Saturday, November 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Let’s help the FBI to be better; it will serve America and the whole world, too.

This opinion piece should be titled, ‘What’s wrong with the FBI?’ Or ‘What can we say of the FBI?’ Or, ‘How the FBI has failed America!’ Or, ‘US$8 billion gone to waste!’

I watched an hour program on the History Channel last night called, ‘Inside: FBI’ and came out feeling sorry for them, and mostly, the American taxpayers for having to foot a bill amounting to US$8 billion for the FBI to operate annually.

Of course, what the program showed was interesting, intriguing and cunning showing how dedicated the FBI agents and their officers are in defending America from terrorist and other threats.

Yet, America today is not safe, and Americans cannot go anywhere in the world and proudly carry their flags and telling everybody that they are Americans and are proud to be so.

American embassies and consular offices all over the world are heavily fortified, much like the diplomatic enclaves of the missions from Britain and France are also.

This is a sign that America and the other two pseudo-Christian countries are not readily accepted by the locals. And it is not the locals that have to be blamed. They do not wish to blame themselves, but they like to blame others.

‘Inside: FBI’ shows how incompetent the FBI agents and their officers are.

This is despite the fact that they have all sorts of electronic gadgets and paraphernalia in their arsenal to help them gather intelligence information and outsmart the others who are bent on destroying America.

Yet, calamities happen. And when they do, they create a dent on the credibility of the FBI itself.

Many such incidents have happened Post-911, which prove that their methods are not effective.

One of the most glaring problems that the FBI has failed to solve is the smuggling of drugs and human trafficking from south of the bother of America, namely from Mexico, which happens almost everyday.

If the FBI claims to have the best intelligence gathering methods and equipment, etc, including having moles in the systems in all the countries, including in Mexico, why then the drug smuggling and human trafficking activities still continue to happen?

A fraction of the amount of drugs they had seized cannot be compared to the amount that is actually allowed to pass through the border to the American drug addicts and before that the American drug importers.

Most surprisingly, the FBI also have not nabbed any American in America for colluding with their Mexican or South American counterpart for receiving drugs and humans, or other contraband items.

Surely, the FBI agents and officers must know that the Mexicans and other South Americans cannot operate on their own without having some Americans of like-minds to complete the delivery system of such goods.

And with the huge amounts of goods and money involved, surely, the FBI could also monitor their flow into whose bank accounts, under however, fictitious names or accounts, they are registered under.

Maybe the FBI of old were smarter, that they were able to nab and totally obliterate the Mafia organization, which also operated almost openly for a long time before their leaders were arrested and sentenced to jail.

And not enough with the FBI, America also has the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose job is also similar to what the FBI does.

Yet, perennial problems which besets America still happen.

It is not the more smart the FBI and CIA are, the smarter the drug smugglers are.

The truth is that, the FBI and CIA do not know what’s hitting them. They can claim to have the latest electronic gadgets and arrange for stings, but in the long-term or long-run, they still falter.

And if they cannot stop the smuggling of drugs and humans from Mexico, which is just across the border from America, what else then that they can do to ensure America is safe?

The truth is that the FBI and also the CIA have all failed America.

Their methods are wrong, because their attitudes are ‘wronger’!

And they can never fight the battle they are fighting because they do not know why the battles happen, and who created them in the first place.

This proves that the FBI and CIA agents and officers are not smart. So no wonder, a former director-general of the CIA, Petraus had to resign over the allegations of extramarital marriage with his autobiographer.

The truth is the FBI and CIA are fighting a cause to ensure the safety of America, but the fault lies in the foreign policies of America and the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, whose very existence on land that it had seized from the Arabs will continue to create unusual intelligence nightmares for the officers.

Yet, none of the agents or officers of these two intelligence has the temerity to file an official report to Congress or the White House to say that the root problem that has cause massive security problems for America stemmed from the existence of the Zionist state and from America’s support for it.

This is the root cause of the main problem faced by America for which the FBI and CIA are trying their level best to dampen so that the problems related to the creation of the Zionist state do not become too obvious, that even the blind and most stupid person in America can see for himself.

So far the FBI and CIA have scapegoats, which the American politicians and other pro-Zionist activists in America can use conveniently, and they are the Arab and other Muslim ‘militants’ and ‘terrorists’.

The guy who blew the American federal building in Oklahoma City years ago, and the Norwegian guy who also did similar acts in his country, are not terrorists or militants. The reason being they are Caucasians.

If they are colored, they would have been branded as such.

It is therefore a fact the American taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth, and for spending US$8 billion a year on the operating costs of the FBI, they are not getting a fraction back in return for safety of the country and of its citizens in the country and around the world, too.

And no one knows how much the American taxpayers are spending on the operating budget of the CIA. It may be more than that is allocated to the FBI.

As long as the FBI and CIA agents or operatives are not given the right training and experience, they won’t be able to serve America and its citizens. And the world too will be turned upside down by their own making when unnecessary stings are mounted or arranged to arrest some individuals who do not make much of a deal in world affairs.

The FBI and CIA must be two think tanks where its officers and agents or operatives constantly search around their country and the whole world on factors and actions that can lead to real and continued safety of America and its citizens, such as by engaging those outside of America by making them to collaborate and to create creative wonders.

The FBI and CIA must realize fast that the creation of the New Hollywood, New American Television, New American Pop Music and New World Literature and so on can ensure the lasting peace for America and its relationship with the rest of the world, especially the Muslim World.

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