Saturday, October 25, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Despite all the political drama surrounding the removal of former menteri besar of Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim and the appointment of his successor, Azmin Ali, and the new line of state executive committee members, which had taken up much space in the newspapers and media lately, one wonders if there is really a state government in Selangor all these years since Pakatan Rakyat won the elections in February, 2008 till now.

As a long-time resident of Selangor, I have not felt like there is one. The Pakatan Rakyat state government is just for show; it does not exist in ways that we know it.   

The state is very much ‘governed’ by Barisan Nasional and the apparatus and structures that it had put in place since Merdeka till now. Nothing new was added to them.

Khalid Ibrahim as menteri besar had never been known to make any visits to the constituencies, including his own in Bandar Tun Razak, as did the exco members under his leadership.

He was very much holed in his office and the administration building and attending so few official functions in the state, country or abroad. He was in the news for being embroiled in party politicking most of the time.

And the same will happen with the new menteri besar and his exco members, who are all totally detached from the people living in the state.

I have not heard of anyone writing to them for anything. And they had never been known to show any care to the well-being of the people of the state.

The Pakatan Rakyat government of Selangor only exists because the majority of the voters in Selangor simply wanted to replace those in Barisan Nasional that the coalition party and especially Umno had failed to remove early.

If this had been done by Umno, surely, Selangor would not have gone to Pakatan Rakyat in 2008.

Unfortunately, the voters in Selangor as well as those in the whole country that had voted opposition had this in mind when they went to the polls in 2008, to replace or remove those in Umno and Barisan Nasional who had been there too long and who had not been known to have done much.

They did not consciously vote for the opposition whose candidates in the general elections of 2008 and also 2014 to be people that they wanted to choose, because they had not been known to have served their community. They are mere party supporters who were chosen to run in the election, and fortunately, won.

Yet, given more than six years, none of them and especially the Pakatan Rakyat exco members and also the menteri besar has not been known to go down to the roots, to delve deeper to investigate personally what the state lacks and needs badly.

The few public gatherings that they held were not received well especially their Hari Raya Puasa gatherings that were not so well attended.

They will still survive as long as Umno and Barisan Nasional do not show to the people of Selangor that they can present to them a new line-up of their new generation of leaders who care for the well-being of the people and who do not crave for personal attention shouting empty slogans to get media attention.

Unfortunately, too, the so-called ‘economic advisor’ of Pakatan, Anwar Ibrahim has not done anything to deserve to be given the post.

Since his appointment to the post, what has he brought to the state? How much foreign investment has he managed to bring into the state and what other interesting projects has he also caused to be developed?

How many economists in Selangor and abroad has he met to discuss what else that Selangor today can do in the state and for its people to reap their full potential in all fields and industries? 

Selangor has vast potential that has already been capitalized and developed by the former state government of Barisan Nasional led by Umno, and the present Pakatan Rakyat state government merely extends them, without knowing how to improve on them.

One can then say that Selangor is not led by their political leaders but by the very technocrats and bureaucrats that had been put in place by the former state government, which follows in the same ways and styles of the state governments controlled by Umno and Barisan Nasional.

The Pakatan Rakyat way of dealing with the people and investors does not exist.

Worse, the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor still does not have any five-year plans to develop the state to show to its voters and people that they can do better than the government that they had managed to ‘replace’ in 2008.

In many ways, they had not managed to replace the former state government of Barisan Nasional and Umno, because they did not have alternative development plans for the state that can best take full advantage of the potentials that exist in the state especially in its vast human resources and talents and qualified persons especially since the state has many prominent universities and other centers of higher learning that the other states do not have.

Pakatan Rakyat may have won the support of the majority of the voters of Selangor since 2008, but it has not won over the entire state.

The majority of the voters of Selangor who voted Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 and 2014 did not even know who they were voting for.

And in my area, their candidates are still unknown. They have banners showing their faces which they put up at some junctions and other state buildings to greet people.

But they are not known to have done much. Not many know who they are and what they have done or plan to do for their own constituencies?

In the area of Taming in Balakong, Selangor, the streetlights were dead for many months and drains clogged with rubbish thrown at signboards warning anyone from throwing rubbish.

Selangor is one of the messiest and dirtiest states in the country. It cannot be compared to Melaka where I am originally from, which is clean with the roads leveled and not broken by potholes and disturbed by the many bumps that we can see in the roads in Selangor.

Selangor can be said to be the ‘model state’ for Pakatan Rakyat and Melaka is the model state for Barisan Nasional and Melaka in this regard.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Only the Christian cemeteries in these countries seem to be growing in size…because being buried in such cemeteries have become a tradition for them than a part of their religious beliefs or practice.

I have not seen any Chinese or Hindu temple turned into masjid. This cannot happen and will not happen.

And no masjid can and will be turned into Chinese or Hindu temples or Synagogues.

Yet, many old Melayu villages or kampong have been displaced but with masjid still standing.

It is a pathetic sight; something that the local Muslim authorities ought to have the answers for.
They won’t have any; they do not have any guilt feeling.  

Some of the old churches in the west and America had been sold off to private buyers who turned them into masjid, with the others turned into hotels, restaurants and also Sikh gudwaras.

