Sunday, September 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

How can any non-Muslim reject Hudud Law, even if they are mostly meant for Muslims? And how can the same non-Muslims reject Law even if they are used on them?

Hudud Law forms an integral part of the Islamic System and way of life.

No other religion has such laws or ways of life that their founders and preachers could go up to the pulpit to espouse.

This is their problem, which has caused their brethren to be left behind with no system to follow and be part of.

No wonder most of them who profess the other religions or beliefs have gone astray without proper guidance by their books and leaders, who have all lost whatever credibility and respect they should get, but since their system did not insist on them having it, they simply had to forgo it.

So in the end, even the Pope could be belittled. And regular prayer services too not taken seriously, with Sunday Mass not well attended.

In the end many of the old churches are left to decay with some of them converted to hotels, hostels, restaurants and discotheques.

Those which are still standing only represent relics of an ancient past, with irregular services attended by those who are retired and old, with the young making themselves scarce.

Worse, they seem to have returned to where their ancestors had started from – accepting Paganism and Atheistism as their new way of life, with no care for the Hereafter and the Higher Being. They only care for the here and now.

So they ended up performing certain duties which show how much they are believers of those other religions or beliefs.

No wonder, they are passive believers of those beliefs, who can even cross-practice other beliefs including incorporating the early pagan practices of their ancestors, without the religious elders feel aghast at their behavior.

But this cannot be tolerated in Islam, as Islamic practices and way of life cannot be blended and incorporated with earlier pre-Islamic and Pagan beliefs.

No wonder, the other religions or beliefs do not have their own special way for their believers and brethren to prepare the food they eat, and how they should manage their finances and money.

Worse, they do not have a legal system for their brethren to abide to.

Unlike Islam which has all of these and more. And they are roughly divided into three categories – Halal Industry, Banking and Finance System and also Hudud Law, all of which help to create a more conducive atmosphere for Muslims to prevail.

Unfortunately, the non-Muslims seem to be able to accept Halal Practices and Banking and Financing System, but not Hudud.

And unfortunately, too, there are just so few non-Muslims who are not comfortable with the implementation of Hudud Law in the country. They allege that they are inferior compared to Civil Law.

And they need to be re-educated so that they can be further enlightened to accept facts related to Islam and how Muslims should behave in order that they can become better Muslims.

The small number of non-Muslims in Malaysia who have different views on Hudud, strangely, are mostly lawyers who have a scant idea of Hudud. To them Hudud is anathema to their existence, so it has to be rejected, objected and removed from the thinking of the Muslims in Malaysia.

But Muslims have all along been allowed to practice Islam the way they were supposed to do.

And unbeknownst to the non-Muslims in Malaysia, they too have been accepting them knowingly and willingly.

In fact, some of them have benefited tremendously from Islam, despite them not being Muslims themselves.

They practice Islam more than they do. And they can be described as Half-hearted or Part-Muslims too. How?

Here’s how!

There are many non-Muslims, especially the Chinese who are involved in the Halal Industry.

And more and more non-Muslim business entities are trading in Islamic Banking and Financing, knowingly and willingly.

None of them including the vocal anti-Hudud non-Muslims have any disagreement with that.

And it is also strange how the vocal anti-Hudud non-Muslims can even dare to oppose such a law in the first place when they are not Muslims, and who do not have any business disagreeing to whatever that is prescribed for Muslims.

This is tantamount to interfering into the affairs of Muslims and Islam.

If they can say they are against Hudud, then they might as well say that Muslims must not be allowed not to consume pork or to perform their daily obligations.

Worse, they could even say Muslims need to be Muslims at all, if we can go on and use the same logic that they are using to oppose Hudud.

And the same persons too should say that non-Muslims must not involve themselves in the Halal Industry and they did not need to practice or use the Islamic Banking and Finance System, as these are instruments and practices for Muslims only.

Many non-Muslims especially the Chinese in Malaysia will cry foul if they are not allowed to conduct business with Halal certification.

Many non-Muslim countries will also cry foul if they are not allowed to establish their own versions of Islamic Banks.

And all those who are involved in such enterprises do not oppose the implementation of Hudud on Muslims and on themselves too, because they know they can benefit from it, as much as they had benefited from being involved in the Halal Industry and Islamic Banking and Financing System.

It’s only those vocal non-Muslim lawyers who are aloof to the daily lives and activities of other non-Muslims who can say negative things about Hudud.

In fact, they too cannot say that they are not totally aloof to Islamic ways, if they are Malaysians living in the country and abroad, as Islamic influences in food preparation and the trading and movement of money have become more and more Islamic influences today than they were before.

