Friday, November 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

To me, Prem Rawat’s speeches are nothing but another form of entertainment…using words and more of the same words mostly, and repeating them again and again, and to promise self-rejuvenation for those who have the time to sit still and listen attentively to him, which in itself is therapy, so that they are not somewhere else where they can be tempted to do mischief.

They can be entertaining amusing to many. But to me they are annoying. I can sit on his speech but only for a while before I become annoyed.

So there’s nothing wrong if there are some or many who are entranced by him; I am not and can never be. I have different sets of values and a religion to depend on.

Just what’s wrong with those who are in the crowd, who seem to be entranced by his presence and by whatever he says? They look happy and contented, so why bother to come for such lectures in the first place – to uplift their jaded spirits and enhance their souls?

Many look like they are westerners who are English-speakers; yet, they seem entertained listening an Indian speaking in English, in an accent which is peculiar at times.

They are many others who are in desperate need of therapy and advise, those who are creators of the real problems the world faces today, those that we can see in the Middle East and also Africa and very much across the Arab World and Asia.

They are the political leaders from both sides including those in America, itself, who should experience some soothing words of peace, so that their actions do not cause the many others to want to come to lectures where they spend time and I am sure a bit of money to experience.

These political leaders have evil minds, they do not hear the loud sounds of the missiles or rockets that are fired from high above ground, at their order, while they sit in the comfort of their offices and official residences, or sometimes in bunkers, when the problem gets tough for them to bear, fearing that they too could become target or collateral damage.

Yet, there are many, especially the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank who constantly hear the sounds of the missiles or rockets being fired from the Zionist side, who definitely cannot do much to benefit from the soothing and funny words of Prem.

So those who come to Prem don’t look like they need to hear those soothing words of peace, but the evil political leaders, who could do with them, as they want to do nothing to promote peace.

They know if peace is attained, they will be lost in a world of peace. They only exist in the world where wars flourish; and if there is none, they will create it, so they can continue to exist.

And if they are lucky, they can also get the Nobel Peace Prize, for trying to promote world peace which can never come as long as they still exist.

I am sounding a bit like Prem, but this is where our similarities stop.

His preachings are no more than the play of words that go on and on and onnnnn…

In fact, he can never stop as what he is saying most of the time does not have any ending, unless if time does not permit him to do so…

Why did Malaysian television bother to broadcast his speeches or preaching, just beats me. I would not have heard or seen him if his ‘Words of Peace’ series is not shown in Malaysia.

No doubt it is therapy to those who can sit still and listen to him, and are entertained with his clever play of words and antics, and hearing things one can easily know, because it is based on simple common sense and logic.

I have watched a few programs in the ‘Words of Peace’ series with speeches given by Prem Rawat. And I have come to the conclusion that his speeches are annoying.

I do not know why anyone who would want to sit in a lecture given by him which sounds convincing yet, totally meaningless.

One can guess that he is definitely Hindu, but his website says he does not belong or represent any dominion, meaning, his views do not represent those of any established religion. Being given the title of ‘Maharaji’ is telling too.

This is probably to allow many more people to be attracted to him and especially to what he is says.

No wonder, from what I can see Muslims generally do not attend his lectures as they find to be baseless, as his views are nothing for them to hold on to.

What I find to be most annoying is how Prem would use the ‘dramatic pause’ to the greatest advantage, which is to allow what he says to sink into the heads of his listeners who are entranced by his choice of common words and phrases. Many look mesmerized by his sheer presence.

It is often followed by the exhibition of his frozen face, where one can see how he tries to elicit a positive response from his audience, which sometimes comes, but most of the times only allows him to gauge their attention to allow him to see what else he can say on the same issue or how he could change to another topic altogether.

He stops short of confronting his audience directly, by not going to them for any real physical encounter, by also keeping a good distance from them, sitting on a chair and on a stage which is raised so they are forced to look up to him.

Prem also makes sure he does not make any attempt to cause his audience to become too emotional so that they are completely under his control like he has become their preacher and evangelist or ‘messiah’, like some others who like do that causing some in the audience to fall to the back unconscious temporarily.

I am sure if he mingles with his audience by asking them questions, there will be some who would fall and faint, or who could also rise from their seats after being disabled for a while, as it can happen, by miraculous reasons.

He also makes sure he wears western suits looking like a businessman more than a preacher or motivational speaker.

As a Muslim, I do not think there is much that I can benefit from his speeches or preaching, that I cannot get on my own in my own privacy reading The Holy Koran, and reading stories on the virtues of Prophet Muhammad, p.b.u.h.

Only non-Muslims can find them to be useful as they did not have much religious values to depend on to compare what Prem can say, so they will feel enlightened by their encounters with Prem.

Lastly, why are only those who look well-off financially come to him to listen to his preaching, speeches or sermons?

Why didn’t he also go to the less endowed crowds in India, Africa and South America, where the people there can benefit more from his sermons, so that they do not feel despair living in misery and in dire need of the basic needs?