If these did not happen, then surely the old churches would be left to decay, which is a worse reflection of the times, of the influence of the Crusaders who had tried very hard to plant the Cross wherever they were, before they were stopped by Sallehuddin Al-Ayubi or Saladin.

Many old Catholic churches which had tall spires had become irrelevant to the surrounding areas whose parish they used to serve.

The few that are left are almost vacant, with them giving some din during Sunday mass which are mostly attended by the aged and elderly and also disabled men and women who could only fill the first and second rows in the churches, and listening to the priests or pastors giving their sermons.

The places where these churches stand are definitely at the wrong places with most of them sitting deep in the woods.

Fortunately, and also ironically, these are the churches which still remain standing as they do not attract potential buyers.

Those that are in the towns and cities and in residential areas have all been sold off. Even the few that are still holding on are quiet and still.

The churches had to be sold off because they were sitting in areas which are now dominated by the non-Catholics, who are mostly the immigrants to those countries who had taken over not only the roads or streets but much of the cities or towns.

I first learnt of how an old church that had been sold off to be turned into a discotheque in 1979 when I was in New York City, studying and living there for a while.

That was probably the first time such a place of worship for the Catholics in the area or eve country had been sold.

Of course there was some debate on the matter, with one side not agreeing to it being sold, much less to be converted into a discotheque.

However, the other side which agreed with the move, said ‘buildings has no memory’.

The church was sold off and it became a discotheque.

And not long later, one church to the next one was sold off. There was no need for them to be there as they do not serve any community since they had all left the church to become atheists or non-practicing Catholics or Christians.

Even the leaders of the churches themselves do not seem to care anymore to give speeches or sermons before such a small or tiny congregation, with one having only fifty persons, yet, he seems to be the most vocal in attacking Islam and wanting to burn copies of the Holy Koran.

Yet, the Muslims did not retaliate to call for the burning of The Bible or even the Torah or Talmud, however much they despite those few Catholics or Christians who they brand as Pseudo-Christians and Pseudo-Catholics, who do not represent these religions.

No wonder they are also not supported by the Vatican whose Pope surprisingly did not personally condemn the action or distanced himself from them. 

In Pulau Pinang in Malaysia, an old Jewish synagogue has been turned into a photo store. It was the only synagogue on the island which was built when there was a significant Jewish community there.

However, their Jewish cemetery is still where it is with no threat of it being razed down to make way for development.

Most of the Jews on the island, however, had fled to go to other countries.

In the Zionist state, masjid and Muslim cemeteries and communities have been razed to make way for the development of housing projects and towns for new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and East Europe.

The most startling conversion of an old church has got to be the church in Constantinople, which happened when the city and country fell to the Muslim forces led by Sultan Memet, so the city was later, renamed Istanbul.

The Haier Sofia Masjid is now a museum. It turned into one when Turkey became a ‘secular state’ but with it still retaining its features including the minarets or towers that were constructed to add to the original Christian design of the church.

Islamic calligraphy was also added inside and outside the building, but some of the Catholic icons are still on the walls.

However, only the Christian cemeteries seem to have expanded.

The reason being anyone who was said to be Christian despite him or not practicing the religion including the atheists in England, Europe and America, would ultimately find themselves being buried in such cemeteries.

So what happens is that they were born Christians i.e. to couples who were Christians, yet, the whole life they did not spend as Christians. But when they die they are given Christian burials, which is mostly a tradition for the burying of the dead in America amongst them.

Unless if they opted to be cremated with their ashes strewn on the sea or river or be used as ornaments, or put in pots and placed in the fancy crematoriums.    

Friday, October 17, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Russia only likes to watch America have their way…and China and India slowly becoming new World Superpowers.  

Russia’s idiotic leaders who do not have any clue as to what they are there for, with no foreign policies that they can use to exert their military and political might.

Where are the Russian political thinkers and philosophers and strategists? They do not seem to have any.

The Russian leaders only know how to dilly-dally while trying to look smart and brave; but deep inside of them, they are cowards and also idiots who are made fools of by America all the time.  

Now even Ukraine can do that on behalf of America and NATO.

What is a World Superpower? No need to answer this question. Is there such a thing as a Stupid World Superpower and a Smart World Superpower? They are.

We’ll see one Stupid World Superpower and it is Russia, who does not know what to use with their stature and how to exert themselves to get more support from the veto power they had been using to protect and support the cause of the Arabs and Muslims in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

How could they be so stupid so as to continue to allow America that has been using their veto power only to protect their personal interests and those of the Zionist state of Israel?

And yet, America is seen to be allies of the Arabs and Muslims and the Russians as their enemies, who they cannot trust.

It is Russia which is stupid enough not to be able to do much to gain anything from their support of the Arab and Muslim countries.

And the Arab and Muslim countries that had gained much from Russia having used its veto power are also to be blamed for being ungrateful, for not trying to find ways to show their appreciation of what Russia has been doing to try and help protect them all these years.

This is also how stupid the Arabs and Muslims are.

They, the Russians and Arabs and Muslims deserve to be with each other in this way.

No wonder they are so easy to be manipulated by America and its allies which also include the very Arab and Muslim countries that had benefited much from Russia for having used its veto power to protect them.