Implementing Hudud in Malaysia and also in other non-Muslim countries can do wonders to their legal system and in the conduct of the societies there as Hudud is far more superior in that legal decisions and expectations were all drawn up by non-humans who did not have biases other than to offer justice to all.

And even if we were to look at the issue of Hudud in the context of the states, one can say that Arab and Muslim countries are some of the more peaceful in the world, with the percentage of its people suffering from major lifestyle diseases including AIDS to be low.

They are only prevalent in non-Muslim countries.

And if there is militancy in some of the Arab countries, one can expect it to happen as a natural reaction to the discrimination and abuse by some of the major Pseudo-Christian states which have veto power in the United Nations Security Council and nuclear power.

Criminal activities in true Muslim countries are low, compared to those in the non-Muslim countries.

If there are criminal activities in some Muslim countries, this could be due to them having a sizeable non-Muslim communities, who have their own way of conducting their daily business and activities.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I find it strange, if not weird how the news that are reported in the news programs on television and the newspapers are the same.

I cannot believe all the editors comprise of people who have the same brains and attitudes, that they want to broadcast news which are the same as their competitors, so much so that so few news are shared with the Malaysian public.

I can understand if the television stations and newspapers are from the same media organizations, but how could their competitors too put out the same news?

I can fully understand if they are local news since they usually involve local dignitaries and media creators.

But I cannot understand if they are foreign news.

Do the editors have a club where they habitually and continuously consult with each other on what they want to publish on the front-page of their papers?

Sometimes they do.

Editors are known to consult with their counterparts on what they can publish on the front-page of their own papers, so that they can highlight the same issue or matter.

But I cannot believe they can go on and continuously consult with each other for the other news, especially the foreign ones.

It is worse, when we see the same Hollywood gossips are broadcast on television and in the newspapers.

One can hardly see newspapers abroad, especially those in the west which publish the same news, unless if they are of global significant, involving world figures.

The problem is that each of the newspapers has their own preferences that they care about what they want to publish and not choose from a list of stories to publish.

Even then, they may not be similar to what their counterparts are publishing except for the news which involves important or global issues.

And what is even worse, is how the media organization in Malaysia actively and unabashedly claim to be the unpaid propagandist for the west (read America), when they would offer pages and pages of stories on them.

Even the Hollywood gossips which do not normally make it to the mainstream media in America are published by the mainstream media in Malaysia.

And the editors or the news programs and newspapers as well as the producers of the many entertainment programs on television mostly comprise of those who had not really studied or lived in America.

Here lies the problem that they must behave as such by over-promoting America so that they can be seen to be modern and broadminded, when in fact, they are narrow-minded.

They are the unrecognized and unpaid propagandists for America.

Monday, September 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There is no doubt that those in the Left in Malaysia are those who had gone over the hill, or who are bankrupt and who have nothing else to do besides. So they can be crude, rude and outrageous, since they do not have any care to worry about or future left to fear losing.

Their only future is how much they can make a nuisance to themselves, by careening to the Far Left.

The mainstream media like them; they like to create such individuals and give them wide coverage.

So no wonder there are some individuals old and young who can be so careless, callous and outrageous, because they know by doing so, they can hog on the media traffic.

They have no other fun to thrill themselves other than to do the outrageous.

This is what Umno and Barisan Nasional have to face, a small group of old men and women – men mostly – who can career to the Far Left if they are left unattended.

They, who have been accorded a lot of respect, yet, they are still very much alive and they can claim to be useful to society.

Yet, there are many who are retired from government service and teaching at the universities where they did not excel.

Yet, upon retirement who would immediately careen to the Far Left in search for a new career – the Post Retirement Career.

There are those who were CEOs of GLCs, yet who now want to do the absurd and champion the Left in the country.

One such person became menteri besar of a state the opposition managed to wrest from Barisan. And another person became deputy chief minister of a state.

So they now have their Post Retirement Career, courtesy of the general election and those Umno and Barisan members who did not like the candidates their top leaders had chosen, with some others who wanted to teach Umno and Barisan a lesson.

Friday, September 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

What’s left of the Malaysian Left? They had done every possible thing to distract the media and public and not getting anything in return.

On the contrary, they are now left with not much, which is basically as much as what they had when they started with.

This is the sorry state of the Malaysian Left, who was created from thin air by the mainstream media, which likes to harp on them and their antics, for they provide it with pages and pages of non-news, almost on a daily basis, for without them, the mainstream media will be out of news to print.

Other than the Hollywood gossips and pseudo-news, the mainstream media does not seem to know what else to publish or report, other than on the mainstream political and pseudo-political activities and the sideshows they offer now and again, with the leaders of the NGO taking up top spot.

