Tuesday, March 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(NOTE: I want to mention here that it is so thrilling for me that my blog is being read by anonymous viewers from all the six continents.

And I am not anonymous and hopefully not annoying person too. I have just donated blood for the 333rd time at the National Blood Center in Kuala Lumpur on 8 March, which means to say that 333 pints (199,800 milliliters) of my blood had become useful to help sustain the lives of some whom I did not know. 

I only wish to annoy those who created the problems for which I found issues to write on. I also get a lot of feedback, support and encouragement from some of my more pious Jewish friends.

So far I have not got any negative response for any of my articles concerning world issues, except the few I have written on local matters.

How I wished I did not have to do so and write only on world cinema and the New Islamic Cinema I want to develop. More of this will be posted early April.

The viewers in America form the largest number other than those from Malaysia. It is also useful for all to see how this blog writes and shares views that are original in form, those that no one or not many even in the American and western intellectual circles could ever come up with.

No wonder most of the major problems affecting the world especially those which involve America are not discussed intelligently. It’s time they are, for the betterment of Mankind and also of the American-kind. So we can get to see young Americans traveling alone by themselves in all the nooks and crannies of the world, where the former American Peace Corps volunteers could.

Now most Americans can’t even sit in any Hard Rock CafĂ© or Starbucks restaurant without being targeted for the deeds of their masters in Washington DC. This blog promotes universal peace, and wants to humankind to make better films and not bombs

And I have just read the autobiography of M K Gandhi called, ‘An Autobiography: The story on my experiments with Truth’ and am now reading ‘Cancer Ward’ by Alexander I Solzhenitsyn.

 I had earlier read ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by his compatriot ‘Fyodor Dostoevsky – this novel is so thick which has paragraphs that extent to five pages and sentences that are very long, and another novel by V S Naipal, ‘The house of Mr Biswas’.)

* * * * * * *

The Arab and Muslim Worlds need a shake up. But America and the west are not showing it the right way. They want to do it by causing dissisdents and to physically cause harm on the population and force their own brand of democracy in those countries.

History of the Arab and Muslim Worlds and that of the west have all to be re-written. Those books on history of the world have all been seen from just one perspective that of the ‘victors’ on lands that they had conquered.

It’s time for new world history be written so new ideas, attitudes, philosophies and approaches can be devised from them, that can benefit all and not to just a few.

For a start, we must realize that the world is not for Hollywood films; it is for the films of all countries. And the wealth of the world is not just for the enjoyment and development of America and the countries in Europe but for all mankind.

America and the west must realize that they had failed in Shah Iran and the other Arab, Farsi and other Muslim countries.

The Soviet Communists, too had failed to export their own brand of Communism to other Muslim countries.

What the west and America should do is to get the Arab and Muslims to become better Muslims and engage them in all fields.

The world population of Muslims today is at 1.6 billion; it is growing at a very fast rate and they are also present in all the major countries in the west and especially in America where they are being welcome like long-lost cousins.

They are going to be the cause for the Christians and Catholics to become more religious themselves, as they need Muslims to bring them closer to their own religions that they had all disliked for a while now.

For one, the America and western media has to change with the times and go with the flow and not to go against it.

Hollywood and American television too, has to undertake some shaking up. If they could accommodate the Africa-Americans into their thinking and creativity, which had caused the lessening of dissent from them in America, then surely, accommodating Arab and Muslims into their systems and thinking could achieve similar results.

After all America cannot think that they can live on their own and export their images to the rest  of the world without these images hunting the Arabs and Muslims until they become sore with the Americans and America too.

This is what is happening now even in the non-Arab Muslim countries especially in Malaysia and Indonesia; the more American television programs and feature films and other documentaries are shown in these two countries.

In fact, Islamic Revivalism was created by those elements.

So if America and the west sincerely want to achieve the opposite and more positive results, it’s time for them to open up to greet the Arab and Muslim filmmakers into their new creative efforts.

The international media activity and coverage must experience a drastic change. New generations of leadership in such and other fields must also be replaced in the Arab and Muslim Worlds as well as in the west and more so in America. 

And they are experiencing it now; so hopefully the Muslim Ummah can see new faces in the leadership in all the Arab countries who can take the Arab and Muslim Worlds to new heights as the new world leader in all fields of endeavor.