America is smart if not cunning and shrewd for being able to gain much trust from the Arabs and Muslims who they have not bothered to protect by using its veto power.   

America is a superpower and it knows how to maintain its position in the world by exerting it all the time, pushing its secretary of state to ensure that every country dances to its tune, while they pretend to promote democracy. But alas it is American-style democracy and not real democracy.

American-style democracy is truly Anarchy. This is evident in the countries that had tried to embrace this brand of democracy without its leaders using their heads properly.

And unfortunately, most of the countries that had caused their own country and economy to be destroyed are the Arab ones. Their leaders had failed to realize what the real aims of America to force them to go along with them to embrace democracy which a tool to create anarchy as what everybody can see happening in the countries today.

And it is this democracy-anarchy that is being used to ensure the continued existence of the Zionist state of Israel, which can only be sustained if the Arab countries around it are in the perennial state of anarchy.

Those countries that do not embrace American-style democracy will also face similar problems, but in different ways.

And what is Russia? Is it a World Superpower too? It is.

But alas, it is a STUPID WORLD SUPERPOWER. Why?

Because its leaders do not know what to do with their status, which was also given by America.

These two countries are World Superpowers not by virtue of them being permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations, but because of their vast resources.

Unfortunately, America knew how to manipulate the system and mentality of the lower cast Third Word leaders to ensure that they are embolden to America’s demands, while chiding and criticizing the former Soviet Union’s every move.

America had caused the Soviet Union to collapse. Now in its place there is Russia, which is a faint resemblance of its former self especially with the many former Soviet Republics having gone on their separate ways, some to embrace American-style democracy reluctantly.

Yet, the leaders of Russia today are at a total loss. They did not know what else they can do with their status as a World Superpower.

Their secretary of state today, Seigei Lavrov and also their President Vladimir Putin only know how to react, to play fiddle to Uncle Sam.

Even when they are embroiled in the Ukrainian controversy, they balk and do not know how to react and take advantage of the situation to benefit fully from it, while America is trying to gain mileage from it.

The only exertion Putin had tried to show is to release a statement which sounds more like a remark of how Russia is a Superpower, too.

But what he says is so hollow; it lacks gumption. It is a Superpower, a World Superpower but such a STUPID WORLD SUPERPOWER.

Russia can do much to balance the situation in the world so that America and also its allies can be contained, for the good of the rest of the world, as Americanism slowly moves towards the exit doors of many Arab and Muslim countries.

Yet, Putin and Lavrov do not seem to know what to do in such a situation.

When will the Russian and their leaders learn from the stupid mistake that they had been doing all these years so that they can finally benefit from them?

How much must they demand from the Arab and Muslim countries for each veto power they use in the UN?

Even Japan and South Korea which have not been known to be especially friendly to many Arab and Muslim countries benefit tremendously, for without the markets they had opened to their products, these two countries could go bankrupt in no time.

It’s the same with America and its allies who parasitic economies are totally dependent on the charity of the Arabs and Muslims, yet, this tool is not used by them to benefit them to tame America and its allies to submission.

The Zionist state of Israel does not provide for America. On the contrary, it is America that has been supporting the Zionist state without which its very existence would be untenable.

Russia does not need Putin and Lavrov; the country needs leaders who know how to benefit from the veto power it has and for being a World Superpower.

And unbeknownst to them, they have turned Russia into a Stupid World Superpower, as did their predecessors.    

Monday, October 13, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Not everything from the west and particularly America is good for the Arabs and Muslims.

Yet, the Americans did not know this and want to impose its values on the others, especially the Arabs and Muslims who were living nicely and peacefully in their caves without care for the world.

Then suddenly they were forced to abide to the laws and rules from the west and America, which creates a lot of confusion in them, the more they try to ape the westerners and Americans.

Yet, the west and America are still at it.

They have not come to realize their own folly in wanting to force democracy to them, without taking into consideration a ‘modern’ Arab and Muslim is going to be like the freedom-fighters of old, who called for the independence of their own states that were under rule by them - the British, French, Italian, Spanish and then the Americans, all of whom had to leave the country in shame.

This is the irony of it all.

In their haste to force the Arabs and Muslims to embrace American culture, lifestyle and ways as well as their democratic system, they had failed to realize the side-effects which are evidently clear for everybody to see.

The only persons who do not accept the problems faced by the Arabs and Muslims today to have their source from the very countries in the west led by America to solve them by charging some of the Arabs and Muslims to be militant.

They had become ‘militants’ and ‘terrorists’ because their original habitat had been disturbed.

Just as some animals had started to attack humans when their natural habitat had been disturbed, the animal lovers in America and the west quickly blamed the humans for their folly and not the animals for reacting in the way they do.

However, with the Arabs and Muslims, the same people who treat animals with kindness and understanding cannot show similar compassion to the Arabs and Muslims whose countries and world as well as their thinking to be misshapen.

Now the second era of western and American colonization is happening, neo-colonization as described by many, which appeared in the form of entertainment and lifestyle change that led to political and military actions.   

And this time the method is by forcing the very countries that they had one colonized for so long to embrace democracy – or more exactly American-style democracy like it was something that is enshrined in the Holy Koran. It is not.

