Monday, September 3, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America and the other five countries are still not clear on what having veto power in the United Nations’ Security Council is and means. It is not for them to exert their personal political and economic agenda, but to use it to maintain world peace.

But so far the other countries especially Russia and China have been using it correctly and intelligently, with America and its allies, from the Pseudo-Christian bloc countries who have been using – or misusing their veto power in the Security Council to cause the world to be utterly destroyed.

They who have the penchant for behaving crudely and especially against any Arab or Muslim country which they had earlier pronounced their next ‘enemy’, for whatever reason or reasons they can create from thin air.

Their veto and nuclear power will be the cause of America’s and Pseudo-Christian bloc counties to suffer in the long-term; they will cause their ultimate downfall, unless if they learn fast.

Unfortunately they will never learn from their past mistakes and will continue to make new ones, embarking on their campaign to militarily destroy countries with impunity and no remorse.

Their non-adherence to their religions has caused them to become less enamored in the Hereafter and final retribution from the High Being – the Almighty God.

It is also ironic how they claim to have a ‘Trust in God’ when they hardly ever showed such a feeling or attitude.

And no one can deny that these countries which had managed to invade and colonized many countries in Africa, Asia and South America that had allowed them to be fully developed, will suffer when those former western colonies wake up to revolt against further aggression from them.

America and its allies in the Pseudo-Christian bloc countries do not know that they were not to use their veto and nuclear power to threaten the rest of the world without the rest of the world reacting in mysterious ways.

We are fortunate to have Russia and China which are sane countries that had on numerous occasions caused the world not to suffer even more by America’s and its Pseudo-Christian bloc countries wanting to exert themselves.

It’s not without a reason, why America wanted and got veto power in the United Nations’ Security Council, and to develop a nuclear program to help prop it up and to sustain its hold on the rest of the world.

They did not want to use persuasion to win the hearts of the rest of the world but by using their veto and nuclear power to do that.

To a certain degree, they managed to get what they had wanted. But up to a certain extent, America could continue to hoodwink the rest of the world into submission.

But countries are slowly waking up.

So the veto and nuclear power that America had, has become its bane.

It’s quite ironic indeed how the veto and nuclear power that America has, is both its boon as well as its bane! How so?

First with these, it could bare its fangs at any country in the world and create enemies from those who are coy and unsuspecting, thinking its close relations with America or its top leaders could lead them to become friendly.

But, alas, it has turned out to be a mirage, as one by one those leaders and countries suddenly become America’s and by default the west’s enemies.

Friend today, foe tomorrow. America can determine who are its friends and foe within seconds, once those friends have become useless to the cause of American hegemony.

Worse, at the prodding of the leaders of the Zionist state of Israel, it could even sideline its own position to favor that of the Zionists themselves.

And it is not a big surprise how the Arab and Muslim countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and some others who are in the list including Iran, have become America’s enemies by default because the Zionist state had declared them their own enemies.

America could create enemies from its close allies who at an earlier time had help further their foreign policies, as long as they do not infringe on that of the Zionists’ fluid existence.

It is so fluid that America does not know how long its veto power could sustain it. In fact, America also does not know how long its nuclear threat could sustain its own existence as much as that of the Zionist state.

They can continue to be belligerent as long as the nuclear technology is exclusively theirs and no one else should not bother to acquire it, especially Iran and the other Arab or Muslim countries, even if they need it as much as America, the Zionists and the other Pseudo-Christian states.

It is therefore ironic how America could be what it is today, purely on the threat of their veto and nuclear power that they can use in any way they wish.

But at the same time, over the last many decades, many Americans had begun to realize how their possession of those powers, had caused America to be its ultimate downfall.

American influence in the world is set to further slide as more and more Arab and Muslims countries start to embark on their grandiose, but unspoken of economic, cultural and psychological plans to be aloof to the setup created by America, so in the end, America and its all mighty dollar could become useless.

But it’s not the fault of the others, but of America’s itself for having misused its veto and nuclear power threat on those very Arab and Muslim countries so much so that they have managed to cause the Arabs and Muslims to reconsider their linkages to America and other American and Western interests, all of which are fully influenced and affected by the needs and demands of the Zionists who have very much infiltrated into the systems placed in the west, for which had caused poorer countries to remain stagnant.

Only the establishment and expansion of Islamic systems and networks could cause those poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America to rise.

America must realize they could use their veto and nuclear power threat up to a certain level. Beyond that, they have to experience backlash.

There is no need for America to send their secretary of state all over the world to try and create a presence when their foreign policies padded by their veto and nuclear power threat act against those efforts.

America must realize fast that their veto and nuclear power threat was boon to their position in the world.

And it is now becoming its bane, which could cause America’s downfall.

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