But this won’t be effective or useful if there is also no shake-up in America and the other countries in Europe which also need to have a bit of it, where the election process has failed to create it.

Although theirs may not be in the form of replacing their top leaders or regimes, but in the form of them having new vigor in wanting to be more civilized countries many others can related to.

America and most of the countries in the Catholic and Christian West are still very much in their Post-Crusade era; most of them are in self-denial and not be able to accept their lot that they had lost much of the land in the Middle East, especially those which they used to control and dominate during Biblical times.

No wonder they feel enamored in wanting to get a piece of it, even if it means having to sustain the Zionist regime for as long as it can.

In the same context, America, too, need a complete shake-up. Its systems have not caused them to be endeared by the outside world. There is something wrong with them.

But where are the brave men of America who can take the lead?

Is there no one in the whole of America who can be as good as those in some of the Arab countries?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If leaders of the Muslim countries are smart, they could have already solved the problems of the Middle East long ago. The fact that the Zionists and their lackeys could do whatever they please on the Palestinian issue, proves that the Muslim leaders are stupid.

The Muslim countries can do without all those activities which benefit so few who are mostly the Americans and Europeans who mostly promote unIslamic behavior and activities, so much so that many of the Arab countries and their leaders allow unIslamic activities to be exhibited openly.

Many of their leaders had gone to study in England or the countries which used to colonize their own, so they tended to want to copy what their former colonial masters have got and done.

Yet, there are the other Muslim leaders who did not have similar education background or who had lived abroad when they were young, so they also ended up behaving and acting in like manner, so they want to have the same things that the former European and American colonists have, so that they can feel that they are also at par with them.

They are not. They can never be at par with them. The reason being the west raises the bar higher and higher.

They know how to make the Arabs and other Muslims feel like the modern-day slaves.

This only caused the Arab and Muslim leaders to lower their gaze on their own religions and treat their religious laws as inferior compared even to the sports laws are more supreme than Islamic syariah laws.

They don’t mind allowing their own sports women strip just so that they could win the medals in the Olympic, Commonwealth Games and other international sports meet.

And Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) having the Burj Khalifa is also not necessary. It’s ostentatious indeed. The rulers of the UAE had their priorities wrong.

The tall structure only shows how the other Arab and Muslim countries are backward; when it is their duty too to raise up the levels of living standards so all the Muslims can raise together.

Like the brother of a Sultan who have statues of naked women and who enjoys the fast life in the west; for he can cause his brother who is still sultan to be disposed.

His people are watching and waiting. They have caught the strong and sweet smell of the jasmine.

And when there are enough of his people who had smelled the sweet scent, they will then rise to bring the Jasmine Revolution to their own neighborhoods. 

How the Devils and Iblis had told them that!

And how they are now starting to feel the heat with their own people crowding in front of their palaces and other places to voice their displeasure.

The Arab and Muslim countries do not need the F-1 racing, international gold and tennis tournaments and fashion shows to get by.

They can do a lot better without them.

The Muslim World must have its own cinema called the New Islamic Cinema.

There is a need for the Muslim World to create and establish the New Islamic Cinema for without which the Muslims will continue to live in limbo of not knowing if they are still in the Stone Age and the Age of Ignorance or if they are in the Second Millennium.

The fall of the Arab states one by one in the Jasmine Revolution must cause educated and bright Muslims to come forward with brilliant ideas; they are giving the Muslim Ummah an opportunity to do something to their future, which many have now found out that it was not in the hands of the despots and other dictators, but in their own hands.

Now is for the Ummah to voice out their views as they also have a stake in the development of their respective countries which must be developed in tandem with the others so that the Muslim World can be seen to be a wholesome unit.

It is easy for some despots to climb onto a soapbox and give fiery speeches before a crowd which has got so used to a longstanding regime or a kingdom.

There are many things that the despot could say at length that can entrance the crowd.

Many Arab countries had been reshaped because of the existence of so few of the young and angry men who are much like Gamal Nasser, Muamar Gadaffi and the others.

They had all caused the collapse of kingdoms and regimes which had been in existence for so long.

But not too long later, they started to behave worse than the despots they had deposed and regimes they had caused to collapse.