No wonder the Arabs and Muslims are confused because to them not to follow the dictates of the west would spell doom. And to follow to the strict dictates of the religion of the ancestors without taking into consideration the moderation Islam preaches, too, had caused them to be in the bad shape they are in.

Only pseudo-Arab and pseudo-Muslim countries seem to thrive, and this is largely due to the wealth that they had managed to earn from the oil that they have in their deserts.

But internal strife still exists when factions are created amongst those who think they can do better to develop the country and who think they know Islam better to be of better use for the people despite the fact that they had existed for so long, yet, they have not made inroads through the democratic process. Now they are trying to use other processes.

Some of them are lucky because they are able to get support and funding from outside sources, who claim to uphold democracy but who do just the opposite.

Many a country had been destroyed by them in this way. And they are bent on doing more harm to the other countries until there is ‘regime change’. 

Unfortunately, many Arab leaders had deserted Islam to embrace westernization and Americanization, their new pseudo-religion. 

What has been happening in the many Arab countries is obvious that the western-style democracy that they were forced to accept by the western powers has not given them much other than despair and destruction.

With some individuals leading the charge, with the people backing them for no reason other than to want to practice democracy.

In America and the pseudo-Christian west, they practice the democratic process properly; in the Arab and other Muslim countries they think they are practicing democracy without knowing the limits.

This explains why many of the Arab and Muslim countries are dirty and filthy with every system shabby.

There is no real western-style or American-style democracy in these countries, except for the noises that they can make to disturb the peace where their leaders can come to the front of the crowds who are basically the unemployed or underemployed to gather and listen to the same diatribes about wanting to change the political system and leadership that had been put in place by the very political system that they want to destroy. 

This was what the western powers and their intellectuals had wanted to see happen when the doyen of democracy, America, tried to force democracy in the Arab and other Muslim countries, with the main of forcing them to destroy their own countries, that had been existence for centuries.

Democracy may be good for the secular countries but is not very good for the Muslim countries.

Arab and Muslim countries need theocracy over democracy as it has democracy and more that the western-style democracy does not have or wish to entertain or appreciate.

And who says the ‘one man, one vote’ democratic political system is good?

It is good for the west but not for the Arab and Muslim countries who have their own ways that had been held together by their religious values, and bound together over the many centuries.

Now the more they reject theocracy to embrace western-style democracy, they see unnecessary dissent against their own religious beliefs.

It is the theocracy of Iran that has caused the country to be independent and stable. If the people had embraced western-style and American-style democracy, the whole country would have collapsed long ago.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

It didn’t take the Fijians, Kiribatis, Samoans and small Pacific Island countries and other former British colonies much to demand independence.

So why did the Scots have to take 307 not to realize their own folly?

The Fijians, Kiribatis and Samoans and other Pacific Islanders whose countries were once under the British rule did not think twice to wrest control of their own countries from Britain.

They knew what independence from Britain meant, as much as Gandhi who took India away from Britain and Tunku Abdul Rahman who quietly and using diplomacy to seek full control of the country from Britain.

Yet, the Scots did not think it necessary for them to do likewise, so that they can become masters of their own land.

Scotland had been in the United Kingdom for 307 years, so much so that most of them had become too lazy to think about Scotland as being an independent country other than a state in the Union, so that they could continue to allow the English to dominate them and to lead them to wherever they wanted to go to. Nowhere!

The majority of the Scots who had voted in the national independence referendum on 18 September should have known better. Fifty-five percent of the 4.2 million voters asked Scotland to remain in the Union.

Forty-four percent of the Scots tried to exert themselves so that Scotland could become independent. They knew what living in an independent country meant.

But not the fifty-five percent who were happy to be British and not Scottish, like they have not realized it yet how their own language has been marginalized and how many Scots have forgotten to speak in their national native language.

The English had taken full control of Scotland and the way of life of the people of five million,  without the Scots realizing this.

And they only comprise of three percent of the total population of the United Kingdom, so they have this much voice in the goings-on in Parliament and the Union, in exchange for the vast land that the Union can use which mostly meant, the use by the English to further their cause.

And all that they have to show the world of their Scottish heritage and culture are their kilts and bagpipe!

There is no real future for the Scots. Their language to has been replaced by English by the majority of the Scots who prefer to speak not in the Scottish language but in English.

The history of Scotland, too, has been swept under the carpet. And what is known of the ancient history of Scotland is from the English and sometimes Hollywood.

At least Fiji, Samoa and the other Pacific Island republics and kingdoms that we have today are on their own, they who can chart their own destiny with some who were once under British rule with the others under Spanish and even, French rule.

Even Australia which was a mere penal colony created by Britain opted to leave the Union to be their own country, independent from Britain.

And far-flung New Zealand too chose the same path, despite them being English as do the early Australians.

They too could have thought being under British rule and in the United Kingdom, they could benefit much.

But they did not think like that unlike the majority of the Scots who surrendered their life and soul and also land to the Union to allow the English to continue to dominate and control them.

Most of the Scots who had voted ‘No’, felt scared for not being allowed free access to England should Scotland become independent.

The English too were scared if Scotland became independent they would have to move their nuclear submarines to America.

There were some English chauvinists who created fears in the Scots by saying that their presence in England and especially in the major cities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool and mostly London could be curtailed, if they are not citizens of the country anymore.