If what he says is good for the rich, then surely, it is also good for the poor so the people can have a balance in their lives to accept their poverty and also to accept their wealth and not feel guilty about it.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Someone in England was demoted with his pay reduced by forty percent, for posting in his Facebook account a comment which makes sense, on how he thought those who did not believe in the ways of the church in relation to how they want to conduct their marriages, ought not to use it for such a purpose.

All they can do it to register their marriages in the civil registries, which are also legal for couples in Britain to use, to register them.

Some of course, prefer common law meaning they did not have to register their marriages and are still ‘married’ to each other.

However, to his good fortune, the courts in Britain gave him the case, for which his company might have to pay compensation for the distressed caused to him.)

All marriages used to be happy and gay occasions. …but to legalize same-sex marriages today will make some others to also want to legalize marriages between humans and plants and trees in the near future. 

Marriages are normally highly emotional events; they are often a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore they have to be happy and gay with a lot of merriment thrown in.

Although the marriage contracts were often signed on rocks, but sometimes, they fall and break into pieces hardly a week after the celebrations.

It could happen as fast as a marriage certificate could be got off in Las Vegas, Nevada in America, in drive-through marriage registries.

Herein lies the stark differences between marriages in Islam and outside of Islam, where couples can invent and reinvent their marriage arrangements by going in the sea or on hilltops, with no family members to act as witnesses.

And not fully satisfied with these unorthodox wedding arrangements, some couples tried their own ways to do it for them. But of them can also be happy and gay occasions. But they do not have to be queer?

Somehow over the years, happy and gay marriages have become something else, with the gaiety being hijacked by a small group of people who are out to sensationalize such marriages.

And why couldn’t they just call them queer marriages? They can also be happy and gay and also queer.

Where will it all end? And who started it all? And why can’t those who want to have their own ways of fornicating, do it quietly.

But it is not fun. They have to inform the others how they do it, with fellow members of the same sex. They just cannot do it quietly and in total privacy of their personal confines.

We have heard many times how some people said they were married to their jobs!

So far nobody has taken them seriously and the persons who had got married to their jobs too did not think how this trend, could led them to go further so that soon they too would want the law to accommodate their peculiar behavior to allow them to register their marriage and also have formal wedding vows exchanged with their cars in the church.

This has not happened yet. But it can if the gays have had their way so they can be happily married off in their churches other than at the civil registry.

But alas, this can only happen in some states in America and some countries in the west.

If we can wait long enough, there will be some others who too would want to marry their favorite objects, plants, animals or cars in much the same way as the gay couples.

Unfortunately, for gay couples there are no husbands or wives, but husbands and wives. And they still have to choose which toilet to go to as there are no special toilets that would be constructed to accommodate them, the gay toilet for special people.

Maybe this is their next demand, that the authorities create them.

Yes, they do things one at a time. After being allowed to marry in the church and register their weddings, so they are now gay couples, they will insist on having their special toilets and special other things.

Nobody knows when they will stop to demand that they are given special treatment.

Once the hullabaloo over their demand to be allowed to register their gay marriages in the church, etc, they will become restless and will demand those things.

They have to do unusual things in public so that their kind can be seen as something special, after they have become too entrenched in their own societies which have earlier frowned upon them.

It all started when normal couples started to show off their sexual styles and exhibiting their sexuality with the women showing more cleavage and the men accounts of their sexual encounters.

This left the gays feeling outcast. So they had to do something to allow them to also show off their more peculiar sexual preferences and styles, so that they can outdo the heterosexuals, who have had a field day when the cinema used them to promote machismo.

This is what happened when Hollywood started to go into the bedrooms and deal with the bedroom antics and behaviors of normal heterosexual couples that also forced some who did not favor such styles to also want to exhibit their own ways.

In the end, they also started to demand having their gay marriages solemnized and they are accepted as married couples.

After all, homosexualism had its existence since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, but they did not insist on being accepted as the third sex.

They were happy being what they were until they became features in literature and subjects for the cinema that started to encourage gay couples and gays to go out of the closet where they had been hiding for so long.

This is probably what’s wrong with the gay couples who insist on being given special treatment with the laws binding normal couples accommodating or be reshaped to accept them too as part of the marriage institution.

If the normal couples in America and the west had not exhibited their sexuality too much or at all, then there was no need for the gays to also want to attract attention to themselves in whatever ways they thought necessary, the highlight of which to demand that gay marriages are integral to their societies.

This is also perhaps what distinguishes the Islamic Civilization and western pseudo-Christian civilization which have not found any lessons from Sodom and Gomorrah of ancient times to know how they had caused their civilization to slide.

America and the west certainly do not need the modern-day Sodoms and Gomorrahs to cause it to self-destruct as it can do it on their own.

But it certainly does not hurt if the modern-day Sodoms and Gamorrahs can cause it to happen sooner and more dramatically, too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

In England, it seems, they have a more advanced police force and legal system which is fair. So no one is spared if he is charged or even alleged to have committed a crime. It does not matter if the allegations involved activities that were committed decades ago involving individuals who are dead.

