Monday, November 5, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America during the Superstorm Sandy issue is totally different than the America when they are restless with nothing better to do; so they look at the Arabs and other Muslims and try to find what else that they can do to hurt them, to use their aged weapons of mass destruction or WMD on.

It won’t be too difficult for them to find any excuse to do so, since their Zionist masters can tell them how to do it.

The Zionists too can find and create ways and means to get America to do the bidding for them.

But at this time, with Superstorm Sandy taking up the attention of America and especially its political and military leaders, the Arabs and other Muslims are safe. In fact, Iran, too is safe for now.

It’s just the European Union or EU which is now tackling Iran, and they are being led by American secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, who does not seem to be able to do anything else other than to try and punish Arabs and Muslims whenever she can find the reasons to.

And what all this proves? It proves that America cannot be left restless. It is a situation like this which makes them feel annoyed, that they are not looked up at, so they try and make a mess of everything which they can use as an excuse to prop up their image as the World’s Policemen.

America therefore, likes to pick on the Arabs and Muslims as long as the position of the Zionist state of Israel is not yet solidified.

But there won’t come a time, when such a situation will ever happens; the state of the Zionist state of Israel is untenable, any way one looks at it.

And the best part is that America too realizes this. Not only that the Zionists too knows this.

So they thought if they could not live peacefully in the Middle East being surrounded by the Arabs and Muslims, the least that they can do is to make the lives of the Arabs and Muslim neighbors uneasy, with their incessant and rude display of military pranks, bombing homes of Palestinians on any pretext or not at all.

Because they know America and the United Nations don’t care. They had done this trick for so long, that it has become their trait.

And not doing means they are weak. And they don’t like to give the impression to anyone that they are weak as it also means that they are losing grounds.

Iran came into the picture and immediately blinded their warped vision of the region, and the only excuse that the Zionist state has to counter Iran is to charge the Islamic Republic for trying to develop a nuclear program like it is a big deal, like they too does not have such a program, which they did not even dare to admit or allow the IAEA inspectors to come and spy on.

The truth is the Zionists and America do not want Iran to be developed to become the world’s Sheriff in the region and all over the world to counter whatever pranks America and the Zionists will have.

No one knows how Superstorm Sandy came about. One cannot listen to the explanations given by the scientists. They have blinkered views of the matter. They do not believe in divine intervention.

And least of all, they do not know what good lessons America could learn from it. The philosophers in America do not want to expose whatever guesses they could get from looking at the tragedy, other than to keep quiet and to let Superstorm Sandy go away.

And the average Americans only know how to create descriptions for Hurricane Sandy and to call it Superstorm Sandy.

More than that they do not know what else to do with it, and no real lessons learnt from it.

Why did it have to come especially at this time? This they also did not know.

So what else did they know? Nothing.

The truth is Superstorm Sandy did not happen without a good reason – it is to show to the Americans what their flawed foreign policies had created and given to the Arabs and other Muslims they had unleashed their immense human-made power on them, with the Zionist forces taking the lead, and inflicting pain and suffering on the Palestinians and other Arabs who surround them from all sides.

This is what Superstorm Sandy is saying.

Unfortunately, Superstorm Sandy could not say. It can only show what it could do. And if the Americans still do not understand it, then more superstorms will have to happen until the Americans lean how to decipher the signs that are falling down from the skies.

Superstorm Sandy may be in vain; with no one in America ever able to understand what it is saying.

For the Palestinians and other Arabs in Afghanistan, Iraq and the other countries in the Middle East and other Muslims in Pakistan everyday has seen America and its Zionist allies unleashing their might.

Everyday, drones are flown to bomb innocent Arabs to smithereens.

So one cannot be sure if the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims today share the pains and sufferings Americans face with the unleashing of Superstorm Sandy, which may be over in a not too long a near future.

It is during such a time, when America are distracted by their own problems and predicament, so they do not have to look elsewhere to unleash their own fury against whom they have condemned to be inferior beings – the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims.

So one can also say, an America which is not distracted by their own pains and predicament, is the America which do not have any need to unleash their own fury against the others – meaning the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslim, who all suffer, if America is not distracted.

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