Saturday, September 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America and its pseudo-Crusade allies did not dare declare George W. Bush and/or Tony Blair as the heroes who had freed Afghanistan and Iraq of repression by their respective leaders, so Osama bin Laden became so, by default, especially when his assassination was conducted in the Hollywood fashion, which sealed his fate, as a freedom-fighter of another cause.

In fact, America does not have real heroes who exhibit valor, that are also palatable to those who are not Americans.

It is strange considering how they claim to be doing good for the whole world, yet, the whole world does not recognize the heroes they create through their military adventures, who they themselves cannot admit who they are.

Fortunately, America has Disneyland, Hollywood and its plethora of performers who are there to promote the Better America, for without which Americans all over the world would suffer indignities for being Americans.

America too has to thank Disneyland for creating artificial heroes in the forms of fake animated animals and also PIGS of all creatures!

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to the Americans, they have indeed created real heroes from amongst the Arabs and other Muslims by first chastising them, who they bombed to smithereens, but who could later rise to become larger than life figures, the true heroes of not only the Arab and Muslim Worlds but the whole world.

It is ironic that this has to happen.

The problem being America and Americans or Sick America and Dumb America do not know what’s good for them and what’s really good for the Arabs and the Muslims, who in the long-term can benefit from their military adventures and other political miscalculations.

Although this piece may be tasteless to some, it is written based on facts culled from the ground, from the undisclosed views and emotions of the displaced, those the western media and other mainstream media did not bother to consult when 911 happened.

It may also be tasteless to know that no Arab or Muslim leader had ever condemned or criticized Osama bin Laden when he was alive or his Al-Qaeda Inc.

Some of them had condemned the attack on the Twin Tower – but that was just for show, to please the media and leaders of the west. They remember and cannot forget western and American adventures in the Arab and Muslim countries that had left the countries devastated with hundreds and possibly millions of their brethren dead.

The Muslim World and America and western world relationship can be described as a ‘love and hate’ one, with Muslim World loving America and the west, while America and the west hating the former.

But truth must be told, in order that a better informed society could be created from the debacle of the century, which was waiting for the right moment to happen, as it was due to the flawed foreign policy of America and no others.

Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda Inc. were all created by the CIA, as a result of the flawed foreign policies of America and the other Zionist-influenced countries in Europe, whose leaders do not have a clear direction on where they could take their countries to other than to follow the dictates of the Zionists and America.

Therefore, I did not find it fascinating or delighted to learn from the comments and interviews I had made with the ordinary folks at many places who said Osama bin Laden had not die a useless death.

They said it was America that had sealed his fate by dumping his corpse into the vast Indian Ocean.

There is no American or British hero of the attempted conquest of Afghanistan and Iraq by America and its Pseudo-Crusade allies, so Osama bin Laden stands to gain from it, by default for resisting them.

Philosophically, this has validity. It’s the case of ‘finder’s keepers!’ Since the Americans and British did not dare stake a claim on heroism of the failed conquest, someone can do it.

Anyway invading forces, however, merciless they may be, can never win in the long-run. They have to run out of the country in shame.

America never learns. They had military adventures in many other countries prior to Afghanistan and Iraq, and they had to flee from them without it being able to create any hero from their adventures there.

No American military personnel or persons had been given medals of valor, since the wars were conducted from above the sky with the press of the button, so there are no real heroes.

If they are, they are scared to show their faces – and also medals, because they do not want to become convenient targets for those who are bent on looking for them – to congratulate them and to shake hands with them and also to pose with them.

That is why the officers who dropped the Atom Bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 8 August, 1948, respectively, live a secluded live.

Whereas, the Indonesians had for many decades tried in vain to change the name to Indonesian Ocean, but the future will tell if it will be renamed the Osama-Indian Ocean.

And thanks to America. Thanks also to their Seals.

Osama bin Laden did not die in vain. In fact, for many Arabs and Muslims and peace-loving creatures, he lives.

As long as America’s foreign policies continue to fail, Osama bin Laden lives.

I did some investigation and asked some members of the public in Malaysia which comprised of all the major races in the country, and all of them lauded the collapse of the Twin Tower; they had admiration for whoever had caused it to happen.

At that time, the CIA did not know who did it. But they did not take too long to guess and charge Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda Inc, based anywhere in Afghanistan.

Till today, not many in Malaysia have changed their attitude towards Osama bin Laden, who they see as their hero.

They have the right to choose whoever they want to be their hero.

And it is not a surprise, too, that America has managed to change the perception many in Malaysia and more so in the other Arab and Muslim countries to reconsider their attitude towards him.

So no wonder they are tee-shirts bearing Osama’s profile on the front of it. But there is no tee-shirt bearing the photos of former American president George W. Bush or former British prime minister, Tony Blair, the two architects for the attack on Afghanistan.

And no wonder too, Bishop Desmond Tutu, was compelled to propose that the two men be dragged to the International War Crimes Tribunal to be charged for crimes against humanity for launching an attack and the destruction of Iraq, which was an extension of the two Pseudo-Christians’ Pseudo-Crusaders’ earlier campaign to attack Arabs and Muslims as well as Islam.

Afghanistan and now Iraq are still being destroyed. Hopes of turning the two Arab countries into model states by western or the Pseudo-Crusaders’ standards have failed.

Afghanistan and Iraq are proof that Arab and Muslims cannot trust the Pseudo-Crusaders’ grand plans to turn them into model states which are fashioned on their own states, which are devoid of morality, where their original religions have been trampled upon.

One cannot say George W. Bush and Tony Blair to be good Christians. If they are they would not have embarked their campaign to lead the Pseudo-Crusade against the Arabs and Muslims in like manner or fashion.

Although what had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq cannot be overturned, especially with the assassination of Saddam Hussein, but at least they can become symbols of resistance to the Pseudo-Christians and Pseudo-Crusaders who have plans to destroy Arab and Muslim countries, one by one.

And in the end, it will be Osama bin Laden who will rise, even though this may not happen physically but spiritually.

He is laid somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean, which can be renamed Osama-Indian Ocean.

This is what some of the respondents I had met with wondered loudly to the prospect of such an eventuality happening, even though this may not be officially accepted by the world, but at least it can happen in the minds of many, especially those who admired Osama and still do.

For the same reason, many Arabs and Muslims do not consider Adolf Hitler to be their sworn enemy.

The reason being Adolf had not killed any Arab or Muslim or defamed Islam. He only wanted to kill more Jews and stop the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

So surely, he must be the Zionists’ and Jews’ enemy. But he cannot be an enemy of people who he had not killed.

If it is allowed for the creation of the Osama bin Laden Fan Club, one can be sure it will have many members and fans.

But one cannot think the George W. Bush or Tony Blair Fan Clubs to be created.

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