So Jimmy Savile has to be stirred from his grave to answer charges or allegations of sexual improprieties.

Other individuals too have been arrested from their houses by the Metropolitan Police in London and brought in their vehicles to the police station where they were questions, some for hours.

However, none of them brought along the press or their legal team. They went there on their own accord and with some hiding their faces inside a scarf.

This is reminiscent of what many others who had been so charged who covered their faces, including by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who also pretended to be ‘Muslim’ by covering his face.

Gary Glitter, too did a ‘Muslim’ act when he was taken from his apartment in London to the police station.

He and the others in London too have been released on bail pending whatever actions the police there would deem fit for them to answer. They may be allowed to go scott-free.

But matters the most is how they went there on their own, without calling for the press to cover their activities and being surrounded by publicity-seeking lawyers to prop them up in a publicity gimmick, and also as an act of defiance of the police and the law.

However, in Malaysia, someone who has been charged for committing sodomy, can go about doing his business.

He is not taken to the police station in a police vehicle to answer questions before being allowed to be released on a bail.

In America, the late Michael Jackson who was charged by an under-aged boy for sexual abuse, was taken to the police in California where he was asked questions and photos of his genitals were taken.

There are stark differences in the way the police in England, America and Malaysia conduct their business.

It seems Malaysians who have been charged for sexual abuse or sodomy can expect to get the best treatment unlike their counterparts in England and America.

And England and America are not Muslim countries, mind you, but Malaysia is, or is supposed to be, yet, individuals who have been charged for sodomy can behave as though there is no stigma that has been attached or tattooed into his body.

His family, especially wife and children and close associates, too, can afford to downplay the charges like they were minor aberrations, and not a serious charge.

Even the so-called Islamic party of Malaysia have sided with him charging how it was a political move more than a legal one like they are also condoning the behavior of one of their  ooo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Physical contact and interaction between men and women is nothing in non-Muslim countries. So one can see lots of such behaviors exhibited publicly.

No wonder, many early British television personalities show their affection with those who appear on their shows, blatantly – as to them, this was the British way, the western way, and mostly, the non-Islamic way.

But four decades later, such exhibition of physical attraction in Britain seems to be criminal, any physical exhibition of affection can and must be condemned.

So Jimmy, having been laid to rest under two tons of concrete in his casket, must be stirred to wake up to answer charges of improprieties and worse, sexual abuses.

Worse, those who were in his generation who were charged by hundreds of nameless individuals mostly women who were teenagers then, have to be studied and arrested, remanded and released on bail, with the prospect of being charged in open courts later.

Yet, the nameless persons who had filed charges against the personalities can remain nameless, and all that they can say is how they had been fondled or sexually abused, with no prospect of them ever being able to show prove.

But one now begins to wonder if Britain is fast becoming the Islamic Kingdom of Britain, and if the Islamic Syariah laws are going to be implemented in the country.

Did Jimmy unwittingly led to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Britain of the near future, with the laws fashioned on Syariah Laws?

If they are indeed bent on maintaining their own laws, then what Jimmy and the others might have done, should not be misconstrued in other ways, as physical contact and the showing of affection is not against such non-Islamic laws.

In fact, their women and also men, too, are allowed to parade in public semi-naked and almost naked on the beaches, and completely naked at some designated areas, where sexual abuses of the visual kinds on those who do not share such sentiments are canceled out.

The revulsion many in Britain have of the Jimmy whammy is proof of this happening.

And poor Jimmy; he cannot raise from the dead to answer charges of misconduct or sexual abuse, and only those who charge him can continue to go on to relate their experiences in being abused, without anyone of them being able to show incontrovertible proof of that happening.

There are some personalities who are very much alive; they are in the sixties and going on to seventies. They may have memory lapses so surely, incidents that were said to have happened for decades ago, could not be used against them, should they so choose not to want to remember them.

The ‘victims’, however, can go on and create their version of things.

But will the police believe them? Will what evidence they have be accepted by the courts?

It is more than a witch-hunt more than a serious charge. Better still it is an attempt to turn Britain into an Islamic Republic.

And in the meanwhile, the four hundred or so charges that have been leveled against some men in England are just totally dependent on what the women and maybe some men say, of what had happened to them.

There is no corroboration. If there are, it will take a long while for the legal process to be fully exhausted before some of the charges can be accepted by the court.

Those who have been charged, in the meantime, will have to be exposed even more with those who charge them hiding under the full protection of the law, and can continue to become anonymous.

Although in the end all the charges are dropped, the damage has been done, even if the charges turned out to be baseless with no corroboration and proof.

Even if the charges are true and they happened, but they happened more than four decades ago.

The issue confronting many now is why did the men and men now keep the matter so long without exposing it there and then as they happened?

Time is certainly not on their side.

But whatever the outcome will be, the truth is that Britain is fast becoming an Islamic Republic, with more Taliban-like people and feelings being assimilated into their social, cultural, political, legal and also religious systems which many now feel to be inadequate to act as deterrents to the people from being sexually abused.