It is therefore not wrong to say, Malaysian political or more correctly, Malaysian Pseudo-Political Activism is nothing but a media creation, other than it is a figment of the imagination, created by a small fringe group of left-leaning individuals who find affinity with some others, all of whom may sound or look like they are supported by the opposition political parties, when they are not.

And it is they who had created the few more vocal persons who form the so-called opposition of Malaysia.

It is not difficult for many to study the psychological of the non-Melayu opposition leaders, because they have more things to be disgruntled about.

Now, it is also not difficult for anyone to guess why there are now many more Melayu who are on the other side, too. They are those who could not fit in the system, i.e. Umno and Barisan Nasional, so they opt or were pushed to the opposition where they are stuck at, since chances of them being returned to Umno or any other Barisan component party are bleak.

It is also not difficult to guess why their spouses and siblings and some close relatives and associates too were inclined to join them, because they were in the same boat and who still want to sail in the same boat, even when it is now leaking. It won’t be long before it sinks, taking all of them.

But some of them may somehow find themselves more inclined to support the opposition, because of convenience.

They knew they need each other, especially when they seem to have some common grounds and views to share.

A smaller number of them will invariably find themselves being drawn into the opposition political parties, taking up posts and acting as their mouthpiece, with the better known ones being able to force themselves to the fore, because they had established themselves in some other fields and being promoted and recognized by Umno or the other Barisan Nasional component parties.

In fact, the Malaysian Left is nothing but a hodge-podge of desperadoes who were mostly those from Umno or the Barisan parties, who lost favor with the group.

They are Umno and Barisan misfits or rejects.

And they fit nicely with the true opposition which is led by four persons, two Chinese and another two Punjabis, with some older Melayu who claim to have their sole authorities on Islamic matters.

Whatever it is, Malaysian Left can only exist with the full and undivided support of the mainstream media. Cyberspace is too confined and it has never really created heroes of the Left.

In fact, Cyberspace propaganda is a dying art form with many who once favored it feeling less attracted to it. This leaves Cyberspace such a small area of public discontent, which attracts those of like minds.

So no wonder, the Malaysian Left movement has to take to the streets again because this is where they can be seen and heard the most.

But they can only exist with the full and undivided support of the mainstream media which likes to heighten the stature of the small fringe group simply because they like to do the outrageous things.

Unfortunately, what they can come up with are mostly those that they can copy from their counterparts in America or Europe or the west.

They have nothing new to offer to Leftism in the country.

And the mainstream media likes them because they provide interesting stories for them to write on, compared to the stale news they have to publish all the time, and this includes the pieces their regular columnists can churn up.

They now have a new source of stories and tales to write and share with their readers, the activities of the Malaysian Left, by commenting, denigrating and also chiding them.

If this is not so, then can we ask the mainstream media to ignore the activists or pseudo-political activists who like to do the outrageous and see if they will want to get on their acts performing other antics in the streets, if they know what they do cannot attract the attention of the mainstream media?

They know they cannot depend on their postings in YouTube and what can be written about them in the blogs and other sites in Cyberspace; this is simply not enough.

They have to attract the attention of the mainstream media. And other than this, they also have to seek the support from the Royal Malaysian Police or Polis diRaja Malaysia or PDRM, who can be trusted to ‘promote’ their activities with the senior officers sounding like they are the unofficial spokesmen for this group.

Truly, Malaysian Leftism has come to this. They were created not by the individuals who crave publicity and public acknowledgement, but who know how to manipulate the mainstream media to cover their activities again and again.

Malaysian Leftism sells. And the mainstream media knows this. They like the readers and the general Malaysian public to think that they abhor their activities, attitudes and protests, but at the same time, they welcome them because they make the life of the mainstream media reporters easy to fill pages and pages with colorful photos to go with the reports on them.

Just how much the mainstream media has benefited from having created and promoted Malaysian Leftism? One never knows.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

While Neil Armstrong cannot rise again; Osama bin Laden, however, can. And this can happen when American and enemy forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, including now in Libya and other Arab states flee from these countries in shame.

But it is a good thought to think how these two men could be together in peace, with one having no prospect of rising again and the other a strong chance of it happening.

It can happen in 2013, when Osama will rise again to become more alive now than he could ever imagine.

It won’t shock many if there are Osama Memorials and Museums of World Peace, for the man who dared to stand against aggression.

This is what many Arabs and Muslims think of it, their hero of another cause who championed the downtrodden and the displaced Arabs and Muslims whose countries had been devastated by American aggression and other self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders who are bent on reshaping the world in its image.   

But there won’t be any George W. Bush/Tony Blair Museum of World Peace.