Now it’s payback time.

One by one the Arab leaders find out that being fiery and be able to get rid of old regimes comes with responsibilities and openness.

None of those who have been deposed in recent times including those personal regimes who are on the verge of extinction had shown such tact; all of them had behaved in similar ways and methods of those whom they had deposed.

The problem is that none of them had real leadership. They only had the gift of the gab.

And this is not enough for them to use, as such talent can only be useful to them for a while.

They knew that. So they made sure their sons and even close relatives and other buddies are installed to replace them.

They did not trust the people who had supported them. They treated the countries like their personal properties.

Worse, for Arabs and Muslims, they exhibit unIslamic behavior by cavorting with the fancy crowd who are definitely not those whom the Prophet would approve as buddies and personal companions.

They are the reasons for the fortunes they are experiencing now.

They had caused the countries they wanted to lead to still be stuck in the rut and in a backward state.

They did not know how to develop the potentials that their countries have.

There is massive unemployment. Jobs are scarce. Their economies did not expand.

They merely depended on the income that their countries could get from oil which they used to export without care that one day soon all their oil wells will become dry.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Arab and Muslim Worlds need pacifists, thinkers and highly educated persons who have real and original visions and not political leaders who only have copycat ideas; they see a tall building in one of their jaunts somewhere and they want to have something like that in their own country.

They also need brilliant filmmakers, authors and intellectuals in all fields, not noise-makers or war-mongers and despots and other dictators.

Don’t we have enough universities to create a new generation of them?

Yes, we have many of the universities, but alas, they only teach young Arabs and Muslim students stale knowledge which is not relevant or useful for them to take the lead and be masters of their own disciplines.

The universities in all the Muslim countries only teach young Muslims to be slaves who do not have brilliant and original ideas.

So they end up being lackeys of the others, much like their political and economic leaders who prefer to look elsewhere then within the Muslim World so their economic models are copycat ones.

They are so many universities and other higher learning institutes and colleges or academies, but they have all failed to provide the necessary education and experience to their people.

The education that they have managed to get is mostly those knowledge which is stale.

There are many Muslims who have got doctorates from the prestigious universities in America and England including Harvard, Oxford and the London School of Economics (LSE) and the others, but they had only managed to acquire stale knowledge from them.

It is a pity how they are educated, but they do not have original ideas, which is to find ways to promote Muslim Unity and to create greater understanding amongst Muslims, so in the end the Muslim World can become a strong and solid bloc.

Worst, they had failed to ensure that the customer power is kept within the Muslim World so that we can use it to expand our economy.

So that we will find the urgent need to produce all the things we need to use on a daily basis, which includes the manufacturing of all items including commercial planes and so on without depending on the charity and pressures that come with the dependence on purchasing the Boeings and Airbuses.

Are Muslims so stupid that they still do not know how to manufacture these?

They are not stupid; their leaders are who did not realize that these are amongst the things that we can and must produce ourselves without depending on the others, which indirectly help those countries that manufacture them to develop even more.

The Muslim World is vast; but it is being used for the economic development of the west.

The Muslim leaders are awed when they watched the Formula One (F-1) racing, and so they also want to do the same, so that they think they are not left behind or feel backward.

As a result, there are some Muslim countries that have the F-1 racing yet their peoples are backward.

Surely this cannot be real. But this is what many of the Arab and Muslim leaders have done. They look impressive but collectively, they are a failure.

They have all failed to create openings to the others in the other industries so in the end there is fusion of people in the Muslim World resulting in it having interconnectedness and appreciation of each other’s existence.

All of them are supposed to be following the sacred texts in the Holy Koran, but their thinking, philosophy and behavior as well as actions do not show that they are united.

This proves that the One Book they are supposed to have read has not been followed; the reason being they have other influences that had caused them not to find within the Muslim World energies but elsewhere.

They do not crave to seek cooperation amongst Muslim leaders, but from the west, particularly those from Europe and the British Commonwealth and especially, America.

They can do without the brash revolutionaries and reactionaries who can speak at length but their speeches are most of the time hollow and without any substance or intellectual worth.

The Arab and Muslim Worlds definitely do not need such leaders who mislead their countries and people and religion.

