Saturday, August 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article was written on 6 August, 2012, on the 67th anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I was in Hiroshima once on 8 August, 1986.)

Countries which wanted to develop the Atom Bomb and other nuclear devices were cowards and which had evil intentions; they which did not wish to use bravery but sheer might to dominate others.

They knew why they needed to have such a power in the first place, and it was not for peaceful purposes, but for them to use to enforce their rule over the rest of the world, so they can dictate terms on the others, and those who did not agree with them would suffer great calamities.

Having a nuclear arsenal has gone to their heads.

They are mostly the Pseudo-Christian and Communist countries.

Muslim countries did not favor using such devices as it only proves that they are no worse than the non-Muslim countries which had such evil intentions by wanting to develop their nuclear programs.

Unfortunately, this had put the Muslim countries in bad stead, as those Pseudo-Christian and Communist countries are now the ones which are tormenting the Arabs and Muslims for which it has to take Iran to confront them, when the other Arab and Muslim countries had been turned into Pseudo-Christian states themselves which blatantly exhibit Pseudo-Christian features and traits and styles.

Cowards do the most deplorable and desperate things.

America knew it could not beat the Japanese during the Second World War when they managed to free many countries in Asia from the yoke of British rule. It was a rule over countries which could not much to defend themselves.

So the Japanese had to come to help them. But somewhere along the way, the Japanese lost.

They lost because they had made enemies with the Chinese having attacked them in China, so the Chinese in the other countries in Southeast Asia they had controlled and freed from the British, had no choice but to find affinity with their brethren in China, by looking at the Japanese the way their brethren in China did.

The Japanese also did not have leadership. They freed the countries in Southeast Asia, but did not know how to manage them.

This gave ample excuse for the British and Americans to seek to overthrow them.

The locals, too, had similar sentiments.

Had the Japanese managed to find a way to delve deeper into the soul of the locals, they could get a better reception.

But all that the locals could remember of the Japanese and the Japanese Occupation of those countries are the atrocities committed by their military men.

Stories of torture, murder and also rape are too many for many to relate to.

Why did the Japanese behaved like that, when they could become the saviors of those countries they had earlier help to free.

If they had done that, then surely, there is no way for the British and Americans to harm them.

The British certainly had no excuse to return to those countries they had dominated and colonized for too long.

If that had happened, then surely, the world today would have been totally different, with the Japanese Yen becoming the preferred choice and American dollar and British pound, the banana currencies.

America was desperate, because the Japanese then could not be beat.

And the Americans being cowards that they were, did not dare fight the Japanese using conventional methods, so they utilized the Atom Bomb.

Atom Bombs are for cowards. And America is such a coward, who was scared stiff of the mighty of the Japanese who had already invaded their country by bombing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and actually gained control a bit of America, in Alaska.

The Japanese could have gone further into the American heartland if they had not been stopped by the Atom Bomb which Coward America had ignited over Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945 and over Nagasaki two days later.

Hiroshima was not enough for Coward America to destroy Japan, so they had to release another Atom Bomb over Nagasaki.

As such Japan lost the Second War. But America did not win the war, like true gentlemen. They won the war and proved to the whole world that they are Cowards.

It is the same Coward America which had used their weapons of mass destruction (WMD) on Afghanistan and Iraq.

They were scared stiff of engaging in armed combat with the Afghans and Iraqis on the ground, that they had to deploy WMD from above the sky, with their staff pressing buttons.

Afghans were enlisted by the Americans to fight the former Soviet Union, because the American forces were scared to harm their own men, if they were engaged.

And in Iraq, the American forces only came on the ground after their WMD had completely destroyed the Iraqi defense, which had waited for the Americans to confront them on the ground.

Alas, Coward America unleashed their ghastly power by using the latest technology of evil.

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