But nobody in America and the west can blame if these happen. They should have known better how the world has evolved to such an extent that American and western definition of things cannot hold anymore these days.

They can choose their heroes and crooks; so can the Arabs and Muslims who too can do the same.

Defining the protagonists and antagonists is not the sole right of the American propagandists and self-appointed pseudo-crusaders….

America and the self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders of America and the west cannot have it their way – to define who are the heroes and crooks of the world, because they are biased and whose knowledge of the world is scant and limited, after having devastated lands that belonged to other civilizations and causing to be utter destroyed.

They have lost all moral grounds to talk about creating heroes from amongst themselves and crooks from the others.

It is indeed ironic how the first man to land on the moon, American astronaut, Neil Armstrong who died recently and who was buried yesterday, 15 September, 2012, could choose to be laid in the sea, by America.

It came not too long after Osama bin Laden too was laid by America in the sea, so the two could be together – heroes of America and heroes of the Arabs and Muslims.

What did Neil try to say when he chose to be laid in the sea? And why did America’s SEAL bury Osama in the sea?

It is stupid if America thinks their cause if our cause. It is even stupider if they also think their heroes are our heroes, and worse, if they also think their crooks are also our crooks!

They are not., and they can never be.

America’s cause is their cause. America’s heroes are their own. America’s crooks are also their own.

The Arabs and Muslims have their own cause. The Arabs and Muslims also have their own heroes. And the Arabs and Muslims also have their own crooks!

Therefore if Osama bin Laden is America’s crooks, they are so. And if Adolf Hitler is also America’s and the Zionists’ and Jews’ crooks, so they are too.

But Osama bin Laden is not the crook for Arabs and Muslims. And Adolf Hitler is also not the Arabs and Muslims’ crooks too.

Adolf Hitler did not kill any Arab, Palestinian or Muslim. So why can he be the crook of the Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims?

The Arabs and Muslims can even declare Adolf Hitler to be their hero, for wasn’t he who had tried in vain to stop the Zionist aggression against the Palestinians?

Wasn’t Adolf also trying to save the world from future Zionist and American aggression?

The fact that there is the ongoing aggression by the Americans and Zionists prove that Adolf Hitler was right in trying to stop that from happening.

It is just too bad that he had failed in his mission, which to him was holy. Unfortunately, the world did not know the whole truth behind his intentions to persecute the Jews then, which was to stop some of them from embarking on a far worse campaign to eliminate and annihilate the Palestinians and Arabs.

Therefore, the main issue confronting us today is why must American historians and propagandists and other lackeys of the Zionists allowed to define who are the protagonists and antagonists?

When they are the real culprits, who are the antagonists and crooks of the world – from the point of view of the Arabs and Muslims and many other non-Americans or the self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders in America and the west.

The world has evolved and things have changed, with every episode it had entered in the recent past, one can see how the more the Zionists and their lackeys behave and believe, the more Arabs and Muslims think that they are the real crooks who have all these years been hiding behind a fa├žade of the innocents, when they are those people who have blood smeared not only in their hands but all over their faces and body.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America and its pseudo-Crusade allies did not dare declare George W. Bush and/or Tony Blair as the heroes who had freed Afghanistan and Iraq of repression by their respective leaders, so Osama bin Laden became so, by default, especially when his assassination was conducted in the Hollywood fashion, which sealed his fate, as a freedom-fighter of another cause.

In fact, America does not have real heroes who exhibit valor, that are also palatable to those who are not Americans.

It is strange considering how they claim to be doing good for the whole world, yet, the whole world does not recognize the heroes they create through their military adventures, who they themselves cannot admit who they are.

Fortunately, America has Disneyland, Hollywood and its plethora of performers who are there to promote the Better America, for without which Americans all over the world would suffer indignities for being Americans.

America too has to thank Disneyland for creating artificial heroes in the forms of fake animated animals and also PIGS of all creatures!

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to the Americans, they have indeed created real heroes from amongst the Arabs and other Muslims by first chastising them, who they bombed to smithereens, but who could later rise to become larger than life figures, the true heroes of not only the Arab and Muslim Worlds but the whole world.

It is ironic that this has to happen.

The problem being America and Americans or Sick America and Dumb America do not know what’s good for them and what’s really good for the Arabs and the Muslims, who in the long-term can benefit from their military adventures and other political miscalculations.

Although this piece may be tasteless to some, it is written based on facts culled from the ground, from the undisclosed views and emotions of the displaced, those the western media and other mainstream media did not bother to consult when 911 happened.

It may also be tasteless to know that no Arab or Muslim leader had ever condemned or criticized Osama bin Laden when he was alive or his Al-Qaeda Inc.