The Arab and Muslim Worlds have not been blessed with smart leaders in all fields. Most of them are stupid; they do not have high leadership quality.

They all lost their way after finding themselves living in the ostentatious presidential palaces surrounded by slums and shacks with their people not having water and electric supply and live in the dole while they transverse the world and using the country’s coffers like they are their own.

They like to misbehave themselves by flaunting their power that they got from the people without bothering to seek intelligent views from those fellow Muslims who are specialized in their own fields.

They trust only their children, relatives and cronies but not those who are smarter than themselves or all of the others whom they like to be surround themselves with.

They play to the gallery and most of the time, they created new ones just to get cheers from the crowd.

Now they are getting jeers from them, after the crowd and people realize their folly for being made fools of for so long.

Didn’t the Libyans disdained Muamar Gadaffi for paying US$1 million for a European singer to perform for only forty-five minutes, as the people of his country starve?

Now the Libyans are performing for Gadaffi and his sons and other relatives and cronies for free.

They are performing the creation of the New Libya.

The Muslim and Arab leaders are so stupid that they do not know the everyday needs of its people.

They are given things that are not important and these are the things that they personally like.

They did not know that the cinema is important and it can be a useful tool to promote the Unity of the Muslim Ummah.

For without which the Ummah will be restless. And they are showing it now in some of the countries in the Arab World.

The New Islamic Cinema must be created and developed.

It can light up the Muslim World and give meaning to the lives of the ordinary Muslims like no other industry can – like no silly and lengthy speech by any of the Muslim or Arab leader can. They can only lull all of them to sleep.

Now they have woken.

Having the F-1 racing and international golf and tennis tournaments and fashion shows have not brought the right dividends; they have only made the despots and other dictators in the Muslim countries that are proud to have them to feel they had arrived.

They had not arrived at the right destination.

They had caused their countries and societies to regress.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If white is the new black; then why can’t America be the New Soviet Union?

The most ironic of it all is how more and more countries are now trying to copy America by opening up of whatever spaces that had been closed to their citizens for so long.

Yet, America, the so-called beacon of democracy, is slowly closing up those spaces that they had bared open all this while.

Their media has been muffled so long and their intellectualism stifled.

Where are the smart Americans who dare to are voice their opinions on sensitive issues?

The Zionist or Z-word is not for discussion, much less, for debate.

America does not condone anyone from uttering anti-Semitic slurs or statements; but it does not care for Zionist aggression on the Palestinians, who are also Semites as all Arabs are.

It is also ironic when the destroyers of Soviet Communism are now showing traits and styles that it had tried to remove. America or the United States of America can be described as the ‘New Soviet Union’, where one is Big Brother sees everything and everyone – especially Arabs and Arab-looking folks and other Muslims.

Going to America these days is like going to the former Soviet Union and for that matter, to the other East European and other Communist countries, including China.

It is a pity how America has come to this level. It is not funny. It’s almost a joke.

And it’s all because and due to America being influenced by the Zionists who is so bent on sustaining the existence of the Zionist state, that it had allowed itself to forgo all the principles of democracy that their founding fathers had laid.

If this problem is not checked, chances are America will be the New Soviet Union. It will be a repressive regime which does not brook dissent or the freedom of travel, of assembly and free speech.

I did not get to visit the former Soviet Union then, but I had a small experience being at Moscow Airport and being processed by some of their immigrations staff who did not smile.

I was in America for three years and had wonderful experiences with the staff at the airports where I had landed at; they seemed to be a happy lot and could crack jokes with passengers.

But the situation is not the same at the airports in America now; where the staff does not smile; they suspect any Muslim, even those who are not Arabs but Oriental-looking as being a potential threat to the security of their country.

I was able to establish rapport with the staff of the American embassy in Malaysia and was often invited to attend their social and cultural functions held at their embassy in Jalan Tun Razak and sometimes at the residence of their cultural attaché.

And I would also often visit their Lincoln Resource Center to read books, etc.

But that was long ago.

Now I only drive pass the embassy building to go to the blood center to donate blood every two weeks.

The American embassy complex looks eerie.

Whereas the former embassy of the former Soviet Union, now embassy of Russia does not look like this. They did look like that before the collapse of Soviet Communism.

So no wonder not many Malaysians who would want to even go to their Soviet Cultural Center.

