Tuesday, March 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(NOTE: I want to mention here that it is so thrilling for me that my blog is being read by anonymous viewers from all the six continents.

And I am not anonymous and hopefully not annoying person too. I have just donated blood for the 333rd time at the National Blood Center in Kuala Lumpur on 8 March, which means to say that 333 pints (199,800 milliliters) of my blood had become useful to help sustain the lives of some whom I did not know. 

I only wish to annoy those who created the problems for which I found issues to write on. I also get a lot of feedback, support and encouragement from some of my more pious Jewish friends.

So far I have not got any negative response for any of my articles concerning world issues, except the few I have written on local matters.

How I wished I did not have to do so and write only on world cinema and the New Islamic Cinema I want to develop. More of this will be posted early April.

The viewers in America form the largest number other than those from Malaysia. It is also useful for all to see how this blog writes and shares views that are original in form, those that no one or not many even in the American and western intellectual circles could ever come up with.

No wonder most of the major problems affecting the world especially those which involve America are not discussed intelligently. It’s time they are, for the betterment of Mankind and also of the American-kind. So we can get to see young Americans traveling alone by themselves in all the nooks and crannies of the world, where the former American Peace Corps volunteers could.

Now most Americans can’t even sit in any Hard Rock Café or Starbucks restaurant without being targeted for the deeds of their masters in Washington DC. This blog promotes universal peace, and wants to humankind to make better films and not bombs

And I have just read the autobiography of M K Gandhi called, ‘An Autobiography: The story on my experiments with Truth’ and am now reading ‘Cancer Ward’ by Alexander I Solzhenitsyn.

 I had earlier read ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by his compatriot ‘Fyodor Dostoevsky – this novel is so thick which has paragraphs that extent to five pages and sentences that are very long, and another novel by V S Naipal, ‘The house of Mr Biswas’.)

* * * * * * *

The Arab and Muslim Worlds need a shake up. But America and the west are not showing it the right way. They want to do it by causing dissisdents and to physically cause harm on the population and force their own brand of democracy in those countries.

History of the Arab and Muslim Worlds and that of the west have all to be re-written. Those books on history of the world have all been seen from just one perspective that of the ‘victors’ on lands that they had conquered.

It’s time for new world history be written so new ideas, attitudes, philosophies and approaches can be devised from them, that can benefit all and not to just a few.

For a start, we must realize that the world is not for Hollywood films; it is for the films of all countries. And the wealth of the world is not just for the enjoyment and development of America and the countries in Europe but for all mankind.

America and the west must realize that they had failed in Shah Iran and the other Arab, Farsi and other Muslim countries.

The Soviet Communists, too had failed to export their own brand of Communism to other Muslim countries.

What the west and America should do is to get the Arab and Muslims to become better Muslims and engage them in all fields.

The world population of Muslims today is at 1.6 billion; it is growing at a very fast rate and they are also present in all the major countries in the west and especially in America where they are being welcome like long-lost cousins.

They are going to be the cause for the Christians and Catholics to become more religious themselves, as they need Muslims to bring them closer to their own religions that they had all disliked for a while now.

For one, the America and western media has to change with the times and go with the flow and not to go against it.

Hollywood and American television too, has to undertake some shaking up. If they could accommodate the Africa-Americans into their thinking and creativity, which had caused the lessening of dissent from them in America, then surely, accommodating Arab and Muslims into their systems and thinking could achieve similar results.

After all America cannot think that they can live on their own and export their images to the rest  of the world without these images hunting the Arabs and Muslims until they become sore with the Americans and America too.

This is what is happening now even in the non-Arab Muslim countries especially in Malaysia and Indonesia; the more American television programs and feature films and other documentaries are shown in these two countries.

In fact, Islamic Revivalism was created by those elements.

So if America and the west sincerely want to achieve the opposite and more positive results, it’s time for them to open up to greet the Arab and Muslim filmmakers into their new creative efforts.

The international media activity and coverage must experience a drastic change. New generations of leadership in such and other fields must also be replaced in the Arab and Muslim Worlds as well as in the west and more so in America. 

And they are experiencing it now; so hopefully the Muslim Ummah can see new faces in the leadership in all the Arab countries who can take the Arab and Muslim Worlds to new heights as the new world leader in all fields of endeavor.

But this won’t be effective or useful if there is also no shake-up in America and the other countries in Europe which also need to have a bit of it, where the election process has failed to create it.

Although theirs may not be in the form of replacing their top leaders or regimes, but in the form of them having new vigor in wanting to be more civilized countries many others can related to.

America and most of the countries in the Catholic and Christian West are still very much in their Post-Crusade era; most of them are in self-denial and not be able to accept their lot that they had lost much of the land in the Middle East, especially those which they used to control and dominate during Biblical times.

No wonder they feel enamored in wanting to get a piece of it, even if it means having to sustain the Zionist regime for as long as it can.

In the same context, America, too, need a complete shake-up. Its systems have not caused them to be endeared by the outside world. There is something wrong with them.

But where are the brave men of America who can take the lead?

Is there no one in the whole of America who can be as good as those in some of the Arab countries?

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