support from those who do not support their desire to further aggrandize themselves or to help create an artificial image of them selves as the ‘true defender of the faith’ when what they are doing is the opposite.

The saddest part of all is that such so-called Islamic scholars take so much pride in what they have to do without realizing it that it has caused the Muslims to be further divided the Muslims in their own country and abuse the religion of Islam that they like to say they are proud to knowledgeable of so that they can issue 'fatwas' or edicts on their own, although they do not have any credentials to do so.

They are not afraid of the Hereafter or Hell; they are only concerned with what they can do in the world now which is to get support and praise from their small group of supporters by insisting that they are more knowledgeable on Islam and who are more pious than the others.

In fact, Malaysia does not have any Islamic scholar of distinction. Indeed, the whole world does not have eminent Islamic scholars.

Those who claim to be such are mere students of Islam and who have not yet fully grasp the full understanding of Islam, to allow any one person to act alone on behalf of the religion.  

Some people like to claim that they are great Islamic scholars or experts. This is a big lie.

If there were eminent Islamic scholars in the world today, the person can certainly influence the development of the Arab World and in the Entire Muslim world.

But until now no one has any such influence to be able to do much.

That there are some people who stand out not because they are clever about the religion of Islam, but who know how to manipulate the verses in the Holy Koran and Hadiths as well as the Deeds or Sunnah of the Prophet, which all have managed to bring calamity to the Muslims in their own countries and in the Arab world and the Muslim world generally.

In the past, it was difficult for any Muslim to be recognized as Clerics or Ustaz or scholars of Islam, and much less those who are fondly remembered for having brought glory to the religion.

Many of them are still remembered and appreciated as well as admired for being scientists and a mathematicians and theologians which even the Catholic west admitted to having been influenced by their intense research and scholarship.

They influence the development of science and technology that the world today still recognizes, so much so that experts in the West were forced to kneel in front of them to seek knowledge and intellectual enlightenment, which they in the west are able to use which has allowed them to continue to prosper and progress so that the Arab world and the Muslim world is left to be backward and in poverty without it having anymore smart men and women like they had in the past.

That's why many third rate Muslims scholars and intellectuals like to mention the names of past Arab and Muslim scientists and mathematicians all the time without them ever knowing what else that they can do with the knowledge that they had created because they do not know how to strive to achieve perfection and intellectual enlightenment like those Arab and Muslim scholars in the past who they admire wholeheartedly without knowing to benefit from their wisdom so they can become better known Muslim scholars of today much like those that they have in the west now.

This is indeed very sad.

That is why many people prefer to become scholars and religious teachers who only know to find fault with other Muslims, who they charge for not siding with them on everything they say and who they like to charge for being ignorant of Islam.  

They eventually will not be recognized as a useful Muslims leaders to Islam, who can on the other hand cause Muslims to be disunited as can be seen today.

They like to divide Muslims by issuing various fatwas and to ensure that they are heard above the loud din of bombs and missiles that they had caused to be released.

Yet, they do not want to admit that they were the real cause of why Muslims are divided and their countries destroyed.  

There is really no important and influential Muslim scholar in the world today that there are only a few people of Arab descent who only know how to issue one fatwa and the other which does not benefit the Muslims.

They do not have sharp minds and know how to give suggestions that can be implemented by political leaders, who just love to hear them speak in general terms on the same issues concerning the morals of the believers who mostly sound as though they are recent reverts to the religion, when they are not.  

That's why all the Arab countries are still backward and almost destroyed in more ways than one.

That is why the Muslim world in backward in many ways, with no progress that they can be proud of; with the Muslims behaving like they are slaves to the western experts who have managed to use science and technologies to create products that are used everyday that the Arabs and Muslims only know how to buy to support the economy of those countries that had those scientific and technological advancement that they do not have.

Unfortunately, in the end, Muslims around the world would eventually become slaves to those in the west, who generally are not Muslims; they are not professing true Christianity either and are mostly Pseudo-Christians, i.e. Christians who mixed atheism and paganism.

Muslim scholars are only proud if they have the capability to split the people in their own country like it is an achievement that they are happy to see happen like this is what their God had ordered them to do.  

Most of the time, the way they would use to achieve this end is to establish an 'Islamic party', to enable them to ridicule and get still support from people who are mostly like them, who want to create problems with other Muslims who have done a lot to empower and strengthen the position of the Malays and Islam in their country, by creating mischief and raising irrelevant issues.  

They also know that they can escape from punishment or persecution and court action because they hide behind politics.

The problem is that the leaders of the Islamic countries in the past were not aware of the presence of 'political Islam' which does not have any relevance in the religion of Islam itself.

Is there such a thing as an ‘Islamic political party’ in Islam? What does that mean?

The irony is that when they decided to establish their so-called Islamic political parties, they create the assumption that the other parties are 'non-Islamic party' or the political party of the Infidels that it is not.

This is not true and should not be allowed to happen in any Muslim country.

The establishment of the so-called Islamic political parties should not be encouraged because they can cause harm to the religion of Islam itself as it has proven.

That is why the Arab countries do not have any Islamic political party although some may have Islamic ideals that they want to highlight in their political struggle.

There are only normal political parties that fight or champion the plight of the Muslims. That's it. There is no 'Islamic political parties.’

In Malaysia there is a so-called Islamic political party. Who gave them the recognition that their party is an Islamic political party in the first place? And what is the structure of the Islamic political party and what are the means that they can use to champion the cause of Islam?

Do they do it by ridiculing and chiding the other Muslims who do not share their personal sentiments?

The Melayu in Malaysia have not benefited from the establishment of the only so-called Islamic political party. It has proven to be harmful to the unity of the Melayu and Muslims in the country and benefited the non-Melayu and non-Muslims more.