Friday, August 31, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a new slogan for blood donation this year which is 'A blood donor is a hero', or 'Setiap penderma darah ialah seorang wira'. Unfortunately, the Blood Donors' Day on 14 June came and went without the ministry of health and National Blood Center doing anything with it.

The slogan remains a mere slogan.

But it is still a better slogan compared to the one which does not give credit to the donors, which is ‘Blood saves lives’. This slogan totally ignores the donors and only highlight the benefits those who receive the blood of the donors, whom they can never discover who they are.

Yet, many Malaysians have benefited directly from the charity and kindness of the blood donors, especially the regular ones, who remain anonymous.

But what does the public and even government agencies and ministry of health give in return?

Nothing at all.

So it is not a surprise that the World Blood Donors’ Day is not celebrated in a way that befits the occasion which is meant to highlight the deeds of the blood donors, and the act of donating.

Even the media does not care. The media are too busy promoting the other days – Fathers’, Mothers’, St. Valentine’s Day, etc, etc, that the Blood Donors’ day is neglected.

The ministry of health and the National Blood Center do not seem to know what that they can do with it, other than the blood center hanging banners in the lobby of the center to remind donors that they are heroes.

I liked to joke with some of the staff of the blood donors how those who do not donate blood and who receive blood from the anonymous donors that 'those who do not donate blood but receive it, are crooks'.

This could be a fact.

There are some Malaysians who are as yet anonymous, who have been donating blood all their adult lives from the time when they were in Form Six till they retire and not allowed to donate blood again when they attain the age of 60 years, who have donated more than 400 times.

But Malaysians generally do not know who they are.

The ministry of health and National Blood Center do not take any action to highlight them.

They are indeed real heroes of the country, who have given their blood unrelentlessly without force, to strangers whom they do not know and are not able to find out how they had benefited from their kind gesture.

Many others are able to benefit with their lives saved in major or even minor surgeries but they do not know whose blood they had been given.

It is not that the regular blood donors wish to make a big deal of their deed, but isn't this is what WHO had wanted to do when they created the slogan 'A blood donor is a hero'?

It has been a while now since the slogan was created, yet the ministry of health and National Blood Center have not done anything with it, other than to hang banners in the lobby of the blood center in Jalan Pahang off Jalan Tun Razak.

I would like to propose that the ministry and blood center produce a special documentary to highlight those who have donated blood the most in Malaysia, so that they can become a good source of inspiration to the young who can be compelled and encouraged to donate blood for the first time, and who can continue to donate regularly so they too can claim to be able to contribute something to the good and welfare of other strangers, some of whom could be their own close relatives and friends later.

And it is also unkind for the ministry and blood center to stop offering free medical services to the blood donors ten years after the last time they donated blood since it would mean that they can only take advantage of this service when they are 70 years.

Isn’t this mean? That they are now without such a benefit when they are a time of their live when they would need such a service more than when they are young and healthy?

This can also taken to mean that the ministry and blood center, which had change the benefits which were available to the donors for life, to a period of ten years only, by indirectly saying that now that they do not donate blood, and if they are sick, they can suffer and die.

It is also demeaning if the blood center only wants to highlight their doctors by showing slide shows and other clips to students to educate them on the virtues of donating blood, as this can only mean that they want to take credit for the donation of blood by the scores of thousands of donors, when what they should be doing is to highlight those who regularly donate blood so that the students and others can find inspiration from them.

I noticed that those who have donated blood the most in Malaysia are those from diverse racial, religious, social and cultural backgrounds. They would come to the blood center regularly and donate blood and leave it, without feeling proud that they are doing this deed.

But that does not mean that they do not deserve to get some recognition, even when they did not ask for it? It’s for the authorities to offer it to them.

Monday, August 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Many have written their views and analyzes about what had happened in the aftermath of the last 8 March 2008 general elections, but all of them did not get it right. It was not the opposition which had managed to garner more votes to win more seats, including those that had been held by Umno or Barisan Nasional component parties.

The truth is that it was Umno or Barisan component parties that had lost them.

The reason being those that were placed by Umno and Barisan in those constituencies are mostly those that the voters had wanted to remove.

But there were not able to do so, since they insisted on staying put, like they belong there, like they were permanent features of the respective constituencies. And to prove that, they claimed to have got the support of their party members who had also voted for them to hold high offices in their parties.

This may be so, but the reality is that despite that, and having got the support from their party members, they did not realize that in the final analysis, it was the general voters in the constituencies who had the final say.