Many will ‘thank’ Jimmy for having done a good service to Britain. He therefore deserves another knighthood.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Let’s help the FBI to be better; it will serve America and the whole world, too.

This opinion piece should be titled, ‘What’s wrong with the FBI?’ Or ‘What can we say of the FBI?’ Or, ‘How the FBI has failed America!’ Or, ‘US$8 billion gone to waste!’

I watched an hour program on the History Channel last night called, ‘Inside: FBI’ and came out feeling sorry for them, and mostly, the American taxpayers for having to foot a bill amounting to US$8 billion for the FBI to operate annually.

Of course, what the program showed was interesting, intriguing and cunning showing how dedicated the FBI agents and their officers are in defending America from terrorist and other threats.

Yet, America today is not safe, and Americans cannot go anywhere in the world and proudly carry their flags and telling everybody that they are Americans and are proud to be so.

American embassies and consular offices all over the world are heavily fortified, much like the diplomatic enclaves of the missions from Britain and France are also.

This is a sign that America and the other two pseudo-Christian countries are not readily accepted by the locals. And it is not the locals that have to be blamed. They do not wish to blame themselves, but they like to blame others.

‘Inside: FBI’ shows how incompetent the FBI agents and their officers are.

This is despite the fact that they have all sorts of electronic gadgets and paraphernalia in their arsenal to help them gather intelligence information and outsmart the others who are bent on destroying America.

Yet, calamities happen. And when they do, they create a dent on the credibility of the FBI itself.

Many such incidents have happened Post-911, which prove that their methods are not effective.

One of the most glaring problems that the FBI has failed to solve is the smuggling of drugs and human trafficking from south of the bother of America, namely from Mexico, which happens almost everyday.

If the FBI claims to have the best intelligence gathering methods and equipment, etc, including having moles in the systems in all the countries, including in Mexico, why then the drug smuggling and human trafficking activities still continue to happen?

A fraction of the amount of drugs they had seized cannot be compared to the amount that is actually allowed to pass through the border to the American drug addicts and before that the American drug importers.

Most surprisingly, the FBI also have not nabbed any American in America for colluding with their Mexican or South American counterpart for receiving drugs and humans, or other contraband items.

Surely, the FBI agents and officers must know that the Mexicans and other South Americans cannot operate on their own without having some Americans of like-minds to complete the delivery system of such goods.

And with the huge amounts of goods and money involved, surely, the FBI could also monitor their flow into whose bank accounts, under however, fictitious names or accounts, they are registered under.

Maybe the FBI of old were smarter, that they were able to nab and totally obliterate the Mafia organization, which also operated almost openly for a long time before their leaders were arrested and sentenced to jail.

And not enough with the FBI, America also has the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose job is also similar to what the FBI does.

Yet, perennial problems which besets America still happen.

It is not the more smart the FBI and CIA are, the smarter the drug smugglers are.

The truth is that, the FBI and CIA do not know what’s hitting them. They can claim to have the latest electronic gadgets and arrange for stings, but in the long-term or long-run, they still falter.

And if they cannot stop the smuggling of drugs and humans from Mexico, which is just across the border from America, what else then that they can do to ensure America is safe?

The truth is that the FBI and also the CIA have all failed America.

Their methods are wrong, because their attitudes are ‘wronger’!

And they can never fight the battle they are fighting because they do not know why the battles happen, and who created them in the first place.

This proves that the FBI and CIA agents and officers are not smart. So no wonder, a former director-general of the CIA, Petraus had to resign over the allegations of extramarital marriage with his autobiographer.

The truth is the FBI and CIA are fighting a cause to ensure the safety of America, but the fault lies in the foreign policies of America and the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, whose very existence on land that it had seized from the Arabs will continue to create unusual intelligence nightmares for the officers.

Yet, none of the agents or officers of these two intelligence has the temerity to file an official report to Congress or the White House to say that the root problem that has cause massive security problems for America stemmed from the existence of the Zionist state and from America’s support for it.

This is the root cause of the main problem faced by America for which the FBI and CIA are trying their level best to dampen so that the problems related to the creation of the Zionist state do not become too obvious, that even the blind and most stupid person in America can see for himself.

So far the FBI and CIA have scapegoats, which the American politicians and other pro-Zionist activists in America can use conveniently, and they are the Arab and other Muslim ‘militants’ and ‘terrorists’.

The guy who blew the American federal building in Oklahoma City years ago, and the Norwegian guy who also did similar acts in his country, are not terrorists or militants. The reason being they are Caucasians.

If they are colored, they would have been branded as such.

It is therefore a fact the American taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth, and for spending US$8 billion a year on the operating costs of the FBI, they are not getting a fraction back in return for safety of the country and of its citizens in the country and around the world, too.

And no one knows how much the American taxpayers are spending on the operating budget of the CIA. It may be more than that is allocated to the FBI.

