Tuesday, November 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Someone in England was demoted with his pay reduced by forty percent, for posting in his Facebook account a comment which makes sense, on how he thought those who did not believe in the ways of the church in relation to how they want to conduct their marriages, ought not to use it for such a purpose.

All they can do it to register their marriages in the civil registries, which are also legal for couples in Britain to use, to register them.

Some of course, prefer common law meaning they did not have to register their marriages and are still ‘married’ to each other.

However, to his good fortune, the courts in Britain gave him the case, for which his company might have to pay compensation for the distressed caused to him.)

All marriages used to be happy and gay occasions. …but to legalize same-sex marriages today will make some others to also want to legalize marriages between humans and plants and trees in the near future. 

Marriages are normally highly emotional events; they are often a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore they have to be happy and gay with a lot of merriment thrown in.

Although the marriage contracts were often signed on rocks, but sometimes, they fall and break into pieces hardly a week after the celebrations.

It could happen as fast as a marriage certificate could be got off in Las Vegas, Nevada in America, in drive-through marriage registries.

Herein lies the stark differences between marriages in Islam and outside of Islam, where couples can invent and reinvent their marriage arrangements by going in the sea or on hilltops, with no family members to act as witnesses.

And not fully satisfied with these unorthodox wedding arrangements, some couples tried their own ways to do it for them. But of them can also be happy and gay occasions. But they do not have to be queer?

Somehow over the years, happy and gay marriages have become something else, with the gaiety being hijacked by a small group of people who are out to sensationalize such marriages.

And why couldn’t they just call them queer marriages? They can also be happy and gay and also queer.

Where will it all end? And who started it all? And why can’t those who want to have their own ways of fornicating, do it quietly.

But it is not fun. They have to inform the others how they do it, with fellow members of the same sex. They just cannot do it quietly and in total privacy of their personal confines.

We have heard many times how some people said they were married to their jobs!

So far nobody has taken them seriously and the persons who had got married to their jobs too did not think how this trend, could led them to go further so that soon they too would want the law to accommodate their peculiar behavior to allow them to register their marriage and also have formal wedding vows exchanged with their cars in the church.

This has not happened yet. But it can if the gays have had their way so they can be happily married off in their churches other than at the civil registry.

But alas, this can only happen in some states in America and some countries in the west.

If we can wait long enough, there will be some others who too would want to marry their favorite objects, plants, animals or cars in much the same way as the gay couples.

Unfortunately, for gay couples there are no husbands or wives, but husbands and wives. And they still have to choose which toilet to go to as there are no special toilets that would be constructed to accommodate them, the gay toilet for special people.

Maybe this is their next demand, that the authorities create them.

Yes, they do things one at a time. After being allowed to marry in the church and register their weddings, so they are now gay couples, they will insist on having their special toilets and special other things.

Nobody knows when they will stop to demand that they are given special treatment.

Once the hullabaloo over their demand to be allowed to register their gay marriages in the church, etc, they will become restless and will demand those things.

They have to do unusual things in public so that their kind can be seen as something special, after they have become too entrenched in their own societies which have earlier frowned upon them.

It all started when normal couples started to show off their sexual styles and exhibiting their sexuality with the women showing more cleavage and the men accounts of their sexual encounters.

This left the gays feeling outcast. So they had to do something to allow them to also show off their more peculiar sexual preferences and styles, so that they can outdo the heterosexuals, who have had a field day when the cinema used them to promote machismo.

This is what happened when Hollywood started to go into the bedrooms and deal with the bedroom antics and behaviors of normal heterosexual couples that also forced some who did not favor such styles to also want to exhibit their own ways.

In the end, they also started to demand having their gay marriages solemnized and they are accepted as married couples.

After all, homosexualism had its existence since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, but they did not insist on being accepted as the third sex.

They were happy being what they were until they became features in literature and subjects for the cinema that started to encourage gay couples and gays to go out of the closet where they had been hiding for so long.

This is probably what’s wrong with the gay couples who insist on being given special treatment with the laws binding normal couples accommodating or be reshaped to accept them too as part of the marriage institution.

If the normal couples in America and the west had not exhibited their sexuality too much or at all, then there was no need for the gays to also want to attract attention to themselves in whatever ways they thought necessary, the highlight of which to demand that gay marriages are integral to their societies.

This is also perhaps what distinguishes the Islamic Civilization and western pseudo-Christian civilization which have not found any lessons from Sodom and Gomorrah of ancient times to know how they had caused their civilization to slide.

America and the west certainly do not need the modern-day Sodoms and Gomorrahs to cause it to self-destruct as it can do it on their own.

But it certainly does not hurt if the modern-day Sodoms and Gamorrahs can cause it to happen sooner and more dramatically, too.

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