Tuesday, March 8, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Brainless America had caused the Muslim World to be in such a deplorable state. Unnecessary despots were created by them for which it has to take revolutions to depose.

Arab countries have stunted. Some which were developed were bombed back to the Stone Age.

So it was not Islam which had brought them back there, but the enemies of Islam.

It’s therefore time for Smart America to ponder the actions of the old generation of Brainless Americans so they could reflect on what sort of future do they want for themselves and their own country and the world.

The Jews would have been hailed as leaders of the industries living in all the countries in the world peacefully and in full contentment, if the evil campaign had not been undertaken by the confused founders of Zionism.

But alas, the Zionists have spoiled their party and degraded them.

And the nasty political and military issues which had happened since its formation in 1947 were all attributed to their one singular act; it could be the one act which had cost so much consternation and destruction of human life and property in the recent history of mankind.

And it all happened because of the evil deeds of such a small group of unusually cunning and shrewd Zionist founders who are all now safely kept six feet underground. But their misdeeds are taken over by their successors.

Isn’t it written in the Holy Books how the Devils who cannot get what they want will want to spoil everything so everybody else gets the same – NOTHING – as much as they do!

All the technological achievements we see in the world today are nothing if only so few can benefit from with the rest scraping for food in dust and garbage bins.

America and all the developed countries in the west cannot be proud of their successes and achievements; they should be ashamed because they are so because they could cheat and steal natural resources from other countries which have them by demanding that they are given to them for free or for a cheap price while they peddle their wares at high prices to the poor.

No country in the world can be happy with the development that it experiences as long as the other countries do not enjoy them.

Therefore, the Zionist elders had made a terrible mistake in this regard.  

How come no one has really conducted any serious study on this matter and the effectiveness of the Zionist campaign which seems to fail?

Maybe it is because it has failed that no researcher or scholar would want to embark on such a study where the conclusions are obvious.

‘The Rise and Fall of Zionism’ should be a useful study for anyone to embark on as it is not too late.

In fact, the scholars at the universities in Israel and the Arab states too should do it.

And if it turns out that Zionism is good for the world then say so and get the rest of the world to admit it.

And if the creation of the Zionist state is also good and it has done wonders to humankind, then also say so.

We can benefit from such an existence which had not been mentioned in the Holy Books before so Zionism can be taught in all the universities and there must be Zionist Clubs in all the universities all over the world that can overshadow the Boys Scout or the St John’s movements.

But one doubts it such a conclusion can be got, looking at the looting of Palestinian that has been done in the name of Zionism and how conniving the Zionist elders and their cohorts, the brainless American supporters and UN Security Council have been.

Their short-sightedness and with the collusion of those countries, especially America in supporting their quest to create a new state of their own on lands which they never owned has caused much of the world to suffer till today.

Imagine: If this did not happen, then surely, there will be peace throughout the world with all the countries especially those in Africa and South America and Asia experiencing immense economic growth.

And there will be movement of peoples around the world going to each others’ cities living in a peaceful environment.

And the Jews can become leaders of the industries with some of them even elected to become presidents and prime ministers or members of the cabinet of many countries where they are in a minority.

This can happen with the support of the majority.

David Saul Marshall, a Jew in Singapura became the chief minister of the country – but it was before the October War of 1967 or the Yom Kippur War.

David was elected to such high office and be respected by many Muslims who did not care what his race was. He was chosen for his leadership.

Now, this can never happen. No Jew or Zionist supporter can ever be elected to office in countries where they are in a minority.

Even in America, where they have more support has never ever elected a Jew as president.

It is therefore not an understatement to say that the Zionist elders and founders of Zionism had made a terrible mistake.

They had made the wrong calculation in their haste to entertain devilish thoughts that they had forgotten their own lives were not permanent.

All of the founders of Zionism had died over the years due to old age. And none of them had become prominent. They only dared to make their moves in the back. They did not even dare to state what their real intentions were.

The creation of the Zionist state therefore, had caused untold damage to human history.

Most of the people in the Middle East, Africa and South America and other countries in Asia suffer today because of their negligence.

The Zionist state has become a center for destruction of humankind and of world peace.

Imagine: Without the Zionist state, everybody in the world can attain almost the same level of economic growth and those countries which are under-developed today and backward are not so.

Strife and dissent would be a thing of the past.

Most of the vetoes that the six permanent members of the United Nations Security Council had to make since 1967 are not necessary.

Therefore, there is no country in the world today whose very existence and the type of support it gets from their brainless lackey, America and some other countries in Europe which has caused the world to suffer much.

There are draught, famine, natural calamities and poverty with incurable diseases whose medical treatment should have been got long ago, were not achieved.

The development of science and technology which should benefit humankind has not happen.

By right all tumors and caners including AIDS and other incurable diseases that we know of today should all be cured by simply going to the nearby pharmacy and get pills or tablets.

Medical science and technology has been stunted as natural resources which were supposed to be used for such purposes, have all been diverted to support the massive military complexes and industries.

Millions of people have died and more of them who were supposed to have been born as perfect human specimens of all types, colors and shapes were not.

There is a lot of fear and enmity in the world today, simply because the national policies of some of the major nuclear countries were all shaped to sustain the artificial Zionist state.

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now we got both sides,claiming killing in gods name..