What more; if the borders of England and Scotland are restricted without the Scots and also English freedom to cross into each other’s country.

The English can skip Scotland, but the Scots thought they could not skip visiting England as much as they wished.

The Scots had all failed to realize that there is a whole world out there for them to partake in, beyond their borders with England.

And why can’t England just mind their own business?

Why couldn’t they just allow the Scots to face the world on their own, much like the Fijians, Samoans and other small Pacific Islands which were once under their control?

The main problem for the loss of Scotland to the United Kingdom in the recently-held Scottish Independence Referendum was due to the poor campaigning by the Scottish National Party and its leader Alex Salmand, who thought he had got the majority of the Scots to support the move.

Using some simple slogans alone could not do the trick. They would need to give the facts to the Scots to make them realize what they would lose and how much they would gain if they voted to remain in the Union or to leave it.

This they did not do. And now they are suffering for that.

Their main slogan, ‘Yes, Scotland!’ could be mistaken for their support to remain in the Union. ‘Yes, Scotland…in the UK!’ which had remained at the back of the minds of many Scots.

What they Scottish loyalists should have done was to conduct a campaign to bring the Scots back to their senses, without being too emotional about it, by asking what they could do on their own, without expecting the others to determine their cause.

They can create a new generation of Scots who excel in all fields. Those who had managed to become prominent all these 307 years just represent the possibilities that the many other Scots, too, could get, if they are allowed to exert their own identity as Scots and not as British. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Real religions do not have names that bear the names of the leaders or founders or creators and if they are humans, then the religion is just a belief.

And they bind its believers to behave in a certain way which often ‘infringe on civil liberties’, so they have to surrender to the demands and dictates of the higher order.

One therefore cannot have a religion or believe in one if one just admits but not changing one’s lifestyle in all ways.

Even ‘devil or Satan worshippers’ have to abide to some of the rules of the group.

Muslims, therefore, say that Islam is the only religion and the others are just beliefs.

And these beliefs are not complete, so much so that they do not curtail their believers or followers to abide with the values that the leaders and founders preached, unlike Islam which covers every aspect of life, which even has its own code of ethics, including how its believers prepare their food and eat it, to how to manage their finances as well as the way they can seek entertainment.

Islam even has a judicial system. The other beliefs do not.

No wonder the other beliefs do not ostracize their believers if they went too far astray by infusing their beliefs with their earlier pagan values and styles.

Muslim reverts who were originally Hindus and animist gladly did away with those values that are not compatible with the values of Islam.

Many Catholics in South America and the Philippines still observe their pagan and animist values and cultures even when they were chided by their Pope in the Vatican, who does not seem to have any influence on how they conduct their life. 

The Pope therefore has been turned into a mere symbol of the Roman Catholicism, whose views do not matter so no wonder and common problems faced by the Catholics in America and Cuba and amongst the countries in South America could not be solved.

Worse, the advice by the Pope to America and its allies not to launch attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq fell on deaf ears.

So how could they claim that he has strong influence over the two billion Catholics and Christians in the world? Even this number is not valid as no one knows who is a practicing Catholic or Christian, since not much is expected of him to prove that he truly belief in the religions with many admitting that they are not practicing Christians but just by admittance.   

Many old churches have been turned into masjid with some turned into gudwaras and even hotels and restaurants.

Christianity is a religion that bears the name of an ancient pre-Islam Prophet called Jesus Christ, the healer, who did not preach any new religion only to heal anyone who was suffering from deformities and medical ailment, to create miracles and thrilled everybody around him. 

And they called him ‘Son of God’.

Muslims consider Prophet Isa (allahi salam – a.s.), as one which came in line from the many others before him, before the advent of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him – p.b.u.h.).

Many therefore think Jesus Christ to be the same as Prophet Isa or Nabi Isa (a.s.), but I do beg to defer. To me Jesus Christ is just a caricature of Prophet Isa, for no sketch or illustration of Nabi Isa (a.s.) has ever been created or done and exhibited, so no Muslim knows how he looked like.

But drawings, sketches, illustrations and also statue of Jesus Christ are many. And he has also been profiled in many Hollywood films.   

No one knows for sure when the first drawing of Jesus Christ was done and appeared.

But when it did, his supporters and believers believed it was him and started to pray to it like he was still alive.   

If there are Muslims who believe Jesus Christ to be the same as Nabi Isa (a.s.) then surely, they must also acknowledge and accept the drawings of Jesus Christ and his statues that are well-known universally, and hang them on the walls of their houses, offices and stick them on the dashboards of their cars.

But so far no sane Muslim has dared to do so. Why?

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he did not ask anyone to worship him, much less to establish a religion bearing his name.

The Europeans too had tried to call those who believe in Islam to be Mohammedans, but not long later this was shot down by all Muslims and other sane non-Muslims and other Pseudo-Christians and Atheists.

There is no Muslim who worships Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.b.) in the same way as those who worship Jesus Christ.

All of them have started to accept that Islam was not a religion for the worshiping of Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) but of Allah the Almighty and Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) was just His Messenger or Rasol. 

So Jesus Christ, did not know that what he had tried to preach had been used by some people especially Saul a.k.a. Paul to establish a new religion that Roman Emperor Constantine later fashioned into another version of the religion to be known as Roman Catholicism with the believers of the former and more original religion being described as Protestants. 

