Thursday, November 6, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Many Muslims have little knowledge on Islam but they always try to show to the whole world and everybody as much and as often as they can that they are smarter than the others on the religion. They are conceited or ‘riak’.

Yes, they can talk a lot on the non-important matters by spouting verses from the Holy Koran and Hadith (Sayings), but they themselves to not practice fully the Sunnah (Ways or Virtues) of Prophet Muhammad, (Peace be upon Him - Pbuh).

They do not realize that the knowledge that they are only immaterial and too small to allow them to represent the official views of Islam on any matter, which can only be done collectively, which should benefit the Ummah or Muslim People and not any Ustaz or religious teacher.

And here lies the problem with some Muslims who claim they are the only intelligent and knowledgeable person on Islam who think they can be of use to Islam and all Muslims, although their actions have proven to do otherwise with Muslim communities being fragmented and countries destroyed by all the sermons and preaching that are too narrow-minded and self-serving.

The Muslim World has about 1.6 billion people. And there are hundreds of thousands of experts in all fields, including the field of religion and religious scholars who are considered to be among the most well-known and respected in the world.

And among the five-twenty-seven heads of state in the Muslim World who are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), just how many of them can be said to be especially brilliant and wise? No one.

There used to be some of the Arab leaders who pretended to be self-important; but they - Saddam Hussein and Muamar Ghadaffy had been conveniently removed by the Zionists and the CIA, by cunning methods to make it look like it was the deeds of their people and former supporters.

They were stupid because they were selfish who had children who liked to misbehave themselves and taking the laws into their own hands. They did not use their brains and were emotional.

Currently there are no Muslim World renowned leaders in the field of international politics. The Muslim World does not dare create people like Saddam and Ghadaffy anymore because they fear the same fate would befall them.

And because of that the Arab or Muslim World had managed to create some ordinary people amongst them to become the unnecessary leaders of fringe militant groups including the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and the Levant or ISIL that aim to unite the Arabs to commonly confront the Zionists in the Middle East.

They will fail because the Zionists and the CIA will and already have the support of several Western and other Arab countries to attack and destroy them by using whatever means that are available at their disposal, by first branding ISIL as a Muslim militant group which aims to destroy the Arab states.

And efforts by the Arabs all these years to seize back the land from the Zionists in the Middle East by force have also not been effective.

There are other ways that can be used to achieve this goal, if the Arabs and Muslim leaders know what they were. But because there is no true leader in the Entire Muslim World who is intelligent or brilliant, the Muslim world or the Arab World will continue to suffer further indignities and destruction each time they take physical actions against the Zionists who are definitely better equipped and who has the ardent support of their lackeys, America and the United Nations as well as NATO.  

Most of the Arabs who have so far only able to serve themselves alone and not Islam. They are just only interested to acquire knowledge just so that they can get better jobs or posts that come with a high salary?

So the question here is: Are the experts and renowned Arab scholars that we have today really experts and eminent persons and very knowledgeable about Islam, or they only know how to use Islam to trust themselves in the public eye by giving lengthy lectures or sermons and with the sole purpose for them to entertainment the audiences who are mostly Muslims who were born into the religion yet who still exhibit ignorance on the religious law and the most fundamental values ​​of Islam.

So is it not a surprised if the television stations can create special programs for them to give such sermons or lectures to their audiences just in order for them to be able to show their talents in singing voice which is not pleasant to hear by anyone, and giving advice to them on the basics of Islam which they should already know by now.

One surprising question that I had heard expressed by someone attending one of the public lectures given by a well-known Ustaz in Malaysia concerns the laws in Islam on the non-payment of personal loans taken by the person.

How could such an adult Muslim man ask such a basic question before such a large crowd of people, and what answers he expected to get from the Ustaz that he himself could not know himself?

The Ustaz should not waste his time listening to such persons asking such a silly question, and should chide him for uttering it, because it showed how ignorant of Islam that he must be.