As long as the FBI and CIA agents or operatives are not given the right training and experience, they won’t be able to serve America and its citizens. And the world too will be turned upside down by their own making when unnecessary stings are mounted or arranged to arrest some individuals who do not make much of a deal in world affairs.

The FBI and CIA must be two think tanks where its officers and agents or operatives constantly search around their country and the whole world on factors and actions that can lead to real and continued safety of America and its citizens, such as by engaging those outside of America by making them to collaborate and to create creative wonders.

The FBI and CIA must realize fast that the creation of the New Hollywood, New American Television, New American Pop Music and New World Literature and so on can ensure the lasting peace for America and its relationship with the rest of the world, especially the Muslim World.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It is strange how the British do things. They are aghast when one of their own kind had committed defamation against a mere individual who happens to be titled, yet, turned around to the other side, when one of their own kind has been charged by many to have lied to the whole country and the so-called ‘international community’ that helped to launch merciless attacks using the latest weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the Arabs and other Muslims.
          Alas the individual who has been defamed is British, while the many who had died or badly injured are mere Arabs or other Muslims, so the person who was responsible for the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan must be allowed to go scot-free.
          So George was not lucky, but Tony was…
          George Entwistle, the former director-general of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was forced to resign his post, because a producer had broadcast a confession by a man who alleged to have been sexually abused as a child by someone who is now a well-known personality in England. Entwistle said he had to bear the responsibility as he was also the editor-in-chief, meaning that he was responsible for anything that is broadcast by the television station.
          This is certainly what the English or British would have asked him to do, as the perfect English gentleman, to resign before he is forced to do so, by other means that they may have in their system.
          But, for a British prime minister, to take the whole of Britain to war against Iraq in support of America, on false charges, he can get away with it.
          Tony Blair had told not only the British but the whole world how Iraq then was on the verge of being able to produce weapons of mass destructions (WMD) and chemical bombs, which allowed America to launch their destruction of Iraq.
          Yet, then none of the WMD and chemical weapons were found in Iraq after the country was totally devastated, Tony Blair was not fazed. He continued to become prime minister. And till today no action has been taken against him by the international community other than by some well-meaning groups who had found him guilty in their courts.
          But they were all for show, as Tony Blair continued to transverse the world appearing in speaking engagements even when he was heckled by some people in the audience. He was not fazed.
          Even American president George W. Bush, too, is not fazed. And he seems to be able to lead fairly normal lives, compared to Tony Blair whose activities seem to have taken him further than George W. Bush’s.
          So far George has made just one trip outside of America, which was to go to a state in Africa where human rights groups there had tried in vain to have him arrested.
          However, since the government there said they had not got a warrant to do that, George was allowed into the country and attend the function he was invited to, and leave to return to America.
          So basically George is a pariah, an unconvicted war criminal as much as Tony is.
          Coming back to the other George – Entwistle, and comparing his fate to that of the American George, the former president and former British prime minister, Tony, one can see how flawed the system they have in England.
          Entwistle had to resign on his own accord simply because his television station where he was director-general had made a mistake, and apologized for it, before he was forced to do so by the system that they have in England.
          However, as with their former prime minister, Tony, who was found to have lied to everybody in his country and the world, yet, he is able to live freely as a member of the public and getting recognition even by the United Nations (UN) and other international bodies.
          The American George, however, can be said to be suffering from his misjudgment by taking his country into the war against Iraq, when his activities are curtailed. He is also not seen that much even in America, and much less in the world, where former American presidents often start to establish their own charity groups to help those in the poor countries as what The Carter Center is doing, with former president Billy Carter and his wife, Roselyn are currently doing.  
          Even another former American president, Bill Clinton, has his own organization which does almost the same things as The Carter Center.
          But so far there is no George W. Bush Center for anything.
          It would be an irony if George W. Bush establishes his own charity center to help the needy and to help those poor countries develop a bit more.
          How could a person want to do that when he had destroyed many countries when he was president? And they were not just ordinary countries, but Arab and Muslim ones?
          George and the Americans would not have destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and the other Arab and Muslim countries if they were poor ones with no natural resources especially oil.
          They wanted to destroy them because with their oil wealth, those countries were able to develop, economically.
          And Iraq was one of the most developed Arab countries in the Middle East. Libya, too, was developed. And they had to be destroyed.
          Any Arab or Muslim country which is developed is bad for America and their master state, the Zionist state of Israel.
          America and the Zionist state themselves knew if the Arab and Muslim countries are developed, the existence of the Zionist state would not be tenable. And America also know developed Arab and Muslim countries will not make America to be what they want it to be.
          America must be seen to be developed, and the other countries especially the Arab and Muslim ones, less so and totally destroyed.
          Superpower and nuclear-power states have to get other countries which they can destroy whenever they like. They do not like competition, even if the other countries are not militarily strong, but economically, socially, culturally and religiously, since American values are against all these.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


By Mansor bin Puteh

I would like Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM) in Shahalam where I graduated from to list the names of their graduates who had gone to study at any of the eight Ivy League universities in America – Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown and UPenn, other than at Oxford or Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom.