Some of them had condemned the attack on the Twin Tower – but that was just for show, to please the media and leaders of the west. They remember and cannot forget western and American adventures in the Arab and Muslim countries that had left the countries devastated with hundreds and possibly millions of their brethren dead.

The Muslim World and America and western world relationship can be described as a ‘love and hate’ one, with Muslim World loving America and the west, while America and the west hating the former.

But truth must be told, in order that a better informed society could be created from the debacle of the century, which was waiting for the right moment to happen, as it was due to the flawed foreign policy of America and no others.

Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda Inc. were all created by the CIA, as a result of the flawed foreign policies of America and the other Zionist-influenced countries in Europe, whose leaders do not have a clear direction on where they could take their countries to other than to follow the dictates of the Zionists and America.

Therefore, I did not find it fascinating or delighted to learn from the comments and interviews I had made with the ordinary folks at many places who said Osama bin Laden had not die a useless death.

They said it was America that had sealed his fate by dumping his corpse into the vast Indian Ocean.

There is no American or British hero of the attempted conquest of Afghanistan and Iraq by America and its Pseudo-Crusade allies, so Osama bin Laden stands to gain from it, by default for resisting them.

Philosophically, this has validity. It’s the case of ‘finder’s keepers!’ Since the Americans and British did not dare stake a claim on heroism of the failed conquest, someone can do it.

Anyway invading forces, however, merciless they may be, can never win in the long-run. They have to run out of the country in shame.

America never learns. They had military adventures in many other countries prior to Afghanistan and Iraq, and they had to flee from them without it being able to create any hero from their adventures there.

No American military personnel or persons had been given medals of valor, since the wars were conducted from above the sky with the press of the button, so there are no real heroes.

If they are, they are scared to show their faces – and also medals, because they do not want to become convenient targets for those who are bent on looking for them – to congratulate them and to shake hands with them and also to pose with them.

That is why the officers who dropped the Atom Bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 8 August, 1948, respectively, live a secluded live.

Whereas, the Indonesians had for many decades tried in vain to change the name to Indonesian Ocean, but the future will tell if it will be renamed the Osama-Indian Ocean.

And thanks to America. Thanks also to their Seals.

Osama bin Laden did not die in vain. In fact, for many Arabs and Muslims and peace-loving creatures, he lives.

As long as America’s foreign policies continue to fail, Osama bin Laden lives.

I did some investigation and asked some members of the public in Malaysia which comprised of all the major races in the country, and all of them lauded the collapse of the Twin Tower; they had admiration for whoever had caused it to happen.

At that time, the CIA did not know who did it. But they did not take too long to guess and charge Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda Inc, based anywhere in Afghanistan.

Till today, not many in Malaysia have changed their attitude towards Osama bin Laden, who they see as their hero.

They have the right to choose whoever they want to be their hero.

And it is not a surprise, too, that America has managed to change the perception many in Malaysia and more so in the other Arab and Muslim countries to reconsider their attitude towards him.

So no wonder they are tee-shirts bearing Osama’s profile on the front of it. But there is no tee-shirt bearing the photos of former American president George W. Bush or former British prime minister, Tony Blair, the two architects for the attack on Afghanistan.

And no wonder too, Bishop Desmond Tutu, was compelled to propose that the two men be dragged to the International War Crimes Tribunal to be charged for crimes against humanity for launching an attack and the destruction of Iraq, which was an extension of the two Pseudo-Christians’ Pseudo-Crusaders’ earlier campaign to attack Arabs and Muslims as well as Islam.

Afghanistan and now Iraq are still being destroyed. Hopes of turning the two Arab countries into model states by western or the Pseudo-Crusaders’ standards have failed.

Afghanistan and Iraq are proof that Arab and Muslims cannot trust the Pseudo-Crusaders’ grand plans to turn them into model states which are fashioned on their own states, which are devoid of morality, where their original religions have been trampled upon.

One cannot say George W. Bush and Tony Blair to be good Christians. If they are they would not have embarked their campaign to lead the Pseudo-Crusade against the Arabs and Muslims in like manner or fashion.

Although what had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq cannot be overturned, especially with the assassination of Saddam Hussein, but at least they can become symbols of resistance to the Pseudo-Christians and Pseudo-Crusaders who have plans to destroy Arab and Muslim countries, one by one.

And in the end, it will be Osama bin Laden who will rise, even though this may not happen physically but spiritually.

He is laid somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean, which can be renamed Osama-Indian Ocean.

This is what some of the respondents I had met with wondered loudly to the prospect of such an eventuality happening, even though this may not be officially accepted by the world, but at least it can happen in the minds of many, especially those who admired Osama and still do.

For the same reason, many Arabs and Muslims do not consider Adolf Hitler to be their sworn enemy.