And they said it loud and clear, that they did not want to have anything to do with those ‘old goats’ or ‘old hats’, and they trounced them with vehemence, causing them to lose big, and in the process threw away their valued votes to the other side.

So it was not their intention to vote for the opposition in the 2008 general elections; they only wanted to get rid of the Umno and Barisan candidates, who they thought did not seem to feel the emotions that had swelled amongst the voters in their own constituencies.

It was not because they were incompetent. The truth is that the voters today do not see anyone sticking on to the same place and doing the same job again and again from one general election to the other.

They had taught Umno and Barisan a valuable lesson.

And in the process, the opposition, too, thought they had got the support from the voters, many of them were also first-time voters who they thought had a leftist swing in their sensibilities.

They are wrong.

Not many of the voters who had ‘voted’ the opposition in the last 2008 general elections deliberately voted for them. All they wanted was for the Umno and Barisan candidates to lose.

Because it does not make any sense for anyone to vote for candidates placed by the opposition who had not campaigned or spoken and written anything that they could analyze their performance.

Some of them could not even speak in Melayu well. So they ended up not saying or doing much or anything at all in parliament.

And so far, none of them had dared to venture to the very constituency that had ‘voted’ for them.

In my area, the opposition won the state and parliament seats. But till now, none of the two members of the state assembly and parliament had come to visit their areas, who they are supposed to represent there.

Worse, one of them had even organized a Hari Raya Puasa gathering in the field, but there was such a small crowd.

The two members of the opposition in the Selangor state assembly and parliament could only hang banners during each of the festive seasons, but some of them were immediately taken down.

The truth is that many of the Umno and Barisan candidates did not realize their own folly; they who had been given the opportunity to climb up their party ladders, to gain trust in the party leadership, and given the chance to run in the earlier general elections and win.

But they did not think it was time for them to move on to doing other things. They wanted to be knocked off during the election.

Yet, ironically, despite that, some of them are still insisting that they are important to their respective parties in Barisan and insisted on staying.

Let’s hope that they are not given anymore chance to run in the next thirteenth general elections again, or they will suffer the same fate.

As for the opposition parties whose candidates had won in the last general election, they should think that they had actually won those seats and also states that they now govern.

The truth is that they are able to do so, simply because the voters in the states only wanted to get rid of some of the Umno and Barisan candidates and long-term ‘leaders’ who they thought should be replaced by their own parties long ago, but which the party did not do so.

So no wonder, the opposition has not actually done much to govern and develop the states because they realize how lucky they were in winning those states, so they are confused with the support they get, from those who had only wanted to get rid of the Umno and Barisan candidates, and not because the voters had liked them that much.

Friday, August 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

‘Buddhism teaches it’s inherent a lot of things that are good, but their believers, do something else… But there’s no need to blame the religion but its so-called believers who are not doing the religion a favor. Blame should be on the Myanmar regime and some Rakhine Buddhists.’ This is a quote from someone who did not wish to be identified.

Buddhists and Zionists are lucky; they are not charged for being militant or terrorists. But Muslims are not so lucky; they are charged so, blatantly and crudely by the Pseudo-Christian westerners whose ancestors had done a lot of damage to their religion by invading countries across the world.

Yet, they were never charged for being militant or terrorists that they were. They were accorded the title of the Discoverers of those countries! The truth is that they were the Destroyers of those countries that they had pillaged and colonized and forcing their religion on the others.  

Aung San Suu Kyi, is no freedom fighter of Myanmar – or Burma according to her. The only reason she was given the Nobel Prize for Peace was for the western countries to confront the Myanmar regime, using her, and the stature of her late father, Aung Sang.

It is a Buddhist regime. It is ruthless not only to the other Myanmars, but mostly to the Muslims whose land they had seized control and want to displace.

They are the Rohingyas, who had a state of their own sitting between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Yet, the Rohingyas who are Muslims were forced to flee their land. Many found temporary shelter in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

Some have managed to flee Myanmar or Rohingya to come to Malaysia where they eke a living doing a host of things, living as refugees and protected by the United Nations (UNHCR).

So few have been relocated to America, Sweden or New Zealand.

It is ironic how the UN prefers to relocate Myanmars who are Buddhist or Christians over the Rohingyas who are Muslims.

One can easily distinguish the Rohingyas to the Myanmars; one are Muslims, the other Buddhists.

In fact, most of the Buddhists and also Hindus and Christians from Myanmar who fled from the country did not wish to go to neighboring Thailand but to Malaysia, when they know that it is a Muslim country.

The reason is that they know they would be safe living and working in Malaysia because it is a Muslim country.