And also the ministry of higher education to do the same and list the names of those who had gone to these ten universities.

The reason why I am proposing this is to see how far do UiTM and the ministry of higher education admire and are proud of them.

And for that matter, it would also be good for the education section of the New Sunday Times to do the same.

Where is the Education Hall of Fame? We have halls of fame in sports, but not in education.

Won’t it be good for UiTM and the ministry of higher education to see who were the first Malaysians to have gone to any of the ten universities, and write about them?

It is also to see where these people are and if they have been given the right jobs to perform and what ideas have they given to the government for implementation.

If this cannot be done, then asking Malaysian students to study at those universities and saying that they want to encourage them to do so, is just empty talk.

Getting education at the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities may not be good for many Malaysians after all.

Do stupid people go to study at the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities in America and the United Kingdom? I think so. Here’s why.

No wonder, the Malaysian film industry is still in the doldrums, as much as Malaysian television and the other branches of the arts which follow or develop in the footsteps of the development of the film and television industries, whose development could not happen entirely on their own steam.

Maybe if I had gone to study film in any third university in America, I might be better received, as I may not have the real vision to improve the film industry of the country, and can only concentrate on getting my career off the ground.

So no wonder, most of those who are successful in the film and television industries in Malaysia are those who are not qualified in film or television; they who copy entirely what they see coming out of Hollywood and the gossip mills.

So no wonder, too, the New Malaysian Cinema cannot be created. At the most, it is just a parasite of Old Hollywood.

The government and its related agencies do not care who had studied where and why. They are only happy to say they want to see more Malaysians especially the Melayu going to such universities to study.

And when Safiah, the Pakistani-Melayu student in England managed to get enrolment into Oxford University, everybody in Malaysia felt elated considering how she at the tender age of thirteen could study there.

But none of the Melayu leaders knew what to do with her. They did not know where to put her, if they could offer her a post after her graduation.

There is really no place for such a person like Safiah in Malaysia. I cannot see her playing any role in the country.

She was only good for some leaders to feel proud of her academic achievements, until she fell to the wayside and got herself involved in some anti-social activities upon quitting Oxford.

Malaysia has a small and exclusive group of those who had studied at any of the eight Ivy League and Cambridge and Oxbridge universities. But none of them has excelled.

Those who do are those, who unfortunately, were sent to study there not because they wanted to pursue their education, but because it was to allow them to get a better post later which comes with a better pay.

And those who went to those universities on their parents’ financial account must know that they can never find employment in Malaysia which commensurates with their level of their education.

And if they studied there on a student loan, they too, would face similar problems, and worse, they are not able to repay their loans.

Who in the right mind would want to borrow RM150,000 to pay for tuition and other expenses a year studying at any of the ten universities, so that the total may be about RM1 million by the time they get their undergraduate and graduate degrees?

Compare this to the students who got student loans from PTPTN or other agencies, who only need to borrow at the most up to RM50,000 or less, can be expected to pay their loans back in a few years, or earlier.

The problem is that in Malaysia, Ivy Leaguers and Oxbridge graduates are treated similarly like the graduates of the other universities including the third rate ones.

So they can expect to get the same posts or jobs which give the same pay, with no exception or priority given to them to assume posts which are more superior that were given to those who have degrees from those third rate universities.

In fact, if the government is truly interested to see more Malaysians studying at any of the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities, then they should show the way, by encouraging senior government officials to pursue their graduate education at any of the ten universities and the others who are not in these groups, as they will be doing the public a greater favor by having such education.

If this does not happen, then surely, seniority will supersede meritocracy, when a person who stays on the job, will rise and rise until he assumes the topmost post in the respective ministries and agencies.

And there is also no place for brilliance in such establishment as those who studied at those prestigious universities will not be absorbed into the ministries or agencies on account of his or her academic qualification as he or she does not have the other necessary qualification, which is repetitive experience and human contact and communications with the senior officials of the ministries and agencies.

In the end, if there are those who have degrees from Ivy League and Oxbridge universities, they will be given jobs which are menial and whose authority is severely limited.

They will end up not doing much as decisions are often and always made by using other means.

In fact, all the vice chancellors and deans of all the public universities in Malaysia must be people with such academic backgrounds as they can be forced to gain admittance into any of the universities to allow them to prove that they are qualified.

There is no need for them to go to any university to conduct any research for the doctorate theses which are not of any use to the government and country, other than to themselves to gain promotions at their respective universities.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

American political and military leaders often like to tell themselves that the security of America and Americans are of utmost importance to them, and they would spend trillions of dollars if they could save the life or an American anywhere in the world.

But who are they trying to bluff?

They cannot ensure this, and they know that. They have failed to keep America and Americans safe since they are all over the world, and American interests too are everywhere.

Can they protect all these? They cannot. And they can never will. But they do not know that.

The truth is America’s flawed foreign policies are what are making America and Americans and American interests not safe.