I braved myself to go there few times, because I knew their cultural officer who had at that time wanted to send my film to the Moscow Film Festival.

The last time I had to go to the American embassy was to apply for my visa, when they terminated the one I had which they had gladly offered me for live. They then shortened it to ten years.

So when it expired I had to apply for a new visa in case if I had to make an urgent trip to America.

I was lucky to be given some preferential treatment from the senior staff of the embassy who even waited at the main entrance to bring me into their consular office when I told them I might be late and arrive after their office hours.

Because I had some public profile and had studied in America at one of their prestigious universities, they tended to have some admiration for me because of that and also because of the potentials they thought I might have, since at that time I wanted to return to America with a small production team to shoot the first Malaysian feature film to be set in that country.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. Chances of it happening in the near future are bleak, with new laws and regulations that their country had introduced, which can cause untold hardship.

America has changed. The former Soviet Union had disappeared.

And many Malaysians who are friends of America are feeling anxious. They do not know what they can write or talk about anymore of America without getting the wrong reaction from their officers.

And if they are Muslims, they fear that they may not be welcome to the country anymore because they see America as being the Neo-Communist state where their own American-Muslims can’t build their masjid anywhere they like without being harassed.

Maybe they are taking the cue from the authorities in China which did not allow the American fast-food restaurants to be in the premises of their Tiananmen Square or the Saudi Arabian authorities not allowing those restaurants to be located near the Masjidil Haram or Grand Masjid in Makkah.

The last time I was in America was for two weeks in April, 1999 when my short film was shown in the Taos Talking Picture Festival in Taos, New Mexico.

I took the opportunity to travel around America and also entered the border towns in Mexico and also a brief trip to Toronto in Canada.

It was fun to be able to be welcome at the Tom Bradley Airport outside of Los Angeles and to be able to move about totally unhindered with no fear of being harassed at anytime.

Bill Clinton was president; but like all American presidents, their foreign policies are being dictated by a small group of people in the Pentagon and CIA and the Jewish lobby in Washington DC who spoil the fun for anyone who is president by turning him into no more than their public relations officer of the United States of America.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If the Muslim World cannot have a permanent membership status in the United Nations (UN) Security Council, it only proves that the UN and those countries which have been using it to their fullest benefits, really do not want the Muslims in the world to be accorded respect; they are only to be bullied.

It is so easy for the secretary-general of the UN Ban Ki-moon to say again and again in his thick Korean accent that the people have the right to protest and assembly.

It is indeed annoying to listen to an old record being played again and again. And the more he says it, the more he sounds like a joker.

Even Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck speak better English and sound better in it than Ban. 

Nobody respects the office of the secretary-general of the UN anyway; many see him as a lackey for America and the other permanent members of the Security Council.

The other countries are in the organization not as members but as sidekicks; they have trusted the UN for too long, so it becomes a habit for them to be given a few minutes to say with their leaders who are able to say more, and all of which do not matter as decisions have all been made far in advance, with the secretary-general leading the pack with his ‘pre-recorded’ messages.

And this happens as the world becomes more fractured with those countries which are backward being stuck there and the already developed ones enjoying greater dividends.

The UN thus becomes to many, their public relations office.

Will Ban say the same if the protestors turn around and shout abuses at him and his UN organization instead?

This can happen if there are some brave men who can call for the reshaping of the UN, so that it serves not a few powerful and ridiculous nations, but one and all of them, by protecting the interests of all and not just a few?

One does not expect and hope for some to burn themselves to light the fire of dissent against the UN although Ban and American president Barack Obama have not condemned such acts.

The UN has been in such a slaggard state for too long as it has become stale.

That the UN is now irrelevant that it ever was is not an understatement; it is an inconvenient fact. It serve only so few countries with the others suffering in their hands.

It needs to be replaced by another organization, as its secretary-general and members of the Security Council and especially its six permanent members are sounding like they are playing an old record again and again.

As a result the discourses in the general assembly are not case specific.

This proves that international diplomacy has become rusty; it therefore needs to be redesigned and to make it suit the new times we are in today.

But it will be useful if there is someone who can call their bluff; that they are not the beacon of democracy and fairplay in the world anymore. It is inherently biased.

