Friday, November 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

To me, Prem Rawat’s speeches are nothing but another form of entertainment…using words and more of the same words mostly, and repeating them again and again, and to promise self-rejuvenation for those who have the time to sit still and listen attentively to him, which in itself is therapy, so that they are not somewhere else where they can be tempted to do mischief.

They can be entertaining amusing to many. But to me they are annoying. I can sit on his speech but only for a while before I become annoyed.

So there’s nothing wrong if there are some or many who are entranced by him; I am not and can never be. I have different sets of values and a religion to depend on.

Just what’s wrong with those who are in the crowd, who seem to be entranced by his presence and by whatever he says? They look happy and contented, so why bother to come for such lectures in the first place – to uplift their jaded spirits and enhance their souls?

Many look like they are westerners who are English-speakers; yet, they seem entertained listening an Indian speaking in English, in an accent which is peculiar at times.

They are many others who are in desperate need of therapy and advise, those who are creators of the real problems the world faces today, those that we can see in the Middle East and also Africa and very much across the Arab World and Asia.

They are the political leaders from both sides including those in America, itself, who should experience some soothing words of peace, so that their actions do not cause the many others to want to come to lectures where they spend time and I am sure a bit of money to experience.

These political leaders have evil minds, they do not hear the loud sounds of the missiles or rockets that are fired from high above ground, at their order, while they sit in the comfort of their offices and official residences, or sometimes in bunkers, when the problem gets tough for them to bear, fearing that they too could become target or collateral damage.

Yet, there are many, especially the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank who constantly hear the sounds of the missiles or rockets being fired from the Zionist side, who definitely cannot do much to benefit from the soothing and funny words of Prem.

So those who come to Prem don’t look like they need to hear those soothing words of peace, but the evil political leaders, who could do with them, as they want to do nothing to promote peace.

They know if peace is attained, they will be lost in a world of peace. They only exist in the world where wars flourish; and if there is none, they will create it, so they can continue to exist.

And if they are lucky, they can also get the Nobel Peace Prize, for trying to promote world peace which can never come as long as they still exist.

I am sounding a bit like Prem, but this is where our similarities stop.

His preachings are no more than the play of words that go on and on and onnnnn…

In fact, he can never stop as what he is saying most of the time does not have any ending, unless if time does not permit him to do so…

Why did Malaysian television bother to broadcast his speeches or preaching, just beats me. I would not have heard or seen him if his ‘Words of Peace’ series is not shown in Malaysia.

No doubt it is therapy to those who can sit still and listen to him, and are entertained with his clever play of words and antics, and hearing things one can easily know, because it is based on simple common sense and logic.

I have watched a few programs in the ‘Words of Peace’ series with speeches given by Prem Rawat. And I have come to the conclusion that his speeches are annoying.

I do not know why anyone who would want to sit in a lecture given by him which sounds convincing yet, totally meaningless.

One can guess that he is definitely Hindu, but his website says he does not belong or represent any dominion, meaning, his views do not represent those of any established religion. Being given the title of ‘Maharaji’ is telling too.

This is probably to allow many more people to be attracted to him and especially to what he is says.

No wonder, from what I can see Muslims generally do not attend his lectures as they find to be baseless, as his views are nothing for them to hold on to.

What I find to be most annoying is how Prem would use the ‘dramatic pause’ to the greatest advantage, which is to allow what he says to sink into the heads of his listeners who are entranced by his choice of common words and phrases. Many look mesmerized by his sheer presence.

It is often followed by the exhibition of his frozen face, where one can see how he tries to elicit a positive response from his audience, which sometimes comes, but most of the times only allows him to gauge their attention to allow him to see what else he can say on the same issue or how he could change to another topic altogether.

He stops short of confronting his audience directly, by not going to them for any real physical encounter, by also keeping a good distance from them, sitting on a chair and on a stage which is raised so they are forced to look up to him.

Prem also makes sure he does not make any attempt to cause his audience to become too emotional so that they are completely under his control like he has become their preacher and evangelist or ‘messiah’, like some others who like do that causing some in the audience to fall to the back unconscious temporarily.

I am sure if he mingles with his audience by asking them questions, there will be some who would fall and faint, or who could also rise from their seats after being disabled for a while, as it can happen, by miraculous reasons.

He also makes sure he wears western suits looking like a businessman more than a preacher or motivational speaker.

As a Muslim, I do not think there is much that I can benefit from his speeches or preaching, that I cannot get on my own in my own privacy reading The Holy Koran, and reading stories on the virtues of Prophet Muhammad, p.b.u.h.

Only non-Muslims can find them to be useful as they did not have much religious values to depend on to compare what Prem can say, so they will feel enlightened by their encounters with Prem.

Lastly, why are only those who look well-off financially come to him to listen to his preaching, speeches or sermons?

Why didn’t he also go to the less endowed crowds in India, Africa and South America, where the people there can benefit more from his sermons, so that they do not feel despair living in misery and in dire need of the basic needs?

If what he says is good for the rich, then surely, it is also good for the poor so the people can have a balance in their lives to accept their poverty and also to accept their wealth and not feel guilty about it.  

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