Even the Zionist entity called the State of Israel is not safe. Israeli Jews cannot go anywhere in the world and be proud to call themselves Israeli citizens. They live in fear in Israel and no amount of nuclear deterrent can protect them.

So their strategy is to ensure the Arab and Muslim Worlds are continuously in peril, and in shambles, physically and morally.

How can Americans and American interests outside of America be safe, when their foreign policies encourage the others to hate them, and to use them as targets of their scorn?

But to get the locals to fight each other so that such interests could be protected, can be effective for a while, but not for long until the locals realize the burning of the masjid and other facilities in their countries were all conducted by agents acting on behalf of America and by Zionist infiltrators.

It won’t be long before everybody outside of America thinks negatively of the country, when each day they get too look at the total and real effectiveness of America as a true and real defender of democracy which many now say American democracy, an alien philosophy and political tool of expedience to invade other countries and to turn its societies upside down.

American leaders and America, too, are not perfect; so it is this imperfection they are trying to export to the other countries, all of which had met with negative success or a total disaster.

It is also therefore ironic how, those countries they had helped to ‘liberate’ are the ones which are now fervently anti-America.

It’s not only the American embassies around the world which have been fortified, but the commercial establishments and major companies, too, have become targets of attacks in recent times.

Just recently the Indonesian authorities arrested eleven persons who were suspect to be planning attacks on the American embassy in Jakarta and other American interests.

Certainly, these eleven persons would be doing other things if America had showed better tact in dealing with the Arabs and other Muslims elsewhere.

These people, like those in Afghanistan, Pakistan and also Iraq as well as in Palestine are all victims of the flawed American foreign policies, which directly affect them.

They are those who were created due to the circumstances they were in that are all attributed to those foreign policies. They were not like that before.

So if American leaders think they can use force to ensure the safety of Americans they are wrong.

Using drones on Pakistan and eliminating some people who they call the Taliban do not serve much purpose, as Americans are still not safe from the side effects of their flawed foreign policies.

It is sad how they still think they are doing the utmost level to ensure America and all Americans are safe. And to do that they have their drones firing and killing innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen.

But what they do not realize that Americans are not safe outside of America, like they were before.

And to prove this, one only needs to take a look at the embassy of America in their own country to see how fortified it is.

And the American ambassadors are hardly seen in public places. If they attend formal and official functions, they sneak into the hall and then leave without eating.

And they do not smile anymore like their predecessors did before.

And going to the American embassy if like crossing the border at Rafah; where security personnel man the entrances.

In Malaysia, only Indians are employed as security staff, but not the Melayu and Chinese. The Melayu are stationed in a temporary or makeshift post courtesy of the Malaysian government, who put their police officers to provide additional security to the embassy, around the clock.

The sight is repeated in the other countries, especially in the Arab and Muslim ones.

In the past, the American embassies were centers of cultural and social interaction between their staff and visitors from America, with the locals, who also enjoyed visiting the embassy where they had a library of books which are not generally available in the libraries in the city.

But the Lincoln Resources Center which was earlier known as the United States Information Center, has been moved to another place, without taking with it the regulars who enjoyed sitting in the center when it was still in the embassy building.

And I have also not visited the American embassy in Jalan Tun Razak in many years, while before I would go there each time I went to the National Blood Center to donate blood or plasma and/or platelet.

And beside the American embassy there was a petrol station where I also stopped to park my car and buy snacks before driving off.

But immediately after the 911 incident the American embassy bought over the petrol station because as a security precaution since it held petrol which could catch fire causing the whole of the embassy complex to end up in flames.

In fact, all the private houses directly behind the embassy building had been bought over so that private individuals do not live there, so now the whole area is cordoned with all the parking bays by the side of the road taken over, as added security precaution to discourage anyone from parking their vehicles which may hold whatever it is that could cause their security officers to become suspicious.

In fact, the earlier cultural officer often invited the local arts community to his official residence for poetry reading.

It is too bad also that screenings of American films which could not be shown publicly in the cinemas in the country that were held in the hall inside the American embassy have been stopped.

I remember being invited to see ‘Amistad’ directed by Steven Spielberg, with the then ambassador, John R. Mallot attending. The producers of this film allowed it to be shown in selected American embassy since it could not be shown in the cinemas because it contains frontal nudity.

Therefore it is ironic how the American leaders often say they aim to provide its people with security and who would do whatever it takes to protect them anywhere in the world.

Clearly, they have all failed, and no American president who is also the Commander-in-Chief can do much as long as they cannot ensure Americans are safe outside of the country.

In the past, any American can speak loudly so that everybody around him could tell from his accent and his behavior however crude, that he is an American and a proud one at that.

He can also mix with the locals and entertain them. But not anymore.

These are truly the real signs to prove that the American leadership has failed all Americans and America, too.

There is no way for any of them to be able to turn the situation around. And they also do not want to accept facts on why this situation cannot change, and on how their flawed foreign policy of over-protecting the creation and establishment of the Zionist state has caused America’s image to tumble around the world.