Maybe the UN does not know what democracy or fairplay is all about because they had not exhibited such values, ever.

Small countries are trampled and their interests are not being taken care of.

Arab and Muslim countries too suffer from the biases of the UN whose policies and attitudes do not seem to be relevant in these times.

They have failed the world.

Therefore the world body ought to be given a shake-up so new ways can be found to make them relevant so they can and must be seen to be fair to all.

The UN takes immediate and swift action on the meek, but is frightened of the brash with its secretary-general behaving and sounding like a puppet.

It will be a new day if there are demonstrations by peace-loving people who converge in front of the UN headquarters in New York City and the offices of their other agencies anywhere in the world.

So they know that what they say about allowing for peaceful assemblies are, when they are the receiving end of the deal.

So far the UN has been allowed to on with their job of confusing the world without anyone daring to bring them to task.

But isn’t this dictatorship? Isn’t it also not democratic?

Who says the UN is democratic? It does not look like they promote such principles unless if they disband the group of six permanent members in the security council and do away with their veto power which is too communistic for any sane person to believe and accept.

Arab and Muslim countries must now allow the UN to bully them and to be used by some of the nations who have veto power to use it for their personal gain.

The talk about how the UN has brought peace in the world since it was first conceived is just a misnomer.

It has done the direct opposite.

In fact, it could also be one of the major reasons why Africa, South America, most of Asia and many Muslim countries are still backward.

If there are some lucky Muslim countries which could develop, it was because they are parasites of the developed countries in the west as can be seen in the way their citizens behave.

Monday, March 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

American Congressman Peter King is both good and bad for America and the Arabs and Muslims in the country and all over the world.

He is definitely not the man of the times, but certainly the man of the second – especially with his second-hand concerns, those which many even in America thought had been dealt with, unless if he thinks America and its allies (or lackeys) had not learnt much yet from 911 and Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

Haven’t all the destruction of these countries and the death of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims thought them anything?

So instead of trying to find ways to bridge the gap between the Arabs and Muslims in America and elsewhere with other Americans, he chose to take up much efforts to find faults.

Unfortunately, the faults lie mostly with him. Peter shows more of him and America that no one could see, what he and America do not know of the world around them.

By him taking the issue concerning the Arabs and Muslims in America, he brings out his and America’s unfounded fears, about America which is running in circles.

It is not a political issue, but more of a psychological one. That Peter and America are being hounded by their own policies and attitudes and perceptions.

The Arabs and Muslims in America stand to gain a bit more as Peter, like Geert Wilders and Terry Jones have now become unlikely propagators of Islam in America and elsewhere.

Spewing hatred of Islam is good for Islam as it is bad for the religions they claim to profess and principles they claim to uphold.

‘What did I do to deserve this?’

On the one hand, Peter King and his ilk wants to target Arabs and Muslims for some of America’s recent predicament, but at the same time, they have all neglected to realize that most of the time, America have been dealing with many other Arab and Muslim countries.

Yet, Peter and the others deliberately chose to chastise the few of them for what they are said to be capable of doing that bother them and America endlessly.

They have not shown any gratitude towards the Arabs and Muslims for having created goodwill and for extending their arms to embrace Americanism.

There are also some Americans who do not allow America Muslims to construct an Islamic Center near the Ground Zero; so if the Muslims in the country operate in the periphery, this can cause more consternation to them, especially if they were forced to operate in a clandestine manner instead of openly for everybody to see.

There are many of the Arabs and Muslims who would readily ‘die’ (forgive the pun) if they could get the chance to come to live and work in America and so they could shake off their flowing robes.

And despite all this, there are so many Americans of Arab descent who have become full-fledge Americans who have also contributed much to the development of the country, yet, Peter and his ilk chose to pick on so few to vent his anger towards all Arabs and all Muslims.

Why did Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison have to shed tears at the hearing in Congress?

Did he cry knowing how silly the issue that Peter had brought before Congress is? I want to think so.

Didn’t Peter and his ilk including those in Pentagon or the CIA also want to target the other Americanized-Arabs who are in Hollywood and the other industries for the failings of so few of their brethren?

Didn’t they also realize how the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were once CIA operatives? They were allies of America, who had done the dirty job for them to fight the Soviet Communists at places where they were not willing to sacrifice young American men to lead them to their untimely death.