But this particular Ustaz did not react in such a manner. On the other hand, he entertained the questioner by offering an answer which was obvious to everybody to a question which was stupid by giving an answer to it which is also predictable.

And how many people attend the religious talks given by the Ustaz obey what the Ustaz say? What is the impact on their awareness of Islam? I doubt it if those who often attend such gatherings bothered to better themselves by obeying what the Ustaz says.

Perhaps the study of Islam that the Ustaz had taken was not right or and was conducted wrongly because it just encouraged people to be proud of themselves for having acquired some basic knowledge of Islam that they could acquire from just a few years of studying at the various universities or schools in the country and elsewhere including in the Arab countries, which they can then share with those who are willing to listen to them, which seems to impress many especially when they talk about the Deeds and Sayings of the Prophet or Sunnah and Hadith and verses from the Holy Koran to their audiences.

And in every Muslim country there will be groups of people who are happy to openly declare how good they are in their full understanding of Islam which ultimately led them to fight with each other to condemn the others who they say do not have sufficient knowledge on Islam compared to them.  

It is worse when they would use or misuse the political platforms to ensure that when they falter they can use politics and their own so-called Islamic Parties to bail them out of the possible persecution by the respective authorities in their country.

Not only that there are also many of those so-called religious preachers who did not study in formal universities or religious schools but in the pondok that are available in almost every village in the country, so much so that there are now hundreds of thousands of them with each of them having differing views on Islam that they can use to further split the Arabs and Muslims.

In Indonesia there are also many such village religious schools known as pasentren which have produced hundreds of thousands of established preachers of all sizes and shapes.

And in the Arab World there are many universities and madrassahs that have given rise to the large group of graduates of Islamic studies who became preachers, particularly the University of Al-Azhar, which is regarded as the oldest university in the world.

Not content with this, at the University of Oxford has also established the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies (OXIS). But till now no one knows what their intentions for having such a center are for. It has not benefited Islam.  

And not less interesting, there are also many Islamic experts who studied about Islam at the universities in the West that have their own centers of Islamic learning of all types and styles.

But despite all that: Why are Islamic countries or the Arab countries in particular have become so fragmented and almost destroyed? What are the reasons for this to happen to them?

On top of all that, there are many think-tanks and centers of Islamic studies at universities in all other Arab and Islamic countries, including in almost all of the top universities in the West, particularly in America and Europe.

So why are the problems that we see in the Arab and other Muslim countries happening?

Can’t all the important and prominent group of Islamic scholars, experts and thinkers and scholars able to give their views and suggestions to get Arabs and Muslims to refrain from confronting with each other and worse, to fight with each other, by creating a system that can engage them with each other better to avoid them from getting at each other’s throats like what is happening?

So what the hell are the so many so-called Muslim experts, scholars, thinkers and scholars doing all this while, if they all cannot help to create a better image of Islam and Muslims in the world so that the Arab and Muslim World can be looked up upon by everybody else?

Or is their level of the thinking and mentality of the so-called Muslim thinkers, scholars and scholars so superficial and shallow that they are only qualified to give just empty talk and still managed to get recognition for being who they claim and think they are, and often times also get standing ovations when they give lengthy speeches and chanting of the ‘takbir’?

The truth is that the so-called Muslim experts that we have in the world have not used the knowledge they had managed to acquire and their experiences for the good of Islam and all Muslims; they were mostly educated in the West and also in our own country who in the end use their expertise to help strengthen the economic, social and Western culture, without them ever realizing their own folly in doing that.

And because of that we can see how the economic growth enjoyed by Malaysia in particular actually benefits the countries in the West or Zionists in more ways than one.

And economic developments in other Arab countries too have an impact which is to help those in the west to benefit from them in many areas especially in international sports by also offering the experts from the West who are given important jobs which give high salaries with the Arabs and Islam only playing a minor role in the development of their own countries.

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