Tuesday, September 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

While Neil Armstrong cannot rise again; Osama bin Laden, however, can. And this can happen when American and enemy forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, including now in Libya and other Arab states flee from these countries in shame.

But it is a good thought to think how these two men could be together in peace, with one having no prospect of rising again and the other a strong chance of it happening.

It can happen in 2013, when Osama will rise again to become more alive now than he could ever imagine.

It won’t shock many if there are Osama Memorials and Museums of World Peace, for the man who dared to stand against aggression.

This is what many Arabs and Muslims think of it, their hero of another cause who championed the downtrodden and the displaced Arabs and Muslims whose countries had been devastated by American aggression and other self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders who are bent on reshaping the world in its image.   

But there won’t be any George W. Bush/Tony Blair Museum of World Peace.

But nobody in America and the west can blame if these happen. They should have known better how the world has evolved to such an extent that American and western definition of things cannot hold anymore these days.

They can choose their heroes and crooks; so can the Arabs and Muslims who too can do the same.

Defining the protagonists and antagonists is not the sole right of the American propagandists and self-appointed pseudo-crusaders….

America and the self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders of America and the west cannot have it their way – to define who are the heroes and crooks of the world, because they are biased and whose knowledge of the world is scant and limited, after having devastated lands that belonged to other civilizations and causing to be utter destroyed.

They have lost all moral grounds to talk about creating heroes from amongst themselves and crooks from the others.

It is indeed ironic how the first man to land on the moon, American astronaut, Neil Armstrong who died recently and who was buried yesterday, 15 September, 2012, could choose to be laid in the sea, by America.

It came not too long after Osama bin Laden too was laid by America in the sea, so the two could be together – heroes of America and heroes of the Arabs and Muslims.

What did Neil try to say when he chose to be laid in the sea? And why did America’s SEAL bury Osama in the sea?

It is stupid if America thinks their cause if our cause. It is even stupider if they also think their heroes are our heroes, and worse, if they also think their crooks are also our crooks!

They are not., and they can never be.

America’s cause is their cause. America’s heroes are their own. America’s crooks are also their own.

The Arabs and Muslims have their own cause. The Arabs and Muslims also have their own heroes. And the Arabs and Muslims also have their own crooks!

Therefore if Osama bin Laden is America’s crooks, they are so. And if Adolf Hitler is also America’s and the Zionists’ and Jews’ crooks, so they are too.

But Osama bin Laden is not the crook for Arabs and Muslims. And Adolf Hitler is also not the Arabs and Muslims’ crooks too.

Adolf Hitler did not kill any Arab, Palestinian or Muslim. So why can he be the crook of the Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims?

The Arabs and Muslims can even declare Adolf Hitler to be their hero, for wasn’t he who had tried in vain to stop the Zionist aggression against the Palestinians?

Wasn’t Adolf also trying to save the world from future Zionist and American aggression?

The fact that there is the ongoing aggression by the Americans and Zionists prove that Adolf Hitler was right in trying to stop that from happening.

It is just too bad that he had failed in his mission, which to him was holy. Unfortunately, the world did not know the whole truth behind his intentions to persecute the Jews then, which was to stop some of them from embarking on a far worse campaign to eliminate and annihilate the Palestinians and Arabs.

Therefore, the main issue confronting us today is why must American historians and propagandists and other lackeys of the Zionists allowed to define who are the protagonists and antagonists?

When they are the real culprits, who are the antagonists and crooks of the world – from the point of view of the Arabs and Muslims and many other non-Americans or the self-appointed pseudo-Crusaders in America and the west.

The world has evolved and things have changed, with every episode it had entered in the recent past, one can see how the more the Zionists and their lackeys behave and believe, the more Arabs and Muslims think that they are the real crooks who have all these years been hiding behind a façade of the innocents, when they are those people who have blood smeared not only in their hands but all over their faces and body.

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