These two related religions soon seemed to have been moved to Europe and the west as its center of focus, with those who were with Christ, moving on to worship Prophets that came after him, especially and mostly, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him.

Yet, the believers of these two religions believe that their Jesus Christ will return to save them.

If he does return in the near or distant future, as his believers hope so, then surely, the reasons for him to want to do so would be totally different than what his believes had thought to be all along, although it will be for him to save them from the fires of Hell.

But it will not be for him to ask them to follow him and to pray to him, but to follow the prophet who had come after him, which is Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) 

So his believes till today have never asked themselves what would this Jesus Christ say if he indeed returns to Earth and discovers that there are two groups of people who are believers of the two religions that he did not and never tried to establish?

One can guess how horrified Jesus Christ would be if he realizes that there are many people who had been taken for a long ride by the real founders of Christianity and Catholicism with many who had died fighting a cause that he never encouraged in the first place.

Now, we can talk about how Jesus Christ would return to Earth to save them, from being further misled, so they could all follow him by acknowledging the existence of his successor, Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) that the followers of the two religions or faiths and the many churches and dominions, established mostly by individuals who thought they could interpret better the Old and New Testaments and Gospels better than the other, but who had all along neglected or refused to believe. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The logic used by those who are asking for the repealing of the Sedition Act is strange if not weird. Are they asking for Malaysians to be allowed not to charge anyone for sedition?  

Are they saying that uttering seditious words to be something that every Malaysian ought to be proud of so Malaysians can start to curse each other’s race and religion freely and unencumbered?

Even in England and America and the Pseudo-Christian West, they have some semblance of the Sedition Act, which forbids anyone from uttering words which are deemed to be racial or religious slurs.

Yes, they are not sedition but slurs.

Yet, it is ironic how there are some in France and Denmark who seem to be getting away with crime when they openly and publicly asked for Muslim women from wearing their attire, such as the hijjab and nijab as well as the purdah.

And these are not mere slurs, but sedition, so no wonder they managed to get away with what they utter, being given the respect, for observing ‘freedom of speech’, that ironically does not cover uttering of slurs against other races or religions.

And for that matter, where does the Law of Defamation sit in Malaysia if the Sedition Act is abolished?

Does it will mean that any Malaysian can utter anything without him being charged for Sedition, yet, he can get away scot-free, if he claims to practice and uphold Freedom of Speech which also eliminates any charge of defamation against him?

Some people who wanted to see the Sedition Act abolished were quick to file charges in court for defamation against others, without batting the eyelid. 

This also explains why Salman Rushdie managed to get away scot-free for his novel, ‘Satanic Verses’, and who went on to be knighted.

Arise, Sir Salman! Do tumble, Freedom of Speech! 

The only problem they had with these modes of attire or fashion may be that their fashion designers were slow in adopting them to their local scene and culture.

Here in Malaysia, those who call for the repealing of the Sedition Act just do not know what they want to say, or do if indeed the Act is finally repealed.

Are they going to say all the things that they are not able to say now on Islam and the Melayu and the Melayu royalty, etc?

So far they are vague. They have not said why the Sedition Act is obnoxious to them, and what they plan to do if the Act is finally repealed if this could create a situation which could allow them to be smarter so that Malaysians can be better united and appreciative of each other’s peculiarities and absurdities.

They have not said anything, so I am confused.

Or, do they plan to say bad things about their own religions and races and especially how they hated the fact that their ancestors had come from China and India?

What? And why are they bent on wanting to get the authorities to repeal the Sedition Act?

Many Malaysians are confused, including the non-Melayu.

Many non-Melayu, especially the Chinese would want the Sedition Act to be repealed, but the reasons they have to call for it is vague.

They fantasize the day how they can criticize just about anything that up till now have been out of bounds to criticism.

And they think they can be smarter by doing that, in all sorts of ways and get away with it.

Some of them who could not wait for the Act to be repealed are now experiencing the full brunt of the law; and there are also some Melayu who have been charged and convicted with one Chinese guy sentenced to jail one year, crying when he heard the judgment being said in the court.

Therefore, many Malaysians were amused when law lecturer at Universiti Malaya (UM) was charged for defamation and who engaged a lawyer who is also an opposition member of parliament to represent him in court, with the paper where he has a long-running column, trying to show their support for him.

Why can’t the law lecturer get another lawyer who does not have any political affiliation so that the case can be heard without it having any tinge of politics?

This is what seems to have happened in the Teoh Beng Hock case, where the lawyers representing his family had engaged those affiliated with the opposition political parties, so that the case had been highly politicized.

So when the case goes against them, they make wild charges against almost everybody especially the prosecutors and police and judges by even conducting public forums to discuss the case.  

What many find to be strange is how the lawyers for Teoh are using the strategy whereby they expect the court and police to prove to them that they are right without them ever coming up with anything substantial on their own, such as by engaging a private investigation agency to conduct their own private investigation to come up with more incriminating evidence to prove that there is cover-up or what not…

In one familiar and almost similar case the court had no choice but to give a verdict of negligent on the part of the police officers under whose care the deceased was said to be under, when he died a mysterious death, with the deceased family being given a financial award by the court. 