They can’t even go to Singapore who only welcomes better educated and financially those who wanted to leave their own countries for economic and other reasons.

Malaysia is a Muslim country and they know they will be accorded with dignity and respect.

Some of them have lived in Malaysia for decades, so they know their ways. And if they have a choice they would rather remain in Malaysia then to return to Myanmar, at this time, when the country is said to be more democratic, with the freeing of their ‘freedom fighter’ Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

She is no freedom fighter. She is just a vocal woman who had family ties to the earlier government of the country with her father who was said to be a freedom fighter. Yes, he was a freedom fighter. And he died because of that.

The truth is the Buddhist regimes and countries of Myanmar are not doing Buddhism a favor. No wonder many young Buddhists are not practicing Buddhists, but mere token Buddhists. They would revert to other religions particularly Islam when they get the chance to do it.

They see how their government and military are treating the hapless Rohinygas in their own country who have been prosecuted by them and also by the Rakhine people who are Buddhist.

The reason for this mistreatment by the Myanmar regime on the Rohingyas is because they claimed the Rohingyas are not Myanmars. And they are sitting on land that they do not own.

They wanted to expel the Rohingyas to Bangladesh.

But they are not from Bangladesh. Rohinygas do not speak Urdu or Bengali like the Bangladeshis do.

They may practice Islam, but they are living in their own state which had been annexed by Myanmar.

The recent attack by the Rakine Buddhists on the Rohingyas has caused scores of Rohingyas dead, and their houses and masjid burnt.

This happened with the collusion of the military who are Buddhists.

Yet, all this continues to happen while the Buddhist elders and leaders look elsewhere, looking at their own salvation, begging in the streets for alms and food.

The Rohingyas cannot depend on the support of the Buddhist elders and leaders. They cannot depend on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and even the United Nations (UN) which have not been known to be supportive of the plight of the Muslims.

The UN is just an extension of America, and America doesn’t care with the so-called ethnic strive in Myanmar.

And no one knows what the OIC is cooperating with fellow Muslim countries on. Each Muslim country which is a member of the OIC has their own personal economic agenda; they do not have the time to entertain the problems of the Rohingyas.

This is despite the fact that they are compelled to help fellow Muslims who are in dire straits.

Yes, Malaysia has offered temporary shelter to some Rohingyas, but this is not enough. What it can do is to take up the matter with the OIC and the UN, even if this world body is useless to the cause of Islam, but at least the matter concerning the Rohingyas is debated, which can draw some attention to their plight.

But this is not done.

Malaysia is only willing to offer some Rohingyas a place to stay at.

It is too bad, Muslims cannot depend on the charity of the Buddhists, Christians and Catholics, who all have common goals.

The Buddhists and people of other faiths in Malaysia are given preferential treatment. They were allowed all sorts of facilities, with some of them who have become so brash that they seem to want to create their own colonies in Malaysia, by demanding the unimaginable.

They are mostly the Chinese who demand such things, which their brethren in other countries especially in the west where they like to go to for resettlement; yet, in these countries they are not able to gain much, but to fully assimilate with the local population, speaking in English and did not dare to demand land or money to build their vernacular schools.

But the Muslims are also at fault; they are too charitable and accommodative by even neglecting their own kind.

Muslims must change their attitude and treat those who do not deserve any respect accordingly.

When this happens, the Muslims will be given respect.

Some few hundred Rohingyas living as refugees in Malaysia organized a protest in front of the Myanmar embassy on 3 August, 2012, but they failed to hand the memorandum of protest to their officials.

This is how crass the Buddhists of Myanmar are; they who blatantly disregard the true teachings of Buddha, and who went on a rampage to disparage innocent souls simply because they are Muslims, whose land they want to seize control of.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



By Mansor Puteh

Have a concert prior to the start of each match to entertain as well as educate the crowds and to soothe their emotions.

The Asean football federation (AFF) Suzuki cup tournament must have a new concept, so that old British-style football which creates hooliganism does not influence some of the supporters of the countries taking part in it, especially Indonesia.

Turn it into the AFF Suzuki cup friendly tournament with the officials from the respective football associations, their political leaders and media highlighting different aspects of the tournament.

Fans and supporters are not allowed to don the jerseys of their national teams so they are allowed and encouraged to co-mingle in the stadium to watch the matches.

In this way they are vulnerable so they know how to behave better.

It is very bad to have them placed in different sections in the stadium where they can misbehave themselves where they can also feel empowered by it.

And putting them in the dark can prove to be effective as what the match at Gelora Bung Karno between Malaysia and Indonesia on 29 December, 2010 had proven, if they misbehave themselves. 