The reason being Adolf had not killed any Arab or Muslim or defamed Islam. He only wanted to kill more Jews and stop the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

So surely, he must be the Zionists’ and Jews’ enemy. But he cannot be an enemy of people who he had not killed.

If it is allowed for the creation of the Osama bin Laden Fan Club, one can be sure it will have many members and fans.

But one cannot think the George W. Bush or Tony Blair Fan Clubs to be created.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

If America continues to ignore facts and reality, it will continue to repeat the mistakes it had created in the past, some of which were made by the earlier political leaders for which the present generation of political and other leaders are stuck with.

It is too bad how America and their leaders do not know what’s good for them today, because all they are doing is to propagate an ideology or belief that their predecessors had created for which America today has to continue to suffer.

The creation of the Zionist state was wrong and bad. But who in America today is brave enough to admit it?

The American voters are slowly warming to this idea that the continued existence of the Zionist state is bad, and they could only trounce those who wish to promote it in their election campaigns.

Newt Gringrich lost because of his penchant to support such an existence. And Mitt Romney will also lose big in the November Presidential RE-election for the same reason!

* * * * * * *

Today, 11 September, 2012, is the eleventh anniversary of the attack of the former Twin Towers. Yet, America has never learnt from it, on why it had to happen and especially why it had to happen.

America really did not bother to ask itself why it had to happen, and on the Twin Towers, or the World Trade Center.

So eleven years have to pass by without America really knowing what had caused the Twin Towers to collapse.

American experts and other intellectuals particularly its political scientists, historians and other experts all do not care. They are stuck in the rut.

American academic system is flawed, so much so that it has failed all of those who were said to have benefited from it.

They did not fully benefited from the American education system, which claim to have some of the best universities in the world.

Yet, their experts, especially in the fields of history, politics, psychology and philosophy are in need of re-education themselves.

They have remained quiet or silent to the point of being mute on the matter, when they could offer their ‘expert’ advise to their political leaders on how they ought to conduct themselves in order that no other ‘Twin Towers’ anywhere in America could collapse in a pile of dust.

The truth is that the attack on the Twin Towers was an attack on America’s flawed foreign policies and their hatred of the Arabs and Muslims.

Or more exactly, it full and undivided support for the Zionist cause, with the creation of the Zionist state of Israel on land which they did not own anymore, which they wanted to claim simply because their holy books said so.

But what the Zionists do not want to realize that their holy book is not binding in international law.

That most of the Jews of ancient times had reverted either to Christianity or Islam. And how the so-called Arab-Christians we have today in the Middle East with some who had fled from Lebanon to live in permanent exiles in America were originally Jews.

Meaning, their ancestors were Jews who left Judaism to convert to Christianity and who chose not to speak in Hebrew but Arab.

So over the years or centuries, they became known as Arabs, when they are in fact Jews.

And this is what mainstream America and their political leaders do not know, how the very people they fully sympathize with are those who have shrunk in size and displaced all over the world where they were able to live peacefully under Muslim rule.

Now everything has been turned upside down with the small Jewish communities in those Arab countries having shrunk and their participation in the local affairs in those countries, insignificant.

And thanks to Zionism and thanks also to America’s flawed foreign policies, which have all caused the collapse of the Twin Towers.

American political leaders in the past, prior to 911 had never tried to show any compassion to the Arabs and Muslims.

They had made the choice to support the Zionists, and in the process ignored the Arabs and Muslims, like they did not count much to America and Americans.

I remember visiting the Twin Towers or the World Trade Center buildings called the North Tower and South Tower twice when I was living in New York City.

I still have the ticket stub I got for the privilege. On the second trip, in the summer of 1981, I went there with some Malaysian students who visited the city and managed or was able to go to the rooftop observatory where I could see the view of the entire city and its immediate environs, including New Jersey as the day was clear.

But the view disappeared in a pile of dust when two American commercial and American-made airplanes ploughed into the South Tower, followed by the North Tower causing them to collapse.

I was writing a novel that is set in America when it happened. I switched the television past midnight in Malaysia which is noon in New York City and saw something unusual, which at that time I thought was a scene from a movie. Later it turned out that it was not a movie, but a real incident.

Who would have thought the Twin Towers would or could collapse in that fashion?

I had seen them from the observatory of the Empire State Building and wondered a lot of things that might or could happen to them, but never on how they could or would disappear in seconds.

Anyway, I have not returned to the city since 1999, when I paid it a brief visit, so I am not able to check out the scene there of the city without the Twin Towers.

As horrible as it was, surely, there must be a good lesson that America and Americans could learn from the incident just like what the Japanese had learnt from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that they could not embark on any military adventure anywhere in the world.