And some five hundred students of UM including some lecturers of the law department at the university have also written to support the law lecturer.

But what are they all trying to say?

On one hand they all ask for the law to be applied to all irregardless of who had committed any sort of crime, yet, on the other hand, they are asking for some to be excused from such charges, claiming that the act to be abhorrent to a civil society that the very laws were introduced to protect in the first place.

Some medical doctor had died; many police officers had also been charged in court and with some of them convicted.

Yet, there are some who are saying law lecturers could not face the full brunt of the law, even if they had committed some sort of crime, including sedition.

Germs, viruses and bacteria do not discriminate; so this explains why there are some highly qualified doctors had died from them.

And if the law should be applied to the law enforcement officers, then the same laws must also be applied to the law lecturers.

What many are surprised or shocked is that a law lecturer at UM could be so charged. They did not ask why he was charged and start to blame the person for now practice care with what he says and writes that had caused him to suffer some indignities.

They then want everybody to talk about upholding ‘academic freedom’.

This is another joke. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

How many Muslim women had died in the same manner as Diana, Princess of Wales and Reeva Steenkamp did? And how many Muslim men had died in the same way as Dodi Al-Fayed did?

I decided to fly to Jakarta in Indonesia on 30 August, 1997 just to avoid the crowd and Merdeka Day celebrations that would be held the next day in Kuala Lumpur and throughout the country, for once, and to make a return trip back to the city by flying from Kuala Lumpur, in twenty-three years.

I had earlier returned to Indonesia but by flying from Kuala Lumpur direct to Denpasar, Bali, and back, without going to Jakarta from there.

So this time I decided to fly into Jakarta just like I did in May, 1974 when I first went to this city and also to Indonesia, traveling from here to Bali and back to Jakarta in four weeks.

It was two months before I was to enroll at the school of mass communications, Institut Teknologi Mara in Shahalam to major in advertising.

I arrived in Jakarta later in the evening. The cab-driver stopped me at a small hotel and I offered to buy him dinner. He tried to take advantage of by getting a pack of clover or keretek cigarettes, but I told him, these, he had to pay for himself.

For a non-smoker and anti-smoking campaigner, seeing someone smoking is bad enough, and to be asked to pay for a packet of cigarettes by such a character is utterly disgusting. Fortunately, he did not smoke in my presence.

And after a night’s rest, the next morning after breakfast at the hotel, on 31 August, I went about to see the city, visiting the places I was familiar with when I got there for the first time in May, 1974.

I went to the Malaysian Students’ Center in Jalan Budikemuliaan and off busy Jalan T. H. Thamsin, which is just a stone’s throw away from Monumen Nasional or Monas and Istana Merdeka which is the official residence of the president of the country.

I could not believe that I had been back here, after so long, and after I had had my degree from ITM and also worked a while as a reporter for Utusan Melayu and went on to study at a university in New York City.

But unfortunately, the Malaysian Students’ Center building is closed. Here was the place in 1974 where I had gone to from the old Halim Perdanakasuma Airport, which replaced the older Kebayoran Airport, to go to the center to stay for a few days.

I stood outside of the compound of the center to see the place, the entrance of the building which also had a hostel for Malaysian students to stay when they were in the city.

Everybody thought I was a Malaysian student studying somewhere in Indonesia and who was visiting Jakarta.

I was not. I looked like a student. And when I told them I was traveling from there to Bali and back, they were surprised.

They said they had not met any Malaysian who had done something like that.

And in Bali, I opted to stay in Ubud and mixed with the locals who were all trying their luck to be artists. And they also said I was the first Malaysian they had met who had joined them.

I got one of the painters to do a portrait for me for which he charged 1,500 Rupiah, which I still have till today. And the painter called Sihong, is Chinese man from Solo who had just come to Bali to establish himself as a painter.

The last time I met him in 2004, he had become very successful, and married to a Jawa-Muslim woman with him also a Muslim.   

I took a walk inside a new Jakarta mall to see the new face of Jakarta and the city. I stopped to sit on a bench across the lane from an electronic store where there were many television sets switched on and all of them were showing Diana on it.

There was no sound as the sets were all inside a class wall of the store.

I went forward to check what the story on her was about and could see the crawlers that said she had met with an accident in a tunnel in Paris and was clinging on to her dear life, with Dodi and the driver dead.

And on the trip I made from Jakarta to Bali by land, I had to cross the straits between it and Jawa Island where I saw some Indonesian passengers reading a local magazine with the cover story on how she might have been targeted by people who did not want her relationship with Dodi prolonged to allow them to finally get married with Diana reverting to Islam.

The theory sounded plausible, as it would be horrendous if she married an Arab-Muslim and also became on so that the British royal family would then have somebody of such person in it, and worse, when her son, Prince William finally ascends to the throne where she will be Queen Mother, no less.

But the main concern of this article is how she and also Reeva as well as Dodi had become victims of their lifestyle choice.

If Dodi had observed an Islamic way of life, then surely, he and also Diana would have been saved, and the whole world would know if they had intended to get married.

Reeva had also died pretty much because of the lifestyle choice she and Oscar Pistorius had made which had caused her death and his subsequent murder charge.