‘What did I do to deserve this?’

…Americans now do not ask this question which they often asked themselves before. Now they say, ‘what did you do that to me for?’

They do not look within themselves to find out why they have to face some predicament of recent American history, when in the past there was no such thing?

Americans have also failed to look within themselves, the failure of their systems that had caused them to suffer, and in the process lose all sense of the understanding of their own selves.

They now look elsewhere. They do not look at the foreign policies of their own government anymore.

If they do even for a bit, they would find all the answers.

The main problem with Americans and America is with their foreign policy and cowboy attitude, on countries and people which they blame themselves for not being able to allow them to lead a  life of their own choices.

The actions of Peter and his ilk therefore reflect the failure of America to become the beacon of democracy.

They are telling everybody how America is now a dictatorship, the Neo-Communist state that it tried not to be.

That the credibility of its leaders has fallen.

This is shown in the way Peter acts and behaves.

That’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the Arabs and Muslims whose credibility Peter wants to question in the hearing in Congress the longer the American forces stays in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Did American Congressman Peter King and the other Americans of his ilk know who were – the Symbionese Liberation Army or the SLA, Ku Klux Klan or KKK and James Jones?

Peter now wants to do a witch-hunt by targeting Muslims in America whom he alleges are being groomed to become homegrown militants and terrorists. They are not the American Talibans or Al-Qaeda America Inc.

They are his fears.

They are also America’s penchant for looking elsewhere and not inside of their hearts.

This is the new America.

But where is the Old America?

America definitely needs a shake-up. From Terry Jones now Peter King.

But Peter is not a young man; he should know a bit more about American history of the 1960s.

If he is not aware of some of it, he can be taught to understand a bit about the Symbionese Liberation Army or the SLA which was no different than the KKK or Ku Klux Klan.

Or he can check the dated newspapers of America circa September, 1978 on James Jones and his Christian commune called Jamestown, where he led eight hundred Americans to their ultimate salvation by drinking with him poison so they could all rise and go to heaven.

Their dead bodies slumped dead in Jamestown.

KKK is still much alive.

The SLA comprised of some young and energetic and we can say angry Black Americans. They were not called Afro-Americans or later still African-Americans now.

Peter and the other Americans who like to look at the Muslims and find fault with them ought to find out first more on the SLA and KKK to know who these people were.

Only after he had done so, he can then say if what he is doing in Congress is correct, that the SLA could be one of the main reasons why White America’s attitude towards Black America changed drastically for the better.

White America had to quickly accommodate Black American interests.

Hollywood in particular did the same and now we are seeing many Colored Americans who are now involved in the film industry churning not only films but images.

They are the New Images of America, which, forgive the expression, is colored with new vipes and emotions.

In the past Hollywood had to face difficulties to come up with films that had non-Whites in the lead, and those films that dealt with their predicaments.

Friday, March 11, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Zionist elders are not smart; they are just cunning, shrewd and conniving, while their nemesis, the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslim leaders are not so. In fact, the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders are downright dumb. Well, maybe they are innocent or just naive.

They only have slogans to free Palestine, and nothing else. And they use brute force against a country which has worse brute force, mostly using themselves and some stones supported by their nuclear power.

What all the leaders of the Muslim countries should have done was to create a Muslim World economic bloc so we could produce all the things we needed including building commercial planes so we do not need to buy them from America and France as all Muslim countries do now.

No Arab and Muslim leader knows with economic control there is political leverage; only then their nemesis can respect them so that the Arab and Muslim freedom fighters are not classified as terrorists or militants – terms they should use on themselves more than on the victims who should not suffer more simply because the American politicians and their intellectuals do not understand their English language better.

The west does not know how much the Muslim countries are contributing towards their success and development and how much the Zionist state is contributing to it so they can tell who are their better allies and who are their pariah.

The Muslim consumer base in the world is very vast and huge; this has not been used before as a tool.

If this had been done long ago, then surely any country in the west including America that wants to trade with us, must toe the line or else their own economy would perish and be stunted.

The only thing that the Muslim leaders could do was to establish the Organization of Islamic Council or the OIC – which many Muslims say, ‘Oh, I see…’ since they are not able to do much.