Japan learnt fast, because it had to, by international law, which forbids it from acquiring weapons of mass destruction or creating an army of unusual size and magnitude. The country simply had to change their ways.

And now, maybe, Japan can ‘thank’ the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese, for without which, the country’s economy could not have become what it is now, that has even surpassed that of America or any other country in the west.

Yet, there is no one to compel America to change its ways. So no wonder even after eleven years of 911, America is still bent on upholding its foreign policies like they are god-given to them.

What other lessons does America have to experience before it finally thinks it necessary to change its ways, which is for it to reshape its foreign policies and attitudes towards the Arabs and Muslims and to stop fashioning themselves as the New Crusaders.

But alas, they are the New Crusaders of Pseudo-Christianity, since they are not true Christians, but those who claim to be so only.

The real lesson America can learn will happen when it is too late for it to change their ways, i.e. when their economy shrinks and the country collapses.

The effects will be far worse than the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Where in the world where the general election does not elect representatives to parliament from amongst those who are the best qualified?

In Malaysia the 2008 general election saw many who are not so well educated turned into parliament for nothing, other than the voters who did not wish to vote for Barisan Nasional.

It’s not because the like the opposition more. It’s just that they hated the candidates of Barisan more.

These candidates were those who had hogged the political traffic, who had gone on to amass immense wealth.

Some of them were not very rich before they entered politics. Then they became very rich.

No, they are not corrupt; they are law-abiding citizens of Malaysia. But this does not mean they do not know how to go about the rigmarole of the financial and legal system to posses what they do now?

There is no poor Member of Parliament or former members of the cabinet and other state governments and assemblies.

Most of the members of parliament of Malaysia today are those who are not so well-educated. They do not know how to raise issues much less to debate on them.

Many of the issues brought up by the opposition and the left-wing NGO leaders are those that had been dealt with long ago.

Yet, they bring them out one by one just to flag off their stupidity. They get a lot of coverage in the media because of that.

There is no opposition member who can speak intelligently on any issue in parliament or in the political rallies or ‘ceramah’ that their parties organize almost on a nightly basis.

This is entertainment to those in the rural areas who are thrilled by their presence and nonsense.

Even after three years, none of the opposition members of parliament has ever tried to relate with the people who had voted for them, even when they had done it unconsciously and indirectly.

My bet is that these voters had unknowingly voted the opposition by group acting when all they had wanted to do was to reduce the number of votes for Barisan or to replace those old hats in it whom they thought had been around for too long.

The Barisan candidates were those who had not shown any gratitude by representing them. They were seen to be serving themselves first and their parties second.

The Melayu voters especially felt not wanted and sidelined.

The rural areas where they can be found in larger numbers have been ignored.

So no wonder most Melayu in Malaysia are backward with some of the villages they live in which do not have the basic amenities like pipe water and electricity, never mind internet connection with poor television signals.

These Melayu look like they are still in pre-Merdeka Malaysia.

The Melayu in the rural areas live in shacks, while the Melayu leaders live opulently and exhibit crass tastes.

Even the lower-ranking officials of Umno live lavishly when they are those whose academic backgrounds are so superficial with a basic degree without excelling in anything.

They only excel in public speaking and public relations, and who have direct connection to their hierarchy which they use to benefit personally.

Unfortunately, the opposition members who are now in parliament are not worthy opposition members with some or many of the non-Melayu ones who can’t even speak or write in Melayu well, if at all.

None of the new generation of opposition members of parliament has excelled since their appointment to parliament.

None of them has also been known or seen to have spoken intelligently on any local or international issue.

They get a fat pay with a lot of financial incentives, yet, they do not speak up on anything in parliament, a chore that is taken by the older guards which do not number more than a dozen.

Even the head of the opposition in parliament, Anwar has not said anything interesting or intelligent in parliament.

He is known as an orator. But alas, it is an orator from an old school.

It’s not wrong for anyone to say that there is no opposition in Malaysia. What we have are some members of parliament from Pakatan Rakyat who are there for their personal benefit.

So the win by the opposition in the 8 March, 2008 general election is really a march for the opposition to move further away from Putrajaya which they say they wanted to claim for themselves.

How can they do this when the traffic they are trapped in is taking them to Jalan Duta courthouses?

This detour is forced on them by their own wrong calculations.

The voters of Malaysia will know exactly what to do the next time they are given the opportunity to vote.

They will not give the opposition another chance as the win they experienced in 2008 had made some of the Chinese and Indian ones to be irresponsible and not professional.