Muslim men and women do not die in the same way as did Diana, Reeva and also Dodi. They died the way they did because of the lifestyle they had chosen to lead, which had led them to their early graves.

Muslims and mostly Arab men and women as well as children mostly die due to Zionist attack and American support for them, not in high-speed car chase with the local media or for wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Surely there must be a reason for something of such magnitude to happen, if they had bothered to ask themselves, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’, instead of blaming the others who too have their own noble cause to fight for.  

It could not happen for no reason… Nothing happens in the world without any reason whatsoever. That’s simple common sense, and nothing profound. 

This included 911 which happened the way it did because America had not done something right over the many decades that it has not bothered to find out what they were. 

One of which is because the American government prefers to look after the interests of the Zionist lobbyists and not of its citizens by even allowing themselves to trample on the virtues inherent in the American Constitution.

The great majority of the Americans suffer as a result with the Zionists in the state of Israel now enjoying the ‘fruits of their labor’ all the years since they managed to form their country courtesy of their American supporters and backers and the United Nations, whose very existence hinges on the support from these and the Nuclear Option Israel has. 

America was not like it is today and Americans could go anywhere in the world up to the point during the Kennedy Administration which saw young Americans going all over the world to share their charity with the less endowed.

Today, Americans can’t even sit pretty in Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafes anywhere in the world, much less in the Third World and the Arab World, including in Israel itself.

And many Hollywood films do not find a ready market in many countries that America had caused to be demolished.

America in self-denial, not bothering to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve it?’ which many non-Americans were not scared to ask, ‘What did they do to deserve it?’

The then American President George W. Bush and his father, President George Bush would know why it happen. But they are not telling. They preferred to let Americans to beat around the bush.

I don’t think I like writing this. But something tells me that America is in the state of self-denial.

When in the past many Americans liked to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ when they were met with some sort of calamity.

These days, they do not do that anymore. On the other hand, they ask, ‘Why did they do this to me?’ and with their leaders who are bent on seeking revenge, they failed to become truthful to their senses, and overact, and start the blame–game by finding faults with the others and not with themselves.

No one wished harm to befall on America, much less on the Twin Towers. But somehow it had to happen.

Where are the smart people in America? Have they suddenly gone missing?

They who are quick to find faults with the others and the rest of the world have suddenly become numb to the extent that they could not tell why 911 had to happen, and whoever were responsible for it to happen, could not have done it for fun.

I joined a few thousand visitors to the site of Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan on 16 April this year, to see what they had done to the Twin Towers that had come crashing down on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today, as I write this piece.

America’s vulnerability and intellectualism suddenly had also gone to pieces with many Americans suddenly feeling patriotic and unashamedly acknowledging that there was the a ‘higher order’.

Hollywood. What had Hollywood got to do with 911?

Hollywood taught the mastermind behind 911 on how to teach America a lesson. They had earlier watched at the film ‘Independence Day’ and found some inspiration from doing that.

In this film, the White House was attacked and it crashed to pieces, leaving the then American President Bill Clinton who had earlier watched the film to remark, ‘I hope it will be there when I return to the White House’.

It was there when he did that.

But the Twin Towers were not there moments after one by one the towers came crashing down leaving many Americans who were unfortunate enough to be in the two towers and the few around them, and in its vicinity to be covered by dust.

I was writing a novel set in New York City that night in Kuala Lumpur, when I had the urge to switch on the television. Something told me to do that.

I did what my instincts told me, even when it was just past midnight and there was no need to watch the late night news on TV3.

I saw a scene showing some people running with their bodies covered with dust and everywhere there seemed to be chaos.

I thought I was watching a fantastic feature film produced by Hollywood using the creative minds of its producers and directors, who could conjure up a plot showing how New York City was being attacked.

In fact, this is not a totally new plot altogether; New York City had been attacked many times in earlier Hollywood films even since the Silent Era.

I then learnt from the newsreader how the Twin Towers had come crashing down. I was stupefied. I did not know if it was true or not.

How could the Twin Towers come crashing down like that? It could only happen in the movies and produced by Hollywood and not by other producers.

I had visited the World Trade Center twice the whole time I was studying and living in New York City, to accompany some Malaysian students who were studying in other cities who wanted to visit the Twin Towers.

And in August, 1981, another group of Malaysian students came to visit me in New York City and I took them to the Twin Towers and it being summer, visitors were allowed to go to the rooftop observatory, where I could get a good and clear view of the whole city, much to my delight.

Unfortunately, the view disappeared completely on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today.

Maybe one can still get to see the same view from the US One World Trade Center tower that had risen near the Ground Zero where the former Twin Towers were at.

The next day, 12 September, I did some unofficial research amongst some Malaysians on what they thought of what had happened to the Twin Towers the day before and all – I repeat ALL – of them said they liked it.

However, they continued, if they are asked by the media, they would pretend to be sickened by what they had seen.

I am merely reporting what I had managed to get from some ordinary Malaysians from the different races.

One thing that one can cull from them is how they are not in any form of denial; they said what they felt. They did not have to beat around the bush to allow them to give me that sort of opinion.

I did not check further to find out what had caused them to feel that way. They must have their own reasons for coming to that sort of decision to applaud what had happened to the Twin Towers.