The other competing countries do not have problems with unruly supporters other than Indonesia.

The problem is that the AFF Suzuki Cup does not have a clear reason to have the tournament in the first place.

So what they can do from now is to turn it into a friendly tournament.

What this means is that the national teams and their countries as well as their supporters do not talk about the winning team, but those which exhibit the most grace.

This tournament is therefore aimed to promote goodwill amongst nations.

It cannot be used or copy British and the European football leagues which stress on which team or country is the best.

Media promotion of hooliganism of the rowdy supporters of some of the British football teams had been publicized in many newspapers around the world; this encouraged many in Malaysia and more so in Indonesia to follow suit.

When in the past they would go to the stadiums dressed properly, now they have to turn themselves into clowns.

It’s not just that they want to don the jerseys of their favorite teams but they also want to create a ruckus to attract themselves, and to create street theater and are allowed to spout venomous comments which the media always finds interesting to comment.

The supporters have been encouraged to provide color to the matches. But they have soiled the colors of their own national flags and jerseys.

Malaysian and also ASEAN football have developed by leaps and bounds, so has the type of support that their teams can get from their supporters.

In the ASEAN region, winning should be the least of our concern. The utmost concern is how the tournament can be used to promote goodwill.

If this can be stressed, the supporters of Indonesia can be educated to appreciate this concept and in time they can learn how to behave more properly.

And there must also be audience prizes for the best behaved supporters.

The only reasons why the Indonesian supporters at the finals in Jakarta last night had to 'behave' was that the lights were not lit on them, so they could not exhibit the protests and banners to themselves and to the viewers on live television.

The Malaysian officials other than the team officials were also not shown on live television so they could not be targeted.

These are probably moves that were implemented by FIFA and the Indonesian security officials to clamp down on unnecessary protests.

Yet, the newspapers in Malaysia are still at it by highlighting the negative behaviors of some of the unreasonable Indonesian supporters who carried soiled Upin & Ipin toys when they could have highlighted comments and actions by the many other Indonesian supporters which are positive.

That’s stupid Malaysian journalism at its worst. The journalist must be given the Worst Journalist Award even though it was the editor who published his stupid story. The two of them should share the award then.

The persons involved did not have anything to say; they only want to be seen. And they got what they had wanted, courtesy of old Malaysian journalism which still likes to sensationalize such trivial issues.

If they were not given any prominence and promotion by the media, they would stop doing such things in the future.

Even prime minister, Najib Tun Razak and Indonesian president Susilo's personal comments on the second leg of the finals between Malaysia and Indonesia are not intelligent.

What they should have said was that the match between Malaysia and Indonesia must be seen as a divine way to encourage greater interaction and understanding between the peoples of the two countries.

They should not deal with petty personal and selfish concerns on what chances their national teams had to win the Cup.

So it is disappointing to hear the two saying such things which must not be allowed even by the ordinary supporters, as it could inflame unnecessary passion amongst the supporters of their national teams, especially if they lose.

In fact, even if Indonesia had won the Cup, they would misbehave even more, to taunt the Malaysian team and country.

But at least the final match at Gelora Bung Karno went on well.

This proves that the unruly supporters of the Indonesian team had lost.

So instead of them having a ball throughout the match, they were not seen on television as their image had been darkened when the lights on them were not lit so they could not show their true colors and the words on the banners they had painstakingly created and brought to the stadium.

At the same time, the persons who had earlier wanted to spray laser beams at the Malaysian goal-keeper could not do it as he could be pinpointed in the darkness.

It is therefore a pity if football matches of international tournaments must be held in such a situation with the viewers purposely hidden from their own crowd and on television.

Will this teach them a lesson in future, if they still want to be seen and heard? They have to behave properly if they want this to happen.

And wouldn’t it be good also if the matches can open with some concerts where entertainers and cultural troupes from the participating countries appear for one hour prior to the start of the matches?

This can be done and it can definitely help to promote better understanding of each other’s cultures and to soothe the emotions and nerves of some of those who may want to create unnecessary

Saturday, August 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article was written on 6 August, 2012, on the 67th anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I was in Hiroshima once on 8 August, 1986.)

Countries which wanted to develop the Atom Bomb and other nuclear devices were cowards and which had evil intentions; they which did not wish to use bravery but sheer might to dominate others.

They knew why they needed to have such a power in the first place, and it was not for peaceful purposes, but for them to use to enforce their rule over the rest of the world, so they can dictate terms on the others, and those who did not agree with them would suffer great calamities.

Having a nuclear arsenal has gone to their heads.

They are mostly the Pseudo-Christian and Communist countries.

