Wednesday, September 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

If America continues to ignore facts and reality, it will continue to repeat the mistakes it had created in the past, some of which were made by the earlier political leaders for which the present generation of political and other leaders are stuck with.

It is too bad how America and their leaders do not know what’s good for them today, because all they are doing is to propagate an ideology or belief that their predecessors had created for which America today has to continue to suffer.

The creation of the Zionist state was wrong and bad. But who in America today is brave enough to admit it?

The American voters are slowly warming to this idea that the continued existence of the Zionist state is bad, and they could only trounce those who wish to promote it in their election campaigns.

Newt Gringrich lost because of his penchant to support such an existence. And Mitt Romney will also lose big in the November Presidential RE-election for the same reason!

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Today, 11 September, 2012, is the eleventh anniversary of the attack of the former Twin Towers. Yet, America has never learnt from it, on why it had to happen and especially why it had to happen.

America really did not bother to ask itself why it had to happen, and on the Twin Towers, or the World Trade Center.

So eleven years have to pass by without America really knowing what had caused the Twin Towers to collapse.

American experts and other intellectuals particularly its political scientists, historians and other experts all do not care. They are stuck in the rut.

American academic system is flawed, so much so that it has failed all of those who were said to have benefited from it.

They did not fully benefited from the American education system, which claim to have some of the best universities in the world.

Yet, their experts, especially in the fields of history, politics, psychology and philosophy are in need of re-education themselves.

They have remained quiet or silent to the point of being mute on the matter, when they could offer their ‘expert’ advise to their political leaders on how they ought to conduct themselves in order that no other ‘Twin Towers’ anywhere in America could collapse in a pile of dust.

The truth is that the attack on the Twin Towers was an attack on America’s flawed foreign policies and their hatred of the Arabs and Muslims.

Or more exactly, it full and undivided support for the Zionist cause, with the creation of the Zionist state of Israel on land which they did not own anymore, which they wanted to claim simply because their holy books said so.

But what the Zionists do not want to realize that their holy book is not binding in international law.

That most of the Jews of ancient times had reverted either to Christianity or Islam. And how the so-called Arab-Christians we have today in the Middle East with some who had fled from Lebanon to live in permanent exiles in America were originally Jews.

Meaning, their ancestors were Jews who left Judaism to convert to Christianity and who chose not to speak in Hebrew but Arab.

So over the years or centuries, they became known as Arabs, when they are in fact Jews.

And this is what mainstream America and their political leaders do not know, how the very people they fully sympathize with are those who have shrunk in size and displaced all over the world where they were able to live peacefully under Muslim rule.

Now everything has been turned upside down with the small Jewish communities in those Arab countries having shrunk and their participation in the local affairs in those countries, insignificant.

And thanks to Zionism and thanks also to America’s flawed foreign policies, which have all caused the collapse of the Twin Towers.

American political leaders in the past, prior to 911 had never tried to show any compassion to the Arabs and Muslims.

They had made the choice to support the Zionists, and in the process ignored the Arabs and Muslims, like they did not count much to America and Americans.

I remember visiting the Twin Towers or the World Trade Center buildings called the North Tower and South Tower twice when I was living in New York City.

I still have the ticket stub I got for the privilege. On the second trip, in the summer of 1981, I went there with some Malaysian students who visited the city and managed or was able to go to the rooftop observatory where I could see the view of the entire city and its immediate environs, including New Jersey as the day was clear.

But the view disappeared in a pile of dust when two American commercial and American-made airplanes ploughed into the South Tower, followed by the North Tower causing them to collapse.

I was writing a novel that is set in America when it happened. I switched the television past midnight in Malaysia which is noon in New York City and saw something unusual, which at that time I thought was a scene from a movie. Later it turned out that it was not a movie, but a real incident.

Who would have thought the Twin Towers would or could collapse in that fashion?

I had seen them from the observatory of the Empire State Building and wondered a lot of things that might or could happen to them, but never on how they could or would disappear in seconds.

Anyway, I have not returned to the city since 1999, when I paid it a brief visit, so I am not able to check out the scene there of the city without the Twin Towers.

As horrible as it was, surely, there must be a good lesson that America and Americans could learn from the incident just like what the Japanese had learnt from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that they could not embark on any military adventure anywhere in the world.

Japan learnt fast, because it had to, by international law, which forbids it from acquiring weapons of mass destruction or creating an army of unusual size and magnitude. The country simply had to change their ways.

And now, maybe, Japan can ‘thank’ the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese, for without which, the country’s economy could not have become what it is now, that has even surpassed that of America or any other country in the west.

Yet, there is no one to compel America to change its ways. So no wonder even after eleven years of 911, America is still bent on upholding its foreign policies like they are god-given to them.

What other lessons does America have to experience before it finally thinks it necessary to change its ways, which is for it to reshape its foreign policies and attitudes towards the Arabs and Muslims and to stop fashioning themselves as the New Crusaders.

But alas, they are the New Crusaders of Pseudo-Christianity, since they are not true Christians, but those who claim to be so only.

The real lesson America can learn will happen when it is too late for it to change their ways, i.e. when their economy shrinks and the country collapses.

The effects will be far worse than the collapse of the Twin Towers.

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