The OIC leaders meet every two years and they are only capable of coming up of resolutions that could not be used or applied since they are vague.

The truth is that the Muslim leaders are not intellectuals; they are noise-makers who can draw the crowd. They like ceremonies and roll in self-adulation.

Some of them are there because their family owned the land and they became leaders even when they do not have leadership quality.

The stupidity and ridiculousness of some of the Muslim leaders shows when they willingly pay US$1 million for an American or European performer to perform for them exclusively for a mere 45 minutes, while the country is backward and many of their people starving.

They have to be replaced as they have become ridiculous and useless to the cause of their own people and also of Islam that they always claim to uphold.

They do not. They have created a dictatorship after removing a regime which was not like theirs.

So all the Muslim leaders just want to maintain their status quo, without benefiting the country and their people.

If just one of them had said long ago just after the October, 1967 war, between Israel and the other Arab states, by saying that the Muslim World must be united in an economic blog and we only trade amongst ourselves, then the matter would have been solved long ago.

Who would want to trade with Israel anyway?

And trading with America can be done away with since they were not an economic power yet then as they are now.

And those non-Muslim countries are now eager to go into Islamic Banking and establish their own Islamic banks, but they are not forced to pay ‘zakat’ which can be used to develop poorer Muslim countries.

Many non-Muslim countries are now benefiting from Islam by engaging in such banking practices and also in the ‘halal’ industry, yet, they are not forced to pay any ‘zakat’.

But the situation can be changed drastically if there is a Muslim leader who can use some of these ideas.

If they cannot do this, then the Middle East problem will remain so for a long time, until there is divine intervention in the form of a massive earthquake which is far worse than those that we have seen, causing the major cities in the Zionist state to be flattened.

I find it strange how the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders had not bothered to try and be as cunning, shrewd and conniving in trying to outwit the Zionist elders, using the same method that they have been using all along.

And no university in the Muslim World has any department on Middle Eastern studies that has conducted researches into the thinking of the Zionist leaders and Zionism to see where their flaws are, so we could manipulate and use them.

One of the flaws of Zionism and the thinking of their elders is how they can be charged for causing untold hardship to the World Jewry and how by establishing the Muslim World Economic Bloc could cause even America and most of the courtiers in the west to go bankrupt.

The stupid Arab and Muslim leaders tried to be cunning and shrewd but the wrong way, when they tried to develop their own nuclear program. Till now they have not met with success.

Except for Pakistan which is a nuclear power which was aided by America, so that they could deter Indian military aggression. And India got the nuclear technology from the former Soviet Union who was their allies.

So no wonder the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders could not outwit the Zionist leaders who could get away with ‘crimes against humanity’ for so long.

The Zionist leaders are also so cunning, shrewd and conniving that they could bully the American leaders who are still willing to trample on the democratic ideals set out by their founding fathers in 1776 when their country known as the United States of America was formed.

But the Zionist leaders cannot go on using tricks which they alone can use and create more of those along the way without anyone not realizing this.

It’s time the same trick be used against them. And it’s time to call their bluff.

The Zionist leaders and the founders of Zionism are in fact not cunning, shrewd or conniving; they are just evil.

They did not want to use legal means to get back their land – if they could, because they knew they could not do it, as there is no legal basis for them to just look at Palestine and say, that land is our even when there were so few Jews who were there living amidst the Arab Palestinians who formed the majority.

And by slowly getting other Jews to go to Palestine as early settlers, until they could decimate the local and ethnic Palestinians does not make it legal for them to legalize their possession of the land and country and to deface its history.

Therefore, the founders of Zionism are not smart.

They knew legally they stood on mush. So they decided to use illegal means and later on, military means by also using America and the United Nations to keep the land which they call the Zionist state of Israel.

If the Palestinian, Arab and other Muslim leaders then were smart they could have outwitted the founders of Zionism.

But the truth is that they were not smart, as the current generation of Muslim leaders are also not smart. Some of them are even dumb.

The same with the American presidents who have all been conned by the Zionist elders.

They allowed themselves to be cheated by each of their action which the Americans know is illegal and cannot be sustained.

But the American presidents have all been blinded towards their haste in wanting to see the Zionist state stay that way even if its situation is not valid in law and human decency.