Muslim countries did not favor using such devices as it only proves that they are no worse than the non-Muslim countries which had such evil intentions by wanting to develop their nuclear programs.

Unfortunately, this had put the Muslim countries in bad stead, as those Pseudo-Christian and Communist countries are now the ones which are tormenting the Arabs and Muslims for which it has to take Iran to confront them, when the other Arab and Muslim countries had been turned into Pseudo-Christian states themselves which blatantly exhibit Pseudo-Christian features and traits and styles.

Cowards do the most deplorable and desperate things.

America knew it could not beat the Japanese during the Second World War when they managed to free many countries in Asia from the yoke of British rule. It was a rule over countries which could not much to defend themselves.

So the Japanese had to come to help them. But somewhere along the way, the Japanese lost.

They lost because they had made enemies with the Chinese having attacked them in China, so the Chinese in the other countries in Southeast Asia they had controlled and freed from the British, had no choice but to find affinity with their brethren in China, by looking at the Japanese the way their brethren in China did.

The Japanese also did not have leadership. They freed the countries in Southeast Asia, but did not know how to manage them.

This gave ample excuse for the British and Americans to seek to overthrow them.

The locals, too, had similar sentiments.

Had the Japanese managed to find a way to delve deeper into the soul of the locals, they could get a better reception.

But all that the locals could remember of the Japanese and the Japanese Occupation of those countries are the atrocities committed by their military men.

Stories of torture, murder and also rape are too many for many to relate to.

Why did the Japanese behaved like that, when they could become the saviors of those countries they had earlier help to free.

If they had done that, then surely, there is no way for the British and Americans to harm them.

The British certainly had no excuse to return to those countries they had dominated and colonized for too long.

If that had happened, then surely, the world today would have been totally different, with the Japanese Yen becoming the preferred choice and American dollar and British pound, the banana currencies.

America was desperate, because the Japanese then could not be beat.

And the Americans being cowards that they were, did not dare fight the Japanese using conventional methods, so they utilized the Atom Bomb.

Atom Bombs are for cowards. And America is such a coward, who was scared stiff of the mighty of the Japanese who had already invaded their country by bombing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and actually gained control a bit of America, in Alaska.

The Japanese could have gone further into the American heartland if they had not been stopped by the Atom Bomb which Coward America had ignited over Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945 and over Nagasaki two days later.

Hiroshima was not enough for Coward America to destroy Japan, so they had to release another Atom Bomb over Nagasaki.

As such Japan lost the Second War. But America did not win the war, like true gentlemen. They won the war and proved to the whole world that they are Cowards.

It is the same Coward America which had used their weapons of mass destruction (WMD) on Afghanistan and Iraq.

They were scared stiff of engaging in armed combat with the Afghans and Iraqis on the ground, that they had to deploy WMD from above the sky, with their staff pressing buttons.

Afghans were enlisted by the Americans to fight the former Soviet Union, because the American forces were scared to harm their own men, if they were engaged.

And in Iraq, the American forces only came on the ground after their WMD had completely destroyed the Iraqi defense, which had waited for the Americans to confront them on the ground.

Alas, Coward America unleashed their ghastly power by using the latest technology of evil.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There is no need for anyone to be angry with the Chinese Left and other misplaced and confused Chinese Chauvinists in Malaysia. Just feel sorry for them.

They did not mean to be so. They are just confused. And the Melayu are to be blamed for making them feel so.

The locals in other countries in Southeast Asia or Nusantara Melayu region and in the other countries, because they did not give any chance for any Chinese to be confused, by forcing their views on them, which did not allow any of them to have their own grand illusions on how they too could run the country.

In Malaysia, the Melayu, being kind as Melayu and pity as Muslim allowed them to have their way in many ways.

This has allowed some of them to become confused, so a fewer number of them feeling empowered by their own stupidity.

And the Indians, too, having been left alone to their own device, too, felt that they could also exert themselves, with them being misled by a small number who are vocal to the point of being irritating.

The Chinese Chauvinists and also Confused Indians are irritating more than a threat to the Melayu Might.

Therefore, it is not a political issue as such, but a purely psychological one, involving just a small fraction of Chinese and Indians.

They realize how many of their brethren had long ago left the flock to embrace a Melayu life and reverting to Islam.

And how they are also slowly being forced to leave their recluse life hidden in the ‘new villages’ created by the British colonists and other rubber estates, where the Indians especially were forced to live in for a long time.

Now they are forced to mix with more and more Melayu, that they feel they too deserve not respect as such, but sympathy.