Pakatan will lose and they will lose big. This loss will loosen their coalition which is not based on any interesting common ground, but by their intense desire to uproot Barisan.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There are Malaysians who exist in a suspended sense of belonging, of not knowing where they are and where they want to take the others with them. They are a majority of their minds, onto themselves. The others are all wrong; they are right always.

They are that conceited. But they do not realize this or want to know it. They always think the others who are so.

They who have obfuscated views of things, which are blinkered by their own limited vision, who have done some outrageous things in the past themselves, and whose only need to exist is to purely spend time on the other side, trying to outshine the others by exhibition ideas which carry their own logic.

Some of them are professional politicians who do not know of any other thing to do, while a smaller number of them rightly should be pensioners, yet, they insist on creating a new career post-retirement.

And they are the ones who hog media traffic with their antics, which border from the outrageous to the downright offensive to many other Malaysians who consider themselves to be more sane and normal than them.

They do not care if they are bundled in police trucks in full glare of the media. They are not fazed with their incessant display or illogical diatribes.

The only reason why they can carry on with their antics is simply because they are in politics.

If they are not in politics, but who operate as independent groups, surely, they would have been forced to face the full brunt of the law, with some of them being branded, charged and condemned for being heretics who conduct unIslamic activities, with their pronouncements on Islam, by passing fatwa after fatwa branding some others who do not behave and think like them to be people who had been cast out of Islam.

There was once such a group, whose supreme leader became so brash so much so that he began to see and fashion himself into a later day leader or ‘pseudo-messiah’. He was arrested and condemned.

Unfortunately, his only mistake was that his organization was a mere company who side activities include propagating other forms of Islam.

If it was a political establishment, the person could have been allowed to do as he so pleased, because being a politician gives him some measure of invincibility and perhaps immunity from the law.

By and large, Malaysia really does not have an opposition. What we now have is a small group which exists in the fringe of society, whose members are those who have seen better days; their logic is illogical; the common sense, not so common.

They harp on the same tired issue. They like to ape their counterparts in the west by promoting themselves as freedom-fighters; they who believe in the freedom of speech, of the press and of whatever else.

Yet, they do not respect the freedom others, the majority in the country want, which is to be able to live in peace, so that the streets are safe from such likes, who seem to be attracted to the streets, squares and other public places in the city centers.

They do not like to perform their antics in secluded places away from the public. They want to cause the most damage to public safety and get support from the media to highlight their misdeeds.

Worst of all, they aim to attract the attention of those in The White House and perhaps the Nobel Prize selection committee.

Unfortunately, they have not done much to deserve to get the attention from these bodies, who require that they do more harm to themselves and to the others in their own countries.

The last general election and the previous ones in recent times only managed to create a group of people who are fault-finders, noise-makers and who now prefer to be described as ‘street performers’ and ‘standup comedians’.

This is sad when most of those in the so-called opposition do not prefer to use the established and respected platforms available to them, such as the parliamentary and state assembly seatings, but who prefer to take to the streets to exhibit their antics.

In the past, the antics were expressed in all sorts of ways in parliament and the state assemblies.

But they soon found that such places to be less favorable for them to be expressive. The crowd there is too small.

In the streets, they could perform more antics, to thrill a small crowd, which to them represents the whole country, when it is but such a small group of people.

It is sad, how they have reduced the His Majesty’s Opposition to a group of people with diverse backgrounds, with most of them who have gone over the hill, to become so.

The one common dominator which anyone could see is how most of them, if not all of them are those who had not studied or lived abroad for a considerable period of time, especially in America or England, and they like to copy the antics of the street performers in those countries.

This is their problem really, that they like to copy the activists and other street performers in those countries, when they should behave better and show better judgment.

It is also ironic how in America and England, the opposition there do not exhibit such traits as those in Malaysia; they prefer to express their feelings in the parliament or Congress, but not in the streets.

If there are demonstrations or protests in those countries, they are mostly organized in a peaceful manner, without the direct involvement of anybody from the opposition.

And most of them are people who are not too well-educated, who are presentable, and who can debate intelligently.

They are those who could not get into any of the prestigious universities abroad to prove their intellectual prowess, that they now blame the others for their personal failures.

So no wonder, none of them could create any excitement abroad, unless if they criticize the government of the day.

In Malaysia, it seems that no street demonstration or protest can happen without the involvement of the same people from the few opposition parties, who harp on the same issues, which most of Malaysians found to be trite to be taken to the streets, as they are stale matters which have been settled on other platforms long ago.

It seems that the opposition in Malaysia really do not have real issues to take to parliament or the state assemblies, including the state assemblies they dominate anymore as the grounds they stand on have been seized from under their feet.

And the more they realize they are losing grounds with the people, the more they rejoice in wanting to perform more antics in the streets.