At the same time the Zionists and their Israeli citizens too have to live in a fortified state, of not being able to go anywhere.

There are no groups of Israeli citizens who can tour any city in the world much less in the Arab and Muslim world by carrying small Israeli flags and telling everybody about the country where they are from.

The Palestinians and also Iranians can do that. But not the Israelis.

In fact, one can never see a group of tourists from Israel walking in the group with one of them carrying a small ‘Star of David’ flag with him even in London or New York City. They know they look odd and out of place.

These are the real signs to prove that the flawed American foreign policies are what have caused America to be unsure of itself and its citizens not being able to lead normal lives anymore like they could before.

The other sign is how the presidential campaigns have all sidelined the debate on the Zionist state other than with the candidates saying how they aim to protect it at whatever costs, and how much Americans live fearful lives when they are outside of America.

When can we see the creation of the New United States of America – or the NUSA?

Monday, November 5, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America during the Superstorm Sandy issue is totally different than the America when they are restless with nothing better to do; so they look at the Arabs and other Muslims and try to find what else that they can do to hurt them, to use their aged weapons of mass destruction or WMD on.

It won’t be too difficult for them to find any excuse to do so, since their Zionist masters can tell them how to do it.

The Zionists too can find and create ways and means to get America to do the bidding for them.

But at this time, with Superstorm Sandy taking up the attention of America and especially its political and military leaders, the Arabs and other Muslims are safe. In fact, Iran, too is safe for now.

It’s just the European Union or EU which is now tackling Iran, and they are being led by American secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, who does not seem to be able to do anything else other than to try and punish Arabs and Muslims whenever she can find the reasons to.

And what all this proves? It proves that America cannot be left restless. It is a situation like this which makes them feel annoyed, that they are not looked up at, so they try and make a mess of everything which they can use as an excuse to prop up their image as the World’s Policemen.

America therefore, likes to pick on the Arabs and Muslims as long as the position of the Zionist state of Israel is not yet solidified.

But there won’t come a time, when such a situation will ever happens; the state of the Zionist state of Israel is untenable, any way one looks at it.

And the best part is that America too realizes this. Not only that the Zionists too knows this.

So they thought if they could not live peacefully in the Middle East being surrounded by the Arabs and Muslims, the least that they can do is to make the lives of the Arabs and Muslim neighbors uneasy, with their incessant and rude display of military pranks, bombing homes of Palestinians on any pretext or not at all.

Because they know America and the United Nations don’t care. They had done this trick for so long, that it has become their trait.

And not doing means they are weak. And they don’t like to give the impression to anyone that they are weak as it also means that they are losing grounds.

Iran came into the picture and immediately blinded their warped vision of the region, and the only excuse that the Zionist state has to counter Iran is to charge the Islamic Republic for trying to develop a nuclear program like it is a big deal, like they too does not have such a program, which they did not even dare to admit or allow the IAEA inspectors to come and spy on.

The truth is the Zionists and America do not want Iran to be developed to become the world’s Sheriff in the region and all over the world to counter whatever pranks America and the Zionists will have.

No one knows how Superstorm Sandy came about. One cannot listen to the explanations given by the scientists. They have blinkered views of the matter. They do not believe in divine intervention.

And least of all, they do not know what good lessons America could learn from it. The philosophers in America do not want to expose whatever guesses they could get from looking at the tragedy, other than to keep quiet and to let Superstorm Sandy go away.

And the average Americans only know how to create descriptions for Hurricane Sandy and to call it Superstorm Sandy.

More than that they do not know what else to do with it, and no real lessons learnt from it.

Why did it have to come especially at this time? This they also did not know.

So what else did they know? Nothing.

The truth is Superstorm Sandy did not happen without a good reason – it is to show to the Americans what their flawed foreign policies had created and given to the Arabs and other Muslims they had unleashed their immense human-made power on them, with the Zionist forces taking the lead, and inflicting pain and suffering on the Palestinians and other Arabs who surround them from all sides.

This is what Superstorm Sandy is saying.

Unfortunately, Superstorm Sandy could not say. It can only show what it could do. And if the Americans still do not understand it, then more superstorms will have to happen until the Americans lean how to decipher the signs that are falling down from the skies.

Superstorm Sandy may be in vain; with no one in America ever able to understand what it is saying.

For the Palestinians and other Arabs in Afghanistan, Iraq and the other countries in the Middle East and other Muslims in Pakistan everyday has seen America and its Zionist allies unleashing their might.

Everyday, drones are flown to bomb innocent Arabs to smithereens.

So one cannot be sure if the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims today share the pains and sufferings Americans face with the unleashing of Superstorm Sandy, which may be over in a not too long a near future.

It is during such a time, when America are distracted by their own problems and predicament, so they do not have to look elsewhere to unleash their own fury against whom they have condemned to be inferior beings – the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims.

So one can also say, an America which is not distracted by their own pains and predicament, is the America which do not have any need to unleash their own fury against the others – meaning the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslim, who all suffer, if America is not distracted.