The Chinese Chauvinists in Malaysia are small, but they are noisy. The Indian Chauvinists are mostly lawyers who did not gain much prominence until they go into politics or shall we say – pseudo-political activitism.

Fortunately, there are more and more Chinese and Indians who are not Chauvinists; they have embraced Malaysianism.

And they are also seen as a threat to the Chinese and Indian chauvinists who fear that their communities are slowly being eroded of their identities, by the Melayu.

But alas, if their communities’ identities are being eroded, it was not due to the Melayu and Islam, but because of the English, as most of them have become or are trying to become Anglicized.

There are more and more Chinese who have English names, which they created for themselves, when their parents had given them typical Chinese names which they are not so happy to use in public. And most of them are not able to speak in English at all.

If Islam is a threat to them, it is because they see many of their brethren have reverted to the religion, not by force, but by their own initiative.

They try to blame Islamization in the public schools, but they did not fear Christian missionary activities in those Christian missionary schools which were established purely to convert the Chinese and Indians to Christianity.

Maybe the Chinese and Indian elders and other chauvinists amongst them fear, without them realizing it, is how the country has been Malaysianized more now than it was before, as more and more Chinese and Indians and the others are forced to mix with the majority Melayu.

They are not forced to mix more with the Melayu, but the development of the country is such that more and more land is developed leaving with no area where there is a majority Melayu population.

In fact, the Chinese conduct their business using the Melayu consumer base to develop, for without which, their businesses would not work.

Yet, the Chinese traders and other businessmen did not realize how the Melayu have all along supported their enterprises.

In fact, the Melayu can bankrupt the Chinese business activities if the Melayu simply refuse to go to any of their shops to buy things.

The Chauvinists also blame the public schools for being too Melayu and too Islam.

But they do not blame the schools in other countries especially those in the west which is too American or western, which they readily accepted as being part of the system in those countries.

In fact, all the countries in Nusantara Melayu do not care for vernacular education other than in Malaysia. And the use of their national languages supersede whatever demands that they have personally. Their own mother tongue languages can only be used amongst themselves, but not in public.

So this is one more reason why the Chinese and Indian chauvinists feel aghast that they are not able to do much in those countries, so they vent their anger and frustration in Malaysia, where they are given the space to show their outburst, in their pseudo-political and media activities.

These really do not help their cause, as their cause is not a realistic one.

Those who are vocal amongst them, especially the Chauvinists are the ones who are lost. And their numbers are diminishing. This forces them to shout even louder in order to be heard, before their own voices are dampened by the other members in their own communities.

The truth is at least about thirty percent of the Melayu in Malaysia have Chinese ancestry, with most of whom who had rejected it, preferring to be described as Melayu true and true.

This is a painful fact for the Chinese Chauvinists to realize. It is made even worse when more and more Melayu men and women who now look Chinese or Oriental, so much so that the Chinese feel alien like they are recent immigrants to the country.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Looking at an old black-and-white photo from my late father's album, I didn't realize it until now how unusual the three brothers were. 
My father Puteh bin Sulong had two younger brothers called Hussein and Hashim. There is nothing unusual about them, except that all three looked different from one another. 
My father was a fair baby, so his father called him Puteh. As he grew older, he began to look more like a Chinese. His nephews and nieces called him Pak Puteh, which is better than Pak Long (eldest uncle). 
Of the three brothers and a sister, only my father was sent to an English-medium school. He read English language newspapers and sometimes Utusan Zaman in the Jawi script. 
Although he never lived overseas, his interest in reading magazines that often featured travel stories and hanging calendars showing foreign lands probably instigated me to travel. 
His youngest brother Hashim was dark-skinned. He looked like an Indian. So all of us, his nephews and nieces, called him Pak Itam. His wife, although not dark, was Mak Itam. 
My uncle Hussein was the shortest. He did not look fair or dark, but had typical Melayu complexion. We called him Pakcik Hussein or Pakcik Kelang because he chose to live there instead of in Melaka where his two brothers lived. 
It was intriguing to see three brothers from the same parents looking so different. I doubt if anyone who saw them together could say for certain they were blood brothers. 
Pak Itam died when I was studying in New York City in the early 1980s. Pakcik Kelang died a few years ago in Kelang. 
My father was the last to go. He died at the age of 88 on Sept 15, 1998.  
He had 20 children, 10 each from his two wives. He married my mother who was his niece after his first wife died during childbirth. 
My mother's first husband had died a few years earlier, leaving her with a son who did not look like any of us – We all have single eyelids. 
I remember each time we were to take photos for the school magazine, I would rub my eyelids so they opened a bit more to look rounder. And when we were small, my mother made us use celak or eyeliner to widen our eyes. 
As for me, I have often been mistaken for a Japanese when in America or traveling to the 33 countries that I have visited so far. Even in Japan, where I have been three times, the locals thought I was one of them. 
During the film festival in Yamagata in October 1989, a film crew came up to me and asked a long question in Japanese. When I said “I'm not Japanese”, they thought it was funny. Maybe they used the footage in their documentary. 
The reason for this confusing identity could be traced to the fact that my maternal grandfather's mother was Chinese, a fact I discovered much later. 
No wonder the Chinese influences in my life were more pronounced. We often used chopsticks to eat at home. We used to “celebrate” all the major Chinese festivals by even carrying the tanglung (lantern) when it was not something fanciful for Melayu kids then to do, and ate Chinese food my mother cooked even before it became the trend among the Malays. 
When I was in Form Six at ITM in Shah Alam, the first question many strangers often asked me was whether I was Chinese. I had to say “I am Melayu” all the time, as if I owed everybody an explanation or that it made any difference. 
Later on I would say kadang-kadang (sometimes). That left many to wonder what I really meant. 

* * * * * * *

But the truth is there are about thirty percent of the Melayu in Malaysia today who have Chinese ancestry; many of them do not care about it.
The more I talk about it and most of the time, when I discuss the matter and wondered a bit about it I found out how many of my Melayu friends who said his or her mother is Chinese, or his or her grandfather is Chinese.
No wonder, they have Chinese features. But this is not really surprising as more and more Melayu now look more Oriental, meaning Chinese than they were before, having been forced to leave the villages to live and work in the cities where they slowly lighten their skin and changed their features.
The Melayu men are often mistaken for Chinese, but not the Melayu women who often wear ‘baju kurung’ or the ‘tudung’, so one did not need to guess if they were Melayu or Chinese.
I have also been mistaken for Chinese and sometimes even Japanese or South Korean, even by the Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans themselves, not only in Malaysia but also in their own countries.
So what’s all this got to do with the confusion the Chinese in Malaysia experience these days?
Simple. They think that they do not represent the views of the Chinese and being Chinese is not exclusively theirs. This makes those who are Chauvinists feel agitated that they are not representing the voice of the Chinese as many of them had left the World of the Chinese, who do not wish to become so, but they can still claim to have Chinese ancestry.
This leaves the Other Chinese to feel sidelined with the Chauvinists amongst them feeling even worse. Who are they representing?
They must also realize that in the past, if a Chinese couple had too many babies, they would give the spare ones or the baby girls, whom they did not wish to rear, to Melayu couples.
So no wonder many of my relatives are such.
The Chinese couples trusted the Melayu couples with their spare babies more than the other Chinese couples, whom they thought would not wish to adopt other Chinese baby girls.
There I urge the Melayu community and political leaders to pity the Chinese chauvinists when they make demands of all sorts.
The reason being they are forced to do so not because they like it, but because they do not know what else that they could do, especially with the younger generation of Chinese who have also become more assimilated and who are using Bahasa Melayu more than they do, and who mix with the Melayu more than they do.
Lastly, the future of Chinese and also Indian (Hindu) chauvinism in Malaysia is bleak!
Worse, their vernacular schools will be the cause of their economic, social, cultural and political downfall and further isolation. This can be seen on how the Chinese community leaders and chauvinists live amongst themselves who do not mix with anyone from the other race; they who also speak in Mandarin and not much in English and lesser still in Melayu.
Yet, there are some amongst them who actually have doctorates (in nothing that they are known), which are got mostly from the so-called internet universities based in America, with them not attending even a day on campus, since there is no such a thing.
They also do not allow their children to mix with those from the other races. Yet, they are not confident of sending their children to universities in China or Taiwan where the medium of instruction is Mandarin. They still insist on sending them to the national universities where the instruction is Melayu.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The Indian left are mostly the Tamil left with three Punjabis taking a cheap ride – all of whom take the cue from the actions of the Chinese left in their parasitic existence as leftists.

Some of the Chinese and Indian left are also in the government. So they are the rightists-leftists – the confused lot that they are.

They are the Chinese who are so few in numbers but whose voices are shrill and sharp as the population size of their community continues to shrink.

Their best brains being drained out of their community to the neighboring Chinese-dominated former Islamic and Melayu kingdom, now the republic of Singapore.

They represent the few leftover pockets of resistance to the development of the new Malaysia.

Their counterparts were those who had gone to the jungles from the 1940s to the 1960s when they realized their struggle was but a lost one.

So now instead of taking up arms and throwing bombs including destroying some buildings including killing some Melayu personalities, they use their brains and convoluted views of things to get by.

They are mostly those who have vernacular Mandarin school backgrounds in their formative years.

They do not mix with the Melayu too much or are able to speak in the language; they watch too much Hong Kong films and television programs and read the mandarin publications.

They are people who are from the former Chinese new villages and other cities and towns which have Chinese majority.

Although such urban dwellings are now not like they were before, but there are still some of the Chinese who have left them who still think like they are still living in them.  

There are also some who are from areas in some of the states in the country which still have Chinese majority.

But the numbers are decreasing.

They are the hardcore Chinese whose views of things are blinkered by the guilt their parents and grandparents faced, for having left them in the surroundings which are not too appealing, with vernacular education which had restricted the development of their intellect.

But they were not able to do much to express themselves. They could only do so once they managed to get to the ‘sekolah Melayu’ where their proficient of the Melayu language allowed them to express themselves and their discontentment.

This is aided by the fact that they were able to further their university education in the public universities which caused them to feel more insecure.

And it’s this insecurity that forced them to explode when they get the chance to do it – i.e. using the vehicle of their political affiliation – either from the left or the right joining the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) or the others on the other side, the Democratic Action Party (DAP), Gerakan and whatever parties including the Chinese cultural and linguistic groups and NGOs.

Those who enter the arts will express their discontentment in the ways they create theater, films and also documentaries and paintings.

And if they are given opportunities to become curators and gallery directors, they will also ensure that their feelings which they had suppressed are now expressed.

But those who go into politics are the ones who are the loudest and shrill.

You know that they have early vernacular Mandarin school backgrounds from the sound of their voice which is very sharp.

They also have features which are not fusion like many of the other Chinese who have ‘sekolah Melayu’ backgrounds. So they tend to look like they are tourists from Hong Kong.

Some of them speak good Melayu and English. So they are the ones who pretend to be liberal and accept the facts that they are members of the fast shrinking minority.

Only once in a while they falter, when controversial and racial issues are presented for them to react to; then we can see their true colors, the colors of discontent.

The Indian and Punjabi left will then take advantage of their affiliation with the Chinese left. They think they are also marginalized.

But the truth is their affliction with the Chinese left had left them nowhere, since the Chinese have not bothered with them even after getting the leftist support for too long.

The recently held by-election in Hulu Selangor has seen how the Indians have started to left the Chinese left and turn in their votes to Barisan which have often tried to do their level best to help uplift the poor economic state of the Indians.

But there are ways to contain the re-emergence of the Chinese left and also of the leftists Indians and Punjabis, now that the problems which create them in the first place have been identified.

The Melayu should do what the Singapura government had done long ago when they dispersed the Melayu in Geylang and the other Melayu-dominated areas so much so that there is now no Melayu dominated area, except for the one in the Kampong Glam (Kampung Gelam) area which surrounds the Masjid Sultan from where the ‘bilal’ can cry out the ‘azan’ everyday, when the bilal of the other masjid can’t.

The other way is for the Melayu to spur their economic development so that this community do not live a parasitic live and be on their own, so that the others will feel more marginalized that they have now to accommodate, repent and then accept the new facts that they are the ones who are now living a parasitic existence at the mercy of the Melayu economic activities and dominance.

Only then can the Chinese and Indian (read Tamil) community leaders and their public realize the real importance of their vernacular schools and education that can now not allow their children to have a glorious future.

Another method is to use the ‘drain’ method where some of the brightest Chinese and Indians are slowly pushed out of the country so they do not become pests, and in the end they leave behind their brethren who are not capable and who need crutches to get by.

Uplift them from below them. How can this be done?

By encouraging more Melayu to go into small trading so in this way, all the small trading businesses can be taken over by the Melayu who form the bulk of the customers, who had since a very long time been supporting the small trading business of all sorts of the Chinese.

The last by-elections in Hulu Langat saw many Chinese voters in this area not voting Barisan. They are mostly the uneducated Chinese with vernacular Mandarin school backgrounds who drop out of school so young.

They are small and petty traders.

But alas, they are now in an era where there are more Melayu small and petty traders who have taken away these businesses from them leaving them with a future so bleak that their only way to satisfy themselves is for them to continue watching Hong Kong films and television dramas and listening to music from this country and reading the Mandarin papers that only publish news and stories from and of Hong Kong.

The new group of Melayu corporate figures is not a threat to the economy of the Chinese, but the new group of Melayu small and petty traders can pose a threat to their livelihood.